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Hello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't reaHello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't realise just how much iv got.Most of it is packed away,its been nice getting it all out.Now I can look at it all on here in one place :) (Read more)


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Has anybody a clue ? - Glasswarein Glassware
My Blondie Autographs :) - Musicin Music
Iridescent Salt and Pepper Pots - Kitchenin Kitchen
Art Deco Glass Bowl ! - Glasswarein Glassware
Lava Pattern Glazed Pot ! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
My Murano Clown ! - Art Glassin Art Glass
1960s Laflex Doll :) - Dollsin Dolls
Nice Glass ,does anybody know what it is ? - Glasswarein Glassware
Little Red Murano Bowl ! - Art Glassin Art Glass
More Red Glass,,Japanese ! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Hi they are like the ones I ave Karen arnt they :)
  2. Hya vetraio50 isn't it great I couldn't believe it was only 20p
  3. Hey thanks all of you,the ID pic is my 1970s ice bucket,i love it :)
  4. Thankyou PhilDavidAlexanderMorris and Virginia.vintage :)
  5. Thankyou sean68 :)
  6. This is gorgeous :)
  7. Its fab,thankyou austrohungaro :)
  8. Thanks racer4four,not been on for a while,iv got my collecting bug head on again though at the moment :)
  9. Thankyou nutsabotas6, I cant believe it was only 20p :)
  10. Thankyou very much inky,they are gorgeous arnt they !
  11. Oh wow thankyou TallCakes very much :)
  12. Thankyou very much :)
  13. Thankyou very much sklo42,i shall have a look that up,this site is amazing :)
  14. Ooo I like that :)
  15. Cant find this anywhere,iv been lookingat the Staffordshire potteries :)
  16. Hey I just had a look,it could be,thanks !
  17. I can not find this anywhere !
  18. I love it :) Thankyou !
  19. Thanks and yes,I cant believe I never noticed it before.I looked her up,she started out in here and is now in America.I think this is some of her early work !
  20. Thankyou very much for that :)
  21. Thankyou :)
  22. How old are they,I wouldn't honestly of had a clue about the Japanese thing !
  23. It seems so lol :)
  24. Well im learning something this morning,I wasn't going to put all this red stuff on ,thankyou :)
  25. Well I didn't even realise,over the years iv just thought all my red glass was just murano :)
  26. Thankyou they are :)
  27. Hi,Iv put the base on :)
  28. Thankyou Leah, Skloe42 has mentioned Kralik aswell,iv been searching for a pic of one like it but not seen anything yet :)
  29. Arnt they just gorgeous :) Thankyou :)
  30. Thankyou ,Il try and find one :)
  31. Thankyou :) :) :)
  32. Gorgeous :)
  33. That little orange piece is Aseda,i mean dogbone vase !
  34. Oh right is it,iv never heard of it :)
  35. Im really enjoying finding out about my things,its great.I will put a base pic on when I find it in the loft lol
  36. Good idea,Iv got no room ,Im enjoying getting things out of boxes to photograph and put on here !
  37. Most of my things are in boxes,just the odd thing out dotted around the house.Im enjoying digging stuff out to photograph and put on here :)
  38. Thankyou they are,I wouldn't wear them but the colour is gorgeous :)
  39. Cheers to you too,its lovely isn't it !
  40. Thankyou,I shall have a browse :)
  41. Thankyou to Charcoal and Vetraio50 I looked at some images and I think it is :)
  42. Oh that's fine,I just collect things that catch my eye and don't cost much,Iv never paid more than a fiver for anything :)
  43. Crime to flick ash in that don't you think :)
  44. Hi,when I bought it I liked it.It was only a pound and I thought it was worth that.But since then iv found much nicer things.Its the colours,I think its the brown that puts me off this one. Thanks :)
  45. Until I put this on here id never noticed all that detail underneath,dont know how to find this one !
  46. Thankyou racer4four,I have looked and it does seem to be Opaline Florence. :)
  47. Had a look at some hobnail vases and it does look like them ,thankyou !
  48. Iv never really been mad about this one,its always got bits of this n that in it,but I gave it a wash and when I looked at it properly in the light,thought hmmm I suppose you are nice :) Iv put it in ...
  49. Thanks lol :)
  50. Oh right,do you know I think this ones awful :)
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Giant Elvis Pez and some Elvis Dolls and Picture .Misc stuff :-) My Surprise from Canada (Walksoft) Beautiful Vase ! Pink Vase HARRACHOV BOWL MILAN METELÁK “MERLETTO” WILLEM STUURMAN (?) ZENITH CRISISGOED Green Glass Flower Vase MICHAEL KENNEDY-IRELAND /VASE Bonevase, Aseda Art glass thorn handle basket Seen one of these? Rindskopf Dark Pink Honeycomb Trefoil Iridescent Vase 12.5" ca 1900 Nouveau Rindskopf Pepita Wave? Pattern Vase 9.25" Kralik In Swirls Purple Green Iridescent Vases