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Hello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't reaHello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't realise just how much iv got.Most of it is packed away,its been nice getting it all out.Now I can look at it all on here in one place :) (Read more)


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Uranium Glass ? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lovely Pottery Vase ? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Handpainted Nippon Porcelain Bowl ! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Blue Lustre Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Vase ! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
1950s Aurora Borealis Crystal Necklace ! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1960s/70s Glass Oil Burner ! Lamp ! - Art Glassin Art Glass
1960s Earrings and other nik naks ! - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
1970s Cheese Mouse :) - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Carnival Glass ? - Glasswarein Glassware
My Marilyn Bag ! - Moviesin Movies


  1. Ooo thankyou for your comment,its lovely.I shall keep looking :)
  2. Oh I love that bubble glass :)
  3. I think these may be Uranium glass !
  4. Hmm wonder what it can be :)
  5. This is gorgeous but I still don't have a clue about a maker :)
  6. Have not been able to find info on this anywhere :)
  7. Thanks AGalWithGlass :)
  8. Oh im so glad you have commented about this vase,iv had it for years and I love it ! Woooo hoooooo :)
  9. Thankyou sunnybrook
  10. Thankyou Virginia :)
  11. Will do !
  12. Ah right yep it is :)
  13. Ahh right ok,thanks :)
  14. Thankyou Katherinscollections, I have found the same mark but it was on a piece being sold,didnt have the exact date just the dates you mention above,i shall keep looking.It always amazes me the thing...
  15. Why thankyou nutsabotas6 ,it is lovely :)
  16. Antiqurose thankyou,did the snow get heavy :)
  17. Thankyou for your comment Elisabethan,it is very sparkly :)
  18. I have added some new pics of this and I think it looks like Mdina glass :)
  19. Anyone have any ideas about this please :)
  20. Thankyou maryh1956 :)
  21. Love these:)
  22. Thankyou Roycroftbooksfromme1 :)
  23. Oh how annoying,iv just given it a clean it was quite dirty :)
  24. Thankyou freiheit it is lovely :)
  25. Thanks Virginia.vintage :)
  26. Its quite weighty too :)
  27. Thanks racer4four :)
  28. I love these little fellas,i have one in my collection too ,my Great Gran had a few of them,in hats,apples,boot etc :)
  29. Its not a snow globe :)
  30. They are like gold flekks of something,thankyou shareurpassion :)
  31. Thanks sean68,its luvverly :)
  32. Thanks Elisabethan,i love this its fab :)
  33. Thankyou Elisabethan :)
  34. Thanks nutabotas6 :)
  35. Has anybody seen anything like this,i cant find anything.It really is a gorgeousthing :)
  36. I have just seen something and it suggests it may be a witches ball oil lamp :)
  37. Ha thanks Jewels,it is cute :)
  38. How lovely :)
  39. How lovely :)
  40. Thankyou for your comment wnnrwnnrchkndnnr :)
  41. Oh well I love this :)
  42. How gawgusss :)
  43. Thanks sean68 :)
  44. Thankyou nutsabotas6 :)
  45. Oh well I love this,how gawgusss :)
  46. Oh no that's tragic :)
  47. Aww what happened to it :)
  48. :) Yayy
  49. Mine too :)
  50. Oh well this is gorgeous :)
  51. See more


NORWEGIAN  SHOT CUP Giant Elvis Pez and some Elvis Dolls and Picture .Misc stuff :-) My Surprise from Canada (Walksoft) Beautiful Vase ! HARRACHOV BOWL MILAN METELÁK “MERLETTO” WILLEM STUURMAN (?) ZENITH CRISISGOED Green Glass Flower Vase MICHAEL KENNEDY-IRELAND /VASE Bonevase, Aseda Art glass thorn handle basket Seen one of these? Rindskopf Dark Pink Honeycomb Trefoil Iridescent Vase 12.5" ca 1900 Nouveau Rindskopf Pepita Wave? Pattern Vase 9.25" Kralik In Swirls Purple Green Iridescent Vases


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