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Floriform trumpet vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tintype of Young men with a SKULL displayed - Photographsin Photographs
Kitten "still life" in sewing basket - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "Sub Chief" carte de visite - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "War Chief" CDV - Photographsin Photographs
Trio of WW2 Trench art planes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Fire Pumper in a parade - Photographsin Photographs
Conjoined lambs cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of girl holding a sleeping kitten - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art/ Sweetheart jewelry pin from WW2 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. From what I see in the last picture, I don't see very much age. Appears to be a modern take on Victorian, made in the last 50 years or so. scott
  2. You will find another. These step back cupboards are readily available in most areas and from what I have seen these larger pieces are not as appealing as they used to be, so prices are very reasonab...
  3. US Army uniform patches. The rank insignia (far right, top row, upside down) would lead me to believe that they are from the 1960s or later. scott
  4. Thanks for looking pat. scott
  5. Always happy to help out-- keep up the great posts! scott
  6. Oh-- I thought he might have actually done some research and analysis! "Empirical analysis doesn't work, so here is a picture to prove my point"??? scott
  7. concur with others wick trimmer. scott
  8. Thanks michelle and trunkman. scott
  9. BEAUTIFL Welz!! scott
  10. GREAT pistol! Some of my thoughts: - 1840- 50s era (pre- Civil War) - As others have stated most certainly non US - I wouldn't call it a Navy pistol-- the belt hook is common on...
  11. Pls link YOUR research and documentation-- perhaps a link to your website would be helpful. scott
  12. Thanks for looking surf and david. scott
  13. Thanks much trunkman! scott
  14. I am a recent fan. I really like Yost-- wish he had stayed with the Braves/ was managing them. I am a National League "small ball" fan and really am amazed to see an AL team play like a NL team! ...
  15. Another great one! scott
  16. Found this one on ebay:
  17. Thanks for looking vo and jewels! scott
  18. Pence has a good game-- hope it is NOT a good Series for him! SF had a well played and managed game last night. scott
  19. Nice find-- thanks for sharing! scott
  20. Thanks much inky and kyra! scott
  21. Thanks for looking racer. scott
  22. The "EP" mark usually indicates electro- plate meaning it is not sterling. It was common to engrave the owner's initials on the handle. scott
  23. It is fraternal. scott
  24. Thanks much moonstone, sklo and vetraio! scott
  25. What always impressed me about Stan the Man and many of the earlier era ball players was that power could go along with contact hitting. In his 22 year career, Musial NEVER struck out 50 times in a...
  26. My Dad's favorite, so I can quote a lot of his stats as well. My Dad grew up in ST Louis and watched him play many games every years scott
  27. It is a beauty! scott
  28. Based on the graphics and immense amount of Patriotic materials made to show War support, I would think that these are WW2 era. scott
  29. GREAT work on nailing down the manufacturer, chris! scott
  30. Great collector information! scott
  31. Just to clarify the burl is a round growth on the tree that yields this type of wood/ veneer. It is found on a variety of trees-- maple, oak, redwood, etc.... scott
  32. The top is BURL wood veneer. scott
  33. Beautiful, moonstone! scott
  34. Rather than regularly playing the broken record, perhaps charcoal could post his research and documentation on his OWN Collectors Weekly postings OR link to HIS glass website, so others could look at ...
  35. Good explanation welzebub. One of the "pot stirrers" returns with the usual comments! scott
  36. Yep-- agree but it doesn't make it correct! scott
  37. The accepted standard for antique furniture is 100 years of age. scott
  38. Modern decorator pieces. scott
  39. Nice. I wouldn't call it antique-- 2nd quarter 20th century. You can buy replacement veneer-- the hard part/ work is color matching the older pieces. scott
  40. BEAUTIFUL Welz-- I had to love it again! scott
  41. Agree it is a trapdoor converted to percussion: - cartouche with 1888, shows this was in fact a trapdoor stock - lock w/o date is a trapdoor lock The trapdoor serial number is no longer there...
  42. Big joke of an image with a big joke of a price:
  43. US Army. scott
  44. Forgot to mention the "oak leaf" signifies a second award of the MUC. scott
  45. Two modern era unit citations. Blue is the Presidential Unit Citation (PUC) and the red is the Meritorius Unit Citation (MUC). Both are awarded to units for COMBAT service, but are worn by curre...
  46. Equally exciting to lean back onto the protruding wood and metal pieces. Looks more decorative than functional. scott
  47. Yes, I have varied interests! Most of it comes from auction attendance years ago (mainly looking for militaria) and seeing things that interested me. I'd follow up with research to get an idea...
  48. Beautiful and GREAT story! scott
  49. Beautiful vase! scott
  50. BEAUTIFUL Welz! The last photo is fantastic. scott
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