St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

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Dutch Fascist pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Barlow knife mistake - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
"Nazi" luftwaffe personnel - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Jamaican Style - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
SA-Storm Troop Gruppe - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Re-purposing  - Telephonesin Telephones
HAPPY BASTILLE DAY ! - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
1933 penny re-strike  - US Coinsin US Coins
Can you beat a Straight ? - US Coinsin US Coins
On Island Time - Signsin Signs


  1. Yeah, but blue ? Must show as green with a light behind it.
  2. I've seen these off & on all my life. Were they actually really used or just made for the tourist trade ? Wouldn't the brass/copper tint the taste of the coffee & then there's the lead soldering to wo...
  3. Looks like a boat position light. Don't know what a blue light would be for ? Sure it's not green ?
  4. All this reminds me of when I helped steal a car ! Two locals were trying to open a car with a coat hanger when I walked up. They told me they had locked the keys in the ignition & a glance shows the ...
  5. So Scott. People actually went out into tobacco fields, even just a acre, with this stick with a razor blade on it to cut off all those leaves ?!! No wonder cigs. cost so much !! LOL !!
  6. I don't remember any relatives who had that much energy !
  7. 1935 !! Before I was born, therefore I wasn't represented, so it doesn't apply to me . Like my reasoning ? Also eliminates all taxes too, before I was old enough to vote !
  8. Think it's in the smoke & not the water. Let me know if you find some !
  9. I have enough trouble remembering things, like who I am, now !
  10. What does the cone do ?
  11. I'm glad to know it's not just me !! Now hoping I didn't do that to you, Artfoot.
  12. Jeneric, I hadn't either until some of our local "Yahoos" started coming back from CA, NY, Detroit etc..! Things changed then. When I lived in St. Eustatius in the 80's, we didn't even take the keys o...
  13. You mean, start smoking again ? I'll pass on that, but those brownies sure are nice !
  14. Those Fairbanks were high quality.
  15. Great ! Can I get some sleep now ?
  16. I'll swap joints with you. I probably still have that one lying around. Think it's time for me to find a support group ?!
  17. Not from CA, I assure you. We sell that stuff to CA tourists ! LOL !!
  18. I just have to ask Artfoot ! Are you blurred in person ?
  19. Trinket sold to tourists from CA . LOL !!
  20. Bike ? Sure. Any bike with a steering wheel & has the missing piece.
  21. Hey, the pix isn't upside-down or sideways ! LOL !
  22. Wondering if being "mounted on a wood platform" is significant? Now! Where do they "shoot anvils" ? LOL !
  23. Wha a 'ting! A Jamaican would fight you for that !
  24. Luved it the moment I saw it ! Luv radials, as you probably know. "Too much time on your hands?" Yeah, I'll have to agree. LOL !!
  25. Well Thomas, did you ever see any of these hanging in trees ? LOL ! Maybe in SD, they "shoot" these like "shooting anvils" that we hear about but never see or can confirm. Centre seems to be a shackle...
  26. I just keep thinking about those 23,000 holes ! English islands don't like guns or explosives either. Close escort that. I'm not going to get involved in that ! Somebody would yell "fire in the hole" ...
  27. Kryptonite ! LOL !!
  28. Development. Talking with a friend who does marine projects & knows where a number of old cannons are around here & been saying he would help us get a small bronze gun up for the island. Talking about...
  29. I had one of these stolen once. Along with the truck & steering wheel it was attached to ! LOL !!
  30. Thought he was carrying a blunderbuss at 1st, but obviously a broken off "Brown Bess".
  31. Another exaggerated horse story. "Should have seen the one that got away !"
  32. It's true. We were meant to suffer. Now, was there a reason given ? LOL !
  33. Antiquerose, I've been out of brownies for 2 1/2 weeks !
  34. Olebodie, I'll run to the next gem & mineral show we have in SXM ! LOL !! Be my luck I would run into La De Da there selling them ! LOL! She wouldn't remember anybody she met in the past 5 seconds tho...
  35. I think this is beautiful & need one now that I grow some of my own herbs & spices. Last mortar & pestal I had, "La De Da", a girl living with me in Jamaica started carrying in her bag to grind up Qua...
  36. I've reloaded, made & swagged bullets since the 50's & don't recognize this.
  37. Yeah ! The poor thing is probably still going in left hand circles trying to get away from the smell !
  38. Click your heels 3 times & repeat, ---
  39. Brunswick, John Smith made & sold these postcards back in probably the late 70's. He was hanging out in St. Johns about then. He hung out here in SXM for awhile & still writing articles for yachting m...
  40. Oh, Buckethead. The usual proper charge doesn't go Ka-boom! It will be more of a ground shaking Ka-Thump! PS: The fumes from unexploded or smoke from exploded dynamite will give you a migraine that yo...
  41. Just to argue, I'm going to say jade. LOL !!
  42. Rick's Cafe was no more than 100 yds. past my club. Did a lot of cliff diving there & still can't move my neck as far one way as the other. I opened up about 1975. Saw the "green flash" so many times ...
  43. Mai oui !!
  44. Yeah, I saw this way back when.
  45. Like most things, like your neighbour, explosives take the path of least resistance. You can stack a case of dynamite on top of stump & it won't do anything hardly unless it is a shaped charge or has ...
  46. Just in select tight places.
  47. Stumps don't heave easily. Best to bore a hole or 2 to pack explosives covered by a thick layer backing, like clay, large stones etc.. Splits it many ways & you pull out the pieces.
  48. I read where the name Cheyenne was given them by the French from "chien", meaning dog. Seems they raised & ate dog when times were lean.
  49. Have a kid in that area too !
  50. Thanks, thanks & thanks, Buckethead.
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