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original Norman Rockwell drawings? - Visual Artin Visual Art
And yet another artwork from the same estate.......but by same artist? 
Another Mid Century artwork piece..........by whom? 
unusual Mid Century pen or ink drawing.....who is it signed by? - Visual Artin Visual Art
surrealism signed artwork - does anyone know who the artist is? 
Mid Century Modern chrome Heron table centerpiece - what is it and who made it? - Art Decoin Art Deco
unusual impressionist oil painting, can't read signature 
is this a Louis Vuitton hat box??????? - Hatsin Hats
unusual wire limb dolls with bisque faces......European?? - Dollsin Dolls
unusual looking antique French clock with Farcot movement - Clocksin Clocks


  1. I think I'll take them to my local auction house and see what they say.......
  2. Yes, the horn is fine the way it is, just the base is painted and ugly looking.....
  3. Isn't it? Please let me know if you have any info on the maker? Thanks, Nessa
  4. Yes, marked "Frankart" and patent applied for. Isn't it beautiful? I just bought my daughter the same one, but hers is also a lamp!
  5. So cool that you have the same one, Lisa-lighting!! Not sure if mine is ferrous, sure looks and feels like cast iron though. Mine has a black finish. I just LOVE this lamp!
  6. I'm hoping someone can tell me more about them too. My husband doesn't love them as much as I do though, so I might have to look into getting them a new home soon..................
  7. Yes, I saw the exact same auction on eBay with the Schimmelpfennig bronze lamp.....mine looks very similar in style and detailing, but is unmarked as far as I can see. Thanks for all your comments!! ...
  8. I saw the picture in the link you sent it yes, it does look like that mountain with the little "dip" in the top on the right!! So cool, thanks a lot! Nessa
  9. I never thought of it as a Mountain picture, but I see what you mean! Either way, I love it! Nessa
  10. Thanks for your input! I'll try the black light. Hope I find out who it is, I'd love to have more by him. Nessa
  11. They look so cozy sitting by the fireplace! Where I am in PA it's about 19 degrees at the moment, plus snowy....... I'm jealous!
  12. Isn't it unusual?! Someone suggested it's a vintage plastic lamp, but it's definitely antique and cast iron...... have never seen one with this subject either!
  13. LOVE this clock......I collect both Art Deco nudes and clocks, so this piece is perfect for me!!
  14. Thanks, Inky....me too!
  15. These lamps typically had shades (if any) that would "sit" on top of the bulb itself with some sort of wire spring.
  16. I also thought that Frankart didn't mark his pieces in the beginning....... I myself have several pieces that are definitely from the period and in this style, but just unmarked! This is the one ...
  17. This is right up my alley! I love these types of unusual lamps and collect them myself. Wish I had found it in a PA shop, I live there but never seem to find anything this cool in stores, only at...
  18. Wish I knew how the lady got it................. I guess we never will, interesting though! Nessa
  19. Very cool that you guys will translate this for me.....very much appreciated! Nessa
  20. Thanks for your comments, guys!! I love it too! Nessa
  21. Thanks for the info! Yours is beautiful.............
  22. Yes, hopefully someone can identify the tribe for me......... Thanks for your comment!
  23. Very possible, she might have loved ballet and wanted to have a signed photo.
  24. Thanks for all your help, guys! I could make out "Mikhail" but not the last name........... Nessa
  25. Thanks for your comments, even if it's an American piece.....I love it! Nessa
  26. Thanks for all your input! Nessa
  27. Thanks for your comment! Nessa
  28. Thanks for your input! Nessa
  29. Added two pictures above.........
  30. Markings might have been rubbed off......it's definitely seen some action!! I thought it might be English, since a lot of other antiques from the same estate were English. Nessa
  31. Any idea how I can tell if it's a "real" decoy, as supposed to a decorative piece? Nessa
  32. Sorry for the late reply!! Crazy busy, but I finally got around to opening the watch (thanks for the tip, I feel so stupid not realizing it turns to open!!). Can I submit another picture here or do ...
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Norman Rockwell prints Information needed on this lamp...thank you. Art deco lamp-old reproduction? Deco Era Life Size Fiberglass Nude Lady Lamp/Light from Movie Theater Unusual Art deco pocket watch lamp My Art Deco Lamp