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WW2 Sterling Son(s) in Service pinback Identified - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Kralik knuckle vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
A sad Story in Ninth Plate ambrotype - Photographsin Photographs
RARE Autographed cdv of Richard T. Greener - Photographsin Photographs
RARE Civil War era Baseball Card - Baseballin Baseball
Cabinet card of HUGE Doll Collection c. 1890s - Photographsin Photographs
6 lens Multiplying Camera - Camerasin Cameras
Multi-lens Camera for CDVs? - Camerasin Cameras
Stereoview of FJ Haynes with his Camera - Photographsin Photographs
Bust sculpture of 19th century man - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks for looking and commenting nice and nobucks. scott
  2. Thanks for looking nice! scott
  3. Thanks for looking nice! scott
  4. Agree with others-- I don't see a lot of age. Probably made/ bought new for the grandmother (30 years ago). scott
  5. Thanks much rick for looking and commenting! scott
  6. Thanks mike. The Eagle looks similar to the Great Seal-- the six stars on each side and one in the middle (13 TOTAL), MAY represent the 13 original colonies. scott
  7. Thanks for looking budek! scott
  8. Thanks brunswick and budek. scott
  9. Thanks brunswick and budek. scott
  10. Thanks brunswick. scott
  11. BEAUTIFUL!! I collect and love Venetian Glass as well. I have some swans-- but not a huge set like you! scott
  12. Thanks official and buss. scott
  13. It is a post- war image like the other. scott
  14. Thanks fort and nuts! scott
  15. It is not CS nor is it Civil War. As Chris stated the crossed rifles would put it at the mid 1870s at the EARLIEST. Also, assuming what is visible as black/ gray/ white IS the actual color will ...
  16. The hammered decoration is similar to some trench art examples. However, I don't see anything to suggest it is trench art. If it were trench art, I'd expect to see the heavy shell base at the bott...
  17. GREAT Victorian folding chair. Folding chairs like this are uncommon and "of the era". From what I see it certainly dates from the late 19th century! scott
  18. Photos #1/ #2 show a typical 20th century treatment of dark stain in recessed areas and lighter stain in high areas to give the APPEARANCE of wear and age. Again it is a nice solid wood piece but h...
  19. Beautiful glass-- esp. love the harrach example in pic #3. scott
  20. These are beautiful, peggy! scott
  21. More interesting discoveries to come, I am sure... Keep sharing your finds! scott
  22. OK-- got it. I should have paid more attention to "house"! Just as interesting on a residence. Are these properties that were provided or rented to workers? Have you found images of the actual f...
  23. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! Thanks for sharing. It is great to see the twisted handle depicted on the Welz factory medallion. scott
  24. Beautiful Welz! scott
  25. M1872 Mounted Artillery Officer's Sword. The guard has an extra bend to (over bend) as mentioned by buss. The sharkskin grip was used on this model-- usual they are found on USN swords. These...
  26. More correctly BOTH came from the same original negative. Jackson's professional playing ended in 1920 when he was banned (although he did play on semi pro teams after that time), so this photo mos...
  27. Here is a piece that I posted on here: Take a look at photos #2/ #3 to see what age looks like on wood. Co...
  28. As wood ages, it darkens. Often you will find artificial age (when folks are trying to be deceptive) in the form of an applied stain. The interior wood on your piece doesn't show much age-- it loo...
  29. I like the locomotive images! scott
  30. Posted some information on your other posts-- probably not what you wanted to hear, but I am confident with the assessment. scott
  31. Great illustrator's work. Appears to be a waiter on a Railroad dining car-- see the large window in the background. Perhaps a study for some sort of RR advertising piece? The coffe pot and suga...
  32. Not really-- no database for this era of service. I can tell you that the black marker writing is much later than the card itself. May find something on ancestry? scott
  33. Your image dates from the 1880s- 90s time period. Looks to be a Mass militia member. Too bad about the crease in the card. Thanks for sharing. scott
  34. I don't see a lot of age on this one: - minimal age to pine drawer interior - dovetails look machined (all the same size) - stencil shows that this was part of a large set with at least ...
  35. I wouldn't draw the conclusion that they are the same maker due to that one feature being similar. Suspect your table is later-- additional photos should tell. scott
  36. Hard to tell much as the photos are a little grainy and don't show details. Some additional photos would be helpful-- entire table, top/ bottom, drawer joint and hinges. I'd be happy to provide ...
  37. I have seen that slogan on late 19th century glass items. Photos of the back may help in determining if yours is an older piece or a modern take on the slogan. scott
  38. Beautiful peggy! They would look great with the double thorn vase! scott
  39. Yep-- fraternal is what I was thinking as well! Thanks for sharing! scott
  40. Beautiful! And the twin to mine: scott
  41. Thanks you for your family's sacrifice in preserving our Nation! Nice that you have this family treasure. Do you have his uniform or any other items of service? The ribbon is now called the P...
  42. Beautiful occupation era suitcase. The unit crests are fantastic on the military side. The pinups are equally fantastic! scott
  43. Appears to be a more modern decorator style piece. The metal work and glass work don't appear to be early work. A photo of the underside and the electric wire/ plug should confirm. scott
  44. Thanks for looking ws. scott
  45. Thanks film, racer and kiva-- appreciate your comments! scott
  46. Thanks for looking craig! I appreciate your feedback. scott
  47. Thanks vetraio and loumanal! scott
  48. Love this WELZ decor! scott
  49. Thanks peggy-- I appreciate your comments and love! scott
  50. Nice piece. It is definitely 20th century. It could be as early as the 20s or as late as the 60s (from what I see). A photo of the back and drawer joints might help to narrow it. scott
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