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Unusual Chinese Yixing Teapot - Qing Dynasty - Asianin Asian
Japanese Mid Century Studio Pottery Vase - Asianin Asian
5 Foot Wide Mid Century Sunburst Mirror - Friedle? - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Set of 3 Qing Dynasty Chinese Bronze Shoushan - Asianin Asian
Latticino Marble - 1-1/16" Diameter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tsukamoto Kaiji Dish - Asianin Asian
Antique Famille Verte Qianlong Chinese Dish - Asianin Asian
Apocryphal Wanli Mark Chinese Dragon Vase - Asianin Asian
Qing Dynasty Chinese Scholar Ink Stone - Zitan Wood Case - Asianin Asian
Eiraku Hozen - Gilt and Cobalt - Asianin Asian


  1. Ahhhhh I've always wanted to find one of these!!! I love stuff like this Have you ever seen the spring-loaded ones? Its like a small brass box with three razors, you push a button and they swipe th...
  2. Oh my gosh... That's like, Illuminati memorabilia! Extremely cool though
  3. Its turned sideways by the way. Take the third photo and rotate it to the right 90 degrees. The mark on my vase took better, you can see it easier there if you want
  4. Did you ever find out what this mark is? I have a piece with the same one. I'll let you know if I come across it. Its Japanese but that's all I know
  5. Lol, I couldn't tell you. Its got a rim on the bottom though, so its not just a flate plate shape. Kind of hard to grip the little knob though
  6. Nooo, its not by native Americans. Its an old American ware. Now that you know what its called, go do some Googling and see if you can date it yourself. Researching is the fun part! You learn a lot to...
  7. Minasan arigatou gozaimashita!
  8. Bennett, here's that other piece I was asking you about
  9. Japanese and Chinese ceramics are one of my favorite, so I've done a lot of reading and Googling on the subjects. Its definitely Satsuma. Here's the page: ...
  10. All I can say is "trust me." The fine crazing, the decor, the mark. There's no question that its Satsuma. I'm certain you can find the mark on Gotheborg if you spend enough time looking under the "Sat...
  11. Just noticed in the third photo, the facets are smooth, which confirms my hunch that they were glass. Real gemstones from the earth have sharp facets, if they're ever smoothed over like that, they're ...
  12. Couldn't tell you what CH was, might be someone trying to copy him? as a lot of people did copy Horner's thistle stuff. I don't think its even English though, since its marked with sterling and instea...
  13. The rose cut was used from the 16th century until the early Victorian era, about the 1840's-60's, which it definitely isn't from. I can't really see much detail from your photos, but it looks like 20t...
  14. IDK, that's just what I've always known it as. I think the majority of that stuff came from Pennsylvania? I don't know much about it
  15. Lol, not Qing dynasty... Republic period
  16. Pennsylvania redware
  17. Darn it.... I know what this stuff is called, I just can't remember the name. Sorry
  18. They're based on old Chinese decor actually. Any marks?
  19. That's actually pretty neat!
  20. From the thumbnail I knew it was too good to be true... Lol...
  21. Suggestions? Take it apart to see if there are any marks on the ceramic body. Base looks darker than teak in the photo.
  22. Thanks V!
  23. I'm afraid it's not a Charles Horner piece... The CH would be in a cartouche, and instead of a "sterling" mark it would be a lion passant, the way all English silver is marked. Sorry...
  24. Wow, you always post the neatest stuff. That's a really interesting piece.
  25. Chinese export piece, 1920's-40's. Looks like it may be a type of glass instead of jadeite in the first photo
  26. Yeah its Satsuma.
  27. I would have the glass buffed, its got a bit of value
  28. 1960's-70's. Pretty sure its not pinchbeck....
  29. You can be certain that 1804 is a pattern/reference number, not the year it was made. Its called a "ewer," pronouned YOU-er.
  30. This is considered folk art instead of tramp art. Can't imagine "tramps" building it. Is it handpainted?
  31. Looks like you have all the information already, its a Chinese export letter opener
  32. Unfortunately TubeAmp is right, its a decorative souvenir piece that can be found by the millions in Mexican tourist shops. This one probably took inspiration from that gaudy candy-colored Jemez nativ...
  33. Hmm I always wanted to know how they got those kinds of photos on 1stDibs. It makes the item look more valuable for some reason lol
  34. Your photos are too small to tell for sure, but it looks like Japanese copying old Chinese. Probably from the 1960's or so, I see a lot of them. Does it say Made In Japan or JAPAN on the bottom? I can...
  35. Its Mexican. You see these a lot in Mexican restaurants as decoration on the walls. Sorry...
  36. Killer piece. Thanks for that little tidbit of info about smooth vs. striated cuts, I'll file that in the memory bank
  37. Very nice, how do you get photos like that first one, with a perfect whited out background?
  38. I found another one, they said its signed by Kinkozan
  39. Believe it or not I believe I did have this tacked on the ceiling above my bed for a short period....
  40. Well there has to be a "well" somewhere though right?
  41. Yes I see the well, I'm not sure if you can see in the photos but the fish's tail is the well part, it goes in deeper than it looks in the photo
  42. It actually does have a cover if you'll look closely, the first photo is the outside cover, the second is the inkstone. The last photo is not a base, but the second half of the two part wooden case. I...
  43. Lol, thanks Shrine
  44. Well its the same two words, people in the West use Famille Rose and Rose Famille interchangeably
  45. I paid 145 for it
  46. Hmm, thank you for telling me all this. Chinese was just a guess
  47. Shrine - I know its not a period piece, they rarely are. Its got gorgeous decoration on the outside though, very brilliant colors. I know about Chinese marks rarely being what they say they are. D...
  48. I got so many I had ot take two trips to the trunk of my car
  49. Ahh dude, when I saw what those shelves were full of, I went nuts and started THROWING them off the shelves into my pile. Old Christie's/Southeby's catalogs of Asian art, collectors guide to Qing, Min...
  50. Are you still around Kimbr?
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