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  1. It's actually a miniature oil lamp missing the burner and matching chimney and that someone screwed in this perfume atomizer. The lamp dates from the 40's-50's and maybe earlier and was considered a n...
  2. I can see the Oil font now but I can't figure out if the underbase of your lamp is the actual base of this lamp or if it sat in another vase. RER
  3. My bad! I misread the height to the chimney part. Do you have the miniature oil lamp books by Smith....could be in there.
  4. The font holder would be the "vase" part that the oil holding font would sit in. The ribbed part in the pictures would sit in and overlap the decorated vase holder.
  5. If you had the font holder with this lamp font, you could probably identify it but like this, it's going to be very difficult. Edward Miller did make metal oil lamps in Brass. RER
  6. It's small but I wouldn't call it a miniature. Many lamps were made in multiple sizes. I checked some of my reference sources and I can't find a similar lamp in clear or colour. I know for a fact that...
  7. Thank you MALKEY for the comments and love. I am admiring all the beautiful vases that you are uploading too and Very nice photography!! BOB
  8. Thank you scottvez, NevadaBlades and Vintagefran for the love. RER
  9. Thank you Peasejean55 for the comments and love. RER
  10. By George! gilberte, it is certainly a Gem Silica stone because it looks Exactly like this except for the shape. Celiene did mention that it was Chalcedony so she was on the right track. Thank you for...
  11. Thank you martika and melanie or the love. RER
  12. Thank you TassieDevil, jscott0363, kivatinitz and jlmam for the love. RER (Bob)
  13. Thank you Gillian for the love. Bob
  14. Thank you valentino97 for the comments and love and thank you Efesgirl, vetraio50, mikelv85 and aura for the love. RER
  15. I just checked the Blue Stone list and it could be "Blue Smithsonite" because of the transluscence. Thank you Celiene...I appreciate your help. BOB
  16. Thank you antiquerose for the love. Bob
  17. They're from the 1950's and quite nice. A pair is always better when evaluating them. The only way to know value is to look up similar ones online and see how much they sold. RER
  18. It could very well be! When a lamp was in daily use, the burner would eventually be damaged from the heat and would be replaced. I don't know this particular burner so I can't say that it's a later re...
  19. Looks like a Riverside Glass Company lamp and it should be easy to find a replacement vintage burner and vintage chimney. I can't tell but it looks like a "2 collar. Actually dates late 1800's to pos...
  20. I think that your electric lamp was an electric lamp all it's life. There are no burner parts remaining on this lamp and the font would not have been the blue glass stem that you see with the enamelle...
  21. Re-uploading this vase to show it to new members who may recognize it. RER
  22. Probably contains CCL4 ( Carbon Tetrachloride) a poisonous product so be careful not to drop it? Was it sitting in its spring triggered holder? There should be info. On the bracket/holder. Bob
  23. Beautiful dish but is the name correct? I think it should be ALGUES......which means Seaweed. Not sure what alques means. Bob
  24. Thank you antiquerose for the frog view......I must have missed your post at the time. Bob
  25. It was sold in four sizes.... I had all four until the cork dried and the contents evaporated. Shoulda dranked them when I first got them. Pottery bottles are quite nice! RER
  26. Thank you courtenayantiques for the comment and love and thank you beyemvey for the love. BOB
  27. Wow! Nice Old Bottle!
  28. From the 1950-60's and made in Japan. They were made as a novelty item and were made in hundreds of themes. This Dutch children kissing theme is quite interesting. The burner parts and round wick were...
  29. I agree with Scott! RER
  30. Meant to write " is there a similar "platter" in the Colony ........
  31. Is there a similar pattern done in the Colony pattern by Fostoria?
  32. Quite unusual and nice!
  33. Looks like a Japanese incense lamp. RER
  34. Thank you Rick55, kivatinitz, LovelyPat, Vintagefran and Celiene for the love. Bob
  35. Something to do with wool sorting maybe?
  36. The perfume name is "Evening in Paris"......it had a gold or silver label with a gold or silver cap. Bob
  37. It's a miniature perfume bottle by a French company...can't think of the name right now. It had a cone-shaped plastic cap with a silk sash attached at the threads. Someone will chime in with the real ...
  38. Thanks Rick55! Yes, almost like Fireflies! Thank you for the love and comments and thank you mhgcgolfclub and aura for the love. RER(BOB)
  39. Wonderful art work especially on that shade! Love this lamp.
  40. Thank you inky for the comments and love and thank you vetraio50, jscott0363, swfinluv1, TassieDevil, racer4four, Efesgirl, sklo42, ho2cultcha, mikelv85, kyratango and beyemvey for that love. RER
  41. It does look like a demantoid garnet which has horsehair-like inclusions. Most common source is mines in Russia. RER
  42. I'm still trying to find out who made the blank for this rare Canadian decorated Pitcher. Bob
  43. Tiffany lamp bases can be quite special but this vase is also quite special. Thanks for the comments and love, Bob
  44. I think I would return them to their original splendor. The gold looks dirty and tacky. I really like them...they're special. Bob
  45. RRRReally Nice!!
  46. Thank you SEAN68 and ho2cultcha for the love. RER(Bob)
  47. Thank you SEAN68 for the love. RER(Bob)
  48. As you saw in the auction link, it is difficult to know exactly who made this epergne or the one shown here. If I had to give you a guess, I would say, it would be French, then English, then N. Americ...
  49. Thanks for the love Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse for the love. Bob
  50. Thanks Rick55! Yes, it is in excellent undamaged condition....hard to believe for an over 80 year old delicate item. Thank you racer4four, beyemvey, inky and antiquerose for the love. RER(BOB)
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