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I'm a computer/network person by trade. I like antiques, music, woodworking, and travel. I am pretty eclectic in my tastes, but I really like Deco, enameled metal , I'm a computer/network person by trade. I like antiques, music, woodworking, and travel. I am pretty eclectic in my tastes, but I really like Deco, enameled metal , Vaseline/Depression glass, Maxfield Parrish and art pottery. My email is Please mention CW in the subject, I tend to dump stuff if I don't know what it is. The fun part is the search! (Read more)


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Sterling Guilloche Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Oneonta Normal School 1911 Yearbook - Booksin Books
Bakelite Army Pencil Sharpener - Officein Office
Blue Sterling Guilloche Compact - Accessoriesin Accessories
Tychos Thermometer - Advertisingin Advertising
Order Of The Eastern Star Service Unit Pin - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
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  1. That's beautiful, the stone looks like it's on fire in the first pic!
  2. Wow, that's beautiful, and looks so real!
  3. That might be absolutely correct. Just because I don't understand it, certainly does not mean it's wrong!!!!
  4. Thanks fort! I have one just like your, with the frog, I also have a green one with a cover, as well as a frog. I don't understand the fern bowl part, though.
  5. Thanks fort! I have one just like your, with the frog, I also have a green one with a cover, as well as a frog,
  6. Thanks Elisabethan!
  7. Do you know what the pattern is called to the left of the toothpicks? I have a couple of them, one in the yellow and one in green, and I have seen them in black also. Very nice!
  8. I'm not an appraiser, by any means. That being said, Boy you got me! One thing I noticed is the piece looks like a marriage, the top and bottom designs are very dis-similar. There is a lot of beaded t...
  9. Is that a blade at the far end?
  10. Is there a chance you could post a picture of the whole piece at once? These are good for detail, but it's hard to make sense of how it all fits together.
  11. Wow! Love that!!! You can't get more deco than that!
  12. Very nice!
  13. I have one like that, but with a butterscotch base. I wish mine was in as good condition as yours! Congrats!
  14. Really cool, love the detail. Good eye!
  15. Sweet, Dr.! How many did you get? Were the hooks all the same? The way the clips are, I don't see how they would have connected, unless some had eyes. Hmmm!
  16. Thanks, Cind. It's really comfortable!
  17. Thanks, Budek. That's in MA?
  18. That's a beauty, Dr. F. Nice silversmithing!
  19. Beautiful piece!
  20. Thanks for all the loves... And di I really see Amber Rose in there? I thought you had fallen off the face of the planet!! Missed you!
  21. Valentino, do you know where they originally came from? Army Air Corps, or something like that?
  22. Thanks Pat and kyratango,! I looked some more last night, but nothing yet.
  23. That is usually called depression glass, but it is beautiful in any case. I have a bunch of it displayed with blacklights, I love it!
  24. Thanks, kyratango. That is sad. It's hard to find a balance between keeping everything, and making progress.
  25. You're right, kyratango I should have known that, I have one like that in my collection. Thanks!
  26. Thanks Sean and Rose!
  27. I love this piece. I have seen a couple like this and passed them up, but I'll have to look closer now! Thanks for posting it!
  28. Thanks, Sean! I don't know what it is about the Butterscotch Bakelite that I like so much!
  29. Racer, It's not used here anymore, either. They were later called teacher's colleges, and now colleges rarely specialize that much.
  30. You have to wonder what (or if) people are thinking when they mishandle something so beautiful!
  31. Thanks, Racer. I'm thinking it might be Danish or Scandinavian.
  32. Racer, Wikipedia says: A normal school is a school created to train high school graduates to be teachers. Its purpose is to establish teaching standards or norms, hence its name. Most such schools are...
  33. Thanks, Dr., Share and Pat! I've never heard of those makers, Pat, where are they from?
  34. Thanks for the loves, everyone!
  35. Thanks, Dr.!, and thanks for the loves!
  36. Thanks aghcollect for the love, and thanks for the comment and love, glasslove
  37. Thanks Elisabethan, and thanks for the loves!
  38. Blunderbuss, your trophy awaits in your inbox.
  39. Both beautiful!
  40. On a more... serious level, the piece has great color, and great subject matter. A winner for sure. If I might ask, though, what are the tax stamps for?
  41. And that clown has some BIG hands! I couldn't hold 2 bottles like that!
  42. Kydur, That's excellent! Literally laughing out loud!
  43. Thanks Dr and Elisabethan! Going to a show in Syracuse this weekend, I hope to score some more!
  44. That's abeauty, Dr! Have you researched the marks, it might have a date mark in there.
  45. The watch is cool! Love the Caddy and the tiny die!
  46. Thanks for the comment Mister! I have a few tie clips too, but never saw that one. I just thought it was cool!
  47. If you sold it for more than you had in it, you did OK.
  48. Thanks, Elisabethan!
  49. That is really cool!
  50. Are there any markings on the base?
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