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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. You might contact House of Phones as they have helped me in the past. My info is so old that there isn't even an email address but should be easy to find O/L.
  2. You are beginning to be very interesting on CyberAsylum (aka: CW). Another renegade! I live way S. of FL but watching off & on.
  3. Not my area of collectables, but would venture to guess mid-east. maybe as far West as Turkey or even Greece. Hope this helps in your search.
  4. The 3rd pic looks like it may be for a McClellan saddle. Like the profile pic. LOL!
  5. Never seen one & really like it. I had a neighbor when I was going to aviation school who showed me a lot, including picking locks, but never a folding key. Waiting to hear what others say.
  6. Hey Cokeman, I remember that now. Ah, the simple pleasures back then! Or maybe we were simple! LOL!!
  7. Looking forward to seeing it.
  8. Since it is made by Dixon, you can get an approx. date as the style changed as James was, I believe dropped at some point, & sons was added at another time. I know them mainly from antique powder flas...
  9. Hey, I like that! 1st I've ever seen or heard of.
  10. Tropical Disturbance Jacky comes home tomorrow after being kicked off the 4th boat she was working on. LOL!! BB2 kindergarten 101! Something about sexual harassment with the 1st mate but afraid to ask...
  11. Ah! Exactly the same, -- only entirely different!
  12. By your profile pic, I see you are barrel chested like I used to be. My barrel slid down! LOL!!
  13. The lines must have been to impress the user since it takes a binocular to be a range finder. LOL!
  14. Well, I'm impressed! Nice find. Don't forget me in your will, ole buddy!
  15. was lucky enough to trip over your poste again & study it closer. Notice the bend in the frizzen spring where it contacts the frizzen arm & see it as & improvement that probably would make the frizzen...
  16. Absolutely beautiful piece (drooling) & great craftsmanship. Good luck at the rendezvous!
  17. You seem to be on a roll today!
  18. Things like this just never seem to die. Hey, itsforsale, maybe this will fit you & we can trade?
  19. Glad to see you hitting again Kerry! Cheers Bro!
  20. I'm drooling on my keyboard again.
  21. Great find! Is my envy showing?
  22. Chris, sorry I haven't been in touch much lately. They only allow me 20 mins on a puter here per day. Just kidding & wondering how long I can stretch your leg? I think your answer is probably right & ...
  23. Milking stool? Zowie, you just failed Romance 101! LOL!!
  24. Can't tell you anything about the carvings, but these are commonly called "corner chairs" or "parson's chairs". They were tucked in corners & used when an extra guest showed up.
  25. Tell us the truth Mani! Are you sitting on an apple crate in the pic? Hey! I haven't harassed anybody on CW in a while. Neededthe practice!
  26. Roy, I snagged a Glock 26 for whoever gives the highest bid. LOL! Friend & owner was a Nam sniper with an official count of 106.
  27. Not my region of weapons knowledge, but I believe the style is Indian. believe that would be the right area to start your search.
  28. Have you reached the stage of popping caps yet? The brass wears fairly quickly where steel parts rub, so if you get it going & plan on using it a lot, I suggest grease for those areas instead of oil. ...
  29. A few more yrs. and the style might come back & people will think you have a new truck. Well, that's what I keeping hoping for my Mazda.
  30. Just skipping thru vl, & happened to luck up.
  31. Absolutely fascinating! Never heard of him, and with my memory, may say the same thing next week. Enjoyed your write-up thoroughly. I'll have to re-read this in the morning, it was so good. Is this t...
  32. Any with Chiquita banana stickers in it? Countries I was in illegally, I would find a fruit sticker from them & stick them in my passporte for my personal record. LOL, but true.
  33. Ou la la!
  34. The "999" should be the purity. Is that 1 gold?
  35. Did they put up a fight? I chased a tourist 3 blocks once to get his shirt Hey, I liked the shirt! LOL!!
  36. Oh Chris. I hadn't ck'd the box for email me on my following. Got it now.
  37. I've heard similar stories & they always make me wonder.
  38. Now, here's a real mystery! Certainly doesn't look American unless S. American.
  39. Same again!
  40. Beautiful find Blue! Great write-up too. Thanks.
  41. There is a Trenton on auction @ that ends the 27th that appears to be in about in the same condition. Just in case you are interested on what it sells for. That's Rob Roble's site. whi...
  42. Will do Chris. How did you know I partake of adult beverages?
  43. Actually, no joke mikei. After 42 yrs in the Caribbean, they do look alike! I recognize blacks & Chinese faster.
  44. I knew I had seen the emblem but didn't recognize him until I blew-up a pic.. You know how all white people look alike. LOL!!
  45. Nice find mikei.
  46. Great item! Agh, an FNG. Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW. You will find good company here in the Coke field. Did I say, "good"?
  47. Mikei, I think maybe 1916 would be closer. This is WWI. Hell, that's Hermann Goering! Research him & you might find the exact pic. If you have an original, worth some bucks. I knew that emblem was fam...
  48. There is always a good chance Chris, that it changed sides. Yanks had a habit of dropping things. Be interesting & probably surprising to the North, just to know how much was supplied to the South, - ...
  49. The trigger with the hammer down is too far back. Maybe the hammer cam/sear needs replacing. Ck Dixie Gun works. Sorry. Jacky is back & a bit distracted
  50. Looks like a good start.
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