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Left-Facing Boston Terrier Doorstop 9" by 10" Tall - Animalsin Animals
Old and New Opal Studded items - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Funky & Kiss-able 1960-70's MURANO Cased Glass Bowl with Aventurine - Art Glassin Art Glass
Info. Needed on Sterling Black Onyx Pendant-LAR.IN-925 - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Small  Classic  "Art Nouveau"  Pottery Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
WELZ  Unusual  Fire Red "Jardiniere" Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Golden SNOWFLAKE and Tim Hortons- Very Canadian EH!! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Barovier and Toso "Pulled Feather" Paperweight- 1950's Venetian Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
What Style would you call this Bracelet- Is it a Czech piece? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Colourful Couple MADE IN AUSTRIA Pottery Dish- Who Dunnit? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Thank you bratjdd, MacArt, justanovice, miKKoChristmas, aura and Deano for the loves. RER
  2. Hundreds of English and European pottery/porcelain companies for hundreds of years used the "Blue Willow" design on their transfer decorated wares. If you google blue willow, you will learn about this...
  3. Love the photos and love the information! Thanks welzebub!
  4. Colourful collection of Miniature lamps. The oldest is the green one on the right. Bob
  5. Nice lamps! I don't have access to my Thuro reference books but someone will be able to name them for you because they are all 3 in Thuro's "Oil lamps " The kerosene era in America volume1 . The first...
  6. I would clean it...it certainly looks dusty. Cleaning brass is a no no to serious collectors but personally I would clean this one. The frame will sparkle. RER
  7. The wiring and electrical parts (socket) should give you info on dating this Library lamp. It has a very nice frame and if the shade fits your decor then it's ok with this lamp. Frame looks like it's ...
  8. When photographing lamps, it is very important to see the collars that hold the burners. If it hasn't been replaced, it can offer a time period for your lamps. If the collars are recessed into the gla...
  9. I can't see the font very well but these "utilitarian" lamps were very inexpensive at the time. They were made in the early 1900's till the 1940-50's and used in barns, camps etc.. They hung on posts ...
  10. Nice lamp! It's not a North American lamp. Probably of English or Continental European origin. The information you need is on the Thumbwheel for the burner. The shade was not part of this lamp......it...
  11. They were used on the plastic gallon milk jugs and were used in the 1950's in Canada, possibly earlier in the states. RER
  12. I really don't think that the chimney or that tiny shade are right for that lamp. I would try to find a photo of the actual lamp when it was kerosene to "redo" it properly. It's a nice brass lamp by B...
  13. From the wall mounting hardware, it seems that there were also reflectors with these lamps. They would have intensified the light outward. RER
  14. Bonne et Heureuse Annee mon Ami et beaucoup d'aventures et de trouvailles en 2016. Robert Etienne Richard (RER)
  15. Thank you Manikin and Happy New Year.. Bob
  16. Thank you inky, Newtimes and valentino97 for the loves. RER
  17. Thank you racer4four, fernpig, inky and kivatinitz for the loves. Bob
  18. Very interesting! I'd show it to museum experts.RER
  19. Thank you aura, mikelv85, kerry10456, fortapache, blunderbuss2, officialfuel, Efesgirl, Nicefice and bobby725 for the loves. BOB
  20. For removing cream from milk or fat when cooking food and the fat goes to the surface. Probably many other uses but this is my humble opinion. BOB
  21. Looks like St. Christopher carrying Jesus on his back (you are holding the pin sideways). Although St. Christopher has been demoted/defrocked by the church, medals and pins are still plentiful because...
  22. Thanks jscotto363! I re-measured my Terrier and it is actually 10" tall exactly. It is also quite smooth and although it is not shown directly, the screw shown in photo 1. has never been opened/unscre...
  23. Thank you Nicefice and themuse for your loves. BOB
  24. Thank you Lee and may 2016 bring you Health and Happiness! BOB
  25. Merry Christmas Lee and a Happy New Year with lots of new treasures and maybe a "new life". Bob
  26. Thank you Caperkid and kivatinitz for the love. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!Bob
  27. Thank you aura, melaniej, kerry10456 and Toni1963 for the loves. RER(BOB)
  28. Thank you vetraio50! Anxious to see your treasures and read up new aspects of your vast knowledge in 2016. BOB
  29. Thank you vetraio (Kevin) and a very Merry Christmas to you. BOB
  30. Thank you Mike! A very Special one to you too! BOB
  31. Merci kyratango et un Noel special a toi. Robert
  32. Here's the link to the Black Opal Ring I listed a few years ago. RER http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/92793-would-this-be-considered-a-black-opal
  33. Triplets but diferent....love them, BOB
  34. Hi Lee! I uploaded the same vase a few years ago and the feeling was that it was Welz (Harlequin Spatter) and was shown/documented in Truitt Vol 1 on page 130. BOB
  35. Thank you Soulportal for the love. RER
  36. P&A made the burner but the lamp could have been made by many glass houses in the States circa 1890's-early 1900's. RER
  37. Not an American Made Lamp....could be British import.... but it is old from the Aesthetic Movememt Period. RER
  38. Love the rectangular shape! Must be unusual/rare for Cake Stands? BOB
  39. Thank you kyratango for the love and comments and thank you kivatinitz, fixitjmc and katherinescollections for the love. Bob
  40. Thanks Rick! Hodge Podge is quite accurate. BOB
  41. Hi eye4beauty! It could be by AVEM (Artra Vetraria Muranese) since they made this type of vertically placed colored canes vases and yes also the tutti frutti vases but I'm not positive. RER
  42. Thank you racer4four for your comments and love and thank you aura, Ivonne, Radegunder, melaniej, ho2cultcha, vetraio50, blunderbuss2, sklo42, swfinluv1 and mikelv85 for the love. RER(BOB)
  43. Vintage by itself means very little although at eBay it has a "Old" connotation. Vintage 1950's or Vintage Art Deco period would provide more specific time information. As far as this vase, the base, ...
  44. I see the heart of a gaseous ready to erupt volcano......erupting with peace and serenity of course. BOB
  45. Thank you ho2cultcha, Radegunder, TreasureHuntVta and aura for the loves. RER(BOB)
  46. Thank you everyone for the love. RER
  47. Hi Gillian! Thank you for your comments. They do look like freesias. Although it looks a bit silver gray, it is because of the lighting. The colour is actually a dark brown. RER
  48. I used to be a "caller" at a Bingo Hall and many of my players had these good luck elephants sitting on their bingo cards. Apparently, and don't tell anyone, but to be "lucky elephants", their trunks ...
  49. Thank you Eza, Nicefice, kivatinitz and getthatmonkeyoutofme for the loves. RER(BOB)
  50. Hi Lee! I thought that was glare...didn't see the mark/stamp. I still love these Bohemian Spatter vases. RER
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Antique Black Marble Mantle Clock