Love Czech beads, Bohemian art glass, Cuckoo Clocks, Deco and Czech or antique jewelry, Tortiose shell jewelry, Mid Century "stuff", and other misc.


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Mystery Asian Pottery - Asianin Asian
Very Old Navajo Naja Turquoise Pin - Native Americanin Native American
Coral Squash Blossom Necklace - Native Americanin Native American
Mechanical Frankenstein Made in Japan - Toysin Toys
Mid-Century Casserole Crock - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Frosted bowl and Candlesticks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Deco Spatter Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Thorn Vases with Peloton thread technique and Adventurine Streaks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Urns Tan Satin Spatter Finish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Spatter End-of-Day Glass Tan - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for your input, Tunnelchicken. That's a lot of good information. Yes, I think it's a special necklace:)
  2. My parents got this for wedding gift in 1964. They still have it:)
  3. Awesome piece! I've never seen a stopper that huge!!~
  4. Awesome!
  5. Wow! Gorgeous examples~
  6. I just love these! So colorful- great design. Wonderful!
  7. Yes, Lisa, There are different overall colors, first of all. A Few have applied black handles or a black foot with a closed rim. Some have that amber colored "ball" handle on the lid, or feet, or bask...
  8. Very interesting-Thanks!
  9. Yes, Lisa, After living with my collection of tan satin spatter, I do believe you are correct in saying there may be different production houses and time periods of producing these. I can group my col...
  10. He found a few old milk bottles above this one that are dated above, and a few other old pieces most not complete. He researched and wrote a paper on the milk bottles and corresponding company. Yes, w...
  11. Thanks olebodie. We like to treasure hunt, too. He's taking an archeology class and would like to identify and find out the purpose of the little notch on the inside. He would like to help you identif...
  12. Hi olebodie, thanks for posting pictures of the beads. I really enjoyed seeing them. My eyes are not that great anymore and it was sort of hard to see them when there were so many included. But I DID ...
  13. Wonderful! Wow!
  14. Wow! That is really Bee-u-tiful!
  15. I really love this set. Beautiful!!!
  16. Wow! Love them!
  17. OOOO! AAAh! Love the Weller! But it's all gorgeous:)
  18. Yes, OLebodie, I do love beads, and assembling necklaces. And especially antique beads, Czech and others. Sure, I would absolutely love to see your bead collection. Thanks! If you can find the time~
  19. Does look Mid-Century.
  20. Wow! Lucky find!!!!:)
  21. Nice group!
  22. Great story! I loved it:)Interesting~
  23. Wow! That is totally delicious!
  24. Yes, Olebodie these were bone. I already got rid of them. They weren't really my style. I do have an intense fascination with Czech beads, and Antique jewelry. Yes, please post some and we will all he...
  25. OOO! I would love to see some of it, Junkman60:))
  26. Mid-Century home stuff sells very well. Love these lamps!
  27. Thank you Olebodie, you have some thrilling pieces, yourself.
  28. Yes, gorgeous! Smaller groupings please. Could I see a close up of the Weller Piece at some time? Lovely, Thanks!
  29. Thanks PhilDMorris, good idea!
  30. I would be interested having you identify arrow types: like scraper, axe, bird arrow, etc. Identify location found by at least state, possible tribe...? It would add extra dimension to your posts. Mor...
  31. Thanks, NevadaBlades, already sold this one, but I do like turquoise!
  32. Ha! NevadaBlades I had the same problem. Husband made me take it in when I got a new watch sized, after I haven't worn it for 15 or so years. Cost about $65. I would have never gotten around to it.....
  33. NevadaBlades, I had to get my diamond wedding ring sized larger. Not an expensive fix for an expensive ring. Made my husband happy that I wear it now:)
  34. I believe the orange is carnelian. It's very popular and can get you 40$ on up and up and up. It's said to have healing and energizing powers. The other I don't know, Czech? Good luck~
  35. I love it!
  36. Gorgeous pieces!
  37. Nice finds!
  38. Gorgeous!
  39. Oooh, lovely!
  40. An update: we went to a few Native American jewelry stores and had this looked at by more experienced eyes. So, this is gem grade calibrated cabochons in Ox Blood coral. Once I put on my reading glass...
  41. Nice story:) Interesting pieces~
  42. Thanks Rick55, it's a lovely piece, nice heavy weight, and hangs perfectly.
  43. Oh, I forgot to say that I love the example with the flower design!
  44. Yes, Good examples very similar to this one in $400-$600 range. I don't know if she wants to sell this one or keep it, but it's a beauty. Thanks Efesgirl!
  45. Yes, Robin56, you are right. I found the sets available. However my heart belongs to other conquests first. But it is sort of cute!
  46. Ok great idea. Thanks so much, ladies!
  47. Thank you for the nice comments Manikin and Freiheit. Thanks for the help, Peasejean55.
  48. Hello Lisa, Wonderful tan satin spatter piece. Love the shape of course, but the tan satin spatter thrills me because they change appearance depending upon the LIGHT and have many different personalit...
  49. Love love love the colors! Great shape and size-
  50. Wooo! That's beautiful!
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