For as long as I can remember, I love beautiful things like so many other people. In order to watch but also to collect them especially antique jewelry from the 18thFor as long as I can remember, I love beautiful things like so many other people. In order to watch but also to collect them especially antique jewelry from the 18th and 19th centuries. This out of hand hobby which has grown into a passion. When I was fourteen years old I got a silver watch chain birthday present from an aunt to wear as bracelet. That was my first introduction to antique jewelry. I posted it already on CW. I enjoy wherever possible to find affordable antique jewelry and could build in this way a decent collection. Since I am retired for several years I'm able to spend time in searching, viewing and publishing and like to share and show my collection to fellow collectors. Furthermore I like to share my knowledge of antique jewelry with others and also learn from the knowledge and experience collectors. (Read more)


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Who can help; Vercingetorix/Brennvs coin gold colored silver or copper?   - World Coinsin World Coins
Antique 14K yellow gold peasant jewelry so called Zeeuwse Strik. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Victorian Silver Hair Work Mourning pendant  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
3 Micro Mosaic Stick pins - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
1780s Georgian handpainted porcelain cut steel brooch and earrings with mother of pearl back. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
RARE Small pendant dagger former Russian wedding silver belt buckle - Russian Caucasus   - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Handmade enameled Persian pin brooch (Quajar Dynasty) set in Silver  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Georgean Enameled Portrait Enameled Silver brooch of little Girl - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Micro Mosaic 14K Yellow Gold ring  - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry


  1. Gracay2004 thanks for your efforts, I appreciate that very much, but at least I now know what more if the publication of this medal.
  2. Baylou what a nice comment, of course I fully agree! Thanks for your interest. I will wear at for now as pendant.
  3. aghcollect and vetrai050 thank you both for love
  4. Gracay2004 thanks for your quick reply and some more information. I hope you find more about it.
  5. BelleEpoque , fijn te horen dat je dit ook waardeert. Thanks for your comment and love.
  6. Gorgeous, love it
  7. vetrai050 you're welcome, 'm glad I was able to help.
  8. vetrai050 thanks again for your interest and question. As answer for kissers mentioned by you is the Dutch name: Krullen. You can find them with a picture on this site:
  9. kyratango I share the opinion of you and Elisabethan. Moreover they are part of tradition and also nice jewelry which can be used on "normal" clothes and also important in history of a country. We all...
  10. Elisabethan thanks for your comment and love. I appreciate you love for traditional clothes as I do. Besides the fact that these pieces are important in the tradition of a country and also in the tra...
  11. vetrai050 thanks for your dutch comment. I must admit i realy don't know if there is a difference between Catholic and Protestant. This could have been in the past. But nowadays there are no more so m...
  12. Very old and very beautiful !
  13. kyratango thanks for your interest and compliment. Oh w've here also our mourning jewelry. Please take a look on my mourning collection there are a lot of Dutch mourning jewelry.
  14. SEAN68 as so often such quick reaction, thanks!
  15. I advise to look on the important country and homeland of all about Dickens the UK
  16. The c-clasp is the earliest type of catch but it can sometimes be found on "newer" jewelry. De design of the brooch let me think of Art Deco so after all I must conclude that dating is very difficult.
  17. Indeed there are similarities. Unfortunately I cannot date but I think indeed Georgian or early Victorian. And I suppose not Scotland but France as mine. Very Beautiful indeed!
  18. Beautiful and intriguing !
  19. Very elegant
  20. Zowie you're welcome!
  21. Zowie, I agree of course. Thanks for your opinion and comment.
  22. Baylou I agree and love the soft color blue with silver too. Please come over and wear some of these jewelry!
  23. kyratango, thanks for your attention, I'm going to keep an eye on!
  24. Zowie, I appreciate your comment and loves.
  25. Zowie there are not so many people who speak only the truth. Although this is normal it's still special.
  26. kivatinitz thanks for interest and love
  27. Virginia.vintage what is said very nice, thanks for this and for your love.
  28. Beautiful semi-parure !
  29. vintagelamp thanks for interest and love
  30. Vintagelamp thanks for love
  31. Elisabethan I'm glad you like this pendant, thanks for love.
  32. BelleEpoque thanks for interest and love.
  33. Baylou, you are right I forgot the link. Here is my complete answer again: Baylou I appreciate your love and interest in micro mosaic. F.A.P. on the back of Micro Mosaic jewelry was a major studio or...
  34. SEAN68 you're too nice, thanks
  35. SEAN69 thanks for your very nice compliment and love.
  36. CindyB thanks for love
  37. CindB and Zowie thanks.
  38. CindyB thanks for your interest and love.
  39. Hunter, Zowie, Newtimes and Elisabethan thanks you all for looking and love.
  40. Very intricate jewelry
  41. Very nice dagger. It's isn't FAF but F.A.P. the Italian factory made this kind of mosaic in the late 19th first half 20th century.
  42. Very old cut steel, made by hand and 16 or almost 16 different facets!
  43. Very nice, old piece indeed a very rare combination!
  44. Baylou I appreciate your love and interest in micro mosaic. F.A.P. on the back of Micro Mosaic jewelry was a major studio or company in Italy that made many later (end 19s first part 20th century) mic...
  45. Baylou thanks for your comment and let you know when I know what kind of mark it is, but I doubt I will decode.
  46. Zowie thanks for your love and nice comment.
  47. AnneLanders and Elisabethan thanks for interest and love.
  48. Elisabethan thanks for love.
  49. Indeed Zowie this is not my usual jewelry but I like Russe niello. Thanks for compliment
  50. Bluboi, thanks for your interest and compliment. On the last photo you see one earring on back site. Later silver wire fittings.
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