A fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton SlateA fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


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Red Tango Bowl with lid - Art Glassin Art Glass
Orange Frank Welz basket- where are the experts?? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green Spatter pair - Art Glassin Art Glass
Gorgeous Dresden or British Comport Set - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Water Lily or Lily Pond or Crocus or Lotus Bowl Vase by Clarice Cliff - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Star Brooch Costume Paste and Green glass - Missing - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Loetz sweet dish with lid - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pink Glass Bohemian brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Loetz? Dressing Table Jar? or Sweet Bowl? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pink vase with applied glass ribbon and mica flecks - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. great colour and decor !
  2. yes, Ian and as I say to all you boys in here, remembering that I have an "e" on the end of Anne goes a long
  3. reposted from Ian Brightons post Anne's advice when asked how do I know what I am collecting is right... you need a Tango buddy. I have several. And you tend to gravitate to the good ones. I am ...
  4. ive just posted in Ian Brightons Tango post some suggestions for you...
  5. you need a Tango buddy. I have several. And you tend to gravitate to the good ones. I am fortunate. I was looking, he found me...then I started to read, read and read again and if you can afford it bu...
  6. beautiful, i too have lovely friends like you, who love giving lovely gifts....some not too far away from this post.... :) how why not follow Scandinavian..I only collect the well kno...
  7. thanks Karen,it always amazes me what periods of time were reflected from many years past but are consiered stolen from the future. I suppose it's silmilar to say the last 10 years. Started out as cla...
  8. And thank you to all my friends for the "loves" ozmarty VioletOrange mikelv85 SEAN68 glassiegirl Manikin IanBrighton sklo42 EZa vetraio50
  9. but you are so kind to have pointed out an available Australian collectable that we so rarely are a lovely collector friend...I thank you from my heart :)
  10. Thank you Ian and Sean.... Yes Ian, seems you were too clever... Sean you are so right, the colours are amazing and match my Tango collection exactly... :)
  12. Melanie and Karen, racer4four, the range is known as the Tempera range, the is Tempera Centrepiece dish and designed by Anna Ehrner.
  13. I have this too with the matching bowl and its divine..see, we have more in common!! lol
  14. the opalescent one with diamond pastes is beautiful...adorable...and I love the last grouping..
  15. ive been wearing 2 at the same time to get around the
  16. lovely mainly 50-60s? that hand is creepy...reminds me of the "thing" on the Munsters or Adams Family, can't rememer which... :)
  17. oh that story of collecting the pg tips reminds me of the Lanchoo Tea. We collected the ends of their ackets, white and green and my sister drove us in to the "city" and we selected a kitchen or dinin...
  18. thanks Marty...have a few more, just building bit by bit...good news won that red tango jar/sweet bowl with let and the applied flower, thanks fot the headsup, it went for $15 lol
  19. unusual. he didnt live long. what year would you say. 50's?nvery nice. i watcch a lot of hungarian makers, potters mainly..herenc is my fav, zsolnay of course, youve done well as usual
  20. this is beautiful
  21. im with nuts, the Tiffany and Co glass has Art Nouveau stamped all over it so 1890's maybe...if it's not a copy it will be worth quite a bit....a beautiful family piece which I implore you to keep in ...
  22. mike these are just adorable. I so wish these were mine :)
  23. thank you Sean
  24. sorry, Racer4four is her name,
  25. might be Japanese... Racer4racer might know,,, Very pretty...
  26. just beautiful warren
  27. Thanks Melanie...I think you have a great collection too...
  28. lovely colours...
  29. its very nice no matter what it is...
  30. are thry still holding their own Fran/??/
  31. hehe I know....
  32. lol...beautiful Alfredo...
  33. cry, sob,cry............
  34. oz marty?? dont you like Clarice Cliff??
  35. just added a new pic of where she now sits in my loungeroom next to my favourite lamp
  36. wow and the publication-awesome
  37. An after thought, if I am wrong then I apologise. I'm a rather different collector than some of the Collectors you get. If proven I always bow to those with good evidence...' Cheers Anne
  38. Great find Kevin but no cigar I'm my's an amazing fake but they did so many back then and the faker says 1890...even that he/she got wrong....if it were Minton ok first...
  39. Alan they dont photograph well and almost impossible to see with the naked eye. I find feeling them the best way...:) Great post again Dave and beautiful vase.... Anne
  40. well done just do your thing....
  41. antiquerose these are two items not one. Two comports with varying base sizes....
  42. We don't think so Kev as Coalport tended to do the deeper blues... and not much reticulated work....
  43. love it, again youre adding to your basket collection...
  44. absolutely gorgeous
  45. these are two pieces Sean... I'll take some more pics to include base on the weekend... :)
  46. these are gorgeous
  47. you missed saying hi to me! Only joking... Lovely big Murano....
  48. you know where to find me if you have no more room !!!!!! Its all stunning!!
  49. oh my grandson would adore this. I recently introduced him to Thunderbirds. And I was trying to explain Zeppelins to him.. How lovely and well made too ......
  50. I have a lot on display as I can't put them in boxes, they won't be able to breath. And yes I can't makes me physically sad..I'm going to try it again soon with one of my FaceBook groups...
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