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WW2 P-38 Trench art ashtray - Folk Artin Folk Art
1st MN Heavy Artillery at Chattanooga - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Interesting characters from 1870s tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Occupational trunk maker tintype c. 1870s - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art risque letter opener - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Art Glass creamer with cranberry top - Art Glassin Art Glass
Union soldier in a sack coat - Photographsin Photographs
Unusually nice tinted tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Cabinet Card of Sitting Bull - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of touring "car" after the San Francisco Earthquake - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Agree with marty. Probably late Victorian-- end of the 19th century. scott
  2. Looks like a wardrobe. Agree on age, not an antique but from the 1950s- 70s. scott
  3. Looks to be current SANG insignia-- Saudi Arabian National Guard. They are the internal defense forces. I was an adviser for them for several years. scott
  4. Some additional photos would be helpful-- the bottom of the desk and the drawer joints would be a good start. scott
  5. Glad you knew what you were buying. In my area, I see things like this sold to new collectors for high prices. scott
  6. These type are a popular repo/ fantasy item in many shops. The back of yours may be helpful in determining if it is modern. scott
  7. It is late 20th century. You can probably get a price with a visit to a local thrift/ used furniture store. scott
  8. Beautiful pinback-- your example has really pristine, bright colors which are not often found on these! scott
  9. Nice backdrop on the tintype. The tintype itself is probably 1870s- 80s. The frame or case looks later. scott
  10. Looks to be a photograph that was retouched/ embellished. These large (16 X 20, usually) photos/ enlargements loose a lot of details and were enhanced with charcoal and paints to bring out the deta...
  11. My first thought is cobblers bench. scott
  12. Nice looking piece-- great to have the history on it. I am not a big fan of the changes to the piece-- I'd rather see an untouched original, even with incorrect configurations. scott
  13. The education continues.... scott
  14. Great "Base Ball" collectible-- I always get a thrill out of seeing the early split name! 19th century base ball is a hot collectible field. scott
  15. At first glance, I thought this one was printed signatures, but apparently not: scott
  16. Looks to be a nice solid and useful piece. It is a 20th century piece and doesn't appear to have a lot of age to it. Some additional photos of the back, bottom, drawer joints and any labels/ mar...
  17. Thanks for this educational posting! It is much appreciated. scott
  18. Thanks for the educational post-- a benefit to all! scott
  19. Thanks much ted! scott
  20. Thanks much ted! scott
  21. Thanks much ted! scott
  22. Nice images. Early baseball is desirable, especially 19th century base ball! I cannot see the name/ letters on the jersey shirts. Maybe you will consider a posting for each individual photo tha...
  23. A piece of "Modern war" trench art! scott
  24. Side by side photos are great-- much better than a written explanation! Thanks for sharing. scott
  25. Nice collection! scott
  26. Looked again-- tassie is correct the chain does extend to her neck. So it just lays over the trim work on the dress. scott
  27. I too have a hard time attributing glass to a maker, when the attribution is based on line art that doesn't show the SAME colors as the actual glass. As we have often seen SIMILAR doesn't cut it! ...
  28. Not a bar. It is two layers of fancy trim-- the one below gives the impression that it is a shadow of the top layer and may APPEAR as a bar. When the photo is enlarged it is obvious that it is two...
  29. Thanks much rade! scott
  30. Thanks much rade! scott
  31. Agree it is a tourist item. It has no real collector value. I think your money could have been better spent, but a $40 lesson isn't that bad-- we all have had worse! scott
  32. Thanks for looking kiva and ben! scott
  33. Thanks for looking and commenting rose! scott
  34. Thanks rose-- appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  35. Thanks rade and trunkman. scott
  36. Thanks for looking flea. scott
  37. Thanks much rick-- as always, I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment. scott
  38. Thanks rick! I have too many of these P-38 planes-- wish I could find some of the other planes at bargain prices as well. scott
  39. Thanks much tom! scott
  40. Thanks much tom! scott
  41. Thanks much tom! scott
  42. Thanks much for all the information bruce! scott
  43. Thanks much tom! scott
  44. Thanks much tom and anna! scott
  45. Thanks much tom! scott
  46. Thanks much tom! scott
  47. Thanks for looking brunswick! scott
  48. I am very familiar with trench art. These show no indication of being made from shell brass-- I classify them as souvenir pieces not trench art. scott
  49. Thanks tassie, bobby, fort and racer! scott
  50. Love it! scott
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