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The last for awhile. Bonne Anne'e - Photographsin Photographs
West Indian Turkey 
WWII Deutsch Navy "talley" - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
WWII German Kriegsmarine rating ? - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Dutch Fascist pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Barlow knife mistake - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
"Nazi" luftwaffe personnel - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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  1. BB2 was here
  2. BB2 was here, & ran the other way.
  3. Seems that the historical reason for all these prisoner deaths is being ignored. Grant stopped the prisoner exchange & honour paroles, therefore filling POW prison camps on both sides. He was rewarded...
  4. Only if they were for export, Fleafinder. LOL !
  5. Bring them on, mon.
  6. Rick, their main requirement is that they be born in China. Then there are the Mandarin and the Cantonese. LOL !
  7. Phil, I got Jacky back to Berlin & then cut off her finances. LOL !
  8. 1GF, I doubt there is a "getting better".
  9. Starvation was probably the major cause of deaths in Andersonville. The Yanks scalped the land of food & cut off medical supplies. Grant knew exactly what was happening there.
  10. And where is the blk pdr. rifle ?
  11. Beautiful work !
  12. The northern POW camp, Douglasville, near Chicago, had a higher mortality rate than Andersonville.
  13. They made these during WWII & still make them. The metal grips probably mean military but they still make them, so I don't know if it would be an easy search.
  14. I too, hate to see birds in cages .
  15. Maybe it's for volunteer crickets ? LOL !
  16. Crickets for fishing ?
  17. Probably aluminium & that, I think, would make it military. The U.S. still used those flimsy thin blades. Probably to cut down on weight.
  18. Bet they look strange on a table.
  19. Does your couch have a 82-87 F climate & an ocean view ?
  20. Ice storms missed. Got Columbia coat. Should have stayed & died at home !
  21. If the handle is plastic & the blade is about 1/8 ", it is just one of those cheap Amer. imitations of a real machete.
  22. Yep, Ron.
  23. Should have been named Oak Island.
  24. Obviously a slide lock that goes on a rail on something.
  25. When the correct length of wire is cut to reach more than the distance between the bolt(etc.) safety wire holes, the wire is inserted thru 1 hole & pulled where the ends are even. Experience & guess w...
  26. Safety wire pliers. We use them for twisting wire when safety wiring bolts etc. on aircraft.
  27. All bloodletting tools I've seen have had more than 2 blades & depth can be set. Pix taken with something brighter than a torch will probably show dull "blades".
  28. If the 2 blades are different thicknesses, they are probably max. & min. gap gauges.
  29. Only lube fans with Marvel Mystery Oil.
  30. 86 the metal detector. Call 911 !
  31. Go over the spot(Hope that's not the dog's name) with a metal detector. Maybe that's just part of something.
  32. 1GF, still in KY & had to by something called a "coat"(must be an inuit word) & in the 30 F tonite. Hell, I'm even freezing inside !
  33. No skeleton next to it when found ?
  34. That thing would probably kick start a dead dinosaur ! Maybe for fishing.
  35. Makes her look like she spent too much time at McDonalds !
  36. Found out raisins are like eggs. They get laid too.
  37. A girlfriend had a raisin costume that I wore to a fete in SXM. We had "Heard it thru the grapevine" repeating on a boombox. Bloody hot suit in the tropics, but got some great responses !
  38. Show the joinery .
  39. See the chair whimsey I posted & discussions on makers.
  40. Oops ! must have missed the button last yr..
  41. Batteries included ? LOL !
  42. Really nice present !
  43. Celiene, my only regret is that I didn't leave earlier. My marker is to read: "OTHERS DREAMED. HE DID IT." Keep thinking about it & then it's too late !
  44. I found one size made a good special wrench for removing the barrel from an MP18-1 sub-machinegun.
  45. Is that a hookah ?
  46. Garlic press ?
  47. So that's what they look like !
  48. Same here SB except most of them are from S. Africa, New Zealand, Australia etc.. I have more "English" speaking friends than American. They don't call me a "Yank"! (Anymore)
  49. BB2 was here
  50. I remember getting the 3rd one for giving blood in the late 50's.
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