Love Czech beads, Bohemian art glass, Cuckoo Clocks, Deco and Czech or antique jewelry, Tortiose shell jewelry, Mid Century "stuff", and other misc.


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 Canadian Chalet glass Flaming Red Orange prongs - Art Glassin Art Glass
3 Little Spatter Cups plus one Green Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tan Satin Spatter Ruckl Art Glass Collection. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sub Groups of Tan Ruckl Spatter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery Asian Pottery - Asianin Asian
Very Old Navajo Naja Turquoise Pin - Native Americanin Native American
Coral Squash Blossom Necklace - Native Americanin Native American
Mechanical Frankenstein Made in Japan - Toysin Toys
Mid-Century Casserole Crock - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Jeanette Company Depression Glass Frosted bowl and Candlesticks - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I really love this!
  2. Awesome!!
  3. Hello Lisa. OOOh! Nice photos! Interesting these all have the same unusual shape. I have two of the "same" pieces where the feet are slightly different like these. I love how those two beauties comple...
  4. So Beautiful! Thanks for your post and hard research.
  5. Edited to Jeanette Company. I would still like the pattern name if anyone knows....
  6. Really beautiful! Great find!
  7. I love these old spice racks too. I don't have one yet, but my mother has a beautiful one like yours:)
  8. Wow! Fantastic Find!
  9. Cool Man. I love it!
  10. This is so beautiful! There is a pair for sale on Ruby Lane right now. I just love it-
  11. I love these satin pieces! I have a tan satin bowl with 3 curled feel like the bottom blue and pink piece. Great Deco shapes-Nice groupings.
  12. Love this a lot!
  13. Really beautiful!
  14. The colors and abstract design are great- Love it!
  15. Thank You Welzebub, nice example:)
  16. Potatoeblight! is the best name of the day:) Ha ha ha
  17. I would love to see what hung from those hooks:) Beautiful Peloton Thorn Vases: I'm a Fan!
  18. Yes, all glass even the uranium beads which glow under black light. This may be a Neiger piece. I just love it , and the clasp is great , too!
  19. Uranium Czech molded glass beads: my favorite:)
  20. Thank You, OneGoodFind! It doesn't take much talent to buy stuff on Ebay, so there is not much to brag about. Yes, I was definitely obsessed with this type of Bohemian glass. I still think it's pretty...
  21. Thank you! Happy New Year to you also---!
  22. Wow- Gorgeous pieces! Great finds. That's a good dump:)
  23. Thanks PhilDMorris! It is a beautiful piece:)
  24. Adorable! I love it:)
  25. I toured the factory in Colorado Springs. Cool place! Nice piece. Lucky!
  26. Could it be Blenko? We have some Amberina Blenko glass like this. Although could be something else, too.
  27. Hi Bob! Thank You. Yes, the mark is a semi-circular "smile". There is a picture of the mark in one of my posts -the post with the tall apothecary included. Not all pieces have the mark. Some may have ...
  28. Hi Lisa! Glad you got your pink spatter. It's getting hard to find anything exciting. Keep on collecting:) I'm moving on to other types of glass~~and pottery.
  29. Pretty examples!
  30. I have the same exact thing sitting right in front of me. However I don't know who the maker is either. A gift from grandma:)
  31. Thank You OneGoodFind:)
  32. I love it!
  33. You're right Rucklczglass, same shape (and I did admire that piece-but I have to limit stuff I buy to only things I collect or really awesome pieces that make me obsessed-running out of room to displa...
  34. Thanks, shareurpassion! My husbands' dad made it in shop class. He's since passed and husband's step-father made a new top for it. There are two smaller matching tables that look so great in our mid-c...
  35. OK ok! It's a great piece with great color so I will keep it:)
  36. Thanks again, AntiqueRose. I haven't read all of the articles yet, but I will. Not selling it at this time because it goes great in our mid-century style home, but maybe in the future. Grandma said, "...
  37. Thanks SO much Antiquerose, for all the help and interesting articles, also. I love it! Thanks ever so much! Have a great week!
  38. Thanks for the input Rick55, I'd never really heard of Chalet (or Lorraine) before. So I'll have to do a little research. Great! Thanks!
  39. OK Alan, you are right. It seemed unremarkable, so I didn't. But I'll try to add. Thanks for the input, Alan and racer4four:)
  40. Beautifully displayed and photographed. Gorgeous!
  41. Adorable! Looks mid-Century....?
  42. Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl:) book and great movie, too. This is what this guy looks like to me.
  43. This looks like a tiny death casting. I don't know what it is though..
  44. Yes, Thanks again for all the research you do, the helpful tips, and the wonderful pictures here. I definitely do not have the time for research, nor do I want to spend my 5 minutes of free time doing...
  45. Beautiful! I readily admit I know nothing about glass. I collect what I like because I like it. I have no idea who the makers are (except for Blenko pieces). These are outstandingly beautiful pieces o...
  46. I appreciate the extensive research labored over by people like you, Wezelbub. I have to say that pink, yellow, red, and blue (pottery?) example on the bottom is adorable.
  47. Thank you, AmatoorPikr, kivatinitz, glassiegirl, and olebodie for your input:)
  48. Thanks for the input, kralik1928. I think Ruckl is the general consensus on these, but I don't have any proof either.
  49. Thanks sklo42,welzebub, + Alan2310:)
  50. Thanks, Lisa and Cbill~
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