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Atlanta Braves Opening Day Ticket Stubs 1966 - Baseballin Baseball
Personalized Stan Musial Autograph - Baseballin Baseball
Autograph of Ernie Shore, MLB Perfect Game* - Baseballin Baseball
Floriform trumpet vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tintype of Young men with a SKULL displayed - Photographsin Photographs
Kitten "still life" in sewing basket - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "Sub Chief" carte de visite - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "War Chief" CDV - Photographsin Photographs
Trio of WW2 Trench art planes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Fire Pumper in a parade - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Love these souvenir RPPCs! scott
  2. GREAT information welzebub. With the plethora of misinformation out there, it is nice to have your informed and researched input on this site. scott
  3. Based on size and format, I would suspect that your 8 X 10 is a later copy image. scott
  4. These were the standard issue flashlight for US Army soldiers in basic training and still commonly used into the 2000s-- not sure if they are still Army purchased/ used today. scott
  5. Beautiful glass marty! scott
  6. Is it a thin paper snapshot type photo or is it mounted to thicker cardstock? If mounted-- what is the color of the mounting (on back)? Also, what size is the photo? scott
  7. Certainly worth something-- looks to be a very nice piece of furniture. The raised decoration, key locks and top style would all indicate a 20th century piece to me. Some photos of the dovetails...
  8. Nice photos. Format of photo #1 may help to narrow down the date. If you post a full view-- I may be able to help. scott
  9. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! Thanks for sharing-- your great work with attributing Welz is amazing. scott
  10. Thanks for looking town! scott
  11. Beautiful!! scott
  12. Modern decorator piece. scott
  13. Also, welcome to Collector's Weekly. Are you at Polk? Not one of my favorite Army locations! scott (Retired Infantry)
  14. Beautiful! scott
  15. One more detail: the "signatures" on the back are printed and not hand signed. scott
  16. Circus folks Tom Thumb and his wife Lavinia-- they were very popular as a sideshow attraction. Your photo is called a carte de visite or CDV for short and they were collected and traded in a simila...
  17. Thanks for looking kivatinitz! scott
  18. Beautiful Welz-- I agree the clear drips are FANTASTIC! scott
  19. Good description of this sword. While it is called the M1860, the vast majority found today can be confirmed to be post war production (as with your Pettibone). scott
  20. In 19th century photography holding a book or an open book is often used to show literacy. Not sure in this case if it has any significance. scott
  21. Grading services really changed the hobby (not for the better, in my opinion)! scott
  22. Thanks much for looking cindb! scott
  23. Thanks for looking and commenting cindb. "Child warriors" were not that uncommon in the 19th century. scott
  24. Thanks cindb-- I collect and deal in antique images, so I have TENS OF THOUSANDS!! scott
  25. Glad to help-- please don't wear it, unless it is something that you have earned! scott
  26. Interesting card. I'd contact a few dealers to get feedback on the card or show it at a baseball card show. If you get positive feedback, then I'd invest the $ to get it graded. scott
  27. Interesting-- not sure on this one. The reddish/ brown "patina" at the top and enameling looks very similar to the fantasy "Ford Factory Badges" that were popular in antique malls about 25 years ag...
  28. Fairly common modern medal. It was the first "service" medal for those who went to Iraq and Afghanistan, used before the specific Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals were created. It is still awa...
  29. Militaria collectors are actively pursuing items from both Iraq and Afghanistan. Recommend that you document the flag (signed letter describing its acquisition) and store the flag with the document...
  30. I cannot see the stamp on the photos, but I do agree the art deco form is indicative of the 1920s- 30s. scott
  31. These ww2 shipboard newspapers are fantastic-- transmission of events, artwork and humor. I am a huge fan of them! scott
  32. Beautiful moonstone-- with all the recent acquisitions it looks as though you are living the "Days of Christmas"! scott
  33. Thanks for looking gate. scott
  34. With antiques it is worthwhile to remember the adage: "Buy the antique, NOT THE STORY"! In your case the price was FANTASTIC and the story was a bit of FANTASY. Many times folks fall victim to ...
  35. Looks to be Victorian Eastlake in style-- probably from 1870s- 90s time period. Do you have all of the drawers? scott
  36. AMAZING piece-- BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  37. Thanks for looking jewels and tom! scott
  38. Patent models are a popular collecting field-- they usually bring very good money when offered for sale. scott
  39. Thanks for looking puckett-- I have many other native american photos listed, if you have an interest. scott
  40. Should be able to replace the sliding view holder with relative ease! scott
  41. Interesting-- maybe the catalog page just doesn't show it well enough, but the shape doesn't look the same. The catalog example appears rather "squatty" and without the base that is seen on the pic...
  42. It is a BEAUTY, moonstone! scott
  43. Welzebub, as per usual same old arguments from those unwilling to listen: "If you waste your time a-talkin' to the people who don't listen, To the things that you are sayin', who do you think's g...
  44. I'll check for you-- wasn't expecting a "left" coast request! I am very familiar with the Eastern US Shows as I set up at several-- maybe more of an all eras military show in your area. scott
  45. Great Welz! BIG THANKS to welzebub for all of his research and analysis to document some of this maker's production! scott
  46. Plates And Buckles Of The American Military 1795-1874 by Kerksis. American Military Belt Plates by O'Donnell and Campbell. I'd recommend that you go to a Civil War show in your area and spend a ...
  47. Glad to hear you passed. If you look at some authentic plates, these will quickly stand out as junk. Authentic eagle breast plates can often be found for just a little more than these fakes. sc...
  48. REPRODUCTION and FANTASY pieces-- NO Doubt! These are common with little value, EXCEPT when sold to novice collectors as Civil War originals. scott
  49. Nice carving! scott
  50. Style is typical of American coin silver spoons of the 19th century. Coin silver is less than sterling but only minimally-- .900 vs. .925 and was often made from melted coins (hence the name). ...
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