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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Wouldn't doubt it at all!
  2. Are you some form of trailer-trash? I will not respond again. Doubt you can run faster than a 9m/m.
  3. GOT IT! Tax-free export tobacco & booze! Sorry it took so long to figure that out.
  4. OH! Why did they stay 3 days then?
  5. Maybe 12 blocks back. Are you a stalker? LOL. This is not f/b.
  6. Hey pw, never thought about it back then, but a bird-shot with ricine on it was lethal! I lost a lot of yrs of revenge not knowing that!! LOL (take the capitols out of my "LOL". Hell, take the "LOL" o...
  7. ilovecoke. Just looked at your profile. I think you should have turned left, 4 blocks back.
  8. Sa wha? ----! I like what I like. I can live with that just fine if U are talking to me?
  9. They always do! LOL
  10. I'm really impressed. When a kid in the early 50's, a friend of the family that was "high-up" in Coke, gave my sister & me a case or 2 of these. Even @ that age, I got the feeling that they weren't b...
  11. Think the last time I remember see these was late 50's or mid 60's & brought back some good feelings. "Soiling"? This will never look new, so call the stains, "character marks".
  12. Good poste. I like it! You do know that you will have to take your exercise stuff out of that other room so she has her own "cave in". Hey bubba, it's either that or add another room to your house! He...
  13. I'm impressed. Not my field but really like. I also have very little knowledge of beads but have brushed that field enough to wonder if you have any knowledge of where they were made? These have the s...
  14. The shape resembles a Central & S.A. coal pot but the lips look too thin for that.
  15. So, 3 days in the States was enough!
  16. The bored-thru ones are of course illegal now in the States, right? Could get these as a child & we even used bird-shot in them. Short lived attention getter.
  17. Sho dun lost me on dis bubba! Ain't got no idear! Never seen 1 but we have some minds on CW, aka CyberAsylum that are bent towards old phones & should get some good feed-back. Bon chance
  18. Isn't this actually a "shell jacket"? Don't expect any fast responses from my end. Hurricane "Gonad" has passed, but tropical disturbance "Bob" ( friend who visits often) has hit our shores. Why can't...
  19. OK, OK! I confess! I designed those fasteners! You seem to be the 1st to catch my subliminal message. Hey, I was only 6 yrs old, what did you expect? Actually, I envy you for this find & I believe I ...
  20. If you look at the button I posted about 6-8 mos. ago, I had not trouble researching the regiment & date of manufacture. Maybe I dropped some hints about how I did my research. Of course, I had the #...
  21. Maybe, "great dirty minds". I've moved around in these other countries where subliminal images are so common that my mind has been trained to automatically look for & spot them. Blessing or curse?
  22. Quite common in those days because if your eng. went, you had not propulsion & that is bad.
  23. Should be an easy search for you.
  24. Great find! Have a bottle of the finest Champagne on me. Just send the bill to Roy.
  25. I could bond with that any day!
  26. Yeah, I would buy the old lady a beer. Well, maybe a new enema rig or something!
  27. Whale of a find!
  28. Good show that!
  29. I remember as kids, my sister & I peeling the cork out when we were bored, like on trips. Yes, the dinosaur days!
  30. I think we can call this a truly unique design!
  31. I believe my grandparents had an identical one.
  32. I've never scene these prints but would love to have copies on my walls. I live in St. Maarten/St. Martin. Enjoyed.
  33. I like this! Never got into serious bottle collecting but this is really interesting.
  34. TGB, saw that little bit before I read your notes. Well, the members who know me won't be surprised but sometimes & worry about me. Luckily those are only fleeting thoughts.
  35. Zowie, an excellent example is that your soldiers are fighting & dieing for "Your country". Think about it.
  36. Roy, I can go along with the looting & murder parts. At my age, for the rape part, they are going to have to be partially willing & then it's not "rape". Luckily, I haven't run into that problem yet!
  37. Back in the 80's when I lived in Jamaica, there was a drive in S. of " town" (Kingston) that closed. The concrete screen was full of bullet pocks! People in cars would shoot at characters they didn't ...
  38. Thanks suegray. I have seen these symbols on a lot of 300 yr old grave markers & of course the locals all have a diff. idea they present as fact. Be nice to know the truth. Some of their remarks match...
  39. AA, bet you didn't go quack when you did that! We had a rotating beacon on a tower at & airport & worked at that new bulbs refused to light up. I'm on the steel tower & a ripe 19 yr old with no way t...
  40. Chris, I'm impressed! You are like a dog with a bone on things like this & good to have you (on our side). Don't remember ever seeing one or the offer advertised, & that would have been in my "generat...
  41. You don't want to see one Ron. NOAA totally let us down on this one & the results were 5 dead, at least half off 88 boats destroyed & 8 of 10 aircraft destroyed. Following my satellite observations, I...
  42. Thanks Zowie. I always figured that "hanging in there" was better than hanging! Chaos is beginning to show signs of organization (At least at the airport). I credit NOOA for the lose of 5 lives & most...
  43. So, is this real or a carbon fiber repro?
  44. Really luv it! I have a 3"in 1863 Ord. rifle that I haven't seen for yrs.. Again, shunt rifling? Good system but could slow down loading at times.
  45. In American lingo, that's called a "pop up gun".
  46. Ah, there is life after senility! Without digging my old books out, wasn't the Armstrong a shunt-wound rifling? (power just went away again, after every hurricane). Please reply before power goes agai...
  47. My advice is not to touch the 2 bolts on the left again. If it has that much voltage, - I doubt that it is sex toy, but then, I've had some weird ones. Hope somebody comes thru on this as I'm really c...
  48. Chris, that could be the explanation but that would be quality machine work to get the breech block to lock in at precisely the correct thread & angle. That's not an easy thing to do even on productio...
  49. Virginia, I'll be honest. It didn't turn me on & I found little taste which made me wonder why it got popular?
  50. Well, it put our collective pairs in a twist.
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