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I don't know how it happened but one day, I just became a collector first it started with Gaming memorabilia and then moved into Japanese Kokeshi and Mineral spheresI don't know how it happened but one day, I just became a collector first it started with Gaming memorabilia and then moved into Japanese Kokeshi and Mineral spheres. There are many other things but right now I'm still in denial. I really enjoy the vintage and hand made items that tell a story. (Read more)


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Ishinomaki Kokeshi  - Dollsin Dolls
Kokeshi Collection - Dollsin Dolls
Tsuchiyu Kokeshi - Dollsin Dolls
Zenji Sato & His Little Feet - Dollsin Dolls
Simply beautiful Stripes - Kokeshi - Dollsin Dolls
Masakido, Shokido Kokeshi - Dollsin Dolls
Kokeshi by Miyajima Muhitsu - Dollsin Dolls
Some of my Favorite Kokeshi by Hashime & Akinori Takahashi - Dollsin Dolls
Some of my Favorite Nanbu Kokeshi by Kakuhei Sasaki - Dollsin Dolls


  1. True bushbaby, racer4four it's nice to know that a new generation is taking on the challenge of continuing and evolving the tradition to new generations. Especially since the number of artisans keep d...
  2. Hi Dave, these look like Korean style wooden dolls. Often I see them listed as "Kokeshi" and some even have the "made in Japan" stamp. I am unsure of who the artist or artisans are, I have not come up...
  3. I totally forgot to post to your comment, my apologies! I have uploaded Ishinomaki Kokeshi picture. they come form Sendai. Shoji Onuma...
  4. Let me know when you get a chance to post the new signature picture. I'm so curious about this one! -Soul
  5. hmm I don't think it is the signature is not really a match. -Soul
  6. Much better picture! I have found a match it is as suspected by Kobayashi, Kotaro the book an Invitation to Kokeshi has him listed as both Yamagata and Sakunami Kokeshi. He was born in 1936 and his t...
  7. Amber Rose don't know if you ever found out about the other Kokeshi but you strikes me as being by Miyashita Hajime. I have seen very similar design and facial features by Hajime -Soul
  8. Your very welcome, there's too many to remember. I forget all the time too, lol then I start flipping through books to try to remember again.
  9. I thought Kobayashi too ... if you get a chance and get a clear picture of the signature I'll take a look see if I find a match.
  10. Susie on this one I'm leaning towards Sakunami, the body and facial feautures would be typical for that strain but I can't compare the signature to any on the album since it's too blurry. Maybe you ca...
  11. Susie this cutie is by Yuji Kawase -Soul
  12. Your very welcome! I still get confused with some of them, mostly the Nanbu, Hanamaki and Kina Kina ones since they are not very well defined and are kind of all grouped together. Just recently they a...
  13. Hi Susie, beautiful Kokeshi! I can see why you would think it was a Yamagata Kokeshi due to the rounded shoulders. However it is a Togatta Kokeshi at first I thought it to be Hijiori and then looking ...
  14. Thank you for the like inky
  15. Thank you Sean!
  16. Thank you bushbaby! Thanks Karen! She does look very huggable.
  17. Not mushy at all Lisa, thank you all for the warmth you have shared in these last few post it is wonderful to enjoy one's passion with people who can appreciate and understand what drives those passio...
  18. Thank you both for your comments. I agree with Lisa (rucklezglass) that collections start small. I still remember my very first Kokeshi from over 10 years ago I never thought I'd grow my collection to...
  19. No problem at all Racer4, glad to share info.
  20. Breathtaking!
  21. Hi Racer4 really great finds! Not sure if you have any information on these but here goes. From left to right; Picture 1: Looks like Bunkichi Kokeshi with the Ikat (#) kimono design. Not sure about...
  22. Hi racer4four, all we could come up with was "Masayuki" for the signature. Its always challenging trying to figure out hand signed Kokeshi a little easier when they have their chop marks. -Soul
  23. Hi Jayborneo, congratulations on your find. It is a, lovely modern Kokeshi style lamp. About age, it could be anytime after 1921 when all exports from Japan were required to be stamped "Made in Japan"...
  24. racer4four I just posted several pics to a facebook page where there's several Kokeshi Fan members in hopes of finding out who this artist is. I think it is by Yashima Suihou, I have one by this artis...
  25. racer that's a no no, since the wood is porous it may change her appearance, also oil is not usually used on Kokeshi, those that are shiny looking have a type of candle wax that is specifically used o...
  26. Thank you for posting, what a beauty, great find. The signature looks a lot like Katase Kaihei (1922-2015) who won a prime ministers award for his Kokeshi Design. I'm not 100% convinced that this is K...
  27. Beautiful Sean, I really like the bluish teal (?) one has a nice earthy look to it.
  28. racer4four that's awesome can't wait to see it when you post. I have to take a few more pics just got a really nice, tall creative one, with beautiful cranes drawn on the body... still haven't figured...
  29. racer4four, I have one too many according to my family though (chuckles), thank you all for the love everyone :)
  30. Thank you racer4four :) Thanks to Vetraio, aghollect and toolate2 for the love.
  31. Hi AmberRose I recently discovered that The one with the bow tie is by Ryoichi (listed in the book Wooden Treasures of Japan). Totally different artist from Aoki Ryoko. Wanted to update -Soul
  32. Just ordered the book looking forward to receiving it.
  33. Really nice piece, I like the eye trickery, with the pattern and bold colors, it's almost as if it were alive, and spinning. -Soul
  34. Thank you all for the love. Racer4four, I keep telling myself I have enough and as much as I try to avoid getting more there's always one more that catches my attention. They're so unique and when I f...
  35. Bushbaby I love this one, I spent a little time trying to figure out what type of Kokeshi this one is, as it reminds me of Zao in just the way the neckline is painted and the nice hints of blue. Then ...
  36. The signature is a bit blurry but it looks like it could be a match to Haruo Sanpei. If it is him he was born in 1929 and his master was Iwamoto Yoshizo he was located in Fukushima and may have create...
  37. My apologies for the delayed response, they were unable to tell me who's signature this was. If I ever get some information on the maker I'll be sure to share here and post it. -Soul
  38. Beautiful find!
  39. Cute and Unique, great idea!
  40. Hi Sean, thanks! I really like this Kokeshi it is only about 3.5 inches tall. Thanks for the love CindB and Aghcollect.
  41. Hi bushbaby I have this same set, also a second duo with orange strips. The ones I have are actually signed, they often are not signed. However I have not been able to identify the signature. I sent i...
  42. Hi shareurpassion, yes I did thank you for sharing it. I love to see these little guys come to life it never ceases to amaze me. Sean ty also! Have a great weekend.
  43. Love your collection some of the fans appear to be fashioned after popular Ukiyo-e Artisan pieces. Thank you for sharing. -Soul
  44. Your welcome mssue, thanks Jewels have a great weekend ;}
  45. Sorry forgot to tell you the circles on top of the dolls head is called Janome and it is a traditional design, it means "Snake Eye".
  46. Hi these are indeed Kokeshi dolls. They are the traditional form, from left to right, (1) Tsugaru Kokeshi by Kojima Toshiyuki he was born in 1949 and apprenticed under the Zenji Sato (2) Naruko Kokes...
  47. Thank you Jewels, I see you have started a collection too, there much fun. I'm sure you will enjoy them.
  48. Thanks for the love austrohungaro and Peasejean55 :}
  49. Thank you toolate2 for the love, glad you enjoyed viewing them.
  50. These are beautiful and look like high quality Hina Dolls. There's a website called L'Asie Exotique owned by Tim Mertel that has a lot of information on Hina Dolls, and also contact information for Me...
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Anyone know what these are? Toothpick Picking Penguin - Tooth Pick Holder - Deco? 1950s Kokesha African voodoo incense burner. Naughty Turtle Lady - Bathing Beauty from Coney Island Kokeshi Doll Lamps My Okinawa Collectibles KOKESHI DOLL - KISAKU. my favorite art deco piece, a nice spelter figure "HOOP DANCER"  by BRIAND a nick of MARCEL BOURAINE  KOKESHI DOLLS ADDED TO MY COLLECTION JAPANESE KOKESHI DOLLS KOKESHI DOLL Blatz Bottleman 1952 PEACOCK PARASOL Glass tray/plate by Knut Bergqvist , Strömbergshyttan 1942.


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