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Interesting characters from 1870s tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Occupational trunk maker tintype c. 1870s - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art risque letter opener - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Art Glass creamer with cranberry top - Art Glassin Art Glass
Union soldier in a sack coat - Photographsin Photographs
Unusually nice tinted tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Cabinet Card of Sitting Bull - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of touring "car" after the San Francisco Earthquake - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of an early inventor with model - Photographsin Photographs
CDV image of Twins!! - Photographsin Photographs


  1. At first look, I don't see a lot of age to it, but could just be the sheen of the wax on it. Some additional photos would be helpful in confirming/ dating it. Photos of the drawer joints, back sid...
  2. These replaced heat tabs and come inside every MRE pack. They really do work well at heating up the meal and get hot enough to burn your hand. scott
  3. That is a WW1 Victory Medal with two clasps. I believe the "Defensive Sector" clasp is for smaller engagements w/o other designated clasps. These two clasps were awarded to soldiers in the follo...
  4. Nice walnut dresser-- I'd put it in the late 19th century. Thanks for sharing! scott
  5. GREAT-- thanks for sharing your family service! Online research may reveal some of the details of his service and wound. scott
  6. Thanks loumanal and ian! scott
  7. I like the WW2 steel pennies! scott
  8. It is modern-- if you need to know the exact year, give them a call and ask! scott
  9. Construction and flip mechanism is indicative of 20th century. scott
  10. Thanks much drill-- I appreciate the information! scott
  11. That is some ugly gold paint! I would think that the flip mechanism would date this to the mid 20th century. scott
  12. I wouldn't call it "military". Looks to be relatively modern, decorative pitcher. Could be a craft shop made piece-- bottom part looks like "italy". scptt
  13. Thanks for looking anna! scott
  14. Kind of a "needle in a haystack" venture without markings. I'd double check for markings. While most would have something on the back originally, there may be something on the interior. Take the ...
  15. I would think it is a little shy of being an antique (100 years old). The style is consistent with 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  16. Thanks official, david, kiva, racer and vo. scott
  17. Thanks tassie, scott, and peggy! scott
  18. Here is an example of a double line cdv that is photographer dated to APR 1866:
  19. I would say 20th century as well. A photo of the underside may help to narrow down more specifics. scott
  20. There are characteristics of carte de visite images that allow you to bracket: 1. Pre- Civil War 2. War era- early 1870s 3. Revenue Tax stamp era Some of the characteristics used: thickness of...
  21. I am not familiar with the kwik guide and wouldn't consider the two lines something that could be narrowly bracketed within those two years. I have collected/ bought/ sold/ traded in antique images...
  22. Thanks again rick. It is much easier to "collect" and store the antique images-- calls for much less storage space! scott
  23. Thank rick-- appreciate you looking and taking the time to comment! scott
  24. I think that you will find numerous companies that made SIMILAR dressers. Your dresser has different pulls and skirt. This style was very popular in the early to mid 20th century. scott
  25. I'd say US Navy is the logical choice. I cannot see what is in the shoulder board either-- maybe an elimination of obvious "NOs" will narrow it down. The large cuff band and double breasted coat a...
  26. "FREELAND" Dresser looks to be 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  27. BEAUTIFUL!! I love the shape-- not a trophy shape I have seen before. scott
  28. Thanks crafts! scott
  29. Thanks crafts! scott
  30. Thanks cultcha, crafts and oldworlde! scott
  31. Thanks official. scott
  32. Thanks official and crafts. scott
  33. Thanks official and crafts. scott
  34. Glad to help out. Yes, most antique dealers/ collectors use the 100 year mark FOR Furniture. The other pieces are not part of my "age assessment"-- I was just talking about the hutch. The desk ...
  35. Thanks for looking buss and gatekeeper. scott
  36. Thanks for confirming what I saw as a US piece! I appreciate the information on the trunk itself (making, slat clamps, lock). THANKS. scott
  37. Nice solid wood furniture with a family connection! Your hutch is not an antique-- from what is shown, I would put it at the mid 20th century at the earliest. scott
  38. Nice image. From my collecting, I find significantly more TINTED images from the UK than the US. scott
  39. Thanks Thomas-- poses such as this are very common in 19th century groupings of family members/ workers, etc... I wish that there were some identifying marks or documentation that told the "story"....
  40. Thanks for looking trunkman-- appreciate you taking the time to comment! scott
  41. Thanks much loumanal-- I think his hand is just resting in an odd way. scott
  42. They are good folks! scott
  43. Thanks much for looking record! scott
  44. No documented use of caltrops during the Civil War. Also, it looks like your item would lay flat on the ground. scott
  45. I haven't done that show before-- didn't know that you were up in the states. How was the show? Mainly guns or a good amount of militaria? scott
  46. Thanks cultcha. scott
  47. Thanks jeneric and cultcha. scott
  48. Good to see pics of the "baby beard" from 3 years ago! scott
  49. Thanks pcc-- it came out of the US. The backdrop column, workers outfit and trunk itself would make me believe it was US. scott
  50. Nice brooch. It certainly looks to be a daguerreotype and your description of the image would support that as well. Daguerreotypes were around through about 1860 in the US. I'd put your image t...
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