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My Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I faMy Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I favour 70's and earlier Asian things.After moving house 8 years ago, we went travelling and sold a lot of my collections.I didn't take long to start up again. So much for sparse.....sparse is not me and very cold.My personality didn;t shine thru in the decor until I started to collect again. I love Anything that catches my eye really.Unusual (Read more)


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FAN COLLECTION - Accessoriesin Accessories
RUSSIAN SOMAVAR - Kitchenin Kitchen
ART DECO PRESSED VASE - Glasswarein Glassware
ART GLASS PURPLE & BLUE CASED  - Art Glassin Art Glass
MARTIN BOYD VASE - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. I have edited pics.Enjoy and thanks for the love all
  2. Will try and resize from computer in the morn Yes I guess it is funny we don't really have much history with advertising on anything much really.
  3. not sure why my upload from phone of pics are so small?
  4. Great display.Your display prompted me to show off some of my fan collection Rose
  5. I have found a mikasa vase with the same pattern.Different shape from 1980's.Thanks for the input fixitjme. Thanks for the love everyone! Cheer Rose
  6. any ideas?
  7. FOUND SIMILAR Cheers Rose
  8. Try images of glass samovar.Lots there Good luck Rose
  9. Does it plug in?
  10. Thanks for the love.Any ideas?
  11. lucky duck karen.Very nice Rose
  12. very similar work on these green MOSER vases
  13. it measures 38 cm from end to end which = 14.9 inches
  14. very close to shape and sommerso style. Thoughts?
  16. Murano sommerso maybe?
  17. Here is my original post with info on the I & C CO Handpainted wreath mystery.
  18. the last pic is oil painting I found today.Does anyone recognise the signature?
  19. I have found a similar artist will post picture.any ideas on signature?
  20. Thanks so much for your input Riply.I too believe it to be a copy from 1970"s-80"s Nevertheless it is a fine piece to add to my collection Cheers Rose
  21. nicely carved jim
  22. as soon as I saw this gorgeous disney piece I hope it belonged to you Kerry..A true treasure.I have never seen one like it cheers Rose
  23. It had another old price sticker of $120.00 I paid $1 from a lovely lady downsizing and moving house.She thinks it was her mothers
  24. Does she have a makers mark? The hairstyle appears similar to one of mine which is modern.
  25. thanks Jim, I have read your post with interest.I still haven't identified my stone cheers Rose
  26. ???? Autumn scenery in Nanxi river, ?? Guilin ( a city in China ), ?? ? in 1979. I have had it translated.
  27. those question marks are actually chinese writing.When I copy & pasted it came back as ??
  28. ???????, ??????? , ??????? ,??????? . This poetry described the famous Chinese beauty Xishi...and made by Li bai ( 701-762 ) in Tang dynasty . ??????? means beautiful and gentle ladies , ??? ?? ???? m...
  29. These are truly a lovely family Soulportal.Design colour and fine lines.Beautiful Rose
  30. Haha Jim.Great minds think alike.We were posting simultaneously... lol Rose
  31. Here is a link for the lithopanes Moriage ware is the applied art to the outside so it is lithopane moriagedragonware Hope this helps Rose
  32. CKaren I could kiss you.mwah Thanks.My brain isn't hurting as much now. You know that awful muddled feeling when you know the answer is there but plucking it out is impossible Cheers Rose
  33. has anyone come up with a way to translate.I find using google translate very frustrating trying to write the chinese characters. any ideas?
  34. thanks for the love kerry
  35. thats funnt mrsgraham.Yes it would have crumpled.They are very delicate
  36. I thought you did Kevin.Do you have many pieces?
  37. thanks Sean.It's like lattice work but it has a special name.I can not remember :(
  38. I always love your detail in the research of your beauties. Thanks Rose
  39. this looks similar to mine.Any thoughts? cheers Rose
  40. I put this link for my reference on how to tell which lithopane
  41. Parian sorry my iPad is cwazy
  42. She actually looks like pariah porcelain.I have seen many geishas carved from that era made from pariah. Any other ideas?
  43. She is beautiful and I totally agree she is to white to be ivory.Ivory would have a yellowing patina as well.She looks to be a fine porcelain.What does she feel like? Cheers Rose
  44. Look at dates guys It looks to me a 50th birthday present I may be wrong but am I missing something.? Cheers Rose
  45. Thanks guys. I have been looking on net for a week.It was doing my head in. Appreciate your knowledge Cheers Rose
  46. We have 50% off twice a month at our local shop.Sometimes the"good stuff" gets taken off the shelf for sale day and put back on after
  47. Monkey fur & monkey teeth were used
  48. Old Mandau Dayak Borneo Kalimantan Parang Sword iban keris Head Hunter Machete tHIS SEEMS TO BE ORIGINAL LISTING FOR ONE THE SAME
  49. She is a cutey pie Sean I am sure Soul portal here on CW may know more
  50. They would have clipped to a belt at ivory point.Sorry I can't read the signature Cheers Rose
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Bracelet and Earring Set - SELRO SELINI Child's Rattan Chair - Anyone Know Its Use? Enormous Hollywood Regency Lamp Table wine decanter 1960's Russian "Kiev Experimental Arts Ceramic Factory" Porcelain Figure " Odarka" / Circa 1960-70 Gateleg Table with 10 feet, beautiful condition COPPER/BRASS NOUVEAU VASES Chinese bronze ding and jue


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