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  1. Toracat, your opening line is a hard one to top. American today won't buy anything that doesn't run on elec. or petrol.
  2. That was a great year! Well maybe not for the world gene-pool since it was the year I was born. Well great for me, even though I don't remember it.
  3. Delete one of those & add, B-i-g project!
  4. Certainly different, the way it opens.
  5. Certainly different, the way it opens.
  6. Great, - again I might add.
  7. I'm impressed. Most phone pics posted are pure, unadulterated crap. Maybe you should share the make! Oh, I live in the tropics but always loved old stoves & heaters. Every home had one once so a good ...
  8. Thanks for the add-on. It just gets better & better!
  9. Thanks SEAN and the same to you & everybody on CW.
  10. Toracat, that name does leave room for imaginative speculation. I bing'd the horn and it was originally a drinking cup & made from elephant ivory.
  11. Hey CokeKid, besides our crystal balls, we do a lot with smoke & mirrors. If that fails, some of us will blow smoke up the proverbial. Welcome to Cyber-Asylum. Er, I meant CW (wrong page again!)
  12. Beautiful & the history of it is fascinating. Thanks for sharing in these days of so many non-collectables on CW wasting our time.
  13. Luv your stuff Chris! Keep giving me my main reason for following this forum. I never had an interest in your era of weapons before but you are teaching me to appreciate that era. Thanks for your know...
  14. Maybe (That word again) a stylized Mosquito bomber.
  15. We lived the same life apart. Wish we had met back then, - but maybe we did. I left the States in '73 and got a letter when I reached social security age (They misnamed that program) & had my input i...
  16. Many years ago, I saw roll top desks that had the groves in the slats milled/routed to where each slat was attached to the next without a canvass or leather strip glued inside to tie them together. Af...
  17. Knew Inky would get in here eventually!
  18. Sounds like you have the worst of all worlds. We have no snakes here, thanks to the Brits introducing the mongoose & upsetting the balance of nature. Had to get a pellet gun to clean out the rats that...
  19. Sorry Kerry, but before I saw the object of the pics, I was thinking Hiroshima 1945, winter in Tennessee or St. Maarten/St. Martin after hurricane Luis. LOL! You have Cotton-Mouths that far north?
  20. Don't know Zowie. Only meteorite I ever held & examined was like a piece of iron ore but weighed about 1 1/2 times as much per size.
  21. You might want to see somebody about that "red wood handle" fetish. Doesn't sound healthy to me. LOL
  22. I remember these and they worked very well. As I remember, they worked on road gas. Wouldn't mind having 1 today. Often the older simpler things were better & more trouble-free than what is offered to...
  23. Great job!
  24. Very old dovetails but that doesn't really date it accurately. Beautiful piece & see why you are so proud of it.
  25. Sure. I'm most familiar with fluxing lead for casting bullets but also know a bit about other metal casting. A fluxing agent is put in the molten metal that brings impurities to the surface & it is sk...
  26. That is light when you compare to most metals & would float to the surface.
  27. Probably silica slag from the fluxing process. When metals melt, most impurities float to the surface & are skimmed off. Silica is a common light substance that floats.
  28. Mid-East & probably Persian if old enough.
  29. N-I-C-E ! Love it.
  30. Did Mum have a secret life? LOL
  31. 1st pic looks female & kind of reminds me of an ex.
  32. Looks like rust to me & I'm an expert in that field.
  33. Kind of looks like volcanic glass. Is it heavy by volume?
  34. Actually, I would think dutch or Belgie before even considering Italian.
  35. There was a time when they didn't have ice-makers?
  36. It is so unclear, it can be a lot of things. I see what you see also, but it could be like looking at clouds.
  37. Fot Ruker eh! Went to aviation school in Ozark (I think?). Hey, getting late! Good people down there, are were in the 60's. Yu ain't flying any o dem dar whirley bards ar u? Actually, I've lived outsi...
  38. Especially of screw-heads, joint construction etc.. Didn't know we were going to be this "picky", did you? We aren't there, so have to go by pics.
  39. F---ing New Guy/Girl. You must be white collar!
  40. I would soak it it a strong solution of bleach before using it as an ice bucket! Deep south? I'm originally from Anniston,AL but ain't got no aksent no mo.
  41. Did you Google it or was it on Bing? Please, no McDonald coffee stirrers, Tupperware, or things you couldn't sell at your last garage sale!
  42. Know what you mean. Most of my furniture is dark red woods & dark furniture and it makes a room look smaller. Amber made me note that you are a FNG so welcome to our cyber-asylum.
  43. You don't give any scale for size, but the bucket could very well be a chamber pot.
  44. Truly a beautiful job & love the colours.
  45. Having made a lot of furniture, I would love to see some better pics with some lighting.
  46. Looks like the teeth wouldn't cut balsa. Maybe just worn out.
  47. I believe I have seen that "symbol" and it is a boars head.
  48. I'll drop Hem a note since he hasn't been around for awhile. I'm sure he can shed some light.
  49. Old signs are collectable and sure beats the post of a plastic McDonald's coffee stirrer. Welcome aboard.
  50. Too perfect to be blacksmith made. It's modern made.
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