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Newly procured yet not in hand. I could not wait to show off this beautiful piece by Barovier & Toso. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another addition to Czech collection. - Art Glassin Art Glass
My love for glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Your caption is rather ironic, for I thought of this title earlier thinking how clever of me and yet...(LOL) You collect the total opposite of what Jags and I's amazing the difference i...
  2. Definitely unique.
  3. Hey alfredo, I have a short green vase identical to the shape of yours, with red and more on the bottom of the vase. I love the tall red one you show here.
  4. Thanks for your comments, I'm pleased too, however, It is a heavy piece typical of Murano in weight and thickness, not what I normally collect. It does show nicely from top view though. Thanks all for...
  5. Will we ever see another vaseline bowl with the ruby fluted edge? I have the cranberry and the frosted cranberry (pink) but I am dying to get a hold of the vaseline one. Did this style of fluted (what...
  6. Jericho Sir: I could sure use your help and guidance in finding such BEAUTIFUL pieces as you and jags have shown; I rarely come across such pieces. If permissible, and in accordance with CW's ethical ...
  7. Beautiful jags...absolutely beautiful.
  8. Neat little piece jags. Love the design of no knob to the lid.
  9. I looked at Jericho's photo in #10 link and the compote matches closer with less blue which appears in the picture of the tall vase next to it, but definitely the same likeness. I get it, it does appe...
  10. That's totally hot.
  11. Thanks charcoal for the info. At first glance and from a distance, this taller vase you speak of closely matches my compote(?) and I thought, "wow that would be nice to add" however, when looking clos...
  12. You're welcome antiquerose. Sorry that your piece turned out to be unmarked; it's pretty just the same.
  13. Thanks charcoal, I look forward to the viewing.
  14. Yes charcoal, you are so right; now I see what you were pointing out. They're beautiful. My piece with the black rocketed feet would accent his pieces perfectly in a grouped setting, with just enough ...
  15. To the Toso Family and all readers "mea culpa" for the misspelling of the family name.
  16. I am so glad that this is your last piece for awhile. (LOL) I love seeing these beautiful pieces, however torturous it may be . I will be listing a new piece by Barovier & Stoso that I had purchase an...
  17. Dear charcoal, sorry that this took so long to get to you. I hope that this is what your request was. I did not quite see the comparison that you spoke of but perhaps the added picture may help.
  18. Agreed, welzebub, like jagsrock95 stated "...hitting the nail on the head." I do appreciate every piece I had purchased since the start, but like welzebub stated, about my taste evolving, I too think ...
  19. Dude, You're killing me with your collection. In comparison with my collection, you would think that I just started out...remember those days of getting your first few pieces, how grand they were and ...
  20. Now that's Czech! Absolutely beautiful...can't say anything more than that except, perhaps, I want to be a friend of Jericho too. (LOL)
  21. Terribly gorgeous; love the color. Where were those when I was looking...nice find.
  22. Beautiful, where do you find such it.
  23. Thanks everybody for the loves, including scott.
  24. Thanks Michelleb007 for the comment regarding the color in this piece. I too am attracted to the color and also the shape. As for as this piece being Kralik, you may be right and I will leave that jud...
  25. Thanks inky for the great comments.
  26. Beautiful set; I have never seen anything like that before. Congratulations; great find.
  27. I just purchased the frosted cranberry bowl as a replacement to the transparent cranberry bowl you show that had been cracked in storage. I was so mad and upset over that beautiful piece, but was glad...
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Loetz - shape comparison- lidded piece Kralik 3-Handle - Type 1 CZECH TANGO DESIGNER IDENTIFIED: FRANZ TOMSCHICKA Loetz -Ausfuhrung 157 Kralik?? Egg shaped footed Candy dish Franz Welz stripes and spots Welz or Kralik or what? Frank Welz BOHEMIAN Glass Czech- Marbled red pieces MONUMENTAL RUCKL CORAL SHIMMY VASE Kralik Purple Webbed? Iridescence vase... Czech Glass - Blue marbled pieces Kralik? swirled or marbled or Kaleidoscope Art Deco Lidded candy jar


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