I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some things go. I'm running out of room! Istarted with Mccoy cookie jars way back when and they still hold a place in my heart. (Read more)


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Mexico Watercolor and Ink in faux bamboo frame 
Toy Invasion Barge and Tank 1943  Wood Commodities - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Carved wood bank with cottage scene Ukranian message on label - Folk Artin Folk Art
Footed Teal Glass Vase with Applied Handles - Art Glassin Art Glass
Heart shaped green swirl glass bowl with ruffled edge - Glasswarein Glassware
Lucite? handle Folding Knife - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
A washstand mirror with drawer and towel bar - Furniturein Furniture
Horsehoes? found in an old house - Animalsin Animals
Cut glass low bowl signed by Hawkes - Glasswarein Glassware
Signed Tuthill creamer ab cut glass - Glasswarein Glassware


  1. thanks Sean, nice to here from you! I love this funky bank!
  2. thanks all! Yes you are right Phil, perfect for a sunroom!
  3. I recently listed a taller vase in much the same color!
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. If you have a storage problem I'll take it off your hands. I love old stoves!
  6. Thanks blunderbuss2 and fortapache for your comments. I don't think mum had a secret life, she is still here with me at 98. But dad? That's another story! There are tutorials on Youtube as to how ...
  7. Thanks fhrjr2, I will try that!
  8. Let's see, I drive a car that is 20 years old, I think I can fit the bill just fine. Isn't it funny that things work like that? Thanks for the humorous comment!
  9. Hi AmberRose, how nice to receive a welcome back? I really haven't gone anywhere but other tasks have kept me from this site. I look forward to see what you have collected since I went on "vacation"...
  10. Thanks fhrj2! I know what you mean about the city folk and the country folk! One of my kids lives in NH and I love it when yard sale season comes around, great finds, great prices and great people t...
  11. A great piece! I remember taking my bicycle around the corner to the nearby Mom and Pop store for air. I loved cranking the handle because of the ringing sound it made. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Wow, love it!
  13. I love old phone and for $5 even better!
  14. I looked at under Noritake crystal treasure and saw one called a single light candle holder.
  15. I love chairs and this one is beautiful!
  16. You are welcome, Vintagefran! I had never heard of him either. I guess this piece will remain a mystery for now!
  17. Very cool!
  18. I don't have that book. I'll check and see if the library does. Thanks!
  19. Thanks Mark! I tried looking for it as well and found myself getting a headache trying to recognize every little detail. I will now look it up in my books.
  20. Moonstonelover21 thank you so much for your knowledge. I used to ride horses at one time but I don't have the experience and talent you have. Thanks so much! Mystery solved!
  21. walksoftly, you are an encyclopedia of information! I had never heard of that before. Thanks for the link, I will check it out now.
  22. Bummer, are you sure? I am trying to sell this piece for a mom with a disabled son. They really need some money. Do you think it has any value? Thanks
  23. How lovely! You have such a wonderful collection.
  24. Beautiful!
  25. thanks, i love them!
  26. hahahaha! Haven't heard that in a while!
  27. Thanks Loumanal, who would have thought that Teleflora wares would be so artsy? They have come a long way! I appreciate you commenting on it and solving the mystery.
  28. Hmm. Charles Dickens, why not? I will check out his profile. Thanks Militarist!
  29. Beautiful colors and painting. A real treasure!
  30. Great style and design. I wonder how it sounds? thanks for posting
  31. Supercool!
  32. Love the look! Great find!
  33. Thanks so much! I will check them out carefully. I would love to see my canoe in it's original glory again!
  34. Great site bushrat! Thanks for referring us to it! The canoe I spoke of has much sentimental value. It first belonged to my Grandfather, who was a game warden in this area from the 1930's -1950's...
  35. Great story. Ican't remember how many times I tipped mine over. It is 17 feet long and very tippy. You are not alone!
  36. That is an awesome canoe! I bet the paddle was the best ever! I have a 1949 Old Town, canvas and mahogany and cane seats. Boy they knew how to make them didn't they? Congrats on a great find!
  37. Great addiction as far as I am concerned. Go for it!
  38. Wonderful pieces! Love them! Thanks for sharing them!
  39. Gorgeous Big Tex! I love amber colored glass, I love animals and I love this piece! Nice find1
  40. Beautiful! I have been in love with glass for a long time, especially crackle glass. The purple color is awesome! Nice find!
  41. Hi luv 3, your hutch is awesome. As suggested by scottvez, check out my listing shown above. They look like long lost relatives. I wish I knew more about it, maker, use etc. Would love to hear a...
  42. scottvez you are a great furniture detective! Although the pieces have different hardware they sure look similar. I was looking at my piece the other day saying I should get rid of it but now you ha...
  43. How beautiful Phil! So graceful and calm, those were the days.
  44. thank you so much, too much! That is a great suggestion and makes a lot of sense. I will keep looking thankks to your comment!
  45. Thanks very much twentiethc, I don't know much about Murano and the Fratelli Toso site is beautiful! I appreciate your help.
  46. I'm not usually attracted to green but this is beautiful!
  47. Still trying to picture that.
  48. I agree Attwood, it is addictive. Scrotum purse? Now that is a bit weird1
  49. Love these! If you need a home for the kitty I can take him!
  50. very cool!
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