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Mair Patterson painting 


  1. I agree jacko. Then there are those that poste crap & won't shut up.
  2. Wp, I've found that drive-bys just can't be beat for stress relief!! Under your circumstances, you can also save money by shortening your X-mas gift list. LMAO! Hey, I like the pig.
  3. Once again, I know when to slink into the shadows. Jacky is still waiting on an answer on the rental.
  4. Hate to admit it, but I remember one of these.
  5. Think jbon is right.
  6. So they aren't going to raise their offer for me to unsubscribe?! What a bummer! Oh, eye4, we can talk later. My email is on my profile. Better hurry before I take staff's last offer! She noticed the...
  7. There was one posted about a week ago.
  8. She says cranking might work but I'm the crank-er I'm sure! Good laughs, but better stop before you get deleted & I get another warning from staff.
  9. Oh, Sean, she just asked it you will rent it out?
  10. Happy T'giving to you & all. What is Thanksgiving? Just joking. Restaurants vie for the Amer. population here. I'm laid out with the chikungunya crap!
  11. Batteries included? Devil made me do it!
  12. Have one that appears to be exactly like it but not made for the wire bail closure. As a matter of fact, have never heard of them being used on Coke bottles. Believe mine is on a poste if you want to ...
  13. WOW! Almost too good! T-Mon, looks like you guys started the trunk-race!
  14. Now, that's a trunk! Wood doesn't give the old look in the right places to say it is really old.
  15. I imagine Roy would suggest me for a new one. LOL!
  16. You catch on quick ho2. I'll let you only address me as "bfb2" without sending out letter bombs.
  17. Chris, you have an office! I'm impressed! What is that like? LMAO! My boss (Jacky) works for me so I can knock time off her sheet. LOL! Of course, at home, the roles are reversed (& any other time).
  18. The West System is found around boat/marine stuff. Sometimes wood is too far gone to save & too difficult etc. to replace, so there is a thin 2 part epoxy that soaks into the rotted wood & basically r...
  19. Ho2, what is it with you & the jacks? LOL!! Can't imagine a transference.
  20. Called a "BFJ". The B is for big & the J is for jack. I'm sure you can figure out the rest. LOL!!
  21. A dollar two ninety-eight. Hey, you can charge $125 shipping & handling.
  22. Maybe the West System while there is something left? Welcome to CyberAsylum or aka CW.
  23. There's our man! Hi. Yeah, I'm still alive. The rope broke! Good interesting info I didn't know again. Thought these were passed back & forth by merit in the U.S. army to colour bearers?
  24. It's a good one. Can I die in peace now? LOL
  25. Not fully recovered Phil. Looking like it may be that chiken-"gumbo" virus. If you prayers had been answered, - I would be dead. Hey thanks for the theoretical offer!
  26. Hey, I used to know Hamilton! May have a kid there.
  27. I'm surprised Moon that you thought I would fall for the old "nude" trick! Well, here I am! Beautiful! Staff might even like me when I'm behaving myself. Maybe?
  28. Roy, still don't know how to spell my name?lol!
  29. Roy, probably because there's not 1 word in patois & not recognized down here. LOL
  30. Roy, must be a Jamaican website. It doesn't work. Not for me anyway.
  31. Will, don't let somebody (Like me) talk you out of it for cheap, as they are not easy to find & bring real good money from collectors.
  32. Careful what you wish for, Phil, but thanks. After 41 yrs. in the tropics & still love the sight of old wood & coal burning stoves (go figure?). Popped a LUV on many on CW, but this is the most beauti...
  33. Hey, I like this! Maybe I should poste my ole denim jacket with it's patches collected over the years.
  34. Hey Phil, I've got the flu & not my normal, abnormal self. I'm sure I'll be back to abnormal in a few days.
  35. What Eastern weapons have large mags that would fit that. Maybe for commie scout pamplets or even commie Mormon missionaries. LOL!
  36. I agree Phil. This is a really beautiful piece. I can't even think of one of my customary snide remarks!
  37. Jacky, my resident (ex?) commie, says there isn't a "W" in the Ruskie.
  38. Already caught it scot. Nice job that, too.
  39. Yeah, beautiful job,
  40. My 1st impression fort, was for the MG42 or MG34 but a lot of this period are very similar.
  41. Take a hammer to straighten it out, then a wire wheel will get rid of all that crud on it & it'll look great! You do realize I'm joking?? Always liked old keys!
  42. The last 2 pics are of the upper front forearm for an AK47 or later modele.
  43. AK47 almost positive.
  44. Not knowing the measurements, most look like possible BAR mag. pouches.
  45. That wasn't you that had the 1950-53 MG? That was the series during those yrs. Well, maybe somebody else & I just fantasized about you & your hair blowing in the wind driving it. xxx
  46. Racer, her MG TD.
  47. Guantanamo Bay. Where have you been?
  48. Oh, what's a "Cracker Barrel"?
  49. Yeah, - right.
  50. Don't know what that is underneath in pic #1 & don't think I want to know. Maybe from Git-Mo?
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