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Czech Chipped Ice / Glue Chip collector for 20yrs.


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Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull   signed and blind stamped - Photographsin Photographs
Jean Harlow by George Hurrell  signed by Hurrell - Photographsin Photographs
Joan Crawford photo by George Hurrell.     Artist Proof signed one of a kind. - Photographsin Photographs
Joan Crawford by George Hurrel Signed and in a matt produced exclusively for Hurrell - Photographsin Photographs
James Dean by Sid Avery on the set of GIANT  photos signed by Avery - Photographsin Photographs
Portfolio - Humphrey Bogart & Marlena Dietrich signed and numbered  159/250 - Photographsin Photographs
Robert Taylor from George Hurrell's Portfolio II signed by Hurrell and numbered 2/25 - Photographsin Photographs
Anna May Wong by George Hurrell from Portfolio III   244/250 - Photographsin Photographs
Johnny Weissmuller, 1932 from George Hurrell Portfolio II    129/250  - Photographsin Photographs
Czech : Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Red and Green Pinched Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Happy Easter from me and my little chick-a-dee
  2. W.S thanks. yes I think its beautiful as well. Thanks for the love.
  3. Sarahoff does he perform with any particular company? Great photograph.
  4. So what hatched out of that! Love it! The design and color. Very nice LeahGoodwin.
  5. really cool. almost like a chain link fence pattern on it. nice coloration.
  6. vintagefran. Thanks for the love
  7. VERONTIQUE thanks for the love
  8. Vintagecurls14 thanks for the love. Glad you like mr Aba-Novak painting
  9. Rocker-sd. Thanks for the love
  10. Roycroftbooksfromme1 thanks for the love
  11. Johnny appreciates the Love as well kyratango
  12. kyratango glad you love my R.T. He's a pretty handsome guy and not a bad actor.
  13. i didn't forget you czechman. thanks for the love
  14. Roycroftbooksfromme1 thanks for the love for my J.D. duo.
  15. i really do appreciate the love tom61375
  16. freiheit much appreciate the love.
  17. I agree, they are beautiful!
  18. Glad you love my Joan trunkman. thanks.
  19. I don't know anything about it but I really do like it. I wouldn't leave without it if I saw it for sale. :)
  20. Thanks for the love Vintagefran.
  21. And if you don't have a cork stopper that's the perfect opportunity to stop and get a bottle of wine to enjoy durning your search for hat pins. :) Love the bees
  22. Glad you love my painting Vintagefran. I see it differently every day as if his mood alters (obviously mine does).
  23. Hey vintagefran we love it as well. Wasn't the easiest carry back on the plane from Paris though, it weights about 35lbs. haha. And yes the dogs are great, stepping out in full stride and they ar...
  24. tom61375 totally appreciate the love.
  25. thanks for the love Vintagefran
  26. Ah thanks for the love AnneLanders
  27. kyratango thanks for the love. As you can see I am a bit of a Gluechip / Chipped Ice freak. haha! I just can't get enough of this type of glass. It makes me smile.
  28. W.S. glad you took a look and gave my french bronze a Love.
  29. The frame is worth the $40 bucks. I love this Painting AmberRose. The red accents and the strong black outline. When you get tired of it give me a yell and name your price. :)
  30. Awe thanks antiquerose! you made my morning and made me laugh. :)
  31. racer4four I answered your question about the painting but never said thanks for the love. Aba and I appreciate the love and support.
  32. Another thank you going to czechman for the love. sure it wont be the last. :)
  33. Robert Taylor appreciates the love czechman.
  34. HA! Now I have a name for my wall. When we lived in Dallas they were in the stairwell spread out a bit. At least we have 14 foot ceilings in NYC to stack! Thanks for the LOVE kyratango.
  35. Thanks for the LOVES on my James Dean duo Nordicman32.
  36. Nordicman32 I appreciate the love of my Joan Crawford, freckles and all.
  37. kyratango I appreciate the love you gave Joan Crawford
  38. Roycroftbooksfromme1, Harlow thanks you for the love
  39. czechman thanks for the love of my GARBO photo
  40. Manikin thanks for the love!
  41. vetraio50 thanks for the love. sorry it took so long to acknowledge. ;)
  42. Tarzan says many thanks for the love Nordicman32
  43. Anna May Wong says "thank you" for the love czechman.
  44. Ya just spreading the love LeahGoodwin. Thanks again.
  45. LeahGoodwin thanks for the love.
  46. great to get the loves for JD. Thanks czechman.
  47. oops, passed your name by SEAN68 Thanks for the love
  48. hi czechman. thanks for the love.
  49. PhilDavidAlexanderMorris thanks for the love!
  50. geo26e thanks for the love.
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