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Spanish military man from Manila (2) - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of Military Man with medals  - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War veteran with his 75th Gettysburg Badge - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Japanese Navy and Merchant Marine insignia from WW2 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
CDV of a Civil War officer with a pistol stuck in his boot - Photographsin Photographs
Medical Students with a cadaver image - Photographsin Photographs
1932 Fairbanks Griffin Hood Ornament - Art Decoin Art Deco
WW1 Damascus Trench Art with Koran quotations - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 Army Air Corps Sweetheart pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Ceramic Figurine displayed in tintype - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks for looking and commenting va! The poster is fantastic. scott
  2. Glad to help you out-- post the whole piece when you have a chance! scott
  3. Thanks pat and moonstone! scott
  4. Thanks ron and rust. scott
  5. Thanks geode and moonstone. scott
  6. Thanks for looking pat and jewels. scott
  7. It is a beauty! I love glass with applied fruit and flowers. Looks to be Harrach. I have some similar posted. scott
  8. I hate to crash the party on this item, but I suspect it is a post Civil War style chair. The chair construction, wicker seat/ back and small hand push wheel are all indicators (TO ME) of a post CW...
  9. Neat image. Servants, yes-- slaves, NO. SA was part of the British Empire and as such slavery was abolished in the first half of the 19th century (not sure of exact year). Nonetheless, I would ...
  10. Thanks for looking moonhill. scott
  11. Thanks much for looking robin! scott
  12. I don't know which form is more common as I rarely see any available. My vase is less squatty in appearance-- the photos are at a bad angle. I collect photos but can't take them! scott
  13. Thanks again, pat. Copy Images are my favorite to collect. They are usually very reasonably priced. Many folks don't even know what they are or how to identify them. I often see other imag...
  14. Beautiful vase with great information on the piece! scott
  15. I may need to send some your way. I ran out of shelf space a few years ago and it seems to be everywhere now! scott
  16. Thanks for your appreciation of this unusual COPY IMAGE pat! scott
  17. Nope-- much later. The hat itself is very late 1890s at the earliest. Also looked again--the MO buttons appear to be an add on. They are holding the band together-- small leather pieces are mis...
  18. Here is a COPY IMAGE that I have posted of a Civil War soldier. This style cabinet card was not made until post Civil War and actually dates from the 1880s:
  19. I deal in antique images full time. Don't understand the rest of what you are trying to say. Since you don't like help, suggest that you don't ask for it. Thought you were trying to learn abo...
  20. Thanks for looking surf and fran. scott
  21. It is for something other than SP RR. Most RR conductor hats will have "conductor" spelled out. Additionally, most common is a full hat badge with the name of the RR above the position. Addit...
  22. Thanks moonstone. scott
  23. Thanks tom and david. scott
  24. Thanks bratjdd and moonstone. scott
  25. I'd call it a spool leg. Barley twist is a different style of turning where the turn is continuous up the leg. scott
  26. Signatures are stamped, not hand signed. scott
  27. Thanks surf and rose. scott
  28. Thanks much kyra and fort. scott
  29. Thanks fluffy and kyra. scott
  30. I am not sure on the wood buss-- sorry can't be more helpful. scott
  31. Thanks musik and kyra. scott
  32. Thanks for looking and commenting eric! I'd love to see some of the photos from your father's collection, when you have the time. scott
  33. Thanks much solver. It is GREAT to see you on here again. I appreciate your help and will take a look at the source you found. Don't be a stranger-- I and many others appreciate your help on he...
  34. Thanks vetraio and david. scott
  35. Thanks vo and rade. scott
  36. This style was a staple of very late 19th- early 20th century production. They are very common. Yours looks to be typical of the period-- the underside of the seat shows considerable age. The l...
  37. Nice large format tintype. Could be as early as 187os- 1890s. The Lometa, Texas connection would certainly make it more desirable if confirmed (not sure how many other "Lometa"s exist, IF any). ...
  38. Great Span Am war memorabilia-- the war receives much less collector interest than it deserves. The war has many parallels to our modern conflicts: quick, powerful and overwhelming attacks that th...
  39. Love the strawberry motif. While ES/ RS Germany is often considered lesser than the Prussia, there are always examples such as this beauty that are every bit the equal! scott
  40. Great educational posting-- I think the format will meet the tastes of CW editor/ deleter! scott
  41. I would go with your attribution. scott
  42. FANTASTIC! Once again-- we seem to gravitate toward similar glass styles. ANY of your wonderful pieces would look at home in my collection and vice versa. scott
  43. Beauties, indeed! scott
  44. Great analysis Craig-- a case of SIMILAR versus the SAME. Empirical analysis requires precise examination and attention to detail, if one hopes to make valid attributions! scott
  45. Harrach is a good place to start! scott
  46. Here is something to consider-- a bowl for a fairy lamp: scott
  47. Got it-- makes sense. Both of yours are too big to be collar brass and too small for a hat badge. I don't remember the exact size of the hat badge-- maybe the 2" one is a hat badge? scott
  48. "I'm going to bring it to Pawn Stars in Vegas and see what they can tell me." They've got a great record on Coke items-- one of the guys thought these FANTASY pieces were real: http://www.colle...
  49. What makes you call this one a sweetheart pin? Is it large size? Air Corps cadets wore large wings like this as a hat badge prior to earning their actual wings. Scott
  50. Great VN flight helmet! scott
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