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Beautiful African American Woman tintype in cdv mount - Photographsin Photographs
LONG Hair on Wisconsin Woman cdv - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War field grade officer, Cincinnati Ohio - Photographsin Photographs
Boy in dress on a rocking horse! - Photographsin Photographs
Young Wisconsin Civil War soldier - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Battle of Gettysburg Prisoner of War CDV - Photographsin Photographs
Cherokee Civil War officer from Texas - Photographsin Photographs
African American Nanny ambrotype - Photographsin Photographs
Martin Morrison stereoview of Edison Phonograph - Music Memorabiliain Music Memorabilia
Occupational wood worker stereoview - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks for looking edkal and inky! scott
  2. As one who often answers harrach, your thoughts give me pause welz. Appreciate your information-- especially on aarhus, a house that I don't have familiarity with. Keep up the great work and tha...
  3. Thanks for looking mrstyndall. scott
  4. Probably an equal number of sites perpetuating the myth as debunking! scott
  5. The applied flowers and fruit got me into art glass! Your collection is AMAZING!! scott
  6. Thanks for looking brunswick and mountaingirl. scott
  7. Nice image-- sword is medical or paymaster as you say. scott
  8. It is BEAUTIFUL! scott
  9. Thanks ironlace-- I wasn't tracking any murano involvement in glass like this. Something for me to look at. Appreciate the input! scott
  10. Thanks ironlace! scott
  11. Thanks ironlace! scott
  12. Thanks much ironlace! scott
  13. Thanks ironlace! scott
  14. Thanks ironlace! scott
  15. Thanks ironlace! scott
  16. Thanks ironlace! scott
  17. Sorry to add so many comments to your posting, but the posing stand post mortem myth really bugs me! scott
  18. Someone paid $16 for this post mortem:
  19. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  20. AMAZING-- a BEAUTIFUL piece of functional artwork!! scott
  21. The photographer's mount is typical of about 1895- 1905. The "car" studio would represent a railroad car set up for the photographer. You may find additional specifics by searching for information...
  22. Nope it did NOT! Even supported at the base, the stands aren't strong enough to support anything-- the extended arms would break. Here is a photo that shows a stand and my thoughts on the subjec...
  23. Thanks much fran. scott
  24. Love it-- I have a similar example in my collection! scott
  25. Thanks for looking sugargirl. scott
  26. Not an antique yet. Your buffet dates from the 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  27. Thanks much farmlady. scott
  28. That post mortem "death stand" is PURE internet MYTH. Posing stands were not strong enough to support a dead body-- the were used to hold the head still. ebay sellers have perpetuated the myth t...
  29. Lots of photographers out there-- it would seem that by the Civil War most towns (even small ones) had a photographer or more. Backmarks are useful in determining location and also assist in dating...
  30. Great words of wisdom --thanks for sharing your thoughts and all of these czech marks! scott
  31. Thanks peggy and mettao. scott
  32. Thanks tom and greeley. scott
  33. Thanks for looking vintagegirl. scott
  34. The style of the backmark is indicative of a post- Civil War product. Based on what I can see, I would put these in the 1870s. scott
  35. LOVE IT! scott
  36. Love these with applied fruit and flowers! scott
  37. Thanks buss and trunkman. scott
  38. Thanks roddy, cultcha and kiva! scott
  39. Looks to be a typical American Victorian marble top dresser. The pulls are typical of the era and found with some regularity. Your dresser looks to be walnut and dates from about the 1860s- 90s. ...
  40. Thanks much mcheconi, racer, nobucks, shughs and jlmam! scott
  41. Beautiful Welz!! I have that decor in a trophy vase: scott
  42. Thanks swampdog, hunter, official, vetraio, martika and manikin! scott
  43. honerpilot, this piece is not mine-- it is inky's. Mine is posted here: Also, while Stevens and Williams ma...
  44. Most not marked at all. Here is a listing for a similar piece that includes a page from the Harrach book: scott
  45. Nice image-- he is a youngster playing dress up. His "uniform" is styled after the SAW uniform. The short child sized sword is the give away that he isn't just a young soldier. There is a book ...
  46. It is a reproduction-- many clues on this one. scott
  47. Looks like harrach-- definitely not fenton. scott
  48. Beautiful composition-- love it! scott
  49. GREAT colors on these-- BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  50. It is a US Army collar disk. This type of collar insignia was used from just before WW1 until the late 1930s. The "17" represents a unit designation-- such as 17th Regiment and would have been acc...
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