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Art Glass vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Double exposure cabinet card of boy in DRESS and Pants! - Photographsin Photographs
Cabinet card of unknown motor or machine  - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War CDV of Heroic Bucktail Soldierwho died at Gettysburg - Photographsin Photographs
Skeleton in early RPPC image - Photographsin Photographs
Pennsylvania "Bucktail" Civil War officer CDV - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
11th Airborne Division Japanese Occupation era Tour Jacket - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Model 1863 Sharps Carbine in tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of 1880s US soldier with unusual rifle - Photographsin Photographs
Early High quality glass ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana


  1. Beautiful display and great info for new collectors on the harm of using a real candle! scott
  2. Thanks much moonstone! scott
  3. GREAT grouping! scott
  4. Thanks for looking kivatinitz! scott
  5. Looks like a "craft" project. Similar to what is done at pottery barn today. Individuals would select the type-- pour into a mold, finish and then paint details. We have a Christmas set that my...
  6. I would love to see more of your glass. Also pls update the posting once you are able to talk with Craig at kralik-glass! scott
  7. BEAUTIFUL Glass and GREAT empirical analysis czechfan and kairomalte-- Certainly proof of the saying "the devil is in the detail"! scott
  8. I don't see them anywhere as often as the myriad of "little people", but they are on ebay with some regularity:
  9. Thanks for looking and commenting toni! scott
  10. The frustrations are usually short lived-- another item of similar interest will post to ease any frustrations! Some of my best buys are found on ebay. It just takes a little patience and persiste...
  11. Left side at the bottom is the contact information for kralik- glass. scott
  12. Found this link for you: scott
  13. Nice mirror, too! scott
  14. Good points daddy-- I too make 35- 50% offers on overpriced ebay BINs and even some at retail prices. Some sellers are offended (they shouldn't have put "Best Offer") and I get a lot of declined o...
  15. Probably so. Craig Orkney runs the site. He is a great guy with unbelievable knowledge and dedication to documenting Bohemian glass. His methodical analysis and research has been especially enlight...
  16. I have seen this image before. The circus and sideshow "human oddities" were very popular in the late 19th century. These type images also have a fairly strong collector following today. scott
  17. Agree with others-- looks like an example of Welz decor. Welzebub no longer posts-- should be able to contact him through his fantastic web site: scott
  18. Beautiful Welz! scott
  19. Thanks for sharing. With Tiffany a signature is actually a red flag-- there are some examples of valuable antique art glass on here that have been "enhanced" with bogus Tiffany signatures. scott
  20. BEAUTIFUL!! scott
  21. The drawer side and interior looks like 20th century. In the style of... scott
  22. I like the dog (pit bull??) cabinet card! It is worth more than the entire lot price-- good buy. scott
  23. Not a military firearm. Used for personal protection. It is called a percussion box lock pistol. It looks to be original percussion so it dates from about 1850. Online searches for the maker s...
  24. Oak-- this style was popular in the very late 19th- early 20th century. Based on YOUR maker info, this was made during their last few years of production. scott
  25. Concur with others-- modern decorator piece. scott
  26. Great lamp and shades! scott
  27. I did not purchase it. scott
  28. I love this welz decor! scott
  29. I saw this one (ebay??) and thought it was a nice piece. The divisional insignia makes it much more desirable than the typical WW2 "bullet ashtray". scott
  30. I have the same vase-- may have already posted it on CW! It is not fenton. Art glass like this were made by some Czech firms (Harrach) as well as firms in the Stourbridge area of the UK. For ye...
  31. Thanks TGBWC! I stand corrected on my term: It is a Modern FANTASY mirror! scott
  32. Disagree-- others will be along shortly!
  33. Looks like a modern made REPRO Coke mirror. scott
  34. Looks to be a M1860 Staff and Field Officers sword. They are flimsy and purely ceremonial and found useage outside of the military (fraternal groups). These are fairly plentiful and were made from...
  35. Thanks moonstonejr, ian, vetraio and buss. scott
  36. Card grading really changed the hobby. scott
  37. Unfortunately "pack it well" means different things to different folks. As a prior victim of poor packing (several times), I try to follow macart's advice and give specific instructions on how to p...
  38. Thanks sklo, racer, s-to-g, and VO. scott
  39. If you have an interest here are some WW1 propeller pieces that I have posted on CW:
  40. GREAT trench art-- I am a fan of WW1 propeller pieces as well! scott
  41. BEAUTIFUL inky!! scott
  42. Thanks much for looking david. scott
  43. Thanks for your interest and comments inky and michelle. scott
  44. Great work fhrjr2! Asian furniture is not an area that typically interests me, but the joinery work on this one DOES make it interesting. scott
  45. Thanks for looking and commenting moonstone! scott
  46. I'd identify this one as Harrach. Definitely NOT Italian. Many UK (Stourbridge area) firms made similar wares-- most famously, Stevens and Williams which seems to be the default maker among most g...
  47. Thanks tlmbaran-- thanks for sharing your shell! scott
  48. This bs is called revisionist history and usually cares the garbage claims that slavery was not the underlying cause of the REBELLION! scott
  49. Nice 19th century Windsor chair! scott
  50. Hope you had a great 4th chris! We carried these during Desert Storm in the 101st ABN (AASLT). scott
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