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A sad Story in Ninth Plate ambrotype - Photographsin Photographs
RARE Autographed cdv of Richard T. Greener - Photographsin Photographs
RARE Civil War era Baseball Card - Baseballin Baseball
Cabinet card of HUGE Doll Collection c. 1890s - Photographsin Photographs
6 lens Multiplying Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Multi-lens Camera for CDVs? - Camerasin Cameras
Stereoview of FJ Haynes with his Camera - Photographsin Photographs
Bust sculpture of 19th century man - Photographsin Photographs
Cabinet Card of Ithaca Calendar Clock - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of hard drinkers with Stoneware JUG - Photographsin Photographs


  1. BEAUTIFUL flower-- I love it! scott
  2. BEAUTIFUL Welz! scott
  3. Your helmet cover is much later-- BDU era of the 1980s. Worn by some regular Army units until the late 80s and into the 1990s by some NG/ Reserve units. scott
  4. Thanks deano and aura. scott
  5. Great image. I agree a little silly, but a very uncommon and desirable subject matter! Thanks for sharing. scott
  6. I don't own a copy of Sleeping Beauty, but I have looked through it. I agree it is a great book. There are a lot of internet myths about post mortem photography: Standing pms, posing stands..... ...
  7. THANKS for your input rob. The "long exposure time" for ALL 19th century photographs is a pervasive belief among many folks. I appreciate your help in dispelling some of the myth. Now I need ...
  8. I'd call it a sideboard. Some additional/ better quality photos are needed to provide more information. scott
  9. Thanks much rob-- I appreciate your input! scott
  10. Amazing glass! scott
  11. BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  12. Rob-- I'd appreciate your thoughts on exposure times for 19th century cameras: If you'd care to add your 2 cents, it would be ap...
  13. "In those days, a 5 or 10 minute exposure time photo was "instant". Try sitting still for 5 or 10 minutes with a smile plastered onto your face." Nope-- Exposure times of that length were found wi...
  14. "LOL people in antique photos look that way because they had to sit still and hold their pose. Camera shutter speeds were slow in the 1800s. :-)" By the time of this image (very late 19th century) ...
  15. Love it! scott
  16. Thanks tom. scott
  17. Thanks trunk-- appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  18. I would call anything (decorative or utilitarian) made from war refuse (shells, crates, mess kits, etc...) TRENCH ART. Who made the item and when/ where affects desirability and value, but doesn't ...
  19. Thanks rick and david. scott
  20. Thanks for looking rick and joyce. scott
  21. I think you are dealing with two different guys-- maybe the same family? scott
  22. Glad to help. Do an online search for "105mm ammo crate" and you will see pictures that match your crate. scott
  23. Additional photos would be helpful-- both sides of the knife and scabbard. Also any maker markings-- they are usually on the thicker part of the blade where it joins the handle. You also might fin...
  24. What you have is an ammunition crate for 105 mm howitzer rounds-- the stamping on the bottom is the crate specifications. Pretty typical for soldiers to take these type items home as they are sturd...
  25. Thank you bruce! I have several antique clocks, but it is nice to have someone with your knowledge and expertise on this site. scott
  26. Thanks for looking and commenting kiva! scott
  27. Thanks fran and trawls. scott
  28. Thanks official, vetraio and buss! scott
  29. Yep-- they are very valuable images! scott
  30. Thanks for looking racer. scott
  31. Thanks for looking cultcha. I doubt this was adoption related-- probably just something for the family. scott
  32. Thanks spark-- appreciate you looking and commenting. This dag had a period ink inscription in the back of the case that dated it to 1846. scott
  33. Also: BEAUTIFUL example inky! scott
  34. Beautiful WELZ-- thanks craig for providing specifics on the differences between the welz and harrachov examples (AGAIN)! scott
  35. Thanks for looking loumanal. scott
  36. Thanks for looking surf! scott
  37. Thanks much aura. Be sure to search under "WELZ" on CW to find numerous other examples of the company's work! scott
  38. Schwaab S. & S. Co."-- the two "S" are for Stamp and Seal. They made badges, medals and fobs among other items. They are very familiar to Civil War collectors and many of the veteran reunion items...
  39. Thanks for looking hunter. scott
  40. Great information, bruce! scott
  41. Not the quality of Tiffany. I have to agree with manikin-- everything I see screams modern. Some additional photos showing the underside of the base and the cord should confirm. scott
  42. How is the photo IDd to the guy who wrote the letter? scott
  43. Interesting letter! Your guy looks to be a Navy pilot (pontoon plane) and pre- war. Did the guy have service in both the USN and USAAC? scott
  44. Thanks much cultcha. scott
  45. Thanks much ted! scott
  46. Thanks much ted! scott
  47. A steal for $50! I'd be very surprised if it was made anywhere close to 1900: The desk drop hardware, interior glass door stops, and side bracing are all indicative of something from the mid 20th...
  48. Nice-- I like the contrast of the woods and the lock inlay. The chamfered back boards are nice as well. Suspect it once was part of a full cupboard and had a base to sit on. scott
  49. Thanks for looking and commenting roy! scott
  50. Thanks much rade and alan! sco
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