St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

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  1. Looks like it is made for separating a tire from the rim to me.
  2. Thanks, but please don't cut us short on pix.. You can poste 4 & we have already seen the 3rd one here. I've rarely seen these when I lived in civilization & always had to be pulled away, drooling. I ...
  3. OK Thomas, what is a "jack for shaft coupling" ? Like, drive shaft ?
  4. How about making them look like the kids are entering & exiting eye glasses ? Hey, it's getting late !
  5. Rubic Cube before they worked out the bugs.
  6. Sure didn't hang around long ! Must have witnessed what good shots my ancestors were !
  7. They are noisy & the cocks crowing (Tropics: 1:30AM !) I can't tolerate. A girlfriend was complaining about one in the neighbourhood once. I started feeding it bread crumbs with ant arsenic & after aw...
  8. Roy, I don't open my puter to sites I'm not familiar with, so pass. Also, after a real struggle, I got off of fb & don't dare get close again. Sorry ! Can't share directly with me ?
  9. Actually, that's the way a lot of people lived back then. Even today in many countries. I could never get used to the gum between my toes ! I can't even stand wearing flip flops !
  10. You've been hiding all this collection of yours from us ! Shame !
  11. Is that the orig. handle, just cleaned ? Vote: No on paint.
  12. Each of these deserve a separate posting. Please !
  13. Reminds me of the country boy who lost his chewing gum in the chicken yard. Thought he found it 3 times.
  14. Luv the way the musket muzzle is pointed at her head. LOL !
  15. No wonder you damned Yankees won the war. Cannons grow in your fields & farmers harvest them !
  16. Also mentioned were some possibly faulty or defective boiler bolts.
  17. I still marvel at the part about half of the eng. coming down 7 blocks away ! Was the reason ever determined ? They do have relief valves & gauges that the engineers are supposed to monitor.
  18. BB2 was here
  19. New. Keeps them from rusting. Then, they could be old rusty bits that had gel put on them to protect the dull rusty metal. LOL !!
  20. What excuse do I use now ?
  21. The give away word was, "carbine".
  22. So I'm not crazy ? That will disillusion a lot of people ! LOL !
  23. Yeah, hard to plow those fields with cannon barrels sticking up everywhere ! LOL ! That's still what it looks like to me.
  24. A little laugh. Because of our drawbridges, I like to keep a cheap watch dial velcro'd to a rear view mirror on my bike. Got an el-cheapo $12 watch, but the batter was dead when I got home. Watch repa...
  25. Bring them down & we'll try water-skiing !
  26. M2-Carbine I believe. Their rattle was like a bell to let everybody know somebody just came into the shop.
  27. I'm no clock/watch expert, but I found that elec. contact cleaner works well for cleaning them out.
  28. Know it can't be so, but looks incredibly like a cannon barrel being pulled out of the ground.
  29. "Thighland" ? You'll fit in ! LOL !!
  30. I'm sure you are on the right track, especially since it is marked in fractions of yards on the side, as is even used today. It could be for a lot of things, rope, cloth, cord etc..
  31. Remembered reading about the Halifax explosion, but went back to it for a refresher. What an explosion & 2,000 dead.
  32. What indicates that it's Asian ? Looks like oak to me.
  33. Sure a new one on me. I joked about John Deere not making planes yet that we could land is plowed fields. Don't ask ! Not for looking for arrowheads ! LOL !!
  34. I'm waiting too .
  35. I'm lost as to what pic #3 is ?
  36. WOW Vetraio50, you have shocked be with how much I knew ! LMAO !! I almost said Mork's belt buckle from the planet Ork.
  37. Looks like maybe Turkish belt buckle of some sort.
  38. I'm with you Ron. It is to collect a small amount of liquid while the rest burns off.
  39. Make sure nothing else is close when they paint ! LOL !!
  40. Agree with Ron.
  41. Please don't tell me you still live in SF ! LOL !
  42. Not the Fire Chief posted 10 days ago. This was like yours with ladders. They said they made the ladders.
  43. Somebody in the last 3(?) weeks on CW just restored one & talked about parts. You need to talk to them.
  44. If you don't want to ruin the car, keep the kids away ! LOL !!
  45. Phenomenal !
  46. You gave a good close shot of the dovetails, so I was able to measure & appears to be machine dovetails. That makes it post 1890's. The front writing desk seems to fold up to 90 degrees instead of an ...
  47. Actually, I said cutting the arrows out...... , meaning shaft & point. Finding perfectly straight material for shafts was surely a serious problem. I'm sure they weighted them for curing.
  48. The 1 & only posting by Cioric29 & 2 yrs. ago. Makes one wonder ? One too many Lucky Strikes ? Maybe didn't make it to Cioric30 ? I asked my doctor once, "If I give up smoking, drinking, partying & wo...
  49. Were there big Indian vs Indian battles in those places ? We had a battle site near the Coosa River & Tallahatchie where we found a higher % unbroken, but still probably only about 1 out of 20. Indian...
  50. GREAT ! Thanks for sharing.
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