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I was born in 1986, I have three older siblings, I love Carnival Glass, kayaking, Fishing, and Four wheeling! I have two college degrees and currently working on my I was born in 1986, I have three older siblings, I love Carnival Glass, kayaking, Fishing, and Four wheeling! I have two college degrees and currently working on my third and final one at Central Michigan University, for a Job and Fun I run a small EBay Business, where I sell and buy Glass! This Website is one of the most useful websites and its fun! Best Regards Shawnl86 (Read more)


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Frank Welz? Blue Opalescent Herringbone Tripod Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Imperial Smooth Panel Marigold on Moonstone Ultra Flared Mini Vase - Glasswarein Glassware
Stevens Williams Cased Pink Glass with Applied Amber Handle Ewer - Art Glassin Art Glass
Sabino Style Candle Sticks - Lampsin Lamps
Unknown Opalescent & Vaseline Czech or English Rigaree Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bohemian or English Footed Brides Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz or Kralik White Smooth Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rückl or Kralik? Shell Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Pink, Vaseline Floriforms Hydra Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Mystery Cased Glass Brides Bowl in Pink Salmon Slag?  - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Nutsabotas6! Sorry about the slow response.
  2. Love it!
  3. Thanks Everyone for the support though the years, it inspires me to keep posting! :)
  4. Thanks everyone for the continued support!
  5. I understand Nutsabotas6, we all have our preferences
  6. Thanks Vaselinealley! Is Czech Glass considered Bohemian Leah?
  7. Thanks Czechman, I wish I had the lid!, and Thanks for the Loves Guys!
  8. Thanks for the love everyone! :)
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys! :)
  10. Thanks for the loves guys!
  11. Rose you'll have to post it! :) Thank you very much Mac! I think you may have solved this mystery! And of course thanks every for the feedback!
  12. Thanks Moonstone! And that is surprising Welzebub, maybe this is a rare example?
  13. Reminds me of lily pads on a lake, the japanese are fond of such! Very Nice!
  14. The Beauty that can be achieved by Glass always seems to amaze me, no matter how many pieces I have seen, these two are no exception to that rule!
  15. Thanks for the Loves Guys! Anyone want to take a Shot at who produced these Candle Sticks?
  16. Thanks Sean for the Nice Comment! And Thanks Moonstone for the Love! :)
  17. Thanks for the Loves Everyone!
  18. Thanks for the Loves Guys!
  19. Its been a long time and I know there are new faces here on CW, if anyone has any information on this piece Id love to hear it! Thanks in advance.
  20. Thanks for the continued support!
  21. Thanks Fran, I love the fact that these flowers are so colorful, and I have many other pieces with the same, which makes them look for like a collection!
  22. Thanks for the Loves! :D
  23. Oh I agree, definitely an eye catcher :)
  24. Knutte, Thanks! I agree Northwood Custard is one of my favorites I have several pieces, mostly carnival glass variations produced in Custard, sorry I don't know of any.
  25. Thank you very much you have an excellent collection as well Fran :)
  26. I agree! I love that aspect as weird as it sounds!
  27. Thanks Inky! I appreciate the nice comment! :)
  28. Thank you all so much for the information, I enjoyed reading each suggestion given, as they were all excellent and well thought out, and Thanks for the loves as well!
  29. No Problem, Fran and Freiheit! Glad to help out fellow collectors! :D
  30. Thanks Charles! Look at that its a similar vase in lovely green! They could be twins! and I agree Sean! :)
  31. Thanks everyone for the loves! Fran and Racer4four, Thanks for the wonderful comments! :D
  32. Thanks Fran! It is rather simple which made me hesitant at first but, in the end I felt it was actually a lovely piece! :)
  33. Freiheit, I believe if you look long enough on eBay, you'll eventually find anything you could imagine! Bex and Fran, Brides bowls are and large bowls often times which can be placed in metal holders ...
  34. Stunning Ruby!
  35. I agree Fran those colors are amazing! Definitely Beautiful :)
  36. Mmm… Those grapes look good enough to eat! Superb pieces! You've got yourself quite a fantastic collection in the last year congratulations! :)
  37. I love pieces with such colorful schemes, reminds me of Cotton Candy! :)
  38. It might be modern but its still an awesome piece!
  39. Beautiful piece! Must of been such a talented artist to make such a creation!
  40. I love Brides bowls with little feet! adds such a sophisticated touch!
  41. Absolutely Fantastic Color Scheme!
  42. Applied Glass one of my favorites! Great piece! :)
  43. Lovely Colors and Design!
  44. Super Lush Red at the base, an excellent touch!
  45. Absolutely Love the Base on this Compote!
  46. I lost the bid on a very similar vase as number 4….. I wonder! Very Lovely!
  47. Lovely Colors! I have a similar Creamer.
  48. What a unique Lamp!
  49. That roaster has a Beautiful Blue to him! :)
  50. Love the variation of sizes, and color but the similar shape! Kinda like a family :)
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