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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Frisco, you're getting old. Sorry! It's in the description.
  2. Mani, I think Ayn Rand was a woman, but not positive. Luckily, that one never came thru our area. My Jamaican Boys knew how to take care of such!
  3. Now we have something worth checking in with CW!
  4. My father was ENT & my mother collected old glasses, which she (meaning me) made shadow-boxes to hang in his office. Need to inquire about what happened to them after he died.
  5. A friend of mine who worked for the U.S. Postal Service told me, as far back as the '70's, told me that they had a section that had mild (x-ray?) that could see what is written inside & that they had ...
  6. Really good piece.
  7. Actually, I think hammers have been forged instead of cast for a long time. Casts break & splinter around the edges.
  8. They have always sold Cuban cigars where I live but I don't smoke.
  9. Too much time in the woods of Maine can really affect people! Just ask Roy.
  10. Have you considered professional help? LOL!!
  11. Well, he is wearing the wrong colour uniform. LOL!!
  12. That's scary scot! Too much power concentrated under one idiot. I prefer to call the DOD the DOO. (Dept. Of Offense). I know we will differ on this, so will not elaborate.
  13. Ah! The good ole days! Ho2, I'm against domestic violence also. I think it should be taken out on the streets, where everybody can enjoy it. (I'm going to hear back on this. Aren't I? LOL!)
  14. It's traditional that "nerd glasses" be posted sideways? I thought it was upside down? LOL!!
  15. Well, I learned a lot & appreciate your time Professor. Very informative & interesting. Don't think you have been around long enough on CW to have caught the fun I had with glass collectors by calling...
  16. Just showing us, that behind every great woman, there's a man! LOL!! I'm usually quick at picking out subliminals but you pointed this one out from the start. Never collected cameo's but have always l...
  17. How the hell did you find these?! Brought back the stunning tour I took at the Toronto (Royal Musee?) once, In Search Of Alexander. I was amazed at the quality & detail of the gold work & when I have ...
  18. I thought I was the only one who remembered Ayn Rand! LOL! Great books for those days.
  19. You sure did a good deal! I could use your help with auction bids.
  20. Especially if after shipping & handling has tripled what you bid.
  21. The good news is: I found what I bid on & was outbid. Bad news is: I bid on something else! LOL!! I'm an addict! Just when I thought I had all vices cornered, another one comes along!
  22. Of the 2 middle pixs, the name John C. Fremont comes into mind for the man on horseback but don't know why. The Indian with the single feather is almost certainly Geronimo.
  23. By the (cap?), might be Dutch. If so, she has a job ahead of her! I took Dutch residency 32 years ago & my vocabulary is less the a dozen words! LOL!! A complete corruption of Deutsch.
  24. Ah! When "taxation without representation" was traded for taxation with misrepresentation. LOL! Hope I haven't started something (again!).
  25. Judging from what appear to be bullet holes, it must have come from my "neck of the woods". LOL!
  26. Great job! When did you make it? What skill & imagination!
  27. I apologize for asking who, whatever their name is! We don't see (tabloids?) here & have gossips enough locally. My life has left me open & when the gossips try to pump me for personal info, I just t...
  28. Paul, I am right handed & when I shakingly reach to pull my right hand off of the mouse, my left hand isn't strong enough! I will start building the muscles in my left arm. If Mama ever told you life ...
  29. I need help!! The "War times auction" just came out, & I put in 2 bids! Hell, I can't even remember what one of them was for!!!! Is there a support group?!! I'm giving things away one day & buying the...
  30. I don't have to make a decision because I don't drink coffee or hot beverages. I would like to know, P/C, who is katlyn Jenner?
  31. I agree with you Canyon! Whatever you said. Joking. You are right. Assuming & then trying to prove with misconceived ideas is something that only my girlfriends seem to get away with. LOL! Actually, i...
  32. Oops! Supposed to be 7.62.
  33. Ah, 9 m/m rather than the 2.62! On the eight day, God created 9 m/m.
  34. The one on your profile pix.
  35. This is not my field, but we see a lot of things on CW presented as old original Native Amer. pottery that has been turned. They never invented the wheel & so the turned early pottery industry didn't ...
  36. PCC. Neither one would I want to wake up with! LOL!!
  37. Yeah, lot of measures & marking not shown. I ran the prop shop for a Piper dealer for awhile. Just guessing from pix's with no other info., I would guess for about a 55 hp or + & maybe a Champ, Cub et...
  38. Good show TA! Now, what's a "tote"? Sounds like a word I knew growing up in the South. Of course eye ain't no ax-sent no mo!
  39. The curve of the blade leans toward a skinning knife. Just my 2¢ worth.
  40. My guess, is a tea clipper.
  41. T-Mon comes thru again! Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW.
  42. You have some beautiful pieces and I just drooled on my keyboard (again). What area were they found in? I'm no expert, but things like this fascinate me. Lower Great Lakes region?
  43. Too bad they didn't have better models! LOL!
  44. If turned, remember that Amer. Indians didn't have potters wheels back "when".
  45. When are you going to poste that ppsh?
  46. Nobody is that foreign! LOL!
  47. Out of curiosity, a man goes into a Muslim book store & after looking around, asks "Do you have a book on our governments policy on Muslim immigration?" The owner says, "Get out, stay out & don't ever...
  48. NEVER explain a joke.
  49. Were batteries included? !! LOL!
  50. Hell Roy! All it needs is a wax-job!
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Native American Jar - Signed with what looks like a composition of "K and S" beer mug Heinz 1893 World's Fair Expositions Original Pickle Pin gun spoon Cuckoo Clock Help i don't know what gun this is are the for decoration or acupuncture? hmm I wonder. Need help!?! Hand made bowl in Greece Cast Brass Lamp Toilet Old Billy Club Unknown Find Naipes Barcelona #6 Coca Cola Hanging Light 1920's coca-cola sign


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