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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. LMAO!! Good "capper" 1-G-F!
  2. Deano, I know when it's too late for me to be O/L! A demain!
  3. Deano. "Show me your's & I'll show you mine"? LMAO!!
  4. Think they are all great!!
  5. I'll trade you 6 goats & 3 copper bracelets for it ! LOL!!
  6. Lawn sprinkler?
  7. 1-G-F, sounds like you need to move back! Spent many yrs. in the area & it has a "draw".
  8. Great story! I assume you had them framed? Good touch!
  9. That is just made for my shop!!! I'll give you a hectare of land, 6 goats & 3 copper bracelets for it! Welcome to CyberAsylum. AKA: CW! You did a good job here! I'm impressed.
  10. Kathy, are you good @ hacking? LOL!
  11. Well, I asked & got the answer, but not sure it helps me. Clamping 3 wire loops? Probably a specialty purpose.
  12. Oh! And don't forget facing to the rear. LOL!!
  13. Think that's stretching it a bit eye4. We have good people who will probably come up with the answer. I just don't think we are it!
  14. Please do. Hope you are lucky on the ivory! Very few are.
  15. Nice to see somebody walk away with a smile! Don't you agree?
  16. Lee, it's going to take a 40' container to get all this down to SXM! LMAO!!!!
  17. 1 of the strangest things I've seen in awhile. Would like more info. to support the pix!
  18. I've refrained from saying this, buy the humane way to ride a donkey is by sitting on it's rear haunches. This photographer obviously wasn't accustomed to riding donkeys & probably more of a comedy sh...
  19. A cold winter here would be 86-87F day & 72-73F nites. Think I'll fight to stay here! LOL!
  20. Jscott, you need to learn when & how to lie! I don't have clothes for even that! Have to look to see if I have socks & underwear! 27C / 82F here. Climate-shock!!
  21. I have to go up to Lexington. Was planning on May, when it's warmer, but that accident has left me with a persistent infection & may be up there in a wk. or 2. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  22. "Mo better". I see threads & a spring between the 2 metal pieces. Can you screw this down where the plates are closer or further apart? Right now, I'm at a complete loss. No markings?
  23. You must introduce us sometime. As long as it doesn't involve cold weather! LOL!!
  24. Jscott. I assume you & Lora already knew each other. LOL! Well, Hannahgirl, welcome to CyberAsylum (aka: CW).
  25. I know how to say polar bear is French & Spanish, but it has kind of limited conversational use here in the tropics. LOL!!
  26. Pix don't show any real detail & too dark.
  27. I thought about it, but didn't mention it earlier. It's bad to ride on a donkey's back! Much better on the donkey to sit just over it's hind-side, just over their back legs. A local in St. Eustatius ...
  28. Bobby, Sunday's is when I take my "Sunday St. Maarten/ St. Martin Hash-Brownie Tour". Mon, U can't bother me today! Try tomorrow! "Mon, de win, she almost blo me r'ass off de blud-clot mountain today!...
  29. You can send to me COD for a free appraisal. LOL Be sure to pack very well & insure!
  30. With a mug like that, if she diss'd in her time, I doubt even the family looked for her. Maybe this was trimmed from a mug-shot? LOL!! An image that should be printed on the rough side of sand paper...
  31. Then monkey is probably correct.
  32. Is it stone or pottery? If pottery, was it turned?
  33. Say "Hi" to the elk for me & tell them they are safe from me. LOL!
  34. Is it cold there?
  35. Hey, UncleRon. I ride an Indian motorcycle. Yeah, made in India. Been 2 yrs. & I'm very impressed on the quality!
  36. Brunswick, a friend of mine who promoted & produced for artist, gave me some cassette music by a Ronnie Montrose (I recall) who played the smoothest 12 string I have ever heard. Just Ronnie & maybe a ...
  37. Vetraio, are you referring to a diff, in hue? I dealt in gold yrs ago & found that I could tell which part of the world it came from by a virtually imperceivable diff. in colour. (Talking pure!)
  38. The screw part of mine on the larger T-handle was plastic as this appears to be. Great design & easy to use. An old French friend showed me how in olden day, when they didn't have a screw, They would ...
  39. The centre small T-handle has a steel screw.
  40. You have a furnace/stove this nice, - & it has no name or info on it? I'm having trouble with that!
  41. Brunswick, are you familiar with Ronnie Montrose's 12 string? Caper. I'm bored! Let's go kill something! LMAO!!
  42. AT, we know the answer, but it's fun to pop that question at somebody, out of the blue & read their minds thru their pupils! LOL!!
  43. Good example of something that "looks like a duck, walks like a duck & quacks like a a duck", - but isn't a duck!
  44. Still see these sometimes around here & had 1 till a Dutch friend ran a cork all the way to the top & it stuck fast. Reminds me that I need to replace it.
  45. Guess I'll have to work on other visions & revelations on my tour. Guess I'll concentrate on why people always hold crackers with the salted side up, as if the salt might fall off the other way. LOL!!
  46. Well, I had visions, but not about this! That little flip-floppy thing in the lower hole, just destroys any ideas I have! I'm not sure the Sunday Hash-Brownie Tour is going to help on this. We can hop...
  47. Sorry Mon, I thought I clk'd a Luv long ago!
  48. I agree. Great shot & understand why you would like to research his other works. Bon chance!
  49. I was hoping I would have a vision, explaining it's use after another Corona. Ah, didn't work! Maybe a few more? If that doesn't work, I'll try a hash brownie Sunday. LOL!!
  50. Not exactly what I was expecting. This isn't matching what I was thinking it might be. An "awl", it isn't! That little flip-floppy thing in the lower hole really has me baffled. Does it have a pin thr...
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Vintage clamp bench machinist vise similar idea to bullet Wilton and York vise Electrified oil lamp? Lark Folding Knife Anyone recognize this Grand Old Parr whisky bottle? Rainbow game people with slot in base Vintage US NAVY EXTINGUISHER wacky movie poster - 3 is a Family Oil Painting Europe alps Mirror from hotel? A Rusty Key... White Gold Bar Pin Marked with 14K and a Key Symbol Swagger Stick/Haitian Campaign Vintage Machine ??? Unknown Tool Need help identifying this knife Error money - "Franklin pirates"

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