I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some I'm a New Englander, always looking for the unusual trinkets, glass and tools. I've been collecting for quite a while now and have realized that I have to let some things go. I'm running out of room! Istarted with Mccoy cookie jars way back when and they still hold a place in my heart. (Read more)


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WWII Souvenir Pipe from Czech - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
A favorite piece from Mom's Estate - Figurinesin Figurines
Silver Flatware by E.V. Haughwout circa 1870 - Kitchenin Kitchen
Sweet, gentle image - Paperin Paper
Early Miriam Haskell Frank Hess? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Tonsberg Hammered Aluminum Wall Hanging with wood candleholders.  - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Retro Anchor Hocking Yellow Cased glass - Glasswarein Glassware
Retro Anchor Hocking? cased yellow glass with clear daisy - Glasswarein Glassware
Mexico Watercolor and Ink in faux bamboo frame 
Toy Invasion Barge and Tank 1943  Wood Commodities - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Hi tstew, I was searching for a lamp and saw your post. I think your style is called a parlor lamp, maybe that will help your search. I will try to post a link I found, hope it works! http://opent...
  2. Thanks blunderbuss2.
  3. OMG I love these items! Reminds me of the good old days when playing with plastic guns wouldn't mean jail time. I loved cap guns and water guns too!
  4. Totally cool! I would ride it everyday!
  5. I love it! I am not familiar with this mfg. and look forward to learning more. She is so sweet and the ruffle of her dress is charming!
  6. Thanks vetraio50!
  7. Thanks martika! Thanks to Dizzydave I learned that the artist was Robert Cooke.
  8. Great link, thank you very much!
  9. Really, ok! Now I need to get educated on this. Do you know when Parian Ware was popular? Thanks alot Dizzy!
  10. Very cool, love her!
  11. I'm back for my second look at this! What is it about telephones that attracts me so much? Maybe because I remember using a dial phone, lol. Great piece!
  12. whaatttt? That is wild! Love it Sean!
  13. Very cool!
  14. Hi filmnet, The name is E.V. Haughwout & Co.
  15. My son recently acquired this knife to add to his wonderful collection of WW2 items.
  16. Thanks for the info valentino97. I have seen some reference to Czech as well and you verified it. And yes that Morning Glory site is awesome!!!
  17. Dr Fluffy, what a wonderful link you provided for Haskell Jewelry!
  18. Thank you to all of you for your help and direction. I will look at the above link and keep searching. So much fun!
  19. Love it!
  20. How beautiful! Very nice find!
  21. Hi jfdiow! Thanks for your reply. You are right about the weaving aspect. This piece is not weighted but I have since discovered that there is a piece missing which guided the whole operation. I l...
  22. I must admit I don't know much about your country. I do know that if you come across an item that you really love it is a collectible! I would imagine you come across some local art that we never ha...
  23. I love your stoneware jugs. Have not seen that type around here. The decanters are beautiful also. I have a similar one like on the far right. Happy collecting and thanks for sharing.
  24. Thanks all. I am sure you will find this site wonderful and the people are the best!
  25. Anchor hocking said they have no historian and referred me to the collector books I already have.
  26. Riply206, thanks for this new info. I haven't heard of these companies before and will check them out. I will also try to get a pic of the anchor. thanks again!
  27. Thanks so much. I never thought to go straight to the horses mouth, as they say. Perhaps I can find out who they were made for. Appreciate your help!
  28. thanks WeirdPuckett, I have never seen them before either. The mug is hefty, I imagine it would hold 12 oz!
  29. thanks for all the love!
  30. Hi TallCakes, thanks! Do you think these are newer? The mark is just an anchor, no box around it. I wish I could find another picture of them.
  31. Thanks racer4four. They are very cool, and a mystery!
  32. Nice. I love restaurant ware!
  33. thanks Sean, nice to here from you! I love this funky bank!
  34. thanks all! Yes you are right Phil, perfect for a sunroom!
  35. I recently listed a taller vase in much the same color!
  36. Gorgeous!
  37. If you have a storage problem I'll take it off your hands. I love old stoves!
  38. Thanks blunderbuss2 and fortapache for your comments. I don't think mum had a secret life, she is still here with me at 98. But dad? That's another story! There are tutorials on Youtube as to how ...
  39. Thanks fhrjr2, I will try that!
  40. Let's see, I drive a car that is 20 years old, I think I can fit the bill just fine. Isn't it funny that things work like that? Thanks for the humorous comment!
  41. Hi AmberRose, how nice to receive a welcome back? I really haven't gone anywhere but other tasks have kept me from this site. I look forward to see what you have collected since I went on "vacation"...
  42. Thanks fhrj2! I know what you mean about the city folk and the country folk! One of my kids lives in NH and I love it when yard sale season comes around, great finds, great prices and great people t...
  43. A great piece! I remember taking my bicycle around the corner to the nearby Mom and Pop store for air. I loved cranking the handle because of the ringing sound it made. Thanks for posting it.
  44. Wow, love it!
  45. I love old phone and for $5 even better!
  46. I love chairs and this one is beautiful!
  47. You are welcome, Vintagefran! I had never heard of him either. I guess this piece will remain a mystery for now!
  48. Very cool!
  49. I don't have that book. I'll check and see if the library does. Thanks!
  50. Thanks Mark! I tried looking for it as well and found myself getting a headache trying to recognize every little detail. I will now look it up in my books.
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