A fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton SlateA fairly new member who collects various items of porcelain, stoneware and glass...currently in love with Tango glass....and have a collection of Royal Doulton Slater patent vases post 1886-1911 (Read more)


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  1. I knew Sean would like this..I would have thought it was 1950's...
  2. Absolutely stunning. Look at the flower work on the rim..gorgeous. The Asian glass really surprises me..
  3. Watch out Karen, green finger Fran has her eye on's lovely. I'm not overly big on chunky glass which is why I'm selective on many Murano styles but usually the colour attracts me first. ...
  4. post 1960 if it's marked, thats when they started Fran..lovely item..
  5. beautiful item and Walther and Sohme are terrific german makers. We have a lot of their colored glass...lovely find..
  6. lovely item Fran..youve got a real knack of finding the unusual..
  7. gorgeous
  8. lol@karen....I hope you mean a clean
  9. we bought this and a watch for my Fathers 70th birthday. He loved mums flowers and would often float 3 or 4 red camelia's in water....such lovely memories. I often see them on ebay in the varying siz...
  10. very unusual...glad you got it after so long..
  11. gorgeous, well done Penny
  12. An amazing story Kev, thanks for sharing and my favourite two books, Victor Hugos' Les Mis. I worked on these shows in Australia and when I moved to London took my husband to go seeon the West End...m...
  13. gosh at first glance I thought it was snow white and the seven dwarfs?
  14. $3...thats awesome...well mine wasnt much dearer but I think they are worth more..not so much worried about the value. Ive got it sitting with my Loetz (?) yellow bowl/vase, the wider shaped tango on...
  15. stunning, I think I have one by the same maker in your vases..the men in here have very good eyes for the unusual...and simple gorgeous.... forgive me, I hear the term prunts a...
  16. And this one really is a beauty
  17. Hey Fran, this is the one I said in my email had blues and greens and it's a stunner
  18. let me know if you need any Hungarian info, although google translate solves most issues...these are stunning. at first I thought they were campaign ware with what looked like a shells of a smaller a...
  19. certainly looks like a marble of some type as its been polished...not too sure if it's jade though, more an Italian marble or that thing I have an egg in and can never remember the name...grrrr...oh.....
  20. way, how did you lift it Fran?It would have broken your scales...maybe 7 kilos? or 70 grams? you Brits have no idea when it comes to need us Aussies to sort
  21. lol yes Kerry is a man but with these names its hard to tell...
  22. 1980's or is it an old one...I have no idea about Asian art, at all.... how on earth did you get all this lot home? You must have a big car...I assume you didnt carry it around all day with you with ...
  23. oh jeez, is bbus a thought it was a that is funny...
  24. totally different from other Ikora I've seen.. What age is it?
  25. gorgeous
  26. I think Ive been here. I went to Diss to meet a client and he took me to an outstanding pub restuarant. 5 star around the cnr from the cathedral and I think we walked down this street/lane...lovely t...
  27. Beautiful gut says Kralik...
  28. They are lovely..
  29. Elm hill scroll down in this one too...
  30. Scroll down a few and you'll see an artist Pat speaking about a painting of the street scene and she talks about what's changed on the yellow bu...
  31. Wow,it must be well known then if you've got two completely different sources for it... Try googling the name of the painting and see what you come up with...
  32. Lovely collection of kitties... Yes the white chap is def Chinese, you seem him everywhere. In Chinese shops here and he is good luck... I know what you mean about children liking your things when...
  33. Happy 4th July to you Sean, although we don't celebrate it here. Maybe a chance for all Americans to be kind to each other in celebration of their big day.... I'm not too bad. This drug they say isn'...
  34. No idea but someone will....what. Lively little dog? Been down the Welsh mines I'd say Racer!
  35. It's lovely Fran...your are def a green idea who might have made it,. Could possibly a Studio piece? No idea...
  36. I love it and it looks French!!!
  37. Finally managed to get my Tango vases back in one place. Next month I think I might start looking for a cabinet online to hold these additional items. Can't see any of my Doulton, been relegated to Si...
  38. just popped in to update some of my photos...missing you all :(
  39. LOVELY...any orange, just gift to'd happily take loving good care of them..funny though, i've got a lot of yellow now. Probably half my Tango is now yellow...they just seem to have more v...
  40. If youre looking for another I think try Goodwins!
  41. stunning, gorgeous have a great eye for stand out pieces...
  42. these are great
  43. stunning
  44. gorgeous Penny
  45. you have free accommodation and use of my Merc if you do decide to come...It's only a baby one, so nothing to get too excited about... It's in Queensland, where this thing is from...I must admit th...
  46. Sean you are such a passionate collector, keep up the great work, I love seeing you post all your items and then come along and inform us of what you've found...don't let anyone else tell you otherwis...
  47. Surely these are the balloons from Doulton's famous Balloon seller?
  48. Magnificent...gorgeous, it has a real majolica look about it...
  49. she seems to have been mainly costume with stones and metal, hard to find but I only looked briefly...bakerlite? surelt that would be shiny...looks a little like wood. ...or maybe its papier mache?
  50. that is beautiful...what a fantastic comport and I wish it were mine..the photos are gorgeous....well done for posting and sharing with us....
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