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Kralik Red & Yellow Spatter on Unusual Rimmed White Opalescent VASE - Art Glassin Art Glass
Four Leaf Clover Enamelled LEGRAS Vase-Early 1900's - Art Glassin Art Glass
Etched Chrome Lid for Powder Jar or Face Cream Jar- 1930's - Art Decoin Art Deco
Colourful Miniature  Double-Handle Japanese Pottery Vase- Any Information on it?  - Potteryin Pottery
Need Help Identifying Gemstone in this 14K Gold Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Old Opalescent Platter with Ormolu Frame and Handles- Need Help - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lamp Accoutrements for Lampman5's Lamp Base - Lampsin Lamps
Fanciful Bohemian Welz Vase- 4-Lobed - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Rare & Unusual Art Deco QUEBEC ART POTTERY TRAY - Potteryin Pottery
Need Help on SOLINGEN Germany Pocket Knife - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods


  1. Thank you LovelyPat, kivatinitz and SEAN68 for the loves. Bob
  2. Unusual but nice knuckle!
  3. Beautiful "mature" colours.....love it! Bob
  4. There is another robin-egg vase in the front of one of the horde photos....you probably saw it. You can see the pocket vase with clear feet photographed and described separately in one of my CW upload...
  5. Hello Belmont! No it was not one of my picks, I purchased the liddless tall footed slender spatter one to the right of the robin-egg one. It was a great adventure to see all this accumulation at the t...
  6. Thank you philmac51 and Wandlessfairy for the loves. Bob
  7. Thank you Lamplover78, mikelv85 and racer4four for the love. Bob
  8. Thank you Lamplover78, mikelv85 and racer4four for the comments and love. RER
  9. Thank you vetraio50, Ivonne and artfoot for the love. RER
  10. Thank you Mrstyndall, aura, sklo42, vetraio50, kyratango and Ivonne for the loves.
  11. Thank you czechglass5 for the comments and love and thank you aura, sklo42, swfinluv1, blunderbuss2, Alan2310, and welzebub for the loves. Bob
  12. These are great! Love those knuckle vases!
  13. That is a problem with this type of casing...the rim allows dirt to enter into the herringbone layer. I have had some success with bleaching the dirt that has infiltrated over 100 years with peroxide....
  14. They are easy enough to unbend but take it off the lamp first. If all fails, SpiritBear is right; they can be replaced. The insert collar indicates your Utilitarian lamp is later than 1910 and I would...
  15. Love the one on the left!
  16. Just saw this same shaped Vase uploaded yesterday on CW.
  17. It is a home made splitter and the base appears to be a hat form. Bob
  18. There would certainly have been an insert in this "ashtray" because the tray section is completely undamaged from usage!
  19. I also think it could be by Portieux Vallerysthal! Bob
  20. Thanks Lisa for the comments and love! I'd love to see the other decors.....are they in your CW listings? Bob
  21. Westmoreland Glass Co. did a lot of hand painted decorations on their wares so it could be by them. Someone may recognize the blank.
  22. Thank you IVAN49 and bracken3 for the loves! RER
  23. Thanks for the comments and love Deano! RER
  24. Thanks bracken3 for the love. RER
  25. Thank you Poire and bracken3 for the love! Bob
  26. The chimney may be a replacement on this lamp. Czechoslovakia was split in two countries in 1993 so the chimney would date before that date. Is there any information underbase or on the Thumbwheel? I ...
  27. You have to fix the flame spreader so that it sits evenly in the burner to get an even flame. Wick may need trimming first. Nice Riverside lamp! RER
  28. Thank you Rick55 and Lamplover78 for the love. Bob
  29. Thank the ou Poire, antiquerose, bracken3, Lamplover78 and Philosophia for the love. RER
  30. Hi czechglass5! Thank you for the comments. There was a direct link made to the 1889 Exposition Universelle at one time but the link was deleted. I noticed that other CW members had uploaded similar F...
  31. A fresh review of late 1800's French vases!
  32. Thank you Lisa! I have since sold this pitcher, actually traded for a Czech piece. I appreciate knowing all I can about it in case I come across another one. Bob
  33. Thank you IronLace for the love. RER
  34. Thanks Mark for the comments and love. Bob
  35. The base is made of Chromium Zinc .
  36. The Farber Bros. made holders/ bases in Art Deco styles in the 1920-30's for many glass companies but especially for Cambridge Glass Co. the bowl in this compote is by Cambridge. RER
  37. It is an unusual Reverse painted stem composite lamp in that the base is brass and round and with Patent date underneath. I can't help you with the maker! Someone might be able to trace the patent da...
  38. The burners on oil lamps were replaced often. It will not date the lamp especially when it's a newer lamp. Patent dates on things will not help you dating since the item was produced for decades with ...
  39. This lamp was called"petal" by Catherine Thuro who wrote many books on oil lamps. It is a common lamp made throughout the early to mid 1900's and sold through catalogs like Sears and Eaton's in Canada...
  40. Newer from 70's electric lamp but certainly not junk!
  41. Merry Christmas Sean and a wonderful New Year. Bob
  42. Was finally able to name this vase " Fostoria Images"
  43. The artwork is just fabulous....it could be early 1900's. RER
  44. We do have some people that can help you but you have to help them by providing photos of the markings and a closeup of the other side of the vase etc.. you are allowed 4 photos in each listing. RER
  45. I see people!...actually they are all connected by their hands and legs. Very nice design....could be scandinavian but that is just a hunch/guess. RER
  46. Thank you artfoot for your comments...truly appreciated and thank you Rick55 for the love. Bob
  47. Thank you katherinescollections, vetraio50, aura, artfoot, sklo42, bijoucaillouvintage, jscott0363, ho2cultcha, kivatinitz, art.pottery and beyemvey for the loves. RER
  48. Yes, Early 1900's...we have the exact same one. You can see it in the background of many of my uploaded at CW photos. Bob
  49. Thank you Efesgirl and JImam for the comments and love and thank you antiquerose, aura and sklo42 for the love. RER (BOB)
  50. antiquerose! Since it's Christmas soon and Canadians are nice guys, I'll show you mine!! I'll upload it in a few minutes......Oh and by the way...Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Bonne Heureuse Anne...
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