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Jadeite saddle ring - Asianin Asian
Korean Goryeo (918 to 1392) celadon dish - Asianin Asian
Table made from Indian printing block collection - Asianin Asian
Chinese dream stone screen  - Asianin Asian
jadeite beads  - Asianin Asian
Amber pendant with cloudy part - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Exquisite Balinese Cameo - Asianin Asian
Japanese Yukuta/Kimono silk? - Asianin Asian
Heavenly Chook ZUN bought online - Asianin Asian


  1. It's a Tongzhi mark for my two cents. Didn't find any clue leads to a replica.
  2. yes, a floor lamp, I just saw a similar one today.
  3. I don't believe it's a old piece from 18c. Just compare the two marks, they should had been written by the same person but they are clearly different hand writing in this case. Further more, there sho...
  4. My guess is 1870-1920, can't be more specific.
  5. A quality one, nice painting, nice glaze. Not Ch'ien Lung period for sure, early 20s instead. Hard to find similar one for $75 today.
  6. replica, full stop.
  7. I have no knowledge about which provinces it was made in, but the purplish color is called "foreign blue" in China. This kind of dye material was imported and used after mid 1800. Hope the would give ...
  8. The link contains the 4 char to the left. Means "Made in Qianlong era"
  9. It's 6 char Qianlong mark for sure in a rare font.
  10. Hi Debbie, you raised a good question. While the jadeite treatment techniques advanced a lot in last few decades, they still can't make a green spot in the mid of translucent stone without dyeing surr...
  11. I have one also, made from lychee wood.
  12. inherited, as you mentioned "the sun has faded the wood", I suspect the wood may not be Zitan. The Zitan wood from a newly cut tree looks red as blood, and then turns purple/black by the ultraviolet i...
  13. Zitan was a term used by ancient Chinese to describe mysterious import red/purple wood imported from India during Ming dynasty. As ancient Chinese carpenters had never got a chance see the living tree...
  14. To me, it's not a Feng/Phoenix but sort of Chinese Golden Pheasant(?? Jin-Gee), usually associated with prosperity and fortune. Check the Chinese painting depicting this bird.
  15. kyra, I am afraid it's a cast replica of Dehua. The mark looks undefined/blurred and unlikely to be carved. I agree he could be one of the disciples of Buddha.
  16. I got a cloisonne miniature vase with the same motif the other day. Thank to idcloisonne, I had a little story to tell friends now.
  17. kyratango, hope you like this little joy.
  18. Hi cult, I thought it was from 17c Vietnam as they were made in large volume in those days when Chinese ceased porcelain export due to domestic turmoil. Then Vietnam ones faded out when Chinese produ...
  19. had a invaluable lesson from Jewels1900 about American rings. Wondering if the stone on the ring was sourced in America as well?
  20. Love the three in the foreground, quality beads in every sense. You must went a long way to pick them up.
  21. the stamp shows it's made in Tong-zhi years(1862-1874). It's genuine to my eyes. Wondering how much did you pay...
  22. Hi Mike, the Zhuanshu itself may not be a problem with stamped mark as Zhuanshu is the standard font for Chinese stamp. The question bothering me is why the mark was stamped in the first place.
  23. 100% agree with davezquanw, you are an jade guru. 5 bucks is insane.
  24. No idea about its authenticity. A real piece could fetch you thousands but the estimated price on liveauction yells fake.
  25. You are quite right, it's "over wall dragon bowl" from mid Qing/Ching. Not like the high end ones in its kind, this one is called 'grass root dragon' for low end market. I think it's real.
  26. Taking photos in daylight would make identification easier. :)
  27. Never seen like this before either, but it is famille rose in my mind. Can't read the mark, unusual. The pics don't show the details in painting, but it look good generally speaking and likely to...
  28. Could be late Qing or Republic, old but not delicate.
  29. Never seen this sort of motif before, but yours look old. Should be nice.
  30. The inkstone well is designated to capture the ink liquid produced on the 'plain'. So they must be connected. By looking at it, I think this piece could only hold a very small amount of ink, not rea...
  31. Still - the tail part can't be the 'well' as there is a ridge between the 'plain' and the 'well'. You would make a ink spill all over your table if you try to get it into the 'well'. Try it with clean...
  32. As far as I know, this wood is called Jiaozhi(Vietnam) rosewood in China, and Siamese rosewood to westerners. In bloody Latino, Dalbergia cochinchinensis. I know it is often been mistaken as Zitan for...
  33. emm.. you think this is a "duan"? Thanks for the tipping, you may be right because of the 'eye'. Google Chinese ink block, I don't know how to use it on such a small inkstone. A typical Chinese one w...
  34. Gosh, what a bargain. Pure jealous.
  35. Stillwater, there is nothing called "Rose Famille", I bet you want to state "Famille Rose" , bloody French :) To be honest, it's very hard to give the right name to this piece, even western schola...
  36. Stillwater, may I ask how much did you pay for this piece? Including all associated cost. I am trying to obtain similar things as well.
  37. According to my limited knowledge about inkstone, this one is NOT Chinese but Japanese. First among the reasons, never seen Chinese inkstone in this shape but Japanese. Second, Chinese mined their ink...
  38. A gorgeous piece in many ways. A bit disappointing, not Qianlong era but a copy made around 1900. Very collectable.
  39. my friend just shared this charger with me today. It's bought in Germany and marked as a Japanese ceramic.
  40. sounds like it could be a decent made jar paying tribute to Qing style design.
  41. Your piece was probably made in 20c with my two cents. Foremost, the black enamel is rare to be found in Qing dynasty. Moreover, the body looks like mold cast. If you could find a sunken ring on the i...
  42. Sorry for any confusion I may caused. the mark indicates the reign of Yongzheng who ruled China between 1678 to 1735. It unlikely to be that old. I could identify a cheap copy if you would upload a p...
  43. Thanks for loving everyone, this piece was made to order, perhaps one in its kind.
  44. I love it. It's not that sort of carving we Aussie commonly find in a Bali souvenir shop, at least not recent years. I hesitate to consider it as a desktop as there is no slot or mounting points coul...
  45. Well, not far from you Attwood, we pay a few visits to Sydney annually from Canberra. Some of my treasure were found in Sydney recent years.
  46. I think you are quite good at dating.
  47. Thanks for loving Attwood, can't wait to see your wood carving.
  48. oh, I was surprised this seal was made by wax mold. In that case, it could be a real thing and I would like to read the chars in hope to find out to whom it used to belong, if you could replace the bl...
  49. I think it's a restored piece.
  50. hah, it's an antique and also not. the porcelain chips had been cut off from larger chips which could had been buried for centuries. The maker reused the china chip with reign marks to compose this ...
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