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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Actually, I thought that was understood all along Scott.
  2. I know I'm a 34 yr old trapped in a 68 yr old body, but this 34 yr old has to get some sleep! Bon nuit
  3. We must be in different time zones eye4. No sleep, not much humour in the mornings! Gute nacht!
  4. Lets see eye4 ,who on CW might think in the negative? Within that 10 seconds, my mental list got pretty long! How about you? LOL!
  5. You? LOL!!
  6. Yes eye4. When viewed thru the wrong end.
  7. Eye4, what are we going to do with you?! I have seen it in large letters in markets (marche's or grocery stores to U probably). I WILL find it,-- I think. We have people here from everywhere & the onl...
  8. Not me, - for a change!
  9. Its size makes it a candidate for the ripcord handle on my parachute! See walks, I'm taking your advice & getting away from tunnel vision on this thingy.
  10. Strange lock that. I can "pop" locks on small planes faster than anybody can get a key out of their pocket, but this wouldn't be easy. Just seems to have an Oriental look to me.
  11. I'm designing a lazy Suzanne so I can look at all these sideways posts without getting a crick in my neck.
  12. LOL, Dan!! Sounds like you're sick of all these sideways & upside-down postings too! They just don't seem to learn computer skills or know to get a 9 yr old to do it! By the way Jeremy, welcome to Cy...
  13. Quite a story. Sounds like home! Or anywhere now. Really beautiful piece & appears to be in great condition for its age. Envy shows?
  14. Only had time to hit 1 market today but know I've seen the name yerba somewhere.
  15. On closer inspection, I stand corrected. Finger & not dovetail. Picky, picky. LOL
  16. Well, it worked walks. It did get me looking in other directions.
  17. Walks, I can't give a knowledable Walks, I can't give a knowledgeable answer without the answer to your query. I just know from experience that something like that only supported @ one end would hav...
  18. You got me so excited (well, half way) that I counted my Cialis tabs. Well, at least I have an accurate count now. 117 should suffice till my birth certificate expires! LOL
  19. Jewels, define "roll". I may be getting "up in years", but not dead! I'm going to ck on this drink as soon as I wake tomorrow. They should be open by 10:AM!
  20. I'm afraid I got my replies confused with another poste, but both seem to be flying along fine. I've found that this happens more & more often these days! Could have sworn my front door was in a di...
  21. Wind, you got the wrong word! Notorious is closer. Had to take a pic of the page from Nat'l Geo. tonite to comply & not so good. Actually, I thought this came up on another poste & I started talking t...
  22. Yep! In '81. Not much left now & when I renew my drivers lic., they don't ask if I want to be an organ donor. (just had to Bing spelling of donor!!). Been gone too long! I have to put 2 pairs of socks...
  23. Eye4, U a lot a truble! OK, I tried to find my Nat'l Graphic pic & didn't have in a file that I could find. Thanks. I thought I had it. Had to take a pic & now will poste as my profile pic.. Feb. 1981...
  24. Wind, I've been in docs, in newspapers & once on a poster(don't ask). I was in Nat'l Geographic once in the late 70's or early 80's. I'll toss that on my profile pic. Didn't even know about that last ...
  25. Virginia. Yes dear! Certainly dear! What ever you say dear! See how well trained I am! I admit that some mornings it's a different story. What kind of worries me is, I'm forgetting how to spell in Eng...
  26. Wind, I'll never be tamed, but wouldn't trade places with anybody I know or heard about! Requested grave marker: OTHERS DREAMED, I DID IT. LMAO!!
  27. Put all those brands on my shopping list Virginia & we have a broad selection of inter'nat'l products here. Looking forward to trying it. And eye4, you've been around me too long! You are picking up ...
  28. Really makes one wonder how they made it!
  29. Not easy to do machine dovetails on things that small!
  30. Great! Can't help but relay what this reminded me of. I've been off Uncle Sambo's Plantation now for over 40 yrs. and was visiting my ole Jamaica side-kick in AL. He had gotten tickets for an "Old Tra...
  31. Have caffeine or something else more interesting? I live in St. Maarten/St. Martin & never heard of it. It's exported? I'll look for it. Is there a brand name to look for? I drink iced tea all day & w...
  32. Not sure you should blast it anymore!
  33. Bring them on mon! That was a fun one.
  34. Walks. Sa wha? Not too shabby, but would expect it to have bolt holes at both ends for support brackets. Here we are in scenic fk'n St. Maarten. Wish you were here! Instead of me. Just joking.
  35. Here is my guess from info given from TA & Riply. There was a special clock inside that would record the times that a security guard etc. would pass & turn his key in it. Not bad from somebody working...
  36. Kaiser, there are lots of missing categories we wish we had & lots of categories we wonder why they are there! Of course you know that by now.
  37. I've done reliefs but think I probably lack the artistic skills & experience to do such great work. This is free style. May try on some scrap wood just to see. Love this work!
  38. Brass was the common metal for making oil lamps.
  39. A real beauty! I assume that it has the 2 slide out supports for the writing desk but don't see them.
  40. Go for it melaniej!! Waiting.
  41. Riply's answer sounds right & AT's mention of a ring mount for an 8 day clock makes things fit together to form a whole.
  42. Now we are getting there! Lets hear from our Harley people.
  43. Oh, now it's getting interesting! Where are the other 3 pics?
  44. Oh, now it's getting interesting! Where are the other 3 pics?
  45. I really like the way you think Riply!
  46. Lets see the full #3!
  47. WOW eye4! I'm kind of impressed by your remarks. Left brain, right brain. Kind of reminds me of girls I've lived with, but some used neither side. Came close to saying "all" but knew I would be attack...
  48. Mani, your knees would be hitting you in the chin.
  49. Sorry, but looks like a newer composite like Scott says. Looks too much like a mixture of time periods like a guy trying to make a pirate pistol with the looks that people expect. Construction is crap...
  50. Mani, bet you love the colour too! Goes with your red hair? LOL. Luv.
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