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RPPC of large Trench Art lamp made on USS Huntington - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Overseas duty in the PI c. 1904 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Early 20th century Wounded Marines - Photographsin Photographs
Civil War Marine cdv photograph - Photographsin Photographs
WW2 P-38 Trench art ashtray - Folk Artin Folk Art
1st MN Heavy Artillery at Chattanooga - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Interesting characters from 1870s tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Occupational trunk maker tintype c. 1870s - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art risque letter opener - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Art Glass creamer with cranberry top - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Take a look at ebay for selling prices. Remember, there is a BIG difference between GRADED coins and yours. scott
  2. Thanks again, roy! scott
  3. BEAUTIFUL Welz! scott
  4. "Maker" of an item is useful to classify trench art, but typically isn't used to exclude items from the trench art category. The simple reason for not using this type of classification-- it is very...
  5. Thanks for the info ohflyguy. Being cast from scrap aluminum from B-29 production would certainly put them into the trench art category. Have you seen Kimball's book on trench art? It has some fa...
  6. Thanks anna! scott
  7. Thanks roy, film and buss-- appreciate you looking and commenting. scott
  8. It is TRENCH ART-- base is made from an artillery shell, body of the p-38 is out of bullet casings. The propellers are nice-- they are often made without them or lost. Trench art planes are very...
  9. Thanks rade. scott
  10. Thanks much for looking rock. scott
  11. Thanks for looking joe! If you're a fan of trench art, be sure to take a look at my other postings on this site. scott
  12. Thanks cultcha and official! scott
  13. farmboy-- these are the most commonly found trench art plane (p-38). I have about 20 of these, each a little different from the other. Post yours-- I'd like to see it! scott
  14. "... IAM Million Dollar Bills have been sold to tens of thousands of sophisticated Collectors, wise Investors and Purchasers of Uniquely Impressive Gifts in 55 countries around the world. As a result...
  15. No problem, kerry. I didn't see the "type 2"-- was mainly basing it on the camo color and the construction of the hat (cover for you marines). I wasn't aware of the early wear of ripstop by Marine...
  16. The ripstop material would put this one in the 1990s at the earliest. A photo of the tag would be very helpful in precise dating. scott
  17. Thanks kerry-- my wife seems to think I CAN have too many! scott
  18. Agree with caper, 2nd quarter, 20th century. scott
  19. Modern desk-- the hardware gives it away. scott
  20. Agree the belt loop and hook show it is a modern FANTASY piece. scott
  21. Great basket-- what a beauty! scott
  22. Thanks fran-- I have similar thoughts when I look through you glass postings! Have a great Turkey Day! scott
  23. Looks good-- I see nothing that would make me suspect it was a repro. scott
  24. Nice image-- suggest you edit and turn them right side up for ease in viewing. Glad to see another photo collector on here! Welcome to CW. scott
  25. Thanks for looking fran! scott
  26. Thanks jimam! scott
  27. Thanks fran-- appreciate you looking and commenting. Hope you find one! scott
  28. It looks like part of it is old with later additions. A photo of the drawer joints (one of the two top small drawers and one of the larger ones from the bottom) and the entire back would be useful ...
  29. Great Welz shape and congrats on the first Welz, fritted production! scott
  30. LOVE IT! Send it my way, so I have a pair: I cannot get over the duplicates in our collections. scott
  31. It is a modern decorator piece, not made by Coca Cola nor a reproduction of an old item, so classified as a FANTASY item. scott
  32. It is a pipe stand. Construction may help to identify age, but based on the stamping and purpose, I would think it is 20th century. Photos of the stamping and the drawer joints would be helpful....
  33. Pressback chair. These were popular in the 1890s into the early 20th century. The "carving" was actually pressed into the chair. They were sold in huge quantities through early mail order catalogs....
  34. It is more modern-- probably mid 20th century. The stencil marking and screwed block under the top are all indicative of something more modern. scott
  35. The form and style would put it in the mid 20th century. A photo of the underside may reveal some more information. scott
  36. Looks GREAT! scott
  37. Beautiful! scott
  38. It is a modern table. scott
  39. Your photo looks to be a modern copy of the image. scott
  40. Thanks for looking racer, chris, david and peggy! scott
  41. Thanks again, tom! scott
  42. Agree great vases! scott
  43. I don't know about "wanting it newer"-- I said from the onset it is 2nd quarter, 20th century. I'd consider the poster's title accurate. Don't agree with the additional remarks of: "Dovetail desig...
  44. Another GREAT grouping of Welz. I really like it when you put together a shape in a PARADE OF COLORS! Amazing. scott
  45. Thanks for looking tom and hyp! scott
  46. If you have time-- I'd appreciate your thoughts on the dovetails on this dresser: scott
  47. I stand by these being machined. The dovetails have broken pieces that affects their appearance. scott
  48. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! There are several other shapes posted on CW with this same decor. scott
  49. Your joint shows a uniform size/ distance that is consistent with machine cut dovetails. Here is a pretty good page on dovetails. Your dovetails are machine cut just as the 1920s sideboard shown o...
  50. It is not US. UK or Canada and looks to be WW1 era or close. scott
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