I have my parents to thank for my love of the worlds oddities and antiques:)


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Arts and crafts (jugenstil) copper WMF teapot - Arts and Craftsin Arts and Crafts
Mid century floor lamp - Lampsin Lamps
1920s Teletone speaker( owned by Chordettes singer, Dorthy Schwartz) - Electronicsin Electronics
Delta rocket ray bike lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Bronzart Art Deco spelter bookend - Art Decoin Art Deco
Gifts from my mama( art deco slip shades) - Art Decoin Art Deco
Czech? Art deco green marbled light shade - Art Decoin Art Deco
Mid century valet chair for my hubby - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Large art deco yellow glass bowl? - Art Decoin Art Deco
Judd manufacturing co. slidding bookends - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau


  1. Thanks vetraio, this ones going on the fireplace mantle!
  2. Oh Lee, she is lovely!
  3. Thanks again rucklczglass, you've been amazing!
  4. Thanks rucklczglass for the info and a place to start!
  5. Thanks BB2 for the love and signing my wall;)
  6. Nicefice, I think I'm eventually going to make it a set pair if I can. Glad I could help you make the decision:)
  7. Its in green ,candlestick style.
  8. I have the identical pice but as a lamp, unfortunately it was damaged while it was shipped to me.
  9. Junkman, Ive always admired the one with the ladies faces on it, you're a lucky fella. Thank you vintagelamp,blunderbus,racer4four,vetraio, mike,tassiedevil,and junkman for all your love!
  10. Thank you Celiene!
  11. Thank you martika,efesgirl,mike,vetraio, and pops for the love.
  12. Thank you efesgirl,mike,recordmantime,vetraio,pops, and junkman for the love:)
  13. The shade is amazing!
  14. Sorry, the question marks were actually meant to be a smiley face.
  15. The shade you have on there is pretty neat as well????
  16. I recently spotted the exact lamp that was marked APT NY on the base of her seat. i had to make sure and add Art deco APT NY in my google seach in order to find others like it. I hope this helps.
  17. Thank you Sean,Pat,manikin,recordmantime,Lisa,pops,officianfuel,Mike,antiquerose,nutsabotas,potterymad,Vetraio,efesgirl,racer4four,melanie,fortapache,and tassiedevil for all your love and your help!
  18. I think you may be right Dave, thank you!
  19. Thank you so much Phil, I thought it would be an impossible task!
  20. Thank you kyra, courteney, and pops!
  21. Ebay and Etsy, thats why I asked, I just wasnt sure.
  22. Thanks Efesgirl, I've tried finding a maker and the geometric shaped planter has been listed as Anchor Hocking, but I wasnt sure.
  23. Thank you caperkid,Mike,kyratanga,aura,rucklcazglass,racer4four,lulu,and iras for all the love and help!
  24. I was able to upload slightly better photos of the front and the back.
  25. Thanks Lisa for all your help!
  26. Hello Lisa, thank you for your fast response. The screen is solid wood and very heavy. It looks like the wood has been carved to give it dimensional design, no other material appears to have been used...
  27. Thanks Mike, my husband is mighty proud of his find:)
  28. Thank you vetraio,mike,blunderbus, & Sean. Good to hear from you fellas again.
  29. Good lead jewels, they do have some similar designs.
  30. Thank you aura for the love!
  31. Thank you racer4four, the lady he purchased it from is a sweetheart and really took care of this beauty.
  32. Thank you Mike and Kerry!!
  33. Thank you Tom,racer4four, and Kerry for the love:)
  34. Kyratango, I still can't find any other bracelet examples, if it wasn't for your input I'm not certain I'd ever have found an answer:)
  35. Thank you Kerry, Mike, Peasejean, Vetraio, and Katherine for the love:)
  36. kyratango, it's been way to long since I've worked a needle and thread, but I'm willing to give it a try:)
  37. valentino, thank you for the kind response! The enamel center is almost 1.5" by almost.75". Kyratango inspired me to go out and purchase some brown velvet ribbon, and it worked perfectly with the clas...
  38. Kyratango, you are amazing! Thank you for the speedy response!
  39. Thank you so much Caperkid for the kind comment:)
  40. oldandsilly, that's what I was attempting to say without stepping on your toes:)
  41. I honestly don't have an idea about their age, But I do have a few mudmen and yours seem to be better quality and not made of the same clay. Your statue's may be porcelain.
  42. Yours is the only gold item I've found with the CFH mark, most are in silver. You may have a rare item there:)
  43. Was your grandmother Danish? The mark looks like it's the Danish three tower assay mark and I think the jewelry makers mark CFH is Christian F. Heise.
  44. Maybe have the lady on the right checked out though, she's less crude and has more detail than most mudmen.
  45. Thank you peasejean,newtimes,valentino,tuscan-tiques,EZa,kivatiniz,roycroft,& Hunter for all the love!
  46. Thank you BellEpoque, paulmartin, katherine, and Elizbethan for the love! Elizbethan, I will definitely check into the Russian idea:)
  47. Thank you aghcollect,courtenay,lulu,vetraio,mike,melanie,and sean for the love and kind comment:)
  48. Thank you oldandsilly, the stone is without inclusions or color variation and warms up to the touch. I wish it was a stone, but still think it may be glass:)
  49. Thank you Katherine, beautifully said.
  50. Thank you blunderbus, Toni, Kyratango, Mike, Katherine, racer4four, and aghcollect for all the love:)
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