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18K gold and jadeit ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Jadeite saddle ring - Asianin Asian
Korean Goryeo (918 to 1392) celadon dish - Asianin Asian
Table made from Indian printing block collection - Asianin Asian
Chinese dream stone screen  - Asianin Asian
jadeite beads  - Asianin Asian
Amber pendant with cloudy part - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Exquisite Balinese Cameo - Asianin Asian
Japanese Yukuta/Kimono silk? - Asianin Asian
Heavenly Chook ZUN bought online - Asianin Asian


  1. Have you got the knob tested? It's supposed to be coral.
  2. I can see the brilliant craftsmanship and beautiful wood grain.
  3. I can't be more agree with you that the grade B and C jadeite flooded the market since 50s. However this ring doesn't look that old to me. There were 2 sudden booms in jadeite export in past centu...
  4. Thank you Kyratango for sharing your ideas in jewellery. Only the person with extensive knowledge with ring settings could ever ask whether the back of ring is open or closed. In my case, this ring i...
  5. this kind of things were made since early 20's through 70's, can't tell the age. I have one almost the same with label to the bottom saying "Shanghai, China"
  6. It's alabaster jade or called pseudo-jade. 6 bucks sounds a good deal.
  7. Garuda the bird man, also the name of Indonesian airline.
  8. it's a typical Chinese provincial urn. Rare to find in this size and condition, excellent finding. Adore. Probably from mid 19c, not cheap friend, not cheap. It's designed for congee.
  9. It could make a nice ice box for your beer
  10. I think it's not old nor sliver as I've seen some of them. Sorry.
  11. I am with Kyratango
  12. Funny thing, it's a piece of relic from 19 century, definitely Japanese printing block , not Chinese even if the language used is Chinese. If it's Chinese, the centre of page would been in the middle,...
  13. I think it's called apple jar for its shape. It's not quite old in my mind.
  14. ho2cultcha, Please check the reply I put above. To your question, the wood would remain some ability to absorb oil if it's treated by Tong Oil. Tong Oil penetrates wood a bit, not like normal varnish,...
  15. kyratango, love to see your comments. Yes, you are right about the texture on the belly in Pic 1. To be precise, I guess you referred to the darker part in the wood like black ribbon. I don't know wha...
  16. ho2cultcha, trust me, it's dyed and lacquered. or should I use the word 'stained' and 'Varnished'. For wood craft, if is made of bare wood, except softwood like pine, you could find pore/vessel with n...
  17. kyratango? I just moved to a new place and it's definitely a disaster to pack up, move to storage and unpack my antique collections.
  18. I saw tens of thousands dollar worth in there.
  19. there are heaps of coco in states but the trade of coco is restricted by CITES
  20. they are nice square vases from Qing dynasty. Dare to say, they probably from mid 19c China. Even better, the square shaped one is rare for the difficult to make. Unfortunately, the lids are missing...
  21. oldandsilly +1
  22. Not Mahogany, Rosewood instead. Don't excited, not the valuable one. Mid 20c. The marble stone is called 'Dream stone' or 'Scholar stone', not bad.
  23. Treated Jadeite to my eyes, hope you hadn't spent a fortune.
  24. BTW, do NOT wax or oil it as it's dyed. It's a rule of thumb that do not try to polish Chinese wood piece. The only exception is to remove thick lacquer on rosewood furniture to show it's nature color...
  25. Forget about Zitan wood, not even close to. It's dyed so can't identify the wood, but for the style of carving, I guess it's made from Lychee wood. It was a popular export product from China in Republ...
  26. Common Huali wood, one member of the rosewood family. Great for plants.
  27. Not need to test, I strongly believe it's a piece of Xiu Jade, pronounced like word SHOW. It's a common jade found in northeast of China. It's a Jade in the broad sense, but not 'The Jade' which refer...
  28. Love to see your collection. It's often seen in Australia but made in Canton province, China. Commonly known as "Shi Wan Ware".
  29. I believe it's a 20th repo, but a good repo, especially at $50. with $500 and a bit of luck, you could buy a moon vase from 19th.
  30. LOL, you are a living gem tester. :) Which gem tastes best?
  31. No, simply don't believe the street experts. It's serpentine jade, not alabaster, not Italian and not 1940's.
  32. Don't know how much have you paid, this is Jade, but not the He Tian Jade, which costs a arm and a leg. Whatever it is, the most important thing is you love it, end of story.
  33. The pic is too small to exam the bowl, but it's obviously in Song style, about 700 years ago.
  34. You are right, it's used for food, but for the dead and guardian god. Less than 100 years old, my two cents.
  35. can you post up close photos? I'd never seen it before and am interested in doing some research.
  36. can't believe the price.
  37. It's a real bargain for $7, professionally painted.
  38. To my best knowledge, it's made in China during republic years(early to mid 20C). Outstanding quality and craftsmanship. The curve on legs and insert structures make it a quality piece. To the wood, ...
  39. here is a Jap one, not sure about yours, best guess is mid 20c.
  40. I believe your appraisal is right, good work.
  41. eve14, Chinese starting faking hundreds years ago, some quality fakes with certain age are worth of collecting. middle 20c doesn't mean 'new'.
  42. OMG, this one is superb. It's clearly not printed but hand painted. A printed one can't make the paint thicker in one place than the others. The sticker says it's from TongChih/Tongzhi period not Xian...
  43. it must be replica as it can't be done by modern machines at this size. You could always find seams on the inside wall of any old vase higher than your knees.
  44. KANGXI NIAN ZHI- "Kangxi period make" c1661 to 1722 Made around middle 20c
  45. it's agate anyway.
  46. According the mark on the bottom, it's made by Yongsheng company, which was founded in 1869. So it's very unlikely from east india company which ends by 1874.
  47. I meant I did it for free, no charge. Don't worry, I have 90% confidence it is what I said.
  48. Ok, this could be an old one in my mind. Probably mid 19C for export. Nice.
  49. This one is questionable to me. Please supply photos focus on foot rim and brink.
  50. I could give you a preliminary dating for free: Daoguang period (1820 to 1850). You have to give me high quality photos and $$$ for more information. Kidding.... enjoy.
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