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Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Hope you weren't the only one! If so, we are in deep trouble!
  2. Have any of you Coke heads ever run into the name Harry Rainwater. His name was mentioned in some of the material I got from Coke some yrs ago. He was a good friend of our family in the 50's & I reme...
  3. The last pic seems like they are trying to figure out how to put the bloody things together. That tells me they are not German, but maybe Polish. Devil made me say that! LOL!
  4. Sean, excuse my French. Actually best if you don't! My excuse is, it's election day here & the pubs were closed until after voting. (At 12:30). Mind you that that is PM! just joking, I think? I shoul...
  5. Nutsa, U are getting too serious for me. There is humour at the end of the tunnel. Lets just hope it's not sick humour!
  6. Nuts, I must be inserting a comma in the wrong place in your reply!
  7. You're nuts, nutsabotas6! Bet I have more stamina & perseverance though. Remember, I'm retired (from something!). Wish I could remember what? 4 times actually! Should have kept a diary so I would know...
  8. Sa wha! This could go on all nite.
  9. fhrjr2, And I thought you were young. Meaning under 60!
  10. Appears to be a cross between soviet & German.
  11. Great poste as usual. Luv field artillery, as you should know. Knew it would be a good day to ck-in (Fri). Trying to get a piece of tail at the airport (for painting), but election day. (rotation of t...
  12. Bon chance TGBWC! Fill us in later.
  13. Actually, because of the poor quality of Levy's now, the name has become a stigma. Counterfeit Levy's are better made. We proved it here in St. Maarten & their lawyers backed away because Levy's didn'...
  14. Hint. In the future, you should use the pic that catches the most attention 1st. In this case, the last pic would be best. I, and sure many, skipped or almost skipped over it as a pic of the bottom do...
  15. Roy, get on my joke thread & then we can communicate! Cialis is better: "Made for a man, meant for a woman."
  16. No warranties is the "Wayward Islands" that count. You get & have to accept what you pay for but there a good points for car bombings. Oops, I probably just went on the gestapo "watch list"! By the wa...
  17. Roy, I owe nobody & pay cash, so don't need built in problems with no recourse. Really love that bike!
  18. Kerry, maybe you can help me develop my technique. In the islands, the way you apparently say hello to a tourist, is, "Taxi?" So I've tried this trolling for girls on my trusty 180 steed. See a girl I...
  19. Body repairs like that was called lead wiping.
  20. 1st one looks like a dipper for casting bullets etc.
  21. Roy, I can't imagine anybody accusing you of being cantankerous! Bet you had to look up the spelling on that one, as that was considered antiquated by the time I was 20! That's a long time ago! LOL. L...
  22. Lets see if I understand you right Roy? My friend has to take down a brand new (often referred to here as "new brand") bike, correct a major frame F-up and reassemble. All at his expense? I can see it...
  23. Passing note. Friend who just bought a new Royal Enfield showed me where the frame was obviously welded without a jig & now a big problem. Back to looking.
  24. Kerry, I wish you were a neighour! They all luv my ax-cent" but the 2 of us could drive them crazy! Damned, life is fun!!! I'm going to miss "Y'all".
  25. Tube & Rip, you (y'all) are a wealth of info.. Naptha is my my cleaner of choice because it leaves no residue. Sadly, we can't buy it anymore except in rip-off prices as Zippo & Ronson lighter fluid. ...
  26. Appreciate your words Mani. I've tried to follow CW everyday but it has just gotten to take up too much time. My "retirement" work load has increased to where I don't want to spend hrs. every nite we...
  27. Zowie, in that case, I would expect to see a way to attach an extension for high spots.
  28. Actually Mani, I've found the whoppers work best. They figure it is too crazy not to be true. Really! Then there is the "dread" question, "Do you have anything to declare?" I avoid standing in those ...
  29. It keeps my sunglasses from sliding off now.
  30. Thanks Sean & appreciated. If I could just quit having dreams in French, I would consider myself healed! Until then, I worry. LOL
  31. Tora, if I promise to stay on 3 days, will you promise not to send Simon? Of course it was something you said Walks! LOL No end to fun with friends, but no time for strangers of a 3rd kind! Kerry,...
  32. Plantlust, I never thought otherwise. No American, immigrant or otherwise, would have gone to that that much trouble!
  33. Kerry, I'll touch base every once in awhile, but promise nothing. It's turned into uncontrolled crap now! 4 yrs ago, we were a happy family. Now the A.H's have found us! I'll miss a lot of the treasur...
  34. Well everybody, I think I'm going to drop out of CW for awhile. It's looking too much like the last day of a yard sale. Golf balls & urinals!! I only work when needed, but can't waste hrs everyday gle...
  35. As a wood worker (termite), if the inlays are real, I'm impressed!
  36. I agree with Rip, appears to be a "Peter Pan". Give up people. I'm not going to change!
  37. I've done inset & relief work & by the pics, this was not worked down & then built up for the reliefs. If this is as appears, I'm super impressed & you should be too as it is a true work of art. Not c...
  38. Seems to that I read that De Gaulle was the 1st or only premiere expelled from a country for stirring up trouble. Canada as I remember. Does anybody know if that is true or have info on it?
  39. Thanks Roy. Not often I find myself thanking YOU for anything. LOL You're going to push me until I buy that 350, aren't you? At my age, I have to keep what I can in the banque & the price is $4,8K. Lo...
  40. We aim to please brat! Just good old Southern hospitality from mine & Kerry's side. We may have lost the war, temporarily, but we didn't lose our sense of humour!
  41. I don't remember seeing anybody making things like this kerry. LOL Gas welding by inmates that would require gas bottles etc. sounds a bit iffy to me. I need to stop where she works next week & see i...
  42. Tora, wasn't he a bad comedian?
  43. Thanks & what we need. Adult supervision.
  44. Amber, please let up! I'm still laughing so hard with tears that I can't see what I'm typing! Staff! We have another run-away poste!! This is just too good! LMAO!!
  45. Amber, I'm beginning to have some trouble with the "rock" but I do have a roll. I burn incense to the Cialis Gods! "Better living through chemistry". LMAO!!!
  46. Share, I broke that pig valve "in" within a few days & it seems to have adjusted well & like it. I actually thought about body building, but after stepping out of the shower & looking in the mirror, I...
  47. You & who else? Right now Jacky & I are at odds & haven't asked her about the hair thing. Contrary to her preference, I'm letting the "south lawn" grow. Will that suffice? Don't expect pics though.
  48. Sure glad nobody else wanted the job, "Pain in the a$$"!! I'll have to ck but the only ones I know of being made now are the 350 & 500.
  49. Actually, I didn't notice it was "the old man" on that 1st poste. Look at the pot calling the kettle black!
  50. Truly enjoyed! Good short history explanation too without getting boring. Cheers Chris!
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