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Stereoview of FJ Haynes with his Camera - Photographsin Photographs
Bust sculpture of 19th century man - Photographsin Photographs
Cabinet Card of Ithaca Calendar Clock - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of hard drinkers with Stoneware JUG - Photographsin Photographs
WW1 Damascus Trench Art Humidor - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Sea form green glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Snowflake top art glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Spatter, Ruffled Trophy vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Oxblood Spatter trophy vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
US Army Ranger Tab - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Recruit Battalion-- is a basic training unit. Dated 1956. Much easier to see if you turn your photos! scott
  2. Nope, not for sale-- this is my collection. Suggest you look on ebay. They routinely show up there. Most sell in the $125- $175 range, but bargains can be found. scott
  3. Militarist got it-- dated "05" so almost a decade before WW1. scott
  4. Thanks rade. scott
  5. Thanks picker. scott
  6. The stripes on the sleeve near the bottom are "overseas chevrons". Each stripe represents 6 months of service overseas. Soldiers who served less than 6 months were authorized to wear a blue chevron....
  7. Thanks petey! scott
  8. Thanks jewels, david, petey and vo! scott
  9. Thanks az and angel. scott
  10. Thanks fort, petey, vetraio and david! scott
  11. Thanks petey, vo, cind and bratjd. scott
  12. Thanks efes. scott
  13. Welcome to CW. I love baseball cards-- used to avidly collect them myself. This first posting contains reprints-- nice to have since originals are so pricey, but little value. Hope you have s...
  14. Agree, it is WW1 era. There is no division (unit) patch. The patch on the arm is crossed rifles showing he was infantry. He also wears collar brass insignia that appears to show "MG" indicating th...
  15. Not much-- it is too specialized. If it were a well known governor with national interest, it would be a different story. As it is it is probably a nice piece for a lighter collector, who might ...
  16. Most likely presented BY the Governor to someone. In the 1950s- 70s similar lighters were used as presentation pieces in the US Army and other branches of service and I would think this is a civili...
  17. It is a trench art cross. These were a popular souvenir item during the Great War (WW1). The roundel is from a German buckle and the rest is from bullets and shell casings. If you'd like to s...
  18. Thanks efes. scott
  19. While this may represent a US Camp location, if you desire to find the location; I wouldn't limit your search to known US Camps. Rail was used to transport troops/ horses/ equipment throughout the ...
  20. Thanks rose, passion and kiva. scott
  21. How is that "discounted"? Additionally, I wouldn't characterize these as cavalry troops. I don't see anything that suggests cav troops or horses-- most horses in WW1 were in a combat support rol...
  22. Welz made some amazing glass-- your efforts to identify and document their production are equally amazing! scott
  23. Thanks rob-- I appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  24. Thanks vo-- the subject matter is not something that I see that often. scott
  25. Thanks bruce-- appreciate you looking! Anything to add on this clock or company? scott
  26. It is not 19th century. The back shows that it is a late 20th century buckle. Maybe a metal shop project or small run piece. scott
  27. Link to the same model sold online: scott
  28. My thoughts too. The turns are a little "clumsy" but it has the feel and look in other areas of older glass. scott
  29. Thanks much peggy! scott
  30. Thanks for looking peggy and cultcha! scott
  31. WW1 era press photo from overseas-- probably France. scott
  32. No collector lets the lack of storage space slow down the acquisitions! scott
  33. Beautiful!! Welz made some amazing glass! scott
  34. Great glass! The attribution will stand the test of time-- solid empirical study that SHINES BRIGHT despite the constant muddying of the waters by some folks. Keep up the great work! scott
  35. Agree with justin-- modern repro. Don't see any indications that the pin back is replaced/ updated. scott
  36. Beautiful welz!
  37. Thanks for the information. Let me clarify-- the sharing of the "journey" to the attribution is important. To other collectors/ researchers, it is important to see the SPECIFICS on a particular ...
  38. I don't recognize any specifics on the backdrop. It is pretty typical of late 19th century. Based on the type of image (loose tintype) and clothing, I would date it to the 1880s- 90s time period. ...
  39. Beautiful deco object! Suspect it is some form of cigarette/ tobacco box or dispenser. The biggest indicator of such a use are the removable metal trays-- ash trays. I have seen some very elabo...
  40. Concur-- it is a jewelry box. Some photos of the drawer joints, case with drawers out, and the bottom would be useful in dating. Names and use of objects and can a big difference in values. Tru...
  41. Thanks. Perhaps a posting showing the methodology to the attributions would be helpful. No doubt, I see a lot of similar shapes and decors, just don't see the links to a specific maker. Good ...
  42. Beautiful glass! Czech surely, but what is the ruckl link? scott
  43. From Library of Congress website: "... keep loose tintypes in polyester sleeves, or, if flaking is present, in paper enclosures." Warnings are posted that high humidity may cause emulsions to st...
  44. These type of goggles saw wide distro during Desert Shield/ Storm. scott
  45. Surely worth the $2 investment. I don't see any big time Negro League players signatures, so not a great deal of $. scott
  46. A few comments from another photo collector guy. I have stored tintypes in archival sleeves (poly) for years without any ill effects. I have never encountered images stuck to poly sleeves. I have...
  47. You are correct-- it is Victorian Eastlake. scott
  48. GREAT early stereo and case! scott
  49. Modern FANTASY piece with no collector value. scott
  50. Beauties-- love these figures! Might want to switch photos-- the last photo will attract more attention if bumped to the front. Your current lead photo is hard to discern. scott
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