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VASA MURRHINA in PASTELS by Stevens & Williams Glass Co, England - Art Glassin Art Glass
Larger than Most RUBY HONEYCOMB Hall Oil Lamp - Lampsin Lamps
GRANITE WARE With A Flair  Decorated  Basket-Work Ice Bucket - Kitchenin Kitchen
Miscellaneous Costume & Fine Jewelry From Thrifts & Consignment Stores - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Oh So CZECH! Painted Flowers Perfume Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Is This a VENINI GLASSWORKS Vase ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Cherry Butterscotch SPATTER VASE- Bohemian or Something Else? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Large & Heavy EISENBERG Signed Chromium with Rhinestones BROOCH - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
BUTTERSCOTCH "STAR" SPATTER "Made in Czechoslovakia" Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Some type of mold maybe? RER(BOB)
  2. Thank you Vintagefran and PhilDavidAlexanderMorris for the love. RER(BOB)
  3. Unique Advertizing Paperweight! love it! RER
  4. Very Nice Canadian Lighter eh! Love ya antiquerose. RER(BOB)
  5. Radiantly Beautiful Bottle! RER
  6. LOL , Actually we had made arrangements to meet that day so he had taken out all the Czech glass he had accumulated and laid it out on his kitchen table for me to choose. I was like a kid in a Candy S...
  7. This particular measuring cup probably came with an Electric Beater attachment that would explain the wear to the rim. I wouldn't call it crazing, I would call it years of use with the attachment lid ...
  8. Thank you AnneLanders for the love. RER(BOB)
  9. These are Aladdin Model #23 lamps made from 1977 to 1988 and called "GENIE"
  10. Thank you Alfredo, smiata and Pantastic for the love. RER(BOB)
  11. Thanks Shawnl86 for the comments and love and thank you fixitjmc for the love. RER(BOB)
  12. Thank you Agram.m, racer4four and gladys105 for the love. RER(BOB)
  13. Don't know but we have an elephant with the same colour of glass. RER(BOB)
  14. Thanks MA! William Glasner is cetainly a possibilty. I noticed that his "trailings" on his vases are mainly of frosted glass. Thanks for your input. RER(BOB)
  15. Still hoping that someone recognizes this unknown Vase. RER(BOB)
  16. Thank you smiata, Lisa-lighting and scottvez for the love. RER(BOB)
  17. Lisa! I'd be happy to help. Bob
  18. Lisa-lighting! I did not find a Gas or Cigar Lighter version of this particular stem made by Miller but very often their figural stems Were used for Gas and Cigar Lighters. RER(BOB)
  19. Beautiful Dish! Here is a similar pattern in a vase I posted a few weeks ago. RER(BOB) http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/151014-fiery-marble-classic-welz-spatter-glass
  20. This is THE GLOW NIGHT LAMP patented in the United States and Europe. You have lamp Style #2 and it claims to Burns Kerosene Vapour and Makes and Consumes its Own Gas. The Glow Lamp headquarters was ...
  21. Thank you Manikin and smiata for the love. RER(BOB)
  22. Thank you walksoftly for the love. RER(BOB)
  23. austrohungaro.....you are the best! RER
  24. That should read "Collar" not color. Fingers not co-operating this morning. RER
  25. It looks like a Bracket lamp missing the hardware. In other words, it has a clamp-like device that went around the middle that was attached to the wall that also probably held a metal reflector to int...
  26. Modest but quite "pretty" RER
  27. Thank you vetraio50, aghcollect, racer4four, blunderbuss2, katherinescollections, mikelv85, sklo42, melaniej and kivatinitz for the love. RER(BOB)
  28. Hope things work out Alfredo...that is a fabulous inkwell. BOB
  29. Thank you charcoal, lisa and getthatmonkeyoutofme. RER(BOB)
  30. Beautiful Cake Stand! This is what you call "Rich". BOB
  31. Beautiful Buckle! We must of course add information on the THUNDERBIRD which was so important to Native Americans. Here's a Wikipedia link. RER http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunderbird_%28mythology%29
  32. LOVE LOVE the rich iridescence on this jug....it is Spectacular Indeed! BOB
  33. Thank you blunderbuss2 and kivatinitz for the comments and love and thank you mikelv85, PatSea, SAKaler, vetraio50, officialfuel, aghcollect, walksoftly, kyratango and smiata for the loves. RER(BOB)
  34. It could be a Candy Jar missing it's lid. RER(BOB)
  35. Thank you toolate2, SAKaler and proof-file for the loves. RER(BOB)
  36. Thank you Ivonne and charmsomeone for the love. RER
  37. In my reference book, they are called "Seated Pose" and date circa 1930. They are made of White Metal (spelter) that has a bronze finish and should be marked Made in USA. They are considered rare but ...
  38. Hi glasslove! Nice find. The first set is called "End of The Trail" and as you stated, there are many varieties, some with minute difference in detail. One similar set was made in 1927 by Gifthouse In...
  39. Cased Glass by Stevens & Williams , England I would think. BOB
  40. Thank you kivatinitz for the comments and link. RER
  41. Thank you fortapache and smiata for the love. RER(BOB)
  42. Thank you Elizabethan and DrFluffy for the love. RER(BOB)
  43. Super Find! Congrats! RER
  44. Thank you mikelv85 and thank you Virginia.vintage for the comments and thank you racer4four and GlueChip for the loves. RER(BOB)
  45. Thank you SEAN68 and ho2cultcha for the comments and thank you Manikin, pops52, aghcollect, GeodeJem, lecigarette, kyratango, katherinescollections, vetraio50 and antiquerose for the love. RER(BOB)
  46. The real test for thick black glass is to hold it toward the sun and look through it. You should be able to see the Amethyst tint through the bottom. Of course it could be "Black Glass" but most of th...
  47. I'm still trying to find info. on that mark.....anyone recognize it. RER
  48. Oh Boy! Love it! Congrats Phil! RER(BOB)
  49. This lamp is shown in an Edward Miller & Co. Catalogue of 1881 and was their model # 122 Lamp. It is shown in my ref. book with a different font and base but is by Miller nevertheless. The base shown ...
  50. Thanks smiata for the love. The last picture is like an optical illusion.....you can almost look in the core of the Cherry colour when actually it's all on the surface. Neat effect. RER
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