nova scotia

i hate to throw any thing old out i like auto stuff records which i play because they sound better than c d `s .this is one of the best site i ve been on


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Just a few of them  - Bottlesin Bottles
Rare fruit jar colour  - Bottlesin Bottles
Rocking chair - Furniturein Furniture
Few things I got  - Lampsin Lamps
Oil bottle red indain  - Petrolianain Petroliana
Another wagon  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Wagon wheels  - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Fold away crib bed - Furniturein Furniture
Stuff from another barn 
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  1. Ty for the feed back
  2. Looks like it might have been on a old wooden boat
  3. Merry Christmas
  4. When I take them they look fine on here must be how I hold the phone
  5. Nice sign looks very nice and a few years older than mine
  6. thanks for the loves and likes
  7. oh and i like to thanks the rest of u for the loves and likes t y
  8. thanks for the words blunderbuss and the wheels r in great shape just the floor was bad .
  9. these where all takimg on my i phone so i m not sure why they do that
  10. Thanks for the likes and loves
  11. Thanks all for the likes and loves glad u all like it
  12. Thanks for the words. And if I know how to turn the pictures I sure would
  13. sorry but i ve haven t ben on latley but man nice cans
  14. i just notice this and have to say my skate board which is wooden . has the same mag wheels on it first time in a long time i have seen the same red mag wheels very cool
  15. i got about 20 of these and still read them from time to time there coool to read
  16. look up ols schools busses there came on them
  17. u have some very cool papers to hang on the wall in nice frames
  18. thanks all for the loves
  19. thanks manikin
  20. thanks chinablue
  21. thanks all for the loves and likes
  22. 1949 -50 packard
  23. thanks rob and ty for the loves
  24. t y all for the likes and love
  25. thank u all for the loves and mikko there is a set of them
  26. thanks tommy1002
  27. thanks all for the words likes and loves
  28. ty s all for the words and loves and likes
  29. glad u like it lol
  30. this can is from around 1939
  31. thanks for the loves and likes people
  32. thanks again everyone and thanks for the commments
  33. thanks alll for the words and loves
  34. hate to say it but at 42 i think lego is still one of the best toys out there and i can t wait until my grandaughter is old enough to play with it instead of the big blocks we use now .
  35. oh its a kitchnet from around the 1920 or so , it bolted to the fenders of old cars u put 24 pounds of ice in it on the right side and that keep your food cold for 24 hours on the left y...
  36. thanks all for the words and loves
  37. i know around here nothing was safe from the junk yards
  38. another side of the raod find and ty kerry10456 and gargoyle and official
  39. ty all for the loves
  40. i just picked up a bike with the same type of seat and has a skip tooth sprocket , it is a vogue by the calson co and a nice old flat steal bike rake ill put some pictures on hope to ...
  41. hi my dad has one that my grand father used for years . i was lucky enough to find the 3 pieces that go in the little square hole on top , more things from a dump .next time i go there ill ta...
  42. model t ford i think but not sure of the purple lens
  43. hey ty trey for the info guess ill get a few feet of it ty picking and mrmajectic .
  44. ty alll and yes trey u can look in the old paint cans and in the wood pile , and take what u want as for the metal pile u can t take any thing unless u ash or know th...
  45. i have a nive dunlop tire that would look cool in one of those , very cool
  46. yes it was all copper and i did paint the black because it looked like it was black before , and i only took 1000 grit sand paper with water and sanded it in the water than took some of...
  47. thanks all for the loves
  48. thanks all for the words and loves . i hope to find out what it came off one day and ill put pictures on when shinnning . ty
  49. no to both hedge
  50. thank you all for the loves and likes
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Antique Gurney weight scale


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