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UNIQUE ARTIST SIGNED SILVER PENDANT on Silver Chain - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Richards and Hartley or Adams & Co. or later U.S. Glass VASELINE GOBLET - Glasswarein Glassware
NORTHWOOD GLASS "Trunk Vase" in rare Aqua Opalescent - Glasswarein Glassware
Any Ideas on this Crystal Ribbed Vase with Green Trailings - Art Glassin Art Glass
Military? or Postal? Leather and Brass Satchel -Possibly French - Bagsin Bags
LOETZ TITANIA Orangeopal Mit Grun VASE- Gre-2534 - Art Glassin Art Glass
U.S. Glass Co. or Jefferson Glass Co. of Canada "GALLOWAY" Pattern CAKE STAND - Glasswarein Glassware
MOSER Blue Opalescent "Lily of The Valley" Panelled Pitcher- It Glows - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Rolled & Cut Rim Anglo-Irish? or Bohemian? Honey Amber Cut Glass PITCHER - Glasswarein Glassware
WWII Souvenir Brought Home  Dec. 1 1945 Large VILLEROY & BOCH PLATE - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thank you inky and bohemianglassandmore for the love. RER
  2. What a View....Life IS Good! N'est-ce-pas? Robert Etienne
  3. The quote should be "whaling" ships. Bob
  4. Don't recognize a maker but if it was really old and well used , it would not look like it does now. The handle does not look like it has much wear either. Bob
  5. The best way to check if it is a repro and the real deal is to check the glass wafer that connects the font to the stem and base. If there are mold lines in the wafer, then this is a new era lamp ma...
  6. Everything looks right about this late 1800's triple branch Oil lamps Ceiling Fixture. I'm pretty sure that if you look on the frames of the 5" shade holder rings, that you will find a patent date...p...
  7. We are all missing you and your fabulous finds. BOB
  8. The link below at CW will show you a Classic Blue FRENCH Opaline Candlestick of the 19th Century. BOB http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/78427-classical-napoleon-iii-victorian-era-b
  9. I meant Schreiner not Schneider. RER
  10. The green Cabochon is Czech spatter glass and the caramel cabochon is most probably Czech glass. If it is Schneider, it would date 1950's. Before that date, he was designing jewelry for Christian Dior...
  11. They look like bats!
  12. It's custard glass....glows under a black light. Something to start with!
  13. I'm so relieved.......that I got it right!
  14. Nice Bradley and Hubbard composite table lamp. Is the font clear or coloured? Bob
  15. Probably the 1930-50's for the black and white enamelled ones but they were in use in Victorian days till the store bought single use ones (disposable bottles) appeared on the market. RER
  16. It also appears that his right hand was mauled or burnt or something...doesn't look right to me. Tough times in those days!
  17. In the old days when you suffered from constipation, mothers would get the long rubber hose in the medicine cabinet and attach the hose to the bottom spout. The hose had a long black nipple-like attac...
  18. Thank you Elizabethan for the love. RER
  19. Oh Boy! My olfactory senses kicked in gear just by looking at this bottle of Minard's Liniment. My dad used to smother his legs and arms with this white stuff after coming home from work and after tak...
  20. Thank you kivatinitz for the love. Bob
  21. Thank you TassieDevil, valentino97, facer4four and kyratango for the love. RER
  22. Thank you Brunswick and jscott0363 for the love. RER
  23. Fabulous lamp! More like late 1890's- early 1900's in my humble opinion! RER
  24. Thank you mikelv85, NevadaBlades, pebble, martika, Rick55, aura, Caperkid and vetraio50 for the love. RER
  25. Thanks Efesgirl! Really cool....I agree. Bob
  26. Based on the measurements described by Jenks, Luna & Reilly, this Goblet is a newer one made by L.G.Wright. BOB
  27. Thank you antiquerose for the comments and love and thank youIvonne, mrcolorz, kivatinitz and Michelleb007 for the love. Bob
  28. Thank you kivatinitz for the love. Bob
  29. Thank you jscott0363, kyratango and EZa for the love. RER
  30. Thank you mikelv85, TassieDevil, Collectomaniac, fortapache, aura and rock at for the love. RER
  31. This goblet has a 2" stem so could be a New Martinsville product. Bob
  32. Yes, the actual colour is quite yellow but my photos came out this almost apple green. Thanks BOB
  33. Looks like Labradorite and not very old. Bob
  34. Thank you fortapache, racer4four and mikelv85 for the love. RER
  35. Thank you TassieDevil, mikelv85 and racer4four for the love. RER
  36. Beautiful condition and clarity....almost medical looking. Bob
  37. Thank you NevadaBlades and swfinluv1 for the love. RER
  38. Not really overlay but layered glass that is cut back to reveal this beautiful display of birds and monkeys. Look up Pekin Glass Snuff bottles and you'll see other similar ones. This one is quite spec...
  39. There is one on the Carnival Heaven "Northwood" site and they call it Aqua Opalescent so it sounds right. Thanks TallCakes!
  40. Thanks TallCakes for the comment and love. Doty's does quote there being an Aqua Opalescent but does not show one. I have a Northwood Glass Ref. Book by Carl O. Burns that shows many examples but not...
  41. Thanks Mac63 for the comments and love. Could very well be English! Thank you also jscott63, aura and vetraio50 for the love. BOB
  42. I've seen these stem container lamps with reverse painted ladies or flowers but never with plastic?/ paper flowers. RER
  43. Thank you SEAN68 for the love. RER
  44. Thank you holymosy and colori for the love. Bob
  45. Hi PostCardCollector....thank you for your comments. I agree that it's not Native-American and is most probably Turkish. RER
  46. They look black...so probably Onyx. RER
  47. Thank you Alfredo for the love. Bob
  48. This transfer designs of "Dancing Damsels" was named IRENE by Catherine Thuro in her, "Oil Lamps- The Kerosene Era in N. America" ref. book # 1. It is shown on page 302 in a tall stand lamp form....y...
  49. Thank you welzebub for the love. Going through the Loetz.com site, I realized that a large lamp by Loetz that I uploaded a few years ago and sold, was actually named flamarion and not Titania....very ...
  50. Messengers was a well known lamp maker in Birmingham, England since the mid-1800's. You should be able to find a lot of information on their Duplex 2 burners. However, it might be difficult to find an...
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Antique Black Marble Mantle Clock