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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one.


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Mid-Century Terracotta Female Head - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
1930's Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex Award Bronze Medal - Camerasin Cameras
Circa 1920's/1930's French Mayonnaise Mixer - Kitchenin Kitchen
1930's Football (Soccer) Trophy - Footballin Football
1920's Koch button accordion - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Hering Diatonic Accordion - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
My crush on Delia made me buy a Windsor 65B Signal Generator - Electronicsin Electronics
Victor Animatograph Projector Speaker - My new project! - Electronicsin Electronics
Desk calendar...antique? - Officein Office
Angry Birds - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. You surely deserve it.
  2. This is called "berrante" in Portuguese. Where did you find it?
  3. Why women can't see beauty on stuff like this? It's a mistery.
  4. Based on glass bottles from the same era, one could never imagine there were companies able to produce such beautiful pieces.
  5. Agustin, I am glad I could help. But we still can't tell who made your bicycle. We know for sure that it was not Simplex. The marks shown on the rear fork relate to the fact that Simplex supplied the ...
  6. If they have most of the electronics still in place and if you bought them REALLY cheap, I think you could clean them and sell them as restoration projects for something around 70 (the philco) to 100 ...
  7. This is beautiful Sean.
  8. And for the news: apparently Simplex supplied also the fork ends...reading Sheldon Brown's article you can find a clue:
  9. hmm...this is unusual. Simplex made derailleurs for most of the french (and other countries') bicycle makers but I never heard of a Simplex bike. This lever-shift front derailleur can be found in Peug...
  10. Phil, I am travelling to the South of Brazil on Thursday and will take the Koch's reedblocks with me. I will take them to an accordion repair expert to have them tuned, the valves replaced and rewaxed...
  11. oh wow...pufferfish fetish for the win!
  12. Oh dang...the video is gone...
  13. Yes Phil, it pops open like in the real Rolleiflexes, the viewfinder hood flaps have springs on them and are exact copies of the mechanism found in the actual camera. And inside the viewfinder there's...
  14. Very nice piece. I found another one here: In the second and third pictures it is possible to s...
  15. What an incredible find. Congrats.
  16. LOL Phil, thanks mate. I only use Pinterest as a repository for pics I need to share in other websites. Like, making the system work for you LOL. That is a psychotic website for sure, altough I never ...
  17. So cool...the kitsch at its finest: a knight that tells you the news and sings Lady Gaga.
  18. I could make a great party flyer from it
  19. So the great looks is a family thing.
  20. Hello parapatton, thank you for your comment. I agree with you about the looks of the old gauze. I chose the gauze based in the "remains" of the original one. There were parts of it still glued to the...
  21. Great picture. Congrats.
  22. This dial is common to many 1939 Montgomery Airline Radios. Maybe an old chassis m...
  24. this is actually a model of one of the Wright brothers' Flyers. The propellers' side is the tail, with its primitive rudder. The nose or front has these horizontal "elevators". Note that the wings als...
  25. Simply gorgeous pieces.
  26. Thanks Manikin for the love!
  27. Very "Flash Gordon" design on this one. Great find Phil!
  28. Beautiful piece.
  29. The side speakers are too cool!
  30. Maybe a masher of some kind?
  31. Thank you for the love Soulportal!
  32. Found at The Electric Shopper Model FG-75 The Electric Car Company of California, Inc. opened at 495 Alamitos Street in ...
  33. Check this
  34. great restoration job. well done!
  35. Thanks sarahoff!
  36. It seems to be themed after the Pueblo indians from New Mexico, because of the adobe houses in the background.
  37. Oh the good times when kids were allowed to smoke...
  38. What a great picture!...and pulled by DOGS!
  39. I am affaid this is a copy. The original, titled "Little Dancer of Fourteen Years" has a much more detailed casting. You can check it here:
  40. Here's another video:
  41. Hey Phil! Aren't they cute? The cabinet is a 1940s office piece that I transformed into my kitchen's dishware/glassware cabinet. It was in pretty good condition...too good in fact for what I intended ...
  42. I updated the pictures of this post because I rewired the floodlight towers and wanted to show them to you guys. This is the little corner where they shine their beauty here at my home. One of the tow...
  43. It is a modernist style bust. It reminds me of Victor Brecheret pieces.
  44. Fabulous piece.
  45. I want one!
  46. Thank you Trey!
  47. I read Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee two years ago and cried. Here in Brazil we did the same. There were around 5 million "native Brazilians" living here in 1500, when the Portuguese arrived. This pop...
  48. ho2cultcha, thanks!
  49. Lovely!
  50. Actually I prefer them like this. Great sign.
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