A experienced pottery, porcelain and glass collector whose main interests are porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a colleA experienced pottery, porcelain and glass collector whose main interests are porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


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Found another Czech Glass brooch - A star in a star! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Who made Oxblood and who made Adventurine - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ian Brighton request - Czechoslovakian Tango pot marks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Czechoslovakian Tango pot orange with Applied flower and branch - Art Decoin Art Deco
Another Mothers Day present- Trudy's spatter vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Blue Tango Bowl / Vase circa 1920's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Green jug with Silver Metal handle and spout - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Gorgeous metal brooch with Czech glass "stones" - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
French-Haviland-Limoges-Porcelain-Plate-Tourquoise-Blue-Gold-Peacocks-1889-1931     French-Havil - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Most likely Kralik. Beautiful colours coupled with the cobalt blue glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. I love this Karen, it's divine..... Thanks Nevada Blades - I love the pink one too.... Ive got some new ones I'll pop in next, the pink ones are divine that I got..... Thank is Thomas...
  2. wow this is an amazing Coventry brooch and in my fav colours. Thank you for sharing. The green "stone" coupled with diamente. xxx
  3. nice to be able to see inside the dust sheets! lovely
  4. I keep forgetting to say this but as I post it goes without stating but what the hell, my vases, my photos, my IP. Please don't use my items in posts or any other publications anywhere without my prio...
  5. yes thanks Scott
  6. So unusual. Just an amazing find....
  7. try googling your label.
  8. oh dear....I nodded off...antiquerose how are you? Well, I hope....I see the same old argument is up again. Welz would have made so much money as they had their hands in every darn shape and decor kno...
  9. Didn't Kralik make their own versions Mac Art?
  10. send it to Alan!!!
  11. thanks heaps Karen. Its not the neatest display as I pulled it out of the pinks cabinet to work out where to put it....... :)
  12. thank you kyra
  13. Thanks Melanie. Probably one of my heroes of glass collecting. I have this one, a low long coffee table and a fabulous hallway table that host about 8 Italian vases at the front of my house. I'm glad ...
  14. this is a fantastic display of Tango...well done in great collecting....
  15. Alan glad to see you back. I too was away a bit last week in hospital with what has turned out to be a shocking Broncitis, I am terminally ill with cancer. I wish I had a choice like you.... :)
  16. Blood, sweat and tears do cause the serious collector to chase that is of our desire. And sometimes when it arrives we feel flat as the thrill of the chase is gone. We make some decisions that at the...
  17. divine. I'm not convinced it's a factory piece but there is no doubt that it is from a great artist. The colours used to create the texture are're not the only one who has issues with s...
  18. is it Bakerlite?
  19. lol@karen It would look nice with my Tango collection...
  20. the shelves are so deep now, there has to be at least 200 tango items. We've packed up some whilst the house is on the market....
  21. It just has to have been struck before the war. Put aside. Surely. And does the design form and colour scream Clarice Cliff?
  22. You have some amazing pieces. I'm trying yup now collect obscure items. But so is everyone else ;)
  23. Thanks for the link. Yes I remember seeing this post and thought the same think. The problem is, even though these sellers have no idea what they are selling, the place what I call the stupid pretty t...
  24. Hi Ivone. It's a beautiful piece. Can you please look at my glass jug. It's green with thread in white. Spout is probably Sterling Silver although might be another alloy. I'm just wondering if it sits...
  25. I'm more and more thinking that my green jig is buy Kralik although I'm confused by the addition of the silver spout. But I guess a jug needed one. More so confused as it was mainly the British who dr...
  26. Don't think the Eastern European block would have been thinking of a British award, more likely closer to the Maltese Cross! But I see what you mean. What close ones do you and Peggy have Ian? I'm a...
  27. I'll try and get the square one off the red one as the orange one is so faded. Interestingly there is another round one that just says Chechoslovakia. I'll get the exact spelling yoo. On my way to my ...
  28. thank you Karenxx
  29. oh dear, my fingers aren't working well.....Leah, what did you mean by finding a set? I doubt these two colours constitute a "set". Or do you mean the red one having its lid....I've seen many bases bu...
  30. Thanks glassiegirl. I don'y really won't to try for a frog. 1) It's not the correct object ) It would be hard to find a small one for this pot. 3) They tend to grind and chip the rims. I'm just ...
  31. lovely...I've got one of there's in pinks and crimsons coming my way the makers mark on the back and what type of clasp has it? One with that dial style where you push the pin around and it...
  32. well done Dave. You just have a knack at picking the winners...happy picking for the rest of the season. Speak soon ... :)
  33. Wht could they not have seen the Grecian influence? I suppose I'm being unfair as a Wedgwood collector I can see the influence very easily. The shape, the form. And is the bubble type ware caused ...
  34. thanks Valentino for bringing this one to life again. I was so proud of this rather impromptu photo of my reds collection. I've added another 5 or 6 reds/oranges since this one and have another two la...
  35. i love it..........
  36. would you be able to take a photo against a darker background please? It's really hard to see the outline and the definition of the beads with white on white.... :)
  37. Thanks NB, I'm being very cautious of late. No one wants to be in hospital on Mothers Day....
  38. Karen, you could say a bumpy ride lately...these breathing incidents are annoying...yes the children wanted to chip in for my latest purchases so who am I to argue... :)
  39. Thomas can't take credit for the "awesomely" displayed. These are my sellers photos of which I used because I'm being she's a nice lady so she won't mind. Last time I did this some shr...
  40. Poschinger????
  41. you Americans are a little out there and you reckon us Aussies are!!!
  42. I'm still going Loetz as an expert has stated
  43. What a great item.....the butterfly is such a symbol of the art decor and nouveau period. The detail on this one is lovely. The shaping and design of the piece are lovely .
  44. Anyone got this lid in Orange?? The one displayed is my red one. I've just bought the base in Orange ...... Now in search of the lid ;) I know it's a long shot but it was something Alfredo said that...
  45. Beautiful Ian...
  46. That's meant to say well done for finding it but the predictive text decided other :)
  47. I knew it would be yours before I clicked on it. This is one of those vases that pull a collection togethet. It certainly "goes" with my Adventurine work. Well done you for fun thing it.
  48. Yes knowing the friend who sent it as a gift, the beauty is evident and most likely Loetz. I'm not interested in its value which is why I posted it in here as its a keeper as they say. I'm interested ...
  49. Lovely!
  50. At first hlance I thought it was a Scottish brooch. I've seen and own a bit of Ann Williams work but couldn't say that this def was or wasn't Scottish.... It's a stunning piece and you should cherish ...
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