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West Indian Turkey 
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Dutch Fascist pin - Military and Wartimein Military and Wart…
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  1. I did mention the #14 Oneida jumps. They WILL hold a beaver.
  2. Totally unchanged including those bloody Howler monkeys that scream all nite. Native indians in loin clothes etc.. Of course that was in '84.
  3. Are we supposed to ID this from 2 pix that don't really show anything ? Looks like finger nail clippers, but we can't tell without pix from the correct angles. You are allowed 4 pix.
  4. I sailed a 37 footer up the Rio Dolce in Guatemala where they filmed the Weissmuller Tarzan movies. Still just as wild !
  5. WD40 is a penetrant which evaporates & leaves no protection.
  6. I've set many of these & up to the #14 Oneida jump traps. Approach carefully if the drowning set didn't work. A muskrat will charge when caught. Had beavers pull the drowning weight out of the water ...
  7. Looks like a filter to me. I would guess that the inside is not threaded, but that what we see is a spring to keep the removable filter from collapsing.
  8. If memory serves me right, the Gallager would put him in the IN, KY area. My 1st impression was a Merrill.
  9. "when I grow up." That leaves it wide open !
  10. I'm going to be a fireman when I grow up .
  11. You have to pull on the barrel while picking the lock ? Doesn't sound so easy to me !
  12. That's a new one on me Classical_Fan. I like the design. That would probably defeat the ole pick & turn-bar.
  13. Actually, that's knapping instead of nipping.
  14. Scottvez. Have you ever gone to the Knob Creek machine gun shoot & gun show ? We will probably make it this year.
  15. That looks real familiar.
  16. BB2 was here
  17. Did the Vette follow you home.
  18. I've never seen a cover on any brand.
  19. Did it follow you home ?
  20. Fhrjr2, "a couple of "strokes"!! Have you been holding out on us ?
  21. I'm referring to the plant design as intended on the reverse. The thrift plant seems way out of character for Eng. coin designs.
  22. Wonder why something so closely resembling mold spores was used ?
  23. Wrong. Look up what a portcullis is.
  24. The reverse depicts a "thrift plant".
  25. What is depicted growing ? Mold ? I've wondered in the past.
  26. BB2 was here
  27. That's going to develop considerable heat too.
  28. I give up.
  29. Poorboy, I don't know how you came up with that from what I said. When a tool gets where it doesn't operate smoothly, the value goes down.
  30. The screws don't stay like new & that kills the market right there.
  31. BB2 was here
  32. Do any parts move or appear to have moved before ?
  33. I think that is the right idea and also the reason they aren't sold today.
  34. Ron, we are very disappointed ! Thought you would have the patent date & what the inventor had for breakfast the day he filed. I'm still trying to figure out how it works from 1 bloody picture !
  35. Have we figured it out yet ?
  36. I have 49 yrs as an aircraft tech. and never seen one mounted on a plane. I've seen crazier things mounted, but never one of these.
  37. That brownie must have been wearing off when I typed #5 !
  38. Great job, Nick.
  39. I would more proud as a restored heirloom.
  40. BB2 was here
  41. Sa wha ?
  42. Is it made of wood ?
  43. Still have that button ? I'm curious how much it brings.
  44. Looks live trench art using several fired rifle cartridges.
  45. I,m with Scottvez except it looks more like cast iron or something worn naturally.
  46. The 2 large holes toward the centre appear to be for arms or hands. Kyra. this is no time to be yoking around.
  47. I hate cats ! But this I really like.
  48. Just read about the lynchings. Ah, the American way ! (read with sarcasm) LOL!!
  49. It doesn't even look like the copper wire was what was the original line.
  50. Do you think it is leather covered wood or solid leather.
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odd collection  VINTAGE FOLDING POCKET KNIFE JACKKNIFE INDIA? MIDDLE EAST? ??? Abraham Sanchez art Clock from Kit Very old and unusual piece!  28 1/2 " Tall x 14" Deep x 27" Wide Vida Gabor Framed Print Can anyone identify this? Short Timer Patch 1970s Nana's gorgeous singer sewing machine ... USSR Vladimir Lenin 1 rouble coin Hi there,  this is my beautiful glass palm trees astray Circa 1920s Kodascope WWII US Army Captains Uniform Set


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