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Harrach Dessine - Art Glassin Art Glass
small Sevres bud vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Daum, service ducal, sugar bowl 1891 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Holmegaard Minuet - Art Glassin Art Glass
Daum, verre de jade pin dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
tango vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
pink opalescent jug - Art Glassin Art Glass
incomplete Welz translucent lines bomboniere - Art Glassin Art Glass
one iridescent vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Murano caines perfume - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Nice pig! it should be categorized as "Murano style" because it's made half a World away from where Murano actually is.
  2. I think it is.. this is the same exact shade of green which brings out my color blindness, because to me it's blue.
  3. Thank You a lot! excellent pieces and pictures! especially I love the two tone UV glow in third pic top row middle... looks like something from Avatar movie, just beautiful! last pic middle row, m...
  4. You are right, lack of marks contributed a lot to confusion. To be fair a lot of Stourbridge glass is attributed to various Bohemian and even Murano origins. I experienced that in France many times to...
  5. Yes that one! I would love to see a post on that decor some time when You have time. The fact that glass exported to other parts of Europe rarely has acid stamps most times make this dec (and similar)...
  6. nice groupings! do You have more pics of 2.pic middle? how did You ID it as Welz?
  7. I just love unusual pieces like this! Amazing! is the base ground flat?
  8. great stuff, congrats! vases by Walter are very serious collectors items
  9. these are very special! congrats on the find!
  10. Thank You Antiquerose! Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!
  11. Thank You Michelle and Moonstonelover for kind comments! Have happy Holidays!
  12. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  13. Thank You Scottvez! those pulled lines are not that uncommon, that is kind of easy decor I think, probably a step up from spatter, but not much more complicated. I was much more interested in the s...
  14. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  15. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  16. Thank You for comments! to Trunkman, and it sits in the hand so comfortably like it's supposed to be held too, I like it a lot too, Thank You! to Vetraio50, Thank You and have a nice Holidays to...
  17. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  18. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  19. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  20. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  21. amazing set! I hate to be poopy head but yellow is pretty major color in Tango, and it's not there...
  22. amazing piece! but somehow I want to see a ball knob on that lid :D
  23. I have seen this shape a lot, but never seen it legitimately identified, the ones in spatter decor are pretty common, but this one probably is much less common. Nice one!
  24. I would say they are the same shape, differences are due to different stages of the ware of the mold.
  25. Thank You for Your answer! I think it makes job of identifying much easier when You buy them in Japan. But I think I would have a problem if I was asked to ID some uncommon shape faceted sommerso v...
  26. nice piece! I'm more interested in how You recognize Japanese glass, because to me it's never the first attribution when I see an item, I can not think of any particular Japanese technique, so if I'm ...
  27. nice piece! just a question while we are on subject of Hellmarmor, is there a definitive way of discerning Hellmarmor from Onyx? from pieces that I saw the variation in decor exceeds the difference...
  28. great pair! the way they would do the design on these vases is, they would print a stencil on a vase which would be the base of the design and then artist would enamel the final design free hand so...
  29. I'm glad I could help! took a look at Your collection, some impressive stuff, keep on!
  30. amazing piece! couple of notes, "pasta glass" or glass paste or "pate de verre" is made using different method, it's produced in molds so in a sense it's highest grade of pressed glass, and this f...
  31. Hey friends Thank You for loves and comments! Yes sklo42 that is big part what attracted me to it, on Welz pieces with feet you usually see hairpin type legs or "starpoint" legs ( I can not think o...
  32. just look at it... I think we have something in common
  33. something exceptional!
  34. I just posted mine, it's not exactly the same but close, take a look
  35. wow, this looks almost too good to be true, great find!
  36. it is Welz! would You mind stating the size of the box? in a couple of hours I'll post an item which is same/very close in more recognizable Welz decor.
  37. Hi Jagsrock95! sure I do
  38. great piece! I vote Kralik too, looks like the mold is related with one for this
  39. wow, this is something special!
  40. nice one! look at mine I think they might be related...
  41. nice pair! the technique is Venetian, but material makes me think it's studio work, so it could be from anywhere
  42. My guess it's Schlevogt perfume, it probably misses beautiful stopper.
  43. ashtray pair?
  44. sommerso and incalmo in one piece, really really nice! I see anything but simplicity there, maybe I just didn't get Your point :D
  45. hey I hope I did not cause You much of a disappointment, did I? It's still pretty piece of glass and not having great monetary value You can enjoy using it more...
  46. it is next to impossible to identify this kind of art glass piece. it is not a blown it is fused glass, and as such the threshold of making piece like it is quite low (one electric furnace could be ac...
  47. can not judge on color too well from pictures, but could be Seguso Alabastro
  48. oh wow... this is the Murano dream piece... absolutely mindblowing. congrats!
  49. the epic Aalto, great items, congrats!
  50. If I see it right then the handle is not black, its dark green in clear glass, so it's more like it's made to resemble Tango glass but most likely it isn't. Interesting piece, have no idea who made it.
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