Love vintage perfumes, old Czech, a few commercial, art glass salts, postcards....... Too many things:). What a fun site!


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 silver salt and pepper - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
English art glass salt - Art Glassin Art Glass
Enamel Open salt - Kitchenin Kitchen
Bohemian Master salt - Glasswarein Glassware
Lovely vase, not Fry glass? - Glasswarein Glassware
Salt or toothpick??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Lamp base without shade - Lampsin Lamps
English art glass salt under black light - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art glass salts with lemon squeezer bases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pedestal salt with lemon squeezer base - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Oh, I just started collecting these, my latest love, and this is a Stunner! Love it, vetraio50! Good for you!!!!
  2. Ah, yes, Great expansion, LOL!!!! Love them!
  3. You too vetraio50!!!????????????????????. It is your New Year right now, is it not? Enjoy!!
  4. Wow! Very wonderful!!
  5. I love glass, this is Lovely!! MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!!!
  6. This is lovely! And 600 is quite a milestone - Congrats indeed!
  7. Awesome, great find!
  8. Oh, love this!!
  9. Unbelievable, I am in LOVE with this!
  10. Love this, the bowl makes me think it is salt size? absolutely gorgeous together!!!!!
  11. Thanks ozmarty! That was a great article, and would be great if this is Webb's bronze...there were other "prettier" pieces at the show, but I just kept hanging on to this one....had my name on it, LO...
  12. Oh , can't believe I forgot that, it is approx. 2 inches tall, and across the top 1 2/3 inches.... Thanks very much ozmarty!!!
  13. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
  14. The bottom Prunt is called a berry pontil according to my salt book, the OSC, Open Salt Compendium, the salt might also be Webb?
  15. Lisa, I believe these are English, and I have always taken the raspberry prunt a sign of quality, definitely not a mistake! Will check my books in just a bit!
  16. Oooh la la!!! You KNOW I am in Love with these!!!!!! But totally no expert, I would say English, perhaps Stevens and Williams, but what a wonderful set!!!! yay!!
  17. Thanks Inky!!
  18. Thanks CindB and Elisabethan! This is one of my favorites.????
  19. Hi katherinescollections, I don't think they were ever used for that purpose, just named so as that is what it looked like to someone, my glass swans and most salts way too fragile for any such use, L...
  20. Just added a pic of the entire lamp, thanks for looking Lisa????
  21. Lisa, just posted a new pic showing the black lighted salt; and posted a pic of a lamp base, wondering if you might know something about it? Thanks!
  22. Hi Lambda55, I did a new posting to show salts with a lemon squeezer base, this salt actually didn't have it , LOL! Vetraio50, would love to see yours as well ???? if you get a chance
  23. If you turn over and look at the base it looks like one of the devices you would use to squeeze juice out of lemons; I will post a pic tonight so you can see; I believe most lemon squeezer base salts ...
  24. I will have to post a pic under the black light! It is striking that way too!!
  25. I don't know if they made shades, but can only imagine they would have been outstanding, as I Love their salts. I have 2 or 3 others without holders......I love glass!
  26. Thanks much lisa-lighting! I sure would like to get it fixed, too nice a salt to have a boo boo, LOL! Will have to try to find a silversmith! I think it would be worth it; unless it is really expens...
  27. That would be Loves, not lives, LOL!
  28. Thanks Smiata!! And thanks for the lives vetraio50, katherinescollections, PhilDavidAlexanderMorris, aghcollect, and racer4four! Love old Czech glass!
  29. Amazing!! Love this!
  30. Thank you Lisa! These come primarily from the Scandinavian countries; and I love the variety???? Thanks also Dr Fluffy!
  31. Hi Dr Fluffy! There are larger plique ships, but the entire ship is plique, and they are probably at least double the size or more! I drool whenever I see one, But! Way out of my price range, LOL! ...
  32. Love it, love the enameled lay downs.....
  33. Ladysalt, was supposed to be a gift for hubby, but wasn't exactly what I thought:):)
  34. Oh Zowie quite glad for your help!!! Thank you! I wish it was ivory:):). have a great evening!
  35. Thanks Zowie! It sure sounds like plastic when tapped, so thinking ivory is out?!?
  36. Gorgeous! Love the design and shape!!
  37. Hmm??? Was supposed to be a smiley face :)
  38. Oh, insanely jealous, ????Good for you! Lovely bottle, great find!!!!
  39. Thanks so much Tube Amp!! Great information!
  40. Wow. LOVE THIS!! What is the dimension of the bowl? Simply Wonderful!
  41. Oh my goodness! I am in LOVE with this !!! Stunning! I will be on the lookout for one like this!! :):):)
  42. Thanks SEAN68!! Right back at ya, have a great 4th and holiday weekend!
  43. Thank you inky!!!! Love those examples you shared! That could be dangerous,LOL! And thank you Moonie :):):). My first piece like this :)
  44. Love this, great color and that flower :)
  45. I love auctions! Sometimes you can get a great surprise, like this :) the handle is lovely; and I love that it clearly shows the date - 1802, Wow!
  46. I don't know how to find the IPBA Interactive page? Could you send me a link? Once I clean up the bottle I will post it :)
  47. I am a member, how about yourself? I recently bought a bottle that was made in Portugal as well, with a jeweled top :):)
  48. Thanks, love the jeweled bottles; I do think this to be Irice; don't believe it is in the Devilbiss book!! You have a Lovely collection of your own; love seeing then!!
  49. Thanks Sean68!!! Like you I love a good find and a great deal, LOL!!! I do love perfumes, and those salts:):). Highly addictive!
  50. Thanks AmberRose and Parkerhouse! I should learn more about that; I do know that the metal syphon tubes predate the glass tubes, but that is about it. This color almost appears to be flashed or pain...
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