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Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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My conch mallet, - or ??? - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
MO' GUNS! Yeah! 
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Collectors only. May be offensive to idiots! - Medals Pins and Badgesin Medals Pins and B…
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Ho2's ugly contest. - Visual Artin Visual Art
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  1. Inky, Ralph can make you one in his "spare time". LOL
  2. Minerals from being buried.
  3. Of course "Peachtree" would be "Hot-lanta".
  4. Well Chris. I can tell you that you don't display with the tally tails hanging in the front! LOL!!!
  5. Every time I see a whistle on military auctions, I think of you & wish that I had started collecting them.
  6. The very word swastika comes from India & not Germanic. Oldest symbol known.
  7. Don't throw them at trees! I hit a tree with a live one once & the bugger bounced right back at me! I could have qualified for the Olympics during those few seconds! LOL!!
  8. If this is your 1st time firing, be sure to read up on it & don't skip the Crisco/grease over each loaded chamber.
  9. A must, if you are smuggling contraband in spare tires! Midas asks questions. LOL!!
  10. The prosthetic leg looking thing might be bait for Moby Dick or sharks.
  11. I live in the tropics but have just always loved old stoves!
  12. Before trying something that might harm it, I think I would use oil (such as olive) & keep it wet for awhile. Dried oils & resins usually dissolve in fresh oil & wipe using alcohol. As usual, try a sm...
  13. Auntie, you've been holding out on me! Shame! LOL!!
  14. Have one with live fuse.
  15. You're reaching beyond my comfortable knowledge level.
  16. I believe this is SD style. I'll give you a dollar 2, 98 for it. LOL!!
  17. Fantastic find. I assume the strap is not original.
  18. "they both work"? In what way as I'm not sure what we are dealing with?
  19. Just weird enough for me to like. Not a "target"! LOL!!
  20. Take a Valium & wait! People here know this stuff.
  21. Looks like it is supposed to fit over 2 toggle joints, as if to draw them together, but what force would work on it? That outside thing is a spring? Very strong?
  22. Up to you, but easily replaced.
  23. That sounds feasible Roy & now looks more familiar.
  24. Maybe Google doesn't like Maine Jar-heads!! Later, Bro!
  25. No markings at all? Unusual, that.
  26. Roy, I got a complete failure of deliver on the address you gave. Try sending a note on my address given in my profile.
  27. Maybe a door stop.
  28. I was on a hit & run tour of CW, but this got my attention!
  29. You're making me feel old! Oh, shit! I guess I am! LOL!!
  30. Hi Virginia! Haven't seen you around in a while. Nice to see you are still with CyberAsylum! I know you have missed me, so you don't have to say anything. LOL!!
  31. Does give food for thought. Who is to know what it has gone thru & "seen".
  32. Roy, I think that last presentation may be the best you have ever contributed (If not the only) . I have copies of Will's from my ancestors going back to the 1700's that leave things, by name, to slav...
  33. Actually, I had a string of 4 of these back in the 50's - 60's & they were strung up across streets etc..
  34. Glad to know I'm appreciated!
  35. Roy, you must be really bored today!
  36. Actually, some of the shackles do resemble a lot. You remember these from days wearing them, eh.
  37. They are Mike? that's interesting.
  38. Peasejean, I don't buy that at all. Notice the tapper for wedging the tap in the barrel? Do you see anything like it here. Namji. Would you please stop the speculations by simply telling us if that i...
  39. I agree Roy. Hope you were never put in a position to give orders!
  40. Could be kpgreg but seem a bit heavy made. Roy, they had to drag me into the mill kicking & screaming while you did a swan dive in !
  41. If you were going to PI, Roy, that means you were a jug-head volunteer. Right? Hope you have gotten smarter since!
  42. Glad you liked that Roy. Did you ever pick up that case of beer I left for you at the store at the bottom of your mountain? LOL!
  43. The French sailors had red pom poms on top of their "pancake" hats during some era.
  44. Alright gang, I'm clueless too!
  45. Fascinating history! N-I-C-E
  46. PickerX. I know people in high places, & High people in places. Both come in handy, but the latter especially! We have good intelligence & I knew more than a month before the last U.S. invasion. "We a...
  47. Easier to ask forgiveness than get permission! LOL!!
  48. PickerX, I like your attitude! Maybe we got side-tracked. Maybe it belonged to Papa Doc or Baby Doc, or whoever. Let's start over & take an objective look at this. I had advance knowledge of the last ...
  49. Fort, Re: # 12. I hope you learned not to ask after that? LOL!!!
  50. Actually PickerX, imperialism (which American deny & feel uncomfortable even being around the term) is more appropriate. It's rich with history and a beautiful collector's item. Let the smoke clear & ...
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