Kennewick, WA.

I collect, restore, and sell Vintage, and Mid Century Modern pieces. I also collect vinyl records being I'm die hard DJ who actually spins LP's.


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1970s Eyeball desk lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Mid century modern original water color. Harbor scene - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Circa 1970s metal brutalist owl sculpture 
Curtis Jere Brass Seagull Wall sculpture 
Curtis Jere Baby Birds Bronze and Onyx Sculpture 1971 
Curtis Jere Brass Pom Pom Wall Flowers 1980 
c.jere 1971 signed "raindrops" wall sculpture - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Pablo Picasso "Le Taureau Noir" Lithographic Print artist proof - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
MID CENTURY MODERN UTENSILO by DEYHLE of GERMANY - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Mid Century Modern Brass Bookends by Ben Seibel circa 1950s - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern


  1. I've actually sold a couple danish Modern Kevi office chairs but havent seen one like this. Definitley circa 1960's. Cool find haven't seen this particular one.
  2. I have one very similar same color and ottoman....doesn't have the top ead rest though.
  3. I thought it was nelson also vetraio50 till I did more research. I'm a 100% sure it's Umanoff.
  4. Hunter I found the dyrlund sticker in the drawer.
  5. Thanks Amber! I have a ton of stuff to post.
  6. i got the cow hide in, just haven't had the time to take it to someone to sew. I'm really hoping to get it done next week. I have an interested buyer.
  7. hi Mawama, It's not encaustic and was definitely painted or has a glaze over it. It really looks more like a glaze than paint. I've seen a picture made from the same medium all chipped up, swear it'...
  8. Hey Amber. I've finished the frame of the chair and ordered some natural black and white cowhide leather. should be here next week. Then it just needs cut and sewn together. should look amazing!!!
  9. thanks inky!
  10. Thanks Stef!
  11. all about knowing what to look for.
  12. Valued around $100-$150.
  13. Thanks Bellin68. It's going to be a fun project.
  14. :) I'll definitely post pics AmberRose. Should make for a beautiful piece once all restored.
  15. judging by the arms of the chair I would say it was made in the former Yugoslavia. beautiful danish modern style furniture.
  16. nice candlestick holders. :)
  17. Yes the 316 I'm pretty sure. I guess the circa is 1955 from what it says in the link you sent. I've only found a couple examples of the stool. If you run across any info. that would be great! Thanks ...
  18. Thanks Vetraio! Yeah I love it
  19. Thanks Bellin!!!
  20. I would say they are from the fifties by the style. Most higher end pieces will have a makers mark inside a drawer or on good luck finding info. :)
  21. Thanks Vetraio50!!
  22. Looks to be original. Has the correct arm pads, the 5 star base, and I don't see any exposed screws. Plus it has the adjustable feet. I'd say it's original. Nice. I have the black one minus the ottoma...
  23. Thank you alottaoriginals's! I love this set
  24. Thanks peteeone. Yeah couldn't believe how cheap it was.
  25. it's a plycraft.
  26. could be plycraft.
  27. Yeah it sure does PhilDavidAlexanderMorris. Got this for $10. :)
  28. Thanks Amber. Yeah he goes well with the group.
  29. Thanks Bellin68! I find them in random thrift and antique shops. I'm lucky to live in an area where people are clueless about anything Mid Century. :)
  30. Thanks for the comment bratjdd! They're really fun to collect. I like the monkey too!
  31. Thanks Amber!
  32. great find!! This runs about $35-$50
  33. cool lamp. I had one of these in black but sold it. It's from the 60's and is called a goose neck cattail lamp. very cool
  34. Thanks Bellin68!
  35. Thanks for commenting. :) I dig it too.
  36. Thanks Vetraio!!! Glad to be back.
  37. Thanks scandinavian! Yeah I hadn't been on here for awhile.
  38. I had been eyeballing these for 3 mo. Finally broke down and bought them and glad I did.
  39. Thanks so much! I love these too! I'm always looking for wall clocks. I want to make a collage of them.
  40. sold a set of these once. Very cool table.
  41. Had a set of these lamps and the wedge (looks like Lane) coffee tables I sold. Very cool. :)
  42. looks 50's to me
  43. awesome danish modern lounge chair!
  44. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it!
  45. sweet danish modern coffee table. nice work
  46. awesome table!
  47. nice danish modern style lounge chair!
  48. Everything from the 50's-today. As long as it's feel good music.
  49. Thanks Vetraio! Yes I lucked out on these! Definitely keepers!! :)
  50. Thanks! It's not to difficult to sand but you have to be very careful to not go through the veneer. It may look like solid wood but I gaurantee it's not. I bought a table just like this one last week ...
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