St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. This is an organizational sword. Maybe Knights of Columbus, but non-military weapons is not my thing.
  2. The way the Germans came up with their signature design is interesting. They made all sorts of helmet designs that they placed in the open and fired shrapnel down on them & chose the most effective de...
  3. Dank u. I love banjo . Guess that's why I have built 2.
  4. Enjoyed the write-up. The Brits seemed to have a habit of sending the "Colonials" to the hottest spots. By the way, the French were the 1st to use gas warfare in the trenches .
  5. I can't imagine anybody but me insulating & putting in the sheet metal lining. I did it so I could put it to good use when we have a hurricane hit. Block ice is still sold near the docks. I now think ...
  6. GREAT ! Luv the story.
  7. Is the inside lined with sheet metal ?
  8. Actually, there was a White Clad ice box and this is what their ID plate looked like. This may look like a repro, but can also be a polished original.
  9. Supposed to be "sheet rock screws". That's what they appear to be.
  10. Scott may like the sheet rock in antiques, but it makes my skin crawl . That's like having a gold medal bronzed. I fell in luv with old iceboxes yrs. ago. Did you look at the White Clad I have posted ...
  11. Glad to hear that. May I suggest that you change the Philips head screws.
  12. Thanks Fhr & you seem to have experience with hurricanes. Nasty things & laws should be passed against them !
  13. Well, PP, I can think of a few other essentials.
  14. I kept one of those baggage tags on my bag & not once did immigration in any country show any sing of noticing it.
  15. You can always go over to your brothers . LOL !
  16. All screws shown are Philips head.
  17. Got a smile out of me. Thanks.
  18. I don't see any signs of restoring, such as dark areas around the ends of wood. White Clad is also a kit sold for building your own. I know because I used parts of that kit to build the one I put on ...
  19. Beautiful job you did.
  20. Had one exactly like it that I picked up in St. Eustatius (Nederlands Antilles). Just could not keep the "wood lice" out of it & they ruined it.
  21. LUV them as expected from your collections.
  22. WOW, Anything. If we had just known all that as kids, we would have, - - uh, uh, - - probably would not have cared less . LOL !!
  23. BB2 was here
  24. Remember these as a kid.
  25. A neighbour was the 1st to get a TV & we kids would watch the test pattern for hrs. before the stations had any programs. The 1st broadcast was 15 mins. while some guy briefly tried to explain how TV ...
  26. Actually Kyra, I came very close to pointing that out !
  27. Who is "jumping" who off in the last pic. ?
  28. It's not native American being metal .
  29. Is it iron, stone, or what ? Welcome to CyberAsylum/CW
  30. We need more cleavage. Well, I do right now.
  31. Bobby, I'm going to vote for your interpretation.
  32. So Phil, it was, "You will be patriotic or we will shoot you !". The American way ! (?)
  33. OK people. It means speed bumps ahead. "Sleeping policemen" is often used in Eng. islands & maybe elsewhere.
  34. Hi Penny. Don't tell me you read the book ? ! Acid heads before acid was illegal . Well Fort, do we have to get cameras for panorama shots. Yeah PP, when I saw that sign, I had to have it ! So we ...
  35. Where do slaves come into this ?
  36. The long blade appears to possibly be bronze.
  37. If nobody recognizes the front emblem, clean the back & see who & where the maker is located.
  38. Oops ! "movies".
  39. Contenders to be the funniest moves of all time.
  40. And all it needs is a wax job !
  41. I hate cats, but think I could get along with this one. I doesn't shed, right ?
  42. What was your address again, Malkey ? Just for the records of course. LOL !!
  43. Art, that just gave me an unpleasant vision. LOL !
  44. Hey ! I like that even now. Jacky would love that !
  45. The banjo wheels were common. Not just Ford.
  46. Never mind. I have a feeling that the explanation would be more confusing than the pix.
  47. That's nice. Now, how does it work ? LOL
  48. Don't think I ever looked like this . I sure hope not!!
  49. You have reminded me of cooking in those 2-300 yr. old stone ovens on St. Eustatius. 7 Families rotated cooking bread so that we had fresh stone oven bread every day.
  50. I like the one from 1941-42 where the squirrel is looking over it's shoulder, Like: Wha happened ?
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