Agent of the BRUSH POWER! Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect moAgent of the BRUSH POWER! Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourning hair items, tie and hat pins, jadeite jewels and more... (Read more)


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French silver medal commemorating one milliard pouds petroleum extracted by Nobel brothers society. - Petrolianain Petroliana
BRUSHES!  - Accessoriesin Accessories
Enamel miniature brooch P.Bonnaud - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Late victorian agate cameo I enhanced! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
A tribute to the super moon! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique ivory chain necklace. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Follow up my first soldering. - Asianin Asian
My first soldering! - Asianin Asian
Arts and crafts silver ring with chinese carved carnelian. - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Antique pair of chinese bracelets. - Asianin Asian


  1. I just wondered why somebody did!
  2. Sweetie Sean, I never thought that you complained to CW! You are really the peaceful one!
  3. My last post about Nobel is not the fun mystery ;-) You will know when it will be the one!
  4. The temple on one face is the Fire Temple in Baku Google for Ateshgah of Baku, very interesting story
  5. Forgot to say it is cased in a green leather display box velvet lined.
  6. I was hilarious too from taking the pictures, then during all the comments! Little others in a while? Yes, let's do that ;-) Weekly??? Lol Next will be a total mystery for MOST, wait and see ;-)
  7. Right Lisa... Will perhaps try another only for fun! Seeking for the perfect mystery object (•> _•>)
  8. Yipee! Still love your jewels, Jewels !!!
  9. Don't think chinese too! Korean or japanese, nice inlay work!
  10. Found on wiki: A cornicello or cornetto, Italian for "little horn" or "hornlet", is an amulet worn to protect against the evil eye. In the Southern Italian Dialects, it is called cuornuciello or vari...
  11. Nice transformation and display! I don't drink tea and beeing a smoker (bouh!) I prefer the lighter use ;-)
  12. Mythic car!
  13. Thousand thanks to the 21 lovers!
  14. Thanks Gracay! CW said they were starting to get complaints from other users... Nothing was offendant, but I shoudn't have mentionned the 662 mysteries for 14 loves part...
  15. Thank you Lisa for your support! Post delated... I should not have mentioned the 652 mysteries part.... C.W. Emailed me : "Hi kyratango: Just a note to let you know that we took down your post ...
  16. Phil... Was deleted "It seems like you and other Show & Tellers have had enough of a chance to let off a little steam, but now we are starting to get complaints from other users." I want to thank ...
  17. Beautiful ... Face!
  18. Hunter, "no one was wearing Fox fur in the 70s or 80s" ? No one was wearing napoleonic outfit, though there is vintage Napoleon's figurines... Hope this will help!
  19. Phil, many thanks for your comment! I'm not so maniac about these, but love their touch and turned wood. Amazing as such modest useful things can appeal !
  20. TubeAmp, I can't let this post go crazy. (~_ ~) It is a real brush mania one! ;-) Id, merci!
  21. Thanks Moonstone, toolate, Virginia and Bootson for your nice comments :-) Thanks too to all the brush lovers, hurrah for brush power!
  22. Bootson, have you seen my best brush in the precedent post? As a brush collector, would you like to contribute to it?
  23. Nice work, love it :-)
  24. Beautiful!
  25. Google for touareg cross...
  26. Suppose it is forbidden too to have full glasses of these alcoholic substances on the bar?? Slaìnte!
  27. It seems Zowie pinned it ;-) Fish could be salmon, trout.... or the rarest wild anchovy, very hard to catch without a painful battle!
  28. Zowie is right! This is the owner/wearer choice, which have mainly to enjoy it's piece ( -_-) Just to say you can better see details when there is contrast to make them pop out, as when a photo is o...
  29. Love them, and the painful then successful research! Bravo!
  30. Very nice figurine! To me, she seems wearing the same hat than in Venise Carnaval ?
  31. Valentino, they showed your purse (or whatover it is...) on my last post... Please come before it goes worse LOL
  32. Ooo... Such a pity it had been polished... Look too much new now, and the decor gets confuse. It is really a beautiful antique ring! Patina (not necessarily dirt) is a big part of the beauty of an a...
  33. In french they are called "chapeau claque" or Gibus. Antoine Gibus was the first to patent the system in Paris in 1834. First appears in London 1824. Was used in travel, or receptions or attending...
  34. Very unusual motif!
  35. Love too climbing dragons! You are warmly invited to my kidding contest on my new post, don't hesitate to be rude and funny ;-)
  36. Yes, old butcher's string holder! Bravo T.A
  37. Modern napkin collage ware, decorative purpose.
  38. Welcome to CW! But there we don't do appraisals... Just give our opinions or share knowledge :-)
  39. Thanks to you, mikelv85 and ho2cultcha
  40. You are right Bootson, there is transparent enamel on worked metal, red is translucid too. Thank you for your visit and interest!
  41. Id! How right and clever is this answer ;-) Except if you buy at once an entire collection, all begins with one item :-D
  42. This lamp claim to be from Gallé, french art nouveau artist! market was flooded by contemporary czech fabricants.
  43. Tora, french woman with sharp (shark!) teeth, lol!
  44. Me too! And your pictures!!!
  45. Found the auction! I think they are rather expensive for modified items, but pics were clear. If you are deceived though they are nice, try to ask the seller...
  46. Definitely not a pair, they weren't born as earrings, but rather antique Flemish or regional pendants, around 1800'! Ask Agram.m she must know :-)
  47. French women... (*WW*) lol!
  48. Lol id! I would say three... because two is only a pair :-P
  49. It was an artistic movement in Europe, litterature, paintings... Thanks Id for your nice comment and loving :-) And thanks Mikelv Valentino and Vetraio for loving her :-)
  50. It is great that you want to preserve this ruin! Bravo!
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Bee costume jewellery Jar by Legras' factory of Saint-Denis Lucite Grape Cluster (Large) Death mirror Little 40-50s Bakelite collar studs/cufflinks Ivory suprise


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