Rome, Italy

My small wunderkammer is packed with natural specimens, medical antiques, anthropologic and ethnic curios, and other oddities that have something to do with grotesquMy small wunderkammer is packed with natural specimens, medical antiques, anthropologic and ethnic curios, and other oddities that have something to do with grotesque, gruesome or macabre themes. (Read more)


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Victorian Mourning Brooch - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Mexican calavera - Folk Artin Folk Art
Book on human cruelty, 1910 - Booksin Books
XVIII Century lithographies - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
XVI Century xylographies - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Macaca fascicularis - Animalsin Animals
Medicalia - Advertisingin Advertising
Mummified desert tortoise - Animalsin Animals
Anatomical Cast (1880 ca.) - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Veiled Chamaleon skull 


  1. It's a leaf insect. :)
  2. Thank you Vintagefran! ;)
  3. @scott Yes, I've waited a long time before buying one, I wanted to find one that was really beautiful to me. I immediately fell in love with this one - ornated but still very simple. @Sunnybrook Yo...
  4. Thanks Scott. Here's the back. (Out of laziness, these are the seller's photos...) :)
  5. I uploaded the text. As you can see, the recurrent name appearing is Absalom, third son of David.
  6. No prob. :)
  7. @getthatmonkey, of course I know it! Just beautiful. :)
  8. You can find more pics in my Flickr album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bizzarrobazar/sets/72157628173092089/
  9. @headhuntress, yes, it's a monkey. Head hunting trophy from Borneo. ;)
  10. Fine specimen!
  11. Thanks, headhuntress!
  12. @Parkerhouse: are you sure it's a bracelet? Looks like rosary beads to me. But anyway, your guess is exactly what I thought too.
  13. When the tradition started, photography was quite expensive and these pictures were in fact, most of the times, the only professional photograph taken of the deceased during their whole lifetime. They...
  14. Hey Scott. It's not a rppc, definitely a snapshot printed on what looks like albuminate paper (but I'm no real expert there).
  15. Thanks Lou, yes, she almost looks smiling. By the way, I'm saying "she", but it's not that obvious the depicted subject was a lady. The mask shows no facial hair other than the eyebrows, yet it has so...
  16. Yes, well, you seem to have a "special humor" too, judging from your nickname! ;)
  17. Thanks Sean!
  18. @ Zowie: The picture was pasted on cardboard for hanging reasons. It's still a beautiful photograph though. @ vetraio50: I take it as a compliment! :)
  19. This is just awesome.
  20. Thanks vetraio, happy holidays to you!
  21. Thanks Bellin68! :)
  22. Pure awesome!
  23. Thanx for the love, folks! :)
  24. Thanks ulfsurfer! It's 15x14cm.
  25. Thanks, B.! :)
  26. :) Thanks for the love, Bellin68!
  27. I've never read a single word by Dan Brown, sorry. :)
  28. I like to collect macabre and violence-related items. Violence has always been an important aspect of human behavior, for what you call the "bad guys", as much as for the institutional order-enforcing...
  29. @tlmbaran: yeah, and to think someone could actually BUY these postcards to send them back home as a memento... :) @Vontrike: I'm not sure I agree with you on this one, LOL
  30. Looks like a XIX Century spring lancet: http://www.medicalantiques.com/medical/Scarifications_and_Bleeder_Medical_Antiques.htm
  31. Yes, AmberRose, some of these items are really delicate - both on the metaphoric level and for the handling.
  32. Yeah, add that to the very uselessness of bloodletting as a therapy, and you get the idea.
  33. Gee, definetly worth it!! :)
  34. Looks like an artificial bleeder to me. http://www.phisick.com/a3alb1.htm
  35. Thanks Lisa! Of course I had already read those wonderful articles, and at times they seem to be talking about me... I know Mike from Obscura, and have bought some items there on my last NYC trip. And...
  36. @vintagemad Thanx for the love! :) @samms Thank you for the link, samms, and for the love!
  37. Spectacular! I guess the shrunken head's a replica, right?
  38. The gator head in the casket is incredibly awesome! Your collection is just wonderful.
  39. Wish I had enough place at home to keep items like this.
  40. Is this plastic? Oh, and... isn't the brain a bit too small? :D
  41. This is pure wonder.
  42. Just awesome!
  43. Thanks, Vestawind. I guess you're right, it was a man, but I can't decide if it has a gross humorous/spoof value, or it was intended as a serious reminder of an obscure era, or if it has a more insane...
  44. Wow, thanks for the info about Aloe Company! Yeah, I knew that prosthetic eyes were often custmized - and still are, in some cases. Grazie mille, davvero!
  45. Nice one, thanks vetraio! Italiano?
  46. Yeah, the practice of foot binding sure was gruesome. I spotted these shoes in a beautiful little shop in Amsterdam.
  47. It is perfectly legal to posses and sell human bones. There are a few exceptions and addendums to this including a few states where import and export has been banned, and of course, protected archaeol...
  48. Hehe... yeah, I still wonder who commissioned this weird object from a craftman...
  49. Thanks, Manikin! The gator is approx. 35 inches long. Oh, and I like it when something scares me... ;)
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