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Tintype of touring "car" after the San Francisco Earthquake - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of an early inventor with model - Photographsin Photographs
CDV image of Twins!! - Photographsin Photographs
Tinted tintype of Hawkins' Zouave (9th NY Infantry) - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Quad Cycle tintype from the 1890s - Photographsin Photographs
Early Thomas Edison Cabinet Card photograph - Photographsin Photographs
Occupational tintype with Whiskey Bottle - Photographsin Photographs
WW2 Sterling Son(s) in Service pinback Identified - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Kralik knuckle vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
A sad Story in Ninth Plate ambrotype - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks kiva and brunswick. scott
  2. Thanks for looking tom and windwalker! scott
  3. Nice rocker. Looks to be very late 19th century and the wood is most likely walnut-- cannot see the grain well enough. The cane back and seat looks to be newer but replacement is typical. scott
  4. Your desk looks like a 20th century piece. A posting showing the drawer joint may be helpful to confirm. scott
  5. Haynes was a very prolific photographer. Is your photo an unknown portrait or a landscape? He was the Official Photographer of the No. Pacific RR and Yellowstone. scott
  6. Link has YOUR knife with a different handle. Link further has original price information from the 70s- 80s. scott
  7. link with photos: It pays to read the entire link-- 4th posting shows the same knife with a different handle (stag). 5th ...
  8. This is not an antique knife. The handle is probably the most obvious give away that it is modern. Overall it just doesn't show the quality of an antique. I am not familiar with the company, bu...
  9. Beautiful glass! scott
  10. GREAT Welz and GREAT article-- nice to see it being referenced already. scott
  11. Thanks for looking sean and roy! scott
  12. Contact seller and tell them about your disappointment. Based on your posting-- I'd want a liberal discount or I'd just return the piece since it was advertised as "perfect". scott
  13. Thanks for looking turk! scott
  14. GREAT Article in "All About Glass"! Just got my copy today and finished reading it a little while ago. For those interested it includes some fantastic photographs of Welz shapes and decors. Kee...
  15. It didn't stand out until I saw your other posting-- really love the green base in your last photo! scott
  16. Amazing WELZ!! scott
  17. BEAUTIFUL!! The pair in first photo are GREAT-- just love the bases. scott
  18. Neat decorator items! Often I see objects like this represented as antique and original and selling for big $$ to new/ unsuspecting buyers. scott
  19. Appear to be modern decorator pieces with no real collector value. scott
  20. Neat bat! If you like it then certainly preserve it. Don't know that I would personally put much into a frame for it. It is what I call a "created collectible"-- originally made for the c...
  21. Beautiful! scott
  22. good luck with what?? scott
  23. I wouldn't use asking price or opening price as a gauge for values-- these SELL with some regularity on ebay at prices within the range of what you paid. As with most created collectibles, they rar...
  24. It is a modern decorator piece. The look of the printing gives it away. scott
  25. BEAUTIFUL! scott
  26. Nice-- probably WW2 era. scott
  27. Great work, as ALWAYS-- GREAT to see a museum recognize the validity of your work! Funny that the naysayers ask for factory documentation and yet post attributions where none exist. Funny that t...
  28. Thanks roy! scott
  29. THANKS FOR SHARING! It is funny that the naysayers who ALWAYS ask for primary documentation and claim that empirical analysis doesn't work; will dismiss THIS primary documentation and continue to d...
  30. BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  31. Thanks rattle. scott
  32. Post mortem (pm) photography was very popular in the 19th century. In the 19th century, photographs were a special event. Many of the pm photos that I have seen/ owned are of children and probably...
  33. Thanks for looking rose! scott
  34. BEAUTIFUL-- the last two have unusually intricate flowers! scott
  35. Thanks for looking pikr. scott
  36. Great image-- love the bare feet! He was alive when photographed. Unfortunately there is an internet myth of the posing stand being used to hold up post-mortem people. These cast iron posing stan...
  37. Thanks for looking nice and anna! Be sure to check my other items-- I have several images of 19th century cowboys posted on CW. scott
  38. Thanks for looking rade! scott
  39. Thanks much peggy and walker! scott
  40. Also to clarify-- not all of the 1937-D nickels are three leg! scott
  41. 1937- D are the nickels with three legs, so this wouldn't be one. scott
  42. I blew up your last photo and the top button shows enough details to discern that it is a federal eagle button. What stands out are the legs that are spread out clutching the branches (esp. the one o...
  43. Agree search lights and probably West Coast of the US. scott
  44. Nice souvenir beer stein from Germany. The mark of "Western Germany" puts it in the era of the Cold War, when East/ West Germany were separate countries. These are not big ticket items-- less th...
  45. Do a search online of "4 button sack coat civil war"-- you will find many UNION sack coats with a much closer resemblance to your coat than the referenced coat. The "devil is in the details"! sc...
  46. Modern FANTASY item with no collector. As a decorator piece worth less than $50 to most folks. scott
  47. The CS jacket in your last photo is entirely different: - slanted pocket - 6 buttons - shoulder tabs - double stitch on front (each side of buttons) Is that jacket yours as well? scott
  48. I have seen some Union private purchase sack coats with an outside pocket. FOR ME, the jury is out on this one-- as far as US/CS attribution. scott
  49. I cannot see enough details to discount it being a Federal Eagle button. scott
  50. Do you actually see the "AVC" initials on them or do you just see an eagle? scott
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