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 Pair of Czech Shell-Shaped Vases in Orange Swirl Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Finally found a proper Cranberry shade for my 1870's lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Posting a Deco Vase shown in Larger Posting this Evening for IanBrighton - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very Exciting Community-Wide Street Sales pick ups! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Need Help on this Deco Electric Blue "Diamond" Dish - Glasswarein Glassware
An Unusual Find- Love Tokens! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Old Native American Framed Bird Quilt - Sewingin Sewing
ROYAL ART GLASS label on Kralik?- TANGO Covered Candy Dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another CZECH Rocket-Footed Bowl- This one in a Purple Herringbone Pattern - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Clown-Hat Bohemian Tango Covered Dish - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks ho2cultcha! It is a very old porcelain jug and is a fine example of Imari.....possibly made for the Western/European market. Thank you nsn300z for the comments and love. Bob
  2. Beautiful simply beautiful!!
  3. Thank you Efesgirl for the comments and love and thank you Radegunder for the love. Bob
  4. A type of puller to lift floorboards when redoing a floor. IMHO....Bob
  5. Thank you Brunswick for the comments and love and thank you bijoucaillouvintage and nsn300z for the loves. Bob
  6. Thank you SEAN68, aura and Master for the loves. Bob
  7. Good Luck! Probably someone living near or in the city where the Thrift Store is located.
  8. It's called a composite lamp which means it is made with many different components unlike an all glass blown or pressed glass lamp. The base is slate, the figurative stem is Spelter (white metal), the...
  9. A loss for our community! RIP Anne.
  10. A brother for mine that I uploaded last year! Very nice form!
  11. Very few lamps have markings that will identify the maker. The burners on oil lamps were replaced regularly especially if the lamp was in constant use so it will not help you in dating the lamp. In th...
  12. Thanks Rick55 for the comments and love. Bob
  13. It's called a Banquet Lamp and sometimes Vase Lamp! Dates late 1800's- early 1900's. Bob
  14. Look up vase oil lamp font. You can also look up Fostoria vase oil lamp. B & H Vase oil lamp and you will find many examples of lamps that has an insert font like this one. Bob
  15. Thank you inky, aura and Jlman for the loves. Bob
  16. Would love to see a picture of all items together. You can upload up to 4 photos here at CW. Marks are quite interesting. Bob
  17. Very interesting!
  18. Thank you shareurpassion and inky for the love. Bob
  19. Thanks Vintagefran for the comments and love! Bob
  20. Not Amberina and of recent manufacture (within 30 years)....not sure of maker but Poland/Romania comes to mind. Bob
  21. Thank you Alan and philmac51 for the comments and love and thank you racer4four, sklo42, IronLace, mikelv85, EZa, IanBrighton and vetraio50 for the loves. Bob
  22. They are bright enough to be rockets...thanks Malkey! I saw a similar vase in a different decor (Millefiori) in black and they had suggested it could be by Ruckl. Thank you SEAN68 and blunderbuss2 ...
  23. Thank you aura, Vintagefran and Rick55 for the love. RER
  24. Thanks Fran! It wasn't the cost that restrained me but the space available at home. Of course, my wife did have a say in it...lol
  25. Runaway slave?
  26. Thanks Malkey and IanBrighton for the comments and love and thank you philmac51, Rick55, Caperkid and aura for the loves. BOB
  27. Maybe Peruvian!
  28. Thank you vetraio50, blunderbuss2, IronLace, mikelv85, officialfuel and VikingGirl for the loves. Bob
  29. Thank you LovelyPat and aura for the love. RER
  30. A popular wedding present in the 1960's-1970's was this Italian made two parts footed ashtray or candy dish. Most of the time, pinwheel pattern crystal was attached to this bronzed white metal base. Y...
  31. Thank you Rick55; I'm slowly training her to get into/love Czech glass but it might take another 46 years..lol Thank you Alan2310; only 500 kilometres from you..lol Thank you blunderbuss2, mikelv...
  32. Thanks welzebub and IanBrighton for the comments. and love and thank you valentino97 for the love. RER
  33. Thank you vetraio50 for the comments and love. Thank you also Alan2310, Rick55, fortapache, racer4four, blunderbuss2, artfoot, inky, mikelv85 and brunswick for the loves. RER
  34. The white unglazed pottery seen in your last photo and the fact that it is unmarked and the non-crisp details on the bowl suggests that this was craft pottery. The green iridescent glaze was the choic...
  35. Thanks Ian! I added a new listing showcasing the Deco vase you wanted to see individually. Thank you vetraio50, philmac51, artfoot and welzebub for the loves. BOB
  36. Very nice Fran! I like the three rings under the cup and of course the "party" colours. BOB
  37. Thanks Malkey....there were many more that I would have liked but........lol
  38. Very Nice Coolidge Drape oil lamp in cobalt blue! The purple in the Cobalt tells it all. Bob
  39. Thank you Rick55 for the comments and love and thank you brunswick, Pickaboo, sklo42, aura, vetraio50 and Vintagefran for the loves. Bob
  40. It's not in my N. American Candlesticks reference books. Is the colour fired-on?
  41. Thank you kralik1928 and welzebub for the information! Bob
  42. Thanks cushmanh for the comments and love......CW is priceless! Thank you Caperkid and mikelv85 for the love.
  43. Very interesting TallCakes! Thanks, Bob
  44. Thanks nutsabotas6.......I was going through all the Viking listings at eBay and Etsy to try to find the actual name when I checked and saw TallCakes' comments. Thanks to both of you! Thank you racer4...
  45. Lancaster Glass Co. Model #854 made in 1930's in many colours, treatments and cuttings. The book measurements are 3" tall with a 4 1/2" round base.
  46. Beautiful...looks like a spore forming bacteria under Microscope from my Microbiology days.....lol
  47. I meant to say Clinch-on Chimneys in the last sentence. RER
  48. This is a Reproduction Aladdin "Lincoln Drape" lamp made in the 1970-80's that was sold as an oil lamp with a model 23 burner. Someone has electrified it by putting a socket in the gallery. These Glas...
  49. I always thought that these large copper rings were "Nose Rings" for bulls. The farmer would drill though the septum/nostrils and affix this ring that he could later use with a hooked stick to drag hi...
  50. From the photos of the base and the holes, it looks like bronzed Spelter (white metal) that was widely used in the late 1800's/ early 1900's. If it was a bronze casting, there certainly would have bee...
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