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St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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Mair Patterson painting 


  1. Still do.
  2. I've thrown myself at you & proposed marriage & you want more comments? You have proven yourself as a typical woman. LOL!! Comment: Ou la la! Get used to staff changing categories as it gives them s...
  3. Sorry you got stuck. Give the guy a black mark. That hurts them. Walmart?
  4. Now, that's an interesting design! Never seen anything even close to that before.
  5. Brings back memories of days in clandestine air strips in Jamaica in the 70's & 80's! Think I just said too much!! LOL
  6. "To be forewarned is to be forearmed". Thanks.
  7. That sure sounds good, but in SXM, it's a different matter. The gendarmes here have been told to lean toward the locals in conflicts because the of fear uprisings. Locals consider themselves St. Marti...
  8. Good call Mani.
  9. You can correct it, then delete & add.
  10. I agree & I worked the 3 mesas area back in the 70's.
  11. Bon chance in your endeavors! Be sure to give us feed-back.
  12. Here again, I don't see it in my booklet.
  13. Don't see it in my cheap booklet on Roman coins but not my field. I just have about a dozen coins found in the UK.
  14. Val, there is no such thing as too many antique guns! Well, not in my vocabulary. The new ones I can live without as I love antiques in most any field.
  15. Val, I think I just answered your query.
  16. Val, you are challenging me again! LOL I agree totally. These have to be staged Hollywood crap. "WOW, that's a (such & such) skateboard! We can restore that for only $14,000". Pawn Stars do the same t...
  17. Guess I will appoint Val as my nemesis. Hope you can live up to muster Val!
  18. Did I say something funny?!!
  19. Hey Val, you're getting quicker than I am! Yeah, I must be getting old! But not dead!
  20. N'pas compredre "TOTL". Yes, was made to impress. Usually when you see reliefs, that's a good sign. The wet method of finishing that I described usually only takes a few wettings for hard woods & soft...
  21. Toro, usually when you wash wood, it seldom warps if you stand it vertical & I'm not talking about soaking all the way thru. The best furniture makers wet the surface of the wood repeatedly between sa...
  22. Toro, I have GOJO jugs at the airport but by the feel when washing hands, feels like pumice in it. I'm on an island?!! That explains that dizzy feeling I get driving!! "We are all here because we ar...
  23. Phil, I sent your great job on my pics to a photo shop to get that "ONE" done portrait style & will put it in my frame for "true loves" over the last one & thinking I maybe need a deeper frame! That f...
  24. Thanks for a further laugh Jewels!! I'm kind of on a roll tonite.
  25. Toro, Murphy's it was. Actually I went out to my shop to look for what it was but a large shop & not real good lighting at nite. I've used dish soap before with good results but adding some turpentine...
  26. Really nice find. Have to like nautical things where I live if you want to have any friends.
  27. Let's see if I have this right? You nicked a stone cross from in front of a church? At night? LMAO!!! Hey, you r on CyberAsylum! (aka: CW). Thanks for the laugh.
  28. And I thought they just invented dust!
  29. Were batteries included? LOL. Sorry, but the devil made me do it! Lovely piece with the contrasting colours I really like.
  30. Neat buggy! Can I ramble around in your garage? Preferably while you are out!
  31. Neat thing to collect & imagine they aren't too easy to find. Is the brewery still around or if not, when did they go out of business? Don't think I will be able to donate any found around here, but w...
  32. Phil, I think I feel the gist of your remarks. I can't watch the program as I see him as an obnoxious pressure salesman with a couple of mental-retard kids to make him look more like God's gift to wha...
  33. You aren't from AL r u?
  34. How many times a day do I have to "log in" to this popsicle stand? Toro, the problem with ordering anything(!) on line here means paying to deliver to my shipping agent in Miami & paying a min. $17.75...
  35. "GOJO". Thought that was a hand cleaner. I like the results & would like to try it. Now finding it on this bloody Rock in the Wayward Islands. We have Ace Hardware so will ck there 1st. Bloody 'ell, i...
  36. What finishing method did you use to bring out the wood colour so well?
  37. With your hobby, no wonder people kept getting lost in those days! LOL
  38. The "Thinker" is iconic!
  39. Good luck on getting some old pics from her. Love to see them.
  40. Bourbon St.! How many bullet holes?
  41. Well covered history Chris. Am I the only one to notice that the Brits almost always sent the "colonials" into the suicide situations? A shame.
  42. BHock, you of all people, I would expect to show good clear pics..
  43. I ran your finger prints & didn't get a match. Welcome to CyberAsylum aka CW.
  44. Just having fun with you iluv! I'm a sucker for "blonde over blue". I'm 68, been thru open heart & "No fool like an old fool". Hey, I haven't had a stroke yet! I also luv emeralds & wonder about inclu...
  45. I know staff. This is not fb and I'm sorry. Devil made me do it!
  46. If it is a real emerald, I would love to look at it with a lope. Will you marry me? LOL. We don't have snow here! Maybe you could help me get over this problem I have with shyness.
  47. "Dun good" again Phil. Magic fingers!
  48. The corner joints look old but the relief is a common style for probably pre 60's.
  49. Sorry, I made a mistake & the date should be 1935 instead. That dates that bottle between then & 1964 when it was no longer required.
  50. Re: #4. The required use of that term was instated in 1933 after prohibition. Far from the 1st step of the federal government taking your rights away & certainly not the last.
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