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JOYEUX NOEL island style - Photographsin Photographs
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  1. When are you going to poste that ppsh?
  2. Nobody is that foreign! LOL!
  3. Out of curiosity, a man goes into a Muslim book store & after looking around, asks "Do you have a book on our governments policy on Muslim immigration?" The owner says, "Get out, stay out & don't ever...
  4. NEVER explain a joke.
  5. Were batteries included? !! LOL!
  6. Hell Roy! All it needs is a wax-job!
  7. We learn something new everyday. Fascinating piece.
  8. Obvious that you left out Spanish! Makes one wonder who won the Mexican & Span. Amer. wars? Looking on the European scene today, it looks like Germany may have won the war. But then, looking at the sc...
  9. I love to speculate & this has me going!
  10. Wooden handles usually mean heat. Maybe it was never used. Does appear for casting bullets for somebody with the DT's, but no spout. I'm lost (As usual).
  11. Abrest & Vichy are 2 small towns/villages adjacent to each other. My answer is: ??
  12. Let's see. A "bloke cup" would have a built in "straw" on the side? LOL!
  13. Oh, Moon. You are so easy to please.
  14. Certainly one of our grandest postes!! Thanks again.
  15. Zowie, are you saying you wouldn't drink from a cup like this? LOL!!
  16. Bon chance!
  17. Sorry Rattletrap, but your idea of "Freedom, Security & Hope" was disproved to me in the early '70's. That's why I left "That dream" 42 years ago. Only regret is, I didn't leave sooner! I know you won...
  18. And T-Mon comes thru again! Don't worry, I'm just passing thru & not a threat yet! LOL!
  19. Great piece! Thanks for sharing.
  20. Very interesting. Was this one used for contraband? Those were hard times when whites were no longer even eligible to vote if they had any past association with the Confederacy (most everyone).
  21. Zowie. I know a good place for it too. In my living room!
  22. Good poste! Thanks.
  23. Loved your narration & will search for more of his history. I didn't know he was in our Caribes? Thanks!
  24. Absolutely stunning piece! Feel free to send it to me for evaluation (prepaid). Damn, you just made me drool on the keyboard!
  25. They are too busy staring at their smart phones etc.. I used to think that the nuclear age was opening Pandora"s Box, but re-evaluating my opinion with the digital thing. LOL! Nobody looks eye to eye...
  26. Wondering how many of you remember taking turns turning the handle on top of a wooden stave ice cream maker while you add ice & rock salt? I do! Those were the times that made a family closer.
  27. Kelso/plaster frame. They are desirable.
  28. I like the "splatter" & red and black best.
  29. Had a Dutch girlfriend with a pit bull. Had more fun with the dog! LMAO! Damn, I miss Bella (the dog)!
  30. Reminds me of AL or FL in the 50's & 60's! LOL!! Actually, I think we could throw in GA, NY, IL, KY, AR etc.. LOL!!
  31. Thanks for the info battlegear. I didn't even know it was an M34. I'm actually glad it doesn't have decals. My motorcycle helmet got blown off the bike during our last hurricane & spent many hrs. spin...
  32. I went to a mind-reader, but she wouldn't tell me anything because she already knew I wasn't going to pay her. LOL!
  33. Wouldn't it be a fantastic day if the day ever comes when helmets are only needed for work places! Yes, I was a protester in the '60's & '70's!
  34. I see a house with a much larger family & shop in your future. LOL!
  35. Hey paul, & we can get by with a lot less than 12 steps! Maybe that's why they put adult blocks on these damned machines! Just have somebody else do it. It's to block us sick adults! LOL!!
  36. Maybe we should form another AA. Auctions Anonymous. LOL!!
  37. Thanks paul. It is really pristine & was surprised by that. I still have no idea why I put in a bid, as I'm old & trying to get rid of sh-t. Thought, surly somebody would out-bid $55. 2nd time I was w...
  38. Vetra, I bitch about everything! Get used to it! No, I'm happy with my deal. Just don't know why I bid on it? I've never been a gambler as it would interfere with my other vices, but this auction thin...
  39. Vetra, we are talking about within the States! I'm quite familiar with your rates, mate!
  40. It's said, "You are only as old as you feel". Some mornings, that's a scary thought! LOL!!
  41. Rattletrap, are you trying to scare us away? I for one, certainly don't need aging! Maybe you should have one day a week for only people over 50. LO!!
  42. She is from the disposable era!
  43. Something is broken in Jacky's head & don't think it can be repaired. You made a point that I am considering as she was born in the disposable age. LOL!
  44. No. I'll give it a BB VB (Very Bad).
  45. Doodle had it but nobody wants to accept it! Why, I don't know? I'm off the thread as it is getting ridiculous now.
  46. Dammit! You have me sidetracked on this bloody coin when I am supposed to be studying to renew my aircraft inspector's ticket! I have an "asses" in my collection that could be a Hadrian but it is too ...
  47. I'm going to revert to # 13 comment by B/J. The political & civil mood was extremely complex from WWI thru the end of WWII. It cannot be grasped by watching documentaries & reading the winner's side a...
  48. Hey PostCard, try it, you'll like it!!LOL! I usually get stuck with them for 3 mos. thru 7 yrs. They are all screwed up, - just a matter of seniority! Dropped Jacky yesterday because she took my truck...
  49. Probably like you PostCard, I am looking for that truly meaningful, - one nite relationship. LOL! Today is fathers day & the island is in mass confusion! It's midnite, -- do you know where your kids a...
  50. Just looked at my little collection that came from the UK & have no Hadrians & now will have to find out why since he was a strong force in the UK.
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