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  1. This is beginning to get good!
  2. Good write-up, but still so ugly it's cute. LOL
  3. Damn! & I thought using a light meter was complicated in the 50's! Good write-up! Thanks.
  4. Had a carbide lamp just like that yrs ago.
  5. I've been wanting a display like that for my wall in the tropics for yrs.. (74F/24C here). I could call them "sand shoes". How about ,iguana trap & the mounted head could be a mongoose? I would get ch...
  6. I knew parts of it but you added a lot. Thanks.
  7. Making the miniature badges impresses me!
  8. I haven't seen one of these in decades! Didn't know what it was then either!
  9. Packrat, you've been there too! Actually some wasn't real bad in the field. Not real good either! Not something I dream of.
  10. If the price was right Mani. Yes, I was sent to this planet just to harass you!
  11. Thank you kydur for pointing out the obvious! Wake up Zowie!
  12. My LOVE was for the 1st pic michael & afraid I didn't look at others! Sorry.
  13. This made it worthwhile coming back to CW for a peek! I ran the prop overhaul shop for a FBO for a few years & always loved the old wooden props. I always got talked into giving the ones I kept to som...
  14. I'm impressed fhr!
  15. Really big for a dip, but you might research a silver cleaning process posted by another member using "soda crystals". I've tried it on sterling & it works quite well without rubbing. Then it might be...
  16. Ah, more proof of evolution. I'm certainly not well endowed, but that fig leaf certainly wouldn't do. Well, maybe a really cold morning! Luckily, we don't have those here! LMAO!!
  17. I'm still trying to figure out how they got the centre section to "bulb" out without it being obviously marked. It is obviously made in 2 pieces. OK Battlegear, you hold the evidence. Can you tell how...
  18. Bloody hard to find! In all the gun shows, museums etc., I've never seen the real thing. Drawings, yes. Rare find.
  19. I remember her Phil! I ran into maybe 200 times one night.
  20. Thanks hotairfan. Now we know. Guess I missed yours.
  21. Maybe Stockton, Manitoba?
  22. Valentino, just go to S/W Miami and save yourself the airfare! Be sure you're armed though! I can fly there easily from here but might get kidnapped when I get back & taken & tortured (again) by the U...
  23. "Ask a stupid question"! LMAO!!
  24. Beautiful!
  25. No scale, but the round just has the feel of a 37 m/m to me. Right?
  26. I like old locks & you have some nice 1's here.
  27. This is not your usual style, but as soon as I saw it, it screamed "inky" at me. Degenerates intuition I guess.
  28. Could have sworn it was a PBY when I 1st saw this but they were 2 eng..
  29. I can't remember ever clk'n on jewelry before but do appreciate amber. Nice piece when you get the bugs out of it. LOL!!
  30. Ah, a Chaplin with what appears to be a cannon. I like that! Seems to be representative of all religions. LOL!! Bet I get flak on this!!
  31. The reverse kind of reminded me of a Klan member! Well, I did grow up in AL during that era/error. LOL!
  32. I remember $18 cents. (true). I helped Moses when he got lost. (not true). Always like your posts Rattletrap. Keep them coming. Venezuela was selling petrol (gas) at less than 25 cents a gallon about...
  33. Wouldn't come up for me on that link. I join pops52 in asking how it works?
  34. At the risk of appearing totally ignorant, where is Stockton? Often people drop names of places like we live in that neighbourhood.
  35. I agree & there should be a trophy.
  36. Love it eye4!!!! Never cease to keep me laughing! I re-found the dolphin! It was in the same place! LMFAO!!!!!! I was going to go to bed, but laughing too much now! Gote nacht. LOL!!
  37. Steve, you're a trip! LOL!!!! Shared experiences are the best. But don't try here!
  38. Kydur, RE: # 18. Maybe for this poster! I'm getting out of here before I finally get banned! Staff, I'm bowing out! LOL!!! (Or trying to)
  39. Kydur, you're slick! Don't think you were around several yrs. ago when I posted my topless girlfriend pouring a beer under, "Can anybody identify this bottle". It was deleted in about 7 mins & 28 secs...
  40. Hey Kydur, not my field. The legs are! CokeKid has my mind moving in obscene directions. best not to delve into my mind right now! LOL! I think I have probably pushed staff to the extreme limits alrea...
  41. Kydur, I'm going to have to bow out because I can't seem to think of a come-back that doesn't have the word "between" in it.
  42. CokeKid, I was trying to come up with a good come-back without being obscene. I failed! LOL Guess I'm geared wrong!
  43. Eye4, you sound paranoid! Now, I'm not paranoid. I KNOW I'm being followed!
  44. Ho2, got about a lb. left & wondering when my friend is coming to visit again. Told that lard works better than butter. Oops, fb again! My address is on my profile.
  45. Sa wha eye4? Me no understan, mon? "Offender"? Actually, here, we don't wear clothes much around the house & yard so the seat is always down. Don't have to aimz in the yard!
  46. Roy, I certainly was fishing! I was trolling & wondering if you would bit the hook? You have before! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!! Roy, I don't know what I would do without you on this site? Make baiting so easy ...
  47. Hey Roy, I didn't come here to get others to research. My IQ is high enough to where I know how to get others to do that while I go fishing. Thanks for doing that for me/us, but the earliest date I se...
  48. I'll be in KY for 6 days in Apr. & will try again to get it opened, even if I have to take it to a jeweler, so I can give the numbers. I appreciate the interest. Thanks!
  49. Not easy to offend me ho2 & eye4, some nites late, I have to close one eye to "aimz when I peez". Now where is that friend who keeps bringing the brownies?! LOL!!
  50. Not sure how to take that remark ho2.
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