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Franz Welz little heart vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik bambus decanter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Seguso? it can't be Sabino, can it? - Art Glassin Art Glass
square base Kralik bambus - Art Glassin Art Glass
big cut Loetz tango - Art Glassin Art Glass
Strombergshyttan three mast ship vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lalique "Perdrix Debout" quail  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ernest-Baptiste Léveillé pair - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Dessine - Art Glassin Art Glass
small Sevres bud vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. very attractive pieces! what is age reference for them? they look older than 20th century to me.
  2. that's an impressive condition on a piece! congrats
  3. amazing hex collection!
  4. Thank You very much for all the loves and comments! You are right Sklo42! that piece is from the same mold! I guess it was more challenging to blow it with the foot because there are more glass lay...
  5. Thank You all for loves and comments! I'm very pleased you like it as much as I do! Interesting thing about the stopper is even this is better piece than your average Kralik they did not go spl...
  6. it's a design by Erik Hoglund, series of decanters called People. I can not tell from this pic if it's genuine, the copies of the design from Empoli are much more common. is it not signed on base?
  7. Hi Alan! they come up fairly regularly, the difficult thing usually is to find one at a price you are comfortable with
  8. thank you Sean!
  9. thank you for all the loves and comments! forgot to mention, it's all uranium and cobalt, the cut out parts look amazing in the black light, shame I don't have better black light to take a pic of i...
  10. thank you friends for all the loves and comments!
  11. thank you friends for all the loves! thank you Rick for comment!
  12. Thank You for the loves friends!
  13. what does Richard actually refer to? I always wondered...
  14. I believe the satin type iridation is due to different process... it's basically baked in a chamber with metallic vapour for long time instead of just blown over. (in that case I believe you would get...
  15. I stumbled upon this pair on ebay and am pretty confident it's...
  16. I must admit I was mistaken about this one... the signature stands for LS and not LZ, so I corrected it to Livio Seguso.
  17. glorious
  18. very nice Welz pieces, congrats!
  19. very pretty piece! do You have an image of the base? or could You please describe it, I'm very curious how it was made, looks like the fazzoletto technique but with imprints from a mold.
  20. wow that's some group! amazing
  21. modest perfection
  22. thank You for adding a new pic of base. now I'm quite certain that it's Welz, this was made exactly how Welz made it only in different colors, and colors themselves seem to be out of Welz palette, so ...
  23. I want to say it's Welz... great find! can You please post a picture directly of the bottom?
  24. yes, my thoughts exactly... never saw a fish like that
  25. yeah, these are obviously made to imitate Almeric Walter, I recently saw some of these being sold on ebay as authentic, but the colors are wrong and overall it's not there, they were sold out of Polan...
  26. Thank You Sean for comment and everybody for loves!
  27. Thank You Sean and Aghcollect for loves and comment!
  28. Thank You guys for the loves and comments, You never disappoint!
  29. looks pretty! but I think it's relatively new, I don't know who made it, but if I had to say something my guess would be studio glass.
  30. can't see label well, but I think this might be Seguso perfume
  31. I'm not a big fan of Mary Gregory type glass... but I wouldn't be able to pass this one, amazing piece!
  32. isn't this Loetz Diana?
  33. to me it looks like it's iridized and sandblasted at 10$ I would definitely say it's a good investment, 225/500 probably means that it's number 225 out of 500 examples of this design.
  34. beautiful piece! could You please describe surface of the vase? is it like yellow MOP?
  35. I probably jumped the gun, might be Harrach too :D
  36. beautiful piece of Loetz...
  37. to my knowledge Argy-Rousseau did all the work in pate de verre technique, but this looks to be a cameo from multi layered blown piece, much closer resemblance to Schneider cameo pieces.
  38. I think it is.. this is the same exact shade of green which brings out my color blindness, because to me it's blue.
  39. Thank You a lot! excellent pieces and pictures! especially I love the two tone UV glow in third pic top row middle... looks like something from Avatar movie, just beautiful! last pic middle row, m...
  40. You are right, lack of marks contributed a lot to confusion. To be fair a lot of Stourbridge glass is attributed to various Bohemian and even Murano origins. I experienced that in France many times to...
  41. Yes that one! I would love to see a post on that decor some time when You have time. The fact that glass exported to other parts of Europe rarely has acid stamps most times make this dec (and similar)...
  42. nice groupings! do You have more pics of 2.pic middle? how did You ID it as Welz?
  43. I just love unusual pieces like this! Amazing! is the base ground flat?
  44. great stuff, congrats! vases by Walter are very serious collectors items
  45. these are very special! congrats on the find!
  46. Thank You Antiquerose! Have a nice Christmas and Happy New Year!
  47. Thank You Michelle and Moonstonelover for kind comments! Have happy Holidays!
  48. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
  49. Thank You Scottvez! those pulled lines are not that uncommon, that is kind of easy decor I think, probably a step up from spatter, but not much more complicated. I was much more interested in the s...
  50. Thank You all for the loves and Happy holidays to You all!
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