Madrid, Spain

Did you ever wondered what happens when one collector meets another, they fall in love and finally do "the merge of the collections"? ;)


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Rindskopf "snake skin" vase  -  ???   - Art Glassin Art Glass
Anonymous Valencian vase,  (Spain, ca. 1960) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Organic vase, Moloza (Spain, ca. 1960) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Peyró vase/jug (Spain, 1950s) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Helge Østerberg vase. Denmark 1950s/60s - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Four unknown ca. 1900 glass vases. Help needed (II) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Four unknown ca. 1900 glass vases. Help needed  (I) - Art Glassin Art Glass
PAPAIA vase, Laura Díaz de Santillana (Arcade -Italy-, 2001) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Crackle glaze figurines by Hans Stangl (Rosenthal, 1953/1956) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
FIRE candle holders, Nathalie Lahdenmäki (Arabia, 2001) - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. It is, thanks Amber! Also thanks to Moonstone, vet and agh for your love!!! Won't be answering in a few days... I'll be swimming in a sea of Guinness ;) Happy Easter everybody
  2. great design!
  3. it should stop being a mystery... they're so beautiful the maker deserves to be known :)
  4. Ignacio Gallo was a Spanish sculptor I had never heard of until today :) All I've been able to find out is that he was studying in Paris around 1912...
  5. Grrrrreat!
  6. isn't this amazing?
  7. Shamalamadingdong??? hahaha, Amber, I like this as much as the title!!! :P
  8. But Fran... it is glass! :)
  9. You're right Anne... they're totally awkward to use!!! I had mine in my bedroom, on the bedside table (their ring is pretty nice) and they looked fab there, but always used to cut peploe off!!! :)
  10. Thanks everybody for your love and comments!!! I'm glad you like it!!! I've been out for the weekend in Northern Spain... a wonderful part of the country that's virtually unknown abroad, that's ...
  11. Compared to yours my lightbox is SO trashy!!! :)
  12. At more or less the same time Val Saint Lambert made triangular designs as well, although theirs were not very big... Except for the candleholder they are not great weapons unless you use them with N...
  13. Thanks for your loves and comments Sean, Vet, Amber, Agh and Mani! Well, i do guess it's a rooster-inspired vase :) At least not alien this time ;) Oh, i forgot to tell this is a small vase, ...
  14. Thanks geo!!!
  15. No info about the designer, sorry :$
  16. Yes,racer, that's not unusual! I remember the furniture at my parents when they got married.. modern 60s stuff, beautiful tables, not great design but yes modern and yet solid stuff. My parents did...
  17. Wooow, vetraio already said everything I had to say here :) He really is amazing!!!
  18. Thanks fledermaus. Any "love" coming from you is always an important one :)
  19. Thanks for loving it Moonstone, Elisabethan, surfdub, GTMOOM, vet and lisa! :)
  20. Thanks Mani, nutsabotas and agh!!! :) I also love it (only it would be to tacky for me to presss the button ;) LOL LOL LOL)
  21. Armani... no wonder they're so elegant! :) It's a great design. I love the way it is (they are) built!
  22. Thanks nutsabotas and GTMOOM! (@nutsabotas : may I shorten your name to nuts or does it sound terribly awful?)
  23. Such a beautiful decor! the colours are simply amazing!
  24. and what about that amazing armchair on the third pic? :P
  25. You've got an amazing photography collection too!!!! Love them all
  26. Those are fantastic! Made me remember my mother's plastic earrings from the 60s!
  27. This is simply amazing!!! :P
  28. It's funny how she made this amazing organic designs and then, when she created her own company, she made everything departing from simple geometric shapes. My guess is that she sort of designed this,...
  29. I wish!!! After Wirkkala's bottle was discontined they commissioned Harri Koskinen to design one, which I don't know why, but has been already discontinued and now they sell their vodka in a "nice" b...
  30. Thanks nutsabotas!! @Racer. Yes he is, why?
  31. Kaija Aarikka is a great designer. Got a big bowl from her ans it's a piece i will always love
  32. Wooow, that's big!!!
  33. By the way, I totally forgot to add all the pictures I took from this piece... I just added tghe remaining three, so please take a look at them!
  34. Thanks racer! Peyró was one of the greatest in Valencian pottery at his time. The museum have a catalogue online, but you must search by name and it doesn't really show much unless you know what ...
  35. Mmmm... I think he wouldn't have arrived to be such a good designer making a design from 1900 in the 1930s ;) although the WW fits ;) I've found out that there were quite a few companies imit...
  36. That's so very interesting :) Hope to see some of those pieces soon!!!
  37. Thanks Manikin!!!
  38. Thanks Fluffy and Mani!!!
  39. Thanks Sean! Also thanks to Amber, Violet, Vet and Agh!!!
  40. Mystery solved!!! The potter who made this was Helge Osterberg!!! I've edited the text so you can read about it!!!
  41. Thanks for your love Amber, mike, racer, vet, DrFluffy, surf, Monnstone, agh and Sean!!!! and of course Jensen for your helpful inputs!
  42. So kitsch! love them :)
  43. Really outstanding! I love, love, love this vase!!
  44. It is very beautiful!!! and the pewter mount is really nice.
  45. I've just sent emails to a couple of my "Danish dealers" just in case they know something about this vase. I hope I'll get good news from any of them!!! Let's cross fingers!!!
  46. So he would work like the Delvaux shop in Paris, commissioning items and selling them with their own name... it could be an option :) Still, it would be necessary to finf out whom they commissioned ...
  47. a glass gummy bear!!! :P
  48. Love it very much!!! I've got this weakness for Danish teak items and items such as this
  49. You're welcome mssue64!!!
  50. But you could use it as a soap dish if you want! ;)
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