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Shy sweet girl, collector of odd things and shrunken hearts.


Bloodletting Fleam Set 
 Calling All Spirits... Paranormal Ghost Wanted.   - Gamesin Games
Xx Our Babe xX - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Xxx Death Dust xxX - Advertisingin Advertising
Capucinus Monkey Skull   
Fraternal All Seeing Eye 
Embalming Glass Bottle With Original Paper Label.  - Bottlesin Bottles


  1. Oh he's a good one. Very nice!
  2. Ha Thank You ! ;) @vansky
  3. I have seen a screw pack pin like this before, so more then likely they pair correct. I like that the pin dates 1900 also. Early before the takeover of Talbot. I want to say if I remember correctly th...
  4. Yes! Truly a beautiful thing PM photography and vastly misunderstood. Very special this PM is. I have a few cabinet cards and CDV's in my collection that you might enjoy. I'll try and post a few soon.
  5. Thanks for the compliment ;) I do try. I dabble slightly in collecting fraternal related items. I like the owl's. No problem, glad to have helped. I do wonder what the victory inscription is for thoug...
  6. I love this! This pin is for the secret society fraternal organization called "Order Of Owls". This society really took of in 1904, and I believe was one of the only fraternal based society's that wa...
  7. Very Nice! Thanks for sharing your flicker link, beautiful feed and such an intriguing collection you have. I love your monkey skull, even better that he's from borneo. I am slightly obsessed with the...
  8. Maybe monkey? I just noticed possible teeth.
  9. Your mask is very lovely, but I'm trying to make out that pretty looking skull in your glass dome. A fetal?
  10. LoL! Yes way ahead of you, I found your case a few days ago. I like!! Thank You ;) vanskyrock24
  11. Yes this tin has it all! Skull, death, insects, kill / poison. Gosh what more could a girl ask for. (x_X) I'v only seen one other in 7 years and the condition was horrid. Very rare ! fortapache
  12. Yes. Very tragic indeed, yet such a lovely memento. TY ;) inky
  13. Ingredients not listed, not sure of contents. Thank You! valentine097
  14. Ha ha! Nope, no cyanide, I do need a can of that though. blunderbuss2
  15. I like most skulls, especially yours, wish it were for the taking. Lol! Ugg! Please forgive me for assuming such.
  16. Thank You! dr.sideshow
  17. Powerful, great details and those skunken eyes!
  18. Lol.... No I can't say as I have. I happen to love monkeys, but if I was around a howler for any length of time I'm sure that might change rapidly. blunderbuss2
  19. My Pleasure, he's one of my favorites. Glad you enjoyed. fortapache
  20. "Capture my fancy" lol! If I could be so lucky as to walk into a "head shop" and find such, I actually have to hunt for my goodies and few are lucky enough to keep there heads in the process he he h...
  21. Bourbon Whiskey Liquor Bottle likely from the late 1930s.
  22. This is stunning!!!! Gorgeous shape and that color!!! If it's haunted oh what fun. >;) your a lucky lady to have such, wish it were mine..
  23. Yes. Those Teeth!! vanskyock24
  24. Lovely!
  25. nutsabotas6760 - More then likely.
  26. Dan131156 - Ha! I like eerie. >;)
  27. icollectglass - In many theory's yes, also known as the Eye of the Great Architect.
  28. This coin is from the Atocha also known as Nuestra Señora de Atocha ("Our Lady of Atocha") was the most famous of a fleet of Spanish ships that sank in 1622 off the Florida Keys.
  29. Yeah, that's sweet!
  30. Lovely Patina, Very Nice!
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