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Hello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't reaHello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't realise just how much iv got.Most of it is packed away,its been nice getting it all out.Now I can look at it all on here in one place :) (Read more)


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Gorgeous Blue Glass Vase, Nouveau ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Paperweights :) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lucite ring ? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Gorgeous Iridescent Perfume Atomizer :) ? - Bottlesin Bottles
Iridescent Glasses :) - Glasswarein Glassware
Gorgeous Piece,Uranium maybe ? Spatter glass ! - Art Decoin Art Deco
Little Pixi Girl :) - Figurinesin Figurines
Perfume Bottle ? - Bottlesin Bottles
Murano Glass ! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Crown Ducal,Charlotte Rhead Jug :) - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. Lovely :)
  2. I have a nice piece of this type of glass too its lovely :)
  3. Oh how cute is that 1st bear,he has a stitiched nose too.Love him :)
  4. Does anybody have a clue about this one :)
  5. Does anyone have any ideas on the silver ring :)
  6. Look on whats happening now youl see them :)
  7. Here you go Efesgirl :)
  8. In my show and tell a silver one and another Lucite one,yellow :)
  9. Ooo thankyou pinksparklehorse :)
  10. Oh I do love this :)
  11. Lovely :)
  12. Thanks Karen,it is lovely :)
  13. Efesgirl please look at the other two rings I have in my posts you may like those.I don't know what they are either lol
  14. Ah right the glasses sound fab,i thought it was a mans ring because its really big doesn't fit my little fingers lol
  15. Thanks Karen it really is lovely,do you know anything about the cows head mark on the base :)
  16. Thanks Efesgirl, do you know I love those mod rings theyr lovely :) I reckon it could be a 1960s one maybe :)
  17. Thanks nutsabotas6 it had some evaporated perfume marks inside it,iv given the glass part a wash :)
  18. Thanks again Inky and thankyou Moonstonelover21 too :)
  19. Thankyou for the link :)
  20. Its 10 inches tall inky :) and I think it would glow too,is it 1930s do you think :)
  21. How pretty :)
  22. Ooo that's nice to know thankyou Inky :)
  23. Oh well I just love him :)
  24. Lovely :)
  25. Oh I just love this :)
  26. How gorgeous :)
  27. How gorgeous :)
  28. Thanks too sklo42 :)
  29. Yes antiquerose iv just inspected it,they are in the glass lol :)
  30. Thanks Karen do you have any idea what it is :)
  31. Really nice :)
  32. Thanks Virginia.vintage :)
  33. I would need to dig it out of bubble wrap and box :) I don't have a link iv not delved into it.It is a lovely deep red colour and quite heavy very nicely made piece. :)
  34. Oh how scrummy they are gorgeous :)
  35. Hello Anne that sounds fab how exciting.I will keep a look out for your posts :)
  36. Thanks Anne,i had this for years just thinking it was murano.Thanks to Karen I now know different :)
  37. Love this I have a piece too :)
  38. Oh well this has to be the nicest thing,how fantabulous :)
  39. Love the colour :)
  40. Gorgeous :)
  41. Brilliant :)
  42. Gorgeous :)
  43. Gorgeous :)
  44. Gorgeous :)
  45. Oh I love this its absolutely scrummy :)
  46. Ok thanks Bob,any idea of a maker ? :)
  47. Ahh right,yes mine has this pink tinge,and do you think they are Orrefors glass too :)
  48. Theres a pic of the base on antiquerose :)
  49. Have you any idea of date on these thanks Loumanal :)
  50. Ooo thanks MamaT I shall have a look at it tomorrow :)
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Sommerso Vase by Iwatsu Art Glass NORWEGIAN  SHOT CUP HARRACHOV BOWL MILAN METELÁK “MERLETTO” WILLEM STUURMAN (?) ZENITH CRISISGOED Green Glass Flower Vase Bonevase, Aseda Art glass thorn handle basket Seen one of these? Rindskopf Dark Pink Honeycomb Trefoil Iridescent Vase 12.5" ca 1900 Nouveau Rindskopf Pepita Wave? Pattern Vase 9.25" Kralik In Swirls Purple Green Iridescent Vases


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