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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one. Picture is my grandfather in 1932.


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Football (soccer) Trophy ca. mid-1930s to early 1950s - Footballin Football
1920s-1930s CYMA promotional art deco inkwell - Advertisingin Advertising
1930s-1940s Brazilian Doll Beds - Toysin Toys
1940s Ampro Projector Speaker Cabinet - Electronicsin Electronics
1930s Chilean One Way embossed steel traffic sign - Signsin Signs
Comfortair Heater Fan ca. 1950 - Officein Office
Albin Sprenger "Astron 2000" Heater Fan ca. 1960 - Officein Office
MAICO 1940s Type EO40 Table Fan - Officein Office
"Por Siempre Ambar"  ANJOU perfume botttle - Bottlesin Bottles
Child mannequin torso - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. Thank you Phil! I will do a research on him to know more.
  2. in the tradition of Cartier's Panthere...lovely.
  3. You're welcome!
  4. You're welcome!
  5. well...I love it...I want one.
  6. I would say late 1800s, early 1900s. Here you have a similar one from 1910:
  7. The center one seems to be holding a mirror and a snake, so it's probably the Prudence (Prvdentia).
  8. Kawaii!! I'm too old to wear it too, unfortunately.
  9. The "C" may be from "China", as this horse resembles a Feng Shui horse (or Auspicious Horse, or Lucky Horse). At least, it has the usual pose. These horses are always represented stepping on or jumpin...
  10. You're welcome!
  11. I believe so. There are many other pictures on the internet if you google "Huitzilopochtli" and many of them look very much with your piece. By the way, it is gorgeous.
  12. I believe this is Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec God of War. Check here:
  13. Definitely Moroccan.
  14. Here you have a description of the style and from where it came from:
  15. I found it. It is Indian, the style is called Sankheda. Some pictures describe it as a wedding chair. Check pictures here:
  16. Is it a low chair? It looks like Indian or Moroccan, definitely not Egyptian.
  17. You can also search it as "commode chair"
  18. It seems to be a repurposed antique sanitary chair or "potty chair".
  19. What is written on the base?
  20. Could it be nautical?
  21. Brazilian April Fool's is the same as in U.S. I guess, with friends playing jokes, absurd news in websites. And yes we also have lots of celebrations with dancing and music everywhere :)
  22. Thank you vetraio52! Thanks sarahoff!
  23. Phil, yes, it is just perfect for my apartment style. I'm sitting by it's side right now feeling very happy to look at it. I'll try some WD40 for some minutes to see if it will release the screws. I d...
  24. Phil, I almost forgot: I intend to replace the dull, chipped marble base by a Nero Marquina or Portoro marble slab. There are two screws/bolts that seem to be rusted, attaching the trophy to the base....
  25. Mani, thank you. I had trophies broken by local postal services in the past, fortunately nothing too fancy.
  26. Phil, it would be great if you could find anything on it. I think the facial features resemble some French bronzes I saw in the past, mainly the eyes, but, again, it's difficult to say cause Brazil wa...
  27. Thank you Wandlessfairy!
  28. We have April Fool's day here in Brazil too.
  29. It's an April Fool's Bear.
  30. Let's make it 500 loves to this post!
  31. Thank you bijoucaillouvintage!
  32. another company that offers porcelain panel bushings
  33. akrodog, maybe these companies could help you find it. I wish you the best of lucks, of course. This neon sign deserves it, for sure.
  34. I love the hand LOL.
  35. Now, searching for "porcelain eyelets" I found these (look for grooved eyelets and clips) :
  36. what a beauty... the closest match I could find: can't tell the dimensions. there's also this one, at the end of the pa...
  37. At least now we know how the cabinet door's knobs look like so you can restore yours accordingly bowinkle.
  38. I don't think that to be a late repro Phil. It seems the same carving and materials to me.
  39. so the guy disassembled it to sell...oh geee...
  40. Hey Mani, thanks. Maybe they had different phone table sets models, like with and without the top cabinet, as it seems to follow the same style.
  41. wow! so cool!
  42. Nice displays but, sadly, the pictures are too small to show the details.
  43. I want one!
  44. You're welcome bowinkle. As far as I could find in my searches, this three-legged chairs seem to be commonly found on these telephone cabinet desk sets, as well as the front drawer (sometimes a simple...
  45. Here you have it
  46. Check this: I bet on the telephone desk theory.
  47. Can you post a picture of the carving of the drawer, or describe it?
  48. ice cubes picker
  49. Nice! Excellent idea.
  50. Humbrol has also these washes to make things look aged
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Airflow Collectibles Sky King Tricycle Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorial Coca-Coca Display Racks Explosion Proof Enamel w/ Custom Gooseneck Mount!


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