I am a specialist in pre-1900 American wood and brass cameras. Since the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have playI am a specialist in pre-1900 American wood and brass cameras. Since the announcement of the first commercial photographic process in January 1839, cameras have played an important part in the recording of history and culture. After 35+ years of collecting, I've acquired some of the world's rarest American wooden cameras and dug up their fascinating stories. Take a moment and tour these beautifully crafted cameras that are considered the grandfathers of digital photography. I specialize in pre-1900 wooden cameras - the earlier the better - and enjoy researching and documenting their history. I am always looking for early wood & brass cameras and ephemera, as well as meeting the next generation of camera collectors and sharing the lore and legacy of early apparatus! (Read more)


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Scroll  & Border Negative (Photographic Imaging) Advertisements. 1888 & 1896 - Photographsin Photographs
Sectioned Petzval Portrait Formula Lens. 1850s - Camerasin Cameras
Morley Wet Plate Field View Camera. Mid-1860s. - Camerasin Cameras
Hoffman Bourbon Decanter - Bottlesin Bottles
Chambre de Voyage Camera. European, 1890s - Camerasin Cameras
USMC Bayonet 2000 Knife - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Vintage USMC M40 Rifle Barrels in Detail - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Prototype Leatherwood USMC M16 scope - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Redfield “International Match” sight mounted on a bolt action "US Property" marked Winchester 52--22L Rifle - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
USMC M40 Redfield Scope (Green Anodized Version) - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…


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  11. Hi fleafinder. There was a time that my collection was in custom made cabinets behind glass ... the cameras still got dusty. Changes in air pressure (air conditioning / heating) pushed dust through th...
  12. Looks like the same base camera as mine: Ansco Cadet B2.
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  15. Hey John ... please post your Bear Photo Special camera.
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  17. This is the link to SpiritBear's post: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/198732-interesting-antique-photo
  18. Hi SpiritBear ... I just posted 1888 and 1896 advertisements for 'scroll' and 'border' negatives that show how photographers were able to make the type of image you show here. You can see it at: http:...
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  20. Indeed a nice find but not considered true spy equipment ... more novelty than anything else. There were several Sida cameras made in various countries including Germany, France, England and Poland. Y...
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  36. This camera dates to about 1965. While I target wood and brass cameras, this rangefinder, along with Konica, Olympus, Minolta, Canon and others, represents a classic and popular design. These bring ba...
  37. Hi Recordmantime; Thanks for the links. The Lomography project is well known. Their lens simulates the Petzval effect but is probably not a true Petzval in design. The company does not disclose the le...
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  39. Scott is correct. Specifically, these were made with a product known as "Scroll Negatives" to create the scroll borders. They were popular in the later 1880s.
  40. Hey BB2 ... it's about the ability to detect the presence of light and the size (diameter) of the optics to pass light. Think of your eyes ... they only have an ability to detect light above a cert...
  41. Hey BB2 ... at the time, both slow lenses AND plates. The addition of bromide to the silver later on improved plates.
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  44. Viewers and stereoview cards are very addicting and there are some very amusing images. For the record, here is the type of camera that could produce stereo images that would fit your viewer; it was m...
  45. Home now and checked my references. This viewer was made by the Keystone Company and known as the "Monarch" (an Elk is the monarch). Dimples in the aluminum hood help date this viewer; the dimple des...
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