Love Czech beads, Bohemian art glass, Cuckoo Clocks, Deco and Czech or antique jewelry, Ivory, Tortiose shell jewelry, Mid Century "stuff", and other misc.


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Art Deco Urns Tan Satin Spatter Finish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czech Spatter End-of-Day Glass Tan - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian "End-of-Day" Spatter Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Black Forrest Cuckoo Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Halloween black cat figurines - Figurinesin Figurines
Mexican ceramic lamps - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Ivory necklaces - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Itty Bitty Cuckoo Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Czech Spatter Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Conley camera - Camerasin Cameras


  1. Weller woodcraft? Wild guess...
  2. Wonderful!
  3. Neat old bottle!
  4. The roses are gorgeous!
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. Super beautiful!
  7. Wow! Uber spatter!
  8. Unique shape; great color! Love it! Deco for sure~
  9. Beautiful trio!!!
  10. I love the shapes and color-neato!
  11. The top is the same too, just shorter. I'm jealous:) that's beautiful!
  12. Oooh, that's beautiful. !PINK!!! Have never seen that color in the satin finish spatter. Thanks OaS, have a great week~
  13. Beautiful! I posted a short version that is somewhat similar. Love it!!!
  14. Sometimes money spent on fake junk inspires you to thoroughly research a subject you normally wouldn't. I look at that money spent as investing in a "learning lesson". Hopefully not too much money. An...
  15. Thanks oldandsilly, love to hear your ideas!
  16. Hi oldandsilly, Have posted what I have, and it's all over the place in age, style, color, and technique, even within that one tan color and satin finish.
  17. Thank you blunderbuss2, I hope you fell better~
  18. I'd like to see your similar piece IanBrighton when you have the time....
  19. Thanks for all of your input ladies, Ivonne and AnneLanders, I appreciate all of your ideas~ and for making my brain work a little harder and think about other aspects I hadn't really thought about.
  20. Ivonne, they looked so naked without lids or frogs. Especially when you see an image of the same urn with a glass lid. I had a lot of different Deco ideas for the lids, but my sister went with the car...
  21. Your welcome, scottvez.
  22. I forgot to add that my jeweler sister made the metal lids with carnelian pulls. She has an Etsy site and will do special orders in her spare time (also works for an upscale jeweler making unique piec...
  23. Ok Hello oldandsilly, No, I haven't seen that image before. What a beautifully shaped urn and beautifully shaped lid! Wonderful! I'm not sure if I have anything that great, but I will eventually post ...
  24. Hi oldandsilly! I did see an image of a tan spatter urn with the lid intact; after I added two exact replicas without lids. Needless to say I was disappointed on the lack of lids. I guess this is a v...
  25. We have a double wide Contour that we had reupholstered. It vibrates and reclines~ Does this one vibrate?
  26. Ha, just saw the title. Still love it!
  27. I love it! Are those beads wood?
  28. Hey thanks for your input, welzebub. I appreciate accessing your vast knowledge on antique Bohemian glass.
  29. Yes, a smile with very little curve to it.
  30. I need to add that the silver stamp on the bottom is semicircular and the O's are closed.
  31. Very Nice!
  32. !W.O.W!
  33. Hi ozmarty, There are no markings on that particular bowl, however I have a pair of candlestick holders, and a vase all in that particular tan spatter color that have markings on the bottom: the same ...
  34. So beautiful!
  35. Faceted!!!
  36. Whoa! Love it!
  37. OK Welzebub, photos posted~
  38. Hi Welzebub! Yes, the bowl looks very similar to the one in the ad. These pieces are a great mystery to me, and they are my favorite "spatter" or "end-of-day" glass with the satin finish and overall t...
  39. Really great!
  40. Love it; a good buy!
  41. I have a similar one. Original hands are missing on mine:( Nice pendulum!
  42. My parents bought this new and still have it:) and use it.
  43. Gilligan!!!
  44. Thank You AzTom, I'll forward the ad to my mother who has the Minerva doll and loves her as is:)
  45. Cool collection!
  46. !Yummy!
  47. We have this same decanter. It has 4 plastic stoppers at top. Perhaps I'll get around to posting a photo. A good way to clean it is soapy water and rice to scrub the insides.
  48. OK, man I love CW! I was hoping someone could identify this clock, and you helped me out slackjack, shawnicus, and Bruce99. A lot of really great information and advice. I'm afraid to do too much to i...
  49. Thanks shawnicus, I never thought about clock oil or keeping it level. Great ideas! I was wondering if it did something else, it seems to have a third bellows? behind one of the other bellows, and rel...
  50. So beautiful!
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