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I was born in 1986, I have three older siblings, I love Carnival Glass, kayaking, Fishing, and Four wheeling! I have two college degrees and currently working on my I was born in 1986, I have three older siblings, I love Carnival Glass, kayaking, Fishing, and Four wheeling! I have two college degrees and currently working on my third and final one at Central Michigan University, for a Job and Fun I run a small EBay Business, where I sell and buy Glass! This Website is one of the most useful websites and its fun! Best Regards Shawnl86 (Read more)


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Harrach Peach Blown Cruet, Applied Amber Glass Feet & Thorn Handle - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Applied Glass Flower Vases.  Designed by Hosch - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Nouveau Rindskopf Pepita Art Glass Ruffled Edge Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Floriform Art Nouveau Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pink/Cranberry Satin Applied Glass Matching Vase Set - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lovely Cranberry Basket Applied Clear Twist Handle.  Unidentified Maker - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unique Opalescent Vase Vaseline Snake. Maker? Age? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Joe Walsh English Rose Bowl Cranberry JIP Rim Striped Pattern. Maker? - Art Glassin Art Glass
English Honey Comb Vaseline Mustard Pot. Maker? - Art Glassin Art Glass
A Collection of Bohemian and English Applied Glass Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Glass is very addictive... its hard not to admire each one for its own uniqueness in the case of the type of glass we collect being Applied and Cased, even pressed Carnival Glass from the time has it...
  2. The traditional upright vase shape version of these Floriforms are more difficult to find? Beautiful though even as a squatty example , I beleive 8 Inches is still a pretty decent height. As I menti...
  3. Thanks Fran, that is alright, I appreciate this wonderful comment and agree with you in the fact that Cut Uranium is always a pleasure and I would welcome similar pieces into my collection if the chan...
  4. Yes it is very true Scott, I joked years back about us opening up our own Applied Glass Art Museum, seems like we would be able to do just that as many pieces in our collections would compliment each ...
  5. Thanks Fran, it is much more beautiful in person, and thanks Surfdub, I appreciate your comment! Thank you everyone for the loves, Very Appreciated!
  6. Thank you very much Scott, I knew you would enjoy this set. Thank you everyone very much for your feedback, very appreciated.
  7. Thanks Scott, Harrach seemed to use heavier applied glass then most. Thanks everyone for the loves, they are all appreciated.
  8. His face is comical, but in a good way, as if he just found the biggest berry patch in the woods and its time to chow down!
  9. I absolutely Love the Colors, They are Fun, Cheerful and Attractive, I bet it brings a smile every time someone notices in your collection. :)
  10. Very Nice Find Alan! How exciting... the nicest piece of glass I have found at such a place has been a Fenton Cabbage and Rose Vase, which I purchased and gave to my Sister. I wish I could of seen yo...
  11. Wow, that is a Beautiful little jug, however it is not uranium even though it has a faint glow under a blacklight.
  12. Thanks for the Loves and Support!
  13. Thanks Inky, I could see you posting similar pieces. Thanks everyone for the Loves!
  14. Thank you everyone for the loves and continued support!
  15. Thanks Charcoal, I am glad to hear you say that! Inky Thank you very much! I looked over at your own set of these beauties and you have an exceptional collection, and I find that in most cases that is...
  16. Thanks for the Loves Guys!
  17. Sorry Rose, I am not sure, my speciality is in Carnival Glass.
  18. Honestly Inky, after researching my Harrach Peach Blown Cruet, Applied Amber Glass Feet & Thorn Handle, they have very similar applied heavy amber glass, I believe they were by the same maker, and I a...
  19. Thanks again Rose! I do love this one and the metal is in such good condition. I use a rather old camera, I did purchase a newer one however I felt that the photos taken by it were rather dark... a...
  20. Thanks Rose, I agree the feet have a... exquisiteness to them :)
  21. Yes Rose, I try to keep my collection at a certain size which is why through the years I have posted and unposted certain pieces, however as I have grown older my taste in glass has changed considerab...
  22. Well, it is rather large so it is possible! Kidding, yes the colors and size combination does make it a rather exceptional and noticeable :)
  23. Thanks Rose! I understand now why so many collect these amazing Floriforms, although it is much larger in person then I expected, and Peggy, it would seem we both do. :)
  24. Thanks Rose, it has always had a special place in my collection! :)
  25. Cornucopia has always been my favorite, salviati glass comes to my mind. Beautiful piece by the way, i'm sure the sheer size is magnificent in person.
  26. Yay good Job PatSea! Pretty Painting by the way Katherine.
  27. Thanks you LeahG, the two that tested positive for custard is the taller acorn vase, and the folded top vase to the furthest right, I debated about posting the UV reactive photos but decided not to. ...
  28. Thanks for the continued Loves on this piece, if anyone has the slightest suggestion for a age or maker, I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
  29. Thanks Inky, I have looked over your Unidentified bowl a few times, and I would love to find one of its twins... and Thanks Lambda for your very unique comment!
  30. Thanks Everyone for the continued Support the last 4 - 5 years. I have actually looked through some of my collection as I am preparing to move here in a few months so many need to be repacked to ensu...
  31. Such a colorful and cheerful vase... I love it.
  32. I just purchased a example myself, my first one. They are much larger in person then I expected.
  33. I have found that this type of glass is attractive, one of my glass books has a chapter dedicated to Heckert glass, it is charming.
  34. Love the Spatter, it gives the vase such a cheerful character.
  35. I think you have wonderful taste in glass, Beautiful Rose Bowl!
  36. Lovely Bowl Lise, I have a few examples of Northwood's Peacock at the Urn, in custard and Marigold. It is a excellent pattern in my opinion, and each manufacturer, Northwood, Fenton, and Millersburg h...
  37. Thanks Robin!
  38. Thanks Rose! I appreciate the comment! The snow is finally melting here as well, it has been a very cold Winter here in Michigan this year, the 1972 record, I believe was broken for the coldest februa...
  39. Thanks for the Loves :)
  40. Thanks Kivatinitz for the loves :)
  41. Thanks Kivatinitz, I rarely get lucky when I shop in stores, when I do get a wonderful deal, I am very happy! Thanks for the Loves!
  42. Thanks for the Loves guys!
  43. Thanks Lise, I appreciate the comment & Love! :)
  44. This is a wonderful example of antique applied glass glass Lise, the vase has excellent butterscotch coloring.
  45. Thanks for the loves guys! Appreciated
  46. Sklo Thank you for your kind words, I agree this vase has wonderful characteristics, and again Scott & Inky, I appreciate your comments as well you guys are wonderful! Thanks everyone for the loves, e...
  47. Thanks Sklo, I agree I do love antique glass Tableware, in the fact that it was such a combination of functionality and beauty, also Thank you so much for this information, it makes perfect sense now,...
  48. Thanks Rose, I can say the same about your Kralik Martele Vase set! Again Thanks Surfdub, Scott, I think your flowered example of this vase style is incredible! and Fran as always your friendly comme...
  49. Thanks Surfdub, its always good to hear from a fellow Glowing Glass enthusiast! Thanks again racer4four, your description is both thoughtful and funny, reading it gave me a good chuckle! Thanks ever...
  50. Oh this is a tough one, honestly antiquerose, I almost always attribute this type of glass to Stevens Williams, however I am almost certain that half of them at least were made by other glass houses, ...
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