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  1. Whether C.S. or U.S., each round was checked with a gauge. If one with a seam passed, it would surely have too much bore windage & would be about as accurate as throwing rocks. Both sides had records ...
  2. Tintype, I'm just repeating what I was told, but have never seem seamed balls being sold as any type of cannon ball or grape. They certainly wouldn't do for bore size balls. Fhr, I don't know your re...
  3. Actually Tintyper, I was told buy a collector many yrs. ago, that any iron balls that had mold marks were something else. I thought he said window sash weights, but I don't see any round ones under th...
  4. In Jamaica, they had a "Go Slow" instead of strikes. Problem is, nobody knows when a business or Gov't. has a Go Slow unless it was put in the paper ! True.
  5. Yeah. I've never seen a real one.
  6. I believe you have the broken end of the center pole (Between horses) for an artillery limber, cassion etc..
  7. Only you, Roy !
  8. Starter solenoid.
  9. Good job.
  10. An impressive job.
  11. Aircraft mechanic's saying: "When all else fails, read the instructions". LOL ! That's a new one on me & I want it explained. HEY, gang. Does anybody know how this works ? Does that "butterfly" in the...
  12. What a steal !
  13. "Drain surgeons" over beers. LUV it ! LOL ! I've done my share, but not by profession. You might want to keep tabs on St. Maarten, as they are talking about installing a city system. Don't forget abou...
  14. Looks like from the tourist era.
  15. I was referring to the military issue .45. I accurized one of mine & it held a good grouping.
  16. Maine is a l-o-o-o-n-g way from BC.
  17. Drafters table.
  18. As regards to the comment about not being able to hit anything with a .45. Depends on whether you shoot it or throw it.
  19. Maybe for snaps or/and rivets ?
  20. Probably more repro's on the market than originals. Copies are so good that experienced collectors are sometimes fooled. Have it checked by an expert. This is Luftwaffe.
  21. Are your leopard's glass eyes crossed too ? LOL
  22. I haven't had an Amer. helmet in many yrs., but I don't remember the rivet pattern to be like this.
  23. Black and white !
  24. More Amer. style than German. Picture of lining would help. The skull doesn't make it German as the U.S. & other countries used it.
  25. We aren't grey. It's ultra-blonde.
  26. I certainly don't remember.
  27. Senility has it's advantages. I just can't remember what they are.
  28. I believe you have a whale's tooth.
  29. I stand corrected. I didn't know that the army kept the AAC as a separate entity from the Air Force until '47. Learn something every day. Thanks PP for bringing that to my attention.
  30. Few can & the old military Colts weren't that accurate as issued.
  31. The insignia on the plane(?) is Army Air Corps, which was changed to Air Force in 1941. Hope this helps.
  32. Now, that was low level fighting, Padit !
  33. Summer or not, you're on a roll.
  34. You're picking up some good kit lately.
  35. BB2 was here
  36. Opening paint cans ?
  37. Sounds like a great learning experience. "There's no money in aviation". I just started working under my license again, maybe 10 yrs. ago. Like riding a bike.
  38. There are special candles for the auto-feeding lamps. Regular candles drip wax down the sides. I had several of these in that old great-house I owned in St Eustatius, Neth. Antilles.
  39. Strange metal to make an ashtray from.
  40. Guess they figured you wouldn't turn into a human torpedo without more power.
  41. There's no helmet law in KY, but I wear mine. St. Maarten/Martin even passed a helmet law for over 50cc.
  42. And nobody hardly actually thought about the skill it took to layout the design, much less to paint it.
  43. I feel like I should stand up, Bonnie !
  44. Death by boob tube ?!!!!!! I think my feelings about that War are just as strong today as back then.
  45. Thanks Hunter. It's a well done description.
  46. You mean the fur cap in #3 ? Don't laugh ! That's the official M/C cap in Newfoundland . See if I can get something stirred up !
  47. Can't beat the price even on a repro !
  48. Are you in the aircraft business too ?
  49. I remember the one. Guess his parents never got married.
  50. What did I miss ?
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Britains Vickers machine gun crew. Police Button Silhouettes Pair Deltex Products 1933 handcrafted clay pipe Lamp.. not sure about it .. was wondering if anyone could help with that?? Audubon's America signed Wyoming Cowboy's Letter in 1907 September 1st 1968 Scottish Liquor or Wine Bottle Advertising thermometer sign


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