Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourning hair items, tie and haCompulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourning hair items, tie and hat pins, jadeite jewels and more... (Read more)


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Follow up my first soldering. - Asianin Asian
My first soldering! - Asianin Asian
Arts and crafts silver ring with chinese carved carnelian. - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Antique pair of chinese bracelets. - Asianin Asian
Little enamel portrait brooch. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Silver french Indochina repousse cuff bracelet. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique lacquer chinese bird feeder/cup. Signature? - Asianin Asian
Chryselephantine bell push signed Loder. - Art Decoin Art Deco
Cute butterfly brooch dated 1898 14k gold, seed pearls and ruby. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
My greatest fear and collecting fever... SPIDER! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Roycroft, thanks for your wishes, Your comments make my day ;-)
  2. See my new post about carnelian ring!
  3. See new post about a carnelian ring!
  4. Idcloisonne, thank you for your visit and comment :-)) there is a comment from Jewels1900 on my earlyer post about silver jadeite ring 4 months ago: Hi kyrantango. I think your ring is arts & cr...
  5. Merci ! These buckle design were relatively common in years 30/50. Not very comfortable to wear (I've small wrist, but fater fore arm, lol) But it's work is so intricate (and bargain price!) I had ...
  6. Antikarium, thanks for your comment! The two stamps hallmarks say "indochina" and "silver" I found a tiny maker's mark elsewhere "a/lorraine cross/d" in a rectangle. For the work, it is repousse AN...
  7. Lol, roycroft! Old mountain's man! If your Indian pawned the ring to get drinking money... Then he didn't drank that much!!! Know some who would need to pawn crown's jewels to get their content...
  8. Thanks Zowie!
  9. A part of an old chinese wedding Bed? Ning po ?
  10. Thanks roycroft for sweeeet and speeed comment and love ;-))
  11. Moonstonelover, I don't "feel" them as diamonds too, think cz... I'm not a gemmologist but have a very good "feeling" for stones and metal. Peasejean, it is in looking, touching, examining, reading b...
  12. Ooooh... Vernn98, I DO LOVE your post, sharing with us your lovely childhood treasure story! Will search for Florenza jewelry.
  13. Thanks too to you, racer and Inky :-))
  14. Thank you Phil, your comment is much appreciated :-)
  15. Well said BB2!
  16. You are right Idcloisonne, this is A POST !
  17. A full set! And cased!! And amazing quality!!! Wonderfull :-)
  18. From I can see, stones are modern cut, in this style of mounting, if old, stones would have been box set, not prong set. So, in my think it is modern, in old style.
  19. Thank you racer for your comment! Thanks all for your lve :-)
  20. Merci Antikarium, bonne idée, c'est très partiel mais j'essaierai!
  21. Very nice salvage! Bravo!
  22. Thanks Toni, Kerry, AmberRose, Phil and Radegunder :-)
  23. Good find, you are a lucky "chineur" ;-)
  24. Very nice!
  25. Thank you Phil! It is stamped silver French Indochina.
  26. You're welcome!
  27. Thanks Nutsabotas!
  28. Thousand thanks Manikin, Tom61375, and speedy Sean for your loves and comments :-))
  29. This is really amazing! Just saw today a memorial Stuart crystal for Queen Mary and a Georges Washington memorial ring on CW! Three highly historical mourning pieces the same day, blowing out Ô..Ô
  30. It is from India, rajahstan! Google for indian wheeled horse, there is a pair on etsy. Hope it will help :-)
  31. So complete and fresh, never seen such example, bravo!
  32. Fantastic historic piece! Good research too :-)
  33. Thanks attwood for your comment. No belt in This story, was attached to a bird cage through the bars!
  34. Jean, french Indochina... Annam, Tonkin, Cambodia, Cochinchina... Vetraio, thanks for your enthousastic comment! :-)
  35. Think Vallauris, see there: (other pics on the site)
  36. Very beautiful carving and ring! Can understand it is your favorite amethyst.
  37. Uuh, forgot th thank you Jim :-/
  38. Hi shrine! Glad to see you :-) I know it is not an antique because the expert I commissionned to sell things when my mom died said all was 19th or early 20th (it was in 2000 and chinese items were no...
  39. Sure! It has the crosshatch grain on the cheeks! Original for sure too, as not only a figurine but a "sonnette de table" I had the book, but it is mainly for high end sculptors...(I gave it to frien...
  40. Essaie declic silicone...En joue, feu! Lol
  42. Made of natural shell, lacquered in gold (maki-e) japanese, export, used as cherroot holder!
  43. And thanks Sean too! ;-)
  44. Thank you so much Phil!
  45. Thanks Vetraio, Toracat and Aghcollect for your loves :-)
  46. 750 stands for 750 parts per 1000 of gold. This is the correct rating for 18 karat gold! Other marks are perhaps the model reference... Hope This will help.
  47. Your ring is a beauty! Try to adopt another daughter, lol
  48. There is a great educationnal site: And specially for english marks:
  49. Great catch!
  50. Love family memories, and your box is so pretty :-)
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Bee costume jewellery Jar by Legras' factory of Saint-Denis Lucite Grape Cluster (Large) Death mirror Little 40-50s Bakelite collar studs/cufflinks Ivory suprise


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