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  1. You might want to see somebody about that "red wood handle" fetish. Doesn't sound healthy to me. LOL
  2. I remember these and they worked very well. As I remember, they worked on road gas. Wouldn't mind having 1 today. Often the older simpler things were better & more trouble-free than what is offered to...
  3. Great job!
  4. Very old dovetails but that doesn't really date it accurately. Beautiful piece & see why you are so proud of it.
  5. Is the sleeve large enough for the average hand to fit thru for earlier times? Doesn't have to be a snug fit as long as it just doesn't fall off the wrist.
  6. Sure. I'm most familiar with fluxing lead for casting bullets but also know a bit about other metal casting. A fluxing agent is put in the molten metal that brings impurities to the surface & it is sk...
  7. That is light when you compare to most metals & would float to the surface.
  8. Probably silica slag from the fluxing process. When metals melt, most impurities float to the surface & are skimmed off. Silica is a common light substance that floats.
  9. Mid-East & probably Persian if old enough.
  10. N-I-C-E ! Love it.
  11. Did Mum have a secret life? LOL
  12. 1st pic looks female & kind of reminds me of an ex.
  13. Maybe(that word again) a bludgeon with a cuff to prevent dropping. Is the 'copper vessel" made to open up?
  14. Looks like rust to me & I'm an expert in that field.
  15. Kind of looks like volcanic glass. Is it heavy by volume?
  16. Actually, I would think dutch or Belgie before even considering Italian.
  17. There was a time when they didn't have ice-makers?
  18. It is so unclear, it can be a lot of things. I see what you see also, but it could be like looking at clouds.
  19. Fot Ruker eh! Went to aviation school in Ozark (I think?). Hey, getting late! Good people down there, are were in the 60's. Yu ain't flying any o dem dar whirley bards ar u? Actually, I've lived outsi...
  20. Especially of screw-heads, joint construction etc.. Didn't know we were going to be this "picky", did you? We aren't there, so have to go by pics.
  21. F---ing New Guy/Girl. You must be white collar!
  22. I would soak it it a strong solution of bleach before using it as an ice bucket! Deep south? I'm originally from Anniston,AL but ain't got no aksent no mo.
  23. Did you Google it or was it on Bing? Please, no McDonald coffee stirrers, Tupperware, or things you couldn't sell at your last garage sale!
  24. Know what you mean. Most of my furniture is dark red woods & dark furniture and it makes a room look smaller. Amber made me note that you are a FNG so welcome to our cyber-asylum.
  25. You don't give any scale for size, but the bucket could very well be a chamber pot.
  26. Truly a beautiful job & love the colours.
  27. Having made a lot of furniture, I would love to see some better pics with some lighting.
  28. Looks like the teeth wouldn't cut balsa. Maybe just worn out.
  29. I believe I have seen that "symbol" and it is a boars head.
  30. I'll drop Hem a note since he hasn't been around for awhile. I'm sure he can shed some light.
  31. Old signs are collectable and sure beats the post of a plastic McDonald's coffee stirrer. Welcome aboard.
  32. Too perfect to be blacksmith made. It's modern made.
  33. Can you give us the size?
  34. NICE. (too short to poste, so) Nice, very nice. Oh! And welcome to CW. One of the larger cyber-asylums O/L.
  35. Looking closely at the lettering on the bottom that at 1st glance look stamped. Looking closely, it looks as if it is possibly hand engraved lettering.
  36. Good advice Chris. I'm trying to think of somebody who would use it.
  37. That mess kit was top notch alright. Sure beats Tupperware!
  38. Yeah. I really miss his interesting posts too. Watching this "20% chance of rain" pouring all morning.
  39. Ask Chris what the green covers for epaulets on a 2nd Armored U.S. Army (1950s) uniform indicate. The soldier had a PUC (Presidential Unit Citation) ribbon and I could find no record of the 2nd Armo...
  40. What they have is a Size 37 Automobile Clock. The movement dates to 1910 according to Waltham's records. The 1912 patent date is likely on the case, not the movement. Movements were made in advance ...
  41. Vetraio50, this is what CW is supposed to be like! True collectables and people like you who are willing to help instead of kitchen junk-drawer stuff. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive.
  42. Sorry I'm late to the party Chrisnp. I've gotten to where I just fast scroll CW every few days because if there are 3 pages to scroll, at least 2 pages have nothing to do with collectors & then we hav...
  43. Sounds like my life's experience. I'm sure I'm not going through "2nd childhood" because the prices sure aren't like then. Middle-age crisis, yes. I don't know whether to chase the mothers, daughters ...
  44. It is almost certainly British but that's as far as I can go. Bonne chance.
  45. Great find that!
  46. What area do you live in?
  47. Fascinating piece!
  48. Nice job & I've got to tell this story from a friend from S. Africa. Said he & his father came home one day & found that his "local" workers had broken the horn off of their large anvil. When none of ...
  49. The handlebars look good for running down the rows, but not really made for turning around to come back.
  50. You are a wealth of historical information & I have learned a lot by following your series of posts. Certainly much better than 1980's non-collectable stamps(posted one at a time),Tupperware etc. that...
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