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wicklow ireland


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moulding planes - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
old sweets - Advertisingin Advertising
for quack sake - Animalsin Animals
boxes of some sort 
the town houses - Christmasin Christmas
Thomas kinkade - Model Trainsin Model Trains
trains - Paperin Paper
more pictures of some sort, - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
prints ??? - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
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  1. Thanks fluffy
  2. Thanks jewels, its a lovely bit of brass indeed,
  3. Ahh thanks cindb
  4. Omg, the Duke, magic, pure magic, iv been trying to get somebody to post over to ireland the congressional medals with the main man on them, I even wear lowa , boots where he was born, winterset , low...
  5. Anyone able to translate the wording, might give us an idea of what it was used for , just a taught,
  6. I never new they were decoys, until I read about them here,,,
  7. Thanks I was going to convert them into fly boxes but,,, don't know might just leave them as trinket boxes, Anthony
  8. Olive wood hmm must check out that timber, thanks
  9. Mumbo jumbo to me ha ha, hebrew what it say,,,
  10. Ahh thanks Virginia, its nice of you , happy new year , anthony
  12. Just love these I have a box of them , and im afraid to look at them in case the break, never use them, so delicate, lovely,
  13. Ahh get them out enjoy them I need street lighting now only found out you never stop adding is right, Antony
  14. Thanks to ye all, never met yous, but feel we,, on this site have become friends, in lands far away, Anthony
  15. Thanks everyone your all so kind, I bought a Thomas kinkade xmas express last year and the guy I bought it from fhoned me last night wanted to buy it back of me, no thanks ,
  16. Very nice indeed , I have a train set by the same artist,the Thomas kinkade Xmas express, a great painter , a sad loss ,
  17. Ahh thanks its a bit worn but sure if I live as long as it I would be fairly worn lol
  18. Thanks for that info, dont know what to do with them , thinking about framing them ,,,????
  19. Thanks very much walk softly, im totally lost here I think now there done with charcoal ????
  20. Ahh thanks for that, might just try and put the white one back to oil , your very helpful.
  21. Hi if you find santa with a cigar/pipe, smoking, since its a very bad santa that smokes now, with smoking banned the pictures are been very sought after,,,
  22. Just incredibly, wonderful, beautiful lamps, im very green with envy, fair play to you,
  23. Well yes your of great help, Anthony
  24. Thanks sure its one way of showing and to admire, such small trinkets, rather then have them been hiding away in some box some where nobody can see, its simplest way to make , just a nice old picture ...
  25. Magic information thanks a million folks,
  26. I posted a picture of my old wife and it was taken of the site , it was only a bit of banter, was not trying to sell her, just showing an old relic thats all, I might delete my account here, a Anthony
  27. Hi thanks for that information, yes two hinges inside the hat
  28. If only I could get my hands on it, just to place in my trinket cabinet,
  29. My wife has a neck lace something similar, must put it up for ye to comment on .like ye we dont know what type of metal it is other than it looks like to fish kissing,
  30. Sure I got to love this, pure nectar, indeed, and im heading out for a few pints of the black stuff in ten minutes, other wise know as the blonde in the black skirt,,,, ever here that saying, thanks f...
  31. Why is it so hard to find information on an item, like this compresser, I found a 1933 model but thats about it, any ideas folks,
  32. All I can say I want it , its magnificent ,
  33. Thanks I never sand blasted, as I did not want to do harm , so I got tinners to clean it down , and a wire brush she a nice little red I think some call it, there is a 1933 version on the net , somew...
  34. Just got some info, could be a mans opera top hat,???
  35. Its a split cane fly rod , lovely rod indeed,
  36. sadly for some reason the seller might not post to ireland ????????
  37. love it big time..any idea where one can be bought,anthony
  38. happy healthy new year to everybody from ireland
  39. how times have changed,
  40. Definitely Egyptian, you can clearly see there gathering fruits and gifts, also entertaining the gods with there dance scene
  41. Thanks ye are all welcome, sure share and share alike
  42. I got lots of tobys must show you,
  43. Same to you and all your family , thrifty,
  44. Just started to snow here now white Christmas please,
  45. Ahh thanks very much ye are all so kind, Anthony
  46. Thanks for information very helpful
  47. Its nice to have, an egg beater, ball bearing driven I ment to say also,
  48. How many have you got ??
  49. Thanks for your help.its in that corner 25 year when he was given to me.
  50. thanks a million for that will try it ,anthony
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