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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one.


Hering Diatonic Accordion - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
My crush on Delia made me buy a Windsor 65B Signal Generator - Electronicsin Electronics
Victor Animatograph Projector Speaker - My new project! - Electronicsin Electronics
Desk calendar...antique? - Officein Office
Angry Birds - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
My contribution to Industrial Style Decor - Lampsin Lamps
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  1. What are the object's dimensions? Can you provide a better picture of the mark (a focused one)? It makes me think of some type of earthenware dome cover, like those tagine cookware domes.
  2. The tyres are perfect. I am restoring a 1951 Phillips Ladies bicycle and I chose 28" X 1,1/2" Schwalbe Delta tyres in Creme color. I don't want to make it a true restoration, just want it to have that...
  3. Beautiful piece. It resembles Picasso's pottery. Really nice find.
  4. These are great. Nice find.
  5. Lovely horses Sean. I have a red one too! Here in Brazil there's a city called Penedo that gathers immigrants from Sweden and Finland. There's this little hotel called Pequena Suecia (Little Sweden) a...
  6. What a nice collection. I love how the reading pixie seems to be covering her face from the light emmited by the lamp. It works better than the ones that don't have a lamp attached.
  7. Gorgeous. The tyres are beautiful too. Are these the original ones?
  8. Owning a Rolleiflex Original model and a Baby 4x4 of the same model of my giant replica are my goals. Did not find any that fits my budget yet...:(. This is a nice find and you did a good job restorin...
  9. Nicely displayed, impressive collection. Congratulations.
  10. Wow! I found a lot of Len Gadica's videos in YouTube. He plays what we call here a "piano accordion" or in Southern Portuguese a "Gaita Pianada". Sorry to know about your father. Mine passed away last...
  11. Hi Phil...long time no see...mostly because I vanished LOL. Hope you are doing fine. Oh God...why I had to be like that? I simply can't avoid falling in love for these old objecs...then I have to k...
  12. Hey Roy, thank you for your comment.
  13. Hello minicooper712, thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply...Yes, my collection has grown a bit since this post. I have two "new" box cameras, a Rolleicord and a near mint Voigtlande...
  14. Merry Xmas and a great 2014 vetraio50!
  15. Thank you vetraio50! I wish you all the best in 2014!
  16. These are gorgeous. So you are getting short of space there? Welcome to the club!
  17. Thank you Phil. I am fine thank you. I wish I had more extra time to be here more often. Hopefully during the holidays I'll have time to catch up with the new posts.
  18. It makes perfect sense one of these being sold in the US or Canada. Apparently Franke & Heidecke/Rollei sent one of the giant replicas to each one of the major camera markets of that times. I bet t...
  19. Also (I almost forgot it), the guy from Argentina told me that he tried to buy that same giant replica 15 years ago. At that time, the owner told him that the replica was brought to Argentina by Rolle...
  20. Phil, you are right about how I felt the day I found it. It was like discovering a mini-holy grail. The worst part was having to wait for it for two or three days since it was sent from Rio de Janeiro...
  21. For those who are looking for one of these:
  22. Hello Phil...long time no write's a link with stuff that may be of interest:
  23. Phil, yes, there are many versions of Dr. Who's theme, always inspired by the original. But Delia didn't like them! She was pretty conservative and there are testimonials from co-workers telling she w...
  24. Thank you Vetraio for expanding the topic. There were experiments on electronic music and synthetic music made before the Radiophonic Workshop but these were not quite as successful. The most incredib...
  25. You are right Phil, some of the tapes were in a storage, ready to be dumped. Luckly they were saved. After Delia's death, there were about 260 tape reels that were found in her attic as you can read h...
  26. What a great deal!
  27. Beautiful piece and a great article on it, Vetraio. I am for the brains and hands too.
  28. Phil, thank you for exploring the whole "Delia Experience" LOL. The creepy guy is a mystery to me too. There's also a clock stuck at 7:58 that represents the year the Workshop was created: 1958. I...
  29. Yes Phil, I got it. It was not a cheap postage ($30.00) compared to the price of the item ($38.00) and I didn't have to pay for import duties (you can buy imported goods costing up to U$50.00 without ...
  30. Hey Phil, nice to know you got the towers. Looking forward for your post on them.
  31. Thank you for your answer Terry. I think they are gorgeous pieces. Nice to know about you being a photographer and working with film cameras. I am starting a small camera collection (and struggling to...
  32. You are the man your posts.
  33. found some's a Ford! There are miniatures of this car for sale on eba...
  34. Congrats on this little gem. I believe it is a 1930's Garton pedal car. You can see a restored one here: Notice the two holes on each ...
  35. Wow, these are really beautiful. Are they antiques or not?
  36. I am posting this comment to register new info on the speaker: apparently it is an Utah AlNiCo speaker, not a field coil. I am still trying to find infomation on the codes. 12PH16A: 12 (12 inch speake...
  37. Hey Phil, this was a great find, thank you! I would never find it, since the video has a wrong title. It is not a RCA Victor speaker, it is from an earlier period. In the video the guy mentions that t...
  38. Thank you fifties50s! I will surely do it. I tried to find information on these speakers and in some websites it is mentioned that these field coils speakers work like electromagnets and are fed by cu...
  39. Still waiting for some expert to check this and tell me more about the speaker. Please guys, pass the word if you know someone who could help. I wanted to know if it is possible to repair the cone and...
  40. Thank you musikchoo, Longings, MichiganMillsJr, vetraio50, officialfuel and fifties50s for the love!
  41. Hello bassebus, any news on this plate's history? Hope you are doing fine.
  42. Phil, check this one for sale here in Brazil in our local ebay: The value is in Brazilian Rea...
  43. A beautiful piece.
  44. An excellent article on these brave machines. We had 17 Electras operating here in Brazil. They were almost all acquired from the US, in the 1960's. They initially flew international routes that inclu...
  45. Thanks a lot Phil...I believe it to be the one below the caption. But the Borland Manufacturing Company is still a mystery, as well as this calendar. I will try asking around in this forum. Maybe some...
  46. Congrats is gorgeous.
  47. Of course!
  48. You're welcome!
  49. I'm late too Vetraio LOL
  50. Well my friends...this is a barber shop towel heater or steamer...can't tell the year, but you can check a similar one here:
  51. See more


Airflow Collectibles Sky King Tricycle Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorial american drive-in marquee letters Coca-Coca Display Racks Explosion Proof Enamel w/ Custom Gooseneck Mount!


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