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I like to collect cameras. I'll be uploading photos of some favorites from my collection. Many more of them can be seen here: like to collect cameras. I'll be uploading photos of some favorites from my collection. Many more of them can be seen here: Please note that my photos are copyrighted (Read more)


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ULCA TSL - Camerasin Cameras
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Agfa Ansco Readyset Moroccan - Camerasin Cameras
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  1. Cameras of this type are quite common and most have little value, although the Leecrest itself is not one of the more common names. The Leecrest was distributed by Lee Industries (which sold several k...
  2. Here's a link to info about the Kodak Autosnap: Recently sold examples of this camera went for about $8 (USD).
  3. The Duaflex definitely used 620 film. It says so right in the manual. :o)
  4. As I lack a stereo viewer of any kind, it's nice that I can see the effect via the cross-eyed method. Wonderful image!
  5. YOU had never heard of this dime bank?? Inconceivable!!
  6. Oh I forgot to address the cassette question. Yes, earlier cassettes were wood, though sometimes you'll find wooden cassettes in later cameras, and metal ones in earlier ones. Off the top of my head I...
  7. Thanks Rob. I have two Memos - one is a later one with the release guard, whose serial number I don't know off the top of my head (I'm at work at the moment). I will have to dig it out and check. Prob...
  8. Excellent early example! It wasn't long after they began covering them with leather that they added the shutter release guard, so this one falls right into that short time frame. Would you be willing ...
  9. Hi CD! I'm here too! Even though I didn't know your dad, I probably learned most of what I know about cameras from him. I'm proud to own a camera from his collection, and hope (as you know) to own mor...
  10. Might want to check your spelling there, Derek! Haha
  11. There was a guy who "flickr-mailed" me years ago, asking me to let him know if I ever saw one become available. Well, one came up for sale on Etsy just last month, so I emailed the guy and he snatched...
  12. Once you've got the mechanics figured out, it's quite clear that this device is for cutting asparagus tips. The smaller the aperture, the higher your income!
  13. Well I would say you're right on the money with your assessment of this device. It certainly appears to be a "magic lantern". There are several with the bellows in front for focusing. Have you opened ...
  14. One of my favorites. As always, I'm supremely jealous!
  15. Thanks for all the love!
  16. Thanks Rob & Sean!
  17. Hey, thanks for the love, toolate/mustang!
  18. I would respectfully disagree with rniederman on this one. A quick search of recent sold listings on eBay shows a "red" Beacon selling for $82 and another sold with a "buy it now" for $125. Both of th...
  19. Always one of my favorite cameras. Yours is exceptionally beautiful and I am jealous!!
  20. If there's one thing better than looking at vintage cameras, it's looking at Grace with vintage cameras (sorry Chris!)! Welcome to CW, guys!
  21. Thank you!
  22. I have somewhere around 220 cameras. I have lots of favorites - it's just about impossible to pick just one! I have posted most of my favorites here at CW. You can see them here: http://www.collector...
  23. Great sign! You have a really nice website! Maybe someday I'll have my own site for showing off my cameras too!
  24. Ahh those meters are fantastic! Seems you can't collect cameras without also accumulating at least a small collection of meters as well. Mine includes an old Watkins Bee and a Heydes meter, although I...
  25. An average Lutac only has a value of around $30 or so. One with no faceplate would have no value to a collector.
  26. Looks like this one, but with the faceplate missing:
  27. Thanks Rob!
  28. Absolutely fantastic!
  29. I am interested in seeing them.
  30. Wow, Henry! I am so jealous! That is a superb example!
  31. See here:
  32. Thanks, Guy!
  33. Info? Here you go:
  34. Look here:
  35. Ah, no surprise that Kodakcollector got it, and no doubt that he is indeed proud! Congratulations, Charlie!
  36. I would guess the knurled wheel isn't for opening the front, but for moving the lens forward and backward, as on this camera: Kodak would sometimes hide a b...
  37. I see you got it straightened out over at Collectiblend. Would you upload a photo of the front, now that you get it opened up?
  38. Nice 1500! I'm totally jealous of your Hexar, but I think my favorite part of the group is the film cartridge. Like everything else in the photos, you don't see those every day. I haven't added my 15...
  39. By the way, your Bantam has the Supermatic shutter, which makes it more desirable to collectors than Bantams with a Compur shutter.
  40. You've got two great cameras there. The Bell & Howell is a Filmo 75. You can see if it runs by pushing the tab below the nameplate. If nothing happens, it may need to be wound with the large key on th...
  41. Here's a link to some information:
  42. Rob, I think I might cry. That is one breathtaking collection. I have yet to acquire a single wood and brass camera for my collection!
  43. Sorry, I have no idea where one would get new glass for this 80-year-old camera, nor do I know how to attach the various accessories. You may be able to find a manual for the Bee Bee, or a manual for ...
  44. Hi Cam, I am familiar with your website and have enjoyed your collection for some time now. I must tell you that you're not the only collector in the world with a capsule camera. I have one in my col...
  45. bc: You're among a lot of people who think this camera looks like a radio. See here:
  46. Frances, you will have to be much more specific. Not all box cameras are Brownies, and not all Brownies are box cameras. There are thousands of different box cameras. Some are worth hundreds, some are...
  47. The box is made of cardboard, and is basically a box within a box. The photo above shows the outer box.
  48. Lynda, I'm certainly no expert, but I will tell you what I know. Based on the serial number, it looks as though your camera is a Leica I and was made in 1930. As to the value, that's a tough one. I ...
  49. Your camera is a "Box Ensign", made circa 1912. Value is only around $15-25, despite its age. They must have sold quite a few of them.
  50. Wow, this is great! I've seen the camera in the box by itself, but I've never seen the outfit before. Also interesting that the Vecta was selected for the Design Centre London in 1963, because 46 yea...
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AGFA / Ansco Corp. Wooden Camaera 5X7 Ansco Memo ½ Frame 35mm Camera. 1927 Mast Identification Camera What is it Photographers advertising broadside or handbill c. 1890s Thornton-Pickard | Erecto Folding camera | 1917 | 118 Rollfilm. CINE KODAK MODEL A Six-20 Brownie model 4 Turkish Oil Company,  Muscatine Iowa piece My Kodak Camera and Film Signs Kodak box 620 with KdF logo Opening of Trans-Pacific Glass Bell Paperweight Zorki 1967 Plymouth Fury II 4 Door