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Edsel Chamberlain with his machine?? - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of reader with a SKULL on the table - Photographsin Photographs
Yank Sergeant photographed in Nashville - Photographsin Photographs
African American Mammy/ Nanny cdv - Photographsin Photographs
The young teacher - Photographsin Photographs
Flamboyant Hunter cdv - Photographsin Photographs
Corporal Lewis Banyea, 5th VT Infantry - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Unusual pose in Civil War cdv - Photographsin Photographs
Working Cowboy on horseback - Photographsin Photographs
Father holds baby in first photograph cdv - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Could be austro-- thanks for looking and commenting! scott
  2. Thanks for looking and commenting buss. scott
  3. Love this welz decor-- thanks for sharing these! scott
  4. Thanks buss and racer. The skull is just an interesting prop-- and not often seen in early images. scott
  5. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- don't know how I missed this one! scott
  6. It is a FANTASY piece. To my recollection these and other 3D signs first hit the shops around the early 1980s. scott
  7. It is a slant top desk. Looks to be oak and early 20th century. Very useful and well maintained. scott
  8. Thanks much sign! scott
  9. Thanks again fran! scott
  10. Thanks fran-- as always, I appreciate you looking and commenting. Scott
  11. Great occupational image. These are NOT postcards. The mount dates it from the 1890s- 1910 time period. scott
  12. Love this beautiful pair! scott
  13. Thanks sign-- agree with you! scott
  14. Thanks pw and passion! scott
  15. "It makes learning about glass makers and how to identify them very difficult as at times quality is not relevant." Couldn't disagree MORE on this statement. It is in fact QUALITY or LACK of quali...
  16. Less than $20. Looks like it is a little shy of WW2 vintage as the one provided through link is the SAME piece! scott
  17. Thanks for looking apache. scott
  18. The color and artificial aging don't look like ivory to me. Additionally, the detailing is weak. My first thought would be plastic or resin as well. scott
  19. Thanks again alan! scott
  20. Thanks much for looking alan! scott
  21. Thanks for looking roy! scott
  22. Thanks for looking roy! scott
  23. It is 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  24. Thanks cultcha. scott
  25. Thanks much rade and cultcha. scott
  26. Thanks spirit. scott
  27. Thanks dean and artist. scott
  28. Thanks much for looking bean! scott
  29. The clasp on the GCM is for additional awards. Each loop or hitch represents three years. Hundreds of awards of the Presidential Unit Citation have been made-- without knowledge of the individual ...
  30. It is worth noting that your patch is displayed upside down. Here is a DA source on the patch with some more specifics:
  31. Not US soldiers. The top photo looks to be some sort of religious event/ prayer with heads bowed. scott
  32. From what I can see, I would think mid to late 20th century. The label is contemporary to the piece. I am not familiar with phone numbers outside of the US, but the short number would also sugges...
  33. Thanks fran! scott
  34. Thanks fran! scott
  35. Thanks tom and fran! scott
  36. Thanks tom! scott
  37. Nope not European, it is pure American and dates from about 1830s- 1860. Beautiful birdseye maple veneers with a cherry base wood (cannot see the wood grain, but it is typical). I love the glass...
  38. Thanks freon and mike. scott
  39. Welcome to CW. I love stereo views as well! Nice to have ones that came from your family. I have many of my more interesting views posted on this site-- take a look as they may be of interest...
  40. Oh-- looking at the guys bulge! Seriously, I see what you mean now. Great info-- appreciate your input. scott
  41. I'd question the age as well-- don't see a 19th century chair. Some additional photos would be helpful-- the bottom, close up of construction with seat cushion out and some joints. scott
  42. Thanks cultcha! scott
  43. Thanks dave-- it's all in the details! I thought that was a bottle label-- not sure now. Thanks for looking. scott
  44. Thanks toys. scott
  45. Thanks much designer. scott
  46. Thanks skiva! scott
  47. Thanks skiva! scott
  48. Thanks skiva! scott
  49. Thanks skiva and official. scott
  50. Thanks buss-- appreciate you looking. scott
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