A fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton SlateA fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


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  1. What a gorgeous set. I've been sharing my collecting with my grandson. He comments on various items I buy, noting the colour, shape and style, not bad for a four year's interesting what they ...
  2. Fantastic colour...good to see you, happy hew year
  3. Gorgeous Kev, would go nice in my pinks cxx
  4. It's gorgeous. I did a close up view and realised its a bird, how lovely... Anne xx happy New Year xxx
  5. These are actually two bowls Fran. The first two photos show the Kingfisher bowl and the last two show the small more plain bowl. However if you look at photo 3 the detail on the outside of the bowl i...
  6. Lovely Marty Would it be a commemorative piece like all the Nelson ware set out to confuse us!?
  7. Lovely item Mike. Obviously I've read the detail and was shocked to see Karens words. But because my mind is a bit rank, I don't recall seeing her state on her accident. I'm sorry to hear and hope s...
  8. PS - If anyone is confused they call the item in Moorcroft terms a plaque. It is not a gift card like some others appear. These are proper tiles made from the same pottery and the pattern is the same ...
  9. iys lovely..youve inspired me to put mine up, will do now...but mine is Australian...
  10. Thank you lundy and Racer Yes a little bit of Wedgwood Cornicopia dinner service and Royal Doulton glassware. A present from my husbands grandfather celebrating or marriage in 2004. We actually dro...
  11. what a beautiful creation...I hope you enjoyed your Christmas...
  12. Beautiful item As soon as I saw the base and rim I knew this was Davidson. Probably my first serious glass purchase was a few Davidson salt and jugs in the citrine and blue. We have quite a few items...
  13. thank you kev, you are a sweatheart and same to you. My health is pretty rotten. But when I look at all these pretty thngs and cuddle my grandchildren, then life is good :) Hope you have a great N...
  14. what a beautiful purchase...merry christmas and may Buddha grant you peace in this life and hopefully a good animal in the next...I'm hoping for a pretty dunk island blue butterfly... :)
  15. Fabulous..yes from time I too have been on the receipt of unexpected gifts and it's the most glorious feeling but even better to deliver :)
  16. Lovely, the detail and texture is beautiful
  17. surely Davidson??? lovely
  18. its gorgeous. I think glass in general has dropped interest. But some ppl have no idea what they are throwing out...
  19. But like Ai say, texture is hard to see on some photos, I'm sorry for any confusion...
  20. It's really hard to tell from photos...but the glass texture certainly looks that of cameo for mine..which from memory is the term used for the texture rather than the design...something to do with th...
  21. What fantastic art nouveau colours in a great typical art nouveau design..only thing that puts me off is the whiter than white base..typical of a recent item, possibly 1990s...but a lovely item from s...
  22. Lovely Item, I've started to buy jewellery to leave for my daughter, I don't have a great budget but finding beauties like this is my dream.. I found a similar one, the opal I mean, set with a gorgeou...
  23. What an amazing piece. What a find. And everyone who has said you look at it and see different things or you just feel you keep on having to look at it, these are too ppl who appreciate what glass is ...
  24. Very sweet've bought heaps this week...
  25. Hi Fran, hope you're well..I see and have bought many posy vases from the UK, they seemed to be really popular and a lot were exported there from the Bohemian territories....I have a red one which is ...
  26. Lovely item Fran
  27. You have the best music box maker in the world there, Reuge from Switzerland. I have many boxes and they are the best. They are still in production today. Sadly the box itself isnt too rare but cheri...
  28. Oh Fran, that one is gorgeous...yes, I owe you an email. Been pretty bad, will write on weekend or try to ring you again :) xx
  29. it is beautiful Ian. What's different to Bohemian Tango as you know is the glazing and the base. This looks like cameo glass if I were a betting man... Cameo glass has so many counterfeit and fraud...
  30. wow wow wow.....any excess? lol..beautiful Tom just glorious...
  31. you lucky duck! Gorgeous...I know you have space issues at the moment so I wil pop over after Ive cleaned out Karens place to protect her goodies from trees!
  32. Great stuff, yes Sally's gear is well collected by those who collect the "new" moorcroft...the prices will. Ever reach the heady heights of the Edwardian and 1930s pieces but they are outstanding. Thi...
  33. In the words of Sean "stunning"
  34. Hi Fran, great to see your comment, I'm just about to read your email...hope you're good..
  35. Beautiful
  36. Beautiful
  37. Thank you Tom, you are truly a wonderful collector friend..:) I just love my gorgeous pieces..
  38. how gorgeous...what an unusual shape..the inside looks like it has haemeroids!! beautiful, well obtained..
  39. lovely item...colour is lovely
  40. Is it a jog sklo or a vase? I would have said loetz but they usually pop in the amethyst on rim on this style of item.
  41. thank you for the LOVES ARGH Fort Kevin Walks Sean Penny Karen sklo Mike jewels Blunder Maniquin Violet Orange I love you all back...
  42. Thanks sklo, they do lift me..I work next to them each day. When I sit down on my couches it's very hard not to look at them all day long..sometimes I find it hard to put in to words how they make me ...
  43. lol thanks Sean..
  44. thank you Shaun!!
  45. how lovely
  46. hope youre ok Ken!
  47. It looks fabulous every evocative of its time. :)
  48. Wow, just beautiful
  49. Btw, these are gorgeous
  50. I'm still amazed at the quality of glass from Taiwan. Interestingly I'm off to our big antique fair Sunday and my daughter said Dan you get mea bigger version of Karen's glass vases pls? So she lives...
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