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My Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I faMy Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I favour 70's and earlier Asian things.After moving house 8 years ago, we went travelling and sold a lot of my collections.I didn't take long to start up again. So much for sparse.....sparse is not me and very cold.My personality didn;t shine thru in the decor until I started to collect again. I love Anything that catches my eye really.Unusual (Read more)


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ANGORAM TRIBAL MASK - Visual Artin Visual Art
Majolikafabrik Gerbing & Stephan (1861 until 1903). - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
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RUSSIAN SOMAVAR - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. I am posting this again.I meant to so it on ANZAC DAY. LEST WE FORGET
  2. I will post pics of them framed with the silk from Egypt .
  3. I have put this in to be framed along with the french silk memory of pte.j.w.kirton.L.G.S 31st battalion A.I.F
  4. or maybe a device for spinning wool from a spinning wheel.not sure what they are called
  5. here is my hubby's fishing spool.
  6. it looks like a fishing spool to me Cheers Rose
  7. A truly amazing piece.The photographs are exceptional showing the natural beauty and detail in the carnelian cheers Rose
  8. It looks like a baby pusher to help push food on to a spoon.Not sure if it has a more technical name
  9. they were used to catch the light which is reflected from the prisms to make a room appear brighter. very pretty Cheers Rose
  10. Soulportal may be able to help id. I have 1 similar but 1 sleeve is missing cheers Rose
  11. to Deb..... Hahaha I just happened to be on here same time as you. I saw part of the show but missed most of it Rose
  12. thanks for that link antiquerose.Yes he also did beautiful glass and I am not conviced it is ww.It also could be Chinese mark but no one seems to know.Got us stumped.I think Debra gave up looking but ...
  13. Karen. Racer4 four if you are around can you take a peek at id ing this little snuff bottle? Chinese glass or not? cheers rose
  14. thanks all for the love.I am still no closer as to what it is? I believe the part with the dragon on one side and phoeix on other has been added at a later date, Shrine are you around ? Any thoughts?
  15. Thanks.all help for this lady much appreciated Rose
  16. Sean,can you help with id.old? New?
  17. Oh dear :( Still no takers on glass id?
  18. i may have found the maker.Austrian Weiner Werkstatte 1903.-1932 found makers mark on great glass not sure though. other opinions
  19. what about a pic of the lid that was with it.Very pretty jewelled.You can edit this post and maybe remove one of the id stamp. I hope you dont mind the input.
  20. hi Deb,glad you found this great group.I am sure someone will be able to help identify this very pretty piece. CheersRose
  21. thanks for the love Rose
  22. thanks for the love Rose
  23. enjoy Rose
  24. This 1 is far more valuable.
  25. They are timid unlike the emu who are curious
  26. I acquired this from an auction last week.This type of thing can no longer come in or go out of the country.The other one I posted with carvings is worth 3 times more than this feathered beaded one. ...
  27. I will try & get around to posting the mask too
  28. Nice piece there Karen.Whether horn or ivory you did well dust only.Never wet ivorn. I did well at uction on weekend,or hubby did,with some cassowary bone daggers.Will post when I get a chance cheer...
  29. Yes noob,that seems to me like it could be trye.The base is certainly much finer than the top.I do love it though. cheers Rose
  30. The mirror link is certainly very similar.I would date to that era. The cloisonne on both sides is slightly convex. No marks on base Thanks for input and love.
  31. maybe not a gong.No mallet with it and cloisonne wouldnt be struck.What else is it called?
  32. oops i will rotate in the morn.uploaded from phone.sorry
  33. that's it Kevin.woo hoo thanks so much.Will have a look into when I feel up to it.ended up in Cas today with chest pain all good though The southerly is here no,so a reprieve from todays heat. Cheer...
  34. hi everyone. Thanks for the love. I had been looking at German or Italy /Portugal to no avail. I will keep up the search again tomorrow, in the meantime any help appreciated! CheersRose
  35. He was an 82 year old Englishman.. I have a lot of alabaster and didnt think it looked anything like any of my alabaster pieces. It has a very salty taste to it.Yes. I usually taste stones and gems....
  36. I took him to the antique fair today to be told 1940's Italian alabaster! Who would have thought.I have quite a few carved alabaster ornaments and I would never have guessed alabaster! Never mind I s...
  37. I paid $180 for it,so if it wasn't jade I was happy either way! Thanks Shrine for your input,I value your opinion Cheers Rose
  38. Happy New Year to all you fantastic Collectors around the world from the land down under.New years day here now 10.10 am Cheers Rose
  39. Merry Christmas all from Rose from OZ This is my xmas pressy from my hubby to me. I will be taking it to a gemstonestone specialist in the new year to help to identify it. ENJOY ROSE
  40. thanks Kevin,merry Christmas to you too. would love to catch up in Sydney at the wentworth market next year.
  41. I have edited pics.Enjoy and thanks for the love all
  42. Will try and resize from computer in the morn Yes I guess it is funny we don't really have much history with advertising on anything much really.
  43. not sure why my upload from phone of pics are so small?
  44. Great display.Your display prompted me to show off some of my fan collection Rose
  45. I have found a mikasa vase with the same pattern.Different shape from 1980's.Thanks for the input fixitjme. Thanks for the love everyone! Cheer Rose
  46. any ideas?
  47. FOUND SIMILAR Cheers Rose
  48. Try images of glass samovar.Lots there Good luck Rose
  49. Does it plug in?
  50. Thanks for the love.Any ideas?
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