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US Army Ranger Tab - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1916 Mexican Border service soldier - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
American Sailors from the USS San Francisco - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WW1 Aviation Mechanic photograph - Photographsin Photographs
Indian Motorcycles in the US Army Signal Corps - Photographsin Photographs
CDV of Samuel F.B. Morse - Photographsin Photographs
Child in WW1 78th Division PATCHED Uniform - Photographsin Photographs
Kralik tube vase with flower - Art Glassin Art Glass
New Welz vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Civil War soldier cdv, Andersonville POW - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


  1. Looks like quality used furniture. Made in the late 20th century. If you check carefully on the drawer interiors and back, suspect you will find the manufacturer. scott
  2. Thanks for looking filmnet and rick. scott
  3. Thanks for looking and commenting rick! scott
  4. Sounds like the owner was a career Army soldier. Most likely the bed went with him when he was assigned to Hawaii. The Army ships household goods for folks when they/ their family is reassigned. ...
  5. Thanks for looking tom! scott
  6. Modern decorator car-- no collector value. Often sold as antique, but this have little value and NO collector value. This site is for show and tell. scott
  7. Looks like a Victorian Eastlake bed. Wood appears to be walnut for the most part. I don't see anything that jumps out as Hawaii related. scott
  8. Thanks for looking try. RLTW! scott
  9. Yep-- the Empire style caught on in many countries in the mid 19th century. scott
  10. Glad to help out. These early chests really stand the test of time. I have several that we use regularly and they hold up very well-- just show the character of 150+ years of life! Now is the t...
  11. Suggest you move your last picture to the lead picture and you will get more attention. scott
  12. BEAUTIFUL!! American Empire chest that dates from about 1830s- 1850s. The maple really stands out against the cherry base. I have a several similar pieces. Great solid furniture that will last s...
  13. I'll highlight details once the pictures are posted. scott
  14. "It is a penney machine restored to the coke theme when I bought it." Not restored to.... the coke theme is pure FANTASY! scott
  15. Doesn't look to be anywhere near that old-- looks to be 20th century. Patent #589 is for a "force pump" for water-- nothing related to a desk or any other related items. Some CLOSE UP photos of ...
  16. Pictures on the stein are the Great Seal of the United States (front and back)! scott
  17. Looks like an aluminum casting. Is the interior rough/ cut out looking or similar to the outside? Maybe a metal shop project that wasn't finished as the casting roughness still shows on the base. ...
  18. A shame about the damage (typical of these), but it still is a SPECTACULAR display! scott
  19. Thanks smiata and racer! scott
  20. 1870- 1890s. scott
  21. Looks to be Victorian Eastlake dating from about 1879- 1890s. scott
  22. Beautiful! scott
  23. No visible rank-- the same type uniform would be worn by officers from 2LT thru COL. scott
  24. US Army Officer Dress Green Uniform. Not WW2 era-- these were the standard dress uniform from the late 1950s and were just phased out a few years ago. scott
  25. Beautiful Welz decor in a FANTASTIC Shape! scott
  26. Blakeman & Henderson as manikin stated. Some debate as to them being a decorating company (using blanks) or just an exporter. Mary Frank Gaston's book on Limoges may provide the answer-- probably...
  27. Thanks for looking clockerman. scott
  28. Nice set. I see them with some regularity-- but most often an individual piece or two. It is unusual to have a complete set. Most likely made in the EARLY 20th century at the LATEST. A photo o...
  29. Nice image. Nice painted wood barber pole. I am not sure when the revolving poles were first used. scott
  30. Your buffet, sideboard, server dates from the 2nd quarter, 20th century. Probably part of a larger set as the buffet was piece #5. It looks to have missing sections of veneer? A professional re...
  31. Great history lesson-- not an incident that I had heard of before. The photo depicts the forces sent to restore order: "I.N.G. HDQTRS at Jail"-- translation is "Illinois National Guard Headquarter...
  32. If that is the attribution link-- an eyeball recalibration needs to be scheduled! scott
  33. There is no "left" combat patch-- it is called a unit patch. As I said in post #5: "Recently the Army went back to allowing sew on badges..." The complaint was that the only authorized versions...
  34. Please share! scott
  35. Some units do wear sterile uniforms. Also, velcro makes it easier when you change units. In the past, you had to cut off patches/ tabs and then get new ones sewn on. Much easier process with velc...
  36. Thanks michelle and roy! scott
  37. I think you'd get several times that from a decorator! While it wasn't what you originally thought, I wouldn't call you a sucker on this buy. Good luck! scott
  38. Sounds like it was misrepresented by the seller (and not necessarily intentional). May want to go back to the seller and ask for a refund. Show them the issues-- in my experience MANY dealers wi...
  39. I don't like it nor do I see a lot of age on it as a complete chest. The wood does show age-- worm holes and water damage, but the locations are odd. Why would there be water damage on the interio...
  40. Remember.... women don't have a vote! Don't know that they were even allowed into the town meeting. At least the trough gives some slight protection from the dirt street laden with animal droppi...
  41. Neat image. Don't know that there is anything to get in the photo. Just an exterior view of a lunch room with a water pump out front. Don't see anything odd about the kids standing on it so they ...
  42. Thanks kaput. scott
  43. Great educational posting-- love the revolver key! scott
  44. Looks like average quality example from the mid to late 20th century. What little decorator value it had is erased by the damage. scott
  45. Water pump with a hollowed out wood log trough. scott
  46. Mid to late 20th century electric table lamp. scott
  47. Nice medal in good condition. These are not number traceable to a specific veteran. scott
  48. Thanks for looking p.... scott
  49. Great posting-- kerry's response says it best! scott
  50. I'd think a little earlier-- more deco inspired in overall shape and appearances. Thanks for sharing! scott
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