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Tintype of Early Automobile - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage Chinook Salmon brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Pair of Trench Art Picture Frames from WW1 shell brass - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Spanish military man from Manila (2) - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of Military Man with medals  - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War veteran with his 75th Gettysburg Badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Japanese Navy and Merchant Marine insignia from WW2 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
CDV of a Civil War officer with a pistol stuck in his boot - Photographsin Photographs
Medical Students with a cadaver image - Photographsin Photographs
1932 Fairbanks Griffin Hood Ornament - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. It is a modern decorator piece-- pure FANTASY and of no interest to Coke collectors. As a decorator piece they will bring a minimal amount. scott
  2. I don't see indications of a handmade blade, but the photo isn't that great. Do you see any grain or a long wavy line in the blade? scott
  3. Thanks budek and tom. scott
  4. Thanks much budek. scott
  5. Beautiful glass-- I have always loved the clear florets/ vines or branches and the way they stand out against the colorful base glass. scott
  6. Thanks for looking vo and nobucks. scott
  7. Thanks for looking rust, rob, official, fort, sklo, kyra and david! Any thoughts on who made the car is appreciated. scott
  8. Looks to be a Japanese sword. The grip is missing on the wood handle. The leather scabbard is not something I have seen before, but I don't deal with these on a regular basis-- I know enough to be d...
  9. Last canteen is Spanish American War era. scott
  10. First photo looks to be a Civil War canteen with non standard cover and sling. Hard to tell for sure with the one photo. Last photo shows a Civil War "bullseye" canteen. It looks to be a nice one...
  11. Amazing story-- sometimes the answer comes months/ years after beginning the search and often from unusual sources. I've had similar IDs to antique photographs that were found 8- 10 years after I h...
  12. Some great welz that you have shared today! scott
  13. WOW-- great looking vase. scott
  14. Insignia is not US military. scott
  15. Nice looking daguerreotype-- does it have original seals? Welcome to CW-- there are several antique image collectors already on the site. If you have an interest, I have numerous postings of antiq...
  16. No problem-- I collect sweetheart jewelry (among many other items). It is a great item to collect as there is a seemingly endless supply of variety. scott
  17. Thanks much ivonne. scott
  18. Here is one on ebay-- it has the "son in service" top, but the bottom looks the same: scott
  19. Looks to be a WW2 era US Navy sweetheart jewelry pin. They were sold in stateside military post exchanges and also by local jewelry dealers. Usually service members would purchase it for a loved ...
  20. Thanks for looking and commenting antiquerose! scott
  21. Thanks for looking hoipolloi! scott
  22. I have not seen this particular design in a WW2 pin. The pin does have a slight resemblance to the AAC roundel. A photo of the back may help in determining the era of the pin. scott
  23. THANK YOU for SHARING all of this great welz! scott
  24. I am amazed at your regular postings of these unusual decors and shapes. How many pieces have you assembled? scott
  25. Interesting link added in post #8. Clearly, with the most cursory examination, the decor on the vase and the decor on the line art are substantially different. Similar, sure, but SIMILAR DOESN"T...
  26. Looks like you are ready to open the Welz Museum! scott
  27. Beautiful-- nice to have a documented welz decor! scott
  28. Agree with tom-- probably VN era. scott
  29. Suggest you ask the Lieutenant for the history of his hat. Unless he did something of particular note, I don't see a lot of value. scott
  30. Image looks to be a late 1870s- 90s image (probably a cabinet card or CDV). Exposure times of a second or less were typical by the 1870s. Many photographers advertised the "instantaneous process" in...
  31. jscott-- interesting comments. What about the image would make you think it could be a PM photo? scott
  32. It is an interesting letter for sure! scott
  33. Most likely blanks exported from Germany to the UK where they were decorated and retailed as a souvenir item at Margate. scott
  34. It is a reprint-- the staples wouldn't be found in an original. Also paper and color looks way off. Still worth the $2. scott
  35. Kralik would be my first thought. I wouldn't try any patching-- recommend you leave it alone. scott
  36. I don't know stwillia-- maybe someone else will chime in! scott
  37. I think freiheit is on track with his dating. Scene looks like Margate UK-- so the McKinley Tariff Act (US) doesn't come into play. scott
  38. I don't see anything in the child to suggest a PM. The pose would be highly unusual for a PM with a lifelike pose and the arm around the Mom. The eye dots are just an artist/ retouchers work and...
  39. NOPE. Eyes open and alert-- don't see anything to suggest a PM. Biggest indicator is the woman is standing-- I have never seen a standing PM. The posing stand being used for PM photography is...
  40. Do you have any invoice number information on the two accepted markers of glass (Loetz/ Kralik)? It would be interesting to see the amount of glass that they exported to the US to get an idea on vo...
  41. Pretty overwhelming evidence to support your thoughts, welz! scott
  42. Nice letter from a somewhat obscure/ forgotten US President. Please share more of your collection! scott
  43. It looks like a highly embellished stylized military Observer wing. The "EC" letters don't fit for any military affiliation I am familiar with-- maybe a sweetheart piece or possible something outsi...
  44. Very nice example-- the sunflower is unusual to find. Despite the damage it displays very well! scott
  45. It is wear-- rub/ ding from other coins. Wear does not add to coin values as a general rule. scott
  46. Expensive "looks like" image of "Doc Holliday" and the "Earps": What a...
  47. Never too many posted-- keep them coming, if you have any more! scott
  48. Didn't realize there were TWO of these posted on here! Love it. scott
  49. Agree with zowie-- the red jack in the pulpit really stands out. scott
  50. A photo of the back may help to better date it. What is it painted on? scott
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