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Chaotic License, 11/17-18/67, Denver - Musicin Music
Big Brother at the Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 1967 - Musicin Music
Roger Kastel, signed Empire Strikes Back poster - Moviesin Movies
Traffic, BG-111, 1968 - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Empire Strikes Back poster - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Spusta/Forbes benefit prints - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Del Miller flight diploma, plus cartoon - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Signed copy of book on East Bay music scene in 1960s, 70s - Booksin Books
Massive Attack, by Gary Houston - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano, by Santi Pozzi - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints


  1. Felix looks like a car dealership near USC in Los Angeles, right?
  2. Lovin' all these postcards... tx!
  3. Hi Trey: Thanks for the comment. Here's the article on Roger Kastel I was talking about: Best, Ben
  4. You guys saw Lisa's article on Clowns on our home page, right? If not:
  5. Saw Donovan in SF in 70 or so. He sat on the stage in flowing robes (or whatever), cross-legged, on a rug, surrounded by flowers and such. Full-on hippie regalia. Just him and a guitar. I was bummed c...
  6. Hi AR: Congrats on hitting the big 3-0-0! I just put this in Office because it looks like something an old-school business type would have on his or her (but probably his, back in the day...) desk. ...
  7. Been there, done that... ;-) Best, Ben
  8. Hi Wishthen: This is one of my fave Lee Conklin posters, but it's not BG-263. It's BG-126 from June 1968. Here's a link to 263:
  9. Here's another one from around the time of your Ozark Fest: I like the way the band's name is misspelled... ;-)
  10. Thanks, Kerry. I was lucky enough to meet her and the rest of the band a couple of times. First time I saw them was at a free show at a Unitarian church in Terra Linda (north of SF) in 1967...
  11. Hi Kerry: We just published a different sort of picture of Roy Rogers here: ;-) Ben
  12. My first motorcycle, too!
  13. Hi Majestic: I used to work at Sunset (both at the magazine and in the book division) in the 90s and 00s. There were a number of shelves in the storage area filled with these things, from numerous ye...
  14. Not sure who did this, but definitely not Warhol or Neiman.
  15. Very nice. Here's a post from a while back on Grandma Prisbrey's bottle vilage:
  16. Hi DoubleEnvelopment: You may enjoy this short piece I wrote a few years back about my son's "Expensive Magic." Best, ...
  17. Henri Matisse art poster.
  18. Thanks for the info, Scott! And thanks agh, rob, and vet for the loves. Ben
  19. Thanks, Kev! Best to you and yours, too. Best, Ben
  20. Nice sign; my wife was born in West Allis. ;-)
  21. Yes, it's been a good one, unless you are a fan of Golden Glove-level defense. ;-) But the pitching has been stellar, Beltran coming back after being hurt was cool, and Ortiz has been otherworldly. I ...
  22. Thanks for all the loves and kind comments. Yeah, I'm in the thick of it... ;-)
  23. Just updated the images on this one because I met Santi Pozzi yesterday, who is a sweetheart of a guy and kindly signed my Pearl Jam poster. Pozzi printed the show posters for the actual gig in Buenos...
  24. Brag away... ;-) I saw Pink Floyd perform most of Dark Side at Winterland, several months before the album dropped and it became a monster hit. Does that count? I think I was the same age as you at th...
  25. Thanks Tom. That sounds like a great show. I did not see them until 1999, and that was at a Bridge School benefit. Since I posted this, Chuck Sperry has signed the print and Santi Pozzi will be in tow...
  26. Our article on Staffordshire leads off with the tiger: Enjoy!
  27. Just FYI, here's a short article we published on Windsor chairs.
  28. I'd put rock posters in it. ;-)
  29. Great question and answer, thanks gents! Ben
  30. Hi vansky. Just making sure you saw this story we published: Best, Ben
  31. If I had a nickel for every time I've seen "‘tobacco card’ and ‘wet plate camera’ in the same sentence," I'd have a nickel...
  32. Took my kids to see Gorillaz on their first tour in 2002. At the end of the show, they gave away this poster, which we still have.
  33. Hi Patrick: Cool deck. No idea what it's worth, but it's by Jim Phillips and pictured on his site here: He's got a contact page, so maybe ask him....
  34. Hi Jim: Great minds, etc...We just published this article about paper dolls today. Best, Ben
  35. Thanks Matty, and thanks to everyone else who Loved/Liked. Here's a link to the article Matty is talking about for those who have not seen it:
  36. Thanks, Rob. Great minds, etc etc....
  37. Hi David: We did an interview with Lowell Levinger about banjos. You may want to contact him:
  38. This is a great book, and so cool that you have a signed copy. One of the details that stuck with me was that Ishi kept his bow is a sheath made from the tail of a mountain lion. Thanks for reminding ...
  39. Hi Bob: I will give that a try some evening after work. If it improves things, I'll post an "after" picture for you. Best, Ben
  40. Nice.... ;-)
  41. I had one of these over my bedroom door when I was a kid (a souvenir from a trip my parents took to Australia). I always wanted to throw it to see what would happen, but never did...
  42. A really smart guy I know says that this is probably a souvenir plate from Lake Towada in Japan.
  43. Hi Kevin: Nope, they did not get paid, but we got to keep the chair....
  44. This is by Adolph Gottlieb, who did a lot of similar compositions. The black part goes at the bottom. If it is signed and numbered, then it's a print. Otherwise it's a nice poster. Congrats!
  45. Hey, another cool old BBQ book! I posted one a while back here: When I worked at Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens was our arch riv...
  46. Ah, so the source is the catalog, and they got his name wrong. Sorry, I misunderstood (I see now that the source was cited in was in the original post, but I read it too quickly...). We just publis...
  47. This is really interesting. One of my main resources for design from this era has always been "Design 1935 - 1965: What Modern Was," published by Abrams in 1991. On pages 77-78, there's a section abou...
  48. Hi Alfredo: Don't know about lead, but it's true that the first Fiesta red had trace amounts of uranium in the glaze to give it that color, and that the uranium was removed in the 1940s. But it was r...
  49. Great image. Do you know if the dragon "frame" around the yellow square was used to advertise other acts, too?
  50. The artist is the amazing Michael Schwab, who created all the posters for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Amtrak, and Peet's, among many other projects. here's his site: http://www.michaelsc...
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