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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. "Sa wha"!
  2. I thank you for you're "compliment"(?), antiquerose, but think the poster deleted my sick remarks. Wise move, that! LOL!
  3. Antiquerose, I'm bored & can't find a driver to do "drive-bys"! LOL!
  4. Roy, I hope we meet someday. I keep my Browning oiled. LOL!!!
  5. Antiquerose, think about it a bit after re-reading the previous posts. I'm sure you will get it!
  6. Never loan ANYTHING!
  7. The piece in the middle 2 pics, lower left, I believe is called a celt (or something like that). Been ages since I collected such, but think they were used for fine grinding. I"m sure others have more...
  8. May I ask where Lake Livingston is?
  9. I keep thinking, "I've never seen that colour on Indian work". Hey, you experts. Is this a common colour for Indian work? Blue always seemed to be prominent in my experience.
  10. As a ship desk, it would have to be anchoured well in the boat. Can you tell where these anchour points are? "Loose cannon on deck" & all that.
  11. Oh! An FNG. Welcome to CyberAsylum - aka" CW. Seems antiquerose introduced you our expertise well. Well, the expertise of others!
  12. Antiquerose, did you run out of adverbs? Never known that to happen with you!
  13. Antiquerose, you were the 1st I scratched off the list!
  14. I just know that I am IMPRESSED every time it comes up! Beautiful craftsmanship!
  15. Of course, I read, "Guaranteed 1 year bar accidents", the wrong way.
  16. Roy, I think we are being reprimanded. Maybe we do need adult supervision. Wonder if anybody on CyberAsylum qualifies?
  17. Reed, I've toasted good health to about 10 people tonite & can't go forward anymore. You take over!
  18. Regardless of the background, this is one hell of a great piece of glass art work!!!!
  19. Brendan Behan: "The difference between free love & love for money, is free love costs more". LOL! He got that one right!
  20. Don't forget my history. I don't remember anything.
  21. Not many that can grow up with the stamina to be me! Yes, I'm asleep. Sure!! Been trolling & caught this Nova Scotia girl for the "Hash Brownie Tour" tomorrow. Just wish I could remember her name! LOL...
  22. Know what you mean. I'm heading out now to see if I can find some. Hope it doesn't cost too much in drinks & dancing! I'm still looking for that truly meaningful one nite relationship. Later!
  23. I'll keep it a secret too.
  24. Antiquerose, don't inflate vintage's ego! Don't you know how much she hates that sort of thing? LOL!
  25. I agree with antiquerose absolutely!
  26. The curse! Seems like all these European women smoke. Haven't they got the message? I've refused to buy cigs for girls I date.
  27. Got it now Daddy! Just missed it I guess.
  28. If you want "B", go for it!
  29. Yeah, yeah! But I've found that things stick to girls in that area. Panties, sheets, & even me several times!
  30. Daddy, are you going to show us one? Ink pads are getting hard to find that aren't dried out. The old ways can mix with the old. I find it easier & faster to take my old Selectric, Smith Corona out of...
  31. Nice "B"!
  32. A true work of art! signed, "The Bully".
  33. You came through again! Good write up. Thanks! No spiral to the wire on the grip? What covering on the grip?
  34. I actually don't like to remember those times! Such BS!
  35. Be sure to pass it down with the history.
  36. I actually took a few minutes to look around about this from you're earlier poste & my best matches were Turkish tea pots with bird heads on top. There were some similar ones.
  37. Roy, you scamp, I figured your wife had killed you & your hogs ate the evidence by now! You're not hanging out as much.
  38. Yo ain't got no mo unclothed un's? You're a teaser lamp! Only hicks in LA (Lower AL) would understand my 1st sentence now days).
  39. These are always fascinating when the labels are still good.
  40. I think the mark before "53" would make it 1953 as I don't remember seeing it on really older signatures. But what do I know?
  41. A printing company like Paragon can probably run some copies for you.
  42. Lamp, I sure don't want to get this started again as it wore me out last nite! I'm in Atlantic Time Zone. It was fun, I admit, but glad it's over & probably staff is too. "MH" is mental health? Do the...
  43. A new record! 7 "LOVES" & 72 posts!! Lamp, how much for Gertie? I will feel safer with her close. Also, it's cold here. 74F tonite!! Is she bed-broken? My last "bed-warmer" got away because I left th...
  44. All safe lamp. it was just an overhead fan needing oiling. Hey, I'm not paranoid! I KNOW I'm being followed! LOL!! Idea for the back of a T-shirt, "I'M NOT PARANOID. BUT YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT SINCE YOU...
  45. Lamp. Are you sure about the drone? I can always drive to a friends house with my lights out. Rumor is that St. Maarten is in the 10 top nuclear targets for the States!
  46. Lamp, how do you know Gerty is a female? Wait a minute! I think I hear a drone hovering over the house!!
  47. Lamp, notice that I said (then!). They give rednecks TV shows, so we surely could beat that crap! I'm no T. Robbins, Kerouac or Hunter Thompson, but think between us, we could be Stars! Evanovich migh...
  48. Lamp. Re:34. have you found a "sane part of the world"? Tell me where it is so I can fly around it. Certainly not Uncle Sambo's Plantation! By the way, I do actually have a real wanted poster & have b...
  49. I appreciate you vintage. I've been loved a lot but miss being wanted. Last time that happened there was a poster issued! LOL!!
  50. Lamp, just stay out from being "underfoot"! My calender says Friday every day.
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