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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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  1. Don't think they are proctology instruments! I hope not!!
  2. Just your play on words tells me you fit in here on CyberAsylum!
  3. Still look like targets TO ME! LOL!
  4. Actually Roy, think in terms of mass. The N started with an army advantage of 2 to 1 over the S and at the end, more than 3 to 1. And it took 4 yrs to win?!!!! "Tuff...rugged"? When I see U.S. news &...
  5. Good show that, rusthound!
  6. Luv your idea for your display. Very innovative.
  7. I may be gone for awhile as I think I'm going to go shoot myself! There has to be a better world somewhere without "Roy's" & "B's"! ROFLMAO!!!
  8. LMAO! Etc., etc, & ditto! LOL!
  9. I've come to the positive decision that it is Eddie Murphy! Or maybe Frank James, -- or, ---?
  10. Inky, I can sure see why! You are beautiful inside & out. LUV!
  11. GREAT! Keep it together & pass it down so your family doesn't forget what they went thru.
  12. Save the poison for me. I can put it in candy & send it to Roy. LOL!
  13. Sure look like targets to me! What's the do-dad under the Belgie pinfire that looks like a "?" or lever? I'm sure it's for opening the breech, but why is it in the position it's in? Maybe for hooking ...
  14. Move someplace like I did where you don't need hot water. Why do people live in climes like that?
  15. Ralph must be a very tolerant man, Penny! LOL!
  16. I just did a quick search of "papillon marked machetes & there is quite a story behind the trade mark. "Ogoun" is the source of the emblem.
  17. I've had, or seen that papillon mark more than once & almost positive they are from the UK exporters & from India.
  18. Never seen them sold with a scabbard in C. Amer., S. Amer, W. Indies etc.. Usually they are sold bare & wrapped in newspaper because it is illegal to walk the streets with a bare blade anywhere I've b...
  19. Really can't tell that about the spinner in the pic. I'm an A&P.
  20. Is that a 3 blade prop instead of the 4 blade?
  21. I would guess 1935-early 50's. This style is still made, but more for the reproduction market, I believe.
  22. Well, next Sat. is my birthday & I will probably look the same Sunday morning!
  23. The ones with mortised slats are the early roll tops & more rare. When it was realized that stapling simple slats on canvas, a new cheap version was born. Problem was, a knife or razor could open them...
  24. You can be Fran. Just another day.
  25. Roy, you mean the Cialis? Works great!! Guess you're way past it working. LOL!
  26. I agree, but probably better than the cast iron ones.
  27. Roy, are you ever going to get rid of that stutter? Another yank!
  28. Very interesting! I love history & been trying to understand it in that (your) area. Thanks for a great informative write-up.
  29. "Grotesque"? Looks like what I saw in the mirror Sunday morning. Or was that afternoon? Luv it!
  30. Of course I'm not old enough to remember them, but like it anyway. LOL!
  31. Lots of hidden images & I love that sort of thing. Wondering about the hut that seems to be supported by chicken feet? Whole scene is very interesting.
  32. Looks to be a great job you're doing. Waiting on pics of the finished piece. Welcome to CyberAsylum. Er, CW.
  33. My sister has our family clock, which is identical except elec.. 1950's (ours)
  34. Good show agh! I was thinking about telling them how. Now a question grier. Are the slats in the roll top part attached to canvass or are the slats mortised to each other? Lot of difference in collec...
  35. Looks like "RUCKY" to me. May help your search.
  36. Where is SLC? Love P-51's!!
  37. My secret is out!
  38. I knew if I pulled your chain enough, you would come on out & play! LOL!!
  39. "No good deed goes unpunished".
  40. You don't live on an island. Places to shoot get more scarce every year. My best place is now being developed for housing. Plus, we are restricted to only the French side.
  41. As a kid in the 50's, I got a Zenith(?) with shortwave & put a headset jack in it so I could listen to classical music from Radio Moscow. Then later got a Hallicrafters 110. Remember when the U.S. com...
  42. Strange war. Some counties in NE Alabama refused to secede from the union also against the State's action. These areas were mountainous, poor and not able to afford slaves, so they figured it was the ...
  43. Mid 1900's. Hard to read in bumpy air. GPS laid these aside & easied to read in bumpy air. Probably have one around her somewhere.
  44. If they put the quality & design into this that they put into the Fairbanks Morse double firing/action engines (that I'm still trying to figure out), it must be good!
  45. Hard to imagine the time & work it took to create this!
  46. I'm rather surprised as I never thought or heard of petrified wood in E. TX. Hard to tell by the pic, but does it look like it flaked well when being made? I've never heard of a point being made of pe...
  47. I think I have seen the papillon mark on British marketed blades. Think most of their cutlasses come from India, but are good quality heavy steel.
  48. Well Scott, it's at least not Jesse James. Looks like York to me, but you're right about ass-u-m-ing.
  49. I would luv to have a set, but would probably end out in jail because I would probably kill anybody who broke a piece. Really nice art pieces!
  50. I agree on clasp & Balinese.
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