A experienced pottery, porcelain and glass collector whose main interests are porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a colleA experienced pottery, porcelain and glass collector whose main interests are porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


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Kralik Double Thorn Vases - dedication to a great man - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Tango urn red/orange with cobalt legs - Art Decoin Art Deco
Kralik?? Applied flower opalescent vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Moonglow brooch in gold colored toned gold ? setting - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Carltonware W & R, Wiltshaw & Robinson Pink Lustre Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
TFS  Phoenix Ware Vase - 1930s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Orange Cobalt blue rimmed decorative Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
last ones for Fran....I call some of these floriforms - Art Glassin Art Glass
Some Mica's and other pinks for Fran?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Any of these Fran?? - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. absolute stunner, love this colour
  2. Peggy, thank you for your detailed comments. The cabinet has more infact its bursting, all my cabinets are now full. I need new ones but as I will be moving once I sell my house I cannot justify buyin...
  3. btw, its a lovely vase, bowl, pot :)
  4. Ian, first up, Tango glass doesnt need to be orange. And I personally believe Tango glass is representative of a period of time that produced a selection of glass that honored and represented the Tang...
  5. its lovely btw
  6. it's sick but undamaged? what are you referring to Fran? Are you referring to the Uranium content? A lot of that happens when ppl leave it in the conditions of the room they are in. Or over washing, h...
  7. gosh.........................what can I say....
  8. thank you Mike...gosh there are so many items up ths weekend.....
  9. Thank you Ian......I hope you can find it in your heart to post a LOVE for the item :)
  10. Alan, I've been unwell and in hospital. When I got out I had some many emails and other messages... What date did you write? I will go and double check. I am so sorry....The truth be known I have a...
  11. noooooo wonderful Marty, youve got that havent you? Could you kindly send me the illustration...And whilst I know mine isnt worth anything around you $10,000 jobey! I'll send you an ema...
  12. Peggy they are a little different over there in their's the cold and where Ian is he has to contend with the salt as well!! No Ian, you'll have to explain yourself a little as we are a ...
  13. hi Sklo I'm unsure about being a pre cursor yo Epergne...I'll have to think about that a bit.... I don't know if I will post mine as it is a gift and the gift giver might appreciate the privacy th...
  14. oh my word, look at how many you have the worlds total production....Id love to see some pictures of your place, Ive seen them at glimpses but jeez!!!
  15. i love this piece
  16. adore this
  17. I think your others were Davidson. Not too sure if the did hobnail or hobnob... There's quite a bit of Davidson cateloging around, so don't be afraid to look them up. Your colour is called Citrine.....
  18. nope it doesnt from memory... it's not the same item, otherwise it would be yours but it's not because the one in the picture is mine! enjoy, they are lovely, there are a few in the series they did....
  19. these are beautiful, youres are lovely..... I was given one recently as a gift from a lovely friend who I admire and respect. A great shock to receive so I can tell you.... I will hold it near and de...
  20. lol, that last paragraph sums it up....and Experts usually have a lot in heir own collection, not just a bunch of photos from books or the internet... Great the cranberry and amber glass...
  21. goodness me....what a beautiful collection of these
  22. divine unusual shape and clever as it has it's inbuilt frog!
  23. lovely indeed...the colours are beautiful and the group looks divine
  24. just adorable and loads of interesting information
  25. copper is coming back in vogue, similar to rose gold too, very swish. Copper is also very expensive. Love this bracelet...
  26. one on the left looks like Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia....
  27. well done AnnaB. Research is the only way we learn. It stays in the brain longer rather than someone telling you. And it's so rewarding..... Hope to see more of your items. I used to get a bit snif...
  28. Thank you Martika, that is most kind of you... Anne
  29. thanks Martika, so do you...I have hundreds possibly thousands not listed anymore now put up just these.
  30. no one would put an opal in this metal......period....and yes I do like to be acknowledged if I called something and the next person wrote exactly the same...but none of this is helping AnnAb. I'm tal...
  31. thank you martika
  32. thanks Kevin and Virginia.vintage!!!!
  33. I am still fighting. Scans again tomorrow, Bone and Full Body. I've been on chemo since March. Need to come off it for a bit as the cancer has cloned and broken through the treatment regime which is a...
  34. Thank you Sean. As usual you only have lovely things to say about peoples items... I hope you are well.....?
  35. Just going to tidy this post up as it's become not what it was intended to be. It was intended to be a post about a lovely vase. So many people have walked away from this page because they find it bit...
  36. its arrived and its so beautiful...I'll post some more photos soon....... so happy
  37. isnt that what I just said??
  38. what are you trying to find out?.......what more do you need to know? It's a Coro Braclet, costume....
  39. it's a little more complex than just this Martika. Experienced collectors know...there are just a lot of things we do to ensure it doesnt happeb. Provenance is a big one, buying from dealers you know ...
  40. yes well this aint and thanks for your input.... yes there are, the clues are a good eye and lots of experience.. I'm really glad you raised this point Martika as it's a huge problem. Usually the C...
  41. Hi Alan Could you kindly email me
  42. coro usually imprinted their name and it doest seem to be there. Also the metal appears to be quite thin, almost tin like. Its mid to late century as you can tell by the clasp and the opal whilst a st...
  43. fixed the cropped photos
  44. Scott do you know much about the different types of vases that were produced by this maker in this style? Do you own any or buy of sell any? Do you know about the range of prices they attract. There a...
  45. I wish I collected Japanese glass and new where to get it from :) just beautiful
  46. wow...I learn so much every day.....
  47. Lovely pinks
  48. Thanks to MyFavoriteTreasures,Aura,Mikelv85, Kevin :)
  49. and thank you everyone for the loves and kyratango, Karen, Elisabethan and Sean for the kind words :)
  50. thanks heaps ppl...i'll be watching for the postie. Aside from the moonglows themselves I love the setting too. It's just so pretty with the centrepiece but the way the stones have an extra layer arou...
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