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Black -early to mid 1800's French Canadian Table Cross 
Large Kralik Millefiori Iridized Knuckle Bowl in Blue - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Cameo With SAILBOATS in 750 Gold - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Out Of This World "SPUTNIK"- RETRO-50's  CHROME TABLE LAMPS - Lampsin Lamps
Did Benedetto ALFIERI (architect) 1699-1767 also do Paintings? - Visual Artin Visual Art
Information for earl99 on his KNOWLEDGE Lamp 
Info. Requested on this Lady's "Scent" Bracelet - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
MURANO Mandruzatto Glass Works -Somerso (Geode) BOWL - Art Glassin Art Glass
ART DECO " Cuddling Parakeets" Pottery Vase- Any Ideas on Manufacturer - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Unusual Antique Tool- Any Guesses on Probable Use ? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


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  9. I was told by an "expert" in these old French/French Canadian pedestalled crosses that the method to date them is by looking at the feet of Christ. With early crosses, the feet are side by side and ea...
  10. Beautiful enamelling! I would have also thought Legras first, so my "kindred spirit" has been awakened by this Beauty!! RER
  11. I think you mean an "opalescent effect glass". Pretty vase and not modern at all with that type of crimping. RER
  12. Thanks SEAN my loyal friend!! RER
  13. It's an "Authentic" piece of pottery. Is it old? ......looks too pristine. Something original to the era that it represents would be scuffed, dirty, stained and possibly damaged to a certain degree. I...
  14. Thought I'd upload this again....who knows, someone might recognize it. It's been three years!! RER (BOB)
  15. 90% of Canadians would love these pins! Great collection PoliticalP. RER
  16. Thank you scottvez, smiata and Michelleb007 for the love. RER(Bob)
  17. Beautiful lamp! RER
  18. Thanks Vintagefran and Zowie for the comments and love and thanks Agram.m & valentino97 for the love. Where and when could this Cameo have been made? BOB
  19. Is there any information on the Thumb-wheel on the burner.....like Hink's or Duplex etc...?
  20. The Glass font (holds the oil) of this lamp is in a pattern that Catherine Thuro in her "Oil Lamps- The Kerosene Era in North America" first reference book named "DOGTOOTH" because of the serrated dec...
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  23. Thanks for your input....I appreciate it. BOB
  24. Hi welzebub! Thank you for the photos and info. I love the colours in the Blue Harlequin Spatter. I have the exact same shape as one shown in photo#4 (second row-second vase). Mine is in white spatter...
  25. I think I know why they sold these lamps......only one bulb on each of the lamps was still lighting; all others were burnt. lol .... I added a photo with the lamps without bulbs and I wonder what type...
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  29. Your photography of your beautiful Cameos is excellent. Do people find these beauties for you or do you travel all over the world to find these unique Cameos? RER(BOB)
  30. Hi Michel7564! I think you are on the right track. BOB
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  33. It's blown glass with a rough pontil and applied handle and could be very old or not. What are the dimensions and where did you find it. Looks like its been in an area where it picked up salts that ha...
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  36. I agree with you sklo42: Educational, Fun and quite nice to look at. Thanks RER(BOB)
  37. Hmm! Strange indeed! Tallcakes should be able to help you properly identify it. BOB
  38. Wow! Nice sales display for Shell Oil. Must be a rare item and quite valuable to a collector of Shell Oil Advertising. RER(BOB)
  39. Thanks Julonmain for the info. and thank you W.S. for the love. RER(BOB)
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  42. Thank you kyratango, SEAN68, fortapache, mikelv85, aghcollect and vetraio50 for the love. I was able to find one tidbit of Albieri also being a painter in Askart.com but you have to be a member to get...
  43. The painting is 5 1/4" by 4" Oval-shaped. The varnish is on the painting and is evident on the photo showing the signature. I will upload a close-up of St. Anthony's face instead of Jesus since my pho...
  44. Origin....Hong Kong maybe, Age....... 1960-70's....Usefulness and look......priceless!!
  45. Great stuff vetraio50 and aghcollect and thanks for posting it glassanvil.......kinda stuff I like!! RER(BO)
  46. I would even call it "cucumberish"....I love that uranium stuff too. RER(BOB)
  47. Adding link so that this posting makes sense to other interested readers on CW. RER(BOB) http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/159894-antique-bronze-queen-on-throne-table-nig?in=activity
  48. Here is the CW link. BOB http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/160707-information-for-earl99-on-his-knowledge?in=activity
  49. Hello earl99 and Sportsref! I think I may have partially solved your enigma on this "bronze" lamp. I found information in my bookends ref. book that shows this seated "KNOWLEDGE" figure in bookends fo...
  50. I still like the first suggested use. I have visions in my mind.......... whoosh!!.....lol
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Antique Black Marble Mantle Clock