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Czech : Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Green and Red Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gloeden, Wilhelm von (1856-1931) - n. 0151 B - Mandorli in fiore - Photographsin Photographs
Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull   signed and blind stamped - Photographsin Photographs
Jean Harlow by George Hurrell  signed by Hurrell - Photographsin Photographs
Joan Crawford photo by George Hurrell.     Artist Proof signed one of a kind. - Photographsin Photographs
Joan Crawford by George Hurrel Signed and in a matt produced exclusively for Hurrell - Photographsin Photographs
James Dean by Sid Avery on the set of GIANT  photos signed by Avery - Photographsin Photographs
Portfolio - Humphrey Bogart & Marlena Dietrich signed and numbered  159/250 - Photographsin Photographs
Robert Taylor from George Hurrell's Portfolio II signed by Hurrell and numbered 2/25 - Photographsin Photographs
Anna May Wong by George Hurrell from Portfolio III   244/250 - Photographsin Photographs


  1. gaurdian thanks for the love of my Anna Mae Wong
  2. woman34 thanks for the love
  3. thanks for the love "getthatmonkeyoutofme" :) cool name.
  4. thanks for the love melaniej!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. thanks kivatinitz. it brings a smile to my face every morning as I pass by. something calming about it even in the midst of the waves.
  6. jewels thanks for the love of my Royal Dux
  7. juvalentino thanks for the "love" of our Aba Novak.
  8. Manikin thanks for the love.
  9. charmsomeone, glad you like or should i say "love" my royal dux! Thanks.
  10. thanks for the love charmsomeone.
  11. Moonstonelover21 thanks for the love. The green square bird is probably my favorite of the 5 Pianon bird shapes I have collected.
  12. thanks for the love lundy. Anna Mae photo is one of my top favs of Hurrell.
  13. artislove, thanks for the love!
  14. BohemianCrazy23 thanks for the love of my loetz bowl
  15. VRGDC i appreciate the love. thanks!
  16. Vrgdc thanks for the love.
  17. Great coloring in the yellow and red. Love the green and pinkish grey one in the fourth pic. BTW, not sure if you saw my reply. Where in NY? Manhattan here.
  18. thanks for the love manikin
  19. thanks for the love Alfredo
  20. hi Alfredo, I have a few with the semicircle. So where in NY are you? We are in Manhattan.
  21. ah, thanks amberRose.
  22. thanks moonhill. we had the cabinet built for our special pcs. think it turned out pretty good.
  23. Thanks moonhill. bought it on ebay about 16 yrs ago. have enjoyed it.
  24. gorgeous coloring!
  25. Will do. Just left Italy. In Budapest now then off to Krakow and finish up in Paris.
  26. ho2cultcha, thanks for the love.
  27. Southcop, thanks for the love.
  28. Love this vase, beautiful!!! Finally able to get online and see what people are posting. Currently traveling in Europe (since 6/28) so will be "loving" a lot once we return to the states on 7/30.
  29. Wow, beautiful!!! Finally able to get online and see what people are posting. Currently traveling in Europe (since 6/28) so will be "loving" a lot once we return to the states on 7/30.
  30. love the cylinder shape the the dimpled bottom in the third image! Wish that was in my collection.
  31. valentino97 thanks for the love of my Anna May Wong.
  32. Joan is pretty "sweet". Thanks for the love Roycroftbooksfromme1
  33. Sarahoff, Anna May thanks you for loving her image.
  34. Moonstonelover21 thanks for the love.
  35. geo26e somehow along the way I left you out of my thank you stream so...Thanks for the love
  36. sorry tom61375 i didnt mean to leave you out of my "thanks" acknowledging the love
  37. AmberRose Robert Mitchum was a great actor, loved him in Father Goose.
  38. Superb!
  39. Hey icollectglass, yes Masters of Starlight by David Fahey is a wonderful book!
  40. Interesting FACT about Robert Taylor: He was conceited and would only be filmed from one angle, only one side of his face as profile. So, if you ever see him in a movie and think they have caught h...
  41. thanks for the love vintagefran
  42. nittygritty1962, thanks for the love
  43. Beautiful photograph.
  44. sarahoff thanks for the love.
  45. nice muscles on that handsome vase.
  46. Windwalker thanks for the love!
  47. Thanks moonhill. yes they did a nice job or making this piece a lamp. And this piece has unusually intense blue.
  48. f64imager thanks for the love.
  49. Manikin thanks for the additional love.
  50. thanks for the love lundy
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