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Ear Trumpet or some sort of filter or funnel?? - Photographsin Photographs
CDV still life of Vase with tinted flowers - Photographsin Photographs
Harrach with applied strawberry - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach basket with strawberry - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tintype of Early Automobile - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage Chinook Salmon brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Pair of Trench Art Picture Frames from WW1 shell brass - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Spanish military man from Manila (2) - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of Military Man with medals  - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War veteran with his 75th Gettysburg Badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. The dresser certainly looks to be late 19th century, so I would suspect that the mirror was replaced at a later date. scott
  2. Thanks for looking katherine! scott
  3. Beautiful vase! scott
  4. I love welz honeycomb! scott
  5. Thanks for looking ted! scott
  6. Thanks for looking david-- any thoughts on what this is? scott
  7. Love these! Mole and Thomas made some fantastic version of these "living photographs" with representations of Uncle Sam, President Wilson, The Liberty Bell.... scott
  8. Thanks for looking paul. Good observations-- I didn't notice the alternating orientation on the inside pieces. scott
  9. Additional photos will help (back, bottom, marks, etc...)-- if you add more photos I'd be happy to give you a ballpark value. Where did you get it? scott
  10. I see the logic in your attribution! scott
  11. Nice educational posting! Agree, ebay is a bargain market for the KNOWLEDGEABLE/ EXPERIENCED collector. scott
  12. Thanks for looking gracay and tallcakes. scott
  13. It is not a daguerreotype. Civil War dags are very unusual as the process fell out of favor in the US by about 1860. A tintype is on a sheet of iron and an ambrotype is on glass. It can be somewh...
  14. Thanks for looking welz. scott
  15. Thanks for looking verbatim. scott
  16. Thanks for looking racer and vo! scott
  17. Thanks vo and hunter. scott
  18. "Second hand" furniture has limited value verse "antique" furniture. scott
  19. Thanks for the thoughts vetraio. I was not familiar with wine decanting funnels, so I had to look it up! Most that I found have a much more finished look to them-- as do most of the ear trumpets...
  20. I wouldn't clean it. The brass patina of almost 100 years speaks to its age. Most US collectors feel the same way about "cleaning" metal surfaces. I (and many other collectors) won't buy "clean...
  21. "why in the WW1 era, a shield and only 14 stars would have been used - or do the stripes on the shield represent the remaining 34 states?" Several reasons could explain what MAY initially appear as...
  22. Sensenich Brothers are marked with serial number that will identify the aircraft. Be advised, SB also made wood props for air boats-- the hub on yours looks different from what I usually see in a/c...
  23. Here is an ebay example with the same shield side:
  24. WW1 era lighter. These type of lighters were popular souvenir items for soldiers serving in France. I have seen the shield side before but not the bird side. scott
  25. 1925- 1950. scott
  26. Looks like a sideboard to me. It looks to be a little shy of being a true antique (100 years old) as I would date it to the 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  27. These type of photographs are called Cabinet Cards. Most examples found today date from the 1870s- 90s. Specifics on the photograph, photographer and subject will usually allow collectors to narrow ...
  28. Interesting ring! What about the ring gives you the dating? scott
  29. No matches fran, but I am ALWAYS looking! scott
  30. "I also want to be clear that all I am trying to do here is discuss differences in shapes that I see, and not show who is wrong or who is right." Good point, welzebub! I apologize if my comment ...
  31. Yep-- the extra ring at the top would mark the ruckl example as a different shape. I also see the dramatic difference in the necks. Another case of similar but the "devil is in the details". ...
  32. 16" X 20"?? These large size images were popular in the very late 19th- early 20th century. Yours looks like turn of the century or just after. scott
  33. GREAT that you were able to reunite the two pieces. Welz has a pair of these and I have a single. Send me yours-- I want a pair! scott
  34. Here is a poem by South Carolina's Poet Laureate, Ed Madden, published by Muddy Ford Press. "When we’re told we’ll never understand" Someone says a drug-related incident, someone says he was qu...
  35. Without clues (markings/ history/ etc...) there is little chance of uncovering the true story. Sad fact with many interesting antique images-- the STORY is lost and we are left to speculate. sco...
  36. Gathering of folks-- I see nothing distinctive of any particular group. Any markings/ postmark to give any location clues? scott
  37. Modern decorative piece. Probably a deer jaw bone. scott
  38. Concur with michelle-- interesting, thought provoking article AND great photos. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on glass attributions! scott
  39. WW2 sweetheart items come in a myriad of styles and designs. I have seen many compacts before-- don't know that I have seen this particular example, but I have seen some that are very similar. The...
  40. Agree, subjects are early to mid 19th century. Colors are very bright, which would make me think that it was a much later effort/ not done in the era. Worth investigating further. scott
  41. I really like the square top-- the color combination is appealing as well. scott
  42. Beautiful WELZ!! I hope that tom's amazing collection is highlighted in THE Book! scott
  43. Nice-- love it! I'd think harrach. Here is a similar example of mine: scott
  44. You already received input from a top coke collector-- see posting #4. scott
  45. Thanks for looking ian! scott
  46. Beautiful glass! I didn't know that welz did anything with applied flowers-- I am a huge fan of anything with applied flowers (and fruit) and need to add a welz piece to my collection. I'd like ...
  47. My standard advice to new collectors: - Put your money away - RESEARCH Your area of interest (books, online, shows) - Handle the items (KNOW what to look for in fakes) - Buy from rep...
  48. True, but of course you have to KNOW that you purchased crap in a timely manner. ebay and paypal also have protection for items "not as described". I still see fake crap selling on a regular basis...
  49. I am always amazed at the variety (State, city, local and NOW newspaper) of these WW1 Service Medals. Not one I have seen before! scott
  50. 20th century. Some of the coke collectors may be able to narrow to specific time periods based on the motif of the block. scott
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