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Art Deco Jam Jar - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sportsman French Art Deco Knife Rests--Part 2 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Sportsman French Art Deco Knife Rests--Part 1 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Mournful Art Deco Display - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco General Electric Alencon Mantle Clock - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco GE Mirage Clock - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Dole Valve Candelabra - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Sakier Fishbowl Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Photo Arrangement with Dura Frame - Art Decoin Art Deco
Art Deco Bakelite Box - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. This is such a funky item!
  2. Looks great. Please check out the restored Zenith chairside model in my collection.
  3. Mystery solved. Thanks for all the help in identifying the designer.
  4. Mystery solved. Thanks for all the help in identifying the designer.
  5. Thank you so much! Now I need to find more information on Pierre Devouge. And I see I'm missing some really nice ones from the set!
  6. Hi me, it looks like a P.V.. But I could be's very hard to see.
  7. Yes...I've tried my best to get a picture of the very small hallmark and added it above. To me, it looks like a P.V....any help in identifying it would be great. Thanks.
  8. I need a dozen of these.
  9. Hi Tony...the mark is so small, but I took some pics of it and will email it to you. It looks like P.V. to me. Sending it now. Let me know if you can identify it!
  10. Too cool...
  11. Thank you! They are fabulous. If we lived together, our house would be bursting with Art Deco (mine is already)
  12. Have one too! Speaking of bygone dining items, check out my deco knife rests that I posted today. :)
  13. Art Deco period. I would guess it's circa 1930's. Is there a patent number on it? If so, you can look up the date then.
  14. Nice piece. This is mostly likely an Art Deco Heisey vase in the Nimrod pattern designed by Wilhelm Hunt Diederich. You can see a similar piece here:
  15. There are two similar Rainbault clocks for sale on Ebay now if anyone is looking for one: http://w...
  16. I'm moving to Valencia then with my collection. ;)
  17. Thanks guys...I love these too! I also agree with you, Racer, about the prices in the Millers' guides being over inflated. I often wonder how they calculate market value for items in their guides.
  18. I don't know who is in the photo. It's a reproduction photo that I recently bought on Ebay out of the UK. I think it goes great with the frame.
  19. Oh you definitely are. It's so whimsical. BTW, I've uploaded pics of my red Dura frame today.
  20. Aww...I want this!
  21. Thank you....these are the efforts of years of collecting. I just collect what I like, but Art Deco is not everyone's taste. I'm always amazed how modern these items look, even by today's standards...
  22. Yes, that price for those Chase vases on 1st Dibs is absurd, as is much of the items that are for sale on there. There are Chase items that are very valuable, but these vases, although of classic Mac...
  23. Fantastic. I've been hoping to acquire a piece of Art Deco dinanderie for some time now.
  24. I believe it's a cocktail shaker/pitcher from the deco period.
  25. I'm just trying to encourage your passion ;)
  26. I think this clock that just appeared on Ebay would be a nice compliment to yours:
  27. Thanks! I'll try to post the Coors skyscraper vase sometime soon.
  28. Great Deco pottery piece...I have the same shape in a peachy-orange color, as well as one in the skyscraper shape.
  29. I also have a square Dura frame with a red bakelite tear drop base, which I bought about a year ago on Ebay. I just ordered a vintage photograph for it, and once it arrives and I frame it, I'm going ...
  30. Wow...that's a great buy! The last black one I bought at an antique store was about $100.00, which is a fair price for the frame. As the become more collectible and rare, the prices are going up on ...
  31. Great find! This is a circular Dura Company frame designed by Kurt Rettich. I collect these as well, and I have two with the black bakelite bases and one in green. You can see mine here: http:...
  32. Amazing cobalt collection. Looks fantastic together.
  33. Love this lamp!
  34. Amazing.
  35. Beautiful...Reimann is a desirable designer. These deco candleholders I have are attributed to Reimann as well:
  36. Great clock and +1 for your CW login name. :)
  37. I found one for sale on Ebay if anyone is looking to purchase one:
  38. didn't tell me you had one like mine And you got your's at a bargain basement price.
  39. Hi...I have this exact same clock, but it needs to be refurbished. Do you do such work on your own clocks or can you point me to whoever you might use for such projects? I'd love to get mine looking ...
  40.'s possible he designed yours for Taylor, since he designed this similar one for Taylor:
  41. Sean...interesting. Are you sure that's the right number? That patent number does show this 1926 barometer which is not designed by Teague (click on images on the site):
  42. Nice Sean...does yours have a patent number on it somewhere? I've discovered that a lot of deco items get mistakenly attributed to the wrong designers, especially the more famous ones such as Teague. ...
  43. This is amazing.
  44. Thank you for the correction on the discus thrower...edited accordingly!
  45. Not's a metal "silver alloy" similar to chrome.
  46. Nice...has this one been professionally refinished? A lot of these old Art Deco radios are being refinished by radio collectors, and they look amazing when done properly.
  47. Beautiful collection. You should join us on the group called "Cocktail Shaker Collectors" on Facebook run by Stephen Visakay, the guru of cocktail shaker collectors.
  48. Thank you! There is so much more in my collection. My goal is to upload pics of my collection through out this year.
  49. This looks very similar to a newer cocktail shaker manufactured by Restoration Hardware in the shape of a polar bear: I wouldn't be surprised if...
  50. These are very cool and increasingly collectable.
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