Madrid, Spain

Did you ever wonder what happens when one collector meets another, they fall in love and finally do "the merge of the collections"? ;)


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GEMINI ashtray, Umeda (Onorato -Milano-, 1970) - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Art books collection, unknown designer (Spain, 1919) - Booksin Books
LADY chair and sofa, Marco Zanusso (Arflex, 1951) - Furniturein Furniture
Art Deco Veilleuse. Daum Frères, 1920s. - Lampsin Lamps
Anonymous black hanging lamp (ca.1960?) - Lampsin Lamps
DEDALINO pencil holders, Emma Gismondi Schweinberger (Artemide, 1966) - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Pileo lamp, Gae Aulenti (Artemide, ca. 1972) - Lampsin Lamps
DALU lamp, Vico Magistretti (Artemide, 1969) - Lampsin Lamps
Mirror frame, Michael Powolny (Wiener Keramik & Gmunder Keramik, ca. 1913) - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Decorative plate in the shape of a Greek warrior’s head. Roger Capron, 1950s. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. I love it when you say: "I think we are all collectible :-) do they have a category for us ? " By the way, so cute ;) And thanks for the great story!!!
  2. I love them! They're excellent! That of the dark haired guy I like A LOT!!! :)
  3. Thanks Sean!!!
  4. It's a great chair and not that difficult to repair... plus any carpenter/cabinet maker would be so happy to work with it! If you restore it, please share pictures of the before and after! ;)
  5. Thanks for your love mike, ho2cultcha and jensen!!!
  6. Thanks geo, agh and amber for loving!!!!
  7. Well, as far as there's responsible people at the table... I've used mine several times and, of course, it takes special care when wasi¡hing them, etc... but really, it's a nice pleasure to use them...
  8. By the way, I just did a google search on Tom Tierney and found out he passed away on July 12th. Oh, so sad!!! :'(
  9. I think I still could make some for you! ;)
  10. Thanks Virginia!!! Aso thanks to vetraio and racer!!! I wold have like to include a picture of one of the pages displaying Rosales's work, but I think these are more interesting. Whenever I find...
  11. The shape is amazing!!!
  12. Of course they're older!!! The Kartio series was originally designed by Franck at Nuutajärvi Notsjö and its pieces were mouthblown. When this company became a part of Iittala it took most of the Ittal...
  13. wooooow, it's so simple and beautiful!!!
  14. Thanks for loving Lee and ho2cultcha! Lee, i though you already knew these...
  15. But I guess I'll share some in the future... it all depends on the furniture we're taking there :)
  16. Thanks Moonhill!!! We were very lucky to get three of these vases. I guess it's also very impressive seeing 12 vases atonce when you see the four pictures of the post :)
  17. So beautiful!!!
  18. Thanks Moonhill! The glaze finishing looks really delicate indeed
  19. No Sean, this pic is of the living room in "the other house", which is in "the other city". The studio is in Madrid and is under refurbishment right now. Did I share a picture of it right now it would...
  20. Thanks very much for loving it kivatinitz! Also thanks and sorry for the delay, to ho2cultcha, smiata, Mani, freiheit and Michelle!!!
  21. Thanks for loving it colori, cosaw, Alfrdo and smiata!!! So glad you like them!!!
  22. Thanks for your love, manddmoir!!!
  23. I am such a big fan of London double deckers!!! :)
  24. Thanks for loving antiquerose, colori and Lise!!!
  25. Thanks Moonstone for loving them!!! And thanks who all of you who love d it... I missed the track of who was the one i gave my thanks to :/ sorry
  26. Thanks to you foe your love!!! Also thanks to mcheconi, tom, violet and ho2cultcha!!!
  27. I think these were designed by Moyr Smith. My best riend collects these Minton/Moyr Smith tiles :) Not sure about this series, but there's sooo many colour variations for these tiles! I should ta...
  28. I always loved paper-dolls... When I was a kid I used to spend most of my time with my neghbourg downstairs, Silvia, who was born the very same week I was. I used to draw paper-dolls for her and made...
  29. When they were bought they had a cream and garnett striped fabric... strange for this design :) And we were told one of the intermediate layers in the smaller chair displayed a very tropical palm t...
  30. Thanks Mani for loving it! It's quite a modest lamp, but love its design!
  31. So beautiful, cogito!!!
  32. Thanks Icollect for your love too!!!
  33. Amber, marty, vet, Phil, shareurpassion, Sean, mike, Radegunder, geo, Mani, aghcollect: thanks so very much for loving it!!! Mani, thanks so much for your kind words!!! I wish we could be closer t...
  34. Thanks miederman and antiquerose for your love!!!
  35. Thanks antiquerose!!!
  36. Thanks for loving it Manim and don't worry, ther's plenty of time to catch up anytime you want to :) You're always sooo kind and lovely!
  37. Such an amazing vase!
  38. Thanks so very much for loving it, Alfredo!
  39. Thanks for your love Manikin, MrsWarren, colori, nouveau26 and marty!!!!
  40. Thanks Phil, Radeguder and Alfredo for loving it! :)
  41. Thanks veloceraptor! :)
  42. It's woonderful!!! I love it!
  43. How many hidden collections have you got? :) Love those gloves! They made me thing of a night at the opera in a Balenciaga dress and coat ;) Maybe something like this:
  44. Thanks Alfredo!! We had it listed as kralik, but we were never too sure about it :)
  45. When I was a kid I loved these kind of bottles! There must be a whole collection of unopened ones down at my father's cellar! (as a M.D. he received dozens of bottles every Xmas time, and he never dru...
  46. I think that being a piece of furniture intended for a bedroom they must be some kind of "vide poche"/pocket emptier... watches, wallets. I'd say jewels too, but I find this hest of drawers a more m...
  47. Such a chair! I love its design. So, you're a girl with a taste for excellent chairs ;)
  48. Thanks for your love Tom, Smiata, Fledermaus, Violet, Mani and Inky!!! And thanks Smiata for the comment! That artistry is something I love from it too. Our modern lamps are beautiful, and they sh...
  49. I saw it and press the Love button for it, but cannot find it now...
  50. One really has to love it! Didn't know about this wonderful stuff!! Thanks for posting it!
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Detail pictures sof Thomas Webb & sons bronze vase (1878). Christopher Dresser, attr. Kjell Blömberg Tick Tock


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