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I'm a computer/network person by trade. I like antiques, music, woodworking, and travel. I am pretty eclectic in my tastes, but I really like Deco, enameled metal , I'm a computer/network person by trade. I like antiques, music, woodworking, and travel. I am pretty eclectic in my tastes, but I really like Deco, enameled metal , Vaseline/Depression glass, Maxfield Parrish and art pottery. My email is Please mention CW in the subject, I tend to dump stuff if I don't know what it is. The fun part is the search! (Read more)


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Art Deco Sterling Earrings - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Amber Ink Bottle With Pen Rest - Officein Office
Son in the Service Ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
German Enamel Perfume Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
GE Service Award Tie Clip - Accessoriesin Accessories
Cool pocket light - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Art Deco Slag Glass Vase - Art Decoin Art Deco
Maxfield Parrish Collier's Cover 5/12/29 - Paperin Paper
Vintage Boucher Necklace - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Tom Mix Cards - Moviesin Movies


  1. Way cool, sean!
  2. The .935 silver standard was used in Germany, Switzerland and Austria especially around the 1920's-1940's. You might take the back off, there may be a brand there.
  3. I always loved the font they use'd on the dust jacket. Maxfield Parrish used a similar font in some of his illustrations.
  4. Very nice!!
  5. Awesome story!
  6. I always love reading those old letters. What ever became of them?
  7. V ery nice, and custom made too. I wonder if you could come up with something with the name M. Iwata, philadelphia, presbyterian hospital. It's an unusual name.
  8. That's a beauty, roxy!! I'm wondering if it might even be older than that, judging by the soldier's uniform.
  9. Very nice form!
  10. Darn, and I thought I'd FINALLY get rid of my carbuncles!!
  11. Yep, vintage I really like them, and they glow well!
  12. Very cool rocker! Wish mine were uranium.
  13. Thanks rocker! Going to check yours now
  14. That's really cool. I always liked those stapled repairs. Nobody bothers anymore!
  15. Yep. I have a piece of Roseville that needs to be done too!
  16. LOL I do that all the time, Eye... At least I usually make sense to my self... Sometimes, anyway!
  17. I don't think so, Eye4. The location and size would make it hard to remove without losing the pen rest on that side. I don't think it's a really valuable piece, I just like the color and design. Thank...
  18. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  19. Thanks Phil! It might be. And thanks for the loves everyone!
  20. It looks like brass Sinder. Very nice!
  21. Thanks for all the help and knowledge everyone! I just realized this is my 200th post.
  22. Thanks, scott. I only paid a buck for it. From a jewelry dealer no less! It has found a good home. I don't think I'll sell it.
  23. Considering it was made by Ostby & Barton, and it's age, do you think it would be worth cleaning and fixing?
  24. Thanks, Scott. I thought it looked older!
  25. Delahaye always made the most beautiful cars. I'm not sure who designed them, but they were a genius!
  26. Exactly, eye4! I just had to buy 2 more display boxes, I have stuff all over my desk that I have not put out yet! Speaking of which, if anyone knows where I can get 8 x 14 1/2 x 3/4 glass covered disp...
  27. Thanks, aghcollect!
  28. I'm really not sure, eye4beauty. It goes with my enamel collection, but I don't have any other small bottles like this. It's just in my collection for now, I like the items with a story behind them.
  29. Thanks for the loves, everyone!
  30. Thanks for the loves everyone!
  31. I did ask rlwindle, and he gave me some very good leads. Thanks!
  32. Thanks perfumer and EZa!
  33. Very nice!
  34. Thanks for the loves, aghcollect and eye4beauty!
  35. Thanks for all the loves, everyone!
  36. That's a great price. Did you realize that the glass fro most Farber Brothers was made by Cambridge? My wife like the Cobalt best.
  37. The Chrome Craft collectors guide calls it a Bitters Bottle, and it was only available in Amber, Forest Green, Amythest and Royal Blue
  38. Sweet! Farber stuff is so cool, as well as practical. We always use it around the holidays, the colors really pop with a white tablecloth!
  39. I wasn't grading on technique, just the device :-)
  40. blushes... Thanks, eye I love finding stuff out!
  41. Where did you find it, jfichera? I live in that area. That's a cool piece, and there were a bunch of blacksmith shops around.
  42. Here you go...
  43. Thanks, Phil!
  44. Thanks, Phil!
  45. Thanks for the love everyone!
  46. Thanks aghcollect!
  47. That's a beautiful piece, Phil!
  48. Thanks for the comment Sean, and the loves everyone!
  49. Wow, nice assembly/painting job!
  50. Thanks for the tips. I'll check that avenue next!
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