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Battle of Gettysburg Prisoner of War CDV - Photographsin Photographs
Cherokee Civil War officer from Texas - Photographsin Photographs
African American Nanny ambrotype - Photographsin Photographs
Martin Morrison stereoview of Edison Phonograph - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Occupational wood worker stereoview - Photographsin Photographs
Photographers advertising image - Folk Artin Folk Art
Boston Herald Advertising:  Women in "Newspaper" Dresses - Photographsin Photographs
Woman's souvenir bracelet from WW2 China - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
US Navy Gunner from the USS Monongahela - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
CDV photograph of Mary Todd Lincoln - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. I cannot discern much of anything in this photo. You may want to try and take a flash picture to pull it out. Also once you have a picture that shows the signature, adjusting the contrast/ colors ...
  2. Thanks much for looking farmlady! scott
  3. Thanks cultcha! scott
  4. BEAUTIFUL decor on this one!! scott
  5. Nice image-- photographed in MD as well? scott
  6. Antietam related images have a very strong following-- second only to Gettysburg in elevated status! scott
  7. Nice image-- really like this one! It is not one that I recall. scott
  8. I looked and cannot see ANY of the last name and minimal parts of the first name. scott
  9. Confederate General Officer cdvs are down-- especially the Anthony views, but those with Southern backmarks are still pretty strong. Mosby, Lee, Forrest, Stuart and a few others are ALWAYS high dem...
  10. Thanks for looking tintype. scott
  11. Another awesome image. What is the backmark? Should be able to pin down the Regiment of this guy with his insignia (looks like a "10", but not real clear; but a double digit regiment), backmar...
  12. GREAT image-- Mosby is a highly sought image! Can you add a jpg of the back? scott
  13. Thanks for looking carrie-- if you have time take a look at my other Civil War image postings on CW! scott
  14. Thanks for looking vetraio! scott
  15. It is a common mistake-- similar to the notion that every antique cased image is a daguerreotype or tintype. scott
  16. Thanks spirit. scott
  17. Just poor reading on my part-- but nice to see that I got it right! scott
  18. Thanks pelican and scott. scott
  19. Thanks nobucks, rose, buss and apache! scott
  20. Thanks for looking scott and racer! scott
  21. Nice to have images of relatives from so long ago! These are actually made out of an early composite material called thermoplastic and not gutta percha (a tree sap). They are often called Union ...
  22. AMAZING piece of history!! LOVE IT!! scott
  23. Send me some jpgs of the name and I would be happy to try and decipher the name for your. scott
  24. Thanks for looking roddy! scott
  25. Thanks tintyper-- I passed this one on to another collector! scott
  26. A Southern BM always adds to desirability, but they are significantly harder to find. scott
  27. Thanks much scott. scott
  28. Thanks fran. scott
  29. Thanks fran. scott
  30. There used to be an online seller who would regularly sell mini balls for $35- $50 just because he said they were from Gettysburg. The price made no sense. Of course he included a Certificate of Aut...
  31. Nice musician! scott
  32. Great image! Bucktails are very popular-- had a few with the 150th. Here is a Gettysburg KIA from the same Regiment:
  33. Great image of an older yank! scott
  34. Anthony cdv? scott
  35. Thanks official and sunwoolee. scott
  36. Thanks ted and scott. scott
  37. Thanks ted and tintype. scott
  38. Thanks for looking vo! scott
  39. Great glass and great work with the ID welz! scott
  40. Thanks much official! scott
  41. New collectors often fall victim to the hype. I cannot recount the number of times I have seen an item sell for 3 or 4 times value when the seller says it came from Gettysburg with ONLY their word ...
  42. BEAUTIFUL Welz! scott
  43. Lots of frauds out there with bogus Gettysburg stuff. Without iron clad provenance, I won't pay for the Gettysburg premium. New collectors often fall into the trap. Reminds me of the Gettysbur...
  44. Yep, that would be a French backmark and could be from the War (vs. occupation era German markings). scott
  45. Nice image-- looks like a 9 button frock coat and hardee hat (w/o insignia and pin). The backdrop looks like one that I have seen from a Nashville photographer. May just be SIMILAR, I cannot ...
  46. Anything with a Gettysburg connection carries an almost mystical quality when it comes to collectors! scott
  47. Stone was a very interesting Civil War character! scott
  48. Thanks bobby. Unfortunately, Civil War Naval officer photos don't have a big collecting audience. Images of enlisted sailors are very popular and bring very good money. scott
  49. Thanks for looking tintyper! scott
  50. Concur with Middle East origin and tourist piece. This type of item is plentiful in souks throughout the region. They are often sold as "antique" to tourists. scott
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