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Trench art risque letter opener - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Art Glass creamer with cranberry top - Art Glassin Art Glass
Union soldier in a sack coat - Photographsin Photographs
Unusually nice tinted tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Cabinet Card of Sitting Bull - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of touring "car" after the San Francisco Earthquake - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of an early inventor with model - Photographsin Photographs
CDV image of Twins!! - Photographsin Photographs
Tinted tintype of Hawkins' Zouave (9th NY Infantry) - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Quad Cycle tintype from the 1890s - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks recordman, bratjdd and colorz. scott
  2. Thanks for looking and commenting tassie-- glad you enjoyed my trench art postings! scott
  3. Thanks again for looking nicefice! Trench art is is probably my FAVORITE area of collecting-- so many different types of pieces. scott
  4. Glad to help out. scott
  5. Thanks much martika! scott
  6. Thanks for looking and commenting scott! scott
  7. Thanks geode and rade-- if you like trench art, be sure to take a look at my other postings on CW! scott
  8. Thanks much! GREAT item! scott
  9. Great posting-- thanks for sharing! scott
  10. AMAZING piece-- can you post the signature for us to see? scott
  11. If you do a search for "antique dresser round mirror" you will find many examples out there. The round mirror really became popular in the deco period-- I see it a lot in deco vanities. Your dre...
  12. This image is a typical early 20th century enlargement PHOTOGRAPH. The actual image that was enlarged may be earlier (late 19th century). This type of product was very popular in the late 19th/ ...
  13. Looks to be some sort of minister based on the clothing and doesn't show the 120+ years of age to be a Rev. War vet. scott
  14. Looks to be Victorian from the top drawer. The dovetails and square nail would support the same time period-- 1860s- 90s. Too bad about the condition. These are not in vogue right now and the wor...
  15. Looks like a useful modern made table. If you are looking for a maker, flip it over or look on the bottom for a label. scott
  16. Not rare or particularly hard to find. It is a modern patch. scott
  17. The examples are different-- first one shows similar patina to chris' buckle, second one shows a dug patina. scott
  18. Here is an example with typical dug patina: scott
  19. Here is an example from Shiloh Relics: You'll see the same patina on many of the non-dug examples. The color compares favorably to ch...
  20. Of course! scott
  21. I think that it usually attributed to PT Barnum. The quote is "A sucker is born every minute". Not sure who actually said it-- believe it was a Barnum competitor, but it was long before Fields. ...
  22. Glad to help. I collect and deal in antique images and see supposed famous people images all the time. Without documentation or seeing the SAME image identified, most can be discounted immediately...
  23. Lead color is consistent with a non dug belt plate. scott
  24. Looks to be an 1880s- 90s loose tintype. "Looks like" images RARELY are the actual subject-- you can assemble an entire collection of looks likes by surfing online auction sites. Here are some t...
  25. Thanks aura. scott
  26. Not sure on this one-- the arrow hooks and belt hook looks good. Also the lead back is not the typical reproduction overfill. I think that it has a chance of being good. Wish that I could tell yo...
  27. Far East souvenir embroidery. These were popular souvenir items in the late 19th- early 20th century. In the middle of the 20th century, the tour jacket replaced these in popularity. I have s...
  28. The term that I think you were looking for is "Highboy"-- wouldn't consider it to be one. scott
  29. I wouldn't call it a "tallboy"-- appears to just a be a dresser. Some additional photos would be useful. Try and take some images of the drawer joints and back. Also the focus is off on your post...
  30. Appears to be a modern piece-- reproduction or Fantasy piece. scott
  31. Maybe you should consider researching rather than guessing or posting myths as facts. scott
  32. As a Tennessean, I just hate to see bs myths perpetuated. scott
  33. Taught in TN Schools. Multiple sources online to include the State of TN. YES, it is TRUE. Of course if you'd like to continue to spread the myths-- have at it. Just don't get surprised when s...
  34. They are no longer "theories" when they have been proven to be incorrect. At that point they would be considered myths/old wives tales/ incorrect information. Here is the record: http://www.c...
  35. No need for "theories" or to perpetuate myths/ misinformation when the designer of the flag (Leroy Reeves) is on record stating the three stars represented the "Grand Divisions" or regions. scott
  36. It was for the three regions-- don't think #2/ #3 are accurate. scott
  37. Thanks for looking deano. scott
  38. I live in TN and it looks to be a standard TN state flag from what you are showing. If you are asking about the symbolism-- you can search for TN State Flag and find the information. Probably 19...
  39. Looks to be the TN State Flag. scott
  40. Is this a snapshot or a rppc? A photo of the back would be helpful. scott
  41. Suggest you get some books or do some reading on these, gettysburg! This one is an easy FANTASY ID. Take a look at ebay and you will find hundreds of these "masterpieces of period art" to throw ...
  42. BEAUTIFUL Welz!! scott
  43. I am not sure WHO it was made for, but based on the size and description it was used as a clip. The large hole was used for mounting. I wouldn't immediately think USPS on it. I also think that...
  44. As celiene said it is Victorian Eastlake. It is PART of a set-- missing the chairs. Not in vogue at all right now-- and a very hard sell. These were very popular in the 90s and earlier, but t...
  45. I have seen some round mount images with the same backmark. The square corners on yours should put it into the 1860s. scott
  46. Not 100% certain, but I believe that was used up to the 1870s. scott
  47. Nice image-- I've seen this one before. Not sure on the ink notation on the back. Fredericks was in business much longer than the time period cited. In the early 1850s he was a daguerreian, and h...
  48. This site is "Show and Tell", not "Show and Sell"-- suggest you go to ebay and find one to purchase. scott
  49. Your trunk looks amazing-- suggest you move it to the first picture and add some more of it. GREAT Buy! It will get a lot of interest on CW. scott
  50. Thanks for the "scroll negatives" information-- thought you might have more familiarity with the photographic technique! scott
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