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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. I like this because I was partly raised by a Creek Indian & feel for them & their plight.
  2. The only "Provo" I know is in the Turks & Caicos islands near me. Providenciales. Sure don't think Route 66 went thru there! Have had some great times in Provo thought. The owner of a plane & I stole ...
  3. I live in the tropics & have been looking for such a display for my wall as a joke.
  4. Whoa, hocky fans! Enough!
  5. Good show Chris. So many coat of arms from European countries are so similar, that I don't follow the differences as it's not my field. (Still trying to figure out what my field is) Strange area for i...
  6. You are a wise man, T-Mon. But how can I train my goats when I'm not even trained?
  7. 23-24 yrs I've been trying to save enough money for the departure tax. Saved enough up last yr. & they told me at the airport that my Eastern Airlines return ticket wasn't good anymore. Blew the money...
  8. C'est la vive! Just a moment! Have a vegetarian girlfriend who will keep the lawn down but she requires salad dressing. Think about it.
  9. Can't blame me for trying! OK, I'll throw in 2 copper bracelets & 2 sheep. I've gotten tourist's wives cheaper! LOL (also traded them later for less than I paid).
  10. Same offer applies from your 1st poste. I'll even throw in a couple of goats!
  11. If I only had such a tool "box", I would be afraid to touch it with dirty hands! A real beauty! I'll trade my MAC tool box for it. Can always buy another MAC! You did a fantastic job.
  12. Keep looking. Not my job. SD just seemed to be a strange place to find an original uniform button. You might ck my profile to see the Eng. button I found. It was solid & gold washed from 1805-1815 as ...
  13. SD is a strange place to find an English uniform button if not a copy from somebody's blazer etc.. Uniform buttons can be researched rather easily. Start with 18th century Eng. buttons 1st.
  14. You're probably right Tube but all my choices seem to have laws against them.
  15. Amber, are you categorizing us?
  16. You're welcome icollect, as long as I don't have a suit lawyer contacting me! Room temp. sounds about right. Hope I don't have to give public warnings about adverse effects. Personally, I like it a li...
  17. icollect, sounds like you need a secondary hobby too! If you haven't figured out how to cool off that "hot steaming fricken" by now, I would say it's probably too late to learn! I recommend that you s...
  18. icollect, it must be for cooling frickens! OK tube, you won. Now, by the site you sent, there must be a bell missing & it must screw to the hole in the axis for the arrow. The arrow is obviously not t...
  19. Is that the official answer? It's a "fricken cool". May I use that term in the future without paying you royalties? I like that!
  20. I vote for leather stretching tool. Teeth would leave a permanent mark on fresh or wet leather.
  21. Those racks on the sides look like they are for magazines, so maybe it is a side table of some sort?
  22. Roy, how did I get involved in this? R'ass clot mon!
  23. Obviously a grinder for something & mounts on a wall. Maybe spices?
  24. I sure don't know without better pics description & dimensions. Give us something to work from.
  25. I found a Mason book/pamphlet some yrs ago that gave a lot on the mystic symbols & terms and had trouble finding anybody who even wanted it here. Wish I had it now to send to you.
  26. The kids who join armies almost always regret it after they see a man torn apart, if it's not them. There is absolutely nothing glamorous about it. That battle was a true carnage. But they all are. Do...
  27. Poco poco fhr. (That's "easy, easy" in popiament). LUV it! I taught the Kraut girl I live with, how to shoot. What was I thinking?? Guns in the hands of Germans!! Now if there is trouble, I have to ge...
  28. Finally! A good pic of you.
  29. Oh! got it fhr. For "sweating" copper pipe together! Hey, you're good!! See it now. I'm truly impressed!
  30. Another fun nite on CW!
  31. You're alright fhr, I don't care what everybody says I don't listen to the cops anyway. LOL
  32. OK, maybe a bolt stretcher? LOL
  33. Maybe I was a bit hasty before. Hunting, I remember leaning back against a tree or sitting on a log after ck'ing for snakes or poison ivy. Could we have skipped the outhouse stage in evolution in Alab...
  34. LOL fhr! You have more points than a porcupine. When I said brutal, it was more as a sarcastic remark as I'm sure you have been around long enough to witness me "drum out" more than 2 BS posters. He m...
  35. BB2 dictionary. Pessimist: Optimist with experience.
  36. Thanks everybody. I worried a little bit about what kind of response it would get when I threw it in the ring. Pleased with the responses. Well, it's Sunday & I think we'll take a "brownie tour" of th...
  37. fhr, you can get brutal.
  38. My guess would be maybe RCMP.
  39. LUVthe colour!
  40. You can sent it to me for an appraisal if you like! LOL
  41. I be 68 & ain't never used no outhouse when I grew up in Alabam! Must be a nor'thn ting. Please excuse ma Alabamese.
  42. Come on Amber, - GIVE! Don't you know by now that I hate it when people hold out on us (ME)? Just when I was beginning to think I could trust you! LOL!
  43. I've been exposed!
  44. Well, thru the elimination process, it's not a salad fork.
  45. Don't think it's the leaning tower of Pisa!
  46. Glad you explained. First impressions was that you had been hold out on us again.
  47. Addiction! Yeah, you have it. That's why I call CW CyberAsylum! The Coke addicts are the worst! They inspect every crack & crevice in a tray or whatever. LOL
  48. Certainly don't see these every day! NICE.
  49. Penny, going for a record? Luv it!
  50. "Me not know mon". The lack of ventilation holes may be so that the sparks from the commutator would be less likely to ignite fuel fumes, such as in aircraft fuel cells. We have aircraft tools that lo...
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