I have my parents to thank for my love of the worlds oddities and antiques:)


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Flemington green Fulper pottery bowl - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Daughters first serum garden in Frankoma pot - Potteryin Pottery
Pacific pottery, bubble dancer pottery vase - Potteryin Pottery
Handmade trench art? WW2 Theater knife? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
"Invincible" combination lock desk safe - Furniturein Furniture
Victorian metal picture frame Patd. July 20th 1875 - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Armor bronze Co./ S.C. Tarrant Co. Art deco Bookends - Art Decoin Art Deco
Roseville arts and crafts blended jardiniere - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Neat brass/copper samovar - Kitchenin Kitchen
Brass German ashtray with jugendstil design - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Hi Bill, it's 9" across.
  2. Artfoot I think she may be growing on him, I just checked out your show and tells and love your love of color!
  3. You're too funny inky!
  4. Thanks guys, yup my hubby usually likes most of the treasures I pick up but not so much with this vase.
  5. Thank you everyone for all your love!
  6. There also seems to be many companies during the 1920s - the 30s that seemed to "borrow" design ideas from each other. I have a Nuart marked ashtray that's also listed in the Frankart catalog.
  7. The hands and books seem slightly more crude too. The patina looks natural though.
  8. Thank you AdeleC,Mike,Vetraio,tassiedevil,racer4four,auraura, for all the love and kind comments!
  9. Thanks Sean!
  10. Maybe a wine bottle holder?
  11. It also looks very similar to a few Georgian regency samavars I've found.
  12. WMF satisfies my OCD need for symmetry. That company sure knew how to make metal sexy:)
  13. Thanks vetraio, I seem to have a type:)
  14. Looks like it was cleaned awhile ago. Insides still pretty dark yet. Im ok with it, sometimes the patina hides the detail.
  15. Thank you Mike, vetraio, fortapache, tassiedevil,racer4four, and efesgirl for all your love!
  16. Thanks Vartaio, Elizbethan, and efesgirl for your input. You guys are wonderful!
  17. Amphora Austria?
  18. Thanks vetraio, this ones going on the fireplace mantle!
  19. Oh Lee, she is lovely!
  20. Thanks again rucklczglass, you've been amazing!
  21. Thanks rucklczglass for the info and a place to start!
  22. Thanks BB2 for the love and signing my wall;)
  23. Nicefice, I think I'm eventually going to make it a set pair if I can. Glad I could help you make the decision:)
  24. Its in green ,candlestick style.
  25. I have the identical pice but as a lamp, unfortunately it was damaged while it was shipped to me.
  26. Junkman, Ive always admired the one with the ladies faces on it, you're a lucky fella. Thank you vintagelamp,blunderbus,racer4four,vetraio, mike,tassiedevil,and junkman for all your love!
  27. Thank you Celiene!
  28. Thank you martika,efesgirl,mike,vetraio, and pops for the love.
  29. Thank you efesgirl,mike,recordmantime,vetraio,pops, and junkman for the love:)
  30. The shade is amazing!
  31. Sorry, the question marks were actually meant to be a smiley face.
  32. The shade you have on there is pretty neat as well????
  33. I recently spotted the exact lamp that was marked APT NY on the base of her seat. i had to make sure and add Art deco APT NY in my google seach in order to find others like it. I hope this helps.
  34. Thank you Sean,Pat,manikin,recordmantime,Lisa,pops,officianfuel,Mike,antiquerose,nutsabotas,potterymad,Vetraio,efesgirl,racer4four,melanie,fortapache,and tassiedevil for all your love and your help!
  35. I think you may be right Dave, thank you!
  36. Thank you so much Phil, I thought it would be an impossible task!
  37. Thank you kyra, courteney, and pops!
  38. Ebay and Etsy, thats why I asked, I just wasnt sure.
  39. Thanks Efesgirl, I've tried finding a maker and the geometric shaped planter has been listed as Anchor Hocking, but I wasnt sure.
  40. Thank you caperkid,Mike,kyratanga,aura,rucklcazglass,racer4four,lulu,and iras for all the love and help!
  41. I was able to upload slightly better photos of the front and the back.
  42. Thanks Lisa for all your help!
  43. Hello Lisa, thank you for your fast response. The screen is solid wood and very heavy. It looks like the wood has been carved to give it dimensional design, no other material appears to have been used...
  44. Thanks Mike, my husband is mighty proud of his find:)
  45. Thank you vetraio,mike,blunderbus, & Sean. Good to hear from you fellas again.
  46. Good lead jewels, they do have some similar designs.
  47. Thank you aura for the love!
  48. Thank you racer4four, the lady he purchased it from is a sweetheart and really took care of this beauty.
  49. Thank you Mike and Kerry!!
  50. Thank you Tom,racer4four, and Kerry for the love:)
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