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Art Nouveau Bronze Indian Maiden Letter Opener Signd A. Reimann 1901 - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Beautiful Antique Lifelike Eagle Cane Walking Stick with Carved Bone Collar - Accessoriesin Accessories
Remarkable 1920's or 30's German "Pyramid" Deco Mantle Clock - Art Decoin Art Deco
Rare & Beautiful Bronze Nouveau Eagle Inkwell/Pen Holder Signed A. Reimann - Pensin Pens
Rare & Beautiful 1930's American Art Deco Bronze Candle-holder - Art Decoin Art Deco
Beautiful Art Nouveau Swiveling Piano Candle Holder- Bracket?? - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
c. 1920's Art Deco Bauhaus Clock #2 - Clocksin Clocks
c. 1920's Art Deco Bauhaus Clock #1 - Clocksin Clocks
Anyone know who painted this amazing Art Nouveau or Art Deco watercolor...?? - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Thanks for your kind remarks folks!
  2. Thanks, SEAN68- I thought so too (it certainly wasn't cheap!!). Strange thing is that there "appears" to be considerable more age-wear on these pics than you can see in person! Especially around t...
  3. Yes, indeed it is, ozmarty! I'm surprised that nobody (so far) recognizes the signature- the artist is truly extremely talented...
  4. Scott: That face on the bone collar kinda looks, to me, like it "could" be North West Coast Native American- but that would just be a totally uninformed guess. If anyone has a clue as to the possi...
  5. Kyratango- no, I wouldn't be able to collect canes too- it's already hard enough saving up for the usual stuff I buy (deco & nouveau)...: -(
  6. Thanks! I thought so too, and couldn't resist buying it even though I normally don't collect antique canes.
  7. No "encouragement" necessary- what I need is someone to try and STOP me from collecting...; - )
  8. Arisellon- why are you trying to bankrupt me? What have I ever done to you?! (LOL) By the way, that's the same seller I bought this one from (same price range too).
  9. There's no doubt that it IS an absolutely 100% original 1925 watercolor, but I haven't (yet) been able to find out who the artist/illustrator "F.A.B." or "E.A.B." is. Hopefully maybe one day.....?
  10. Thanks, Surf- I would have gone without food for 22 minutes......maybe, but will sell another Junghans clock instead (or some of my wife's favorite things instead if I can get away with it...). M...
  11. Good call- the seller described it as 1930's, but it could indeed easily be from the "Egyptian revival" craze of 1920's shortly after Carter discovered of King Tut's tomb (1923?).
  12. Thanks, and yes, the beautiful symmetry IS almost "hypnotic". Never seen anything quite like it- certainly not from the 1930's....
  13. Thanks! I chose that particular log in name because I'm a (retired) clinical hypnotherapist, and I wrote a book about the history of hypnotism. Fascinating subject (pun intended), but I enjoy collec...
  14. Thanks Sean, and a Happy New Year to you as well...!
  15. Nope, the pin doesn't come out. I'll try to take a picture from that end, but it's basically just a hollow circular part (without thread) that somehow or other attaches to a mounting bracket. I've a...
  16. Good question.....I don't have a clue!
  17. Actually no, it's not threaded inside- feels kinda smooth aside from some age soiling......
  18. Many thanks- I will try that!
  19. Yes, just a single mount. That might be harder to find than a double......
  20. Same here!
  21. Thanks, I was lucky to find it....; - )
  22. No idea, Tomcat- I was fortunate enough to get this one for under $400, but I considered that to be a "steal", and don't expect to see another one like it ever again (it came from Holland).
  23. I agree completely, Zowie & austrohungaro- never saw a shape like that before!
  24. Thanks Phil, and many thanks to all you other folks too for your kind remarks!
  25. Very perceptive of you Vertraio50, because both clocks were purchased from a seller in Holland (the shipping cost alone was $45 for each...)!
  26. Thanks Fran- that's exactly the way I feel about it too!
  27. Thanks- that dial really blew me away!
  28. The seller actually said that it was "EAB", but my wife and I both think it looks more like an "F" (especially under a magnifying glass). That being said, I tried searching for artists using both "F....
  29. Hi Sean, I just added the only other picture I have. Hope you like it...!
  30. Hi Cogito, I had it professionally rewired last month and will ask my daughter to take a picture of it with her digital camera (mine's broken). What makes it even cooler is that the guy installed ...
  31. I also have the charger plate, and a hexagonal-sided bowl (8 1/2 inches). What a wonderful design!
  32. Thanks so much- my wife and I never get tired of looking at it...!
  33. Thanks Dr. F.- I feel very lucky to own it (and just in time for my birthday too)!
  34. A.R., I suppose I'd be willing to swap with you if you happen to have a 2014 Corvette or a Shelby GT500KR...... P.S. just kidding- I'd be willing to swap you for 2013 models too......; - )
  35. Thanks, Sean!
  36. Thanks A.R., you see why I was unable to resist it...?!
  37. Thanks, Aldo!
  38. Thanks Inky- you have great taste...; - )
  39. Actually P/D/A/M, it came from NYC.....though it of course originated in Europe. Can't wait till it's "electrified" anew!
  40. Thanks- ditto...! ; - )
  41. Thanks- my wife and I do too (it just arrived by Fed-Ex yesterday), and we can't wait to see it after it's been newly "electrified"!
  42. Thank you kindly Inky!
  43. HAH! I usually "seek" online about 4 - 6 hours a day (I'm retired, and it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.....; - )
  44. I should only be so lucky! ; - )
  45. I agree P/D/A/M, but unfortunately I've become SO suspicious from all the fakes/forgeries/reproductions out there (especially on ebay!) that I was initially concerned that this was simply "too good to...
  46. Same here! Funny thing is, I never even heard of the artist until a few weeks ago when I first spotted the "writing lady" sculpture, and then.....BAM.....I find these two beauties 10 days later. Tha...
  47. Hi, Yes, somewhat similar- but I've never been able to find another pair identical to these. I "probably" overpaid for them at $360, but I simply HAD to have them because the design appealed to...
  48. Hi Sarahoff, Yes, it is signed "Gruber" (Franz Gruber). I originally posted a close-up picture of his signature but replaced it with a pic of the bottom.
  49. Thanks, Inky- my wife and I think so too!
  50. Thanks again for your insight, Cogito- much appreciated!
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