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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Best way I can describe driving mine back then, was like trying to drive while sitting on a short step-ladder. Don't remember what eng. was in it but a 3 cyl would have caught my attention. Dash was m...
  2. I did find that looking at a puter screen with a magnifying glass brought forth the meaning of pixels! LOL!!
  3. Loumanal, they weren't made to shoot barn doors. They were effective @ a metre or less. Doubt that any expert badges were awarded if relying on these. Over 3 metres, I've found grenades most useful.
  4. Googling up proof marks is easy. Try that.
  5. "another 30 years--"! Wish I were that optimistic! "Pessimist: An optimist with experience".
  6. Have seen these many times in the past & just did a quick search under "old revolvers with folding trigger" I came up with a slew. Pw, you might be right but can be a Belgie proof if clearer. These se...
  7. Sa wa, P/P?
  8. I smoked them yrs. ago when they came in tins in Jamaica.
  9. That law goes w-a-y back as I recall. They just didn't enforce it during the protests & I see it on tourists clothes all the time. Probably one of those thousands of laws that are on your books to gi...
  10. Actually, it's breaking a federal law against using the flag design on clothing.
  11. Thought I was the only one who championed SU's.
  12. You obviously haven't been to St. Maarten, Roy!
  13. Roy. Did you use the work "flowers" at the last moment?
  14. You were wondering how long before anybody noticed? LOL!!
  15. Don't think I'll sell mine yet & rely on hiding under the bed & dialing 911. LOL! I don't know what an assault weapon is. All of mine are defense weapons, including the full auto's. Hey, if your goin...
  16. I like something in every room.
  17. Had a '57 that looked just like that, way back when.
  18. I keep these cheap AC (After China) fans going for many yrs. with Marvel. I went into a store here yrs, ago & asked, "How much are your $22 fans?". Clerk laughed and replied, "Ours are $25 ". LOL!
  19. Ah don't 'member c'n no "Quick Release oil doun har n de Wayward Islands. Intensive Care Lotion is the only other thing I found that didn't collect dirt & bog fans down until they burned out.
  20. I think it's a Mo-trap. Nauga-traps are similar except bigger. (I guess?)
  21. Use only Marvel Mystery Oil on the armature bearings to keep it going forever.
  22. She appears to have armor on so maybe Joan d' Arc. The English pumped her up to martyr status so that would tie the St. George thing together.
  23. Does the size change when it rains? LMFAO!! The visions the term "cowboy" seems to conjure up seems to please you, so by the powers vested in me by CyberAsylum, I declare it a cowboy bean pot!
  24. Fhrjr2, it's a problem for the worms!!! No pum pum, no fun fun!. LOL
  25. Sa Wa? Don't oil what while in motion?
  26. Actually, I think everybody has missed. Typo. I have X-rated vision.
  27. X-ray glasses Mani. Wish it were the eyes as the glasses fog up in certain company.
  28. Just thought of something else. There were 4.2" & shot would of course be smaller for windage.
  29. 4" is a non-standard size. The only 2 examples I can find are the 18 pdr. Blakely & the 20 pdr. rifled howitzer. I'm searching U.S. history but it followed on the European standards. Of course when r...
  30. Texting is making me nuts! In a few generations, people probably won't be able to lift their heads. "What was the colour of her eyes?". "I don't know but her shoes were red & white". LOL!!
  31. Good chance. Always free & every week. Guy was real nice & loved kids. The horse wasn't really a sway-back but fairly well kept. Wooden wagon wheels even. Sure better than puter games kids grow up wit...
  32. Could also be used as a wedge as well as splitting.
  33. Yeah, Bro! I was with you then. Problem was, we didn't stop the actions of the draft board.
  34. So Scott, they've converted you too! Our world is endangered! LOL!!
  35. You got to ride a pony! I got to ride with a black guy & his manure wagon drawn by a sway-back. I'm jealous! LOL!!
  36. Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough.
  37. Drastic change in style!
  38. No rush Penny. Can come with those friends from NZ who have a home near you. Of course we would be sailing & they are planning on taking their time wandering around the S. Pacific. Maybe a year? Via ...
  39. Luv when this poste pops up! (just now got a little quake here!) We have an Ace Hardware now, so maybe they sell rare beautiful target, -er, v-asses but rather doubt it. My best to you & Ralph! Is my...
  40. Or dodging gendarmes! Well, actually, they go in the opposite direction when they hear gunfire. They are under orders to avoid any conflict with locals but interpreted that as avoid any contact. LOL!!
  41. Somebody asked me what I shot at when I went shooting tonite? I told them, "Only cans". (Actually targets) ," Mexi-cans, Puerto Ri-cans, Domini-cans, etc.". Just a joke, but sure to get back-lash on ...
  42. Roy, I sure hope paper is not dead! I own a timber farm. Now, may I ask what your reply has to with the helmet or anything else for that matter? Forgot to take your pills again? LOL!
  43. Oh yeah! Sorry Alan. I'm on time delay tonite & the Corona hadn't gotten cold yet. Makes me crabby! We can't chill our beer on a window sill here. LOL!!
  44. Alan, if you can find the time, could I get a translation of the cryptic part of your response? Good starting point is, what is "CanyonRoad"? LOL! The "Peace Medals" seem to be the equivalent of the M...
  45. Around the neck in 1st pix, that may be a "Peace" medal. The Amer. gov't. seemed to like giving to them before murdering them.
  46. Looks more like "69" to me.
  47. Kerry, Roy probably doesn't remember what you are talking about.
  48. It was, and is, a disgraceful part of Amer. history (not the only one) that may fade with time, but certainly will never go away!
  49. Maybe St. Maarten is a little more advanced. We us hydraulics to lift & these as safety stands now. LOL!!
  50. Got a point. I think they put these out once-in-a-while but I don't buy hard stuff. I quit in '91 on requests from friends.
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