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Kralik tube vase with flower - Art Glassin Art Glass
New Welz vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Civil War soldier cdv, Andersonville POW - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Ear Trumpet or some sort of filter or funnel?? - Photographsin Photographs
CDV still life of Vase with tinted flowers - Photographsin Photographs
Harrach with applied strawberry - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach basket with strawberry - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tintype of Early Automobile - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage Chinook Salmon brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Pair of Trench Art Picture Frames from WW1 shell brass - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. I have seen the center portion as a pinback, but not incorporated into a larger brooch. A photo of the back would be helpful to confirm that it was originally made in this form and not a later crea...
  2. Nice WW1 rppc. I like the casual pose with watch caps. scott
  3. Thanks for sharing the recent "haul from the UK"! scott
  4. Great example welz! scott
  5. Beautiful welz! scott
  6. AMAZING decor-- really like this one! scott
  7. Yep-- looks like RS Prussia. The mark is good and the pattern is one that I have seen before. I own a few of this pattern. Do you have the larger bowl as well? Most of the value is in the large ...
  8. The Lilley Company was in business from 1865 and into the 20th century (don't recall exact date). The name configuration on your medal puts it at 1882- 1925 (when the MC was dropped). A few years ...
  9. It is a long standing affliction-- I was converted about 20 years ago! scott
  10. Thanks racer-- I appreciate you taking the time to look and comment! scott
  11. Thanks kerry-- I got into glass about 20 years ago. The glass bug hit me hard. If you look at my other items-- I have a lot of it posted here! Most glass collectors have at least one story of bre...
  12. Thanks much rick! scott
  13. Thanks much rick and vetraio! scott
  14. Love these and the other versions (tank is what I see often). They were made in many colors and part of showing support for the War effort on the homefront. I am always amazed at the seemingly...
  15. Thanks sklo and michelle-- I really like the flower as well! scott
  16. Thanks for looking and commenting ian! scott
  17. Thanks much for looking moonstone, ian and alan. scott
  18. Nice enamel work-- I don't see enamel much with welz. scott
  19. Thanks moon-- trying to beat my record for quickest posting? scott
  20. Nice frame-- I have seen these frames before. The screws appear to be later reinforcement. I'd call it more "folk art" than Civil War "prison art" unless there is specific provenance/ documentat...
  21. It is a desk-- drawer shows hand dovetailed joint (19th century). The center lock (on desk top) looks to be reworked. Hard to say if anything else has been redone. Additional pictures of the bott...
  22. I never heard the odd/ even serial number ID. Much easier to just look at what you have. If you do an image search for "m1862 colt police" you will see many examples. Here is one: http://www...
  23. Most distinguishing feature on a Police model is the fluted cylinder. The Navy models don't have fluted cylinders (yours). scott
  24. The most noticeable difference is this netsuke has no reservoir to store water-- original poster can clear up quickly by confirming that there are two connected holes vice any water storage area. ...
  25. ... and netsukes! scott
  26. Nice table. Not an antique-- I would think it dates to the late 20th century. A photo of the entire underside with attachment should confirm. Certainly worth more than the $2 price. scott
  27. It is a netzuke-- kyra's link will be helpful. scott
  28. It is Eastlake style. The marble top inset into the wood is not something that I typically see in pieces from the era. An in person examination would certainly reveal if it has age. Some are...
  29. Fantastic that you have one with a family connection! Please share yours when you have the time. scott
  30. Not much-- maybe a $1 or $2, if you can find a buyer. It is a nice card, but not really a high demand pc. ebay closed auctions will give you a better idea. scott
  31. Nice souvenir stein. Not hand carved-- mold poured. Most of these are post WW2-- the bottom marks (not clear enough for me to see) may give you a better idea. scott
  32. Nice image-- rppcs of this era and earlier have seen dramatic increases in collector interest and values. scott
  33. Interesting photo. 2 very popula collectible areas in one-- baseball and railroad! scott
  34. Same question-- style looks more typical of 1950s+. scott
  35. Thanks harbor and rust. scott
  36. It is not a US military hat. The insignia on the front is odd-- some of it could be later additions. Most military clothing makers also supplied fraternal groups-- I would think that this is fra...
  37. Doesn't look like a Native American blanket. scott
  38. Interesting clock. Can't see the dial-- who is the maker? scott
  39. Thanks for looking kkpraft. scott
  40. Nice locket. The young man's image looks to be a tintype. Based on his clothing, I would date the image to the late 1850s- 60s. Also, the lithograph behind the tintype is Civil War era. I don'...
  41. Great welz! scott
  42. Your postcard is an early divided back postcard and would date from the very early 20th century. The design on the card is also typical of the same era, so I would think that the card is from 1912....
  43. Thanks roy, harbor, kerry and kkpraft! scott
  44. Great table. It is Victorian Eastlake and dates from 1870s- 90s. scott
  45. Looks to be a modern decorator piece (bright colors, modern frame...). If it were authentic, 19th century it would carry a HUGE price tag! scott
  46. A close up of the top of the piece or a drawer front may be useful in determining the wood type. Current photos don't show the wood grain. scott
  47. Thanks gatekeeper. Online tools makes it much easier. The "game" has changed dramatically-- 25 years ago, I would have to wait several months on National Archives paperwork. scott
  48. LOVE the decor-- and the welz label as well! scott
  49. Thanks for looking kiva. scott
  50. Thanks for looking nobucks and fort. scott
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