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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. I'm impressed TA & IMA! "You 2 dun good". Sure had me & a friend stumped. Still don't really understand how it works though & please don't try to explain it further!
  2. Lou, to be honest, my visiting friend just tied me down & forced me to to eat a hash brownie! LOL!! Just go to Penny's profile and reply on her latest poste. Not a good time!
  3. Good question! Right now, - me not know man!
  4. IMA, I've been even thinking in that direction & it may prove true yet. That (vertical) arm attached to the screw part is attached to the horiz. via a screw(?). At almost a 90 degrees, to the vertical...
  5. I'm not convinced. Been shot & didn't like it. There is no way I can express how much I disliked it!!!!!!
  6. Looked him up & was slightly surprised to see that he was an atheist.
  7. Just got a strange message from Penny (inky) asking me to contact you & tell you that she has a 3 3/4" biscuit barrel lid that might fit yours if you want it. Does that make sense? Then says she will ...
  8. Where is it?
  9. "Smart men wanted" for targets on a battlefield! Smart?
  10. Me too. I don't think the screw goes in at the end where the "chuck" is but just moves the arm with the slot in it. That's about as far as I have gotten. We still have the old fallback: Left by aliens...
  11. Uh ouh, Jacko is on it. We should know soon.
  12. So, we are 16 mins diff. in time? Isn't technology wonderful! LOL
  13. Jewels, I have friend visiting & they all think all we do is lie on the beach, drink beer all day & party all nite. I'm totally whacked & the only date I can think of is their departure date! Nice po...
  14. That & other free options Inky. Best to take advantage while the options are still operational. I would much better give you a hand than myself. Bob's a good friend but will be glad to see him leave W...
  15. Only you inky! How do you know it is "on a nice tailored suit or jacket"? Must be where imagination kicks in. If I'm not comatose when Bob leaves, I'll give a ring. He brought another batch of brownie...
  16. OK Lee, do you like the tropics? Must take a moment to say something about whatever you posted. Oh, yeah! Really beautiful bowl! Staff! Am I safely within guidelines now? LOL!!
  17. Inky, it's amazing how easy it is to do etchings. Fun too. I did the etchings for the queen of The Netherlands on a Baccarat v'ass some years ago. I did the etchings using an air nozzle & coffee can a...
  18. I did some close-ups & enjoyed studying each. Window into the past. I'm supposed to come up with something funny about now but have friend visiting. Just can't get them to understand that we don't lie...
  19. What a relief! It's hard for me to remember that it's July now.
  20. Fascinating story.
  21. When I 1st saw this, it immediately reminded me of a painting by an artist here that died about that time. Do you have any info about him/her? The artist I knew served in U-boats during the war & the ...
  22. Really enjoyed. Almost skipped as the 1st pic didn't really grab my attention much.
  23. Great series of posts Mike & really enjoyed.
  24. Real beauty!! I see a 40m/m but can't tell what the others are. Is that oak? I'm not used to identifying Amer. woods anymore.
  25. Please tell me the date for Christmas hasn't been changed! I have enough trouble now remembering if it's Tues. or Thurs. Fri. etc..
  26. Knock-out that.
  27. Nice piece (double meaning). Moon, I had it in my mind for some reason that Moon was a guy! Nice to know that a beautiful femme is driving my TD! The thought of you driving my car will make me sleep b...
  28. Can tell you're really a collector. I've always lover old wick lamps but never had a double wick. Guess these are fairly rare?
  29. Once again I enjoy a great story!
  30. Could be for faceting & polishing gem stones?
  31. The box is not original. Probably 1970's or 80's up to present.
  32. Musik, I was thinking along the same lines. Seems like I've seen them for use on larger cuttings than grass. Just didn't quite know how to express that @ the time. One must remember that I only have 2...
  33. Since it is double barrel, that breaks up my knowledge of recognizing a style for any country. It could be maybe Austrian, German, Italian, Suisse etc.. I tend to lean toward Austrian or maybe Italian...
  34. OK. I think this is time to admit: I have no idea! In the back of my mind (scary place to go), I seem to remember something like this for cutting up close to walls etc. , but also very uncertain. Hav...
  35. T-Mon, get in touch with me via my email listed on my profile. May have something for you. Has to be quick as my visiting friend leaves Wed..
  36. If it's brass, bronze etc. , it would not be for a tire machine. Have to keep thinking.
  37. Ron, you nicked the guy's lighter?! LMAO!
  38. T-Mon, I think our reliance & pressure we put on you has you learning more about trunks than you really needed or cared to Know. LOL!
  39. Does the blade looking thing look like it was sharpened?
  40. Could very easily be for seals, such as wax seals.
  41. Putting it on a building? Is this a replica or the real thing?
  42. Absolutely no proofs? For the percussion era, that would put it outside of the UK or Belgium & many French barrels were proofed in the UK.
  43. Tie a name to this?
  44. Maybe it goes on a machine for removing tyres from rims & got broken.
  45. Chris, maybe the trooper had very short arms. LOL
  46. Obviously not familiar with that ancient joke Chris.
  47. Picky, picky picky Chris! LOL. You seem to leave no tern unstoned.
  48. Let me correct myself. My research has shown the the mentioned blue beads were made in the Netherlands.
  49. I'm in the Caribbean & most of the really old beads that the Dutch etc. used were from Venice. The locals like to use the propaganda label of "slave beads" to suit their purposes, mainly tourist. They...
  50. Hint. Poste your attention catching pic 1st of the 4. In this case, the 2nd one. Doubt many people clk'd on your pic.
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