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Native American "Sub Chief" carte de visite - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "War Chief" CDV - Photographsin Photographs
Trio of WW2 Trench art planes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Fire Pumper in a parade - Photographsin Photographs
Conjoined lambs cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of girl holding a sleeping kitten - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art/ Sweetheart jewelry pin from WW2 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Headhunter with his trophy skulls - Photographsin Photographs
HE REALLY LOVES THE DOG... and his daughter - Animalsin Animals
Occupational cabinet card of photographic touch up artist - Photographsin Photographs


  1. I believe that this one is Welz. My only welz basket! scott
  2. Search engine: "canada 5c nurse stamp"
  3. Search engine: "Canada 15c beaver stamp" scott
  4. Not an acronym. It is a movie line. scott
  5. DO SOME RESEARCH! Post some information.
  6. Any search engine: "eire 1/2p" and you will find numerous pictures and information about THIS Stamp. Simple search. scott
  7. agh: ARGO..... scott
  8. My genuine advice is DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. When you find something that doesn't yield results, THEN ask for help. MOST of your postings require nothing more than a key word search to give you mo...
  9. Sorry-- thought this was called Show and TELL. At some point, I thought you might discover a search engine. Most folks find it rewarding to do their own investigating and THEN ask for help when th...
  10. I still don't understand how the first police BADGE has any relevence to an early police BUCKLE. This one being dug or from that era is another discussion. scott
  11. Two piece "Police" buckles date from the civil War era-- not sure of the relevence of a London police badge to the discussion! scott
  12. Neat looking stamp! What have you discovered about it? scott
  13. You got it vetraio! I have a few WW2 soldier souvenir pieces in my collection. scott
  14. What has your online searching revealed? scott
  15. How did you attribute a police belt to NY? scott
  16. Eastlake parlor chair from about 1870- 1890. scott
  17. fran, the "hidden mother" genre of photographs is hotly collected. Competition for a hard image (tintype/ ambrotype) of a mother hiding under a black cloth-- appearing somewhat ghost like, can drive ...
  18. Looks too flimsy to be used to restrain anyone. Looks like a multi- purpose medical chair. Arm rests are typical for blood drawing. Can't tell if the big ring is attached or just sitting next t...
  19. Neat modern drawings, but more likely someone's personal artwork done for fun or personal use vs. something done AT/ FOR Disney. Disney characters are a favorite subject for a lot of amateur artist...
  20. Agree-- 1940- 50s era. scott
  21. GREAT Glass! scott
  22. Good luck-- keep us posted. scott
  23. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- I love it moon!! scott
  24. If it is the same Geo H. Clapp-- He MAY be in the photo and it MAY help to ID the location and date of the photograph. An email to Carnegie- Mellon library/ archives may get some results. I usuall...
  25. Thanks for looking film. scott
  26. Kralik was surely capable of some very fine quality work. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! scott
  27. That certainly is Taft! Looks like "Geo H. Clapp", "Geo" is short for George. scott
  28. Thanks for looking cultcha! scott
  29. Smart move to get it certified-- let me know when you get the results! scott
  30. You might want to look under cameras and see what is posted here. Also member: rniederman is very knowledgeable about cameras and my "go to guy". I am sure that he will be able to help you out....
  31. Thanks cultcha. scott
  32. The signature has many of the characteristics found in other examples of autograph. I personally believe it is hand signed (For whatever that is worth)! Here is an example of a similar signed ph...
  33. Fran-- here is a great example of a rediculous "post mortem":
  34. Recommend you switch your photos-- put the clock dial or whole clock as photo #1. Those photos will attract more attention than the winding key. scott
  35. Thanks for looking and commenting va! scott
  36. Thanks for looking and commenting va! scott
  37. Thanks for looking radegunder. scott
  38. Thanks for looking karen. If TRENCH ART is of interest-- be sure to check my other postings as I have about 100 on TRENCH ART! scott
  39. Thanks for looking and commenting fran. scott
  40. Thanks for looking and commenting karen. scott
  41. It is on my bucket list. I want to go to a darts tournament as well! When I was in the Army, I was routed through the UK several times and always planned on spending a few days there in route to t...
  42. Thanks for looking majestic! scott
  43. Thanks for looking vo! scott
  44. Thanks for looking vo! scott
  45. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! I need to take a UK trip as well. scott
  46. Thanks valentino and vetraio. scott
  47. Thanks valentino and vetraio. scott
  48. Thanks tom. scott
  49. Thanks for looking bud. scott
  50. Thanks for looking nuts. Nope-- made in USA. scott
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