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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. You were really lucky on this one! Great find!
  2. Obviously not much ho2. I've lived it & they are part of family & they consider you part of their's. There is strong bonding & love that the ignorant can never understand but jump to the forefront to ...
  3. Looks like what we call a coal pot for cooking.
  4. Just looked & think that's a bit N of the barrier reef. Did you make it to San Pedro? (Came in by sea, so can't tell you if it is an island or what?). Got an apt. in Belize City but it was stiffeling ...
  5. Ron, I dove for over 3 decades, but after seeing the barrier reef off Belize, I lost my enthusiasm except for getting supper. Our coral reefs have gotten whacked out by hurricanes over the last 2 deca...
  6. Don't expect to find a barn find like that in the islands, - - but you never know. Stranger things have happened. (Usually to others)
  7. Phil, I never shared with you that I invented a better ENIGMA machine at age 3? Staff hasn't proven to be stupid or slow. I'm not paranoid. I KNOW I'm being watched! LOL! Keep in touch pal. What would...
  8. A beauty! Keep us posted. What year?
  9. They truly deserve each other!
  10. Kids around glass! Your Mum was smart to wrap them & hide them. I didn't think it was possible to hide things from kids!
  11. "Ropes"?!! Those are simple native bracelets. "If you aren't helping, - you must be part of the problem".
  12. Roy, you're showing you're class again! LOL!
  13. N-i-c-e!!
  14. If you live in the islands, you might be in for a long wait! Antillean law requires 3 observers for each man working. LOL! Actually not a joke.
  15. After seeing this, I won't have to turn on the airco tinite!
  16. Fairly sure I've seen one before(Maybe in another life)
  17. I was thinking the same thing Chada, on both counts!
  18. Ah, Roy, my favourite antagonist is back! Escape or mandatory release? LMFAO!!!
  19. Shame you didn't make it Sean. The "warm body" & I planned to chain you to the other cane bottom chair & hold you captive until you replaced the bottom of the other chair. (Job I've been avoiding for ...
  20. Door is open Steve. I can teach you how to shoot. LOL. Blunderbusses. Maybe we can work in some night drive-bys in this target enriched zone. Take care or anyway you can get it.
  21. Hi cuz. I'm from Anniston originally.
  22. Cheese press.
  23. Only 2 standing. (I'm not one of them). Have to find your own place to sleep, but I can point you toward a good warm body.
  24. Hurry up. The door is unlocked (as usual)!
  25. Good to hear from you SEAN. You're late & missed the shrimp hors d'oeuvres with Greek sauce. But if you get here in time, we have Texas BBQ, later made with goat meat or iguana. (Which ever you prefer...
  26. I was referring to blind holes. Once in, damage has to be done to remove. The bottom of the blind hole is what drives the wedge into the spindle & expand the end. I'm not sure you understand the syste...
  27. WOW fhr! Were babies that skinny in those days? Yeah, I've got some heavy competition eye4 !! LOL!! Have to admit fhr, your idea scares the hell out of me & may keep me awake tonite! Are you happy now...
  28. Kyra, if you haven't seen the staff deleted poste, my address is on my profile & Jacky doesn't care. She thinks it's funny also. It was great! LMFAO again!!
  29. Steve, do you want me to add you to my joke list? I just flip a few your way that I think you would enjoy. Glad to know you appreciate them. Ever want to come this way, you have a place to stay & free...
  30. Card, these are almost the only heirlooms my sister didn't steal so, no. Fhr: There were originally 5 & they are all pegged, so, no. Original pegs. V/L, we couldn't out run them & now can't run them...
  31. Fhr, I'm retired to. I just don't remember what from! All 5 of my orig. chairs were pegged & none ever repaired. I enjoy using pegs & always pleased with the finished results. I find it easier than dr...
  32. LOL fhr!! Are you trying to take my place as court jester? You're becoming stiff competition! Let's see who can get banned 1st. Don't quite grasp that Jem. How do you fill something with sand on a ro...
  33. I must have been deep in the bush or chasing girls on beaches when these came out, as I've never heard of them. A Whizzer remake. Wah a ting!
  34. I am almost positively undecided.
  35. Well, we haven't been banned. From experience, it takes a lot, lot more!Have you seen the poste I submitted that staff deleted in about 8mins & 17 1/2 seconds?
  36. Narration was great v/l ! LMAO thru the whole thing! "Spaghetti hair"!! LOL!! Your great! Think you can match me? I'll try to be articulate, but have been out doing research on St. Maarten/St. Martin ...
  37. Hey v/l, I opened it carelessly & almost put it in spam because I didn't know the address. Mon, me no look fo no b-i-g mama cause dey everywar here! De bilt fo comfot, not speed! Actually, it's a sign...
  38. LMAO, v/l!!! Ever been to St. Maarten in the Wayward Islands? "Looking for woman with boat & motor. Send picture of boat".
  39. Hey scott & fhr. I don't know N. Amer. woods anymore. Would "ya'll" take a look at the similar chair I just posted & give me your opinions of what wood was used. I always assumed maple or hickory. I'd...
  40. Hey Phil! I noticed it took them quite awhile to add my poste. Staff must have really searched for overt or covert meanings in every sentence I made. Maybe they are wiser than I previously thought! (O...
  41. Don't think that's gotten here yet. What's it about? LOL!!
  42. Card, I just posted pics of one of my chairs & showing the pegs. In my past, I have made a l-o-t of antique copies as well as counters etc.. Generally, I have found it cheaper & easier to use than scr...
  43. Good to hear from you Steve! You just passing thru?
  44. Hi-Power, my all around favourite 9.
  45. Glad you have recovered your senses. How many times have we cussed previous owners while stripping paint?
  46. Wonder why Americans aren't doing that now? Merely traded taxation with no representation for taxation with misrepresentation!
  47. Got a 24 hr. "bug" right now, but do know I'm getting more sick clk'n on bloody glass birds!! From this day forth, I will never clk on another glass bird as there is no end to them!!!
  48. Watched the video & thrusting from the right is almost a definite wrist breaker & sword looser. I would do a hacking move on the right. You know as well as I do that you can't plan that last second mo...
  49. Paint!! Wash your mouth out with Cutty Sark! Nothing beats wood & think of the trouble for future owners! Paint is for covering concrete!
  50. Is this going to be my wedding band when I've worn you down? Hey, I might be easy, - - but I'm not cheap! Did I get that right?! Oh hell, I'm easy & cheap! LOL!!
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Unknown Find Naipes Barcelona #6 Coca Cola Hanging Light 1920's coca-cola sign Tribal ITEM, Unknown  what was used for, Appears to be a Bush Wackeer ??? Victorian Wicker Platform Rocker "Kiki" "White Cargo Dance" 1930 Antique wardrobe with Actors addresses 7th Cavalry A company Screw back Hat/Lapel Device Stereoview - Private1 - part of a collection from a photographer in Poole, UK antique trunk #2 some sort of thresher or mashing tool, any ideas ?? old ingraham wind up clock Coca Cola Cooler Box