A experienced pottery, porcelain and glass collector whose main interests are porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a colleA experienced pottery, porcelain and glass collector whose main interests are porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


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Blue Tango Bowl / Vase circa 1920's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green jug with Silver Metal handle and spout - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Gorgeous metal brooch with Czech glass "stones" - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
French-Haviland-Limoges-Porcelain-Plate-Tourquoise-Blue-Gold-Peacocks-1889-1931     French-Havil - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Most likely Kralik. Beautiful colours coupled with the cobalt blue glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green Tango vase with cobal blue - Made in Czecoslovakia - Art Glassin Art Glass
Att: Ian Brighton - mottled orange for you but in Wedgwood porcelain - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Star Brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Diamente brooch and a naughty cat! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Nutsabotas6 - my blue glass brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. thanks Lisa, yes the green pops right out at you!
  2. thank you sklo42 since putting it up with my other items it's just like it's at ome...the blues are ideal
  3. thank you's a stunner, wore it out for the first time this week and love it....
  4. What I mean't Fran, the plinth I'm using is very wide so I need one mentioned around 3 inches wide...
  5. Hi Fran, I'm glad you like my gorgeous plinth. I've put it on one of my rim plinths but it's very wide. I think I need a 3 inch wide but a high one if they make such a one. Cheers Anne
  6. Have you heard from David? What an amazing piece....
  7. sklo42 yes, I will get a plinth now I think, I need more, usually like to pick up job lots.....anyone selling plinths atm.....oops, not allowed.... :)
  8. thank you Karen, the metal work is the making of this jug. What also does it, is the green and the striking in white... I love it...I'll have to post the other item they got me...I chose, they paid......
  9. bit small antiquerose but yes, that is the design intent. However you would hardly become intoxicated from drinking one jugs worth..... thanks for the interest :)
  10. beautiful, just stunning!!
  11. I'm glad you wrote this...I nearly fell out of bed when I saw the price.....and don't you think that one looks a bit "twee"? It reminded me of old Americana type ware..... For some reason I didnt li...
  12. sorry about typos, its in the middle of the night snd I wrote it before checking..... xxxx reposted here..... it looks Japanese. Thank goodness the previous owners left the sticker on. I just d...
  13. it looks Japanese. Thank goodness the previous owners left the sticker on. I just don't get how some ppl "throw" these items out. They must be mainly estate donations from uncaring or just merely by ...
  14. im sorry Ian, I forget to mention the rondel. And they really only show up through photography. it gets missed, so often. Surely these are clues somewhere??? But you see because it's just a basket the...
  15. its a stunner! the claret colour just divine....
  16. god forbid...wash your mouth out now and say 4 hail marys! I would have thought with my serious hat now that there is every chance, as the artist selects the vase and not vice versa, so the choice is...
  17. snap! I have one of these....Can't even remember from where. There are quite a few of these around in this decor but with different shapes. Yours is the pure 6 sided flower.....Some have the small str...
  18. Lovely photos. Great display who evers it is lol Flick the yellow my way if you don't want it. And surely thats a pumpkin with a machetti smashing it....hey I'm on drugs that allow me to think like...
  19. unfortunately nothing will make my next home a "better home". I'm in a way being forced to because my husband wishes to return to the UK. I can't bring myself to say anything else. However who kno...
  20. I forgot to mention, this ended up being a Mothers Day present ! Thank you Anthony and Merissa and families :) xxxx
  21. arty =rusé??
  22. more? have you robbed a glass museum?? how adoreable.... :)
  23. I just love these. I'm getting a cup of tea after a very long day at work and going to read it all properly. I've just acquired a similar piece from a good friend here :)
  24. wish I were yhere to assist. Will you take photos for us Mike? Lovely vase. There was one up on ebay similar last week. I was tempted bar the white..... :) Anne
  25. beautiful
  26. valentino97, When I can locate a measuring implement I may. You probably aren't aware as you may not read some of my posts but we are packing up for a minimalist look as we are about to list the h...
  27. No Alan, don't go getting all arty on me!
  28. thank you Trey
  29. The brooch might be similar however the back isnt. See on that first picture, it hasnt got that flat panel? Thank you for sending. Is that your website? It has some lovely things. I think it will be...
  30. lol.....oh dear, the beat goes on....just cannot be helped... Lisa, just outstanding. You must be so proud .... :)
  31. Peasejean55, do you have any examples to compare?
  32. no valentino97, thanks for your interest buy if you look at the height. it's quite thin in that dimension and wouldn't hold a sash belt. The clasp I believe is not correct for tha suggestion. Thank y...
  33. Thanks ladies. Yes it's huge. It approx 5 inches at the centre of its width. It has 24 small stones and 1 large Amerthyst :) I love it :) :) ;)
  34. that colour is amazing, thanks for the research...another darn glass maker added to my list!
  35. yes we came up against each other on these... :)
  36. just lovely....what a beautiful applied to add to your collection....
  37. how unusual....beautiful colours
  38. stunning, loves these
  39. what really worries me is you had the gold lego stand on hand...what are you like....?
  40. Quite a harsh name for such a pretty piece. I would have called it Jayne or Patricia maybe? They do some nice work but their recent work when they moved some of the work overseas has left a lot of pp...
  41. how old and do they engrave David?
  42. how delightful Betty. A true collectable.... I love Citrines.... I'm about to pass one on to my grandson Harrison to for him to give to a son or daughter....
  43. do I get a prize Karen?
  45. love those jars......
  46. totally irrelevant as I had bought the item....
  47. The seller of this vase got extremely rude when I offered on another item. And then complained about the postage of this item being 5 cents more than she charged. Then she said I was trying to get a ...
  48. the green dots on red def 1950's. And that box....typical Japanese
  49. buy iy's Japanese you It's a stunner...the colours are amazing
  50. the saga continues!!!
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