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1932 Fairbanks Griffin Hood Ornament - Art Decoin Art Deco
WW1 Damascus Trench Art with Koran quotations - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW2 Army Air Corps Sweetheart pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Ceramic Figurine displayed in tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art hat ashtrays - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Trench Art candle stands - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Welz vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Posing stand often attributed to Post Mortem Photography - Photographsin Photographs
Atlanta Braves Opening Day Ticket Stubs 1966 - Baseballin Baseball
Personalized Stan Musial Autograph - Baseballin Baseball


  1. Thanks for looking cultcha. scott
  2. Yep-- I thought it was too cheap to pass up! scott
  3. The building is the Ford Pavilion from the 1964 NY World's Fair-- so I would assume that these are related to that event:
  4. Thanks NY. Not my usual collecting area, but at $20-- I figured it was time to expand! scott
  5. I have a couple-- but like you no wall space to display! scott
  6. Looks like part of a modern fantasy piece.
  7. Thanks for looking smiata. scott
  8. Thank you-- it brought back some memories! scott
  9. Nice Confederate Bond! scott
  10. Awesome vase! scott
  11. Thanks fran-- I appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
  12. Really beautiful glass! scott
  13. I remember these. They were common in stores before the computerized entry in conjunction with a cash register. It dates from the 1980s-- the earliest date plus 18 (drinking age) would put it at 1...
  14. Thanks for looking official, vo, glass, vetraio, racer, pat, kyra, gate, david and doc! scott
  15. Great information and logical argument for the Welz marker. The ribbed ball foot, knuckle vase is AMAZING! scott
  16. Not sure-- I'll check for you. scott
  17. Ahh-- that explains it! scott
  18. Modern piece as well. Here is one that sold for about $30 on ebay:
  19. Modern decorator piece as well. scott
  20. Modern decorator pieces-- minimal value. scott
  21. Good EDUCATED guess buss-- what's that saying about "old dogs"? Fantasy piece with NO value as a Coca Cola collectible, but a little as a decorator item. scott
  22. I can only base the analysis on what is shown in the photographs and the photographs clearly show two different shapes. Not sure that I even understand what obscured means in the context of your po...
  23. Hill 60 was part of the WW2 Battle of Okinawa. The letter opener looks to be a bayonet in style. Most likely a souvenir item made in the 1960s or later. This item is typical of PX/ BX souveni...
  24. Wow-- didn't know that these were being reproduced. I guess anything of value will spark repros! scott
  25. Here is a group shot of some from my collection: scott
  26. Agree it is a trench art letter opener. It is from the copper driving band off of an artillery shell. I have several examples posted on CW, if you'd like to see variations. scott
  27. Agree with walks-- glad to help out but bigger/ more pictures are needed. It would be helpful to see the entire piece in one photo. Also photos of the back and joints would be useful. scott
  28. I'd switch your pictures and make #2, the lock plate, the #1/ preview photo. It will attract much more attention with that image. I don't know CW categories. scott
  29. At first, I thought it was the M1906 Cavalry sword, but your example has a straight blade and brass hilt, so I am not sure. I'd say M1860 hilt (shows a lot of age with the wrap worn off) on a more ...
  30. Forgot to detail-- this is called the class crest. Each class at the Academy (USNA, USMA, USAFA) develop their own crest. At USMA it is unveiled toward the end of plebe year-- probably similar t...
  31. Thanks for the posting-- SIMILAR is very different from the SAME! scott
  32. Thank you for sharing! scott
  33. Nicely carved head. I don't see anything to suggest Native American on any of it. scott
  34. They are collectible-- of course not as collectible as US Military Academy items! Earlier, WW1/ WW2 era items, usually are the most desirable; but this still will have interest. scott
  35. "All constructive comment and questions are welcome." "As the ewer on the right is the same shape as the red lined ewer in the decor identified as Ruckl, it is also Ruckl." Here goes: The two e...
  36. Thanks jimmy-- I have another example using the standard Iraqi composite helmet as the "canvas". It was painted by the same artist. WW1 diary helmets were used as the model for the painting. sc...
  37. Thanks cindb! scott
  38. These are hard to find and very popular among collectors. Here is my example (with the addition of trench art painting):
  39. No problem-- glad to help out. scott
  40. Thanks surf! scott
  41. The "prop & wing" is an army air corps officer's branch insignia. The single gold bar is a 2nd Lieutenant's collar rank. The double silver bars are for a Captain. scott
  42. Nice wings! The other items are called distinctive unit insignia (DUI) or simply unit crests. I have seen this crest before-- believe it is for Army Air Force Training units. A search of the mott...
  43. Construction will help to date it. Some additional pictures of the underside/ back/ drawer sides, back and bottom should tell the tale. scott
  48. Indeed, a hard to find variation for the sardine lid collector! scott
  49. Agree with fifties. Variation on the typical fantasy coca cola mirror-- sad statement on the times. scott
  50. Thanks craig! My glass but your detective work in making an ID and finding the pedestal! The Hosch and Welz link is fascinating. It has created quite an interesting array of new postings on this ...
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