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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. I like that Walks. "Top speed 22 mph" and they named it "Rocket"! Guess perception changes with the times.
  2. Yeah Mani, one of the most successful of all time.
  3. Jacko, one piece sure looks like it but the question is still there. What's This?
  4. I don't want to talk about it! LOL I get almost as many laughs on CW as I do watching the people in a Walmart when I visit the States!
  5. Good shoe that Trey! Now we know.
  6. TA, you have been reading too many of my comments! I see that & know that's not good for your mental health! LMAO. You may be right, but I can't quite see it & think it may be something else. Sorry T...
  7. Vetra, stone has a habit of cracking when cut rather thin & expose to weather, such as getting wet & then freezing. If they got that idea to work, I'm impressed further! Wonder what their secret was?
  8. Daddy, they used a few brunettes over the yrs., but leaned toward blondes & redheads & redheads seeming to be the preferred. Probably because of the redhead cinema idols of the early 1900's. Look bac...
  9. Ever notice how Coke leaned toward redheads? I have.
  10. Is this leaded glass or maybe wrought iron. Impressive either way! Look forward to your future pics of it.
  11. I remember seeing a few of these, maybe, in the 50's. They were kind of a neat designed folding knife.
  12. TA, I'm not seeing that. Your "staff" can't be right every time! Jacky is my boat person & right now, we r at odds. Trying to get a meeting of the "ends". In other words, I don't know.
  13. Daddy, you tread in dangerous territory! Please be careful. Use BB2 from now on. It's easier to type & pronounce. I'll worry about you until I think you know "the ropes"! Bon chance.
  14. Great. I've tried to find hidden images in the art & only possibly see one.
  15. Daddy, glad to have another clown on CW. We should unite & drive them Nuts! Fast info you got.
  16. phino, next time, please poste some detailed pics.. You were lucky this time. You can poste 4 pics.
  17. Hey Sean, I see you like my term "Warning Label" for things made in China. Don't worry, no royalties!
  18. I like it. Things like this come out of countries where "times" are hard & they have to produce quality to survive because they aren't on a gov't dole. Their neighbours don't have anything to steal ei...
  19. Wake up Az! I don't live in the States or even an organized country! Do you honestly think you can get a valid Dutch Netherlands Antilles vanity plate? LOL About a year ago, we didn't even have a gov...
  20. I'll check, but don't think I can get a "vanity plate" for my truck from the Dutch that says "VINTAGE". Maybe on the French side.
  21. Wish I had it! Can't even find a thermometer here on "The Friendly 'fukn' Island".
  22. Nice that! I remember.
  23. Hey, I think I'm the one who mentioned "Walmart". I don't even know the full story, but do know that, "When you throw a stone into a crowd, - the one hit screams the loudest". This is not my conflict!
  24. Looks like it could be anything from bronze to pewter. Does a magnet stick to it? I have no idea, so we have to wait for others now but you lost your "edge" now, as it has already been posted & probab...
  25. Probably because the guy wasn't expecting something from Walmart. Oops, let me get out of the line of fire! Been there & hit once. Didn't like it!
  26. I'm guessing that "vintage" means I was only 25-35 yrs old when made! LOL!
  27. Nice carte postale. The routes to Jerusalem for the crusaders was lined with rabble selling "sacred" nick-knacks both ways & I doubt any are authentic. Well the crusades still go on today! Is this 9 o...
  28. "Is it bigger than a bread-box"? What does it appear to me made of? Where found? Etc.. It helps if people give a little info. before tossing it into the "pile". This is what 1 member labeled, "A driv...
  29. Still do.
  30. I've thrown myself at you & proposed marriage & you want more comments? You have proven yourself as a typical woman. LOL!! Comment: Ou la la! Get used to staff changing categories as it gives them s...
  31. Sorry you got stuck. Give the guy a black mark. That hurts them. Walmart?
  32. Now, that's an interesting design! Never seen anything even close to that before.
  33. Brings back memories of days in clandestine air strips in Jamaica in the 70's & 80's! Think I just said too much!! LOL
  34. "To be forewarned is to be forearmed". Thanks.
  35. That sure sounds good, but in SXM, it's a different matter. The gendarmes here have been told to lean toward the locals in conflicts because the of fear uprisings. Locals consider themselves St. Marti...
  36. Good call Mani.
  37. You can correct it, then delete & add.
  38. I agree & I worked the 3 mesas area back in the 70's.
  39. Bon chance in your endeavors! Be sure to give us feed-back.
  40. Here again, I don't see it in my booklet.
  41. Don't see it in my cheap booklet on Roman coins but not my field. I just have about a dozen coins found in the UK.
  42. Val, there is no such thing as too many antique guns! Well, not in my vocabulary. The new ones I can live without as I love antiques in most any field.
  43. Val, I think I just answered your query.
  44. Val, you are challenging me again! LOL I agree totally. These have to be staged Hollywood crap. "WOW, that's a (such & such) skateboard! We can restore that for only $14,000". Pawn Stars do the same t...
  45. Guess I will appoint Val as my nemesis. Hope you can live up to muster Val!
  46. Did I say something funny?!!
  47. Hey Val, you're getting quicker than I am! Yeah, I must be getting old! But not dead!
  48. N'pas compredre "TOTL". Yes, was made to impress. Usually when you see reliefs, that's a good sign. The wet method of finishing that I described usually only takes a few wettings for hard woods & soft...
  49. Toro, usually when you wash wood, it seldom warps if you stand it vertical & I'm not talking about soaking all the way thru. The best furniture makers wet the surface of the wood repeatedly between sa...
  50. Toro, I have GOJO jugs at the airport but by the feel when washing hands, feels like pumice in it. I'm on an island?!! That explains that dizzy feeling I get driving!! "We are all here because we ar...
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