A fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton SlateA fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


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Costume brooches and Opal ring - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
He is not the style of or murano? It's Snowflake and he is gorgeous!!! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Yellow Tango basket - non thorn handle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Weiss  Green Glass - -unmarked - mid last century - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Czech Brooch Glass Cabochon Nouveau  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Which way is up? Nouveau tile.... - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Australian Opal ring in 18 carat gold.. .....13 gorgeous Australian Opals - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Costume brooches  - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Italian Art Nouveau 1890-1905 Citrine stone brooch - huge size stone with enamel grapes in purple and green - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
For Sklo42 a selection of baskets!! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. well they have a tango look for sure. and looks like clear glass casing hard to tell, cant see inside vever seen that lid before could be 30s but thats based on the lid which is a bad thing to do ...
  2. just added the arrival photos...enjoy
  3. thank you are the new shots as they arrived
  4. haha...vase is a beauty!
  5. is this the guy who lives north of London? I think I researched this for Fran as she has one tgat I'm waiting to buy from her :) The work if it's the same guy is awesome...
  6. stunning as usual, a great find? All silver metal and costume pearls? It's funny as a small time collector how real these things look and we can easily be convinced that the are.
  7. just found this, what a beauty
  8. GORGEOUS Marty and a lovely way to celebrate Anzac Day
  9. beautiful. very POOLE pottery
  10. wow Sean, these are stunners
  11. never been found guilty of that one as I don't sell......watcha reckon nuts? hmm?????????????
  12. I've added new photos and the description thank you to the wonderful Karen who we all love!!
  13. thanks Sean, you are too kind!
  14. everyone's gone silent!
  15. hi Lise, I see you are quite the Murano collector. I only have one or two items because Australia was flooded in the 1950's60's70's with many many Murano vases. However recently I visited with a coll...
  16. thank you Lise. Yours is lovely too. They all are very individual too
  17. yours is lovely too
  18. the amethyst colour is adorable........
  19. welcome back, been ages!
  20. this looks like an Australian Rosella and therefore belongs on Australian soil...and as the first Australian in here I bare claim on behalf of my fellow country women whom I'm sure will arrive soon, I...
  21. Your first post in 3 months and it's a beauty. Thank you so much for sharing, really appreciate seeing it and you sharing...thanks Marty ...
  22. how beautiful...
  23. It's gorgeous. PLS let me know if it needs a new home...! I've just bought another Weiss piece which looks to be a Green strawberry. Thank you for posting :)
  24. Firstly, thank you for All the loves ppl, I thank you. Valentino 97 I think the shape is definitely close but I can't find the green stone brooch called this unfortunately. I will keep on looking i...
  25. Thank you Karen. Thank you for the info. Although I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has seen this style around and wondered. I can see a few bits and pieces around the place. I might get a few of ...
  26. Thank you for the loves Nuts Argh Marty Kev Karen Glass love
  27. Thanks nuts. Yes it's got a lot going on with that one, the raised and turned in claw like tentacles and the glass it most likely is, so much colour all over, it's been faceted brilliantly to pick up ...
  28. gorgeous, as ever you have great taste...
  29. that is stunning, so nice to see so much costume, real, nouveau, 20's decor, 50,60,70s and just a;; types of jewellery being posted atm. it is my other love and I'm enjoying collecting it atm..
  30. its divine. I love this type of work, in particular the nouveau style and era...
  31. beautiful...just what I love...
  32. fabulous
  33. Do Awaji do glass? Its very colourful and makes you happy... :)
  34. thanks Fran, I am so hoping someone can help me with it...I've seen this pattern at someones house that isnt alive now and with that goes the heritage of the vase. If I were a guessing woman I'd say ...
  35. its divine, oh I love it...youre so lucky to have it, both Ian and I have similar decors with that flower cutting...lovely lovely lovely :)
  36. ianbrighton look familiar???
  37. bloody hell, thats early....! she might not be the prettiest girl in the cabinet but she sure as hell is almost the oldest!!!
  38. are you sure you still like this? im yhinking of a foreign exchange programme, like they do foechildren, where you get it for 12 months and then send it back...but mines a little different, I wont be ...
  39. lol...I keep seeing it and wanting it....
  40. I assume that stunning label...btw I wish the Danes would stop using crowns in the logos, it's very frustrating and throws us Brits way
  41. Oh silly me, you had the maker and I was completely wrong, who came up with this?
  42. Could it be earlier? 1889 onward. It just looks and feels nouveau. Most of my true Nouveau period vases have this shape religiously; so don't just assume it's as late. I might be incorrect. I was surp...
  43. More than likely karen would have recognised that decor had we seen it as being "yours". Penny, Karen and I had seen it last year and decided not to bid. Even though it was a huge lot of 18 or somethi...
  44. yay it looks awesome, you must be pleased....... where will you put it all.... have you moved yet?
  45. yup so nouveau!! Thanks Karen.... and thank you to everyone for the loves Manikin Karen ArghMelanie Mike and Kevin :)
  46. Well done Kevin as there is a lot going on there to compete with, a few spatter baskets, a large yellow planter box as I call it, a 3 handled spatter vase, another spatter vase and a yellow vase as we...
  47. why thanks fancigirl...It's my fav vase of the month...
  48. I think its it 40 -50's? or late deco?
  49. i just re read my post, I hope you didnt think me being too critical. I think yours is a great fine and one of the nicest examples as it is in a beautiful blue. And the style has terrific definition. ...
  50. its a lovely vase in pottery. Not my country of collection though for pottery. Think they are pushing it though calling it lustre, that glaze is hardly shinning bright!! But in those days they got exc...
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