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As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet to hold. :) (Read more)


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Sputnik Souvenir Cigarette Case - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Vintage Children's Glassware Set with Small Spikes / Hobnails - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Bar Cart - Kitchenin Kitchen
Blue Cat Pitcher by Kaj Franck for Arabia - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Cute Little Kewpie - Dollsin Dolls
Avon Bottle shaped like VW Bus - Bottlesin Bottles
Cut Glass Cufflinks - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Mid-Century geometric chair - Furniturein Furniture
Mid-Century Molded Plastic Chairs - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Hand blown swirling glass pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. can you add a photo or two of the underside? perhaps it was made for sealing something / creasing it / pressing it flat. Almost like a reverse letter-opener. ;)
  2. Good eye, maybe something spun on the top?
  3. gorgeous, I'm amazed the stuff that people put on the curb here! case in point:
  4. jewelry, hat, or instrument holder (like an oboe?)
  5. haha that's great. :)
  6. how does one win the game?!
  7. Here's some interesting info on Ideal: From the art deco styling, I would assume this is a 1920s model.
  8. yeah, vetraio makes a good point about looking for copyright info in the text on the globe. The shape / design suggests an institutional purpose to me (whether a library or a private club or an office...
  9. could've been custom made for a fraternal group or club. something about it reminds me of the old men's clubs...
  10. when hillbillies had style ;-)
  11. Doesn't their pose look reminiscent of a wedding-cake topper? Couple linked by arms walking down the aisle...wonder if this was a gag / grooms' cake thing from way back when. So cool!
  12. I know, Rick - he's the best!
  13. Thanks for the ideas! I still tend to agree with Hems303 that it could just be a stylized heraldic eagle (called an "eagle displayed"), similar to the one seen on the Polish coat of arms here: http:/...
  14. thanks sean, kyra, anna, mani, and kerry! Pretty happy with it. ;)
  15. Thanks Racer4Four - now I'm wondering if CW needs more Soviet / Russian categories.... :)
  16. thanks Peasejean! And all for the loves. <3
  17. Thanks antiquerose - you too!
  18. One more update: The eBay seller who had identified the piece as part of a child's set made by Doyle & Co. was kind enough to share with me their source, so I thought I should post it here: "I colle...
  19. That's too bad - though your photos seem pretty clear to me (especially compared to many users on CW).... ;)
  20. Thanks Vetraio! Bonne année to you as well :)
  21. would love to see more of these great graphics!
  22. It seems like a perfect little punch glass to me - was great for eggnog last week. :)
  23. thanks Kerry - Arabia did amazing stuff!
  24. Also, the cup is about 3.5" tall.
  25. Good point TC, I've just written the eBay seller to ask where they got their information since they seemed very confident it was part of a child's set.
  26. awesome, thank you Celiene!
  27. yeah! I just bought the etsy set so we'll see if they match. ;)
  28. Great - will do TC. :)
  29. thanks for the tips TallCakes; I'll look into it! I could only find cups for about $25 EACH, which seemed a bit steep. But I guess if they are 100 years old...
  30. @celeine you're right that this set looks very similar (and is IDed as Model Glass Co):
  31. Just updated the post with a couple more images and measurements. It is about 2.5" inches across and those little spikes seem closer and sharper than any hobnail designs I could find online...
  32. Very cool Rob - I'd never seen this one. It's like a 130-year-old GoPro! :)
  33. that's a good thought Mani ~ it definitely seems like a punch set to me. The other thing that seems different from most hobnail patterns is that the spikes go all the way under the cup - there is no ...
  34. Thanks for the well wishes - and happy holidays to everyone! I'll have to take some closer photos - the bumps seems sharper and much closer together than any hobnail design I've seen, which is pa...
  35. Thanks MCRobert and Manikin - happy holidays y'all!
  36. Thanks for the info Celiene; I'll take some measurements and update the post!
  37. thanks belltown, nutsabotsa, nicefice, and inky! Happy Holidays to all y'all - hope you each score some great finds. :)
  38. candle wick trimmer?
  39. Interesting - you might try contacting whoever runs this Hermes site (or posting it there as well):
  40. Wow no - tell us more! Manikin (among others) will be very interested to hear more. :)
  41. yeah I'd say so - condition looks great
  42. sure thing! Welcome to CW :)
  43. check out the bottom left of the model cars page for some reference sites:
  44. I think it's great, love the layers. :)
  45. Loos to say "CAFE" something behind Stonewall's. Where'd you find the sign?
  46. Lovely pieces! CW did a brief article on the topic as well:
  47. Noah Rothbaum's book on American Whiskey might also have info on some of these vintage brands / labels:
  48. Beautiful piece - so the seals seem to be an ice block with tongs, a musical staff / notes, and Hermes with the caduceus (entwines snakes / symbol of medicine) and initials. Not sure how or why they ...
  49. Love that pyramid cake! :)
  50. whoa, I love this! Such a beauty.
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