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As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet to hold! (Read more)


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Cut Glass Cufflinks - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Mid-Century geometric chair - Furniturein Furniture
Mid-Century Molded Plastic Chairs - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Hand blown swirling glass pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Optician Trade Card - Accessoriesin Accessories
Princess Phone Charm - Telephonesin Telephones
Vintage Danish Modern Chair  - Furniturein Furniture
It's Christmas Photo Time, Y'all! - Photographsin Photographs
Black Beauty "Arlington Edition" - Booksin Books


  1. great find :)
  2. Welcome to CW :) Chairs (and lamps) seem to be one of the weaker spots for the community here to identify...But don't give up yet!
  3. spectacles case? they were pretty flat back then....
  4. seems a little dangerous to make an ashtray out of cardboard. Just sayin' :)
  5. Love your outlook Amber, keep on keeping on! :)
  6. that interior is amazing. <3
  7. So here's a Frilli company based in Florence (aka Firenze) -
  8. WHAAA? SO GORGEOUS. Sorry for the all caps. Couldn't help myself. This is why we THRIFT!!! :)
  9. something about the discoloration near the water-stain in the corner just seems to mark it as a print to me as well....
  10. Is the image a print or actually done in paint? It's hard to tell in these photos whether there is this oil paint or just a flat piece of paper behind the glass...If the latter, it is certainly a rep...
  11. It definitely was!
  12. Wow - very interesting Kerry! Thanks for posting and keeping us informed. :)
  13. If you position the "A" upside down it actually resembles a bird / seagull in flight. Seems strange to me that a letter would be so rough looking...just a thought!
  14. Sounds great! I've been waiting for the right piece to try it out on as well. :)
  15. Well, if you're not worried about keeping it original and want to add a little sparkle, the Japanese technique of "kintsugi" is a lovely way to go:
  16. what a wacky collection! Love it.
  17. gorgeous detail. These babies are worth a pretty penny! And framed is even better. :)
  18. can you explain how it worked? I'm morbidly fascinated.... ;)
  19. great graphics!
  20. You'll have to post full photos of the chairs for people to identify them, rather than just the tags...what era do they appear to be from?
  21. I love your Memphis stuff sean ~ so fun. :)
  22. I'm not really a bakelite collector, but I just love the fanciful names for the colors. And these look so tasty! ;) Great story.
  23. butterscotch! :)
  24. Definitely says bar to me with that mirrored top shelf. Great find!
  25. You might try doing a rubbing of the top part: It seems to start off "La Bourg...."
  26. Love it sean! Did you post this originally, or someone else?
  27. Buy that place and fix it up! :)
  28. These are great questions antiquerose! If you take a photo of someone else's item at their store or home, you should always ask permission (and you probably will if they're standing there, anyway)....
  29. By the way, here is a rather simple system to help you abide by our selling rules: * Were the photos you want to use on Show & Tell taken by someone else (who hasn't explicitly given you permissio...
  30. Hi Antique Rose, We don't remove items because they have been sold/purchased in the past. Usually, we remove them because they are for sale currently OR because the user does not have the rights to...
  31. Hi all, Thought I would chime in with regards to our staff removing various posts: If we come across an item on eBay (or any other sales site), we cannot let the Show & Tell post stay up. Even if the...
  32. I love the cats and geometric cicada! So great.
  33. so cool! what is a "serigraphie"?
  34. Since there's no numbering or other info, they do seem to be mass produced posters. But they're lovely! enjoy them :)
  35. love the bow and arrow! would be great to see a few of your favorite piece up close... :)
  36. What does the writing say?
  37. I did come across this, though it's hard to tell if this is an original or reprint, or what size:
  38. Love these! What do they say at the bottom? Perhaps a clearer image would help. Also, if they were posters made for a major exhibition, they will probably be labelled on the outer edge or back with...
  39. Ah, good to know! It definitely looks like a great exhibition. :)
  40. Do you have any idea who illustrated this sequence? I'm curious because just came across this exhibit of Mary Blair's work, and it reminded me of her modernist style (plus she worked on Alice): http:...
  41. oh wow, that is amazing. I've got 6 favorite found chairs scattered about my apartment (and a couple in storage). 31 is my new goal! ;)
  42. @Amber - no way! Did he post on S&T? Send me the link!!
  43. ooh, great link Damon! I'd imagine the fabric seats were simply upholstered over the wood piece? Not sure if you can peek under your upholstery to find out...the curve in the seat (to fit a human bu...
  44. Those are an old style dolphin actually. Any clearer photos of the whole lamp / markings on the bottom?
  45. The shapes are all sports-related, in case that wasn't obvious (the 'arrows' are bench press weights, the circles are different-sized balls, there are guns, tennis rackets, etc)
  46. here's what I found:
  47. Aha, thanks for the new images - that clarifies a bit.
  48. Can you explain exactly what a furniture support is? Is this something that would replace a leg or foot on a desk/cabinet/table? It's beautiful. :) I'd love to see more of your collection!
  49. lovely! no markings on the underside of the seat?
  50. thanks zach! I've been using it as a bill-fold / money holder, since I don't smoke. :)
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