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Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. I would say that that pretty much clears it up. She's dog sitting tonite but will show it to her in the morning. She grew up under Ruskie rule & HAD to learn Ruskie.
  2. Id, I think you might be right,eh. As said, I'm no expert & it's not my field of interest, eh. A bientot, - EH.
  3. Mani, you could find somebody who isn't adverse to "drive-by's". Might be doing the neighbourhood a favor!
  4. Thanks Chris. We are in the middle of this as I write. Who needs children when she is around? I agree that the swing-gate is a weak point & just had to get a new one for a friend's revolver & it prove...
  5. That makes sense Mil! Wish they would "dump" some more of those Suise Lugers!
  6. So id, the lower relief ones would be more likely to be real ivory? Never to old to learn. Well, I might be the exception! They don't float my way often so doubt I will see another one. My email is on...
  7. Just ck'd your id. Live near North Bay? Love Canada & been there 105 times. Beautiful country.
  8. On the 8th day, God created 9m/m! Luv sparing with U & Fort & know we will keep in close touch. Meanwhile, I have a crisis situation here. Jacky wants to fly to Tel Aviv because of a girlfriend with a...
  9. Got ya, id! I have trouble believing how high people bid on things on Ebay & really don't know what they are are really getting. Even though tempted regularly, I keep my head & remember past experienc...
  10. Actually id, we both thought it is ivory & both of us have good experience in that sort of thing. The texture, feel & temperature felt right. "Me not know, mon". By the way, I live in the "Wayward" Is...
  11. Getting some good mileage Penny!
  12. You have moved out of my field of expertise id. These were given to me by an Aussie friend. He had some aircraft experience & I cleared him thru security & payed him to help me. Then he started tellin...
  13. Glad you do id. It's one hell of a fake and great keepsake.
  14. Yeah id, I've only bought 1 collectors item on ebay & it proved to be a fake. "People just ain't no damned good".
  15. Yeah Fort. The Brits were very reluctant to change on firearms in those yrs.. In average conditions, I read where tests show that revolvers jam more than automatics & that has been my experience also,...
  16. I agree fort. Exactly the same thing, only entirely different. Sure looks new to me.
  17. Whacky Jacky confirmed the Victory Day but still confused or the backward "R" as she says it reads march. She is confused most of the time anyway but seems to get thru life OK that way.
  18. Tube, I've never known HER to buy anything. That's OK with me! I can live with it. She took into capitalism with a flourish!! LOL!
  19. You are truly a cruel person Moonhill. I look at that poste every nite & cry myself to sleep! Sob, sob. Am I getting the required sympathy yet or am I just wasting my time? OK! My last offer! I'll thr...
  20. That solves things Tube. "MA(reversed R) we were reading as "R" & not "Y". Glad you cleared that up. I could find that date for celebrations, but not the other. Jacky "had to learn Russian" growing-up...
  21. Moon, you can have your way with my goats, but if you touch my sheep, I pull the trigger! But there is a goat with a brown oval spot on it's left ear that I warn you to leave alone! Any of the other 1...
  22. ID, this is not my field, so don't go by what I say or suggest. I just know that ivory has growth rings & no grain. In the past, I could tell by feel, texture, temperature & other small things. That i...
  23. Sorry, but I'm at a total loss.
  24. These are all beautiful! Take your time & show them all. Trying to decide which I luv most? #2. Well, maybe #4 or #1, but then there is #2! Totally undecided!
  25. N-I-C-E! Like your taste & style. Now, back to the TD. LOL
  26. Jacky says it is Russian, date of course is March 9th. She will do a correction later so a' bientot. Tube seems to have it right probably.
  27. Always like this style.
  28. Ditto on ho2. Don't you just luv my personal touch?
  29. I knew there was a reason for getting out of bed this morning. I've never had one of these but have handled & shot other peoples. Think you fairly well summed it up. You have my permission to take a b...
  30. Concave to avoid growth rings.
  31. Mair is a wonderful person & wish I could get in touch with her. I'm not so good with puters & hoping my tru luv (what's her name) can help.
  32. Like the kitchen Sean? You're sure easy to please! Smallest place I've ever had here, largest payments & largest yard. Luv it & can finally have a dawg. Have to get a pooper-scooper I guess. Thanks fo...
  33. Yes Whitman, please. I find this very interesting but don't have the time right now. I will burn a special blessing offering for your goats & chickens. LOL
  34. Oh, I see it now. Have you tried it?
  35. And in NZ?!!
  36. So, this is 2 part & the top swivels?
  37. Penny, I swear that I clk'd LUV before I knew it was you! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  38. Have you tried the red hot pin test? If it were concave on the back, it would be more convincing. But now, "they" are making synthetics that even pass that test. getting almost impossible to be positi...
  39. Have you ck'd the cloth out under a black lite? Don't know what the hell that does but everybody into this stuff says to do it. LOL. Honestly, I've never had a reason in the past to do that & don't ha...
  40. Looks "like, U dun gud Mon!'. So what else you have in those boxes?
  41. Scratch 1 of those. Puter went in snail mode & I clk'd again.
  42. Jacky says the there is a mistake because a "B" looks like an "E" & was copied that way. The word is actually DANKBARER. (Thankful).
  43. Great mascot, eh Phil!
  44. Tom, "split" is why I signed off. LOL
  45. Idel. Both! Fans & enemies, getting into story of growing up in E. Berlin & finding it fascinating. Signing off.
  46. My last girlfriend left me because I left the gate open. At least she said, "bye, baa, baa". Have to do something about that latch! See poste I made about an hr. ago. I need to build a higher fence!
  47. Id, they usually get me to do it & then follow (or dragged in). Have had a few jump out the other side when I get in, so installed a guard rail with razor wire on top.
  48. You are below 30S & I'm at 18N so you get a bit colder there.
  49. Ah, you have been domesticated. I've collected wives, but none of them were mine! LOL
  50. Hey, maybe a local will buy one to make a BIG bong out of it. Walks, no place to display for marketing even if I were interested in doing it. Anything let unattended is nicked real quick here & I've f...
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