Palm Coast Florida

I love collecting Jack Daniel's and petty much do not collecting anything else anymore. I learn something about Jack Daniel's every day and I look forward to findingI love collecting Jack Daniel's and petty much do not collecting anything else anymore. I learn something about Jack Daniel's every day and I look forward to finding that next item. The thrill of the Hunt!!! (Read more)


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Delta Airlines Transportation Bottle Letterpress Printing Blocks - Advertisingin Advertising
Chivas Regal Transportation bottles US Marine Corps 1940's - Bottlesin Bottles
Jack Daniel's 1904 Centennial Gold Medal Replica Bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Some of My Jack Daniels Collection - Bottlesin Bottles
Old table??? - Furniturein Furniture
Windsor brace back rocking chair - Furniturein Furniture
Fenton Marigold 3 footed bowl - Glasswarein Glassware
Capodimonte figurine old man and woman - Figurinesin Figurines
Jack Daniels Riverboat Captains bottle - Bottlesin Bottles
Fine porcelain hand painted 8 inch plate signed with a Mathematical Formula - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Thanks Trey !!!
  2. Thanks fortapache !!!
  3. Thanks aghcollect !!!
  4. Thanks Trey I think so too !!!
  5. Thanks aghcollect and fortapache !!!
  6. Thanks Trey !!!
  7. Thanks aghcollect !!!
  8. Thanks SEAN68 its the best in my book and all I drink!!!
  9. Thanks Officialfuel !!
  10. WOW!!! Very nice
  11. Thanks Trey and Jacamp8435. I already know how expensive it can get, but it is just like collecting anything else if you want it you got to pay for it. Trey The guitar was part of a display from a Zac...
  12. Thanks aghcollect !!!
  13. Love those display bottles!!!!
  14. A license in 1947 in Alabama.
  15. Prohibition was repealed in Tennessee in 1938. Not sure why they still had a license in 1947. I love it though!!!
  16. Very nice. Do you still have it? During prohibition jack was not bottled in Tennessee they moved to Birmingham. Don't know exactly how long they bottled it there.
  17. Thanks anyway
  18. fhrjr2 - What do you think?
  19. Thanks I was thinking converted because the legs are cut off straight with no bevel. After looking at it real good I see that it is not in as good of shape as i thought. Good lighting makes a differe...
  20. fhrjr2 - Added different pictures. I can only put up 4 but I have taken a bunch. Could it be a chair converted to a rocking chair?
  21. fhrjr2 - Could be I am not that old and sometimes have a fogged memory Or maybe it's the Jack Daniels LOL. I don't go solely on what people say I will find the facts. I will get better pictures now I ...
  22. fhrjr2 - The previous owner is from the Rochester area and stated that it had been in the family for many years. Her mother remembers the chair her whole life and she is in her 80's. I had a friend wh...
  23. fhrjr2 - I guess I should find a better way to ask. I marked it as an unsolved mystery. I have the chair at no cost to me and am trying to find out more about it so the value now is not as important a...
  24. As I research I am seeing that you are most likely correct. The seat bottom does not look to be one piece and from what I have read that alone would make it more modern. I will go back to the house to...
  25. Thanks for the info!!
  26. I don't collect and don't claim to be an expert at anything, But I am willing to learn more about everything. No disrespect taken fhrjr2.
  27. Thanks TallCakes. It dates to 1909? Didn't think it was that old.
  28. Good call nutsabotas6 I found it in Imperial carnival glass in the rose pattern. Thanks for your help!!!
  29. Fenton-hobnail you sill out there??
  30. Even by there facial expressions!!!
  31. Thank you That helps!!
  32. Thanks aghcollect that sounds appropriate for that piece. Would that be the title perhaps? It is an amazing piece of art work. I can't imagine the amount of time they spend on these.
  33. No help I guess!!!!!!
  34. Thanks aghcollect!!!
  35. LOL I agree musikchoo, but in this case it was on top of a pile of trash. I think someone actually through it away. Thanks
  36. Yes they have AZO
  37. Thanks BELLIN68
  38. Thanks BELLIN68
  39. Thanks Scott. Did people have there picture put on a postcard back then or are they generic?
  40. Thanks walksoftly. She doesn't look like she wants to be there thats for sure!!!
  41. Thanks officialfuel and gearpunk
  42. I will Thanks, Ray
  43. I already have some very old photos, but none on metal.
  44. I will Thanks
  45. Thanks Scott, This may be the start of a new collection. First I need to learn more about it. I did not know I had them at first. I have been buying lots and keeping what I like then selling off the r...
  46. Thanks trunkman. Scott you may be right, because I do find them interesting. Do you have any idea how old they might be?
  47. Thanks AmberRose and BELLIN68
  48. Thank you all for the info :)
  49. Thank for the info TallCakes and Paul71. My wife has already found a place for them. They make nice candy dishes. Cleaned up they look really nice.
  50. Looks Like a Stanley 132 Liberty Bell jointer plane. I believe they were made around 1876 -1918. Looks to be in good condition. I just picked up 4 planes at a yard sale for $25. The n0. 602 bedrock I...
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1920s gillette razor Old Motorcycle Gem Razor with Twenty Grand razor blade and original box Early Aladin Lamp ships lanten toplight its name


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