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What a great hat! - Photographsin Photographs
LTC Lewis Downing CSA and USA troops - Photographsin Photographs
Stereoview of Ex- Slaves at the "Colored Home" in Florida - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War era cdv of a family and their house - Photographsin Photographs
Grand Army of the Republic member with crutches cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Orange Picker Occupational - Photographsin Photographs
African American Occupational- Firemen cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Photographer and his camera CDV - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of a boy looking at a portrait CDV of a woman - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War Slave child - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Nope-- still low quality and doesn't enlarge when I click on it. scott
  2. Don't know that there is any standard name. I would call it "late 19th/ early 20th century photo mounted on thick cardstock"-- others may have different terms. Some might use the dimensions and ...
  3. Photo quality is the issue-- a better jpg would be helpful. As I said location is typically where photographer name or initials were placed, so I would suspect that is what you have there. Bette...
  4. Can't see the "stuff in the corner" but location is typically where a photographer would sign. Your image format in the folder is typical of about 1910- early 1920s. scott
  5. Not a cabinet card. A cabinet card is standard format and sized at 4 1/4" X 6 1/2". The format of your card is typical of the late 1890s through the first decade of the 1900s. scott
  6. I have seen similar commemorative items like this but not this exact one. A nice decorative item for a former Marine. scott
  7. It is a print. Based on the framing, I would think this is early 20th century and probably made during TR's term or soon after. These are nice decorative pieces but not big ticket items. scott
  8. Interesting error cards and great as a pair. I am not that familiar with baseball "error" cards-- are they as eagerly collected as stamp errors? scott
  9. Nice family piece-- thanks for sharing! scott
  10. Nice/ desirable images! Anything Gettysburg has an active market. I am often surprised at what folks pay for these post- War Mumper views. I find war era cdvs out of Gettysburg to be much more ...
  11. I love RSP! scott
  12. Beautiful Bambus! scott
  13. The added photos of the bottom and socket confirm to me that it is modern. These were very popular REPRODUCTIONS in the 1980s- 90s. I used to see them with regularity in antique stores. scott
  14. I don't see a lot of age to it. A photo of the underside of the base and the bulb socket w/o the bulb in it would be helpful in dating. scott
  15. Groovy, man! scott
  16. BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  17. Large jewelry box-- late 20th century. scott
  18. I should have said "modern" vs. recently made. I would think it is late 20th century at the earliest. Some additional photos of the back, inside and drawer sides may shed more light. scott
  19. Looks like a recently made, distressed piece. Really doesn't show quality workmanship. scott
  20. AMAZING-- this looks so BEAUTIFUL and delicate! scott
  21. Have a great Mother's Day! scott
  22. Great Mother's Day item! scott
  23. Should serve as a warning for those using thickness as an attribution indicator! scott
  24. Construction and hinges would make me believe this was a 20th century piece. scott
  25. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! Thanks for sharing. scott
  26. Yep-- rounded corners are an indication of the era of production of cdvs. Early cdvs were made with straight corners. Many were clipped at the corner to make album insertion easier. Rounded c...
  27. Looks to be from 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  28. Yep-- modern furniture. scott
  29. Looks to be a mid 19th century Empire sideboard. The scrolled details and dark veneers are typical. I love it, but the style is not very popular today. Bargains abound in this type of furniture a...
  30. Yep-- some cdvs do start with straight corners that become rounded. This image is a later one made that way. scott
  31. Postcards?? Interesting cdv. Good luck establishing a location-- it is a longshot without other information. From the cdv itself, I would say that it is an American scene and dates from after t...
  32. Glad to help out-- thanks for sharing and welcome to CW! scott
  33. Many of these items seem to be part of a grouping belonging to a man who served in the 88th Division in WW2. The insignia with "Liberty and Rights" are distinctive unit insignia (DUI) or simply c...
  34. I am not familiar with the "Gradnik" patch. The other two patches are for the 88th Infantry Division-- called the Blue Devils. During WW2 it fought through Italy and on to Austria and then served ...
  35. Thanks brunswick and farm. scott
  36. Thanks brunswick and farm. scott
  37. Thanks lens. scott
  38. Thanks lens. scott
  39. Thanks lens. scott
  40. Thanks again rade! scott
  41. Thanks much rade! scott
  42. Thanks lou and rade! scott
  43. Thanks for looking and commenting lens. scott
  44. Nice piece. Based on function and some of the construction; I think you have something from the mid 20th century. scott
  45. The magazine rack and round side table look to be mid to late 20th century. The oak sideboard is early 20th century. scott
  46. Beautiful vases-- esp. the one with the blue ground. scott
  47. Don't see one here either! scott
  48. Don't see a mint error either. scott
  49. This is not the actor "White Eagle"-- this is the REAL Ponca Chief White Eagle (1840- 1914). This appears to be an early 20th century likeness of him (print). scott
  50. Looks to be a print made of the original artwork. Probably commissioned after the war. Agree it is a fascinating scene-- too bad about all of the damage issues. scott
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