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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. LUV it & your profile pix keep getting better! LOL!
  2. WOW, a CW member who can take a pix that's not blurred! LOL!! Did you use a tripod or Scotch? LOL!! Yeah, I need to go to bed!
  3. Both are really a nice find. "You dun good"!
  4. Alan, I'm wondering where they found stone up there? Just joking! LOL
  5. "FARGO", meaning what country? Sorry, I obviously don't live in your country.
  6. I live in St. Maarten/St. Martin, in the "Wayward Islands". I joined CW (CyberAsylum) yrs ago searching for intelligent life on the planet & still undecided about my findings! LOL!! Are you having bet...
  7. Hey bobby, I never did really understand the theory of relativity! LOL!! Remember, I'm orig. from AL & we don't tend to worry about that stuff. LOL!! I don't want to let down yankee's pre-formed image...
  8. We don't even see these here anymore.
  9. I'm no knife expert, but the "R" & style could be Randall.
  10. Well, this isn't a wash pot & maybe a "cowboy bean pot". Kind of a recent joke among us on CW jonhartz. Don't worry about it, but a few others may catch the joke.
  11. Maybe real, but I'm guessing, repro.
  12. I've been to a couple of cock fights & never seen anything like it. I remember that an Eng. girlfriend was very disappointed in Haiti to find out the fight was "They're chickens!"
  13. Doesn't that mean your wife is too? What is the "spear" made of? Ferrous, copper, bronze?
  14. Nice detail. I'll give you a hectare of land, 6 goats & 3 copper bracelets for it! I'll even pay the shipping! LOL
  15. By my limited observation of values given by Antiques Roadshow, I usually figure real selling value at 1/2 of what they quote. Really beautiful piece.
  16. Probably a belaying pin for (whatever belaying pins are used for) securing ropes on sailing ships. LOL! Nice find.
  17. Yeah, I did mention him before. A regular for supper & would be a wealth of info if he were around today. Lost 1 of the planes in my stable that flew S. to Dominica & was lost to the big flood there. ...
  18. Looks authentic. Used to have one but it had the pin back.
  19. If you have read the history of Coke, you probably saw the name Harry Rainwater. He was a close member of the family going back to the late 40's and gave my sister & I promotional Coke things, includi...
  20. Let's see them KallyK! I will take this opportunity to mention, that 70%+ of the wealth of the "States", lay in the South. The federalist didn't like the imbalance & chose to steal it. Declaring a "bl...
  21. Do you get any light thru an insulator, Young? What watt bulb?
  22. Can somebody tell me what the blud-clot ting does, or does that require another O/L search? I've done woodwork for yrs. & have no idea!
  23. Oh. But I have another idea! Jacky!!
  24. I want one to carry in my truck!
  25. OK. Does anybody know how it works?
  26. These aren't from the late 1800's or early 1900's? I did some research about 30 yrs. ago & pre-computer (or for me) & the Asians were already making wooden reproductions & trying to pass them off as o...
  27. And TallCakes is the winner! Good show that. Now, back to sleep.
  28. I'm much relieved & going to take a nap now.
  29. I've wondered for ages what the "F R" stand for? Give it up!
  30. Hey, mo's are big business for their hair & nauga's for their hides. I never found where to get pairs of each to breed & missed my next fortune!
  31. I'm curious about the ruby colour in the hair. Does the depth get deeper there so that it picks up the lower shell level colour? Doesn't appear so by the pix. I luv that feature best though all of it ...
  32. "1-7/8" is a really big bore! And 6 of them! Just joking. LOL! About what caliber? (of the pepperbox, not the watch). Any other history on it? Kind of designed like the "Apache" .
  33. I won't sleep for a week now!!!
  34. Thanks kerry. Then in the next comment, I read, "dentistry" & "surgeon items". Think I'll feel better with a quickie & a sleeping pill (If needed).
  35. Damn, & just when I thought I was going to get a good nights sleep! Hope it isn't an ancient Eng. torture device!
  36. Thanks for the lesson, as I still try to learn something new everyday.
  37. LOL BHock! I'm waiting. LOL!
  38. Was the pix of the vault there when 1st posted? Ain't going thru that door! Maybe it was just kept outside! LOL!!
  39. Those characters look more like they are there to rob the banque than guard it!! LOL!!
  40. See no proof of a steel vault & probably a wooden structure (apparently like we found) with a brick/stone vault. Lot cheaper that way! We can only speculate at this stage.
  41. There was a town in gold rush town in NE AL in the early 1800's. As teenagers,friends & I located the town & what was obviously the bank location. Inside the foundations was a stone & concrete "vault...
  42. Hey, I really like this!
  43. You can send it to me for verification. LOL!
  44. Wonder if it has a wooden vault?
  45. Gina, just don't put it on it's side!
  46. Silver turns black, but copper also can turn really dark. Hang in there, maybe somebody here with more knowledge will come up with an answer. Hope so, as I'm really curious.
  47. Don't think this is going to be an easy one for us on CyberAsylum. Hope I'm wrong.
  48. Looks maybe silver. Have you cleaned it? I'm not a real coin collector either, but have a small collection of Roman coins. This doesn't seem to match any of my research of those, so thinking maybe Gre...
  49. Appears authentic enough. Take a steadying drink & try to add a pix without blurring the maker's name. When I was living on St. Eustatius, I was learning to do readings with one. My shots showed that ...
  50. Well, from where I live, I know nothing! I know Oshkosh from the "Fly-ins". Interesting. Keep us filled in.
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McDonalds Sign Family CDV from Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Industrial metal bin. Stephen Schlanser Unusual Lion medallion found vintage zippo AARIKKA -FINLAND WALTER BOSSE 1904-1979 Native American Jar - Signed with what looks like a composition of "K and S" beer mug Heinz 1893 World's Fair Expositions Original Pickle Pin gun spoon Cuckoo Clock Help i don't know what gun this is are the for decoration or acupuncture? hmm I wonder.


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