I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some things go. I'm running out of room! Istarted with Mccoy cookie jars way back when and they still hold a place in my heart. (Read more)


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Nite Stand?  More of Mom's stuff. - Furniturein Furniture
more of Mom's chairs - Furniturein Furniture
Hitchcock chair - Furniturein Furniture
Beautiful Irridescent Tall Lamp with raised flower design. - Lampsin Lamps
Opalescent Cranberry Ribbed Pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kerosene Lamp? - Lampsin Lamps
Tiny DieCast Harley Davidson Motorcycles - Model Carsin Model Cars
WWII Souvenir Pipe from Czech - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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Silver Flatware by E.V. Haughwout circa 1870 - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. Lovely and look at all the colors in that stone!
  2. Thanks PostCard It's a lovely chair, love the stencil. My grandfather caned chairs so maybe he replaced the seat. Maybe you should put yours back together?
  3. Excellent color and artwork.
  4. Stunning!
  5. Love it! How unique!
  6. I hope I can get myself a treadle machine before I die! Am trying to go as non-electric as possible and it is fun and challenging!
  7. Thank you Phil. I appreciate your knowledge!
  8. Domo arigato Mr. Roboto!
  9. Hi collect49, thanks for your comment. I think it was made in Japan in the 50-60's. The dome is plastic. I have seen a few flying pendulum clocks online but not exactly like the one above. It's a ...
  10. Love the shape! Very Cool!
  11. cool info pajrr! Neat lamp AntiqueMatti!
  12. Jethro Bodine, haha good one. Interesting item!
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. Beautiful! love the carved leaf pulls!
  15. Beautiful! Sometimes I call that shape a rose bowl, don't know if that is correct or not but a beautiful jardinière all the same!
  16. Thanks Hunter! I realized my problem was with Picasa, the editing site I use. But I appreciated your input!
  17. Don't know who made it but I immediately thought of ribbon candy! Nice!
  18. Love it! My Dad had one from a local bank here in Massachusetts and he used to keep Indian Head pennies in it.
  19. Beautiful!
  20. Good idea LovelyPat! I will check some more. Thank you!
  21. Groovy!
  22. Wow! What a great piece!
  23. Thanks Caperkid. I'm in Mansfield, a short drive from Attleboro!
  24. Thanks Rick55.
  25. Cats and clocks in the same place? I love it! How curious and wonderful! Hope we hear more about this piece.!
  26. Yes, smells like peppermint! I have a pitcher and cruet in the same glass but have never seen anything that size. Wonderful!
  27. Beautiful piece!
  28. I don't know much about bottles except I like ones like this!
  29. Great find! Persistence pays off!
  30. Ok this is very cool! Never saw the bowling ball style before!
  31. Great! Never saw one before and I find the older clocks fascinating! Would love to see more!
  32. Hi tstew, I was searching for a lamp and saw your post. I think your style is called a parlor lamp, maybe that will help your search. I will try to post a link I found, hope it works! http://opent...
  33. Thanks blunderbuss2.
  34. Totally cool! I would ride it everyday!
  35. I love it! I am not familiar with this mfg. and look forward to learning more. She is so sweet and the ruffle of her dress is charming!
  36. Thanks vetraio50!
  37. Thanks martika! Thanks to Dizzydave I learned that the artist was Robert Cooke.
  38. Great link, thank you very much!
  39. Really, ok! Now I need to get educated on this. Do you know when Parian Ware was popular? Thanks alot Dizzy!
  40. Very cool, love her!
  41. I'm back for my second look at this! What is it about telephones that attracts me so much? Maybe because I remember using a dial phone, lol. Great piece!
  42. whaatttt? That is wild! Love it Sean!
  43. Very cool!
  44. Hi filmnet, The name is E.V. Haughwout & Co.
  45. My son recently acquired this knife to add to his wonderful collection of WW2 items.
  46. Thanks for the info valentino97. I have seen some reference to Czech as well and you verified it. And yes that Morning Glory site is awesome!!!
  47. Dr Fluffy, what a wonderful link you provided for Haskell Jewelry!
  48. Thank you to all of you for your help and direction. I will look at the above link and keep searching. So much fun!
  49. Love it!
  50. How beautiful! Very nice find!
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