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WW2 Army Air Corps Sweetheart pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Ceramic Figurine displayed in tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art hat ashtrays - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Trench Art candle stands - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Welz vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Posing stand often attributed to Post Mortem Photography - Photographsin Photographs
Atlanta Braves Opening Day Ticket Stubs 1966 - Baseballin Baseball
Personalized Stan Musial Autograph - Baseballin Baseball
Autograph of Ernie Shore, MLB Perfect Game* - Baseballin Baseball
Floriform trumpet vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Sounds good. Trench art was often sent home to family members and loved ones. You will often find the larger pieces where the artist added the desired presentation/ sentiment. Here is an example ...
  2. Can't read the first part, but toujours translates in French to "Always", so I would surmise that "Pierre" gave the piece to someone right before Christmas in 1918. scott
  3. This is called trench art-- decorative or utilitarian items from War residue. This particular type of plane is one that have seen several examples-- my examples doesn't have any engraving under the...
  4. Love these and all early silverplate! scott
  5. "tramp art box" scott
  6. It is a tramp art box. Do an online search of "trench art box" to see other similar examples/ information. scott
  7. Look for a coin/ currency dealer in your local area. They will have a sleeve that fits your currency. Until you get the right size it will be fine in a traditional document protector. scott
  8. Try searching under "Indian Talwar sword". I'd have to agree with the seller-- more modern souvenir item. scott
  9. Thanks for sharing the beautiful glass and knowledge! scott
  10. Thanks for looking jewels. scott
  11. Thanks much for looking ted. scott
  12. Yes, they have value and are collectible (esp. the Confederate currency). Do NOT laminate them-- it DESTROYS the value. You can buy sleeves for them to help preserve them. Document protectors wil...
  13. Thanks for looking mystic-- be sure to check my other trench art postings on CW! scott
  14. Thanks for looking edgardo! If you like trench art, take a look at my other postings on this site. I have about a hundred trench art postings on here. scott
  15. Thanks kyra and valentino. scott
  16. Thanks kyra. scott
  17. Thanks much for looking pat. scott
  18. Thanks buss YOU'RE the man! Another one that annoys me: you're/ your scott
  19. Thanks for taking the time to look and comment drfluffy! scott
  20. Thanks packrat, vetraio, fluffy, passion, rose, klo, pat, walks, vo, and rade! scott
  21. Thanks cind, walks, rose, katherine, and jewels. scott
  22. Glad to help you out. scott
  23. "their" NOT "there"-- hate to see that in postings and now I am guilty! scott
  24. Nope-- not one of a kind or antique. These are modern decorator pieces. They were retailed at Hobby Lobby and similar stores and have now found there way into the secondary market. They look ni...
  25. Need to add some more/ better quality pictures. Include a complete picture, the markings and any parts/ pieces apart and assembled. What have those appraising it, said it is?? From the one bad ...
  26. Great collection, chris. Do you have any earlier than the 1840s? I see them and am always amazed at how reasonable some of the earlier "Eagle Heads" are when compared to Civil War examples. ...
  27. correction "simply". scott
  28. I wouldn't call this a Davenport desk. It lacks any drawers/ storage area below the lift top drawer, that is the hallmark of a Davenport. I would simple call it an Eastlake lift top desk. It is a...
  29. Beautiful vase, marty. The way the legs flow from the base is unusual. Great colors! scott
  30. Looks to be a "charcoal print". They are usually found in the 16" X 20" size and are often enlargements of smaller images and enhanced where details are lost. Most of these are from the very lat...
  31. How far along are you with assembling the complete collection? I had a similar goal with firearms as a young collector-- but with a change in focus, I sold them all (I was NOT close to finishing)! ...
  32. Thanks sklo and kyra. scott
  33. Thanks sklo and vo. scott
  34. Yes, it is a ram and a tree/ flower combination. Kind of out of proportion with the ram, but nice. I have seen some similar Staffordshire figurines, but with smaller floral pieces. scott
  35. Thanks jewels-- as always, I appreciate you looking and commenting! scott
  36. Looks to be an older decorative piece meant to hang on a wall-- knives and pike don't appear to have been functional weapons. Also size appears to be small (you don't mention dimensions) reinforcin...
  37. Thanks for looking buss. I believe the USMC badge is collar brass and the USN badge came off of some sort of USN insignia. scott
  38. Thanks kyra and gatekeeper! scott
  39. Agree chris, too many unmarked to make the CS attribution believable. The unmarked is "CS" is an old dealer embellishment to enhance desirability and value. Lots of those type of stories/ myths ...
  40. I am enjoying the ever expanding inventory of DOCUMENTED Welz! scott
  41. Funny to see this one at the top of CW again (4 Years later)-- Time did tell! scott
  42. Thanks racer-- I appreciate you looking and commenting. If you are a trench art fan, be sure to look at my other postings on CW. I have postings that include miniature planes, vehicles, weapons an...
  43. Probably UK-- I don't know uniforms outside of US very well, but that is where I would start a search. The medallion on his chest may narrow it down further. scott
  44. Your propeller is WW1 era and made for the Curtiss JN4C "Jenny". As a trench art collector, I have numerous prop pieces; and it pays to know if a prop actually came off of an era aircraft vs. a lat...
  45. I didn't realize folks still wore the steel pot in desert storm-- thought all US troops were in the K-pot by then! scott
  46. These are modern fantasy pieces. scott
  47. Great to see all of these Welz pieces with factory documentation! scott
  48. Thanks for looking film. scott
  49. I suspect it is modern and not worth it to dismantle. A photo of the back will help to determine if it is in fact modern, but the size of the print/ matting/ ID information all suggest modern TO ME...
  50. Based on the photo format, I would say they are just regular folks who wanted a souvenir of a special event. These were very popular in the 1940s- 50s. scott
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