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Pair of Trench Art Picture Frames from WW1 shell brass - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Spanish military man from Manila (2) - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of Military Man with medals  - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War veteran with his 75th Gettysburg Badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Japanese Navy and Merchant Marine insignia from WW2 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
CDV of a Civil War officer with a pistol stuck in his boot - Photographsin Photographs
Medical Students with a cadaver image - Photographsin Photographs
1932 Fairbanks Griffin Hood Ornament - Art Decoin Art Deco
WW1 Damascus Trench Art with Koran quotations - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 Army Air Corps Sweetheart pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. It looks like a higher grade decorative teapot for the region. Tea drinking is an important part of every social event in the region. Certainly it could have been used for a special event or just so...
  2. Beautiful bloom! scott
  3. Great to see the continued discover of Welz ephemera! It will look great in the book! scott
  4. As a collector/ dealer of photographs, I can tell you that it is very common to find inscribed photographs from average people. I see them all the time in 19th century to late 20th century images. ...
  5. Modern made piece. It is not military in any way. scott
  6. GREAT color on that one! Not one I have seen before. Love it! scott
  7. Decorative teapot. The palm and crossed swords is the emblem of KSA, so maybe it was retailed in the Kingdom. Could be a "Republic of Korea" maker. scott
  8. The "1927" stamp is on track with the dating on your piece. Based on style, I'd put it in the 2nd quarter 20th century. scott
  9. Great trench art lamp! I am a collector of trench art and am always amazed at the quality objects turned from War refuse. scott
  10. Beautiful Welz! scott
  11. Modern made-- refurbish away! scott
  12. Interesting items. Your photo is much earlier than the paperwork. Looks to be a 19th century cdv-- most likely 1880- 90s. A copy of the back of the image may help to narrow the date. scott
  13. Beautiful! scott
  14. Could be Bell-- I haven't seen any pictures of Buck Leonard when he was young, but the face doesn't look right. Satchell Paige said that Bell was so quick he could turn out the lights and be in bed...
  15. They are both photographs. They were enlarged at some point and artist enhanced due to the loss of details during the enlargement process. These are very typical of the late 19th- early 20th centu...
  16. This style is often seen with enlarged photographs in the late 19th century. Often details were lost when photos were copied or enlarged and artists would touch up details with black or crayon colors...
  17. Thanks petey! scott
  18. Beautiful Welz! scott
  19. Thanks for looking va! scott
  20. Thanks for looking va and kyra! scott
  21. Thanks for looking sklo! scott
  22. Thanks for looking sklo! scott
  23. Thanks for looking sklo! scott
  24. Thanks loumanal and toolate. scott
  25. Modern decorator lamp-- quality is not there for any vintage/ antique maker. scott
  26. Love the football/ car connection! Great poster-- certainly not one of a kind, but there MAY be limited survivors. The huge size really makes it hard to display. scott
  27. Thanks much slotman! scott
  28. Thanks moon! scott
  29. Thanks moon and bratjdd! scott
  30. Thanks moon and sklo! scott
  31. Thanks smiata and moonstone. scott
  32. Thanks smiata and kiva. scott
  33. Thanks smiata and kiva. scott
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  35. Thanks smiata and kiva. scott
  36. Thanks smiata and kiva. scott
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  38. Thanks smiata and vintage. scott
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  41. Thanks rade and kiva. scott
  42. Thanks rade and kiva. scott
  43. Thanks for looking mxmarinemom! scott
  44. Beautiful-- and I'd go with Harrach as well! scott
  45. Thanks kiva-- give me a heads up when you have it posted. I'd certainly like to see it. scott
  46. He was a great role model for children as well. Too many sports stars today forget that kids out there look at them as models for behavior! scott
  47. Thanks much kiva. scott
  48. Thanks much kiva. scott
  49. Thanks kiva-- it is very similar to yours. I don't know that I would call it kralik TODAY. I'd lean more toward Harrach. scott
  50. Thanks much for looking paris. scott
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