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  1. Fire engine ? Never quite figured out why they had boilers on them unless to drive pumps. It's on a tandem trailer, so pic probably isn't that old.
  2. Nevada, take a few deep breaths & please tell us who & where made. OK ?
  3. I'm trying to figure out what a 3 apple action painting would look like ? LOL !! Yeah, I'm in one of those moods.
  4. Guess winters are really long there, eh ? LOL !! Luv em !
  5. Hope you are selling in France as nothing in their plumbing mates with anything out of their sphere of influence. It is a real problem where I live where we are Dutch & French & often use Amer. stuff ...
  6. All slot-head screws but I think Dizzy is probably right about the bone.
  7. Looks like quartzite to me.
  8. Never seen one of these before. If it's made cheap, it's probably not German made.
  9. Probably more than $3 . LOL !
  10. Yes Gary, I mean bOb & 2nd cataract dun. Can't believe I was driving like that. Next brownie tour is going to be exceptional ! Can't wait to get back to my little island !
  11. Conjo !! A friend in CO has a Barrett .50. Any secret sources for cases & projectiles you would share with him ? He only used it for squirrel hunting. LOL !!
  12. Great write-up Buff. Stick around. We could probably use you on board. Welcome to CW; aka CyberAsylum.
  13. This isn't carbide ?
  14. UncleRon, what is that you are holding in your profile pic ? I thought it was an armalite at 1st.
  15. I'm not atheist but, "Atheism is ---------- is defined by what it disbelieves and cannot prove, ----". Religions are also defined by beliefs that can't be proved. Both are probably B.S. ! I'm taking ...
  16. Waiting to see it cleaned & a fresh coat of stove-black !
  17. I have red eyes, but I'm not a ray. A cheap skate maybe ! Head like a mud puppy. Maybe it's an identifit ?
  18. What is that ? Bourbon ?
  19. Not sure what that's supposed to be, but don't think it's a ray or a skate.
  20. Are you truck'in around with me NB ?
  21. I understand what you are saying. Those things seen to have a bad aurora . Nothing that can be really explained to others.
  22. Religions are natural expressions of human fears that are turned into money making businesses. I don't live in the U.S., but being stuck here right now, it seems that TV is turning this alien thing in...
  23. HELP! I'm trapped in CW & can't find my way out !! C'est bon Ho2 .
  24. LOL ! I felt the same way back then. Our boot-leggers didn't like them because they had no room for a load ! Oops ! I'm giving away too much now! Probably one of the few anybody wanted to save.
  25. Humpy. Back up a minute ! We don't give appraisals, sell or buy on CW. To start with, you can't throw ONE pic at people & expect to get a reply. Even we peons on CW feel we deserve some respect, even ...
  26. "Lovely" is a word I seldom use, but I award it here ! Restorations like this make me smile from the inside out. If that makes sense to people who haven't felt it. Thanks for sharing!
  27. I get your drift Chris, but remember, it was only a few decades earlier when "American's" were cutting body parts off of Amer. Indians (men & women) to show & use as change purses while they bragged a...
  28. Back to the kinky. A swan has sex with a woman & who lays the "eggs"? I told friends when I 1st heard that song: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places, "They need to get a book on anatomy" ! LOL !!...
  29. I'll drink to that McDad ! And she made loads of mon-ie ! Oui ?
  30. A bit big for a usual seaman's chest . Nice chest though. Must have been a poor blue-blood too. LOL !
  31. WOW ! Guess I forgot to vote !
  32. You need to get that blud'clot cig. out yo mouth, mon ! Don't u no dat ar guvern-mint is trying to sho a betta image to ar youth. You know those punks who are trying to mug us older people, - - until ...
  33. Shit happens ! LOL !
  34. Just noticed the added pic. Germanic or Lowland blue-blood by the small "v" in "von". of course a lot of pretenders were around when they left home !
  35. What are the dimensions ?
  36. Part of harness rig for 2 or 4 team horses or mules. This may be for a 6 team actually.
  37. Seamen's chest have the lid mortised to the chest in such a way that water splashed on top doesn't run inside. You can post 2 more pix.. I'm interested in the other writing that I can't quite read.
  38. Don't look at me ! I a'int shot nobody in yars. Maybe that was the wrong way to word that. Oops !
  39. Is yo pushing tobacco now Gary ?
  40. That's a "protective coating of rust".
  41. WOW ! We have a jumbie on CW! De duppy, she walk and talk to us ! Wonder if this will boost our ratings ? Do we get rated ? Berated maybe so, B-rated. Ramblings of a landlocked sailor.
  42. Has the ear-marks of a seaman's chest. Does the top have an overhanging lip ?
  43. Technically an alligator since only one jaw hinges. LOL !
  44. All they need, is a wax job. LOL !
  45. Missed a spot . LOL!
  46. Getting kinky. I luv it ! LOL !!
  47. Not easy to catch a sight of those buggers on the surface like that .
  48. BB2 was here
  49. Hard to get a 3d impression from 1 straight on shot. Looks like it is open on top, yet you say it has a sliding door there. Unless you show some more distinct pix, I'm not going to mess with trying. Y...
  50. Are those "ears" on the back side made so this "thing" can be attached to a wall ? Thinking maybe from a bateau.
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