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As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet As a Producer for Collectors Weekly, I collect a little bit of everything, but my weakness is vintage menswear, and I've already got too many clothes for one closet to hold. :) (Read more)


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Allan doll box by Mattel, circa 1963 - Dollsin Dolls
Nautical cross-stitch poem - Sewingin Sewing
Sputnik Souvenir Cigarette Case - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Vintage Children's Glassware Set with Small Spikes / Hobnails - Glasswarein Glassware
Vintage Bar Cart - Kitchenin Kitchen
Blue Cat Pitcher by Kaj Franck for Arabia - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Cute Little Kewpie - Dollsin Dolls
Avon Bottle shaped like VW Bus - Bottlesin Bottles
Cut Glass Cufflinks - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Mid-Century geometric chair - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Wow, amazing!
  2. Beautiful! What era is this from?
  3. Sounds like Ken was quite the high roller! How convenient that Allan was exactly the same size. ;)
  4. They do look sorta similar, huh Rose? But I think your guy might be 70s/80s-era. Thanks for looking!
  5. haha, well at least you can wear the jewelry Bonnie!
  6. Thanks Mani & Bonnie! The Mattel slogan came straight from the youtube video - it's hilarious. :)
  7. They look very 90s—and ties from that period are not increasing in value at the moment. Love the seashells :)
  8. The size and shape made me think of ink bottles:
  9. Agree with Tassie Devil - reminds me of a samovar (albeit with the spigot hidden or turned away).
  10. These are great - can you tell us a little about each of the stamps?
  11. lovely! I think it says "Costo Pisa" - or perhaps another first word...
  12. Perfect - maybe like a John Waters / Beetlejuice post-modern version of Wilma then. ;)
  13. haha yes! Now you need a costume-party excuse to try out her whole look. ;)
  14. Great piece - reminds me of Wilma Flintstone's signature necklace! ;)
  15. sure thing - they are super cool!
  16. Thanks Sean! (and others for the love)
  17. Cool :) please do!
  18. Love to see the pictures, but once you're selling them, the post has to be removed from this forum (CW doesn't allow any kind of advertisement for sales).
  19. Haha, Manikin - that's the one I bought! I re-stitched the parts you couldn't read because they had faded so much. ;)
  20. p.s. the clipper ship era was actually in the 1850s, so even if 1928 is a correct date, I wonder what the reference to these sailing ships was meant to imply....?
  21. Thanks for your thoughts Mani! I should've photographed the back before sewing it on, but it looked pretty standard for hand-made embroidery (a lot of messy knots and whatnot). :)
  22. p.s. here's a link to the other auction:
  23. these are pretty common in Mexico - not sure if it's a specific designer or just a general style. I've seen the round ones called "Acapulco Chairs" -
  24. someone suggested this was for homing pigeons, but I'm not sure if that's correct since there are no airholes...?
  25. great collection! Is it possible to upload larger images so we can see the individual badges? Right now the pictures don't enlarge...
  26. or maybe Delano ?
  27. How did I miss this ?! I need one. :)
  28. maybe a roach clip? for smoking marijuana. :)
  29. Very cool - looks like some websites call them self-watering stakes or spikes. Do they have holes in the top?
  30. Yeah, I ended up buying black spray paint (made for plastic furniture) that sealed them up nicely so I could use indoors and cover the rust.
  31. thanks NB. ;)
  32. Yeah, he's a keeper. ;) thanks Scott & NevadaBlades.
  33. Seems like having the Emergency Repair book be #13 would have made some people nervous. ;)
  34. yeah, it's pretty genius Brunswick. And looks better than those paper tags put on comforters these days... :)
  35. Yeah, gingerbread sounds right. You should make a batch! :)
  36. Thanks Amatoor :)
  37. If we're talking about the same images - the two side by side in the article - I'm pretty certain they are also recessed.
  38. Hence my childless state - we manage plenty of children here on Show & Tell. ;)
  39. Oh, we are well aware of the heavy dose of insanity BB ;)
  40. thanks BB! :)
  41. There are actually examples of similar figural molds, used to make Tirggel (traditional Swiss Christmas biscuits) in this CW article:
  42. If you're looking to sell them, you can't post them in this forum—the moderators will delete the post.
  43. They look to be engraved printer's blocks advertising films from the 60s (likely for use in newspapers).
  44. can you add a photo or two of the underside? perhaps it was made for sealing something / creasing it / pressing it flat. Almost like a reverse letter-opener. ;)
  45. Good eye, maybe something spun on the top?
  46. gorgeous, I'm amazed the stuff that people put on the curb here! case in point:
  47. jewelry, hat, or instrument holder (like an oboe?)
  48. haha that's great. :)
  49. how does one win the game?!
  50. Here's some interesting info on Ideal: From the art deco styling, I would assume this is a 1920s model.
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