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My Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I faMy Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I favour 70's and earlier Asian things.After moving house 8 years ago, we went travelling and sold a lot of my collections.I didn't take long to start up again. So much for sparse.....sparse is not me and very cold.My personality didn;t shine thru in the decor until I started to collect again. I love Anything that catches my eye really.Unusual (Read more)


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'ICE LOOK 'ASHTRAY - Glasswarein Glassware
BUFFALO HORN FISH - Animalsin Animals
SILVER BRACELET 1970'S? - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
MINIATURE GEISHA GIRL PLATES 2 inches diameter - Asianin Asian


  1. Monkey fur & monkey teeth were used
  2. Old Mandau Dayak Borneo Kalimantan Parang Sword iban keris Head Hunter Machete tHIS SEEMS TO BE ORIGINAL LISTING FOR ONE THE SAME
  3. She is a cutey pie Sean I am sure Soul portal here on CW may know more
  4. They would have clipped to a belt at ivory point.Sorry I can't read the signature Cheers Rose
  5. He is exquisite him X Rose
  6. Lots of glass lovers here.Someone will know
  7. My hubby opened cupboard and mine fell out smashing on the tiled floor.My kitchen tiles have robbed me of too many beauties.Like the colored pie dish with matching handles and my favourite bud vase. ...
  8. I can not get to the link Shrine. i originally thought pheasant.
  9. I like the quality of it.It appears chunky for want of a better word
  10. The glass appears 'etched' where cigarette rests.
  11. we don't see things like this here in Oz.Truly beautiful cheers rose
  12. The edges appear to be silver. I am wondering if it may be a wedding gift.As the butterfly depicts man & woman in love & the phoenix good luck & longevity. This was a deceased estate so no one new t...
  13. Here is the link.
  14. Check out my spears with teeth attached. Thought you may like Cheers Rose
  15. Blimey charlie.He is certainly armless.I see they declawed him before shipping him to a foreign land. I take my grandchildren on a bear hunt quite regularly heee in oz. Drop bear of course. Lovely ...
  16. When comparing this with the newer one I think yours maybe 70's or 80's. The wood near the pivot part does look old but then again may have just been well used.Either way it is still beautiful Cheers...
  17. I have 2 like this one.Each different colors .1 red 1 black. In answer to your question do I collect fans. I love them. I see them as art and have many on my walls both old and new. Some o...
  18. I think herbivour by the animal shaped teeth. will have to wait till next weekend to ring shop. MMMM lesson needs learning alright EGOmaniac
  19. One thing for sure it will look sweet on your neck matched with the enamel brooch you also the colour Cheers Rose
  20. I have a funny story to tell.Thought I"d share with you.I decided to visit an antique shop the other day I was in the area and had seen this shops stuff on eBay.(very pricey) Was admiring lots of goo...
  21. Beautiful.Brooches are back too.I wear mine lots on the shoulder with a scarf or pashmina.Also with cardigans with no buttons.I love to clasp them to hide my tummy.I get lots of comments I hope you g...
  22. The tiny ones are the seven lucky gods shichifukujin of Japan.
  23. Check out mine.very similar
  24. Great info.I must get round to researching all of mine Rose
  25. No Fran.Sorry never seen one with a top like this.or initials. Cheers Rose
  26. I too love the parasols.Not sure on dating this beauty but looking at age of tacks or nails they look copper and may age it to the early 20th century. I too funded my last trip selling a few of my co...
  27. I have a few eggs.Mainly different types of agate. Maybe yours is marble as I associate Italy with marble Very nice Rose
  28. Can you take pics inside and underneath.looks to be a pill box
  29. I found exact same at auction.Not much info though.
  30. Wow! Stunning!
  31. Just found they are spears and have a blade.Will post pics
  32. Haha racer And It must be human error this time as I posted from
  33. wow steelerno.I have never seen or heard of a voodoo doll who blows smoke rings.I hope you find the smokes & post on here.would love to see it Cheers rose
  34. Thanks so much for that info.I will do some research. Cheers Rose
  35. A stunning piece inky
  36. I love the blue sean! Rose
  37. Try this site
  38. Any ideas?
  39. Tatting tools?
  40. Many antique tools for lacemaking or bow making were fancy silver or carved ivory or bone.
  41. Here it is
  42. Very nice.Check out my amber glass one. Rose
  43. Am wearing with delight.Seems my daughter loves it to hmmmm
  44. My thoughts are south pacific or africa too.If I could identify the teeth I may get a bit closer.Any veterinary surgeons amongst us??lol
  45. I have been looking but still no closer.I have a feeling it was used for ribbon work as in making intricate bows or lace making.I may be leading you up the garden path so to speak but I am stuck on th...
  46. Maybe???nothing at all on google :(
  47. Haha And I grew up in Hurstville to ozmartys remark. We called billybankstowners also those from Banks town.small world eh! Cheers Rose
  48. Chinese dragon.5 toes-Maybe 70s or thereabouts.Very nice
  49. Lovely I must fossick for my christening bonnet which my maternal grandmother made.she was a milliner but did very fine lace-work too. I used to have a polkawood one too with banksias cheers...
  50. I have seen same somewhere.Yarn or paper put through slit and turned but will try and remember. Very intricate carving
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Bracelet and Earring Set - SELRO SELINI Child's Rattan Chair - Anyone Know Its Use? Enormous Hollywood Regency Lamp Table wine decanter 1960's Russian "Kiev Experimental Arts Ceramic Factory" Porcelain Figure " Odarka" / Circa 1960-70 Gateleg Table with 10 feet, beautiful condition COPPER/BRASS NOUVEAU VASES Chinese bronze ding and jue


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