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Crazy European Porcelain Hanging Candelabra - Mark? - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Vu Thang - *Inrcediblly* Beautiful Vase From Vietnam - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Awesome RARE Japanese Meiji-era KUTANI Dove - Marked - Asianin Asian
YELLOW? Paul McCobb / Arthur Umanoff 8-Bottle Wine Rack - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
My New Raku Seafoam Pot - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Numbered Studio Art Pottery - MelanieJ? - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
*NEW PHOTO* - Howard Hughes?? "HH Despondent" on Reverse - Visual Artin Visual Art
Richaard Bresnahan Studio Art Bowl - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
19th Century (?) Chinese White Jade Okimono - Asianin Asian
HUUUUUGE Chinese Vase - Handpainted - Asianin Asian


  1. Facebook group "Collecting Japanese Porcelain" - They will be able to tell you everything you need to know
  2. Actually they are pretty common remakes, probably not older than the 70's. They still put that mark on things they produce today. China is the last thing on earth to trust when it comes to antiques, l...
  3. The last day? If there's something really I want at a sale I get there 6 hours early, leave the house at 2-3am. All the really, really good stuff will be gone from the dealers who got there early on t...
  4. What area do you live in Celine?
  5. Whoa, thank you LoveJewelry!!! I never would have figured that out. There doesn't seem to be much on Google about her, how did you recognize the mark?
  6. Unfortunately the vases, in terms of value, are not anything special or rare. Probably from the 70's or 80's. They're a very, very common type of ware. I am also an Asian-lover, its my specialty. I...
  7. Sunnybrook, did you see my Zuni cuff? Its probably one of the best pieces I have, and I got a great deal, probably paid 1/10th what its worth. Its a genuine piece of "old pawn" too, since it has pawn ...
  8. Your piece was made by Yichang Changjiang ceramics Co. The mark says Yichang
  9. Efesgirl, yeah I know that they are, I've had a few of them over the years. I have this REALLY neat unsigned one that I believe is be Pentti Sarpaneva. Its in my private collection because I think its...
  10. Thanks Vetraio, long time no see, I hope you have a merry Christmas
  11. Efesgirl - Yeah I've sold yixing teapots for over a thousand USD. I have a 19th century enameled one right now I bought for like 5 bucks
  12. I called it moriage on the FB page and they got all mad at me saying it wasn't moriage. I think there's some debate on what "moriage" actually is, but I agree with you, I always thought it just referr...
  13. It was confirmed as a 19th century piece
  14. Great find, I've had a few of these pieces before. I also have one in my personal collection that is unsigned, but quite extravagant. I think it is by Pentti Sarpaneva, but I could never find a match...
  15. Artistinside, since you like Japanese ceramics too, I thought I'd post another really cool, unusual piece for you that I found recently. Its a Meiji-era Kutani dove with an odd impressed mark. I've n...
  16. I got this piece from a very wealthy suburb in AZ, there were several bookshelves FULL of reference material and an unusually large amount of rare, old, valuable Japanese and Chinese objects. I bought...
  17. Thank you Art, I guess you're into Asian ceramics as well? I prefer Japanese, but right now Chinese ceramics are more valuable
  18. Its a very nice piece and I really like it, but it was made to look old. There are *no* native American pieces with signatures or marks from the era you mentioned. In fact, it was the Fred Harvey comp...
  19. Thanks Ho2!
  20. Wow you got it Melanie! Can I ask how you figured it out?? Did you recognize it? or some database? Please, I'm really curious as to how you ID'd it
  21. Trust me I've seen far, far worse. I use flour personally to rub against signatures. You could try that. Now If I were an artist, I would want people to be able to read my signature and RECOGNIZE m...
  22. I have been asking that EXACT SAME QUESTION since I started collecting art and pottery years ago, what is the deal??? Why can't ANY ARTIST AT ALL sign their pieces so people can READ THEM?? Ughhh... S...
  23. Roycroftbooks - I couldn't find any Howard Hughes museums at all? There was one article about the Spruce Goose at an aviation museum
  24. In my experience, Christies and Southebys NEVER respond back to you unless you have something worth 5-6 figures
  25. What do you mean by HH museums??
  26. Yes you're right, good eye, he didn't have a dimple, and I noticed that as well. Could be that he asked the artist to add one so he looked manlier, or the artist took artistic license. They aren't pho...
  27. "rucklczglass, 12 hours ago Could be a self-portrait. Us CW women members also enjoy seeing -males- in artistic forms.... ;-)" Lol thanks Ruckl, you're absolutely right, I'm sure there is a female...
  28. His hair is even parted the same side Hughes parted his
  29. Actually, on the back is written "HH Despondent," and I'm seriously thinking this could be Howard Hughes, who was kind of a despondent guy to begin with. I've compared it to some photos of him aro...
  30. Robert H. Kennicott (1892-1983 Los Angeles, CA)
  31. Anyone good at making out signatures?
  32. Haha you're funny
  33. Lol you figured all that out before I got a chance to check my email! Doesn't it feel great when you solve a mystery like that, when you put a puzzle together in the antique world? Lately I've been ha...
  34. Hey davezquanw, take a look at this!
  35. Hey davezquanw, take a look at this!
  36. I didn't think about that. A crow on a lion's back.... He has something in his mouth but I can't tell what it is
  37. Thanks Mike, lets hope we're right. Gonna take it to my jade guy tomorrow and get his evaluation, but I can already pretty much tell its probably quite valuable
  38. Yeah there is one, its like the character for "dai" but with the top stroke cut off, basically looks like a "K. The bottom is dirty, kind of grey
  39. Hey Dave, I just posted an old white jade figurine, I think it could be valuable, could you take a look at it for me? I know you're the CW jade expert around here
  40. Thank you for the info Grendel. I will be sure to make use of it
  41. Well that was three years ago, I was still learning. Kerry is right, it's def a stone, but unfortunately it doesn't appear to be a very good one from the picture. I'd say take a better photo in better...
  42. Awesome! Thanks a lot V!
  43. No its got marks from all over the world if you look at the tabs on top, problem is that they are only the really obvious well-known artists. Already tried that site lol. There were very few records k...
  44. Thanks racer. Isn't it? I've never seen any Mexican pieces quite like it before. Thought it was some weird cologne bottle at first, being in the bathroom and all
  45. :D thanks mike!
  46. Nice job on Kiwipaul for finding the Cartier link. I did some Googling and I found that Cartier produced different versions of this distinct "tree pot" brooch design. Very well could be a Cartier piec...
  47. Korean. Hangul is easy to translate, Google a guide on how to read it. Its not old though if that's what you're asking
  48. Maybe tell us what it is made out of? I can't tell what I'm looking at
  49. Where are you getting "bronze" from exactly?... Do you know what bronze is? Did you try Googling the marks maybe? That's the first thing I would do
  50. Jesus that's awesome. Valuable piece you got there
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