For as long as I can remember, I love beautiful things like so many other people. In order to watch but also to collect them especially antique jewelry from the 18thFor as long as I can remember, I love beautiful things like so many other people. In order to watch but also to collect them especially antique jewelry from the 18th and 19th centuries. This out of hand hobby which has grown into a passion. When I was fourteen years old I got a silver watch chain birthday present from an aunt to wear as bracelet. That was my first introduction to antique jewelry. I posted it already on CW. I enjoy wherever possible to find affordable antique jewelry and could build in this way a decent collection. Since I am retired for several years I'm able to spend time in searching, viewing and publishing and like to share and show my collection to fellow collectors. Furthermore I like to share my knowledge of antique jewelry with others and also learn from the knowledge and experience collectors. (Read more)


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Stunning Art Deco Silver coiled flexible snake serpent bangle bracelet with ruby/garnet eyes - Art Decoin Art Deco
Vintage double Cicada brooch - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Antique Round Pietra Dura (hard stone) brooch set in silver - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Fly Micro Mosaic ring set in 14K yellow gold - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Translucent Cherry Amber necklace - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Micro Mosaic Flower Brooch 14K  Etruscan style gold  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Antique Flower Micro Mosaic Photo Frame - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Vintage Ethnic (Tunesia)Bakelite Necklace combined unknown material - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Beautiful Vintage Italian Venetian Murano Glass Vanity Dresser Wall Mirror - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Baccarat 18K Flower Earrings - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. brunswick and fortapache thanks for your quick respons and love!
  2. PhilDMorris, thanks for love and interest.
  3. kivatinitz, you're always so kind with compliments, thanks!
  4. PhilDMorris, thank you for your nice complimen and love. I agree therefore almost always, when I'll make a new item at CW, i take a picture of the same kind group I already own.
  5. racer4four thanks for your nice comment and love. And the insects are not only quieter but also easier to punch.
  6. lisa and nutsabotas6 thank you both for interest and love.
  7. Efesgirl I don't need only some personal pesticides to reduce my collection but also some pils to stay awake. You're right of course not beetles but cicades. Thanks for your valuable comment and love.
  8. greenjean and EZaEZa thanks for loving and interest.
  9. Kyra, jscotto363,MacDaddyRico, Manikin, thanks for all your nice comments. I think i need the pesticides to take care my collection doesn't expand to much!LOL!!
  10. newlycollection, thanks for you for your question. No, this is definitely no Meenakari work. The base for Micro Mosaic jewelry is in Italy 18th-19th century. After that, micro mosaic jewelry has also ...
  11. Elisabethan, thanks for your compliment and love
  12. jscott036, valentino97, aura, TassieDevil, vetraio50 and Hel1 thank you all for love.
  13. Beautiful colors!
  14. MALKEY thanks for your compliment and love. Flowers were, also in that period a hot item.
  15. Hel1 and jscott0363 thank you too for your quick love.
  16. racer4four thanks for your quick reaction, love and comment. Nice you know the flowers, i don't.
  17. We call this craquelé and looks to be real oil painting to me
  18. Yurigaspa, thanks for your explenation, that I didn't know.
  19. Yurigaspa, it's forbidden on CollectorsWeekly to sell. If you want information you have to contact in private.
  20. Made by Indians in the U.S.
  21. Art Deco period
  22. Thanks racer4four, indeed you're right, i have never loved a fly zo much !
  23. Thank you Krya. We could fly our bugs back and forth. And last but not least the distantie is not to far even for a fly.LOL
  24. I love this classic cameo.
  25. Also the setting is so beautiful!
  26. Marvelous! Above all i love the patience and craftsmanship of the maker.
  27. cameosleuth thanks for your reaction and comment.
  28. So detailed, georgeous.
  29. Great piece!
  30. cameosleuth thank you for your enlightening explanation about the image of this early micro mosaic brooch. Of this I have learned a lot and also other interested collectors. I am very grateful for tha...
  31. racer4four thanks for your compliment and love.
  32. Fantastic old Micro Mosaic jewelry of the Pantheon in Rome as a souvenir for rich tourists in the 19th brought back homebecause there were not yet photos possible in the that period.
  33. Thanks Efesgirl and Kyra, nice evening!
  34. nutsabotash thanks for your very nice quick comment and love. What do you think (because I really do not understand much from this kind of material) is thisindeed genuine amber?
  35. Nice still
  36. TassieDevil and JImam thanks for interest and love.
  37. Great very beautiful colored and of course nice repaired, compliments as Always!
  38. racer4four, i agree there was my eye and that's exactly why I wanted to have this brooch. I assume that the seller did not know that it was also a golden mount, That's why I've been able to get it ch...
  39. melaniej, Mrstyndall, Hel1 and aura thanks for love and interest.
  40. Kyra,, pebble and Efesgirl thank you so much for your nice comment and compliments.
  41. Agate1122303 thanks you so much for your interest and important information
  42. With kyratilisation the damage is invisible,beautiful colors.
  43. Pascale I love the colors and the Plique-a-jour
  44. aura, Mrstyndall, Hel1 and Peasejean55 thanks for love and interest
  45. Manikin thank you !
  46. JImam, bijoucaillouvintage, Kyra, and vetraio50 thank you all for your attention and love.
  47. melaniej thanks for your interest, love and compliment.
  48. Efesgirl i'm very glad with your compliment and love.
  49. valentino97 how nice you've looked at vintage Baccarat jewelry. As I did after I got these earrings in my possession. Well found some vintage on the world wide web but not this particularly this kind....
  50. MsCrystalShip thanks for your nice comment and love. And you're right like water
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