Sometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourniSometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourning hair items, tie and hat pins, jadeite jewels and more... (Read more)


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Intriguing watercolor (?? LUKE 1908). - Visual Artin Visual Art
Arts and Crafts brooch, enamel attributed to Charles Fleetwood VARLEY.  - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Liquid silver I used on the beetle brooch! 
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Antiqueh mystery? Will you get mystified? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
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  1. Ha, just commented on your other post about corozo. Here I read you talk about strong chemical smell... So, a bit puzzled by your necklace :-)
  2. Celluloid in not heavy at all, nor cold to the touch. I would think corozo, vegetal ivory (google these together to see images!)
  3. Thank you for the solve! Glad to have picked the "original" one ;-) But, uuhhh... It can't be described as "AUTHENTIC ART NOUVEAU"! Lang was in activity between 1940 and the 70': http://www.deca...
  4. Haha, was sure! I think I know some others than me... ;-D
  5. Hi Roycroft! Your Brazilian medal is commemotative of 400th year's foundation of Sao Paulo, both with a pharmaceutical/biochimy pan american congress and must have been a gift to the attendants :-) ...
  6. Great post, so completely informative about very scarce rings. Thank you for sharing your treasures!
  7. Sweeeet!
  8. Very decorative! Worth the spent $ ;-))
  9. The made in China says all... it is modern. Antique is 100 years old
  10. Definitely worth grabing the bag :-) On the Ebay listing, the stone may rather be an aventurine than a jadeite. Yours is way better! interesting link about jadeite:
  11. I even never thought clown white was advertized, and box designed so attractively... Hey, vint'! A good thing you can't use it! Your family would definitely consider you're insane... If you could us...
  12. Great work! These little desks are just wonderful! Does your's have secret compartment?
  13. Paris 1925 found a link for Arisellon's knife rests: on the page there are dogs book ends almost like your Barzoïs !
  14. Uncle Scrooge! Top hat and shoe covers you already have... As Virginia, love them and the fact you still have them ;-) Ps, I'll reach 57 on March 10th ;-D
  15. Baroque pearls, but in my opinion not Mikimoto quality and mounting. Though it could have been restrung, the clasp would have help too for id quality.
  16. Would say pewter or silvered brass, gothic fantasy.
  17. KSS KSS KSSS Alan! The post needed sound added ;-)
  18. The very few examples I've seen of this kind of bracelet were enameled in royal blue or green, an none had a picture, only a hair compartment. I'm thrilled by all your posts :-)
  19. Thanks for the additional pics! FANTASTIC!
  20. She would fit your green lady! Don't know much in costume jewelry, it seems to have gold leaves in the lucite/pespex material. I would say vintage :-)
  21. Very nice art deco piece of jewelry! Love it a lot :-))
  22. Agree with my friends, GORGEOUS !
  23. Wow! Another marvel! Fine jewellery day!!!
  24. Fantastic to get it complete with case and fittings! I would love seeing both and the back of your brooch, very informative post!
  25. As you are too busy posting for visiting ;-) I present here Another servant bell push: ;-P
  26. Perhaps, but yours doesn't need wiring to DING A DING ;-) Thanks, you are the king of collectors :-D
  27. Haha still calling with mine, no more servants!
  28. Meerschaum, absolutely, and the mouth piece could be amber! Anything written inside the box?
  29. Doggies! They have a Barzoï look... Maybe russians? Of course, I have to love them ;-)
  30. Agram, thank you for your love :-)
  31. Ooh, agree with solver, charming post full of sentiments! Happy end with Vincent II on way :-)
  32. Solver, you have the eye AND memory! I knew I saw her many times but didn't remember the religious background ;-) Thank you so much for your interest and incredible compliment on my Varley brooch.
  33. Ooh, thank you v.lamp :-) Your collections are eclectics and sharp, all is instructive too, plus a fun mind ;-))
  34. The "whiplash" on the left and the closure speak for 1900, you're right in my opinion :-) It must be a well loved retirement gift!
  35. It is very pretty, and as you said, appealing :-) I think from the pic of back it is a kind of art glass (Czech). My feeling for the era is between 20' and 30', old fashioned.
  36. Great quick solve, Solver! You are the enigmas guru !
  37. Haha, when my dear Kyra was a puppy, when we went to street antiques fairs, she hunted for stuffed animals and this kind of push/ride beasts! Of course, I had to buy those she held in her mouth, LOL!
  38. Dog's smile ;-) uuuh, you make me envious!
  39. What a fiery horse despite his damages! I love it as so much of your pieces, love too your displays, you are really living with your collections! BRAVO!
  40. I loved your post numerous times to get it up... YES! Give us the solve!!!
  41. Cornaline is the natural red/orange agate variety, can be called sardonyx when used for hardstone cameo :-)
  42. RIP Mister Nimoy. Thanks Alan for sharing!
  43. Agree with you Nutsabotas... Perhaps Cameojan use CW only to keep trace of her/his collection... I would like to know more about these wonderful cameos!
  44. Fantastic! You did well :-) Several hundred... Wow!
  45. Cornaline for the red, stained agate and tiger eye ! Pretty find! They are modern/vintage.
  46. Charming little critter!
  47. Sean, thank you sweetie!
  48. Perhaps a custom order... The hallmark was a warrant, but also a tax! It is nearly impossible, if it had one, that it disapear (except if there was a repair). I think it could benefit a gentle polis...
  49. Hi Lambda! welcome to CW! You can anwer or thank others by commenting below, and... submit comment ;-)
  50. If it is marked, the mark would be on the very bottom smooth part. Tell us if not alreary checked!
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