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China souvenir silver ring from WW2 - Asianin Asian
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Civil War era racist/ derogatory black face cdv - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks scott and apache. scott
  2. Thanks roy, scott and bobby. scott
  3. Thanks vo and buss! scott
  4. Thanks much rick and vo! scott
  5. Thanks for looking and commenting scott. What a great family connection to Mathew Brady! You have a great reason to collect Brady images! scott
  6. BEAUTIFUL Welz! Great decor in a great shape! scott
  7. Thanks for looking gruff and apache! scott
  8. Yes jscott-- Griffin experienced all of the horrors of Andersonville. He was lucky to survive. scott
  9. Not accurate buss. For ONE MONTH Camp Douglas had a higher mortality rate, but overall the rate was significantly lower (numbers are rounded): Douglas: 26,000 prisoners; 5,000 deaths A...
  10. Yep it is WW2 era-- nice item to get children to understand the war effort. scott
  11. Thanks vetraio and beyemvey! scott
  12. Thanks for looking fran. scott
  13. Thanks for looking fran and official! scott
  14. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! Keep up the GREAT Research! scott
  15. Glad to help out-- I was passing on information that was relayed to me from another CW user several years ago! scott
  16. Thanks welz, cultcha and ted! scott
  17. The "L.G." and monument are the coat of arms for the Belgian city of Liege. Here is my shrapnel letter opener with the same symbol:
  18. Looks like the typical German souvenir stein. Looks like it is cracked or has damage to the coat of arms. What is the mystery? scott
  19. FLEAM. scott
  20. I am not a fan of painting either! scott
  21. Looks like a nice solid wood piece. Based on the additional photos and lighting, I'd still put this as mid to late 20th century. Thanks for sharing! scott
  22. Glad to see another photo collector. The "frame" is actually brass and called a keeper. At one point there was a brass matting over the image as well. Based on the appearance, I'd look to repla...
  23. Need some additional photos (with better lighting) that show some details of drawer construction/ hinge/ back, etc.... With that being said, what I CAN SEE would put this in the mid to late 20th cent...
  24. Modern creation-- I don't care for it, but the price is reasonable enough if you like it. scott
  25. Thanks frank-- these "in the field" annotated cdvs are unusual to find. scott
  26. These file card drawers and cabinets are great for photo collectors to use for storage. Take a look at ebay sold items to get a price-- a single drawer box should be less than $50. scott
  27. BEAUTIFUL glass! scott
  28. GREAT welz!! scott
  29. Nice T206 card! scott
  30. May want to shift your photos-- photo #1 (part frame) doesn't attract as much interest as photo #2 or #3 will. scott
  31. Same as the other-- late 19th century enlarged photograph. scott
  32. BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  33. The clock case shows a strong Eastlake influence, so suspect this dates from the 1870s- 90s time period. I am not that great on clocks themselves-- another member (bruce) can probably help with an...
  34. Really nice frame! The photo itself dates from the late 19th century. It is a copy of a smaller image that was enlarged and then artist retouched to enhance details. These type of photos are of...
  35. Your dating is accurate-- maybe into the 1950s. scott
  36. Nice piece! In my opinion the dating is off a little-- this is not 19th century. The dovetails are machined and the piece would date from the very late 1st quarter to the second quarter, 20th cent...
  37. Great information on the welz examples! scott
  38. Beautiful whimsical decor-- I love them! scott
  39. Thanks valentino, fort and vetraio. scott
  40. Thanks vetraio, tom, valentino, racer and official! scott
  41. Thanks for looking and commenting davy. scott
  42. Thanks roddy and rick. scott
  43. Thanks film-- appreciate you commenting. scott
  44. Thanks much film-- I appreciate your kind comments! scott
  45. Thanks for looking scott-- I appreciate your kind words! scott
  46. Thanks vo-- I really enjoy investigating a soldier's name to learn his Battle/ War history. scott
  47. BEAUTIES-- especially the one with the purple spatter! scott
  48. Thanks official and roddy! scott
  49. Beautiful kralik flower-- I love these! scott
  50. Thanks for looking beachbum. scott
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