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Costume Ring ? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Ring ! What are the stones anyone :) - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Iridescent Paperweight ! - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Pot :-) Devon Ware ? - Potteryin Pottery
Bark Pattern Vase ?? - Glasswarein Glassware
1960s Belt :) - Accessoriesin Accessories
Ring :) - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Glass Decanter ! - Bottlesin Bottles
1971 Talk Up Doll by Mattel :) - Toysin Toys
Swedish Glass  :) - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Venetian Glass ?
  2. Ah right thanks Efesgirl :)
  3. Thankyou both for your comments very interesting :)
  4. Iv just added another pic of the underneath I cant see any marks on it :)
  5. I love the style of it but its very tiny :)
  6. Hi Efesgirl what does that mean I know nothing about jewellery :)
  7. Just had to love this ring again :)
  8. Well I just love this :)
  9. Thanks PastimePro it really is lovely wouldn't it be good to find something out about the pieces :)
  10. Thankyou :)
  11. I still cant find anything out about this glass and its gorgeous :)
  12. I have one too ,lovely :)
  13. How fab :)
  14. Gorgeous :)
  15. Splendivverous :)
  16. Oh how spendivverous :)
  17. Oh well I just love these :)
  18. Oh well I just love this its fab :)
  19. I have a bracelet listed on here with the coral and turquoise stones I love it but the chain has broken and im going to have to have it laser repaired :(
  20. Thanks Gillian I just do not know with this one :)
  21. Thanks AdelC I wouldn't of thought of that I have some Heron Glass mushrooms :)
  22. Katherinescollections I bet they were fab :)
  23. Gorgeous :)
  24. And thanks Inky.Its had a Christmas cactus in it :)
  25. Ha ha olebodie your not the first to say that lol
  26. Thanks for loving this everyone :)
  27. Thanks Karen :)
  28. Thanks Karen :) Thanks Deltab :) Thanks Fleafinder :) Thanks Katherinescollections :)
  29. Hey thanks swfinluv1 I had a look at the link it is the same as the one in the pic just a different colour .Fab thanks :)
  30. Yes vetraio50 the patternand that blue colour it could be :)
  31. Thanks Karen :)
  32. Thanks antiquerose I love it I found another piece iv put on here like a lob sided bottle shape :)
  33. Thanks for loving this everyone :)
  34. Lovely ! Iv got a bracelet like this but the beads are square :)
  35. Hi Karen thanks for the comment.i don't have a clue lol
  36. Hey barroomgirl now that your memory has been proved right you might be able to find one :) thanks for your comment :)
  37. Love this its scrummy :)
  38. Ah your piece of Peacock, lovely :)
  39. This is scummylicious :)
  40. Oh flippin eck this is just scrummy :)
  41. I still have my U2 vinyl from the 80s :)
  42. Well I just love this !
  43. Thanks Karen it was just sitting there on a table as I was about to leave the shop :)
  44. Yes that's right it still works but I was a bit cautious when I pulled it :)
  45. Thanks Efesgirl :)
  46. Good its great :)
  47. Manchester Apollo I waited afterwards and they came outside.Debbie Harry was sat on the coach and I had to pass it through the window to her.Clem Burke,Chris Stein,Jim Destri were standing outside I e...
  48. Really how fab gorgeous arnt they.Cost me £2 .00 bargain .Love it :) thanks to you Vetraio50 :)
  49. Hello Caperkid only just seen your comment.Plastic Letters is early stuff bit of punky feel to it.Very good I love the earlier songs more Oooomph to them :)
  50. I love Blondie have a look at my Blondie records and autographs in my show n tell :)
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FORNASETTI FOR ROSENTHAL-GERMANY " MONGOLFIERE" ANYONE IDENTIFY EXACT ITEM THIS BELONGS TOO? Sommerso Vase by Iwatsu Art Glass NORWEGIAN  SHOT CUP HARRACHOV BOWL MILAN METELÁK “MERLETTO” WILLEM STUURMAN (?) ZENITH CRISISGOED Green Glass Flower Vase Bonevase, Aseda Art glass thorn handle basket Seen one of these? Rindskopf Dark Pink Honeycomb Trefoil Iridescent Vase 12.5" ca 1900 Nouveau Rindskopf Pepita Wave? Pattern Vase 9.25" Kralik In Swirls Purple Green Iridescent Vases


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