Love Czech beads, Bohemian art glass, Cuckoo Clocks, Deco and Czech or antique jewelry, Ivory, Tortiose shell jewelry, Mid Century "stuff", and other misc.


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Mechanical Frankenstein Made in Japan - Toysin Toys
Mid-Century Casserole Crock - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Frosted bowl and Candlesticks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Deco Spatter Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Thorn Vases with Peloton thread technique and Adventurine Streaks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Urns Tan Satin Spatter Finish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Spatter End-of-Day Glass Tan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian "End-of-Day" Spatter Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Black Forrest Cuckoo Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Halloween black cat figurines - Figurinesin Figurines


  1. Did you win that little cup shape, BTW? I meant to get that one. There are a few more out there, that I already have and they are overpriced, too. Maybe you can talk them down:)
  2. Beautiful! I was broke, so glad you got it:) I have gotten several new pieces: they keep popping up. This is my all time fave spatter of course!!!!
  3. Great shape, and love the tortoiseshell!
  4. Love it!
  5. Ha ha, Yes "Walking" action is still good, but his pants don't stay up anymore. Good thing he has nice undies:)
  6. These would make a great necklace!
  7. Super Gorgeous!
  8. Love them!
  9. Really beautiful clock!
  10. I posted a similar one with 2 doors and 3 weights. The hands and numbers look like they may have been replaced on mine. What sort of material were the hands and numerals made of on the original GHS cu...
  11. Thanks Rick55!
  12. Ooooo I am in love!
  13. Aw, Thanks guys- He IS quite cute!
  14. So awesome! I love it soooOOO MUCH!
  15. I like them:)
  16. Thank you, JohannB, that seems plausible; I'm sure you're right.
  17. Good idea kivatinitz~
  18. Thank you, katherinescollections~
  19. Thank you Robin56:)
  20. Thank you, Vintagefran. It's actually rather a small dark little piece, but does wonderful things in the light.
  21. I love this theme-and color combo. One of my favorite little obsessions.
  22. Same shape, but wildly different colors. Hmmmm interesting! Thanks Wezelbub:)
  23. LOUMANAL, yes, YES! That's exactly how I pictured the lid in my mind! Wonderful to see one that is intact. What a dreamy collection of glass- Thanks for sharing:)
  24. Right!! the chase is the best isn't it? I can't find all the goodies, and I'm busy much of the time, so perhaps there is enough for both of us:))))
  25. Disregard the question marks ???
  26. Very funny! They don't show up very often, so I feel compelled to even as I'm running out of room for any more. I almost turned to collecting Weller, but it's too expensive, and some of the tan spatte...
  27. No hard feelings, O&S. I always enjoy hearing from you. I am a bit frustrated that what I had in my head was not translated to reality. BUT! I'll keep trying to make my vision become reality.
  28. Beautiful!
  29. Lovely!
  30. No worries. Taking it as constructive criticism. I'm just disappointed the lids didn't mesh a little better with the style and age- and look like they might be married. It just makes me more determine...
  31. You're right of course: any lid which is not original is distracting and takes away from the piece. The reason I had lids made for the other pieces, was that I saw an image of an urn I have with the g...
  32. Hey! Matches the thorn vases! Interesting- thanks~
  33. OOps! I forgot to add measurements. 5 1/8" tall, 5" outside diameter, 3 3/8" opening, 2 3/4" base. Maybe we have the same ones, Alan2310!
  34. Thanks for input as always O&S, and you're probably right about the economy being the reason behind the change of technique. Those 3 layer pieces are darker and were never my favorites as so, but they...
  35. Nice piece!
  36. Carnelian colored glass beads- Bohemian? Must have been the rage. I have some of these, you can see the bubbles in the glass. I do like them:)
  37. Oh, OK OD is 5". Do you see how there are two layers of glass casing the colors from top view? I'm wondering if this technique may have been the grandfather of the one-layer spatter. Perhaps one techn...
  38. Thanks Rick55, sklo42, Alan2310, What does OD mean?
  39. They are interesting! That adventurine throws me for a loop. Also, the glass is in such good shape I have a hard time believing that they're older pieces. But then the peloton technique also confounds...
  40. Weller woodcraft? Wild guess...
  41. Wonderful!
  42. Neat old bottle!
  43. The roses are gorgeous!
  44. Gorgeous!
  45. Super beautiful!
  46. Wow! Uber spatter!
  47. Unique shape; great color! Love it! Deco for sure~
  48. Beautiful trio!!!
  49. I love the shapes and color-neato!
  50. The top is the same too, just shorter. I'm jealous:) that's beautiful!
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