I've always loved boxes. I can't walk into a shop and see a box and not open it up. I also love puzzles and secret hiding spots, so when I stumbled across a JapaneseI've always loved boxes. I can't walk into a shop and see a box and not open it up. I also love puzzles and secret hiding spots, so when I stumbled across a Japanese puzzle box on the net last year, it seemed the perfect thing for me to collect. I've never been a collector before, but now I'm avidly collecting puzzle boxes and interesting puzzles. I am starting to get an interest in a range of items now: I've definitely caught the collecting bug. I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I do. (Read more)


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Roll Top Japanese Puzzle Box - possibly cigarette box - Asianin Asian
Japanese Puzzle Box with Hidden Key - Asianin Asian
My First Piece of Vaseline Glass (Fenton) - Art Glassin Art Glass
Byway Secret 2 Japanese Puzzle Box  - Asianin Asian
Leather Mask Wall Hanging 
Beautiful Metal Peacock  - Animalsin Animals
Royal Doulton Australian Bicentennial (1788-1988) Bunnykins - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Pair of Art Deco Lamps - Art Decoin Art Deco
Collection of Modern Decorative Perfume Bottles - Art Glassin Art Glass
Ornate Jewellery Box - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Hi Equarius, so glad you got some information on your box, because I was clueless. It is a really beautiful box, enjoy it.
  2. Equarius, would you be happy to post photos of the box including the markings?
  3. Hi Equarius, yes a lot of my boxes have a hanko, which is the artisan's stamp or signature, but I haven't come across a V shaped marking. Is your box new or vintage? I'll see if I can find out anythi...
  4. Thanks Inky
  5. This is really lovely. Nice find
  6. Thanks Karen, I'm sure you have seen many sansui scences if you've been searching boxes. Now I must tellyou, they're not painted, they're inlaid wood designs which makes them even more amazing. The br...
  7. Thanks for the love Ozmarty
  8. Thanks TallCakes for the information on the age, much appreciated. Fort apache, I'm afraid you're probably right. Thanks Nutsabotas and everyone for the love
  9. Thanks Agh and Pops
  10. Thanks Tom, I love the glow. Thanks everyone for the love
  11. Thanks for the link Karen, dangerous
  12. Thanks everyone
  13. You're a bad influence Karen, but thanks. I actually just got my first piece of Vaseline glass, posted it a few minutes ago, it's really beautiful. I've been watching the chalet glass on eBay and I do...
  14. I've only found one place in Australia that sells them and it has a really small selection. I got my first one there. Just got this one today from Izumiya, so I'm a bit excited. Let me know if you wa...
  15. Thanks Pops. I like things that are a little different
  16. *mark up
  17. Hi Karen, google Daruma dolls, they're really ugly, but sort of cute ugly. If you really want to buy a puzzle box I recommend getting one from Japan directly. is a great online stor...
  18. Beautiful chest and amazing piece of history
  19. I don't think it's spooky at all, but I'm with Aimathena, horror movies are my favourite too. I might wear it to work, I'd like to scare off some people there, lol.
  20. I'm afraid not Stillwater. Wish it was
  21. Thanks Phil
  22. Thanks AntiqueRose. The girls are getting a lot of love from CW collectors, I'm sure they're pleased.
  23. Haha, it's funny you say that Jay. It hasn't been hanging for a few years. One, I don't have the wall space and two, my husband doesn't like it, he thinks it's spooky too.
  24. Thanks Nutsabotas
  25. I've been trying to get some more information on Bernard Shaw. Unfortunately without a date of birth or date of death (if he is even deceased) I've had no luck. I've searched and emailed...
  26. Thanks Sean, he is rather cute
  27. This is beautiful, great find
  28. Hi Racer, I think they may have been going on the theory of "don't let your social conscience get in the way of making a dollar".
  29. Love the interior
  30. Thanks DrFluffy and Manikin. I'm so glad my girls are loved
  31. Amber I'm wondering how you actually managed to pick just a few when visited one of these shops, they're all so beautiful.
  32. Thanks Jay and Sean. All this has made me want to go to Egypt
  33. Thanks Sean, Aimathena and Racer
  34. Your collection is really lovely
  35. Love, love, love this. Gorgeous!
  36. If I'm ever lucky enough to go to Egypt, I'll look out for them. Now I know I can visualise a shop full of these and maybe beautiful rugs in an alleyway in Egypt.
  37. I had no idea they were Egyptian and I love knowing the origin of things. Thanks so much Amber.
  38. Thanks so much Nutsabotas and Aimathena. Glad you like it
  39. Looking forward to seeing some more
  40. Thanks Sean
  41. Love these cards and the history you give with them.
  42. Very nice. Is the top fabric?
  43. Wow, beautiful!
  44. Thanks Charity-joy
  45. Thanks Racer. Haha, nothing precious about these buttons.
  46. Awesome. I'd love to find treasure, even if I hide it myself and forgot!
  47. Thanks Nutsabotas and everyone for the love
  48. This is bizarre and fascinating. Love it Old medical theories and devices fascinate me
  49. Thanks Davy, I'll have to listen to that piece and see. Sounds t Like that's what it will be
  50. Beautiful pocket watch, love it. Is that your ragdoll cat in your profile pic? I have two ragdolls.
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