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Native American "Sub Chief" carte de visite - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "War Chief" CDV - Photographsin Photographs
Trio of WW2 Trench art planes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Fire Pumper in a parade - Photographsin Photographs
Conjoined lambs cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of girl holding a sleeping kitten - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art/ Sweetheart jewelry pin from WW2 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Headhunter with his trophy skulls - Photographsin Photographs
HE REALLY LOVES THE DOG... and his daughter - Animalsin Animals
Occupational cabinet card of photographic touch up artist - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Thanks peter and bhock. scott
  2. The "hat box" is not something I would expect to see in a 1970s piece. Also the wood on the back and overall wood patina is typical of early 20th century. Agree there is modern oak, this is not o...
  3. Thanks for looking cop. scott
  4. Thanks for looking cop. scott
  5. 50s got it right-- modern fantasy item. Purely decorative with NO collector value. scott
  6. Like it-- I lived in Vienna from 1978- 84, when it was a small town! scott
  7. Probably early 20th century for most of the dresser. The top board and decorative back piece appear to be a more recent additions. scott
  8. To me it looks decorative with an interesting paint job! scott
  9. Lefton. scott
  10. I am not sure what it is for, but the engraving on the back doesn't look like early 19th century engraving. I cannot see the engraving very well-- any chance the actual date is "1908"? scott
  11. Oak press back chair from about the 1890s- 1910s. It did originally have a cane seat. These are fairly plentiful as they were mass produced and popular. Most top out at about $50. scott
  12. I wouldn't rely on Lighter Collectors to define Trench Art. The vast majority of Trench Art Collectors would agree with "Sword into Plowshares" definition. Here is a good read-- the most comprehen...
  13. It would be hard to document the FACTS in your example of the candle holder. If your fantasy item existed, the maker would have to go to great lengths to DOCUMENT that it indeed originated in shell...
  14. Yes. "Trench Art" is utilitarian and decorative items made from War residue. "Swords into Plowshares" is the general concept. By the way, I am a 30 Collector of Trench Art with several hundred...
  15. Thanks. Far from having "nothing to do with any war and especially not with WWI"-- THE ORIGIN of this STYLE of lighter has a direct connection to the GREAT WAR and to TRENCH ART! scott
  16. Thanks-- thought it was their site. Do you have actual IMCO source material? Was this STYLE of lighter made from cartridge brass? scott
  17. Great image-- glad to have another soldier on board. I was a "look away"-- for shots AND during IV training or practical exercises! scott
  18. I did some additional research and found some great information: "After WW I .... IMCO switched to the production of cigarette lighters. In the early days, these were made of empty cartridge cases...
  19. Didn't know we had talked before-- I am not lighter expert. Among antique collectors-- the "Trench Lighter" term is common although it appears to be a misnomer. Incidently, the vast majority of ...
  20. This particular STYLE is commonly called a "trench lighter". The story of its origins in the trenches of WW1 may not be accurate, but "trench lighter" is a common collector term for lighters of this ...
  21. Your statements have me confused. scott
  22. More confused! scott
  23. Interested but a little confused. scott
  24. What was your MOS? scott
  25. Ripley-- didn't know you were a veteran. What was your job in VN? scott
  26. To me the most telling part is the "prop and wing" symbol-- used for aviation and not something a grunt would want on a souvenir ring. I'd look at WW2 Army Air Corps units. The skull was popular...
  27. Looks like the top or bottom of a two piece. Does it have a base to it that is similar to the top? I cannot see the bottom very well in the first photo. Also do the back boards extend above the t...
  28. MOST COAs aren't worth the paper they are printed on. There is a well known Civil War faker, who adds HIS OWN COA to every item. Most of his items have an invented provenance-- sometimes to a ...
  29. ebay used to have a Member Reporting program, where ebay used folks (unpaid volunteers) with recognized expertise to "police" certain selling categories. The member would report fraudulant auctions, ...
  30. I believe it is the latter. I know of several sellers with regular sales of questionable items. Photos are an area that I regularly see. I remember one seller in particular. He bought a photo an...
  31. I didn't explain well enough-- the fit will tell you if the jar is original to the silverplate holder. scott
  32. Check the fit on the jar in the holder (appears to be too loose in your images) and the lid on the jar to determine if it is an original pair or a marriage. scott
  33. Pickle Castor-- typical on the Victorian table. scott
  34. Yeah, I saw that part as well photoguy! I didn't know ebay gave listing advice. In the past (in my opinion) ebay did a better job of policing these "looks like" images! scott
  35. The Younger gang for only $1500:
  36. BEAUTIFUL moonstone!! scott
  37. BEAUTIFUL Condition. Well cared for, but showing use-- it looks so much better than one "restored" to original show room condition. scott
  38. Thanks for looking sinful. scott
  39. Thanks eyeballs, nuts and loumanal. scott
  40. Looks like early 20th century. A photo of the back may help to narrow the dating. scott
  41. MAY have lead paint-- I wouldn't eat it! The paint does not look like era of the chair-- probably done in the last 30 years or so, so just as likely lead free paint (post US regulations). I ha...
  42. If it were 19th century milk paint to an antique, I'd say leave it. I am not a fan of worn paint or modern distressed. I say strip and restore it to the original wood. scott
  43. One final note-- the style of the chest itself is not Chippendale (though replaced pulls are suggestive of that style). To me it is transitional-- some features of the early 19th century Federal st...
  44. Nice photo-- what format is the image? scott
  45. Sounds like old style brass used to replace simple wood drawer pulls (which is what I would have expected on this piece). The chest looks to be about 1830- 1850, so the brass pulls looked odd to me...
  46. Thanks charm and brunson. scott
  47. Thanks cultcha and charm. scott
  48. The picture of the drawer interior will show smooth wood (most likely original pulls) OR an additional hole in the center where a different pull was there at one time (most likely simple wood pull). ...
  49. Actually mahogony VENEER-- the base wood shown in picture #4 does look to be Walnut. Take a picture of the drawer interior where the brass drawer pulls are attached. Usually it is easy to tell fro...
  50. Beautiful-- the form looks like a sugar basket. scott
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