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Saxbo and Royal Copenhagen - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Taxco Sterling Overlay Wine Bottle TALLER BORDA - Sterling Silverin Sterling Silver
Huge Japanese Porcelain Vase -  "12 x "9 - Asianin Asian
What are these? Spoonbill scissor-things - Sewingin Sewing
10" Bitossi for Raymor "Cityscape" Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Mystery 18k Gold Enamel & Ruby Bow Brooch - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Huge 15" Roseville Pink Iris Pillow Vase - 1930's - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Beautiful Japanese Vase - Asianin Asian
Weird Victorian Seed Pearl + Human Hair + Mother Pearl Brooch Earring Set - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
 Japanese Arita/Imari Ware Charger - Great Detail & Signature - Asianin Asian


  1. Awesome! Thanks a lot V!
  2. No its got marks from all over the world if you look at the tabs on top, problem is that they are only the really obvious well-known artists. Already tried that site lol. There were very few records k...
  3. Thanks racer. Isn't it? I've never seen any Mexican pieces quite like it before. Thought it was some weird cologne bottle at first, being in the bathroom and all
  4. :D thanks mike!
  5. Nice job on Kiwipaul for finding the Cartier link. I did some Googling and I found that Cartier produced different versions of this distinct "tree pot" brooch design. Very well could be a Cartier piec...
  6. Korean. Hangul is easy to translate, Google a guide on how to read it. Its not old though if that's what you're asking
  7. Maybe tell us what it is made out of? I can't tell what I'm looking at
  8. Where are you getting "bronze" from exactly?... Do you know what bronze is? Did you try Googling the marks maybe? That's the first thing I would do
  9. Jesus that's awesome. Valuable piece you got there
  10. just a gold ring with lab-grown ruby
  11. very beautiful little pieces
  12. going to have to get a photo of those marks. take some better photos of it, I can't really tell what im looking at
  13. Very interesting Mike, you seem to have had about the same kind of reaction as I did, disbelief at the fact I was holding a piece of Roseville where the seller didn't know what it was! There seems ...
  14. Great piece Mike, I love Meiji porcelain
  15. Ah that's where I saw it, on the Roadshow. Knew I had seen it somewhere. Small miracle they stayed together all these years
  16. Thank you, I agree, sometimes I think it does look better than floating on a gradated background
  17. I've been saying the same thing too! If you want to invest in fine Japanese porcelain, now is the time to do it. I routinely see technically beautiful, highly artistic Satsuma go for around a hundred ...
  18. With regards to the ~ Somewhat Nice. ~ Just Awesome.. ~ A keeper... ~ Highly Collectible.... Chinese exported a lot of jewelry to the rest of the world and there is a lot floating around....
  19. Oooo how cool is that
  20. Don't you hate when something is signed like this? I never understood why they don't just write their name so everyone will know... I can't make out what they were trying to convey with this mark. Can...
  21. Great piece. Things made in Italy during this era were of higher artistic quality. There were a lot of very famous designers working there
  22. ooo spectacular. id love to find that
  23. What area do you live in Sean?
  24. It translates as "wise warrior" but I don't know what that would mean for a pottery mark. Hope you find this interesting
  25. Whoops, links don't recognize the character. First is: Second is:
  26. The top one is: It means bright, intelligent, wise The second one is: Which means arms or armaments in Chinese, but also means Ai...
  27. Lol I can see how you got that though. If you have an interest in Japanese, here's a fantastic way to learn kana. I struggled with it for a few months and when I used mnemonics, I had them both memori...
  28. You're looking at it sideways there. Its written in hiragana and consists of "sa" which is ?, "tsu" which is ?, and "ma" which is ?. Satsuma. But I see how you got that, the ? does look like ? and the...
  29. Ahhhhh I've always wanted to find one of these!!! I love stuff like this Have you ever seen the spring-loaded ones? Its like a small brass box with three razors, you push a button and they swipe th...
  30. Oh my gosh... That's like, Illuminati memorabilia! Extremely cool though
  31. Its turned sideways by the way. Take the third photo and rotate it to the right 90 degrees. The mark on my vase took better, you can see it easier there if you want
  32. Did you ever find out what this mark is? I have a piece with the same one. I'll let you know if I come across it. Its Japanese but that's all I know
  33. Lol, I couldn't tell you. Its got a rim on the bottom though, so its not just a flate plate shape. Kind of hard to grip the little knob though
  34. Nooo, its not by native Americans. Its an old American ware. Now that you know what its called, go do some Googling and see if you can date it yourself. Researching is the fun part! You learn a lot to...
  35. Minasan arigatou gozaimashita!
  36. Bennett, here's that other piece I was asking you about
  37. Japanese and Chinese ceramics are one of my favorite, so I've done a lot of reading and Googling on the subjects. Its definitely Satsuma. Here's the page: ...
  38. All I can say is "trust me." The fine crazing, the decor, the mark. There's no question that its Satsuma. I'm certain you can find the mark on Gotheborg if you spend enough time looking under the "Sat...
  39. Just noticed in the third photo, the facets are smooth, which confirms my hunch that they were glass. Real gemstones from the earth have sharp facets, if they're ever smoothed over like that, they're ...
  40. Couldn't tell you what CH was, might be someone trying to copy him? as a lot of people did copy Horner's thistle stuff. I don't think its even English though, since its marked with sterling and instea...
  41. The rose cut was used from the 16th century until the early Victorian era, about the 1840's-60's, which it definitely isn't from. I can't really see much detail from your photos, but it looks like 20t...
  42. IDK, that's just what I've always known it as. I think the majority of that stuff came from Pennsylvania? I don't know much about it
  43. Lol, not Qing dynasty... Republic period
  44. Pennsylvania redware
  45. Darn it.... I know what this stuff is called, I just can't remember the name. Sorry
  46. They're based on old Chinese decor actually. Any marks?
  47. That's actually pretty neat!
  48. From the thumbnail I knew it was too good to be true... Lol...
  49. Suggestions? Take it apart to see if there are any marks on the ceramic body. Base looks darker than teak in the photo.
  50. Thanks V!
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Antique Italian Ceramic Wall Pocket