Sometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourniSometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourning hair items, tie and hat pins, jadeite jewels and more... (Read more)


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Mysterious maker: barbotine/majolica (?) flower basket. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
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  1. mystery, or not?
  2. If the previous collector who wrote the label was right, he meant Qing dynasty: Though the vase seem old from it's bottom, it is thick, which surprise ...
  3. Fantastic display! I love your deco too, would love sitting on your sofa! :-))
  4. Ooo! Nice! (But I prefer AntiqueH...'s stuff, LOL)
  5. Read silver PLATED...
  6. love this color! They are lovely!
  7. Jim got it! A simple trick to get the correct position of chinese script is to consider some look like persons, so they must have "legs" downside! On your third pic, they are walking on their head.....
  8. Still think "bleu de Hué"!
  9. The metal cercled look like "bleu de hué", made in china for vietnamese market... Love them all!
  10. Fabulous collection! And with the outer cases! Love galuchat!
  11. 25 brush lovers! Woaah! Thanks all ;-)
  12. Thanks Trey!
  13. Thank you Trey and Inky for the love! :-))
  14. Sooo coool!
  15. Nice find! The initials are L F, I found a sculptor named Louis Fontinelle (Google images Louis Fontinelle bronze elephant) But your's seems rather beeing cold painted spelter, as on first pic you c...
  16. I will stay away from this one... It could desintegrate my bug collection! ;-)
  17. Thanks Ho2cultcha!
  18. Thanks toolate :-)
  19. Old petanque/bowling ?
  20. Merci! J'ai fait un tableau pinterest avec des serpents bijoux :-)
  21. Thanks Peasejean!
  22. Thanks Peasejean ;-)
  23. Or a baby to nurse ;-) Try it near your oven!
  24. Any idea for the mark on last pic? Help! :-/
  25. I think baby rattle/teether: Sterling silver baby teethers are a great way to help your baby through the teething process. Silver naturally stays cool for calming the pain of the gums. The nurse or ...
  26. Thanks Roycroft :-)
  27. Could be too nursing chair...
  28. Apart beeing a perfect cat's seat, these low chairs were used to seat near the fireplace to be heaten from feet to head. In french they are named "chauffeuse", in english fire side chairs. http://ww...
  29. Woaah! Incredible color flashes in this opal ô..Ô ! Hurrah for your 500th, I'm delighted with this gorgeous ring, hold on with jewels posts!
  30. Ravissante trouvaille!
  31. Many thanks to Betty and Melanie who joined the 14 critters lovers :-)
  32. My pleasure! Give her a kiss for me :-)
  33. Undoubtfully japanese decor, with mount Fuji in the background and the Torii gate motif (The Shinto Torii is a traditional Japanese gate commonly found at the entry to a Shinto shrine). The clasp is ...
  34. What a pair! Ulisse is gorgeous!
  35. Better gift than the ballon you get with a pair of shoes nowadays, lol! Great find, Paris!
  36. Mmmmm, for my thought, too much gold on it to be French... Rather Italian perhaps. Nice display vitrine! Hardest part now is to get a bended glass for the side panel!
  37. Nice, cool, great!
  38. Found This site, but didn't explore thoroughly yet! Hope it will help :-)
  39. It makes me think sainte Radegonde pottery!
  40. Cool, but sharp! ;-)
  41. Val, same for me, even for Kennedy!
  42. Welcome to CW! Are they spelter, porcelain? Subject looks like a fisherman and his wife. Biggest pictures would make things easier...
  43. Uuh, it seems if it is for home Dr's visit, it lacks a head for more intima part exam, lol! Sorry, I'm out of control just now ;-D
  44. So informative post, fantastic highlight on "unknown" glass artists!
  45. Some Daum? Love the group!
  46. Butter plate!
  47. It could be too "ophtalmoscope" if for examining the eyes. Can't see well... Need one! ;-)
  48. Right spelling is "otoscope". Would be useful to have close up of the writings...
  49. Nice plaque, beautiful Mary'face, and beautiful story ! I do think some objects appeal us....
  50. Thanks for your thank Lorrie, we love to solve mysteries here ;-)
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Jar by Legras' factory of Saint-Denis Death mirror Little 40-50s Bakelite collar studs/cufflinks Ivory suprise


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