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Tintype of Young men with a SKULL displayed - Photographsin Photographs
Kitten "still life" in sewing basket - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "Sub Chief" carte de visite - Photographsin Photographs
Native American "War Chief" CDV - Photographsin Photographs
Trio of WW2 Trench art planes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Fire Pumper in a parade - Photographsin Photographs
Conjoined lambs cabinet card - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of girl holding a sleeping kitten - Photographsin Photographs
Trench art/ Sweetheart jewelry pin from WW2 - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
RPPC of Headhunter with his trophy skulls - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Eastlake single arm settee. Dates from about 1870- 90s. Most are walnut, but cannot see details with your photos. Fabric has been replaced. scott
  2. Is this your Dad's badge? scott
  3. Glad to help out. scott
  4. Nothing to do with a SUB-- it is SUPSHIP or Supervisor Shipbuilding. The guy was a supervisor (quality control) for the US Navy at the Bethlehem Ship Building Corp. in Quincy, Mass. Probably durin...
  5. Represented as THE Frank James: Attribution is EASILY refuted with just a cursory analysis of ...
  6. GREAT posting-- I missed the start and enjoyed reading through it. thanks for sharing. scott
  7. Nice colors. I cannot remember the name but pretty sure the style comes from Afghanistan. scott
  8. Thanks musik and jewels. scott
  9. Thanks va and musik. scott
  10. Great envelope. I love the "return address" sticker-- it looks a lot like a manufacturer label I would expect to find on glass! Keep up the GREAT work on Welz-- your scientific/ unbiased research ...
  11. Thanks for looking ted. scott
  12. Thanks for looking ted. scott
  13. Thanks kyra and gargoyle. scott
  14. Glad to help out. When you have the time, please post your other antique images! scott
  15. It should be 4 1/4" X 6 1/2" and would be called a cabinet card. It was originally made with the mount. Usually the photographer information is below the image on the mount and/ or on the back....
  16. GREAT image and very desirable among collectors! What size is it? Is it a US photographer? scott
  17. So delicate and BEAUTIFUL! scott
  18. As a show dealer (in antique images), I can tell you to ALWAYS ask for a discount when buying at Antique Shows/ Shops/ Flea Markets/ etc... I usually say "Can you do any better on this?" followed ...
  19. Decor is solidly linked to Welz. The question comes from the guy who is on the record saying "Welz never made ANY glass"! Here is a link to the Welz factory-- since you said they never made any ...
  20. Many times! I lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years and was a regular. There is a kind of "dance" to the bargaining that can take an hour or longer, but usually results in a significant discount. ...
  21. Agree with cultcha-- it looks nice but machine woven vs. hand/ knot count/ material/ age are key to determining how "nice". Have you ever been to a middle east rug souk? It is a great experience i...
  22. See post #26. scott
  23. Buy some veneer. It is fairly easy to buy. If you are unsure of what kind you need, remove whats left of the area with veneer missing on both sides with you when you shop. Most home improvement p...
  24. In keeping with CW rules and staying "on topic" I deleted the last few comments that were not related to BOGUS antique image attributions. scott
  25. PDAM made comments about me in his posts. I RESPONDED-- and that has upset you? So now YOU think it is important to "move past this". How about encouraging PDAM to "not go there"? I make it ...
  26. Nice try! scott
  27. An early Collector in the family tree!! scott
  28. The backs are key in these-- can you post some photos of the backs? scott
  29. Odd that a book title and source for: "Edward F. was a big part of the JE Caldwell firm, which worked together" has still not been provided. scott
  30. I collect and deal in antique photographs! scott
  31. BEAUTIFUL Collection-- would look great with some original era photos of trunks displayed with them (hint, hint)! scott
  32. BEAUTIFUL Welz decor-- one of my favorites! scott
  33. Glad to help out! scott
  34. It is a daguerreotype-- your photos and description of "almost like a mirror" confirms. This looks to date from the 1850s. scott
  35. "In the style of". The metal work is poorly done: - center seam on trigger guard - very poorly cast and finished butt cap - screws not set in to metal/ extend out I would think that ...
  36. Similar one sold on ebay for just under $200! scott
  37. The back will help to date this piece. scott
  38. Thanks for looking boots, buss and chris. scott
  39. Thanks musik and gargoyle. scott
  40. Cabinet card. Dates from 1870s- just after the turn of the century. Your image looks to be within that timeframe. scott
  41. Thanks for looking racer and rade. scott
  42. Thanks cultcha and musik. scott
  43. Beautiful glass, marty! scott
  44. Thanks jewels, va and rob! scott
  45. Thanks for looking va and jewels. scott
  46. GREAT story-- your hard work paid off (AGAIN)! scott
  47. Construction appears to be much more modern than 1913-- it may represent a vehicle that was first produced in 1913. scott
  48. I learned from your additional posts-- THANKS for taking the time to post the information. I did find it useful! scott
  49. More detailed photos are needed. Could be a "scratch built" model or a decorator piece-- hard to say with this one photo. scott
  50. Looks like a decorator piece to me. I see nothing to suggest that it is trench. scott
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