A fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton SlateA fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


A gorgeous 4 handled Spatter Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spatter vase with green glitter- 12 inch tall - absolute stunner - Art Glassin Art Glass
Spatter - EOD Glass jug with white glass internal casing  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue,white,purples and pink vase - almost an oil spill look - sold as seller thinking Cathiness glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pink Glass Vase with hand painted flowers and leaves- Bristol Glass piece?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Moorcroft 1930s vase? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Flori fun - the final farewell - Art Glassin Art Glass
The last post..... - Art Glassin Art Glass
The beginning... - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. It's lovely
  2. Lovely colour, with a mark like that,bits sometimes good to draw across a piece of paper on top of the mark, if that makes sense, so you can see it easier. I can't read it. But it looks possibly like ...
  3. Those feet look a little Kralik however the rst of it isn't. Karen it's like looking at the one you gave me but with different feet. I love the colour Fran, you have a great eye for style and lovely ...
  4. There's no way this wasn't end of day. But I don't think it's part of Welzs many makes nor do I think it's the Kralik Orange white and blue versions either, obviously as it has yellow. It's a little ...
  5. It's gorgeous Fran. My first piece of old glass was cranberry, or maybe my second, as I think a Davidson William and Mary salt. It may have been a salt, it's certainly small enough. Things you need ...
  6. One of our friends in here has a load of this stuff update for grabs... Type in Welz in ebay and you'll find it. I dislike like any brown in my China nor my glass. However the partial Browns in this ...
  7. just so beautiful ive discovered costume all over again you have some amazing items
  8. I dont know how you tell the difference Karen without a sticker. Even Walther glass made similar styles and tones, colours etc. I give up! lol Still cant find what I wanted to for you!Still looking...
  9. Yes I too have collected a bunch of things because CW incited me are beautiful..but I'm not going to let you off the hook that easily... Country of origin? Age? Material in the face...
  10. That is stunning!
  11. shocking photos..will changee tomorrow
  12. how beautiful...just stunning Karen... Can I just mention too that Karen is an extremely lovely lady and very generous in her life. Thank you Karen, you are too kind...Anne xxx
  13. Lol and that's what this stupid spell check Obviously Monty Python...
  14. Def thought monthly pontoon Gilliam
  15. Lovely...yes we've had to secure ours as last time we had one with the epicentre not too far away..the whole cabinets shook..hubby went nuts..he said,see, I told you not to buy all that fragile. S*** ...
  16. Ian, I've found since I've been buying and watching that there are a lot of similar spatter vases coming out of the uk. I've even seen you selling some but there just seems a lot.have you considered a...
  17. Thanks Ian, you are very kind..this indeed is an amazing vase..I'm very lucky to have it and have found t..I love it for many reasons... The style is incredible...the way the body push outward movi...
  18. Hi Fran, thank you..yes it is a stunner, I'm absolutely wrapt in how it looks and it for an amazing bargain in my opinion and it's sitting very proudly front and friends and fa...
  19. Thanks Phil but in relation to the mods they have been fixing these photos since the beginning of the issue, they are well aware of the problem, they asked me to point out and they come along and adju...
  20. I thanks for the kind words Fran..speaking of packages, cannot wait for mine to arrive..they might even arrive in time for the new gabby due on the 22nd... I don't know how to drop well at least no...
  21. Lovely vase. Yes I'm having the same issue on mine, I need to learn how to crop...
  22. Hi Fran, Good to see you. I'm taking the photos on my iPad. I have no idea how to crop the photos nor why all of a sudden about two months ago this problem arose. How does one crop? Thanks Mac6...
  23. Very nice!
  24. You have an amazing collection...
  25. Really lovely
  26. Beautiful, Devine!
  27. Thanks Amber..yes I'm really determined to get to the bottom of this one. The mere fact that it has all that gold on it plus the feel of it, the clever way its been blown to such a light weight and su...
  28. Agree Ian. And the worst I had was a very unususal Wedgwood vase which I had been chasing for some time and was to be hubbies anniversary present. Turned up wrapped in one layer of tissue paper and s...
  29. no relevance to my situation Scott as I order from US to Australia. Thanks anyway. No the bigger box was 20 times the size of the glass item. Ive shipped all over and received well over 400 items fr...
  30. well a similar pontil anyway...maybe not "exactly"...!
  31. there is no way in my opinion that this is Bristol Glass. The quality and workmanship alones squells quality... Worse or better still Ive just seen Bohemianglass and others pontil on his orange ena...
  32. yes i know, i just ran out of good light last night. THESE SIDWAYS PHOTOS ARE DOING MY HEAD IN AND REALLY MAKE YOU NOT WANT TO POST! S Posting photo now!
  33. thanks everyone. Yes Karen I know what you mean about it loking like something! The texture is very much an addition to the inner blue case. I'm looking at it now and I realise the borders around ...
  34. Penny they are adorable. You and I both know the challenges us Southern Hemisphere ppl suffer with little stock and stupid postage charges. There are fantastic, the colours beautiful and the appli...
  35. lol
  36. hi mike, unfortunately this looks nothinglike mine but thanks for caring to send :)
  37. its absolutely beautiful......
  38. looks great, you do have great tours!
  39. lovely...are you back yet?
  40. gorgeous...stunning you lucky thing!
  41. you are a good friend Fran. Thanks for the lovely comments...Joseph just picked up 4 more shapes in the Pomegranate, missed out on 2, it was an auction..bloody hae auctions as you well know. Yes I fe...
  42. thats gorgeous!
  43. yay they fixed it...yippie Do we have any Moorcroft collectors in here? Anyone able to help?
  44. Beautiful......I've missed your listings and sweet notes!
  45. Thank you admins...let's hope there is a fix soon for the Apple side ways photos...
  46. oh yes its the original pattern, thats evident by the stamp. Just need to know the pattern as it's doing my head in not knowing. And I'm shocking with flower names, looks a little tropic, not a hybi...
  47. Thanks Sean. I've done a little research . I'll add the other flower and the base tonight. Hubby has been getting loads more of the Hancock Pomegranate. We've got about 25 items of it now. We keep fin...
  48. Sean hey thanks. Can you alert the admins as the button isn't on the posters page, that my photo is sideways..thanks.. And do you know the pattern? How ya been btw?
  49. I knew Sean would like this..I would have thought it was 1950's...
  50. Absolutely stunning. Look at the flower work on the rim..gorgeous. The Asian glass really surprises me..
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