St. Maarten, Neth. Antilles

Collect antique weapons & shoot them. Mail:


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On Island Time - Signsin Signs
Kraut packs steel (2) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
Kraut packs steel (1) - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware
For Fortapache - Signsin Signs
Not a Fairbairn Sykes - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
Wizard of Oz poster/sign for Trey - Moviesin Movies
Jamaican bag again - World Coinsin World Coins
A Yachtie's  Christmas - Photographsin Photographs
Prettig Kerstfeest & Gelukkig Nieuwjaar - Motorcyclesin Motorcycles
NevadaKnives - another Marlboro knife. - Tools and Hardwarein Tools and Hardware


  1. Actually Ron, some of the best knives I've known, were made from files. Aluminium was almost as costly as gold when 1st developed but the price soon dropped. Many well balanced knives have been made w...
  2. Another day on the "friendly f--king island" in other words !
  3. Tropical disturbance Lucas was downgraded due to wind-shear from tropical depression Jacky. We are are watching the situation closely for any developments. Conditions still exist for the perfect storm.
  4. Hey, thanks Mcheconi ! This became an issue & now we know. That's about a dozen or more names for what I generally call "the little buggers". I picked "mariquita" because I liked the sound. Most of my...
  5. Beautiful job !
  6. Is that a Beech 18 ? Hard to judge size in that pic..
  7. Is that a Beech 18 ? Hard to judge size in that pic..
  8. I've seen a number of fixed blades with aluminium handles.
  9. Same here Nick. Didn't make it back to the German pub before I left. Made a bunch of friends at the other pub & got with them the last few nites. Luckily Germany won in the Euro Cup thing today so Jac...
  10. I don't want to die with my boots on particularly, but in the saddle sounds OK . Home again & Germany won today so Jacky is in a good mood.
  11. What ! Jump out of a perfectly good airplane ? Nuts !!
  12. Probably not after a bunch of kids played with it ! LOL !! Nothing is kid-proof !
  13. I've seen these before but can't tell you anything about origin. So, why did I say anything ? I have no idea !
  14. Only thing I can say, is WOW !!
  15. You seem to be doing exceptional & I fly home tomorrow.
  16. Great idea ! Bye to Lexington tomorrow. Tropical disturbance Lucas is on the way ! Warn the natives ! Later Thomas
  17. You're on another roll, Gruff ! Beautiful pieces today. Think you have outdone yourself.
  18. TSA would still probably steal it at an airport.
  19. Sure don't. If I can remember to ask Jacky, she is going to 3 1/2 Reich next week & can maybe inquire.
  20. Getting old does too ! LOL !!
  21. Statute de limitations still running.
  22. I get a throb elsewhere also ! OK staff, I'm going to bed. LOL !!
  23. Be easier to send it/them to my shipping agent in MIA. I'll even spring for the MIA to SXM part of the shipping. How is that for a deal ? !!
  24. To save some costs, you could ship both together to me. LOL !!
  25. Looks like a typical Sat. nite in Jamaica to me .
  26. You can send it to me for appraisal. It would look great out on my gallery ! LOL !! PS: My appraisals are free but you pay shipping. LOL !
  27. Sure hope you found the real thing. Should be worth quite a lot & in good condition. I would get expert opinions before thinking about removing it. It is old, if real, and might start crumbling on you...
  28. Don't know about the clasp, but this is gorget style.
  29. Maybe a spinning wheel chair ?
  30. Sa wha ? LOL !! Got it Hotair. What else you got in that hat ?
  31. Nick, you're as warped as I am ! LOL !!
  32. I'm not sold on that either. I'm almost certain it's wrong.
  33. Never had one, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want one ! Nice condition & don't remember ever hearing anything bad about them.
  34. Drink some more coffee Thomas.
  35. Not to be used in conjunction with Vintagelamp's "Sof-in-It" posted 5 days ago. LOL !!
  36. Show some decent pix & you might get a pleasant surprise.
  37. Buffalo Bob. Bob, is Bob spelled backwards .
  38. I think it has something to do with making fishing nets or knitting.
  39. Good show Mani !
  40. It's real light & non metallic ?
  41. It has been used both ways throughout history.
  42. No, thank you for sharing.
  43. Actually, the swept-wing design truly complicates the CG factour at all speeds. The Ruskies must have grabbed the cream of that concept from the Germans .
  44. I had only run into Happy Hooligan thru the collectible toys & didn't know they were based on a comic strip. Before my time. Learn something new everyday.
  45. Pops, you do know that you're going to have to start digging more out for us ! Also, since you have set the high standard of photography, you also have to meet that standard also. LOL !! ENCORE !
  46. Could possibly have been the most brilliant leader of the War of Northern Aggression some historians say. My 3" field gun of my earliest posts served under him as well several ancestors. Now, exactly ...
  47. SHE was meant for me ! Maybe 50 yrs. ago. ;-(
  48. Very true, Vintage. Of course it was Jacky who said it had been thrown away & that may be taken with a grain of salt. LOL !!
  49. Brian, grew up to the sound of artillery in a town very near a range. There was a pharmacy that sold military rings, insignia etc. and I am certain I remember seeing this style rings there as a kid. ...
  50. Since Mumby's mineral water was started in 1849, even though it survived after being sold til 1960, it obviously was a pre -Nazi symbol for good luck.
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