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What a great hat! - Photographsin Photographs
LTC Lewis Downing CSA and USA troops - Photographsin Photographs
Stereoview of Ex- Slaves at the "Colored Home" in Florida - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War era cdv of a family and their house - Photographsin Photographs
Grand Army of the Republic member with crutches cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Orange Picker Occupational - Photographsin Photographs
African American Occupational- Firemen cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Photographer and his camera CDV - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of a boy looking at a portrait CDV of a woman - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War Slave child - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Kind of clunky, minimal details to the "carving"-- I'd put it in the mid to late 20th century. scott
  2. Great work-- nice to see some ruckl! scott
  3. It is a Distinctive Unit Insignia or DUI. Soldiers commonly refer to these as unit crests. I would think 22nd Infantry Massachusetts State Guard. The back of the insignia may help to date/ ...
  4. Interesting piece. Is it war era or a later piece? When you can, I'd like to see the back. scott
  5. From what I see-- it appears to be mid to late 20th century. Lap joint on the drawer and brand mark country of origin give it away. scott
  6. Looks to be 2nd quarter, 20th century. It is well cared for and appears to be in excellent condition. scott
  7. Why polish it up and then use NEW screws to reattach? Indication (to me), is that it is ALL repro. scott
  8. Thanks tammy and freon. scott
  9. I don't like the coke bottle opener (see post #1) nor do I like the "white clad" name plate. BOTH are not original to the piece and appear to be reproduction hardware. Changing the screws on them ...
  10. "Scott may like the sheet rock in antiques". Not sure what that means-- I'd appreciate an explanation of your characterization. scott
  11. Thanks sign appreciate you looking. Agree-- the subjects faces certainly show a hard life. scott
  12. Glad to help out and welcome to the site! scott
  13. I wouldn't mess with the screws. As buss stated (and according to what I have read), "white clad" makes reproduction "ice box" furniture. It looks like an old ice box, but is without the interior ...
  14. Don't think it is a dresser either. Looks more like a sideboard, but the decorative pieces of the lady are a little odd, so maybe some other use as mentioned by previous poster. Additionally, it d...
  15. Looks like you have multiple postings of this item. You can delete the extra postings by pulling them up and using the delete button (left top of the posting, under the "add to collection" tab). ...
  16. I don't see a lot of age on this one. The back clasp is close to mid 20th century at the earliest. I'd be surprised if it is actually gold. scott
  17. Nice icebox! I don't care for the coke bottle opener-- was it something you added? scott
  18. Another great article, craig! scott
  19. Thanks vo and rose. scott
  20. Thanks rose-- it certainly attracted a lot of attention for the wearer! scott
  21. You can also further refine the date on this image. The use of a revenue tax stamp on the back would put it at 1 AUG 1864 at the EARLIEST. scott
  22. Love it! scott
  23. Thanks-- appreciate you looking peggy! scott
  24. The ruckl "house of cards"-- flawed/ poor analysis leading to unsupportable attributions. Thanks for illustrating some of the flawed attributions-- I recall several instances of different decors be...
  25. The two letter abbreviations are USPS and standardized in 1963. The USPS standard (for mailing letters) for Mississippi was "Mi." until 1874 when it became "Miss". Mass was "Ms." until 1874 when...
  26. I thought the same thing up until just a few years ago. I purchased a Civil War era cdv at an antique mall because I THOUGHT it was a Mississippi image. I don't remeber the city-- but not one I'd ...
  27. Thanks for looking sign. scott
  28. Thanks for looking frank. scott
  29. I think it dates from about the time acquired, maybe 1950s at the earliest. scott
  30. Thanks much sign, fort and racer. scott
  31. Ms is a typical abbreviation of Massachusetts. Charlestown, Mass is now part of Boston. I have seen the Ms. abbreviation (for Mass) used by several other photographers. scott
  32. Beautiful-- love the contrast of black on orange. scott
  33. Thanks for confirmation spirit! scott
  34. Thanks-- appreciate the input! scott
  35. If you can, please add a photo of the bottom that shows the attachment of the iron legs to the base. scott
  36. I don't recall seeing one with an iron base either. The overall style/ construction/ decorative door is indicative of 1920s- 40s. Agree the white knob stands out, may have had a black one at one...
  37. Thanks again alan. scott
  38. Thanks for looking alan. scott
  39. Thanks much chevelle. scott
  40. Thanks for looking chevelle and toys. scott
  41. Thanks nittygritty. scott
  42. Thanks amber-- appreciate you looking. scott
  43. Thanks again swampdogg and tom. scott
  44. Thanks for looking ted and tom. scott
  45. Thanks much toys. scott
  46. Thanks swampdogg and toys. scott
  47. Thanks much perry! I was lucky enough to figure out the "code" and reattach the history of the subject to the image. scott
  48. Thanks much gatekeeper. scott
  49. Great image-- not one I have seen before! Who is the photographer? scott
  50. Thanks spiritbear and roy-- appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
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