Logan, Utah

19th century fencing. Barbed wire, patent models, and salesman samples. Additional information added to posts as it becomes available.


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TWO IN ONE PATENT MODEL - Advertisingin Advertising
ABACUS CATTLE COUNTING GATE - Advertisingin Advertising
EARLY 20TH CENTURY FENCE BADGES - Advertisingin Advertising
RESTORED SALESMAN SAMPLE GATE - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thanks Dan121156
  2. Thanks Scott. Glad you enjoyed it.
  3. Peasejean55. The beads are painted wood. Hard to tell about the age. It is wood that I don't recognize.
  4. Experimentation revealed the way the gate operates. See new listing for photos and explanation.
  5. Roycroftbooksfromme1. Thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoy them.
  6. Blunderbuss2. Happy to share my epiphany. Note the arm connected to the gate, the gate latch (cable), and the downward facing arm on the long shaft. Pulling on one of the cross arms causes the cabl...
  7. Blunderbuss2. Thanks for your comments. Like you I am fascinated with the creativity of our ancestors. I have been a barbed wire collector for over 50 years and as you know every fence has to have...
  8. Thank you all for your continuing support. Treasures are meant to be shared.
  9. Thank you all for sharing.
  10. ibodi - Patent added. Easy to see why it is sometimes mistaken for the Thomas V. Allis patent. blunderbuss2 - It may look nasty but it is actually what is considered a humane barbed wire. Very visi...
  11. The two way wrist radio will be a reality very soon. Gould and Verne were way ahead of their time.
  12. Hi. Will post a photo of the brother of this display that is located in the Devil's Rope Museum in McLean, Texas.
  13. Thank you for the additional photos. This is a really nice piece of history. Curious to know where this was found.
  14. You are so right Al. I've only seen one Gillman in a collection. Personally I don't think these are Gillman. They appear to be a complete reverse of the Scott Smallwood patent #254,888. ie; Shee...
  15. What kind of device is used to attach the wire to the posts? Could you post a photo of the opposite side?
  16. I believe this could have been either a salesman demonstrator or a store display. Due to its size I would lean more toward a store display. The machine to manufacture this wire was patented by Josia...
  17. Keep on trunking! What marvelous wit and imagination. This could be the first of a series of "how to" books. TV in the fireplace with a roaring fire DVD is perfect for those allergic to wood smoke....
  18. Nice Gate!!
  19. Thank you barbedwireguy.
  20. racer4four Check out this posting I believe it was found in Australia.
  21. Probably a factory motor. A leather belt ran on the pulley to a line shaft that could operate a number of machines.
  22. racer4four The wood blocks were used to make the wire visible. Wire with barbs caused severe damage to animals (including humans). Many of the states passed laws requiring "warning plates" or "warn...
  23. Not a Kansan. Texan born and bred. There because of the convention. The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum is located in La Crosse. It was their 50th anniversary.
  24. Thanks kerry10456. At my age the "Whaoo" shuffle is more appropriate.
  25. Very kind of you kerry10456. I agree with your critter assessment. Thanks for clearing up the "they" question. I will look for short critters when anyone says "they".
  26. Thanks tom61375. Good one. There's a joke for every occasion. You should write a book! By the way, who is "they"?
  27. Thank you Sean.
  28. You're welcome Tony. I love sharing my passion of 50+ years.
  29. Found a rock just like the first one that I gave to my wife on Valentine's Day 2008. Love it.
  30. Love your collection. In another life I could easily collect old gas pumps.
  31. Thanks Michael, Sounds as if your fence must be really special. I love the old Victorian fences. The corn fence in New Orleans is my favorite.
  32. My wife would be in heaven.
  33. What a fantastic collection!! I was a techinician for the Simplex Time Recorder Company in the 70s and 80s. Got to work on early time recording equipment, tower clocks, and master time systems. L...
  34. Thanks Sean68!! Love sharing.
  35. Thanks kerry10456. I love history and researching these keeps my mind active. It is terrific when you can tie things together, like having an item, finding a patent, and advertising pamphlets, postc...
  36. Thanks Windwalker. Smiles are our friends. I have 58 and counting. Still a few around. Have to look in all the right places.
  37. Thanks to Google patents for making it possible to locate information about an item.
  38. Tried a different patent search criteria and located the patent January 17, 2014. Thank you google.
  39. You were a big boy when you were four! My feet wouldn't even reach the pedals on my tiny red triclyle. Kidding aside, that is a neat machine. The "Pickers" would go nuts over that.
  40. Thanks Sean.
  41. fhrjr2 - This is a very versatile design. It could be opened on one side and closed on the other. It also could be raised to clear obstructions. There are a number of patents for variations on this ...
  42. It is my pleasure to share. Thanks kerry10456
  43. AzTom - That is the million dollar question. From what I have read the Patent Office required a working model no larger than 12"x12"x12", although it is said that some exceeded that size by a bit, s...
  44. Better late than never! Thank you subversivegrrl
  45. Thanks for your input fhfjr. Your comments about the quality of the first two photos is well taken. I have been unable to find a suitable spot with enough light to take pictures. Have experimented ...
  46. That is very kind of you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris. Thanks.
  47. Terrific find!! Go to and enter patent #894,437. The patent was assigned to M. Hohner 7-28-1908.
  48. Thanks Windwalker
  49. Thank you pw-collector. Sorry for the tardiness. Really appreciate the information.
  50. Thank you Sean68 & AmberRose. Your collections are very special as well.
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