Kennewick, WA.

My name is Jason and Im a picker. A total modern addict to the point of fault and borderline ocd. I collect, sell, and love to research Mid Century Modern pieces.


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Fratelli Fanciullacci Geometric Relief Vase Italy - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Rosenthal Porcelain Bjorn Wiinblad Romance Romanz Studio Line Cruet - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Murano Glass Bowl/Vase? - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Barovier & Toso Murano Perfume Bottle Decanter - Art Glassin Art Glass
Arabia Finland Porcelain Walrus Sculpture by Taisto Kaasinen - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Large Bird/Parrot on Perch Sculpture by Curtis Jeré 1979 - Visual Artin Visual Art
1976 Curtis Jere Oak Leaves & Acorns Wall Sculpture - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Scandinavian Glass Vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Avventurina Glass Vases Murano Italy - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rare Original Janice and Paul Pettee Pottery Bust - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Thanks DrFluffy!
  2. Thanks surfdub66!
  3. Thanks Sean!!
  4. Thanks all!!!
  5. Awesome information Vet! Thanks so much. Really interesting.
  6. Thank you rick55! I appreciate the information! Going to edit my post now.:)
  7. There we go antiquerose.:)
  8. I'll post one here in just a bit. Thanks antiquerose.
  9. Thanks so much Vet!
  10. Thanks Vet!! I love him!
  11. Yes it's frustrating and still a puzzle. :)
  12. Thanks racer!
  13. Thank you! I love it also. Simple, elegant lines.
  14. Thanks Inky!
  15. Great information Moon, thanks!!
  16. thanks shawnicus! That light sounds great I'll check it out! Glad ya dig my clock
  17. I'll post my jere bird/parrot sculpture later tonight. If you like jere it's really cool and rare.
  18. I agree drfluffy!
  19. Thanks kyratango! Couple ft tall, around 4 foot wide.
  20. These are great Anitiquerose. All fantastic sites. I know I'll be referencing them often. Much appreciated. Im so new to glass and lost. But I do love it, and find all the information I'm learning ama...
  21. Thanks inky!
  22. Thanks Vet. I'll try japanese I'm having no luck with European arrow marks all I keep seeing are double crossed ones RRR. Thanks! Going to keep searching. :)
  23. Wow! Thanks antiquerose.
  24. Thanks Hort2cultcha!
  25. Thanks Vet!!! This information was fantastic! Sounds like an amazing and tricky process to create Avventurina glass. I book marked the pages and will reference these often I'm sure. :)
  26. Thanks Racer!
  27. Thanks Sean!
  28. Thanks Racer!
  29. Thanks Vetraio! From the research I've done so far it seems your right! However I am new to glass so I could be wrong.
  30. Thanks Antiquerose.
  31. And your right. I'm trying to keep what she thought was precious together. :)
  32. It's an estate sale shop by the wAy.... ;)
  33. Thank you Trey,Inky,and Robbin!!
  34. Thanks Sean!
  35. Racer they Could be by skrufs. :) I can't be sure to be honest. Can you help me tell the diff?
  36. Thanks antiquerose!
  37. Thanks a.rose! That's awesome you have one too!
  38. Antiquerose I'm slowly buying all these glass and pottery pieces from an estate of an elderly lady who passed away. She hoarded all kinds of mid century and antique pieces from furniture to glass. She...
  39. Thanks Rick!
  40. Moon hill I believe your right. Did a little research and found this same weight. Going with it till I find out otherwise. Thanks so much.
  41. Thanks vet! I love this clock. One of my favorite picks. :)
  42. Great info vet!! Thanks! I'll keep this away from my glass pieces :)
  43. Thanks Sean I thought so. I love it's raw looking form.
  44. There's a slightly different purple one I'll hopefully pick up tomorrow along with some other pieces. Thanks for your help!!
  45. Holy crap! I can't believe how fast that was solved!!! Thanks antiquerose!! I've been looking for over a week!
  46. Yes racer4four, he's has been great help on a couple Italian ceramic pieces I own. I appreciate he takes the time to help people identify these amazing pieces of pottery. Thanks for turning me onto th...
  47. Thanks PatSea.
  48. Thanks Sean.
  49. I'm such a science geek
  50. Thank you Virginia.vintage.
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