Sometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourniSometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourning hair items, tie and hat pins, jadeite jewels and more... (Read more)


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Poor little dragonfly! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Tiny sterling enamel and "moonstone" brooch, marked sterling. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Asian cloisonné box, antique ? Chinese? Update: 19th/early 20th, chinese! - Asianin Asian
Last addition to enamel restored maple samara pin. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Art nouveau enamel dragonfly pin. What maker is MM? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Enamel restore again! - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
1920' wristwatch with originals bands. - Wristwatchesin Wristwatches
Plique a jour enamel created on a Beau Sterling fly pin. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Enamel dragonfly brooch restore project. - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Occupants of the Barbotine basket! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Fish bowl, now flower pot :-) love the colors!
  2. Good looking! For the $, your other bargains compensate ;-D
  3. Love her, so fresh!
  4. Love it too! Welcome to CW :-)
  5. Around mid 20th. For the stones, try a scratch test in discreet area with a steel needle, if white line left: soft stone, if dark line: stone harder than steel :-)
  6. The stone (more likely serpentine) parts are chinese archer's thumb rings, decor is chinese too, so... chinese, made for export!
  7. Hehe! Look This one :
  8. For a tiny Pocahontas! ;-D
  9. Thanks lisa!
  10. Have a look there:'s+hair+comb+blog&client=tablet-android-samsung&hl=fr-FR&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=JjtEVObRDYfaPNLOgcgM&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ&biw=602&bih=963...
  11. Many thanks Inky and FanciGirl! :-)
  12. Chinese, the handle is part of a stone belt buckle!
  13. ;-) merci du remerciement!
  14. Bizarre... It seems claiming to look like an old Sèvres mark...
  15. Brandt?
  16. So... I think it is serpentine, I only found the french Wiki for it:
  17. You made a nice find! Did you notice the script (apart the big CORDIALEMENT!)? Though not a centenary, I learnt writing like this with a dip pen when a child...
  18. Ooh... Love these colors :-))
  19. You know what...? I had same as a child! But not a bank... Pencil sharpener! So, they were cousins! ;-))
  20. Congrat's!
  21. Ha! Preparing Halloween ?
  22. Very pretty, love the low cabochon. Is it transparent, can't see well the stone? If evenly transparent, smoky quartz, if not, agate.
  23. Thank you Trey :-)
  24. Thanks PatSea, Bootson, Wpj and Trey for your loves!
  25. Ha! Did you try to discuss the price? ;-)) Love it too!
  26. Wow! She looks good :-)
  27. Nice pieces! Bet you have already done the "scratch test" on them, lol! Have the exact same Charlie! My big old doggies are a little afraid of him, he is a new addition ;-D
  28. Hi Pat! these are from last quarter 19th century. Sorry, no time to search links to prove it! :-)
  29. Mystery solved! The hot pin poke tells all.
  30. Great close up! Bubbles... Speaks not natural material for me. Anyway fine snuff bottle!
  31. Stone for sure, but what??? You may try a little scratch test on the under with a sharp steel knife. Jade is extremly hard and won't be marked!
  32. It is lovely, and useful! I would say vintage...
  33. Nice job!
  34. Fantastic restore project! I'm looking forward to see Silvia in all her glory again!
  35. Thanks Peasejean, bratjdd and trunkman for loving my critter :-)
  36. Thanks Vetraio, mikelv and racer4four for your loves :-D
  37. Lol, nutsabotas! it is only to darken silver naturally when patina is gone. The egg's sulphur will "oxydate" silver then after a while exposed to the air a gentle cloth rubbing will be fine :-) Phi...
  38. Happy to see you, Mani and Sean! Thank you for your love :-))
  39. Agree with you Lisa, thought treated lavender jade!
  40. Thanks Peasejean, Sean, Jewels and Manikin :-))
  41. here are links to help identify ivory:
  42. Thank you Paris for posting it, very informative! Plus, it is gorgeous!
  43. PatSea, I'm sorry, but rhino horn is NOT a bone! Genuine would certainly not encountered in number... Identification would be ivory vs resin.
  44. Hi Treasure4everyone, welcome to CW! Your snuff bottle seems to be a quality item, but to be sure it is not resin, you may try the red hot pin poke in a hidden part... Ivory won't melt under the poke!
  45. Thanks Paris, thanks Cggrdn for your love :-)
  46. Oui, mais non! It is a kind of art glass, two layers! Merci Paris! :-)
  47. Ha! Same for marcasite for me... They fall, but if you want to remove them... Crush! Replace them will be a challenge, but worth trying if you find spare stones (think There are some on EBay)
  48. Beautiful! It is not modern in my opinion, maybe in the '50 for export.
  49. Very pretty!
  50. Have a look to Pops's post: He gave the link for the protective display box!
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Jar by Legras' factory of Saint-Denis Death mirror Ivory suprise


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