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Czech Chipped Ice / Glue Chip collector for 20yrs.


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Squat Western old TREADWELL & CO WHISKEY bottle SAN FRANCISCO CA - Bottlesin Bottles
Glue Chip / Chipped Ice Jar with Lid (czechoslovakia) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of Glue Chip / Chipped Ice Vases ( chzechoslovia ) - Art Glassin Art Glass
CZECH this OUT!   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!   A little Elf and Magic. - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Rest by Ilya Zomb - Visual Artin Visual Art
Balance Above the Waves - Ilya Zomb 2007 - Visual Artin Visual Art
Ilya Zomb - Interplay of Casual Objects - Visual Artin Visual Art
Czech:  Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Blue and Green Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech : Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Green and Red Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gloeden, Wilhelm von (1856-1931) - n. 0151 B - Mandorli in fiore - Photographsin Photographs


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  5. Love the blue and green! I only have 5 in the color story of the 50+ pcs I own. Two are in this shape. Just lovely!
  6. LOVE IT!!! When you are tired of it, just let me know. Love to add it to my collection of 50+ pcs of Glue Chip (also called Chipped Ice). If you look close at the base (move around in the ligh...
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  27. hi Olebodie, i bought it because it was my name. Thought it was cool. Thanks for the additional info.
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  44. scottvez, sorry I really don't know that much about whiskey. My last name is Treadwell. That's why I wanted / purchased. I use it as a water decanter for dinners. chill it in the refrigerato...
  45. :) thanks kyratango
  46. kyratango thanks for the love
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  48. do you have this whiskey bottle or just the tin type. this is the link you gave me to check out your whiskey bottle. i do like the tintype, really cool one.
  49. hi olebodie, only have the one. Guess i need to see if my differs from my sister and brothers. :) thanks for letting me know
  50. Iras thanks for the love
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