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Mair Patterson painting 


  1. Will, don't let somebody (Like me) talk you out of it for cheap, as they are not easy to find & bring real good money from collectors.
  2. Careful what you wish for, Phil, but thanks. After 41 yrs. in the tropics & still love the sight of old wood & coal burning stoves (go figure?). Popped a LUV on many on CW, but this is the most beauti...
  3. Hey, I like this! Maybe I should poste my ole denim jacket with it's patches collected over the years.
  4. Hey Phil, I've got the flu & not my normal, abnormal self. I'm sure I'll be back to abnormal in a few days.
  5. What Eastern weapons have large mags that would fit that. Maybe for commie scout pamplets or even commie Mormon missionaries. LOL!
  6. I agree Phil. This is a really beautiful piece. I can't even think of one of my customary snide remarks!
  7. Jacky, my resident (ex?) commie, says there isn't a "W" in the Ruskie.
  8. Already caught it scot. Nice job that, too.
  9. Yeah, beautiful job,
  10. My 1st impression fort, was for the MG42 or MG34 but a lot of this period are very similar.
  11. Take a hammer to straighten it out, then a wire wheel will get rid of all that crud on it & it'll look great! You do realize I'm joking?? Always liked old keys!
  12. The last 2 pics are of the upper front forearm for an AK47 or later modele.
  13. AK47 almost positive.
  14. Not knowing the measurements, most look like possible BAR mag. pouches.
  15. That wasn't you that had the 1950-53 MG? That was the series during those yrs. Well, maybe somebody else & I just fantasized about you & your hair blowing in the wind driving it. xxx
  16. Racer, her MG TD.
  17. Guantanamo Bay. Where have you been?
  18. Oh, what's a "Cracker Barrel"?
  19. Yeah, - right.
  20. Don't know what that is underneath in pic #1 & don't think I want to know. Maybe from Git-Mo?
  21. Weird, surely you can figure that out on your own! RE:#6
  22. Not all of us live on Uncle Sambo's Plantation. I've never seen a Goodwill or know what one is.
  23. Hey, think I will just stick to keeping flying machines in the air! Lot less complicated!
  24. Shouldn't my TD need a wax job about now?
  25. What is GW? Geological World or something like that? Beautiful, but if we don't know you field, how are we supposed to know what you are talking about?
  26. Share, Roy is one of our most mellow critics (except toward me) but I finally agree with him. There are all sorts of cheap fantasy things out there.
  27. Snobs! Hey, I've got class! Maybe, lower, but still class!
  28. Give to the enemy & when they are weak from loss of blood from trying to figure them out, walk in & finish things up! LOL!
  29. Pickr, what's the key to your code? Denningers building? King St.? Hammer?
  30. Sounds like it would be safer to see your collection in pics!
  31. I luv German jugs!
  32. Sure this "friend" is a friend?
  33. Auto tool. Maybe Ford, - maybe not.
  34. Roy, it appears I've set a new record! Two posts deleted in less than a week!
  35. Early Indian bottle opener that didn't work? Devil made me do it! LOL!
  36. Screw the technical crap! This is great! Remember the same in Anniston, AL in mid-century.
  37. Of course I love the blunderbuss (too)
  38. This isn't upside down? Reminds me of a friend when we saw a truck towing a car by a chain & he said, Look at the car pushing that truck with that chain". Still not sure if he was serious?
  39. They misspelled Obama.
  40. Yep! The more "technology" they added over the yrs. just added more things to go wrong & get closer to paying specialists big money. Simple is GOOD.
  41. Some good observations.
  42. Really neat. Don't remember this one.
  43. Welding rods?
  44. I know some of you are expecting me to make my usual risque remarks on such an easy mark. I won't because it is too obvious not to come up with your own! LOL! I became very familiar with Canadian beav...
  45. Well put. LOL!
  46. At 1st glance, I thought a bearing puller but then you say it is wooden. Then thought it must be a centering rig for a certain brand of wood lathe for turning the ends of spindles etc.. Then I see tha...
  47. Chris, don't be too quick on the "congrats". Still "Whacky" Jacky! LOL! May be longer while before you hear from me! Did take all the ammo out of the house. I keep it inside the security area at the a...
  48. TA, I think you are on the right track! Knew it looked familiar but just couldn't place it.
  49. Roy, have to have somebody to push my wheelchair & change my diapers in the future. Problem now is, I have a H-brownie tour tomorrow with a Dutch girl & an Amer. girl on Sunday. I explained this to th...
  50. Roy, Jacky has been driving my truck with no power steering & will match her against your wife any day! The kraut just never listened when I told her to get the truck moving a little bit before turnin...
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