I have my parents to thank for my love of the worlds oddities and antiques:)


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Carnelian & some kind of white metal ring - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
S.O. Bigney & Co. watch chain/lanyard - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Aunt Lottie's goofy side - Photographsin Photographs
Vintage Emesco dental drill - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
London import, silver & smoky quartz ring - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Silver torque bangles - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Baby brother - Photographsin Photographs
Can anyone identify this gemstone - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Mid century display case - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Music room - Musicin Music


  1. My mom had an allergic reaction to the metal, I didn't realize this could happen with a gold shell.
  2. Thank you Sean, Phil, aghcollect,Mike,vetraio,Laura,racer4four,& pops for all the love:)
  3. Thanks for the help Lee, I thought it had a deco style about it but wasn't certain:)
  4. Could it possibly be orange chalcedony?
  5. Could also be citrine, garnet, and topaz. Maybe purchase a jewellers loop to see if there are any inclusions.
  6. Medical insurance has been a disputed topic in our country lately, maybe we should save it just in case:$
  7. Maybe it can be turned into a lamp?:)
  8. Thank vetraio, Mike, and Phil:)
  9. Thank you ticktock time:)
  10. Thanks again idcloisonne, and thanks Sean and kerry for the love:)
  11. The darker stone could be blood stone.
  12. idcloisonne, thanks for the date mark info:) the stone color was pretty difficult to photograph correctly, but is golden brown in color. Maybe citrine, topaz, or quartz? I wish there was a mark for it...
  13. Dear god is she amazing!!!
  14. Looks very Belgian:)
  15. I think it could be a Shube's makers mark:)
  16. That would explain it, thanks Scott:)
  17. Thanks Phil! You guys are wonderful:)
  18. I know they used to dress boys in girls clothing, the mystery to me was that the child was referred to as a nephew, but named Claire?:)
  19. He actually did most of the performance piece on top of the poles that are supporting him:) combining gymnastics and dance.
  20. This is an old college photo, he has mainly worked as an acrobat/dancer with Cirque for the past 10 years. Mostly doing performances in Vegas.
  21. Nephew Clare?:)
  22. Thank you kyratango:)
  23. Thanks kyratango, that's what I thought it was:)
  24. The shank is 14k gold:)
  25. I brought it into a licensed gemologist along with a few scrap pieces. He actually seemed to have a genuine fun interest in the mystery of it, and really took the time to test and search through his b...
  26. Wow, thank you everyone for all the loves:)
  27. Thanks Sean, I still get a garnet vibe, but honestly don't have much experience in this area.
  28. Aww thanks Sean:) thank you aghcollect, and nuts for the love.
  29. Thank you valentino, and freiheit:)
  30. Thank you davyd286 for the link!:)Thank you nutsabotus,Mike, and newtimes for the love:)
  31. Thank you vetraio, Amberose, and Tom for the love:)
  32. Thank you Sean and aghcollect for the love:)
  33. Found it! An alloy of tin and antimony commonly used for jewelry:)
  34. I think Jwendell might be right about it being an ornamental carriage mount.
  35. It's definitely old, it has great worm eaten holes. The bottom brackets are interesting, they would have to attach to something with peak angles.
  36. Sorry, I wasn't able to find anything but I'll keep looking:)
  37. Yup, Its pot metal:)
  38. Took it in to a jeweler who thinks it may be a star ruby and 14k!?
  39. I have to admit that I love yours more, always have been a sucker for red.
  40. I have the same bracelet in brown! It's also marked KO. This ones been driving me nuts:)
  41. Ceck out, go to world hallmarks on top, scroll down to Mexican silver marks.
  42. Thanks Mike, the Weller stand was a thrift store find:) and the Monmouth one has been a mystery to me. I haven't been able to find this specific design, and if it wasn't for the mark, I wouldn't have ...
  43. At first glace, I thought it was the roots of an old gnarly tree. What a cool looking piece.
  44. Thank you geo26,pops,&Sean:)
  45. I just realized that my son is making his fill the diaper face in the last pic:)
  46. Thank you Aimathena, aghcollect, Phil and Sean:)
  47. Dont paint it!!!:)
  48. Thank you so much everyone:)
  49. Um, just trying to imagine how not to be embarrassed by that exchange with your mother:)
  50. Thanks Elizbethan and Amberose:)
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