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  1. You never fail to make it worth my while to scan thru the mostly weekend crap. Thanks again!
  2. Mani, if you are watching. She's a redhead!
  3. Good show walks! I can see it now.
  4. WOW! Definitely top of the line! They were made of good grained wood but I've never seen one this ornate. Still has the drain sys. & drip pan?
  5. Are you saying that string was simply wound is a spiral around smooth wood & no spiral groove in the wood? Damn I wasted a lot of time making a repro to hang on the wall!!! LMAO!! I had a battlefield ...
  6. Yep! Mani jumped!
  7. I'm following your instructions/ threats! LOL! Really nice!
  8. Alan, you know how to get my attention!
  9. Ho2, the Chief of the Baton Rouge (Red Sticks) who was defeated in the Battle of Horseshoe Bend by Andy Jackson with much if his force friendly, civilized Cherokees, was Bill Weatherford, a half Indi...
  10. The area around where AL, GA & TN meet. My area was Creek & Choctaw mostly, which were part of the Cherokee Nation. My "nanny" was an orphan when they were closing one of the last reservations in the ...
  11. You think eye4? I majored in psychology in university for 2 yrs. and I realized the professors & students got stranger each quarter & switched to business. Served me well in my forgotten profession! L...
  12. Amazing that it has survived this long. Must have been well protected from dust as you can't get that off of wax without destroying it.
  13. Interesting and strange that in my studies of CW history that I don't remember the making of this martyr.
  14. T-Mon, I thought I had recorded all those old pics but couldn't find a file. Got out my "EX-FILES" book and see that there are a lot of pics from Negril, Ja that I haven't taken & logged. (Sorry Amber...
  15. If you want to leave the patina, use dish soap & and a tooth brush. Using your spouse's tooth brush is not recommended.
  16. The blonde looks like she would be crazy about me!
  17. I think she needs a few "tucks"! LOL!
  18. Right down your alley Mani!
  19. Nice cards, but please don't flood us all at once. Spread them out over time or people just get jaded & start skipping over them instead of enjoying them. You have a nice collection that should be sha...
  20. I'll bite! There is more to this than you are telling. "Jennie", "shot"? Come on, - give the explanation or you don't know?
  21. Beautiful print ! Strange how they were admired & hated in the same era. Their images put on money at the same time they were scheduled for extinction. I might be a bit biased being raised by a Creek....
  22. At 1st glance, I though it was what I found dead on my gallery yesterday! LOL! Is this something that somebody makes using real fur to sell? Cute. Bet it doesn't smell like the 1 I found!
  23. Wow, T-Mon! Is that another way to say you got Phil to enhance the pics? LMAO!
  24. T-Mon, you got more than double the LOVE miles than I did when I posted it! Just not fair! (pout, pout)
  25. Sometimes they are bit hard to get off. Especially when wet. LOL!
  26. Found everything was going into Spam & wondering how that happened. A considible must have done it! LOL!
  27. Haven't heard that one hotair. Doubt it with factory standards but I balanced my eng. & it may have worked. Never tried it though.
  28. PW, for some reason, I'm not getting replies from CW. Found yours by ck'n.
  29. Not every town. Maybe a few. Real redheads aren't that common! For some reason, I'm not getting emails from CW? Maybe they had enough of me! LOL!!
  30. Send me one & if I like it, I'll order one! LOL! Sorry, but can't guarantee safe return as U.S. Gestapo seems to break anything I sent to the States.
  31. Wow! You should have used the 3rd pic for your 1st pic because that is what we see as the attention getter. You can move them around easily enough. We have a bunch of trunk collectors here that I don'...
  32. Mani, you know I'm a sucker for redheads!!!
  33. Ah pw, the pic of a rd. halfway in the chamber was what I kept looking for in my search & couldn't find. Remember seeing them fairly regularly in gun shows as far back as the 50's but I was into pre 1...
  34. A beautiful piece of art. Wish I could take credit for it.
  35. A real beauty!
  36. Truly beautiful. The front faces are a thin veneer as solid wood cannot match wood grains that closely. Maybe others on CyberAsylum (Oops, CW) know when fine thin veneer was developed. I've made a lot...
  37. Considering that the diff. colours in the diff. layers of shell in these are used to produce a clear image still amazes me & I love & appreciate the artistry.
  38. Will flipping it make a difference? LOL. The artist's name tickles me. Look up "merkin" in an old unabridged dictionary. Hey, pronounced the same. LOL!
  39. LUV it! Were the batteries included? You know me by now. LOL
  40. Got it agh & Az, but why are things like this always associated with the west? They were made & used most in the east & migrated west so that there probably weren't any qualified wheelwrights, other t...
  41. Very nice & the condition is not often found.
  42. Isn't it great when something you have loved & wanted for years becomes your's by a switch in "fortune"! The castle spinning wheel I posted long ago was my best catch.
  43. We'll let it ride this time Scott, but next time, the gimlet!!
  44. Love the palm pistol. not many months ago I was reserching how they were loaded. Didn't look like enough space to load from the insie of the cyl. until I found that they use a really short round. Are ...
  45. This is beginning to get good!
  46. Good write-up, but still so ugly it's cute. LOL
  47. Damn! & I thought using a light meter was complicated in the 50's! Good write-up! Thanks.
  48. Had a carbide lamp just like that yrs ago.
  49. I've been wanting a display like that for my wall in the tropics for yrs.. (74F/24C here). I could call them "sand shoes". How about ,iguana trap & the mounted head could be a mongoose? I would get ch...
  50. I knew parts of it but you added a lot. Thanks.
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