San Francisco, CA

As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet to hold! (Read more)


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Cute Little Kewpie - Dollsin Dolls
Avon Bottle shaped like VW Bus - Bottlesin Bottles
Cut Glass Cufflinks - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Mid-Century geometric chair - Furniturein Furniture
Mid-Century Molded Plastic Chairs - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Hand blown swirling glass pitcher - Art Glassin Art Glass
Optician Trade Card - Accessoriesin Accessories
Princess Phone Charm - Telephonesin Telephones
Vintage Danish Modern Chair  - Furniturein Furniture


  1. check for marks here: You should also add some images of the set, not just the mark...
  2. awesome nightwolf ~ great finds :)
  3. actually would make a rather nice cake-shop light fixture...someone should steal that idea!
  4. love those red-nosed kings!
  5. awesome, nice work!
  6. Anytime Mani :) !
  7. new visual art family! Just placed it in there for ya ;)
  8. Guess what? We have a new family for visual arts! Just plopped this into the painting category :)
  9. Wow, nice work RobH!
  10. or even sliced toast!
  11. asparagus server? bean slider? Just guesses. :) Does the tray rotate?
  12. Thanks Manikin! We're finally getting some rainy / chilly weather, so it's putting me in the mood for some Bing Crosby and eggnog. :) Happy holidays to you as well!
  13. Thank you kivatinitz! :)
  14. Aha, I see - perfect. And Happy Thanksgiving Mani! :) Giving thanks for all the helpful contributors on Show & Tell (and beyond)....
  15. Yeah! 50 cents ain't too shabby. :) I think both the loops are closed (you mean the little porcelain circle shapes in the joint on the arms?), but I'll ahve to look again tonite. I definitely have ...
  16. Thanks for all the info Mani! Comparing the faint vertical lines on the feet to the mark on this doll, it does seem to be a well-used mold (reading "ONEILL":
  17. haha, thanks Sean. he's plotting something! ;)
  18. I want a cute little gift like that.... :)
  19. Ah yes, that could be completely proper - I have no idea what else you would call them. :)
  20. thanks MisterEsoteric :) What are the "singles" you mention? The small clamshell-style cases for a single set of cufflinks?
  21. Wow, loved reading about cranial deformations kyratango - thanks for that link!
  22. Glad to help :) we're definitely working on it!
  23. thanks Sean! :)
  24. Hi ho2cultcha - we just don't have a good spot on CW for paintings and original art (yet) because eBay doesn't have a great selection of this stuff, and we don't want to create a smorgasbord category ...
  25. Very cool Ted! I've looked through SF's property info map online, but always forget to write down the addresses of cool / weird / abandoned buildings I want to research. This is a good reminder to do...
  26. I second what everyone else has said - love these photos of architectural remnants. One of my favorite games in San Francisco (where I live) is trying to imagine the original uses / layouts / designs...
  27. I have this same tablecloth! Love it. :)
  28. Thanks FanciGirl :)
  29. I bet they would soften with steam - though I don't know if that would damage their integrity / print quality....
  30. Thanks Sean - totally Scooby-Doo style :)
  31. I like the photobooth idea, hence the flat / plain background...
  32. Thanks AGH, that was quick! and Virginia + racer for the love :)
  33. nice find - make sure to put them through a drier cycle to ward off bedbugs tho!
  34. Definitely signs of the zodiac, but why attached...?
  35. rustic white is pretty hip, but I say go back to the beautiful wood! :)
  36. I still think butter churn, especially with that hole in the bottom. Does the inside show signs of wear? you can add two more pics...
  37. wash with disinfectant! Maybe put through a dishwasher cycle for good measure.
  38. agree - resembles a butter churn.
  39. spoon / silverware rests?
  40. If this is an artist designed piece, I would think it should at least go to a museum rather than Goodwill. Give a call to any contemporary art museums in your area and see what they think!
  41. thanks virginia ;)
  42. Poor guys. I think if people knew they couldn't survive on their own anymore, they might stop. :/
  43. Yep, all food / toiletries gotta be locked away so they don't come nosing around your tent. We had no issues, but the ranger said our site was in "bear alley" and that they have a few coming in every...
  44. Yipes - tree beetle?! I usually wear ear plugs anyway, but thanks for the tip. :) We were more worried about bears out here in CA.
  45. haha Mani ;) I was camping that night! so didn't even feel it.
  46. Looks to be a bottle opener!
  47. I think this is an unfinished rug (likely from Mexico) - after the figures were completed, then they would weave regular strips of color for the background.
  48. Interesting. Yeah I was wondering about the potential for "lifting" them as well. :)
  49. Nice! Great joker collection. Do you typically have to buy the whole deck, or can you find the joker on its own?
  50. whoa, very cool jokercollector!
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