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Unusual pose in Civil War cdv - Photographsin Photographs
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LTC Lewis Downing CSA and USA troops - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Agree-- it is a nice frame. As a photo collector, I can tell you the vast majority of antique images out there are not identified. scott
  2. Thanks for looking and commenting brunswick! scott
  3. Thanks again vetraio! scott
  4. Thanks much vetraio! scott
  5. Thanks much vetraio! scott
  6. Thanks much rade and brunswick! scott
  7. Thanks again fran. scott
  8. Thanks fran-- appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  9. Thanks jlmam, spirit, buss and tom! scott
  10. Thanks gate and jlmam! scott
  11. Thanks jlmam, bottle and vo. scott
  12. Looks like a letter opener. Measurements would be helpful in confirming. scott
  13. Thanks vo. scott
  14. Thanks again roy! scott
  15. You and me both roy-- getting older! scott
  16. Thanks shareurpassion. Occupational images are heavily collected. This is the first druggist that I have owned. scott
  17. Thanks much shareurpassion-- appreciate your comments! scott
  18. Thanks farm, spirit and buss! scott
  19. Thanks for looking pw. scott
  20. Glad to help out. Add some photos of the uniform itself-- I'd like to see it. It is fantastic that it has stayed in the family all of these years. scott
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  22. Thanks padit! scott
  23. Thanks again padit. scott
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  30. It is a WW1 collar disc. The "1" would represent a Regiment and not a Division. If you do an online search for "WW1 collar disc", you will see many examples. scott
  31. Good luck! scott
  32. Hard to tell with one out of focus image. Looks like it could be a WW1 era collar disc (in really bad condition). Add a quality photo of the front and back and we may be able to tell more. scott
  33. BEAUTIFUL glass! scott
  34. A photo of the back would be helpful. scott
  35. Nice-- confirms what we had already discovered about his service. Make sure you keep the obituary documentation with the photograph for future generations. Were you able to determine where he fa...
  36. Decorator piece with no collector value. Similar mirrors sell regularly on ebay for less than $50. Every so often you will see one bring a big price-- when the buyer thinks they are actually antiq...
  37. Some additional photos would be helpful in dating-- a close up of the front and back would be a good start. scott
  38. Modern fantasy lamp. scott
  39. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  40. Thanks for looking cultcha! scott
  41. Another Jesse James related grouping: "Rar...
  42. Consistently described as S & W in the US in most antique stores. Harrach is a possible maker. I collect similar glass and love it all! scott
  43. A photo of the underside of the base and electrical connection might shed some light on the age. scott
  44. How times have changed! Officer's and SR NCO Clubs used to be fine dining. A Petty Officer is a SR Non Commissioned Officer in the Navy-- equivalent to a Sergeant First Class + (E-7). scott
  45. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  46. BEAUTIFUL Welz! scott
  47. You were involved-- it was a few years ago. The guy was a self proclaimed research expert. He had little/ no knowledge and would post what he found online-- which was often incorrect. When challe...
  48. Not missed by me! His threatening posts were too much for even CW to tolerate! scott
  49. BEAUTIFUL Welz in an unusual shape! scott
  50. The side of the joint where your thumb is would show the dovetails better, but there are enough details to confirm it is late 19th century. The wood is walnut. scott
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