Hello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't reaHello Everyone ! I hope you enjoy looking at some of my bits and bobs.For years I have just collected bits that have caught my eye.Until I came on here I didn't realise just how much iv got.Most of it is packed away,its been nice getting it all out.Now I can look at it all on here in one place :) (Read more)


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Italian Empoli Glass !  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bubbly Glass Pot :) - Glasswarein Glassware
Meakin Pottery ! - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Fenton Glass ! - Animalsin Animals
Bagley Glass ? - Art Decoin Art Deco
Pottery made in Italy !! - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Little Mdina Glass Bowl :) - Art Glassin Art Glass
This Glass Vase is Beautiful ! - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Decanter ? - Bottlesin Bottles
Carnival Glass ! - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. Thanks Sean its flippin gorgeous I love it :)
  2. Is this a powder bowl or a sweet bowl :)
  3. Still a mystery :)
  4. I love this :)
  5. Love this :)
  6. Lovely :)
  7. Oh this is lovely :)
  8. Gorgeous :)
  9. Gorgeous :)
  10. And thanks sean68 it is lovely :)
  11. Thanks Nutabotas6 :)
  12. Thanks blunderbuss2 it is a gorgeous bowl and that nice of you to say .
  13. Thanks antiquerose ,the base pics are on :)
  14. Thankyou Alan it measures 9 inches square and 4 high,i cant find a mark on it only tiny scratches on the base ,and thaks also surfdub itt is lovely :)
  15. Thankyou Stillwater,i don't know anything about it.What era do you think its from :)
  16. Thanks Sean68 and surfdub66 id rather put some nice sweets in it :) pref strawberry bon bons :) :) :)
  17. Thanks CindiB,it is the ice blue is gorgeous :)
  18. Gorgeous :)
  19. Gorgeous :)
  20. Thanks it is gorgeous I haven't been able to find anything like it don't know where to look :)
  21. This reminds me of my Great Grans Cornish ware :)
  22. And thanks also phillipdavidalexandermorris :)
  23. Hey thanks Karen,they are very pretty :)
  24. That was supposed to be gorgeous with a smiley face .
  25. Gorgeous ????
  26. Its flippin gorgeous :)
  27. Love this :)
  28. This is fab :)
  29. Oh well I just love this :)
  30. What gorgeousness :)
  31. I love this but I still have not found another :)
  32. Ooo thanks Sean68,i think its prob from the Staffordshire potteries :)
  33. Oh crikey ignore that in tired lol,iv posted mine on show n tell,not the image similar to the above :)
  34. The image that's similar to yours,no :)
  35. Hello iv been trying to find info on a necklace iv put on,iv been on google images and there's something similar on there to this,itt says 1920s .
  36. Me neither lol,iv been looking at images for ages now.I think the metal is brass.My pics don't do it justice.Theres some little blue beads in it too !!
  37. Thanks racer4four,do you think they look 1970s or something :)
  38. Thanks CindB its lovely i love green .
  39. Hi,please glance through my bits n bobs on here.I have a piece of glass a more or less the same colour.I wonder if its the same maker :)
  40. Ooo thankyou very much TallCakes :)
  41. Ooo thankyou for your comment,its lovely.I shall keep looking :)
  42. Oh I love that bubble glass :)
  43. I think these may be Uranium glass !
  44. Hmm wonder what it can be :)
  45. This is gorgeous but I still don't have a clue about a maker :)
  46. Have not been able to find info on this anywhere :)
  47. Thanks AGalWithGlass :)
  48. Oh im so glad you have commented about this vase,iv had it for years and I love it ! Woooo hoooooo :)
  49. Thankyou sunnybrook
  50. Thankyou Virginia :)
  51. See more


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