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  1. If those screws go thru the tubes, that will eliminate a lot of ideas.
  2. Just ck'd. & Rommel was a tea-totaller until given given a choice to change by the Nazi's
  3. Lucky you Chris ! (I guess!). I quit hard stuff on requests from friends about 1990. They were smarted than me, but I was smart enough to take their advice . Now, for a last beer !
  4. You think ? Well, we still have to on a bridge anyway. 1,200 mi. is a long bridge ! That's just to Key West !!
  5. I agree Odd Puppy. Just doesn't match up to expected design to me. We may be moving in the right possible direction, but think we are off 10 degrees. Maybe aliens have thicker coins with the right dia.?
  6. I'll meet you half way in my British racing green Auburn.
  7. Virginia,V, SA WHA ?
  8. One day at a time Reckless! Actually, I'm late 60's & still "have it"! I "put on" a lot !
  9. Do you nee an address to send it to ?
  10. Hey "Reckless-glass", I like them smaller. I look toward the future. I also like girls who like things smaller. LMFAO !!!!
  11. Yeah! I'm here !
  12. Great find & story. Having lived in Jamaica for 14 1/2 yrs., I can't but wonder which distillery ? Guess you don't know.
  13. Strange, that ! Must be a story behind this.
  14. She's 80 or 85 now & has to pick them up to put a belt on ! LOL!! And no. I wasn't looking in a mirror when I wrote that ! LOL!!
  15. That is another good option & the sides at the bottom of the tubes are beveled right for flipping the tokens/coins to the side. HUMMM ! Doesn't have to be for U.S. coins either.
  16. OK Celiene, I bend ! Peerless !
  17. You dun good Trey ! I think the Cleveland. Sure is a long tube for a horn.
  18. The federal gov't. just didn't have any money to circulate ! Before the end of the war (North winning), Confederate money was close to equal until the blockade destroyed the base worth.
  19. What an absolutely beautiful, hand crafted auto !!! Do we have a make for it ?
  20. Slack, I think you know something we don't ! Come on. Give ! LOL!!
  21. I notice that at least 1 fake peg on the side rail has absolutely no structural purpose.
  22. Probably for making diff. tones. Now we just have to know how air is moved thru them.
  23. Oh, Collector, that was Julie of Bedford. She later told me that when her mother picked her up in London, instead of taking her home, she took her straight to a detox ! Wise move that !! LOL !!
  24. Collector, I can ask around. I've got 3-5 of mine (U.S.), but like most people I know, we would be afraid of ID theft from us living. Might be a bit awkward. Hey, (?), do you have any old relative's p...
  25. These are souvenir items sold at probably every battle site in the world. Just a memory at a glance.
  26. Was the lady under 5 yrs. old ? I'm not sure when those plugs started being used, but my guess would be around the 50's (that's not 1850's). I have always used real wood pegs as doing countersinks, sc...
  27. Does't look old to me & the pegs are more of a modern decorative style. Sorry.
  28. It's a replica of a replica caricature Civil War cannon.
  29. WELL, I'm impressed ! I also like working dark wood. Nice job.
  30. Typical mid-eastern that at 1st, I almost dismissed as for the tourist trade. A closer look & it appears that these are may be the real thing. Not my area of research, but maybe others here may help. ...
  31. Have another beer, take a toke, & it might become clear. Key word is, "might". Hey, it works for me "sometimes". LOL!!
  32. What have you come up with now ?!! Guess there are more imaginative people out there than me !
  33. I can't remember exactly when I quit. I consider that a good sign. Of course, I can't remember what I am in a store for either ! Sorry. Just the joker in me. I've lost friends to "C" & know how cruel ...
  34. Cad, you aren't supposed to laminate your SS card. Penalty is probably water-boarding !! Play safe & keep your finger nails trimmed real close too ! LOL!!
  35. I see nothing that would qualify as a French fleur de lis, but do see several chrysanthemums. Maybe Japanese military award.
  36. .32 rimfire was a very commonly used caliber in the late 1800's. Usually small pistols or short barreled guns. That period birthed a number of these rimfires that curse us collectors. There was .44, ....
  37. Didn't fall for it, eh ? LOL!
  38. Are you referring to U.S. procedure ? Most recent I am familiar with were all 3 British. Passports lost when boats sank in hurricanes. Arrangements were coordinated with SXM immigration. Went thru th...
  39. Hey! This is pure Dutch. Pilgrim ? "Me not thinks so ". Scene: probably late 1700's. (Because the glass is not too wavy).
  40. Down load on to a PC & make them right. People are always dumping pix directly on CW from phones & I doubt it 1 out of 6 turns out right. I normally don't even look at things posted that way. Have a n...
  41. I'm wondering if this is telescoping & just frozen-up with wax & maybe dents. That would explain the "very bottom heavy". Alcohol dissolves wax but may take awhile in this case. Now that I've probabl...
  42. I've looked back over what you have posted for us to enjoy. You do know that this is probably a Hutchinson bottle ?
  43. I rarely clk. on oriental things, but this I really like ! I'm impressed!
  44. The 1st ones had interlocking slats. Didn't take long obviously before it was realized that it was much easier & cheaper to simply staple simple slates to canvas & achieve the same effect. I'm not an ...
  45. I didn't like all disco, but really luv'd a lot of it. Of course, one had to know the crowd they were talking to back then before admitting it. Kind of like wire walking.
  46. I was going to comment on how good technology was in those days that gravity was defied & wondering if it worked on the contents of the cooler also ? Of course you wouldn't want a real high ceiling if...
  47. I'M HERE !! LOL!
  48. For seeing the plane, sounds like a nite flight was a good choice. Sounds like we keep out planes in better order. In the air, lightning should just pass thru without affecting anything. Have seen min...
  49. You are young ! I don't even bother to look hardly anymore. I do listen to the sound of the engines for possible trouble.
  50. I didn't mean to say there was "no safe money in aviation". Well, maybe I did !! LOL!! At the time, I meant to say that there wasn't big money in aviation.
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