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Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Kraut packs steel (2) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Kraut packs steel (1) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
For Fortapache - Signsin Signs
Not a Fairbairn Sykes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Wizard of Oz poster/sign for Trey - Moviesin Movies
Jamaican bag again - World Coinsin World Coins
A Yachtie's  Christmas - Photographsin Photographs
Prettig Kerstfeest & Gelukkig Nieuwjaar - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
NevadaKnives - another Marlboro knife. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
MY CHILDHOOD TOYS - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Wouldn't want that in the hands of any woman that's lived under my roof !
  2. Good stash .
  3. OU LA LA ! Looks just like me on my "Indian" ! Well, maybe 5 decades ago .
  4. I'll wait till the movie comes out, at my age !
  5. Great write up after you stole one of their signs ! LOL !!
  6. Well, it sure isn't Shaker !
  7. Lucky you ! Shake & Bake. LOL !!
  8. OK, Phil, coin arrived today & I offered you a deal. Contact me.
  9. At least they didn't use a wire wheel, Alan ! You stepping on my deal, mon ? Blud'clot !
  10. The cavalier may have his hand on the top of the scabbard, but not on the grip & the sword is cased(in the scabbard). I'll trade 2 goats & 3 copper bracelets for it ! Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW. I...
  11. Beautiful carving & obviously real wood pegged mortises.
  12. The lucky pic Tiban, was the one before this before she raised the sign ! LOL !! Maybe you're talking about the sugarbird ?
  13. You've been lucky or persistent !
  14. All it needs is a wax job, Roy !
  15. Again, I'm reminded of my yrs. in Jamaica.
  16. I remember seeing 1 (Pepsi ?) as a kid. Welcome to CyberAsylum, or is that CW ? Whichever !
  17. Uh, you mentioned "frost" !
  18. So now, it's a never ready . Oldest 1 I've everseen .
  19. Caper, I miss a lot more than I catch. Still, a fun cheap hobby.
  20. After you pay shipping from Laos ?
  21. I was impressed ! After looking up the prices, I was depressed ! That was real precision & you could tell that the razor sharp blade would be fairly easy to keep that way.
  22. A beauty ! Would luv to have had one of these in my collecting days . I'll trade you my 3 legged water buffalo for it ! I'll pay for shipping of lamp & you pay shipping of buffalo. LOL !
  23. What part, if any, does a magnet stick to ? Hard to believe if any part is iron, that it would hold up this well on a beach !
  24. A technician was here yesterday & had a knife that he could flip like that. It was a Kershaw & I fell in luv with it. Said the neighbour above him had a bunch of them. I left my lock picks in SXM so I...
  25. I can tell, you are hooked already ! LOL !!
  26. BB2 was here
  27. Merci SB. That worked even though I bought this puter before the last model T rolled off the line . New trick I can use a lot !
  28. Ron left out, "and a sore chest".
  29. After I clk on the last 3, I get no + to enlarge again.
  30. I really doubt it . LOL !
  31. Didn't know there was an adapter for firing blanks in a BAR.
  32. No mascot for a LADA ? LOL !!
  33. Just hope you don't have to use it ! LOL !
  34. If mercuric fulminate was used in the primers, it might be unhealthy to drink from.
  35. Shouldn't the wheel be turned over so that it wouldn't collect water, snow & ice when in use ?
  36. Looks like a project for somebody learning how to weld.
  37. OK Scott, that's a reasonable enough excuse . LOL !
  38. Serious bet Chris & in my legal tender. I have never had a rolling block & never cared to as I preferred c&b.
  39. Scott may be able to even tell you what Stonewall had for breakfast that day. He will be along or I will email him.
  40. Good history.
  41. I'm not quite as sure as you are Bobby. It would be the simplest one we've seen.
  42. The Bedford brings back memories of life in Jamaica. May keep me awake awhile !
  43. I came thru the Philly airport Wed. & saw 2 (somethings) in uniform & their caps were severely saddled & peaked just the way the SS liked. Give it time . Oh! the middle stamp in the 1st set has the e...
  44. I recognize the pic but can't tell you how this copy is made. Hey, Scott ! Where are you ? He will know.
  45. Guess we are pack rats. LOL
  46. Good point Ted. I never really thought about it, but there are a high % of pix of soldiers smoking. Of course most of those soldiers were not in Germany, but bringing peace & tranquility to countries ...
  47. Looks like the sculpture spent more time around cats than horses.
  48. The only game I luv . The only one I'm good at !
  49. Not a bottle opener ?
  50. The Rolling block is not a c&b conversion. Probably .50 caliber. Guns often have multiple patent dates as patents are renewed or improvements are made.
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