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  1. Is it too early to call, or do you admit that I have the ugliest? LOL!
  2. Dan, supercharged is nice, but I'd rather be blown. LOL!
  3. Same design canister as WWII I notice.
  4. You mean Bob didn't include the doubloons when he forwarded it!!! Well, he did mention something about having to cut back on the weight for shipping. Well, looks like he sent his junk mail instead. LO...
  5. Is the rock really heavy for it's size? The silver flakes make me think foundry slag 1st.
  6. You did a great job. If you wanted it to look like a Thompson, why didn't you cut the barrels down in proportion? Still convincing enough.
  7. What's a sled? LOL
  8. Certainly not my field but just curious.
  9. What gave you the idea that it is a perfume bottle? Must have been something?
  10. Does it have an atomizer?
  11. Snuff bottel? Is that a guess?
  12. Oh yeah! There was a thing called "habeas corpus" before George Jr's reign in your country.
  13. Kind of like Shaker design made by one who didn't come out of their mould right.
  14. There you are Chris! Just doesn't have that aura of a mil. dress sword to me.
  15. They look like they maybe watching a TV!!
  16. OK eye4!! Keep your loves to yourself! There's the blud-clot wall! Satisfied?
  17. Eye4, are you serious? People get that lazy? My posting of the "CORDON ROUGE" I posted was in the same place before that last hurricane hit. (See on my profile). I'm not going out there at nite to tak...
  18. Sa wha, eye4?!! Doesn't look like enough room for a 4th pic! Of course the wall is behind it! Admit that it would be better if the wall was in front of it! Tried a linen cloth over it so it didn't sca...
  19. A bit much aghcollect!
  20. Did you catch my campaign strategy? Dirty pool, right! LOL!!
  21. Hey Ho2, I never said I would run a fair poll! Maybe I should have been a politician! LOL!
  22. You have a bad attitude kyra! Here's the idea: the less loves I get, the closer I am to winning against Ho2! This must be a 1st? A poster not wanting LOVES!!! LOL!
  23. Agreed! LOL. Ho2, you're way ahead in LOVES so I'm winning. Ready to concede that I win in the "fugly" contest? No runoffs! LOL Please! Nobody else give a LOVE!!
  24. Or beach party.
  25. The sound it made on opening is where the name "soda pop" came from. Coke was bottled in them in their beginnings.
  26. I even had it facing the wall when it was in the closet! Roy has best suggestion yet!
  27. Shows that you have an eye for fugly, eye4, but I still worry about you the most.
  28. W/P, I can understand accidentally hitting a "like", but worry about those that hit "love". maybe they are sympathy votes?
  29. Eye4, the mirror goes on the ceiling! Hey guys, some people have to work in the morning! Not me, but I'm sure somebody has to! LOL!
  30. Sure you did Pops & Jewels, definitely missing some important details. No toes! LOL!
  31. Eye4, luv your #29. Just now caught it & agree. Sorry, I'm on 15 min. delay tonite. Still don't know where I stand in this contest with Ho2? Think I'm gaining ground though! Both, her #1 pic & my entr...
  32. Sorry Jewels & Pops, I don't even like dark meat on turkey. Oh, y'all mean the other colours! LOL!
  33. Thank you eye4. One of the frames I made & like. Laminated S. Amer. red wood sandwiching purplehart. Plastic Pops!! Wash yo mouth out with Cutty Sark! And Pops, my sugar birds may thank you soon for y...
  34. What place TA?
  35. Sean note, that in #16, I say, "I don't think ----". When did you last have an eye exam? My sugar birds are starving since I hung it on the gallery! LOL! The little freeloading buggers need to get a j...
  36. Oh, ho2, the camera didn't break & a lot of people like it. They should be watched closely! Glad they exist so I can continue to get the beautiful women! LMAO!!
  37. Sean, I'm really worried about you! LOL! Reminds me of a teacher in high school that none of us could imagine having nipples. That lump in her left breast should really be checked out! LOL! I might a...
  38. Makes really sharp points & tools.
  39. Roy, I didn't see a painting by her there & didn't expect to. See a number of Sir Roland Richardson & his paintings of flamboyants. He & his wife are real good friends & a lot of my work is in his sho...
  40. Your theory sound reasonable unless these are more modern made & you bought them. Did you find them? Obsidian is not all that commonly found unless there is a lot of it in the area found. Either way, ...
  41. Ho2, don't send any bloody kids my way unless it's a baby goat. I think there are laws even here about cooking the 1st type. Problem with kids is, - - - they're too immature.
  42. Guess I lost the contest?! LOL. By the way, her name is pronounced Luchia.
  43. Agh, sorry, but I'm deleting your comment for obvious reasons. Don't need trouble in my backyard.
  44. But it scares my sugar birds!
  45. Hey guys, keep this down. Really should have covered the name I know, - now. Didn't think anybody would have heard of her. Please don't get me in trouble! OK! I have always considered her an unknown. ...
  46. Agh, please don't tell you 2 are friends! Knew I should have covered the signature! She has been after me for yrs & when she found out it was my B'day, did this in about an hour. Actually, she has sol...
  47. Posting my entry in the ugliest painting now! You are sure to lose ho2!
  48. Sure T-Mon. Right now I have a shipwrecked couple staying for a few days but am looking for a house sitter for a week in April.
  49. Sa wha, ho2?!! If it breaks, I lose it, and if it doesn't break, I lose it. I was born at nite, but it wasn't last nite!! LOL?? taking the blud-clot picture in the morning!
  50. So you are going over to French. I can understand it but when I say it with my Alabamese accent, the "Frogs" cringe! Some have shrunken as much as 5 cm & never seem to regain it, even yrs. later.
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