Love Czech beads, Bohemian art glass, Cuckoo Clocks, Deco and Czech or antique jewelry, Ivory, Tortiose shell jewelry, Mid Century "stuff", and other misc.


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Bohemian "End-of-Day" Spatter Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Black Forrest Cuckoo Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Halloween black cat figurines - Figurinesin Figurines
Mexican ceramic lamps - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Ivory necklaces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Itty Bitty Cuckoo Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Czech Spatter Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Conley camera - Camerasin Cameras
Ebony wood; water buffalo lamp - Lampsin Lamps
A metal clock - Clocksin Clocks


  1. Ha, just saw the title. Still love it!
  2. I love it! Are those beads wood?
  3. Hey thanks for your input, welzebub. I appreciate accessing your vast knowledge on antique Bohemian glass.
  4. Yes, a smile with very little curve to it.
  5. I need to add that the silver stamp on the bottom is semicircular and the O's are closed.
  6. Very Nice!
  7. !W.O.W!
  8. Hi ozmarty, There are no markings on that particular bowl, however I have a pair of candlestick holders, and a vase all in that particular tan spatter color that have markings on the bottom: the same ...
  9. So beautiful!
  10. Faceted!!!
  11. Whoa! Love it!
  12. OK Welzebub, photos posted~
  13. Hi Welzebub! Yes, the bowl looks very similar to the one in the ad. These pieces are a great mystery to me, and they are my favorite "spatter" or "end-of-day" glass with the satin finish and overall t...
  14. Really great!
  15. Love it; a good buy!
  16. I have a similar one. Original hands are missing on mine:( Nice pendulum!
  17. My parents bought this new and still have it:) and use it.
  18. Gilligan!!!
  19. Thank You AzTom, I'll forward the ad to my mother who has the Minerva doll and loves her as is:)
  20. Cool collection!
  21. !Yummy!
  22. Whoa! Love it lots!
  23. We have this same decanter. It has 4 plastic stoppers at top. Perhaps I'll get around to posting a photo. A good way to clean it is soapy water and rice to scrub the insides.
  24. OK, man I love CW! I was hoping someone could identify this clock, and you helped me out slackjack, shawnicus, and Bruce99. A lot of really great information and advice. I'm afraid to do too much to i...
  25. Thanks shawnicus, I never thought about clock oil or keeping it level. Great ideas! I was wondering if it did something else, it seems to have a third bellows? behind one of the other bellows, and rel...
  26. So beautiful!
  27. Beautiful!
  28. Oooh la la!
  29. That explains why the glaze is faded and duller on the older one, and also there is some glaze chipped off in spots. Thanks again, aghcollect.
  30. Oh Thanks aghcollect. it's nice to hear from smart people like you, so I can learn so much more about everything in general, and my own collections, too. Great!
  31. He reminded me of Daniel Tiger on Mr. Rogers, but not exactly the same... much nicer.
  32. Whoa! That is Awesome!
  33. Those are a hot ticket right now. Anything Mid Century. Nice set!
  34. Wow! So beautiful and simple-
  35. Whoa! LOVE! IT!
  36. Yohanna, they are pretty and definitely antique. I'm not sure they are really my style: go with my skin tone and clothing style. Maybe I'll gift them out to someone:)
  37. I love that fat lava look and the whimsical shape (and color!). We have the same candle holders - from grandma:)
  38. Interesting- I love it!
  39. I'm Gumby, dammit!
  40. Nice!
  41. Wow! Gorgeous!
  42. A lot of great information here!
  43. Really great!
  44. Wow! Super cool!
  45. After doing some research, I found these to both be bone. They were both sold as ivory. They are still antique, and pretty, but not sure if I'll keep them. You may see them on eBay soon.
  46. Hey, that's a big help- toolate2! I appreciate it.
  47. OK thanks, valentino97. Something new that's fun to learn about... I just happened to come across these, got curious, and bought them. My dad has an ivory carved tower from the 50's, so we were compar...
  48. Oops! My dad's father's camera.
  49. I just read a kid's book about antique crayons sold in a bidding war on eBay: I think they were bidding on a Zucchini color that was supposed to be named from a Victory Garden effort. Fascinating book...
  50. Thanks, jagsrock95- that is fantastic. You can send some Czech spatter glass my way any time...:)
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