Sometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourniSometimes facetious ;-) Compulsive antique jewellery collector since my 18th, crazy about precious insect bug pins, I'm a 56 years old french woman. Collect mourning hair items, tie and hat pins, jadeite jewels and more... (Read more)


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Arts and crafts GOLD & MOOSTONES necklace. Henry George Murphy, thanks to Kiwipaul! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Touch of purple on enamel bow pin. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Another repair! A touch of blue... - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Enamel training! - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Just bought this nice moonstone necklace, any idea of maker? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Butterfly enamel pin as necklace. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Unusual shape 1900 sterling mate enamel butterfly pin. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Butterfly repaired. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Unknown maker for this cute butterfly. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Halloween contribution! - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Phil, your storage must be an Ali Baba cave, full of treasures... your lamp is certainly one!
  2. Kiwipaul, any idea?
  3. Wow! The turquoise's setting is also quite georgian (as in your writing the foiled moonstone part) She certainly studied the construction of antique jewels. The London Buses theory is a very good one...
  4. Thanks again, Kiwipaul! Thank you Phil for your kind comment, Many thanks too, BelleEpoque, from pics of the back and closure, I was certain it was a nice thing ;-) Many thanks, HeirloomAngel for y...
  5. Kiwipaul, arts and craft is a relatively new area for me, I can identify the period and authenticity, but a lot of makers are out of my knowledge. Thank you so much for id ! I'm delighted with th...
  6. Kiwipaul, just posted my freshly arrived moonstone necklace, I would be very glad to get your advice on possible maker!
  7. Ah, oui! (suis blonde!)
  9. Same leaves, no attribution...
  10. Thanks Peasejean for smart comment and love! Thanks Jewels :-)
  11. Love your creativity ;-)
  12. Picture, Tamara de Lempicka?
  13. Finaly arrived! See last post :-)
  14. Amazing it was burried! Perhaps filled with gold!
  15. This listing gives weight per spoon, and marks. I doubt your's are gold, but check weight and compare with these!
  16. Your's are demi tasse spoons. Any marking?
  17. Don, "you're the one that I love!" ;-))
  18. Many thanks Agram, Mikelv ant Torakitten for your loves :-))
  19. What a documentation! It is a fact that serious collectors ARE CRAZY ;-) Merci pour les liens, mais je n'ai pas accès au Sabino...
  20. Laisse un fb négatif! C'est terrible, mais il est magnifique. I don't buy glass (for the moment, lol) but would worry a lot too... Did Verlys make fishes lamp like that? I remember my grand parents...
  21. Thanks a lot upstatenycollector for your poetic comment ;-) I could stay lost in these colors for hours and dream... Thanks wp too, your comment is very much appreciated! And.... Thanks to the 33 l...
  22. What a nice way of displaying your collection! Love all :-)
  23. LOL, love the ex-wife's new boyfriend part! Of course, you are right, molded resin! You could suggest him the red hot pin poke (I'm famous for it!)... Dont't forget to specify that this test hat to ...
  24. Rather 20th century. Here is a very useful link for dating brooches: The coral color, true red, speaks mediterranean to me, Spain or Ita...
  25. Oops. Think later, not thin thin later :)
  26. Hi Pease! Thin it is a bit later due to thin pin and articulation of it. For my eye, there are only crystal opals (almost transparent, you could read through them). How lucky to go to Sri Lanka! I ...
  27. Beautiful! For finding an old frame, I can say from personnal experience that oval things are nearly impossible to match... I carried for years a paper with my lonely things to mount stamped on it! ...
  28. He is very beautiful! Most are set with moonstones, Google image for scorpion moonstone antique brooch. I think they come from Colombo in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), I Saw some in Colombo airport shops...
  29. Love enamel too :-))
  30. Thank you so much Jewels, and CindB :-)
  31. Lol, thanks Roycroft!
  32. Ha Don! No tango dance.... Only disco ;-)
  33. Very, very nice Don! But can't decipher signature for now, read ....uduay ???
  34. Thanks Lisa!
  35. Thanks to all 15 lovers! ;-)
  36. Welcome to CW! More than pretty!!! Beautiful, in very good state for its age. On pic 3, on the left under the needle, it seems there is a hallmark or a maker's mark I can't find out... There are so...
  37. Thank you DrFluffy :-)
  38. Thanks Phil, Valentino, Belltown, Trey and DrFluffy for loving my repair!
  39. Ha, missed this one then! Love the color and design :-)
  40. Wonderful, so uncommon too! Only seen cut crystal by then. You're glad to get it :-)
  41. I will have a look and contact her...
  42. Yep, PatSea is right! A watch ticking is as a beating heart, specially when a family memory ;-)
  43. Woaah, your great Grandfather's! This one is the oldest, the naturalistic etching of the case is near art nouveau style but more classical. I would say around 1890! curious of watch enthousiasts thou...
  44. Fantastic locomotive/train decor and general style from period 30' ! Your Grandfather had good taste, enjoy his treasure :-)
  45. Ha, just read ALL description :-D So it is gold filled 12 karats!
  46. Lovely family memory! Period is 20', bracelet is filigree style, perhaps goldplated or gold filled.
  47. At this time, they were nearly custom made ... Jewelers made a case and adapted a movement. Gently open it and see if there is a name on the movement, which could even be round shaped and would come e...
  48. Thank you Elizabethan and Toni1969 :-)
  49. Thanks Trey, DrFluffy and sweetie Sean for your appreciated love;-)
  50. Thanks a lot for your love, upstatenycollector and Mikelv :-)
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Swag necklace Jar by Legras' factory of Saint-Denis Death mirror Ivory suprise


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