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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Now, here's a real mystery! Certainly doesn't look American unless S. American.
  2. Same again!
  3. Beautiful find Blue! Great write-up too. Thanks.
  4. There is a Trenton on auction @ that ends the 27th that appears to be in about in the same condition. Just in case you are interested on what it sells for. That's Rob Roble's site. whi...
  5. Will do Chris. How did you know I partake of adult beverages?
  6. Actually, no joke mikei. After 42 yrs in the Caribbean, they do look alike! I recognize blacks & Chinese faster.
  7. I knew I had seen the emblem but didn't recognize him until I blew-up a pic.. You know how all white people look alike. LOL!!
  8. Nice find mikei.
  9. Great item! Agh, an FNG. Welcome to CyberAsylum, aka CW. You will find good company here in the Coke field. Did I say, "good"?
  10. Mikei, I think maybe 1916 would be closer. This is WWI. Hell, that's Hermann Goering! Research him & you might find the exact pic. If you have an original, worth some bucks. I knew that emblem was fam...
  11. There is always a good chance Chris, that it changed sides. Yanks had a habit of dropping things. Be interesting & probably surprising to the North, just to know how much was supplied to the South, - ...
  12. The trigger with the hammer down is too far back. Maybe the hammer cam/sear needs replacing. Ck Dixie Gun works. Sorry. Jacky is back & a bit distracted
  13. Looks like a good start.
  14. Merci, Fanci.
  15. On the 8th day, God created 9 m/m.
  16. Fort, I like to think that I was more of a thorn than that! LOL!! Now that you mention "drive-bys", maybe later tonite. Great stress reliever!
  17. Hey, I was lucky to tell the diff. between glass & plastic! LOL!!
  18. Did I just hear a collective sigh of relief from Cw staff? Hey, even God took a day off!
  19. Fort, your reply was longer than my comment. LOL! By the way, I'm taking a CW vacation. May replace it with "drive-bys" LOL!! A bientot.
  20. Chris, I'm going to take a bit of a break from CW. The days of being like a family seems to have "dis'd" & I'm getting bored with weeding thru 90-95% sh-t. I've got plenty of time, but not for what th...
  21. Like this!
  22. Not my real field, but will be watching other's inputs. Many of the early ones, I understand were hand made (even cut from sheet tinned steel). Be following, but be prepared to be cut down by our skep...
  23. Very good slack. I just use a screwdriver in a spark plug hole on flying machines. Just kidding as they are accurately marked on the ring gear behind the prop. And YES. It even scares me to think that...
  24. Scott, am I right on age or has there been a more recent edition?
  25. Left by aliens to confuse people on CW?
  26. Seems to me I have seen, maybe had, a few of these when really young (say early 1950's). They are very detailed.
  27. Real mystery this! Hope we find the answer.
  28. For incense sticks?
  29. 2nd pic looks like a really, really early pneumatic off-set rivet gun without the return spring. The last looks like a press for repairing/re-coupling bike chains.
  30. My misses are adding up! Not fun anymore! LOL!
  31. Answer accepted Kyra.
  32. You can't possibly confuse me more than I am already in my natural state.
  33. Really luv it. What are the odd shaped silver dodads in the 1st pic in front of it?
  34. Wise move walks. LOL! All female?
  35. Katherine, it was over 4 hrs ago! Of course we know you wouldn't take advantage. LOL! Actually a good move. I should have thought of that! LOL!
  36. I've been trying to get confirmation on where Jackson's sword is today & can't get anything to load. Isn't it in the VMI museum?
  37. Actually, the Amer. helmet shells were pretty thin. That's why I didn't mention them before. Of course none of them back then would take perpendicular shot from a .30 cal. or 8 m/m. They seemed more f...
  38. Still trying to figure out why Doodle's answer isn't accepted?
  39. Hey rose, I only missed 1 & think that really good considering that I was the 1 jokingly calling these things "targets" several years ago! Fun days that! LOL!! Where are you Inky?
  40. I've carried a pic of this for days asking sailor friend & guess we can eliminate nautical. Most say if it was for nautical, the fittings would be brass. Well, I tried.
  41. Maybe the cavity held a spool of string or something & the knob for feeding it out? Does the cap have a hole in it?
  42. I'm impressed Rust!
  43. Looks like a couple of orig. spoke shaves along with a draw knife. Nice.
  44. I'm impressed walks. Still have a research staff? LOL!
  45. I have only handled 1 of these a real long time ago. As I remember, the metal was rather thin compared to Brit. German & some others. Is my memory correct?
  46. Un-boiled probably best & wipe off extremely well. May want to cut the linseed oil with about 25% turpentine to help it penetrate deeper.
  47. Oui on UG.
  48. Nay. not UG.
  49. Ja, ist UG.
  50. "You dun good, Mon!" Beautiful job.
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