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  1. Lovely story and beautiful trunk. You are a gifted story teller, I loved reading about the trunk run. I can't wait to see pictures of the trunk when it's done. Dogs are man's best friend, work on ...
  2. Thanks TrunkerMarvin I love the trunk and will keep this one in my collection and pass on to my daughter someday. I haven't done anything to it yet. I had lots of small projects to work on over the ...
  3. Thanks - can't take full credit for the idea. About 20 years ago my mom ran an antique shop, she would make all sorts of items out of worn out or damaged items she would find. That is where I got th...
  4. These are well worth the work to restore. I found one in bad shape at a flea market and took the time to restore it. Mine was missing the hinges, some of the banding towards the bottom was rusted ou...
  5. Thanks for the post - it doesn't look like it was cut down but it is very odd to be this small. You couldn't store much in it but as stated maybe it was for one person who lived in a small area. I l...
  6. Jim thanks I would love to chat with you and get advice on fixing up this trunk. I've seen your work, it is amazing what you do to restore these pieces of history. I will give you a call for some ti...
  7. Drill thanks for the information. I have seen these from time to time on e-bay they are hard to find, not to many out there.
  8. Beautiful job restoring the trunk. I don't have one of these in my collection still on the hunt for one - the thrill of the hunt is what keeps us going.
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