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 Rare & Unusual Art Deco QUEBEC ART POTTERY TRAY - Potteryin Pottery
Need Help on SOLINGEN Germany Pocket Knife - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
Signed CORREIA Pulled Feather Vase- Simple Elegance - Art Glassin Art Glass
Non-Tan Satin SPATTER CZECH Glass Vase with Red Interior and Round Mark - Art Glassin Art Glass
UNIQUE ARTIST SIGNED SILVER PENDANT on Silver Chain - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Richards and Hartley or Adams & Co. or later U.S. Glass VASELINE GOBLET - Glasswarein Glassware
Any Ideas on this Crystal Ribbed Vase with Green Trailings - Art Glassin Art Glass
Military? or Postal? Leather and Brass Satchel -Possibly French - Bagsin Bags
LOETZ TITANIA Orangeopal Mit Grun VASE- Gre-2534 - Art Glassin Art Glass
MOSER Blue Opalescent "Lily of The Valley" Panelled Pitcher- It Glows - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thank you martika and Dragonflypearl for the comments and love and thank you Lise, kyratango, aura, ho2cultcha and Radegunder for the love. RER(BOB)
  2. Actually looks like the end of a banner post with the hole on the stem to screw into. RER
  3. Wondering if kiwipaul can provide more information on this opal ring re: description, origin, makeup. RER
  4. Google fjc French clock and you should find information on this clock retailer. Many people were looking this up so the info. is available on-line. RER
  5. Beautiful!!
  6. Unless there are markings that identify the maker, it will be quite impossible to know who made it. There are usually numbers or letters on the upper crown section. It is one of the most impressive ha...
  7. Nice enamelled artwork.....could there have been a stopper and would it have been a Vanity bottle more than a vase?
  8. Thank you mikelv85, artfoot, racer4four, kivatinitz, ho2cultcha, NevadaBlades and aura for the love. In Argentina, the ladies wear similar attire when riding horses on the pampas but they usually wear...
  9. It's not me, could be a relative but he's got that IDGAF look/attitude that I admire sometimes........thanks for the comments and love. Thank you also jscott0363, Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, blunderbuss2...
  10. "Did yah empty the chamber pot", my grandmother would ask me every morning. Yes, we did use these pots since we were poor and living outside of town. It was better than trudging to the outhouse at nig...
  11. Thank you bobbie for the love and comments and kyratango, racer4four and kivatinitz for the love. RER
  12. Thank you surfdub66, antiquerose, aura and bracken3 for the love. RER I'm still trying to find out more info. on this vase.
  13. Thank you OneGoodFind! There is one for sale on eBay right now but it is a squat version of this one. It was made at the same time as this one based on the information provided. BOB
  14. Thank you NevadaBlades! Will try your recommendation and will repost the results. Thank you for the love to you and vetraio50, jscott0363, officialfuel and TassieDevil for the love. Bob
  15. I looked up a lot of lantern globes for sale on eBay and elsewhere and there were similar as yours globes selling as RR globes. So Isuppose they were interchangeable. Bob
  16. Thank you Wyatt for your input and love and thank you blunderbuss2, fortapache and mikelv85 for the love. RER
  17. I know about celluloid since I play with ping pong balls and I use them regularly. Old vanity items like mirror cases, combs were made of Celluloid. I knew that it was a hazardous material because of ...
  18. Thank you LovelyPat, Rick55, kivatinitz and GlueChip for the love. RER
  19. Was that the original Globe that was in the lantern when he found it? I always thought that these ribbed globes were more commonly in Nautical lanterns. If so, it's unusual and quite special. RER
  20. Thank you MALKEY for your comments and thank you austrohungaro for the love. Bob
  21. Unusual colour......not often seen here in Canada. I like it a lot. RER
  22. Beautiful to see them both! Bob
  23. Thank you jscott0363 for the love and comments and thank you mikelv85 and melaniej for the love. Bob
  24. Thank you antiquerose, vetraio50, SEAN68, aura and swfinluv1 for the love. BOB
  25. Thank you beyemvey...yes, I went to have a look and they are great. Thank you and Efesgirl, sklo42, Ivonne and NevadaBlades for the love. BOB
  26. Looks like bronzed Spelter (white metal) . Very commonly used on these type of vase lamps. RER
  27. Thank you LauraH for the comments and love and thanks olebodie for the love. Bob
  28. These pottery lamps are being made today by pottery enthusiasts and local pottery companies. The hardware is available through catalogs today so you can't gauge the date from these parts. They are mad...
  29. Yep! I got the condition too!
  30. I had a look through the catalogues of new imported lamps and also had a better look at your lamp especially the collar which I thought was an eblings collar and it is quite possible that this is a la...
  31. Thank you GeodeJem and mcheconi for the love. Bob
  32. Thank you glasslove, aghcollect, ttomtucker, aura, PhilDMorris and Radegunder for the love. RER(BOB)
  33. Thank you!
  34. Thank you racer4four, newcombe67 and ho2cultcha for the love. RER
  35. Made late 1800's-early 1900's based on the collar and called Greek Key based on the design on the upper font. It is a common lamp in clear glass but not often seen in Amber coloured glass.
  36. It's a Bracket Lamp without the bracket that would attach to a wall or an insert font for a hanging lamp that is missing the frame. It dates from the late 1800's- early 1900's and is European....possi...
  37. Merci! J'apprecie ta gentillesse. Robert
  38. EZa, can you describe the Czechoslovakia mark....is it a round (circular) Mark or a linear..or a semi- circular Mark. I have a pink satin spatter vase with a red inner layer that has the long elongate...
  39. Thank you lee120275 and PostCardCollector for the love of her. Bob
  40. Hi Jericho! Thank you for the comments. What about the circular mark under-base ...is it a common Ruckl mark? Bob
  41. Thank you Rick55 and LovelyPat for the love. RER
  42. Thank you NevadaBlades and Michelleb007 for the love. RER
  43. Thank you Alfredo and Ivonne for the love. Bob
  44. Thank you vetraio50, racer4four, jscott0363, kivatinitz and sklo42 for the love. Bob
  45. Thank you blunderbuss2, Deltab, aura and mikelv85 for the love. RER(BOB)
  46. Here is the link to IanBrighton's similar vase uploaded here at CW 3 years ago. BOB http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/110414-id-request-satin-glass-vase--pressed-ma
  47. It's exactly 8" tall by 3 1/4" at the widest. Thanks for the comments and as I stated many times before, you can use my photos for your research. BOB
  48. Merci Alain pour ce beau commentaire et Bonne chance pour tes nouvelles trouvailles. Robert
  49. Thank you Vintagefran for the love. RER
  50. What a strange setup for this lamp. Are you sure that the font/clincher was always on this triple-stemmed holder/base.....the patination looks very similar even if one is copper and the other is brass...
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