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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Collectors only. May be offensive to idiots! - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
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  1. Oh yeah! Sorry Alan. I'm on time delay tonite & the Corona hadn't gotten cold yet. Makes me crabby! We can't chill our beer on a window sill here. LOL!!
  2. Alan, if you can find the time, could I get a translation of the cryptic part of your response? Good starting point is, what is "CanyonRoad"? LOL! The "Peace Medals" seem to be the equivalent of the M...
  3. Around the neck in 1st pix, that may be a "Peace" medal. The Amer. gov't. seemed to like giving to them before murdering them.
  4. Looks more like "69" to me.
  5. Kerry, Roy probably doesn't remember what you are talking about.
  6. It was, and is, a disgraceful part of Amer. history (not the only one) that may fade with time, but certainly will never go away!
  7. Maybe St. Maarten is a little more advanced. We us hydraulics to lift & these as safety stands now. LOL!!
  8. Got a point. I think they put these out once-in-a-while but I don't buy hard stuff. I quit in '91 on requests from friends.
  9. "Malmaison"? Bad/sick house? LOL!!
  10. Actually, it is a "jack stand" used to hold things up after it has been jacked up.
  11. Hey, I like it! Maybe that shows my character. (or lack of)
  12. Hey, she's just scratching her ra's (arse). The dawg don't even look happy wit de photographer from the oil comp'ny! LOL!! I'm glad the Indians started getting their share of the pie after being robbe...
  13. Each feather represented a great feat, such as "coup".
  14. Sure glad that's sand instead of snow in late July! I was wondering where you live? sand I can accept.
  15. A real knock-out!
  16. They aren't so rare where I live. Should I start collecting them?
  17. It's a "Swedish fid" definitely. They are used for splicing rope, working rigging, nets and I adapted one with a plunger & spring for injecting pepper corns for my homemade pastrami. maybe I should ha...
  18. Wonder if her was transferred to a Canadienne outfit because he kept saying "Eh"?
  19. I also see where Allen/Allen Wheelock & Amer. Standard use it. Guess I just never noticed but I didn't collect in the obscure field.
  20. Notice that the cyl. locks are at the front of the cylinders on both of these. Never remember seeing that on any other makes of revolvers.
  21. Thanks Roy. Good memories & kind of cheered up my day a bit. Friend & wife of my most trusted friend died this morning. I had to work in the morning & so didn't have time to fry chicken or make potato...
  22. Sorry, I thought I say """. LOL!
  23. Kyra, it's hard to offend somebody with my background. LOL!!
  24. I loved the scene where the f-k'd up chic snorts up the Draino! Those were really funny movies! Of course I wasn't in that culture, but still thought they were hilarious! "May I see your license? Isn...
  25. Don't you mean 16 inch? Unless you used very small "logs".
  26. We seldom see these beautiful ships down here anymore & of course they are furling or unfurling the sails when we do unless well out from the shore & still under sail.
  27. Guess we can assume that you are a Canuck?
  28. Yeah, welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW!
  29. Ditto on Manikin's remark!
  30. Last time I ever saw anything like this (sans handle) was on a wall next to the street in Philipsburg, St. Maarten. I talked to the curator of the museum & told her she should get it before a hurrican...
  31. I remember my father bitc-ing about the price of Coke going from 5¢ to 6¢ in stores about 1955 & we would go to the bottler where he could still buy at 5¢ by the case. Of course that doesn't work! "Le...
  32. I'm still trying to recover from us being called "CW experts"! LOL!
  33. I remember reading some decades ago, that their movies were the highest (pun intended) profit makers per production cost. Would love to watch some again. Are they censored in the "land of the free" no...
  34. I agree that it looks more like reins rather than a steering wheel. What is being seen as a steering wheel is probably decoration. On the technical side, engines back then would have serious problems ...
  35. Booked up till the 1st!
  36. Hi, Caper. You would luv it here then. Thanks.
  37. Just my strange side coming thru! LOL!
  38. batteries included? Sorry, devil made me do it!!
  39. By the pix, I'm not sure I see the true grain of ivory. It would also be a shame to waste on such a trivial item. Of course it's hard to tell by pix's.
  40. This is probably for stretching small hide like nutria or muskrat etc..
  41. Thanks for keeping this line of reasoning alive on CW.
  42. Finding the cartridge was probably harder that finding the gun!
  43. Been there. Done that. Not fun!
  44. Kathy, maybe there is a TA? Trunks Anonymous. T-Mon is a non-practicing member. Beware, as he seems to be an addict also!
  45. Paul, here's one that should wake you up! After changing credit cards, LifeLoc mails me about not getting their payment. I mailed them back that I never signed up with them. They have nipped me for $5...
  46. Another term for flambo.
  47. Yeah railnsail! Had me stumped!
  48. The early ones were made to fit a certain camera & were a tight fit. Either that or left by aliens to confuse us. LOL!!
  49. Looks like an underwater camera case.
  50. See, you're learning already. Wish I could about women!
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