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Pennsylvania "Bucktail" Civil War officer CDV - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
11th Airborne Division Japanese Occupation era Tour Jacket - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Model 1863 Sharps Carbine in tintype - Photographsin Photographs
Tintype of 1880s US soldier with unusual rifle - Photographsin Photographs
Early High quality glass ashtray - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
RARE Unpublished CDV of General US Grant (NOT Really) - Photographsin Photographs
Steam Locomotive loading up at the Depot - Photographsin Photographs
Native American Catlinite pipe - Native Americanin Native American
Political campaign ambrotype - Paperin Paper
Civil War HERO of Maine - Photographsin Photographs


  1. Another posting of BEAUTIFUL Glass!! scott
  2. All Beautiful!! scott
  3. Agree it is a great Crane! scott
  4. Country of origin was part of the stipulations of the Tariff Act of 1890-- commonly known as the Mckinley Tariff Act. Mckinley, a US Representative and later President, crafted the Act. Democrats ...
  5. Ashame about the crack in the middle. Your guy wears a Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) badge meaning that he served in the Civil War. I couldn't find a "Hudson Hyde" with Civil War service. I ...
  6. Same time period as your other image. This guy appears to be an officer and also with the 12th NY. scott
  7. 1880s- 90s cabinet card of an enlisted soldier (musician) in the 12th NY. The knapsack with blanket at the top is GREAT-- the "12" is for the Regiment and "N.G.S.N.Y" stands for National Guard Stat...
  8. I wondered why you delete information posted on an item. This is NOT a "US Army Corps of Engineers Pin"-- it is a US Army Enlisted BRANCH insignia for an Engineer. scott
  9. already posted and deleted
  10. Looks to be a modern tourist/ souvenir type creation. This type of item is sold in tourist/ trinket shops throughout the world with a fantastic story attesting to old age and high value. scott
  11. Agree it is a desk/ secretery-- similar in style to a "butlers desk", with the fold out top drawer that turns into the writing surface with storage nooks behind it. This is not as wide as a typical...
  12. The dovetails would make me think LATE 1800s at the earliest. Carving blow ups also appear to be of the same era. MY OPINION. fhrjr2 is the "dovetail expert" on the forum and can probably supply m...
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  17. Why delete information posted by others? scott
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  19. Thanks for looking and commenting toni. I am not familiar with Peru. I lived in New Albany for about 2 years! scott
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  32. Uknown CDV of Mark Twain, BECAUSE it is NOT TWAIN:
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  34. "Why else would someone inlay those numbers front and center on this lovely cabinet?" To make folks think it was actually old! This form is popular among those who create antique reproductions. ...
  35. CONGRATULATIONS-- beautiful display! scott
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  50. Nice-- the trellis looks beautiful. It also appears to be utilitarian as a "frog" for ease in flower arrangement. scott
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