At present I have Depression Glass, Muranos and some Pattern Glass. I've just started doing this and Im trying to learn patterns and how to detail my finds. Any helpAt present I have Depression Glass, Muranos and some Pattern Glass. I've just started doing this and Im trying to learn patterns and how to detail my finds. Any help will be appreciated. (Read more)


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Beautiful Jade Buddha Gold Bracelet & Question About Gold Testing - Asianin Asian
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Tiny Silver Trinket Pill Snuff Box With Enamel Top - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
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  1. There are no marks on this piece. It does seem a bit worn on back so my guess is that it is not real gold. But I look at the filigree and it does look like gold. The detail of this piece is very nice....
  2. Wow thanks much. We know now that it is Japanese. Is the dragon the same in Chinese also? I mean as far as beliefs.
  3. Thanks to all. A beautiful little pin. Such detail all the way down to the scales of the dragon.
  4. I have one similar but it has a green jade I believe. The ring itself is in terrible condition and it does have Chinese hallmarks. I believe it depicts a peacock. Just beautiful but worth not much of ...
  5. I wish I could get so lucky.
  6. I have been to the Riihimaki and Iittala glass factories on a few occasions. I lived in Tampere Finland for nearly 20 yrs. This is a beautiful piece. Se on kaunis. Kiitos paljon.
  7. For some reason it reminds me of Moroccan? \
  8. Mothers day is soon lol
  9. You were more than helpful. Thanks much. I can research it. And I will have it tested for gold.
  10. Well maybe old
  11. OOPS. Not Asian. Not Siam. LOL. Not old.
  12. Well I'm learning a lot about Asian items. I've got a bunch of small piece of jewelry as well as some nice jade pieces. I have one beautiful piece of Jade I'll post. It's beautiful. As far as love fo...
  13. Thanks Kyratango for the info. I have another Asian piece also with unknown character. Could you help me on that one?
  14. Hello and thanks for the comment. I'm not sure if I want to clean it. Shouldn't ivory with age have this patina? If I choose to sell it, should it look 100 years old without trouble?
  15. Domo arigatou
  16. ??????
  17. I stand corrected. It seems that the Roland James record should have the number 1007 on it. I guess I ask the same questions, are these early pressings?
  18. Curious as to why the Prohibition was filed off.
  19. Wow just looking at my badge's photos and of course I can tell what was filed off by looking at the back of the badge. It says Prohibition. Still wonder why it was filed off
  20. Most got rid of it and threw it away or better yet, didn't buy it.
  21. It's still ugly. I can't find any like it. Maybe I have the only one in existence. Maybe owned by a person with rose colored glasses.
  22. I don't know how old. It has full crazing. Can the ink color of Made In Japan mark be dated? Just the whole piece is somehow strange.
  23. I picked it up at Goodwill because it was so ugly that I thought it could be something different. Just curious if someone might know what in the world it is. I'll have some fun with it and then get ri...
  24. This hideous piece is like a very strange attempt of a Japanese majolica. I still cant put this think in words. The best word I have for it so far is 'UGLy" lol.
  25. I do believe it is a Riviere Studios Slag Box. I still can not find the mark. There is a lot of green stuff which could be hiding the mark. Don't think I should try to clean it. I don't think it is a ...
  26. Art all Tiffany pieces marked? I can't find one on here.
  27. Could this be a Tiffany Studios Gilt Bronze and Slag Glass Stamp Box? Seems these have Tiffany stamped on them. I cant see anything stamped on mine. There are however some numbers etched on it. Looks ...
  28. The hallmark is added. Not the greatest pic. It looks like an Aztec With feather war hat?
  29. These bottles have a silver hallmark or makers mark. It appears to be an Aztec in my opinion. I can not find this anywhere. I would believe this is Mexican silver but I can not identify this symbol. D...
  30. Ok. I have a very nice lamp I paid for $2 dollars. I may have to keep this one since I have so much invested in it lol. It looks to have never burned a candle. It is a unique piece. Thanks for the inf...
  31. They react with a yellow greenish glow.
  32. MAybe they are EAPG Lead Crystal Sugar Shakers.
  33. They are 4" tall and 2 1/2" in diameter. Very heavy glass
  34. So because it has been electrified, it ruins the value? I guess the candle holder has a hole in it. Just how old are these?
  35. This is a blenko #37. Still cant tell what the color is. Is it amber or gold?
  36. Blenko #939
  37. I don't believe this was dyed. I paid a whopping $4 for this piece, lol. As for the color I was wondering is it really amber or could it be called honey? Is it really a Blenko?
  38. Guessed I stumped you all as well, lol. Still pretty cool.
  39. Ahh. That has to be right. It does look like an ornament. Thanks. Is it a carrot or an ice cycle?
  40. I have added a photo of the 5 different colors.
  41. Yes I have 24 of these in 5 different colors. Since I am a man I don't do colors very well. lol. I would say gold, green, red, blue and purple. I'm sure some of you could tell me the more correct color.
  42. Okay great. I have a bunch more medals. The guy was obviously an athlete. There are several marksmanship medals as well. So the ICAA is now the present day Big Ten?
  43. I believe it could be a college medal. Can't really figure it out. Is it AAIC or CIAA or whatever lol?
  44. I think it could be an Edwardian toothpick.
  45. Thanks a lot.
  46. Well you are probably right. But the piece looks older for some reason. But then again you are probably right. Just wished it were a diamond, lol. I thought it might be older cause it is marked sterli...
  47. It is approximately 2" in length
  48. How in the world did they do the links of the chain itself? This piece looks old. Could it be at least 100 yrs old?
  49. It has no stages. It just folds out in one stage. I have other stuff that was in the same lot. There were some Moroccan stuff as well as some old Spanish stuff. Maybe one of the two? Don't really know...
  50. Believe it or not, I can't find any indention anywhere. This piece is very tight. I guess I might have to go to a jeweler to open it. I Still don't know what kind it is.
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