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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Personal Website: antiquetypewriters.com

I have been collecting and restoring 19th century typewriters for 20 years. I love the beauty and ingenious designs of these early typewriters from the 1880 and 1I have been collecting and restoring 19th century typewriters for 20 years. I love the beauty and ingenious designs of these early typewriters from the 1880 and 1890s and continue to build my collection. Please visit my website to see my collection and please do not hesitate to be in touch. www.antiquetypewriters.com Regards, Martin Howard (Read more)


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Ford typewriter - 1895  (antiquetypewriters.com) - Officein Office
New American 5 typewriter  (also International 5 typewriter) - 1906 - Officein Office
Underwood 1 typewriter - 1896 - Officein Office
Sun Standard 2 typewriter - 1901 - Officein Office
Stenograph for the blind  - (Miles Bartholomew) - circa 1888 - Officein Office
Stenograph 1 (Miles Bartholomew) - wooden base - 1882 - Officein Office
Stenograph 1 (Miles Bartholomew) - metal base - 1884 - Officein Office
Smith Premier 1 typewriter - 1890 - Officein Office
Sholes Visible - 1901 - Officein Office
Remington 2 typewriter - 1894 - Officein Office


  1. Thank you Celiene, I love machines too. It is great to be able to share ones passions.
  2. Hi Celiene, Thank you for expressing your wonder of the the 'Blick' typewriter. The Blick does not have type bars at all! It uses a single type element or type wheel, (think IBM 'Golf ball' as u...
  3. Thanks for sending me the photos. Did you send them to my email address? I cannot see where they are at the moment.
  4. The Blickensderfer 7 first appeared in 1897. I love the look of the number 7 with the shiny aluminum frame, with the copper shield with the typewriter's name sitting proudly in the middle. How ...
  5. Thank you for sharing your joy in seeing these remarkable early typewriters. It is great to know that these typewriters are admired.
  6. Thank you for your enthusiastic feedback, much appreciated. There early typewriters are so ingenious and beautiful that they need to be shown and enjoyed. Cheers, Martin
  7. Yes for sure, thanks, I am thrilled to have this early Stenograph in my collection. You have good taste. Good luck in your hunt. Martin
  8. Thank you for your appreciation of my antique typewriters. It is wonderful to be able to share with others what ones loves. Cheers, Martin
  9. Thank you Sean, I am so pleased that you see and appreciate the beauty of this remarkable early typewriter. Martin
  10. Yes, thank you, the condition is quite emarkable on this beautiful typewriter. I am so thrilled to have it in my collection. Martin
  11. Over 300 different typewriter designs were tried during the 1880s and 1890s. It was the wild west for typewriters. The Underwood, which appeared in 1896, would bring to an end this age of experim...
  12. Thank you, that is a very good suggestion to not post too many typewriters in one day. I just got into catching up and just kept on going. I'm sorry for the overkill. If you like, please visit my c...
  13. Thank you very much for letting me know that you enjoyed seeing my collection. Cheers, Martin
  14. A good question. I see the following reasons as to why the keys are so spread apart. - The type-levers open up like a fan, so the further away from the back end of the typewriter, the further the ...
  15. Hi Mike, I love taking early typewriters apart and cleaning them from the inside out. I have spent many hours working on these beautiful typing machines. All of the typewriters in my collection are m...
  16. Mike you're right, the Ford cost $75 in 1895, which was a lot of money. In comparison one could buy a nice horse drawn carriage for that amount or a huge coal burning furnace would set you back aroun...
  17. Hello, Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm about the Lambert typewriter from my collection. The Lambert typewriter is truly a unique and wonderful piece of industrial design and art. The top ...
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Columbia 2 typewriter