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I don't know how it happened but one day, I just became a collector first it started with Gaming memorabilia and then moved into Japanese Kokeshi and Mineral spheresI don't know how it happened but one day, I just became a collector first it started with Gaming memorabilia and then moved into Japanese Kokeshi and Mineral spheres. There are many other things but right now I'm still in denial. I really enjoy the vintage and hand made items that tell a story. (Read more)


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Simply beautiful Stripes - Kokeshi - Dollsin Dolls
Masakido, Shokido Kokeshi - Dollsin Dolls
Kokeshi by Miyajima Muhitsu - Dollsin Dolls
Some of my Favorite Kokeshi by Hashime & Akinori Takahashi - Dollsin Dolls
Some of my Favorite Nanbu Kokeshi by Kakuhei Sasaki - Dollsin Dolls
Hidehiro Sato - Hijiori Kokeshi - Asianin Asian
Toshio Obata -Tsuchiyu Kokeshi - Asianin Asian
Traditional Kijiyama Kokeshi - Dollsin Dolls
Some of my Favorite unsigned Kokeshi - Dollsin Dolls
Sosaku Kokeshi  by Minoru Owada - Dollsin Dolls


  1. Beautiful find!
  2. Cute and Unique, great idea!
  3. Hi Sean, thanks! I really like this Kokeshi it is only about 3.5 inches tall. Thanks for the love CindB and Aghcollect.
  4. Hi Bushbaby, I can see why you would think these cute little ones are by Sanpei there is a set very similar to these made by him. However, as you noted the signature is not a match to Sanpei. I aske...
  5. Hi bushbaby I have this same set, also a second duo with orange strips. The ones I have are actually signed, they often are not signed. However I have not been able to identify the signature. I sent i...
  6. Hi shareurpassion, yes I did thank you for sharing it. I love to see these little guys come to life it never ceases to amaze me. Sean ty also! Have a great weekend.
  7. Love your collection some of the fans appear to be fashioned after popular Ukiyo-e Artisan pieces. Thank you for sharing. -Soul
  8. bushbaby I have a few of his Kokeshi (I favor them too) and had them for quite a while before finally having a friend decipher the signature for me. Another friend found the Artist in a Tsugaru Kokesh...
  9. Bushbaby, this appears to be Sugawara Kunimi signature -Soul
  10. Hi Bushbaby, this kokeshi is by Yasushi Hachinotarou (Hanchinotarou) he is listed as a Tsugaru Kokeshi artisan however this is not the typical Tsugaru Kokeshi design. His Kokeshi are quite rare to fin...
  11. Hi Bushbaby I believe this Kokeshi to be by Kiyohara Takao a transitional traditional/creative Kokeshi maker.
  12. Hi bushbaby this Kokeshi is by Masakido (Shokido) the green ink is part of his signature style as is the facial designs which are very identifiable to his technique. The mum spread on the head with th...
  13. Your welcome mssue, thanks Jewels have a great weekend ;}
  14. Sorry forgot to tell you the circles on top of the dolls head is called Janome and it is a traditional design, it means "Snake Eye".
  15. Hi these are indeed Kokeshi dolls. They are the traditional form, from left to right, (1) Tsugaru Kokeshi by Kojima Toshiyuki he was born in 1949 and apprenticed under the Zenji Sato (2) Naruko Kokes...
  16. Thank you Jewels, I see you have started a collection too, there much fun. I'm sure you will enjoy them.
  17. Thanks for the love austrohungaro and Peasejean55 :}
  18. Thank you toolate2 for the love, glad you enjoyed viewing them.
  19. These are beautiful and look like high quality Hina Dolls. There's a website called L'Asie Exotique owned by Tim Mertel that has a lot of information on Hina Dolls, and also contact information for Me...
  20. Nice start to your collection Jewels!
  21. Sean, she is really lovely. Thought you might like to know her title is Taisyun which means waiting for spring, although unsigned, she is made by Genji Yamada.-Soul
  22. Thank you Rose, Geo, Vet, Racer, Moon, Ag and Jewels for all the love.
  23. There is so much to love here... just taking a breath ... beautiful thank you for sharing.
  24. How very cool, thanks for sharing.
  25. Someone really loved gnomes, neat bunch.
  26. Beautiful display and great looking Kokeshi.
  27. No problem! Hope you have a great weekend :}
  28. Beautiful, fun shape too look at.
  29. Hi Sean great find, this surely is a Kokeshi and the signature looks like that of Masakido sometimes translated Shokido. He recently passed away and his Kokeshi have been showing up more often since h...
  30. I really love the red it's so bold, awesome vase :}
  31. Really fun pieces, and as you say "they make you feel happy" just looking at them, thank you for sharing :)
  32. Hi Bossmantom, I would start research under golliwog it was originally a character in a children's book by writer Bertha Upton in the 1890s. Also depicted as Robertson's Jam mascot. After some time so...
  33. I should clarify I'm not an expert on stone, maybe someone here can help identify the stone? I would start research with any identifying marks, now that you know what the statue is depicting, it may b...
  34. Aye, I hit enter too quickly... also meant to mention that there is the male version called Lord Ganesh -Soul
  35. Hi Being_hueman this is a statue of the Goddess Ganesha (Hinduism), considered the remover of obstacles, a patron of the sciences, arts and intellect. I can't really tell what material this is from th...
  36. Really cool collection, I only can tell you about one of these bottles 2nd picture from the left, back row, is a Japanese, Kokeshi, Rainbow Liquor Bottle, imported by The House of Koshu, LA, CA somet...
  37. Thank you racer4four, thank you Sean68 and aghcollect for the love and comments! Glad you like them they always put a smile on my face :}
  38. Really lovely, I would search this under Toyo Ikebana Vase I found quite a few of them that look similar to this one, particularly one in red that sells for about $65 so I'm thinking you got a good de...
  39. Beautiful lamp, I'd say she's Indonesian (Balinese) fashioned to the likeness of Shinta (popular stories with Rama) also known as Wayan, Golek. -Soul
  40. Thank you Sean :}
  41. Hi Jerit, beautiful sert, these are Hina Kokeshi as TubeAmp mentioned they are commonly given as gifts for Girl's Day (Hina Matsuri) and weddings. Some are more valuable than others depending on whom ...
  42. Ty Rose, it can be quite a task getting info on them but fun too.
  43. Really adorable, Accoutrements makes these, TinToyArcades currently offers them for sale -Soul
  44. Really beautiful, I did a quick search and found some information the company name was Mahana Importing Company based out of NY as shown in your picture. The magazine Antique Trader Antiques & Collect...
  45. Hi Seelerno7, really cool find. Unfortunately many of these smokers were discontinued due to the threat of legal action because the cig resembled a well known cigarette brand. They were called Li'l Sm...
  46. Lovely Kokeshi, the hanku stamp on the bottom belongs to Suigai Sato, he is a Creative Kokeshi Artist born in the 1970s and was initially trained as a painter under Komuru Suiun. He is believed to hav...
  47. Hi vetraio50, Sosaku and Shingata are used terms used interchangeably as they both refer to the Creative type of Kokeshi vs. the "dento" which are the traditional Kokeshi. This beautiful Kokeshi you h...
  48. Thank you racer4four! :)
  49. Thank you Sean!
  50. I'm not sure how old it is but he only started making them about 55+ years ago that would give you an idea of how old/young it could possibly be. If I had to guess I'd say it's more current though may...
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Anyone know what these are? Toothpick Picking Penguin - Tooth Pick Holder - Deco? 1950s Kokesha African voodoo incense burner. Naughty Turtle Lady - Bathing Beauty from Coney Island Kokeshi Doll Lamps My Okinawa Collectibles KOKESHI DOLL - KISAKU. my favorite art deco piece, a nice spelter figure "HOOP DANCER"  by BRIAND a nick of MARCEL BOURAINE  KOKESHI DOLLS ADDED TO MY COLLECTION JAPANESE KOKESHI DOLLS KOKESHI DOLL Blatz Bottleman 1952 PEACOCK PARASOL Glass tray/plate by Knut Bergqvist , Strömbergshyttan 1942.


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