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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Staff, if you want to see the mail I got, email me, I will cut paste & send it to you.
  2. TA, it was gmail.
  3. Phil learned that skill well!
  4. Maybe for dogging down some kind of cover with a ring gear?
  5. Is there no end to this?
  6. I noticed the 1865 date before reading & was going to question that. Got me just the same. LOL!!
  7. Well, I won't move there in this life! Honestly, I put on a coat at 74F! LOL! Tell me honestly. Why do intelligent people live in climes like that?
  8. Tcroc, I have a garage also where my shop is, but the door opens when I play with projects, - - year round! Can't remember under 72F or over 89F here. I like to work on my gallery because of the calm...
  9. Hi inky! Was going to call you tonite but talking to somebody & it got too late. You might be right after taking a closer look. HTS, are the shelves plywood? Plywood goes back to ancient Egypt, but o...
  10. The area where we spend most of our time. It is outside & overlooking the yard, lagoon, ocean etc.. Where the sugar birds fly around & sometimes unwanted insects bug you. With comfortable chairs etc. ...
  11. Got milk?
  12. Not a clock guy, but think this would fall more under a case clock cat..
  13. Almost certainly not military.
  14. Would luv one for my gallery (porch to you).
  15. Same as Phil. Be interesting to know.
  16. I thought it is a considible but my real guess is for working leather. Pics from diff. angles would help. You can enter 4 here. Hint: 4 of the same pic will not help. LOL! And, welcome to CyberAsylum!
  17. I agree completely with racer. Some restorers forget when to stop. Luv that 1st HD and especially the Indian. What a 1st class job he did on it! I admire & don't hesitate to compliment those who do s...
  18. Roy, I don't smoke anything anymore. Now these brownies are a diff. thing. And, she always comes home (usually early from being fired & kicked off the yachts. 3 weeks ago they left her in Tortola!)
  19. The gendarmes use some & the spare wheel has a cover that reads DEFENDER. I joke about it telling them, "That ain't de fender. That's de spar wheel".
  20. Az, I was at a total loss on what this was all about but getting some off site feed-back. My address is on my profile & "they" contacted me for some unknown reason. I can pass the address along if you...
  21. Mickey, you aren't fixing to punch out now?
  22. Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW. You need to hang around if this is your interest as there are people here you need to meet.
  23. I'll give 1 goat & 2 copper bracelets. Not supposed to solicit on CW.
  24. Well, I, for one, am really impressed! What a beauty!
  25. You could be the most diversified member we have. Not a mascot?
  26. Great! Hard to find items.
  27. We still have the big ones on the road here & luv them! Like most Brit. engines, they leave a lot to be desired in the tropics, but the aluminium bodies are there for the duration. The inside door kno...
  28. Bigmotor, that explains a lot! LOL!!
  29. Ditto, nutsabot! I keep coming back only because I get bored while waiting on plane parts in the island. Will miss you Kerry! Pop in when you can.
  30. Hey, getthat--, good call! Never seen or heard of them. very interesting. Thanks.
  31. Rode it before the fire that shut down the pair. Great in the back of the eng. car where they have a lounge & you could watch the engineers & gauges. I knew I had traveled the same rails on the diesel...
  32. Roy, you never let me down for surprises! You must have cabin fever. LOL! Just been burning some stumps in the yard today & the wood smoke reminded me of days best forgotten. "We were meant to suffer"...
  33. Thanks Roy. That was interesting. Mani, now is a good time to visit as Jacky left last Monday on a mega-yacht on the way to the Med.. We are sending "Tropical Disturbance Jacky" warning along her rou...
  34. Hey, AR had some great stuff & was educational. Learned a lot from him. We still keep in touch.
  35. Scott, did you get a "point" deducted? Never heard of this point system. Must be new or I would have been banned ages ago!!! Remember Staff, I luv you, no matter what everybody else says about you! LO...
  37. I give up! LOL!
  38. We just went thru this last week.
  39. I've never heard of a replica that you could chamber a shell in & has a functional firing pin. Again, why would somebody replicate anything that isn't worth replicating & lose money doing it? Use some...
  40. I don't agree with the replica idea. People don't replicate things of no extra value except in plastic for such junk as "pirate pistols" etc.. This appears real but just needs to be researched more, a...
  41. Electo. The lever on the lft. side should make the breech open (the barrels swing down) for loading shotgun cartridges (shells). I see no appearance of Damascus in the barrels but agree that it is pro...
  42. Where do you live Zowie?
  43. Are these real cameos?
  44. Beautiful piece! I would love to see your collection.
  45. Chris, I've gotten to where I just do quick scans of CW. Luv your posts but getting disheartened with only rarely interesting finds. Don't you miss AR? I think when he got banned over BS, things took ...
  46. Where is Inky?
  47. Just a rabbit eared double barrel that the breech opens for loading cartridges.
  48. "Chuck" got no awards? Great write-up pw & appreciated. You & a few others keep me here.
  49. Nice. Hope it doesn't have somebodies SS # on it!!
  50. Val is giving good advice & you would be wise to listen. Learning signs of aging is something that comes with experience & is often painful & expensive. Also, use your common sense, - where would they...
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Toilet Old Billy Club Unknown Find Naipes Barcelona #6 Coca Cola Hanging Light 1920's coca-cola sign Tribal ITEM, Unknown  what was used for, Appears to be a Bush Wackeer ??? Victorian Wicker Platform Rocker "Kiki" "White Cargo Dance" 1930 Antique wardrobe with Actors addresses 7th Cavalry A company Screw back Hat/Lapel Device Stereoview - Private1 - part of a collection from a photographer in Poole, UK antique trunk #2 some sort of thresher or mashing tool, any ideas ?? old ingraham wind up clock