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I love anything vintage ! I am a collector of the unique.


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Marie Berger Phoenix Rising - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
Northwood ? Grape & Cable Whiskey Set ~ Crystal with Gold Cable - Glasswarein Glassware
Solid Oak, saddle seat, spindle back chairs (Pic set 2) - Furniturein Furniture
Solid Oak, saddle seat, spindle back chairs - Furniturein Furniture
Beautifully Simple Hand Carved Table - Furniturein Furniture
Red Glass Lamp Globe - Lampsin Lamps
Song Dynasty Blown Glass Vase > Real or reproduction? - Asianin Asian
Heisey Cigarette Ash Tray with blown Melon shape stem from Heisey Glass book 1925-1938 - Glasswarein Glassware
Rainbow colored , cased glass, jack in pulpit vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rookwood Pottery Artist Marks from old booklet published by Cincinnati's own Rookwood Pottery corporation in the 1930s. - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. Not a necklace but look at the design on the bead...http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/craftsofthepast/5941337/yemen_antique_hollow_silver_bead_with_granular_design_beaded_wire_002/vintage/a...
  2. Thanks TallCakes, I did see that one. I was leaning more towards more info though.. :)
  3. I'm not sure about killed it for value...thing. I just wanted to know if anyone knows of the maker. I wasn't asking for an appraisal.
  4. ok, fhrjr2, i posted more pics of the same chair. It use to bea caned seat i believe. They then replaced it with a saddle seat. I'm assuming for strength after the cane gave out.
  5. Lol, ok, I'll call it too then...:)
  6. lol, thats just what I said above. Its a WOOD Dowel
  7. LOL about Heritage....figures. Don't worry, I have it ingrained in my mind now..I will keep a look out for it for sure. As I said before, I have about 25 or 30 jewelry books...
  8. The screw looking piece is actually a doweled wooden screw the is pinned at an angle, they are not metal as I had originally thought when I first started looking into them :)
  9. Did you ever hear anything back about the necklace yet? I think its much older than anything vintage.
  10. Under #3355 Fairacre - original Heisey name Dates: 1925-1937 Here's the problem > Colors: Moongleam stem and foot, crystal bowl; flamingo stem and foot, crystal bowl. So there doesn't look like th...
  11. OK, dug out the The Collectors Encyclopedia of Heisey Glass. Copyright 1986, on page 315 it shows the perfume I listed above, exactly. This is what is written about it. #516 FAIRACRE - name given by ...
  12. @ kamdetail LOOK >>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Heisey-516-Fairacre-Flamingo-Perfume-Cologne-with-76-stopper-/321654304840
  13. I think there is a tiny little "S" under the "O" in Co...is there ?
  14. Here's a link that shows the locations of the Alfred Fenton potteries, looks like one in Staffordshire. http://www.thepotteries.org/allpotters/394a.htm
  15. I'm guessing here ... maybe it Alfred Fenton Co. I know there was a A.F. & S which was Alfred Fenton and Sons A. F. & S.~ A. Fenton & Sons, Hanley c.1887-1901
  16. The earliest known enameled objects were made in Cyprus in around the 13th century BC during the Mycenæan period. Six gold rings discovered in a Mycenæan tomb at Kouklia were decorated with various vi...
  17. A concise history of enamel from the Vitreous Enamels Society > http://www.iom3.org/content/history-of-enamel
  18. @ DrFluffy, Arkansas is beautiful, NWA is the prettiest. Look up a little town called Eureka Springs, AR You would LOVE it ! Little Switzerland.
  19. @ kamdetail, I know this is not the pattern on your glass but I ran across it in my Fostoria book today. It is similar, called Carnival Design: carving No. 7 http://www.fostoria-glass.com/1936-catalog...
  20. You could be right about the eastern influence no doubt. Indian, Iranian, Asian...I have tons of Jewelry books, will take a look for you...
  21. Website > http://www.britishmuseum.org/explore/highlights/articles/e/etruscan_jewellery.aspx The Etruscans took great pleasure in wearing ostentatious gold jewellery. Etruscan metalworkers produced m...
  22. This is a page about Etruscan Chains > http://www.dracoproductions.net/assignment.htm
  23. It looks Etruscan, especially the chain... You said it is more silver correct?
  24. Not sure if it's quite the same although it looks close > http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-barqs-/181650997380 1920 or 1930s maybe
  25. Now to find the Diamond patterned one that is in the front of the picture....it never ends !!! ??
  26. @Antiquerose, Thx for the pics, it did head me in the right direction for sure ! I found it ! They are Mt. Washington Burmese Glass JIP vases > http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/16305984_mt-washingt...
  27. It does look very similar to the "Fancy Ball" stem line #3003
  28. This is a great information site for glass terminology http://www.retroartglass.com/page/14wn1/Glass_info/Glass_Definitions.html
  29. I am looking a bit closer and I believe I see 2 mold marks on the first pic, is there 3 seems by any chance? Such as a blown 3 mold piece. NOTE: Fostoria actually makes a stem that is similar also.
  30. If it is a Heisey piece, It very well could be marked on the "top part of the stem" where it is applied to the bowl, and on or actually "in between" the bowl and stem. Not all Heisey was marked but mo...
  31. Here's some info on types. * Blown Glass : This type of glassware is shaped by air pressure from the mouth or an air compressor. When a mold is used to make blown-glass items, the pressure of the air...
  32. Still would like to know more about this one too :)
  33. Ok, I posted a pic from my Heisey glassware book, take a look. Very similar stem. It's a blown stem also.
  34. Ok, I'm going to lean more towards Heisey ..stilling looking tho
  35. Just a guess but the stem reminds me of Bryce pieces, substantial. The melon shape stem looks Baccarat too...I'd have to dig into the books to be sure...
  36. @ Antiquerose, Ahhh, yes that was a great find and quick too, although I should have been a bit more descriptive. I was referring to the JIP in the front of pic with the pink, yellow, blue colors and ...
  37. @DrFluffy, I believe the beads looks to be an Antique "Rock Crystal" necklace. Not just a glass bead. Look at this link > http://www.pinterest.com/pin/141863456986309589/ Rock Crystal is very colle...
  38. @ DrFluffy, I guess I need to look at my profile again. We moved to Arkansas to be closer to family and get away from CA taxes LOL. I do miss the weather though, we lived in San Clemente & OSide for a...
  39. Hum, It's looking more like a "thistle" bud than a lotus....still searching
  40. I was wondering if anyone might know if this is a New England type basket? I do not know what it is made of. I can take closer pics if it would help. It is only about 3" long and 1-1/2" wide. The lid...
  41. LOL fhrjr2 . . . you're right. I didn't.
  42. no one?
  43. They change the category on me, Just FYI, This doll DOES NOT have a "key wind," You pull the ball and she crawls...thats it.
  44. SEAN68 LOOK >>>>>>http://www.kovels.com/collectors-concerns/rookwood-tile.html
  45. SEAN68, Oh believe me . . . I have had this piece going on 15 yrs...I have searched and I have close to 20 pottery books...nothing so far...I just hope to run across the double R mark some time, All t...
  46. SEAN68 , I would love it to be Rookwood, although I have yet to find that mark for Rookwood Pottery. Fingers crossed !
  47. Manikin, I don't believe she has a key wind if I remember, will make sure with my mother. I believe you just pull the ball out and she crawls toward it. So it's mechanical but not a key wind. Yes it i...
  48. TubeAmp, Thanks for solving this one...My mother thanks you also. We were looling in completely the wrong direction on this one. Thanks again :)
  49. I still would like to know what this item is...I'm clueless still. I've looked up everything that I think it might be...to no end \; (
  50. @blunderbuss2, hahaha on the German girls tongue. . . by the way, "forgetmenot" IS my mother, the one who has the item. . . . So the silver pieces that slide in and out with the chain are marked, "M...
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Northwood ? Grape & Cable Whiskey Set ~ Crystal with Gold Cable


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