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My Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I faMy Name is ROSE.I have a vast range of vintage & antique goodies.I started collecting 30 years ago.I have bought & sold many things over the years.At the moment I favour 70's and earlier Asian things.After moving house 8 years ago, we went travelling and sold a lot of my collections.I didn't take long to start up again. So much for sparse.....sparse is not me and very cold.My personality didn;t shine thru in the decor until I started to collect again. I love Anything that catches my eye really.Unusual (Read more)


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MINIATURE GEISHA GIRL PLATES 2 inches diameter - Asianin Asian
GINGER JAR - Asianin Asian
GINGER JAR - Asianin Asian


  1. Wow.Thanks Shrine.I love your knowledge of Asian history. Can I ask your nationality?
  2. An. Absolute beauty and a treasure. My sisterinlaw collects religious artifacts and even has an old alter and a churçh organ.I think she has one to many bibles but her collecting has branched out an...
  3. Amazing.Great save!
  4. Great Score Sean.I love a good bargain. Very pretty Cheers Rose
  5. I have posted mine again.They have sticker made in italy.
  6. Here are my Italian Statues again Rose
  7. I have just got mine out to have a closer look and realize they are not of the same collection after all.I will post mine tomorrow. 1 is the same but I seem to have part of 3 different collections.l...
  8. Beautiful.I don't have this one.I have 5 out of the 12.mine came from the same lady who I bought the miniature plates from. I knew there were 12 In the collection but not the story behind it. Very i...
  9. To rotate pics just click on them and drag to move them Cheers Rose
  10. Lovely Mike.I use a very soft artist paintbrush to dust the dolls hair and clothes.They come in handy for dusting lots of goodies Cheers Rose
  11. I have three graces listed too Mine are 7 1/2 inches high and parian I can't imagine miniature like yours. Truly lovely Cheers Rose
  12. I am off travelling to Asia on Sunday.Including Bali-Hong Kong Singapore Vietnam china and Japan Will be looking for some small treasures.I collect fans amongst other things. Cheers Rose
  13. We are both are you situated? I am on south coast of sydney!
  14. I have posted mine Shrine, nowhere near as beautiful as yours, but take a look. Cheers Rose
  15. I just posted mine!
  16. Great idea Fluffy. I am inspired to do something with my woodcarving I rescued and want to ressurect Cheers Rose
  17. Thanks for the love I have found a kokeshi doll site with signatures will try ad decipher
  18. Thanks Mani for the Info. Thanks all for the love
  19. I love the patina about it...I actually love everything about it. I found a great old piece of Balinese carved wood that was warped.It seemed to belong to something but not sure what.I will try to pos...
  20. I just saw this post again and thought "oh my" Valentino has more poison rings!! I do love love love them Rose
  21. I have just posted some of my kokeshi dolls. Yours are lovely Cheers rose
  22. Lovely Sean Am off to cruise Asia on Sunday.Will be gone One month.I fly back with 2 23 kg of baggage allowance.May ship my clothes home and bring home the treasures. Cheers Rose
  23. I use mine every Xmas for the trifle-have since new
  24. What a great story on the history of this coin. It never ceases to amaze me the different cultures and their beliefs. 14 more sleeps and I am off on a holiday to the Orient! Woo hook Cheers Rose fro...
  25. Hi Inky.I wish we had a place on this site to contact each other.I know you are from NZ and am wondering if you ever see Raven Tea tins?I have 1 in my collection not very good condition unfortunately...
  26. My pet hate....stickers---grrrr My fav pet----birdies. My 19 year old cockateil is a bit poorly lately I am off on an adventure at end of March.cruising thru Asia to end in Japan. Am a bit excited...
  27. It is a real eggshell.Chicken I think
  28. Does anyone think 1920's? We are very excited here in Oz.Cathryn Martin winning oscar for costume design on Great Gatsby.One of my lifelong friend Margaret Gill was the milliner on the movie.woo hoo....
  29. thanks aghcollect.I found one in an auction house selling for $260 reserve. It's not the same though. I will check out Yuko Cheers Rose
  30. thanks for the loving Rose
  31. Thanks for the love.
  32. Thanks Sean.It's now my favourite ginger jar!
  33. any tin collectors around? Thanks for the love
  34. Thanks for the love guys!
  35. thanks for the love. Oh noo Dr fluffy.I have 2 with no lid :(
  36. I have edited this.It is buffalo horn or horn of some sort
  37. I have exact same.. Lovely
  38. love the colour Sean... Cheers Rose
  39. I have edited the heading as mystery solved!
  40. This table would conservatively bring $600 and up in Australia.A much sought after piece. What does Vetraio think?
  41. This table would conservatively bring $600 and up in Australia.A much sought after piece. What does Vetraio think?
  42. Solved!!
  43. Thanks to racer4four another mystery sold Thanks again
  44. I" will just keep bumping him til we find what he is Lol
  45. Beautiful Kevin You sure have an eye for beauty Rose
  46. Is my dish the same as this or not?
  47. Yay woo hoo.I found it Thanks for taki...
  48. Thanks so much for that info.It is very high quality.Is yours the same or similar. Thanks again Rose
  49. Just thought I"d show this beautiful piece again.I have it out to get that safety chain added
  50. This is still an unsolved mystery.any help appreciated Cheers Rose
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