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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. So, Lou, you think theses are earlier, eh? (sorry, just habit). The bottles/pieces, were very early that we found in Statia.
  2. Bobby, I'm sure glad that I won't be you in the morning!!
  3. Thanks Slack. I really didn't want to go to sleep with this dwelling in the back of my mind! Like, :SURE!!
  4. Siz, I moved from Statia in (?). Let's guess at '88? It was a real paradise before the Russian Jew put in the oil terminal. After that, we had "instant crime". Crude oil could not be taken into the U...
  5. Point taken. The marooned sailors couldn't even get bottles to build ships in until they were chipped around the mouth & couldn't be re-used anymore. Ck out my poste on the ship in a bottle. (not mode...
  6. "Sa wha"? What does that have to do with the "L.I."? Wives never shut-up! That's why we have taverns!
  7. These, are not native American! You will have to give better pix & descriptions if you want us to help. Cluster pix at distance mean nothing to anybody! PS. They aren't Sud American either.
  8. I had the same problems yrs. ago & can't remember the cures I had to go thru. As I remember, there is a simple switch that connects to the ringer/bells, that switches to the the talk mode when you "pi...
  9. This has the look of a Hudson Bay Co. blanket. They came in diff. grades.
  10. I tried to give 2 loves but it didn't "take"! By the way, that's not a mule! Mules are really, really big! Think donkey, & we have plenty of them down in the islands.
  11. Doesn't sound like you have chopped wood to stay warm, with 90% of the heat going up the chimney!
  12. I love these things also & feel a history "tingle" when I find & hold them. I live in an area loaded for finding things in old trash dumps/prives but too old to take advantage of the opportunities.
  13. The answer is so obvious that I will let other CW members tell you! LOL!! Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW. Somebody will probably come up with an answer, but not me right now.
  14. It does look like some kind of scale, but has thing on it I can't identify their function of. Hoping some other member can come with some light on this. Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW
  15. On your later post, I questioned the dates of these bottles. Thinking they are much earlier, can you point me in the best direction for info.? We found these style bottles in much older sites, I belie...
  16. Would find a lot of these (mostly broken) when I lived it St. Eustatius (Statia), Netherlands Antilles. The 1's we found, surely went back further than that! Statia never recovered after Admiral Rodne...
  17. OK. Don't know why, but I'm hanging in. Better that hanging! LOL!!
  18. "Smithton L.I.". Where the bloody 'ell is that? LOL!!
  19. The bullets aren't a problem except shipping cost because of weight. Hell, it took 3 of us to slide this footlocker in the back of my pickup, but that included everything. Do you live near a POE or h...
  20. Caper, I can't just ship those boxes of bullets etc. to you that easily! Do you live near a POE. If you have to ask what that means, you probably don't! Assuming you live in the States, this has to be...
  21. Surely you know somebody who would like things like a case trimmer, powder trickler, primer feeds etc. just for the price of postage from KY. I can throw some of the light stuff in my luggage next tri...
  22. Eleanor R. on a good day?
  23. Wonder if they are related to the Marshalls of the dept. stores? Bad blood there!
  24. Eureka!! It's a beer bottle opener!! Right in front of us all the time. I forgot to open a Corona & my cutlass was closer, so the "Mother of Invention" cured the problem. LOL!!
  25. Fhr, kind of like people taping over a swastika to appease some idiots on evil-bay staff. No telling how many collector's items have been defaced by unknowing people to satisfy their quest to change h...
  26. "First on the island"! You mean 1st south of 30th parallel! LOL!
  27. If you still reload or have a friend who does, a friend who moved from the French side to the Dutch side, gave me a footlocker half full of reloading stuff. Just don't know how to get it to Uncle Samb...
  28. Is that a microwave I see in one? LOL!!
  29. You left it in 8 m/m?
  30. Back in the late 60's, I built a wild cat on a 1917 Simson & Sons Mauser action. Installed a "free-floating" Douglas Bull barrel on a Fajen stock. Cal.: 22-250, which at that time was a "wild-cat". Ha...
  31. There is no legal reason for evil-Bay to reject a BB gun. They have some weird people on their staff!
  32. So, we agree. It may or may not be a nail puller.
  33. Handle from a sword-cane?
  34. After the 2 examples you showed with twin notches, I'm really wondering about the purpose. Has to be one.
  35. I had just never heard of a J.W. bronze before.
  36. Taking a good look again, the metal appears too thick there to be a nail puller. Now, if not a nail puller, what could it be for?
  37. They really are Rick! I've spend some time studying the details & still don't think I'm close to being finished! Hey, Roy! Did I ever thank you for posting this treasure? Gote nacht!
  38. Guess it was too much info. ! Sorry fans! Hey, I never claimed to be discrete! Hey, I live where we don't normally wear clothes on the beach or else-ware. Am I supposed to apologize for that? Guess so!
  39. This appears to me as an obvious nail- puller, where the others don't. Hey, I'm hoping I'm wrong! Just show me something concrete. Factory made nails didn't appear until when? Maybe early 1800's. The ...
  40. I've never gone to bed with an ugly girl! Woken up with a few, but not "moose-jaw"!! Lived with a German (I have a weakness for Kraut girls) who didn't shave anywhere. Spent an hour one morning with ...
  41. Sorry BHock. I've just never seen a nail-puller on anything before (maybe 1900). That is a nail-puller?
  42. T-Mon. Did you read the label 1st? LOL!
  43. Bobby725, wash yo mouth out with Cutty Sark! LOL! I've never been that drunk!!!!
  44. Bon chance!
  45. Trey. I just looked up where you're from & you definitely need adult supervision! Unluckily, I don't qualify! Some female guidance, maybe. You can always kick them out later! LOL! Bon chance!!
  46. Joeco, you probably have a more believable scenario than mine. That is the sort of merde they offered in the back of comic books.
  47. Rucklez, I'm not photogenic either at 6:AM (If ever!). LOL!
  48. I love this stuff! Are you in the skillet throw? LOL!!
  49. You sent us (or me) some pix of this guys collection. They are all phenomenal! What a collection! How many does this guy have? Unusual hobby!
  50. I really do think you need a woman's touch!!
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