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  1. From a deep hole in the ground I assume. RER(BOB)
  2. Nice , very nice and a pair at that! My kinda stuff, RER(BOB)
  3. Thank you Rick55 for the love. RER(Bob)
  4. "Lambert" (le bon sirop Lambert)...... drank a lot of that good tasting Cough Syrup growing up and what is more french than "Veilleux"! My French Acadian last name is Richard. BOB
  5. Your figural lamp was in the BRADLEY & HUBBARD MFG. CO. of Meriden CONN. catalog of 1883-1884 and was not given a name but was numbered #6100B. They came with the opportunity of choosing the Font (oil...
  6. Thank you ttomtucker, mikelv85 and ho2cultcha for the loves. RER(BOB)
  7. The Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Company of Greentown, Indiana made items in this colour and many others colours in Slag Glass. RER(BOB)
  8. Thanks aghcollect, vetraio50 and SEAN68 for the loves. RER(BOB)
  9. Hi ho2cultcha! The actual name in French of these low ottomans is "POUF". Being French Canadian, my Grandma had many of these in her house. It may have been converted to POOF elsewhere but here it's a...
  10. Nice Knuckle Bowl! The design (millefiori) is different from one that I uploaded last year but the treatment is quite similar. RER(BOB) http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/101335-another-knuckle-...
  11. Looks like a multi-nut cracker.......different nuts. RER
  12. Thank you lisasround2 for the comments and love. RER(BOB)
  13. They were both made within the past 50 years and are still available in stores. RER
  14. I would say Towel Ring also. RER(BOB)
  15. Thanks SEAN68, Manikin, bratjdd, surfdub66 and Vintagefran for the love. RER(BOB)
  16. No I don't think Orrefors. BOB
  17. Thank you SEAN68 for the love. RER(BOB)
  18. Thank you SEAN68 for the love. RER(BOB)
  19. There is a pink tinge to it which might suggest the use of Manganese in the glass mixture which was more common in glass pre-1920's. RER(BOB)
  20. Retrojess! I don't know how much it is worth....you can see what they are asking for it in the auction. Thanks for showing me what the lid looks like. BOB
  21. Although I haven't found a photo or listing of this particular Bowl in Stand, I am convinced that it is one of the more than 2 dozen items in this EMPIRE # 779 pattern in Ruby made by IMPERIAL GLASS ...
  22. Thank you valentino97, Lisa-lighting, racer4four and kivatinitz for the comments and love and thank you aghcollect, fortapache, kyratango, vetraio50, PatSea , mikelv85, glasslove and Raestelle for the...
  23. Thanks everyone I missed for the love. RER(BOB)
  24. I have the same jar (sans lid) like yours, but apparently there was a similar design "Honeycomb" lid that fit over the rim. The quality of the glass is quite good. RER
  25. Thanks antiquerose and kyratango for the love. RER(BOB)
  26. They breed like....well Rabbits. We have one too. RER(BOB)
  27. Nice collection! They're a lot of fun these "Smoker" Ashtrays. I uploaded in CW my collection at least a year ago so if you want to see some more click below. They are also hard to find and quite pric...
  28. Looks all good to me. The "Discus Thrower" was a popular design for Brass/Bronze/Iron/Spelter artists for a long time. You had to pay the high price for the Bronze ones because of the material involve...
  29. Some type of mold maybe? RER(BOB)
  30. Thank you Vintagefran and PhilDavidAlexanderMorris for the love. RER(BOB)
  31. Unique Advertizing Paperweight! love it! RER
  32. Very Nice Canadian Lighter eh! Love ya antiquerose. RER(BOB)
  33. LOL , Actually we had made arrangements to meet that day so he had taken out all the Czech glass he had accumulated and laid it out on his kitchen table for me to choose. I was like a kid in a Candy S...
  34. Thank you AnneLanders for the love. RER(BOB)
  35. These are Aladdin Model #23 lamps made from 1977 to 1988 and called "GENIE"
  36. Thank you Alfredo, smiata and Pantastic for the love. RER(BOB)
  37. Thanks Shawnl86 for the comments and love and thank you fixitjmc for the love. RER(BOB)
  38. Thank you Agram.m, racer4four and gladys105 for the love. RER(BOB)
  39. Don't know but we have an elephant with the same colour of glass. RER(BOB)
  40. Thanks MA! William Glasner is cetainly a possibilty. I noticed that his "trailings" on his vases are mainly of frosted glass. Thanks for your input. RER(BOB)
  41. Still hoping that someone recognizes this unknown Vase. RER(BOB)
  42. Thank you smiata, Lisa-lighting and scottvez for the love. RER(BOB)
  43. Lisa! I'd be happy to help. Bob
  44. Lisa-lighting! I did not find a Gas or Cigar Lighter version of this particular stem made by Miller but very often their figural stems Were used for Gas and Cigar Lighters. RER(BOB)
  45. Beautiful Dish! Here is a similar pattern in a vase I posted a few weeks ago. RER(BOB) http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/151014-fiery-marble-classic-welz-spatter-glass
  46. This is THE GLOW NIGHT LAMP patented in the United States and Europe. You have lamp Style #2 and it claims to Burns Kerosene Vapour and Makes and Consumes its Own Gas. The Glow Lamp headquarters was ...
  47. Thank you Manikin and smiata for the love. RER(BOB)
  48. Thank you walksoftly for the love. RER(BOB)
  49. That should read "Collar" not color. Fingers not co-operating this morning. RER
  50. It looks like a Bracket lamp missing the hardware. In other words, it has a clamp-like device that went around the middle that was attached to the wall that also probably held a metal reflector to int...
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