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one iridescent vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano caines perfume - Art Glassin Art Glass
Erwin Eisch from 1978 - Art Glassin Art Glass
oxblood-mint Welz - Art Glassin Art Glass
lampwork lady by unknown artist - Art Glassin Art Glass
filigree mystery piece - Art Glassin Art Glass
Erwin Eisch 1979  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Licio Zanetti "Fasce" fish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz/Harrach 3. I/440. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Wedgwood or King's Lynn Glass, or something else? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. ashtray pair?
  2. sommerso and incalmo in one piece, really really nice! I see anything but simplicity there, maybe I just didn't get Your point :D
  3. hey I hope I did not cause You much of a disappointment, did I? It's still pretty piece of glass and not having great monetary value You can enjoy using it more...
  4. it is next to impossible to identify this kind of art glass piece. it is not a blown it is fused glass, and as such the threshold of making piece like it is quite low (one electric furnace could be ac...
  5. can not judge on color too well from pictures, but could be Seguso Alabastro
  6. oh wow... this is the Murano dream piece... absolutely mindblowing. congrats!
  7. the epic Aalto, great items, congrats!
  8. If I see it right then the handle is not black, its dark green in clear glass, so it's more like it's made to resemble Tango glass but most likely it isn't. Interesting piece, have no idea who made it.
  9. I agree, looks Scandinavian, there are some Murano series similar to this too (like but to me this looks more Scandinavian.
  10. Thank You Cogito for comment and suggestion! At this moment I am grateful for all the opinions! And thank You all glass loving friends for loves! O.K. so obviously I'm clueless about what it is,...
  11. I love ironwork even more than glass on this one, beautiful piece!
  12. Walter did pate de verre, and this is pressed so it's quite safe to assume it's not that.
  13. looks like some kind of hippie glass under UV, very attractive
  14. great find, these are very collectable and a joy to look at
  15. beautiful piece! could You please some time post a picture of surface texture, at first glance before I read the description I had an impression that it's acid treated because of how low gloss it is.
  16. beautiful piece! I think it's Kralik.
  17. beautiful piece and it's a pity that seller did not do what he was supposed to. I don't know why but sometimes even sellers with years of experience make dumbest mistakes. I started to give specific p...
  18. Thank You friends for all the loves and comments!
  19. I want to believe it's Welz, lower part looks a bit more angular than usual, probably because of newer mold.
  20. Hi Vintagefran! I'm very glad that my post helped you to identify something you like! Art Glass is a wonderful hobby so more you browse more you recognize and more you find something undervalued to bu...
  21. can't find right adjective, but I like it a lot!
  22. great find, the rim is different approach for this rim only in opposite directions, tweezers go out and rim pushed in.
  23. wow, this probably is as good as Muller gets, congrats!
  24. they are so rare as individual pieces, you must be extremely lucky to find a pair. And condition looks beautiful too, congrats to new owner.
  25. I believe it's Welz, nice one too.
  26. I believe these went out in limited numbers (not too small runs, like 5000 I think, but still limited) and with numbered certificates.
  27. thank You friends for all the comments and loves! Michelleboo7 look at Jagsrocks gallery he has a bunch of caramel-oxblood examples, I can not recall other color combos at moment, if they exist the...
  28. thank You friends for all the comments and loves !
  29. looks like something inspired by Erik Hoglund, he has similar design ashtrays, but I don't recognize that image.
  30. You are right, I can not read anything too... the remaining part is in gold or am I imagining? I just wanted to get a little closer to resolve a mystery of mine Bohemian Victorian satin piece... ( ht...
  31. Thank You for reply! if You have a picture of the bottom I think nobody would mind if You shared it.
  32. thank You my friends for all the comments and loves! Unfortunately no signatures or labels. Detail is exactly what attracted me to it, the body looks so anatomically correct, shoulders, arms, legs ...
  33. these are so amazing!
  34. great piece! I think there is a possibility that it is made in France too, those flowers look like something Legras would do.
  35. very attractive piece! may I ask if it is signed? and does it react to UV light?
  36. Thank You Sean, You are always first with commenting. And thank You and Manikin for loving it!
  37. I think I saw oxblood spatter from underside on Kralik and Welz pieces, my guess for this one would be Welz, but that is just a guess. Congrats on a new decor, it always is very exciting.
  38. I don't know if You will be able to pinpoint it to any particular maker, what I can tell You that it looks to be a modern repro of an ancient design (modern read last 40 years probably, and ancient re...
  39. Hi Anne, I'm sorry I made You wait this long for a response! You are right South of France is just magnificent, it's hundreds of kilometers of postcard picture coastline, every time I visit I am wo...
  40. thank You my friend for all the comments and loves!
  41. my absolute favorite of the group it powder dish, it looks just amazing in that shape and decor
  42. I was watching this one too, I find we stumble upon a lot of same stuff. I did not realise it was this big from the listing, so must have been great surprise. When i saw it at first i thought Bohemian...
  43. " Licio had worked for Venini, Cenedese and Alfredo Barbini,..." there is no mention of Seguso there, I think I will just write them a letter to f...
  44. I based mine on this here is different...
  45. they are very nice btw!
  46. I would think that the pair is same maker as mine, are they signed?
  47. great story, thank You for sharing!
  48. Thank You friends for all the loves
  49. Thank You friends for all the comments and loves, I'm glad You like it.
  50. for me this is the best Welz there is, I just love those contrasting handlethreads, magnificent!
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