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The last for awhile. Bonne Anne'e - Photographsin Photographs
West Indian Turkey 
WWII Deutsch Navy "talley" - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WWII German Kriegsmarine rating ? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dutch Fascist pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Barlow knife mistake - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
"Nazi" luftwaffe personnel - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Jamaican Style - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
SA-Storm Troop Gruppe - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Re-purposing  - Telephonesin Telephones


  1. Thomas, I have a heart valve replacement. Really want to go flying with me ? LOL !!
  2. I went to aviation school 20 mi. from Enterprise, Thomas. Not much I didn't know about that area.
  3. Actually Thomas, the only way I knew what a boll weevil looked like was from seeing that statue in Enterprise.
  4. Looks like a boll weevil.
  5. Last pic, left bottom. A "pressure carb" was invented to prevent stalls during inverted & stalls of the aircraft. The Germans flew circles around Spitfires until the invention of the pressure carb. T...
  6. I notice "carb heat". Injectors didn't use carb. heat & I'm wondering if "pressure carbs" did ?
  7. That maybe cypress.
  8. No wonder the South was winning all the battles. All the Yankee officers were off having their pictures taken.
  9. Sure a new one to me.
  10. Why not both ? Picking lemons ? LOL !! I warned.
  11. Yeah. Why not ! I'm in that mood tonite.
  12. ",I was born in the back of a Greyhound Bus, going down hwy. 41".
  13. Sort of reminds me of a sketch of Don Quixote.
  14. Thomas, you had a childhood everywhere in the East . LOL!!
  15. Roy, are you the one on the other of the leash with the rubber glove ? LOL ! We are getting old. I'm not asked if I want to be an organ donor when I renew my driver's license. Went to donate blood & t...
  16. Hear, hear ! Hear, hear !! LOL !
  17. BB2 was here
  18. There was a period there when shows about Rebels & the C.W. were popular. I loved The Grey Ghost about Mosby.
  19. Don't you mean old and senile, Roy ? LOL !!
  20. Under trade marks, I find one example what has the same unpolished lettering edges. I believe it is the real deal.
  21. That's too easy & obvious, Irish. LOL !
  22. It says L&M sponsored the show.
  23. The reason I say plumbing is, the felt packing & over-run lead had to be trimmed. The hammer could be for tamping the felt in seams.
  24. Probably 1840-1870. British Tower cartouche.
  25. Glad to see that you keep it in good condition.
  26. Could be used for plumbing when lead was used.
  27. I've kept 1 for many years because some forms are easier to to do on one. About 12 yrs ago, a Swedish girlfriend came home while I was using mine & asked what it was. I told her and she said it was t...
  28. But I don't think it is for wood working.
  29. Remember these from w-a-y back when.
  30. Alan, surely you know by now that I insult & harass with no regard for race, religion, intelligence etc..
  31. Just a little health thing. I am trying to maintain my usual harassment level.
  32. Great and well enjoyed.
  33. If aliens read it & think earth lives by those rules & then visits, they will be mugged in the 1st 15 mins..
  34. s I said, It's not my field. I'm hoping a CW member with knowledge in this will show up.
  35. This has sparked my interest. Doesn't resemble anything I have seen by the western tribes. If this is from an Eastern tribe, it would be old & rare. It's not my field, but I think you should share thi...
  36. Left the way it is says whole volumes about it's creation.
  37. Nepal. Gurkha military knife
  38. That's close enough for the prize.
  39. From Labbatts with love. Good advertising.
  40. You're OK as long as you can walk thru the room (Without moving something).
  41. And just when I thought I had seen everything. LOL!
  42. Extremely good job.
  43. Now. What country ?
  44. Sure wish I had found it 1st ! LUV it.
  45. Sure designed like an early ammo box for a machine gun.
  46. He still looks Korean to me.
  47. Wyatt, The swastika was not official until 1933. The more I look at the crude stamped letters & emblem, the more I question authenticity. Just not the quality demanded of German craftsmen.
  48. Pistols do, Caper. Maybe a grenade or 2 if it's getting late.
  49. You need to slap an ALABAMA sticker on that truck, - fast!
  50. I'm just now finding this. BB2 hasn't been here. You are backing into parking places by now ? (That's so you can leave fast). I found that a Swedish K or Brit. Sterling smgs locked in the gun rack is...
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Beautiful African American Woman tintype in cdv mount BUGGY SEAT odd collection  VINTAGE FOLDING POCKET KNIFE JACKKNIFE INDIA? MIDDLE EAST? ??? Abraham Sanchez art Clock from Kit Very old and unusual piece!  28 1/2 " Tall x 14" Deep x 27" Wide Vida Gabor Framed Print


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