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An Unusual Find- Love Tokens! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Old Native American Framed Bird Quilt - Sewingin Sewing
ROYAL ART GLASS label on Kralik?- TANGO Covered Candy Dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Another CZECH Rocket-Footed Bowl- This one in a Purple Herringbone Pattern - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unusual Clown-Hat Bohemian Tango Covered Dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Bohemian Rocket-footed Bowl with Pastel Opalescent Spatter - Art Glassin Art Glass
It's Costume but still Quite Special  signed "Ann-Vien" - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Beige with Orange/Red Spatter signed "Made in Czechoslovakia" Franz Welz VASE - Art Glassin Art Glass
Very Strange Pitcher/Handled Posy Vase with Clear Blue Handle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mint Green on White WELZ Pedestal/Trophy Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. From the photos of the base and the holes, it looks like bronzed Spelter (white metal) that was widely used in the late 1800's/ early 1900's. If it was a bronze casting, there certainly would have bee...
  2. Showing decorations on a font is not enough for anyone to be able to help you identify your lamp. You can upload up to four pictures on this page. Is your lamp electric or oil? A total view of the lam...
  3. Thank you kralik1928 for the love. Bob
  4. Thank you welzebub for the love. Bob
  5. I thought I had seen a similar shaped vase shown recently on CW but I can't locate it in any of the Art Glass aficionados' sites. Anyone remember seeing it!
  6. Thank you Vintagefran for the love. Bob
  7. Thank you skivatinitz and mikelv85 for the loves. RER
  8. Thank you SpiritBear for the comments and love and thank you vetraio50, Efesgirl, roddyq, blunderbuss2, fortapache, racer4four, TassieDevil, bijoucaillouvintage and valentino97 for the loves. RER
  9. I forgot to add to take a look for their watermark/logo! There was a cut glass chimney that came with this lamp....I don't see it here. Bob
  10. The components for this cut glass lamp should be individually marked....take a close look for the Libbey Glass Company of Toledo, Ohio which could be a Star in a circle or the Libbey name with a Sword...
  11. Very "Eastlakish" (Eastlake) in style. Bob
  12. Thank you Michelleb007, VikingGirl and kivatinitz for the loves. Bob
  13. Thank you Glassiegirl, antiquerose, Vintagefran, roddyq and kivatinitz for the loves. RER
  14. Thank you kivatinitz for the comments and love and thank you EZa, IanBrighton, mikelv85, LovelyPat, Vintagefran, Michelleb007 and kivatinitz for the loves. RER
  15. Thanks blunderbuss2 and ho2cultcha for the comments and love and thank you PoliticalPinbacks, sklo42, racer4four, aura, Vintagefran, mikelv85, brunswick, Caperkid and vetraio50 for the loves. Bob
  16. Thank you Vintagefran, kivatinitz and VikingGirl for the loves. Bob
  17. Thanks for this information! I have been wrong in the past but I do learn from requesting information from others. I appreciate your input. RER
  18. 4th degree logo of the Knights of Columbus. Look up Knights of Columbus in Google. RER
  19. It would be Langue de Chat....no apostrophe......nice example of this old Quebec rug. RER
  20. Thank you philmac51 for the love. RER
  21. Thank you Malkey for this input.....is there a site where I can see the wares made by this company? Have you seen the Bambous Tors pattern near your neck of the woods. Bob
  22. Thank you artfoot for your comments and love and thank you IronLace, fortapache, vetraio50, mikelv85, inky, IanBrighton and surfdub66 for the loves. RER
  23. I also agree but there are so many interpretations of characteristics out there that unless new catalogs are found, we'll be assuming and guessing forever. Bob
  24. Could he be this Irish Engineer? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Dargan
  25. Thank you charcoal for the links......it's quite possible that these candy dishes had labels at one time. After over 80 years, labels are/become rare. Thank you blunderbuss2, surfdub66, aura, Caper...
  26. Thanks welzebub! The real similarity was the spatter treatment ie..; from top of lid radiating down and from the under-base radiating to the cup sides. The yellow tango colour is much lighter than th...
  27. Nice to compare!
  28. Nice to see it again!
  29. Might as well show off mine too! lol
  30. I've uploaded this same vase without a label a few years ago. Bob
  31. Not "entirely new" in my humble opinion. Beautiful Czech. piece. Bob
  32. Thank you welzebub, aura, inky and Peasejean55 for the loves! Bob
  33. Thanks Ian! We do know that its Czech. glass. BOB
  34. Thank you mikelv85 and brunswick for the loves. Bob
  35. Thank you Malkey for the comments and love and thank you blunderbuss2, IanBrighton, vetraio50, mikelv85, artfoot and philmac51 for the loves. RER
  36. It is OUR LADY Of PERPETUAL HELP image and yes, probably used as a mold to make medals. RER
  37. Thanks welzebub! ....Kralik it is! BOB
  38. Thanks vetraio50! I couldn't find it because it was listed in the UK listings but Peggy sent me a link. I see that this one has the Czechoslovakia semi-circular mark and they identify it as Welz. Shou...
  39. Thank you inky and mikelv85 for the loves! RER
  40. There's a "spring into action" at the top. Actually it's just a guess! Lol
  41. Thank you sklo42 and IronLace for the comments and loves. Bob
  42. Yes, Peggy ...there is a sealed drain-like hole in the cup that allows the bracket feet to attach directly to the underbelly. I like how the feet extend to the tiptoes to hold the cup. Thank you for t...
  43. Yes Phil! I forgot to mention Peggy@ sklo42....she has many beautiful examples of tall rocket-footed vases in many colours and has inspired many to start collecting these unique items. Thank you and i...
  44. Great Minds think alike Phil! Thank you for the comments and love. Thank you inky...yes, the shape is quite unusual. Thank you welzebub, vetraio50, aura and artfoot for the love. RER(BOB)
  45. Some beetles became wise to these traps and developed wings that allowed them to fly directly to the centre and gobble up the sweet nectar then fly off to the next free meal?
  46. Golden Anniversary since it's gold coloured so it would date it 1987.....possibly!
  47. The base is indeed by B & H but I have not been able to find the font in my B & H catalogs. RER
  48. Thank you Radegunder, lentilka11, Wandlessfairy and freiheit for the loves! Bob
  49. What about the kids?
  50. Not saying that this is what I think it is but every time I look at it, it reminds me of those tripod head rests that bedouins sleep on when travelling in their caravans through the desert. They are u...
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