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Rindskopf's Green Iridescent OIL SPOT Bowl- Identified - Art Glassin Art Glass
Is This a FENTON or IMPERIAL Vanity SET? - Glasswarein Glassware
Yellow Paneled VASELINE PITCHER by Whom? Cutting pattern? - Glasswarein Glassware
MURANO Barovier & Toso "Renaissance Girl" Figurine - Art Glassin Art Glass
FRANZ WELZ (Royal Artglass) "Winged" SPATTER VASE- Czech - Art Glassin Art Glass
Is This an American Art Pottery Bowl? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
SILVER RAM'S HEAD HOLDER Used with Glass insert as a VASE 
Circa 1900's VASA MURRHINA Vase Attributed to Stevens & Williams Glass Co.  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Need Help on Classic  ART DECO SHIELD B.A.D. - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Yours is not a fake nor was it used as an electric lamp and what's in the stem could be residue of wax or something that fell in it. It looks quite old...certainly Victorian and could be French....cer...
  2. Thank you VioletOrange, racer4four, inky and smiata for the love & comments. BOB
  3. Thank you VioletOrange, SEAN68 and smiata for the love. BOB
  4. Thank you valentino97, mikelv85, antiquerose, colori and vetraio50 for the love. BOB
  5. Thanks Lee, Gary and Mac for the comments & Love and thanks MichelleB007 for the Love. BOB Mac! I got this bowl & the Fenton that I uploaded yesterday & more at the South-end Ottawa show that is hel...
  6. You must have had to sell the farm for this one....a Beaut!! RER
  7. Thank you nutsabotas6 and Weirdpuckett for the love. RER(BOB)
  8. Thanks FanciGirl! RER(BOB)
  9. Thank you Mac63 and Michelleb007 for your love. BOB
  10. Thanks TallCakes and thank you Virginia.vintage, SEAN68, VioletOrange, vetraio50, mikelv85 and smiata for the loves. RER(BOB)
  11. Thanks TallCakes! My reference book shows a page from the 389 line but the lids/finials are completely different from this set. The powder jar has no finial at all. So it definitely is a Fenton set......
  12. Hi Vintagefran! The RER are my initials...the first one being Robert. BOB
  13. Thank you Rick55 and austohungaro for the loves. RER(BOB)
  14. Thank you Medido for the love. RER(BOB)
  15. Thank you Slave-to-glass for your love. RER(BOB)
  16. Thanks! You can use my photos for whatever purpose you chose. BOB
  17. It's a shame that you do not participate.....I read your past comments religiously. The label is then one that Welz would have affixed on their products....that's great news. Thanks welzebub! BOB PS: ...
  18. She is Venetian "Pure Laine". Thank you Kyratango for the comments and love. Thank you also TxDremz for the love. BOB
  19. Federal Glass Co. "CELESTIAL" Pattern plate circa 1960's. RER
  20. Thank you fixitjmc, Weirdpuckett, Vintagefran & antiquerose for the comments & love & thank you Moonstonelover21 & mikelv85 for the loves. BOB
  21. Thanks antiquerose......glad you appreciate her! Thank you czechman, vetraio50, petey, VioletOrange, mikelv85 and racer4four for the loves. BOB
  22. Thanks charcoal! That certainly is a possibility. Thank you Vintagefran for the comments and love. BOB
  23. Thank you for the love VioletOrange. BOB
  24. Thanks SEAN68, vetraio50, Jewels, aghcollect and petey for the love. BOB
  25. A decanter should be easy to clean.... this flower vase doesn't have to be regularly cleaned. RER
  26. Thank you Michelleb007, IanBrighton, inky, mikelv85 and Lisa-lighting for the loves. BOB
  27. Thank you Lisa-lighting and good luck on your search quest. RER Thank you also surfdub66 for the love. RER(BOB)
  28. Thanks Scott! Of Course you are right on eBay attributions. I have seen many flagrant errors and I must admit being wrong myself. BOB
  29. Thanks for that link and for showing us a "Cousin" in the WELZ family. BOB
  30. Thank you scottvez, Manikin and SEAN68 for the loves. RER(BOB)
  31. This winged piece could be a Ruckl but there are a lot of similarities to the shorter vase, especially the bottom treatment which I haven't shown. The squat vase is the same or almost the same as one ...
  32. Alright, I will upload photos of the Murano Figurine later today. I didn't think anyone would be interested in it.....lol. Thank you antiquerose for the comments and love and thank you also dclee, ho...
  33. The two first ones are flower vases from the 1970's used by florists and possibly supplied by E. Brody Co. glass. The third looks like a fruit bowl/compote....pattern not clear enough to discern but m...
  34. Thank you IanBrighton, vetraio50, walksoftly, VioletOrange, blunderbuss2 and racer4four for the loves. BOB
  35. The colors especially the Red are almost molten or like on a fresh palette of colors that hasn't been applied yet. Thank you scottvez, idcloisonne and Moonstonelover21 for the comments and loves and S...
  36. The first ones I think we saw them at Winners/Marshalls store last year. Don't think they are very old. RER
  37. Thank you Everyone for the help......European it is and thank you for the loves!! BOB
  38. Thanks idcloisonne! Is the decoration style S.W. Native American or popular art...that's what intrigues me. BOB
  39. I would love it more if it had a sister or brother but I've never come across another. Thanks Shawnl86 . BOB
  40. These little teapots had woven reeded handles and tops......you can see the leftover design that was imprinted on the handle. See them a lot in Canada. RER
  41. Thank you mikelv85, melaniej and smiata for the love. RER(BOB)
  42. Thank you SEAN68, Moonstonelover21, walksoftly, idcloisonne, czechman, vetraio50, smiata and Mac63 for the loves. RER(BOB)
  43. Hello vetraio50! Thank you for your comments and love. I thought that too, but usually there was a W.Germany or other info added with the numeration. I know that some USA Pottery Companies also used s...
  44. Any markings underneath? RER
  45. Thank you aghcollect, blunderbuss2, moonstonelover21, mikkoChristmas11, racer4four, vetraio50, mikelv85 and smiata for the loves. RER(BOB)
  46. Wow!! So it had a glass frog insert and is a VASE!! Thanks aghcollect....a 30 year old mystery solved. RER(BOB)
  47. Were Egg Cruets the same as egg cups......did this large item hold many eggs that were served at a table? It might be able to hold an emu egg. RER(BOB)
  48. Thanks czechman..... I didn't like the rim and under-base either but I took a chance and I am now wiser. I should have left it on as a teaching tool for others. Thanks, BOB
  49. Thanks Fran!
  50. THANK YOU StylinSue! I appreciate your help and especially your link. Now we know for sure. BOB
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