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Antique Barbed Wire Farm Antiques Dr Pepper pre 1985 NRA-WPA-CCC RR Ticket Punches Name Bricks Staples (fencing) Barb Wire Postage Stamps Barb Wire ID BooksAntique Barbed Wire Farm Antiques Dr Pepper pre 1985 NRA-WPA-CCC RR Ticket Punches Name Bricks Staples (fencing) Barb Wire Postage Stamps Barb Wire ID Books etc................... (Read more)


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AT&SF Railroad 50 lb. Platform Scale Calibration Weight - Railroadianain Railroadiana
Taco 22 Mini Bike "My First Hog" - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
Hulbert Wood Warning Block Barbed Wire - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Antique Barbed Wire Ribbon - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Apache Stockade Wire???? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Vaseline Glass Hoosier Jar - Kitchenin Kitchen
Navajo Sterling & Turquoise Childs Belt - Native Americanin Native American
Lance Two Gallon General Store Counter  Jar - Advertisingin Advertising
Seeing Stars II - The Reynolds (Barbed Wire) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Fireplace Screen - Folding Tea Table - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Try Dave's Stove Shop He has tons of old stove parts.
  2. Nice set..............
  4. Thinking about taking my fence tags to the barbwire swap in Kansas in a few weeks. got any pictures of yours???
  5. Here's one like it that sold for 60 bucks in 2007. They were out in the 70's so 1977 is probably the date of manufacture........
  6. Try looking up "peyote bird squash blossom necklace" on Google and/or eBay. Most of them were made by Navajo silversmiths, but not all. Without a touch-mark it's going to be hard to tell.
  7. Also a barbed wire museum in McLean, TX on old Route 66
  8. These are phonograph needles. Probably came from a repair shop that dealt with the old Victrola's (and others) Check out "antique phonograph needles" on Google or eBay. The box is probably hand made. ...
  9. Check out Nailhunters site. He knows nails~!~!
  10. This wire is called "Brixner's Hooked Four-Point on Twisted Lines. Hagemeier #515-B Patent #2,973,185 dated Feb 28, 1961 in Germany. Rudolf J.G. Brixner. They made it in several different variations (...
  11. Still not too popular (aluminum that is) Check ebay, Vintage Ricardo Form-Fitter Aluminum Spurs & Vintage WESTERN Riding SPURS stamped **RICARDO** Last pair brought more because they had marked straps.
  12. Update: I picked up a Arizona’s New Testament Manual by Linch a while back. Extremely scarce, but I can mark it off my list. Still looking for the others. Let me know if they are out there somewhere?
  13. Must be fairly rare? You gonna restore it? I can't find a good picture of a restored unit on the net. You might like this
  14. I've seen the new scooters (kits) for sale here and there. Adults (big kids) race them now. There's a big following in CA for these. I would want an original. Two sold on ebay that I saw, one without ...
  15. Shoot this guy a picture here's his website
  16. This is a vertical engine. Check out this site, try to match it up. I'm in to the old Maytags There's an email link on their home page if you want t...
  17. Yep, I found the frame at a flea mkt. You know us wire nuts? couldn't resist putting bobwire in it............
  18. Madmike is correct. It's a pool cue tip pricker. I use one a lot.
  19. Cady Barbed Link, I doubt if much was produced after the turn of the century. They did produce "A Bunch!!" while it was being made. Folded single strand link with ends joined in center of link by do...
  20. Thanks for posting your bobwire. Antique Barbed Wire Identification Encyclopedia #914B Brinkerhoff Opposed Lugs Lance Point, Flat ribbon wire with two point lance point applied barb. Patent #214,095, ...
  21. Can't get PIECES spelled right to save my life lol
  22. Love your Santa Domingo Thunderbird. I started collecting them a few years back. They are getting harder to find and more expensive. BTW the beads are gypsum from a local source. I restore the broken ...
  23. We've called this wire Mexican Salisbury for many years. The original find was in Mexico, hence the nickname. There's no patent info so far. It's #12G in the Barbed Wire ID Encyclopedia. Valued at 5 b...
  24. Didn't load on last entry?
  25. Walter Wood manufacturing company. Walter came to Hoosick Falls, New York in 1836. He obtained a patent for his mowing machine in 1853 and began production. In 1866 he added self raking reapers and se...
  26. Date Nail Info
  27. I had all the families obituary info from Google. I was looking for info from when Scott worked at the newspaper, thanks. Scott sent his artwork to various relatives in TX over the years. They ende...
  28. Howdy Railman, the wire is 18.25" long. The barbs are 1.25" long and about 4.5" apart. The ribbon is 3/8" wide.
  29. many thanks
  30. Called Mano's and as mrmajestic1 said, used to grind grains (mainly corn or maize) The grindstone base (Matate') would have a dished out smooth place where they did the grinding. Probably some of thos...
  31. That one is 18" (gone) I have a shorty too.
  32. Santa Fe RR treatment tag and CF&I nails.
  33. TAL BELLIN68
  34. Yep, I'll have to count them again, but I think I have somewhere around 100 now.
  35. I have all but the shade on the lamp. I wondered what it looked like "whole". Thanks for the memories.......... See you in a couple of days.
  36. Thanks for all the input. There are three thread lugs at different levels on the inner rim. It's a heavy thick lid and it looks like the wire bail is a handle rather than a closure. I love this stuff!!
  37. Thanks Packrat and fhrjr2, and thank for all the luv up top.
  38. Love your collection. I don't collect seats but do have a couple or four. I recently picked up an Acme Duane H. Nash implement seat. Kinda like yours but it has Acme across the top. Thanks for posting.
  39. Truman in cartoon and caricature on Google Books. Some of Scott's illustrations.
  40. How many spools? I have a new fav. now!!!!!
  41. I looked at them under my black light today, WOW!! Didn't get any pictures though, sorry. I'll try and get some next trip.
  42. TAL mnglass
  43. Thanks Mrj303, I'll drop you a note. Thanks Hedgewalker, that helps a lot. Wish I had my blacklight when I took the pictures. She has the stopper for the wine decanter (somewhere!!)
  44. Item: 370536771004 OOPPS
  45. WWI Battlefield 'Pigtail' Barbed Wire Anchor Post Found these on ebay in case anyone needs a couple,.
  46. Maybe he'll think of me this Christmas............... LOL
  47. One more link. Cool old pictures.
  48. Here's a good pic of a (what we call "skate crates" or "crate scooters")
  49. Thanks GMan 340, I like it too.
  50. I would imagine this sign was fairly new when they cut it up. The edge damage came from removal with a scythe!! I'm going to clean it with warm soapy water. Should really POP after that. Thanks to all.
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