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Czech Chipped Ice / Glue Chip collector for 20yrs.


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CZECH this OUT!   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!   A little Elf and Magic. - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Rest by Ilya Zomb - Visual Artin Visual Art
Balance Above the Waves - Ilya Zomb 2007 - Visual Artin Visual Art
Ilya Zomb - Interplay of Casual Objects - Visual Artin Visual Art
Czech:  Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Blue and Green Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech : Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Green and Red Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gloeden, Wilhelm von (1856-1931) - n. 0151 B - Mandorli in fiore - Photographsin Photographs
Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull   signed and blind stamped - Photographsin Photographs
Jean Harlow by George Hurrell  signed by Hurrell - Photographsin Photographs
Joan Crawford photo by George Hurrell.     Artist Proof signed one of a kind. - Photographsin Photographs


  1. racer4four thanks for the love. happy holidays
  2. aghcollect thanks for the love. happy holidays
  3. SEAN68 thanks for the love. Happy Holidays
  4. Love the color!
  5. thanks for the love Weirdpuckett
  6. you should post your pink example welzebub!!
  7. thanks for the love and Merry Christmas paris1925
  8. Thanks fledermaus. Ilya is an amazing artist. You can see more of his works on The site has his works from the beginning so you can see how his painting has evolved over the yea...
  9. Thanks Inky. Going to post them hanging in my home as well just been a slow with collectors weekly the last few months. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  10. Thanks Sean68!
  11. weirdpuckett, you can see his works on as well. (just a site to show off his work, nothing for sale.
  12. hi weirdpuckett i posted another that's a bit clearer. I will take one with good lighting on my wall and post tomorrow. The ballerinas are on a robe with flags. The robe is held by the two ele...
  13. eye.4beauty thank you for the Holiday wishes. Same to you and all the clan on collectors weekly.
  14. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This is my Christmas Ball! :)
  15. thanks for the love of my little vase colori
  16. Another one, like this jewel, just sold at auction for 7600.00 (including buyer premium). It always seems to be the most sought after, bringing the highest price.
  17. thanks toolate2! glad you finally found it.
  18. kivatinitz thanks for the love
  19. kivatinitz thanks for the love
  20. kivatinitz thanks for the love
  21. Alfredo thanks for the love. :)
  22. thanks for the information and the love paris1925
  23. thanks for the love CindB
  24. thanks for the love CindB
  25. Thanks for the love PatSea
  26. thanks for the love Alfredo.
  27. thanks for the love colori!
  28. more of a pamphlet that Joe did for his company Black Swan and for the czech association.
  29. thanks for the love smiata
  30. thanks for the love Alfredo!
  31. kyratango thanks for the love!
  32. my alabaster compote thanks your for the love and comment of Superb! ;) Appreciate the support kyratango!
  33. kivatinitz thanks for the love.
  34. Thanks for the love EZa. yesterdaysglass, i know it's strange. I check a few others of my collection and found another one.
  35. kivatinitz thanks for the love. i have a few of these from the 90s when i first started collecting.
  36. kivatinitz thanks for the looove!
  37. scruples ( i remember that mini series ;) ) thanks for the love of my loetz vase
  38. smiata i appreciate the love. thanks!
  39. Does anyone know why some of the glass pcs have a square puntal such as this and not the rough round one? Does it help in dating the piece? The Czechoslovakia etched signature is much bigger as we...
  40. Saw a similar vase to this one of mine recently in an image shared from an auction (that I missed) with a lid. It is a candy dish I guess. I always thought this piece had been broken and therefor cu...
  41. Michelleb007 thanks for the love
  42. aldo78 thanks for the love
  43. petey thanks for the love
  44. AnneLanders thanks for the love of my Glue Chip vase.
  45. Eza thanks for the love
  46. thanks for the love paris1925
  47. fledermaus thanks for the love
  48. hi fledermaus thanks for the love and the compliment.
  49. bratjdd thanks for the love.
  50. inky thanks for the love.
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