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Johnston, Iowa

My main collections are Mrazek and other Czech pottery, especially the birds with the red dime mark. I am a collector of glass when I find a piece reasonally pricedMy main collections are Mrazek and other Czech pottery, especially the birds with the red dime mark. I am a collector of glass when I find a piece reasonally priced and one that really appeals to me. (Read more)


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Rare Mrazek Deco Pattern - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Unknown maker Green Rose Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lovely twisted green vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Web Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Treasures from St. Cloud MN - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green ruffled vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Amber oilspot vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Striking Unmarked Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large Kralik vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Creepy - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks for the loves. Although the shade came with the lamp, they were put together later. The shade is glass, and the base Mrazek pottery. Mrazek did not make glass pieces.
  2. Thanks for the loves everyone. I should have mentioned the shade came with the lamp, but did not start out life together. The shade is glass and the lamp base is Mrazek pottery. Mrazek did not make...
  3. Thanks for the input Alfredo. Mn is not a place I usually think of when looking for Czech glass, but the dealer has a good eye. No one else wanted them and they sat in his shop for some time. Gave ...
  4. My favorite thing about CW is enjoying seeing all the great glass, especially yours, but my second favorite thing is helping me identify my glass. I bought this identical vase a couple years ago and ...
  5. What a tragedy for such a unique piece of glass. We've probably all been there, and it is especially sad when it happens to a piece of glass. Pottery can be fixed, unfortunately not glass. You did...
  6. Thanks Sean68. Was sure you are Wis, and as you can tell, I'm Iowa. I've checked out your area as well. My mother grew up in Black Earth so I'm half Wisconsin. Still a Hawkeye at heart.
  7. Thanks for the info and kind comments. But what do you do when you run out of room?!?
  8. Thanks for the loves everyone. And also the information Moonstonelover21 and austrohungaro. The two pieces on the right especially are likely to make me a glass collector.
  9. I forgot to mention these are all about 5 inches tall, not big vases. I found it interesting they were all about the same size.
  10. I think they are supposed to be little flowers. Mine all have 3 of them. A friend picked this up at a garage sale for $3. Perfect condition.
  11. Thanks again. I had seen Cicsele, but couldn't decide. I just haven't seen very many examples in person to compare.
  12. Thanks for the quick response. Looks like we have the same vase except yours is enameled. I like your color naming convention "pink-orange-peach". I couldn't decide what to call it, it depends on t...
  13. Congratulations on 500 posts. And of course I love the selection. Looks like a new collection is starting. I agree these blend in nicely with Tango. I've kept mine separated, but will have to try ...
  14. I'd love to see a picture of how you mix this in with your glass. I might get some new ideas. The color stands out so well, it lights the room. I recently had a pitcher that also had a great deal o...
  15. Thanks Alfredo and Sean68. Although I have never seen one in person, they also were made in elephants, cats and a couple others, matching the corresponding pitchers. You just don't see them often.
  16. Thanks for the loves and comments everyone. I forgot to mention (and of course I forgot to measure), but it is just a little larger than a lot of the more common shades I have seen. Not a great deal...
  17. I've been a member since early 2000's, don't remember exactly when and went to a couple before that. Great people and we have a wonderful time and I found some wonderful things this year for my coll...
  18. Thanks for the loves everyone. The varieity of Czech glass still amazes me.
  19. Thanks inky. I would have guessed Kralik, but just didn't know. I can clearly see the mark on yours, but I looked again on mine but no luck. Mine is what I would say is more smooth than pebbly, wit...
  20. Thanks for the comments and loves everyone. I added a picture to show the alternating sides of the vase, the prunts.
  21. Beautiful, can't wait to see it's "rival"! It will have to be very special to beat the pink!
  22. Thanks for the feedback Czechman and Moonstonelover21 and the loves everyone else. I appreciate the information. I'm sorry my pictures don't really show the beautiful colors of this piece. I was go...
  23. Thanks for the loves and info everyone. I checked again (and again in different light) and just don't see a mark. I'll put it on the Loetz page.
  24. Thanks for the loves everyone. Appreciated.
  25. Looks like it could be Czech malachite. But awfully big for that. I'll be interested in what others say on this one.
  26. Unfortunately the same is true with a lot of Czech pottery, at least the pieces that only say "Made in Czechoslovakia". One researcher spent years trying to discover who the manufacturer was, to no a...
  27. I added a couple more pictures: One in sunlight and one of the mark (at least as well as I could get it). It appears there is also a "Made in" above the "Czechoslovakia mark". I don't know if this ...
  28. Thanks everyone. Every once in a while a find a gem.
  29. Thanks for the loves everyone. This is a piece that grows on you the more you look at it.
  30. Thanks Czechman. I do too, actually all covered pieces. It's just right for a bowl of M&M's.
  31. Sure looks to me they are a pair. Could it be that the differences are because they are hand painted with slightly different pictures on them?
  32. Thanks for the comments and loves everyone. As you can see, I am running out of room and have to stack the pieces (carefully).
  33. This was probably a 20s or 30s piece, similar to most of the Czech pottery imported around then. Since Czechoslovakia did not exist before 1918, it can't be earlier, and with the tariffs imposed afte...
  34. The pitcher is Ditmar Urbach. There will also be tumblers that match it. Also may be found in red and blue backgrounds. Pretty pieces.
  35. I agree with Czechman, it is probably MIJ. The Czech versions are very similar, but as pointed out, the lid is flat. I haven't seen one that hasn't been marked if it were Czech.
  36. I have what may be a dumb question, but I won't know if I don't ask. Are these the same as glue chip? If not, what is the distinction? To my novice eye, they look very similar. Thanks.
  37. Love the applied handles. Love the basket. I suspect this piece is even more beautiful in person.
  38. Beautiful. I love these. It may just be the lighting, but I love the purple on the middle one. You are smart to buy ahead of your birthday, you might not find something when it comes. Don't forge...
  39. Thanks for the loves everyone and Happy Holidays.
  40. I don't have a picture of just the glue, but will post the picture of the pieces I bought at an auction. The color doesn't show as well as I would like, but I think you will know what it looks like.
  41. Beautiful. I'm so glad to see examples here. I especially love the lamp, having a fondness for lamps in general. I had a beautiful yellow with blue vase a couple years ago that I let go and regrett...
  42. I have what may be a dumb question, but I guess that's how you learn: Is it possible the multi-colors were the first "layer" which were put into a mold with the others put on the inside? That seems ...
  43. I love these. I don't know if it helps, but 9 months ago I posted a pink piece that is the same shape as the top right piece in the second picture. It was identified as Ruckl. It has the "football...
  44. Beautiful. I had to go check my green vase to see if it had the light threading as well, but alas, no. But now I will pay extra attention when I see examples out there. Thanks for posting.
  45. These are beautiful. Love the owl. I'm a bird person, pottery, but love glass too.
  46. Unusual and beautiful. Welcome to CW. One of the best things about CW is learning something new and this is new to me (as were your other posts). Keep them coming!
  47. Thanks for the loves and comments everyone. Now I need to find a special place for it.
  48. Nice vase. I have a couple pieces of this, but I've never seen one that has this much yellow or the honeycomb design. you were lucky to be there at the right time.
  49. Really nice vase. This is a very nice shape and it's has great color just in time for Halloween!
  50. Thanks. I'm not sure about the shade. I don't have a lot of places for lamps this big, except by the bed. the one I have is a plain white oval shape that fits better against the wall without taking...
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