Since the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have played an important part in the recording of history and culture. ASince the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have played an important part in the recording of history and culture. After 30+ years of collecting, I've acquired some of the world's rarest American wooden cameras and dug up their fascinating stories. Take a moment and tour these beautifully crafted cameras that are considered the grandfathers of digital photography. I specialize in pre-1900 wooden cameras - the earlier the better - and enjoy researching and documenting their history. I am always looking for early wood & brass cameras and ephemera, as well as meeting the next generation of camera collectors and sharing the lore and legacy of early apparatus! (Read more)


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The stunning architecture of the Chattanooga Train Terminal (saved from the wrecking ball and converted into a hotel) - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Jim Beam Bourbon Decanter (Part 3) / Royal Di Monte. 1957 - Bottlesin Bottles
Jim Beam Bourbon Decanter (Part 2) / Royal Gold Round. 1956 - Bottlesin Bottles
Jim Beam Bourbon Decanter / Royal Porcelain. 1955 - Bottlesin Bottles
French Papier-Mâché Parrot on Brass Stand. 1890s. - Figurinesin Figurines
Scovill Waterbury View Camera. c.1888 - Camerasin Cameras
Anthony Camera Advertising Card with Photograph of Photographers and Cameras. Late 1880s-90s - Photographsin Photographs
Gennert Penny Picture Studio Camera. c.1880s - 90s - Camerasin Cameras
Blair No.3 Combination Hawk-Eye Camera, c.1904 - Camerasin Cameras
Blair Camera Advertising Card with Photographic Image of 1893 Chicago World's Fair - Photographsin Photographs


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  11. Good camera. This is a c1956 Petie Vanity by Kunik (Walter Kunik K.G., Frankfurt, Germany). It is a sub miniature camera housed in a make-up compact body. There are two knobs on top; one is for lipsti...
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  16. FWIW ... this looks like the 1949 Auta model. It appears to be in near new condition.
  17. Lots of nice pictures are being posted lately and discussions of cameras being used. I posted this a couple years back and thought it would be interesting to resurrect ... it was one of my favorite 35...
  18. Correction ... one model variation is the Ultrix-Duplex (I typed it incorrectly above).
  19. The camera is definitely German and is more than likely an Ultrix-Simplex by Ihagee Kamerawerk (Dresden, Germany). It is probably the 6x9 cm model (can be confirmed by measuring the format at the film...
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  28. Hi HalloweenGreene ... thanks for the 'love' and comment. Interestingly, I tried acquiring a 36-tube Roberts wet plate view camera a long time ago. That's the most lenses I am aware of on a factory ...
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  35. There are more of these lenses however they were popular in Europe. In a sense, it was resold by Golsen. It's not rare or historically important and the value is low.
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  39. Ralph J. Golsen was a photo-supply dealer located at 72 -74 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Il. that was established in 1892. Clement & Gilmer is a Paris based company. The marking indicates that Golsen impor...
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  50. Thanks, antiquerose. That's great to know the name of the gold finish. FWIW, the term "Royal Gold Round" is the name of this decanter I found on the Jim Beam collectors website.
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