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Jadeite saddle ring - Asianin Asian
Korean Goryeo (918 to 1392) celadon dish - Asianin Asian
Table made from Indian printing block collection - Asianin Asian
Chinese dream stone screen  - Asianin Asian
jadeite beads  - Asianin Asian
Amber pendant with cloudy part - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Exquisite Balinese Cameo - Asianin Asian
Japanese Yukuta/Kimono silk? - Asianin Asian
Heavenly Chook ZUN bought online - Asianin Asian


  1. eve14, Chinese starting faking hundreds years ago, some quality fakes with certain age are worth of collecting. middle 20c doesn't mean 'new'.
  2. OMG, this one is superb. It's clearly not printed but hand painted. A printed one can't make the paint thicker in one place than the others. The sticker says it's from TongChih/Tongzhi period not Xian...
  3. it must be replica as it can't be done by modern machines at this size. You could always find seams on the inside wall of any old vase higher than your knees.
  4. KANGXI NIAN ZHI- "Kangxi period make" c1661 to 1722 Made around middle 20c
  5. it's agate anyway.
  6. According the mark on the bottom, it's made by Yongsheng company, which was founded in 1869. So it's very unlikely from east india company which ends by 1874.
  7. I meant I did it for free, no charge. Don't worry, I have 90% confidence it is what I said.
  8. Ok, this could be an old one in my mind. Probably mid 19C for export. Nice.
  9. This one is questionable to me. Please supply photos focus on foot rim and brink.
  10. I could give you a preliminary dating for free: Daoguang period (1820 to 1850). You have to give me high quality photos and $$$ for more information. Kidding.... enjoy.
  11. I wish you could view this pic on your PC. It's not a vase but good enough to show the wall of body.
  12. No question at all, it's from the age you claimed. The motif is uncommon in chinese vase so I guess it's tuned for western understanding. Good buy.
  13. You are right, dragon is from cloud in the picture, Japanese.
  14. Eggshell porcelain. Old one's body was made by hand but this one is cast as it has sloppy rim on the bottom.
  15. Japanese and new to me.
  16. I know they are chinese at the first glance. made in 1970-80s.
  17. looks like bone craft.
  18. It's elm for sure. I don't think it had any 'finish' when they were made, otherwise you would had found some residuals. It's probably made in Canton or Kwangtung or Guangdong provence.
  19. stupid me.
  20. Don't worry, it's not watercolor. It's a special dye made for porcelain painting and mixed with Frankincense essential oil, then fired in kiln. It would had faded out completely if it's done by waterc...
  21. I guess it was used as a bronze mirror rather than a charger. Whatever it was, a print on paper would make the characters more recognizable.
  22. in case the link above doesn't work, try this.
  23. If you want clue, I would like to give you. The shape is called 3 fish Zun from Tang dynasty in China. There is one on display in Taipei National Palace museum. [URL=
  24. I bought similar trays from local shop for $150 a set of 8. Nice tray for afternoon tea.
  25. It's likely to be an chinese export piece from late 18c. I am surprised it's dumped. Can be more certain if the bottom was exposed.
  26. Be a vigilant buyer, look out for modern replica like this. The maker tried to imitate Chinese Imari export vase from 18c but failed in many ways.
  27. I think it's a Famille Verte instead but don't believe it's elder than 1940.
  28. I am leaning to a 20C Japanese piece. It's nice in many ways.
  29. I've seen Tibetan variation of this kind of jug. For hand washing in religious ritual. Good luck
  30. The top says it's an auction started and currently on 75 Japanese Yen. That's all
  31. No, it's not A char but TWO chars on the bottom. It's a early variant of Imari porcelain. A bench mark could be found here.
  32. I don't know much about the furniture itself, but it likely to be from Japan for the wood grain and inlaid motif.
  33. It's a Tongzhi mark for my two cents. Didn't find any clue leads to a replica.
  34. yes, a floor lamp, I just saw a similar one today.
  35. I don't believe it's a old piece from 18c. Just compare the two marks, they should had been written by the same person but they are clearly different hand writing in this case. Further more, there sho...
  36. My guess is 1870-1920, can't be more specific.
  37. A quality one, nice painting, nice glaze. Not Ch'ien Lung period for sure, early 20s instead. Hard to find similar one for $75 today.
  38. replica, full stop.
  39. I have no knowledge about which provinces it was made in, but the purplish color is called "foreign blue" in China. This kind of dye material was imported and used after mid 1800. Hope the would give ...
  40. The link contains the 4 char to the left. Means "Made in Qianlong era"
  41. It's 6 char Qianlong mark for sure in a rare font.
  42. Hi Debbie, you raised a good question. While the jadeite treatment techniques advanced a lot in last few decades, they still can't make a green spot in the mid of translucent stone without dyeing surr...
  43. I have one also, made from lychee wood.
  44. inherited, as you mentioned "the sun has faded the wood", I suspect the wood may not be Zitan. The Zitan wood from a newly cut tree looks red as blood, and then turns purple/black by the ultraviolet i...
  45. Zitan was a term used by ancient Chinese to describe mysterious import red/purple wood imported from India during Ming dynasty. As ancient Chinese carpenters had never got a chance see the living tree...
  46. To me, it's not a Feng/Phoenix but sort of Chinese Golden Pheasant(?? Jin-Gee), usually associated with prosperity and fortune. Check the Chinese painting depicting this bird.
  47. kyra, I am afraid it's a cast replica of Dehua. The mark looks undefined/blurred and unlikely to be carved. I agree he could be one of the disciples of Buddha.
  48. I got a cloisonne miniature vase with the same motif the other day. Thank to idcloisonne, I had a little story to tell friends now.
  49. kyratango, hope you like this little joy.
  50. Hi cult, I thought it was from 17c Vietnam as they were made in large volume in those days when Chinese ceased porcelain export due to domestic turmoil. Then Vietnam ones faded out when Chinese produ...
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