Kennewick, WA.

My name is Jason and Im a picker. A total modern addict to the point of fault and borderline ocd. I collect, sell, and love to research Mid Century Modern pieces.


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Danish Modern Rosewood Bar - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Lalique Rapace Cendrier (Bird Dish) - Art Glassin Art Glass
1966 Fine Art Lithographic Poster "Carmen" by Marc Chagall - Visual Artin Visual Art
Circa 1930's Rene Lalique "Nippon" Glassware - Art Glassin Art Glass
Art Deco Opalescent Glass Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Circa 1910-1920 Steuben, Calcite Gold Aurene Bowl - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Lee Hudin Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Vintage Englesby Brakken Early Art Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Francis Senska Studio Pottery Bird - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Vintage Boyce Lundstrom Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Thanks Hor2cultcha!
  2. Thanks Racer!
  3. These 2 are real. You can really tell the quality difference between these compared to the fake I bought earlier. I still have it but get mad every time I see it. Oh well. Live and learn.
  4. Thanks Vetraio!!
  5. Thanks Vet!! I love these glasses.
  6. Thank you Floridapicker1955! I thought so too! :)
  7. Thanks nutsabotas6!
  8. Thanks Joyb
  9. Thank you Florida!
  10. Thanks paris1925! Appreciate the info.
  11. Thanks kyratango! Ill see if I cant find this pattern under Sabino.
  12. Wow Welzebub your right! That 3206 looks just like the shape of this bowl, measurements are about right. I just ran in real quick with a measuring tape. Nice work!
  13. Welzbub it measures 3 inches tall almost 10 inches across.
  14. Thank you Sean!
  15. That's the same style bowl antiquerose! Mine has just a bit deeper bowl
  16. Thanks Vet!
  17. More like 9 3/4
  18. Thanks antiquerose! It measures 10 inches across
  19. Thanks Candi, Racer, and Rick. It has a perfect spot on the end of a teak credenza.
  20. Thanks nuts!
  21. Thanks surfdub66!
  22. Thanks racer! These were garage and estate sale finds from yesterday
  23. Thanks racer!
  24. Thanks vet I love this sculpture!
  25. Thanks for all the gear information Welzebub and Rick! Much appreciated
  26. Thanks Rick!
  27. Thanks!
  28. Thank you!
  29. Thanks Alan!
  30. Thanks for the info. Welzebub! I will research Ogetti.
  31. If this is an Asian print you would think Zen?...Right?
  32. Your spot on A.Rose!!! That's exactly what I thought! The number writing is interesting and would make sense. This print has an Asian feel to it. What has thrown me off was there was no stamp or symbo...
  33. They imported glass and ceramics
  34. If you could read the whole label above Fenton it would say NORA. You can see the tail of the a still. There's examples online.
  35. Thanks I'll do some searching on Seguso and see what turns up. Thank you for correcting me on the color combination and being double Sommerso. Learning. :)
  36. Thanks vet!
  37. Thanks racer! I didn't know he had quit designing. I love this piece and hope to find more of his work.
  38. thank you Virginia!
  39. I have some friends that are serious danish furniture geeks and they might have what you need beauty.
  40. No worries might take me some time but I run into a lot of shelving units. What's parts are you needing?
  41. Thank you inky!
  42. Rick Thank you! I'll correct my information.. I'm slowly learning glass and appreciate this fantastic information.
  43. Thanks racer. This is my favorite piece of enamel. I have a few more I'll have to post.
  44. Thanks artglassfan! Cheers!
  45. Thanks racer!
  46. I'll keep my eye open for parts! :)
  47. Thanks rose! This vase really stuck out to me and had to get it. :)
  48. Thanks racer!
  49. Thanks antique rose.
  50. from the resources I've read it is mold blown.
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