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Czech Chipped Ice / Glue Chip collector for 20yrs.


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Czech:  Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Blue and Green Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech : Chipped Ice / Glue Chip Green and Red Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gloeden, Wilhelm von (1856-1931) - n. 0151 B - Mandorli in fiore - Photographsin Photographs
Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull   signed and blind stamped - Photographsin Photographs
Jean Harlow by George Hurrell  signed by Hurrell - Photographsin Photographs
Joan Crawford photo by George Hurrell.     Artist Proof signed one of a kind. - Photographsin Photographs
Joan Crawford by George Hurrel Signed and in a matt produced exclusively for Hurrell - Photographsin Photographs
James Dean by Sid Avery on the set of GIANT  photos signed by Avery - Photographsin Photographs
Portfolio - Humphrey Bogart & Marlena Dietrich signed and numbered  159/250 - Photographsin Photographs
Robert Taylor from George Hurrell's Portfolio II signed by Hurrell and numbered 2/25 - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Hey inky thanks for the comment and the love! hapPy hallOween.
  2. Czechman, thanks for the support, the love!
  3. This one puts me at 62 total pieces of Chipped Ice / Glue Chip vases. :) Thanks for the love IanBrighton.
  4. love the color and the paired shapes. How tall are they?
  5. yesterdaysglass, thanks for sharing. I feel better about my little vase now. Wish I had seen the lot back in september, would have bought it for the lid! have a great day.
  6. Thanks AnnLanders. I appreciate the love. I am naming 10/31, yes halloween, national glue chip appreciation day. (as if i have the power) but.... none the less going to see what I can start as an...
  7. idcloisonne thanks for the love!
  8. Hi LISSA-D, thanks for the love!!
  9. surfdub66 thanks for the love.
  10. melaniej, thanks for the love.
  11. Thanks surfdub66 for the love. yeah I thought it was pretty cool when I first saw it. Have had it for quite a while.
  12. Hi PatSea, thanks for the love.
  13. hey Paris1925, thanks for the love.
  14. Hi Jewels, thanks for the love.
  15. ho2cultcha thanks for the love.
  16. Thanks for the love CindB
  17. Thanks for the love Jewels
  18. Patsea, thanks for the love.
  19. Thanks for the love CindB
  20. thanks for the love Patsea! It still has its original cork as well. unfortunately it got pushed inside and I haven't figured out how to get it out yet.
  21. Patsea thanks for the love of my Pianon Bird. This is one of my favs of the flock I have.
  22. kivatinitz thanks for the love.
  23. Thanks Alfredo. What vase do you have in glue chip style?
  24. beautiful vase. there is a blue and light green one on ebay now but I like your colors much better. a real looker! congrats.
  25. A+++ Extreme Like.
  26. super cool!
  27. A colorful crowd.
  28. Thanks jewels. I think they are pretty special a well. Thanks for the love.
  29. Glue Chip Vases need love too! Thanks for the love AnneLanders!
  30. I appreciate the love AnneLanders. Thanks!
  31. AnneLanders thanks for the love
  32. a few had commented on wanting a piece of glue chip. There is one for sale on ebay now, looks nice and I will not be competing on the sale as I have for in that shape. Giving someone else th...
  33. i had them authenticated by two different experts in NYC (worth the expense). They are 19th century french and worth more that what I paid. :)
  34. thanks for the love Lostspirits.
  35. HI Nastya, Only what is in the description. still searching. :)
  36. Vrgdc thanks for the love
  37. thanks for the love JohannB
  38. thanks fanciGirl. been collecting this type of glass for nearly 20yrs. Love it for the texture and motion of color.
  39. love the light fixture. Have seen blue a few times but never this green/grey color. Very cool. what are the dimensions? it looks larger than most.
  40. melaniej thanks for the love
  41. great vase. can you ad a picture of the top (mouth) of vase.
  42. love the set. fabulous! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  43. shareurpassion thanks for the love
  44. hey southcop, thanks for the love.
  45. melaniej thanks for the love.
  46. Thanks Manikin, my Pianon birds are my babies. lol
  47. thanks for the love ho2cultcha
  48. smiata thanks for the love
  49. thanks for the love emanueljay
  50. thanks for the love emanueljay
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