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  1. Incredible that this is kicking around on the lft. coast when Standard Oil was just founded on the right coast in 1870. Surely theses weren't made by Standard in the 1st couple of yrs.! This is probab...
  2. A straight shift now or automatic ? Nice job. Did you make the ladders or did they come with the decals ? LOL ! The curve to your windscreen frame looks better & a better fit than the original.
  3. You don't play around with word, do you ? Send it to Pops (Collect) LOL !!
  4. That's OK S.B.. Propaganda is BS is part of war (& peace). The U.S. & Israel, especially, are true masters of the art ! In the '50's, the U.S. complained to the UK about their jamming RFE & the The V...
  5. Munich wasn't on the front during WWI, unless you consider 3 bombs dropped by the French. (Not by dirigibles)
  6. A short barreled gun made to lob shells at a high angle. I'm not familiar with this patch.
  7. The image is of an old muzzle loading howitzer.
  8. Scott, your examples exemplify my point. They show honest lead greying.
  9. You asked the forbidden on CW !
  10. Actually, my grandmother said that Rube Burrow was a cousin of her's. Look him up. He was pretty daring ! Think Jesse stole his limelight ! Maybe I took after him ?!
  11. I just read up on P.T. & he was quite a man. Quite an optimist ! He just didn't quite !!
  12. Sorry Scott, but it lacks the non dug colour that it should have attained just in the air, unless vacuum sealed.
  13. This would have to be made for something that lays on it's side or has the opening on the bottom, judging by the angle of the spout.
  14. That's my ancestor train robber, Rube Burrow & Frank James ! I would know them anywhere !!
  15. We wish you could too Scott, LOL ! The lead back is just too fresh. I don't know of any way to give lead a convincing aging except with age. If there were, I'm sure it would over-react with the brass...
  16. By the way, by "the occupation", I meant by the Allies.
  17. Chris, that passed thru my mind, but didn't register till you mentioned it. Can't tell by the pic if it was a pin previously & repaired or just converted. Good point you made.
  18. OK, OK Recordman ! You used a "?" though. Just to show no bias, I think BB2 should get all the stamps. LOL !!
  19. So you're weird too ! LOL ! Hey, it's Sat. nite !!
  20. Hey Doddle, we aren't all nuts ! LOL ! We actually have a very good spread of knowledge here. Stick around. If it helps you sleep better, not many are like me. You just drew the short straw ! LOL !
  21. I think it's great. So, the fiberglass mold was made over an orig. body. That's interesting. So we know there's more than one.
  22. Pour quoi? Being in the aircraft business, I'm accustomed to doing oil samples, but this kit would mean basically nothing to me without a sample to compare.
  23. I knew that I should have opened a farm back in the 70's raising Naughs for their hydes & Mos for their hair ! Missed out on that one ! LOL !! Oh, welcome to CyberAsylum/CW !
  24. Bon chance !
  25. So, to us ignorant, could we get an explanation ? These are eng. oil samples ? Pour quoi ?
  26. Credit where credit is due. As Packrat's agent, I should get 10% of the stamps. LOL!
  27. That's more like it Dizzy. Didn't think that 1st was anywhere near correct. I've lived around cane fields for well over 40 yrs. now & bought many cane knives, so know the patterns. I would still like...
  28. Well, my dumb is really founded !
  29. You don't have a € .50¢ ? Just joking ! Nice piece of rock.
  30. Packrat had this pegged in #5.
  31. At least not a "Newfie" ! LOL !! Hey, my email address is on my profile if you have some good jokes for me!
  32. Dizzy, I'm not going to get into anything, but I've seen scores of things mis-identified, especially on the net. The generally accepted rule of law in cane areas is, the blade can't be exposed, but h...
  33. "W'ar r" the pix of the other 5 ?
  34. What points you toward cheese making ? That's a bit out of the box, but better than anything I can come up with right now. I'm thinking the stopper has to also have a relief tube to the top to reliev...
  35. Somebody went to a lot of trouble, commercial or 1 of a kind ! Were the mounts already there & you just had to add peddles ? I'm confused along with Dizzy about the fiberglass. (Of course, I spend a l...
  36. You only show the wire in 1 pic & I can't figure out why somebody would drill the hole for the wire so high up when it could have been drilled much lower ? I've seen much stranger things done !
  37. Reminds me of Jacky's moods.
  38. Phil's a most generous guy. A real people's person, if that makes sense. I've found a higher percentage of them in Canook-Land.
  39. You need to put something in your pix that gives us an idea of size. A known coin maybe.
  40. It's a "tailstock" off something. Would be a strange lathe to me if that's what it goes on.
  41. Out of the hundreds I've seen, never one with a spike on the end. Sharpened hook, yes. Spike, no.
  42. I was thinking that it would be a good coconut knife & cracker.
  43. Is a bit bulky & complicated. A cigar lighter with only 22 moving parts ! LOL !! What a conversation piece !
  44. Those trunnions mounted on the sides would have mounted on something so that it could be easily tilted for pouring (?). It was well made for strength.
  45. Nieuports & Spads.
  46. Sounds like a sting. LOL !
  47. Well, always a pleasure to know somebody with so much knowledge that they are willing to share. Have a nice weekend !
  48. Busy man. I admire & appreciate your values. Wish I could show something to compete with that. We appreciate your knowledge & your sharing with us. I find that knowing the general area where people li...
  49. I know old guns & just a feel. The Winchester/Marlin seems between a rifle & carbine length. The wide gape between barrel & magazine. The large trigger guard & lever. Side of the receiver looks strang...
  50. Artfoot, that blurred profile pic is really bugging me ! LOL !
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