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Rare & Beautiful Bronze Nouveau Eagle Inkwell/Pen Holder - Pensin Pens
Rare & Beautiful 1930's American Art Deco Bronze Candle-holder - Art Decoin Art Deco
Beautiful Art Nouveau Swiveling Piano Candle Holder- Bracket?? - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
c. 1920's Art Deco Bauhaus Clock #2 - Clocksin Clocks
c. 1920's Art Deco Bauhaus Clock #1 - Clocksin Clocks
Anyone know who painted this amazing Art Nouveau or Art Deco watercolor...?? - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Heintz Art Nouveau Expandable Book Rack  c. 1910 - Booksin Books
Rare Jennings Brothers Deco Rocket or Missile Bookends! - Art Decoin Art Deco
My first piece of Art Glass ! - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Sean, and a Happy New Year to you as well...!
  2. Nope, the pin doesn't come out. I'll try to take a picture from that end, but it's basically just a hollow circular part (without thread) that somehow or other attaches to a mounting bracket. I've a...
  3. Good question.....I don't have a clue!
  4. Actually no, it's not threaded inside- feels kinda smooth aside from some age soiling......
  5. Many thanks- I will try that!
  6. Yes, just a single mount. That might be harder to find than a double......
  7. Same here!
  8. Thanks, I was lucky to find it....; - )
  9. No idea, Tomcat- I was fortunate enough to get this one for under $400, but I considered that to be a "steal", and don't expect to see another one like it ever again (it came from Holland).
  10. I agree completely, Zowie & austrohungaro- never saw a shape like that before!
  11. Thanks Phil, and many thanks to all you other folks too for your kind remarks!
  12. Very perceptive of you Vertraio50, because both clocks were purchased from a seller in Holland (the shipping cost alone was $45 for each...)!
  13. Thanks Fran- that's exactly the way I feel about it too!
  14. Thanks- that dial really blew me away!
  15. The seller actually said that it was "EAB", but my wife and I both think it looks more like an "F" (especially under a magnifying glass). That being said, I tried searching for artists using both "F....
  16. Hi Sean, I just added the only other picture I have. Hope you like it...!
  17. Hi Cogito, I had it professionally rewired last month and will ask my daughter to take a picture of it with her digital camera (mine's broken). What makes it even cooler is that the guy installed ...
  18. I also have the charger plate, and a hexagonal-sided bowl (8 1/2 inches). What a wonderful design!
  19. Thanks so much- my wife and I never get tired of looking at it...!
  20. Thanks Dr. F.- I feel very lucky to own it (and just in time for my birthday too)!
  21. A.R., I suppose I'd be willing to swap with you if you happen to have a 2014 Corvette or a Shelby GT500KR...... P.S. just kidding- I'd be willing to swap you for 2013 models too......; - )
  22. Thanks, Sean!
  23. Thanks A.R., you see why I was unable to resist it...?!
  24. Thanks, Aldo!
  25. Thanks Inky- you have great taste...; - )
  26. Actually P/D/A/M, it came from NYC.....though it of course originated in Europe. Can't wait till it's "electrified" anew!
  27. Thanks- ditto...! ; - )
  28. Thanks- my wife and I do too (it just arrived by Fed-Ex yesterday), and we can't wait to see it after it's been newly "electrified"!
  29. Thank you kindly Inky!
  30. HAH! I usually "seek" online about 4 - 6 hours a day (I'm retired, and it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.....; - )
  31. I should only be so lucky! ; - )
  32. I agree P/D/A/M, but unfortunately I've become SO suspicious from all the fakes/forgeries/reproductions out there (especially on ebay!) that I was initially concerned that this was simply "too good to...
  33. Same here! Funny thing is, I never even heard of the artist until a few weeks ago when I first spotted the "writing lady" sculpture, and then.....BAM.....I find these two beauties 10 days later. Tha...
  34. Hi, Yes, somewhat similar- but I've never been able to find another pair identical to these. I "probably" overpaid for them at $360, but I simply HAD to have them because the design appealed to...
  35. Hi Sarahoff, Yes, it is signed "Gruber" (Franz Gruber). I originally posted a close-up picture of his signature but replaced it with a pic of the bottom.
  36. Thanks, Inky- my wife and I think so too!
  37. Thanks again for your insight, Cogito- much appreciated!
  38. Thanks, Cogito- much obliged for your input and that link! It is indeed the same signature (and style) as mine, and confirms that mine is a true period antique- something I was 95% certain of, b...
  39. Thank you kindly, Stef. I just emailed Paul, and hope he'll be able to either enlighten me himself or provide contact info for another source.
  40. Thanks for all your comments- it's nice to hear that other collectors share the same appreciation for this highly uncommon Roycroft design! I think at the time they WEREN'T appreciated because they...
  41. Thanks for the excellent advice Cogito- I just printed out their email and will save it! I'd love to know who designed it too. What first caught my attention is that the "tree branches" at the top ...
  42. Thanks! It's actually even much nicer in person than it looks on the photos (which I copied from the auction listing). Really amazing that this looks as new as the day it was made 106 years later....
  43. Thanks, I consider myself very fortunate to own it (as will my daughter when I kick the bucket one day...; - )
  44. I just received the following reply from the V/B museum in Germany: Dear Sir, Thank you for writing and your interest in Villeroy & Boch and its historical products. The vase that you bough...
  45. Thank you both (for that reassuring thought, and appreciative comment). I was just a bit worried that the bottom of the vase had no obvious wear because they frequently mention that on the "Antiques ...
  46. Thanks so much for your reply. I too have a feeling that it's original vintage 1906, but there are SO many scam artists and forgers these days that I'd like to be 100% "certain" if possible. I just ...
  47. Thank you kindly for that tip, Johann! I googled "the Empire Lamp Co. of Chicago" and saw a number of similar designs. The reason I think the B & H base is bronze (except for the foot, which is dif...
  48. Thanks! It's really the focal point of our living room when lit- just amazing with a soft yellow glow. It weighs a ton too! We were very (very!) lucky to have won it, and for a reasonable price (...
  49. Scott, I am a SERIOUS early aviation collector, and would be VERY interested in hearing what you have! If you like, you can email me at: I have TONS of pre-1914 cards and...
  50. My pleasure Scott- that just happens to be MY area of expertise (been collecting pioneer-era aviation for 35 years!). Most folks have trouble distinguishing various types of biplanes and often assu...
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