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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one.


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Mid-Century Terracotta Female Head - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
1930's Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex Award Bronze Medal - Camerasin Cameras
Circa 1920's/1930's French Mayonnaise Mixer - Kitchenin Kitchen
1930's Football (Soccer) Trophy - Footballin Football
1920's Koch button accordion - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Hering Diatonic Accordion - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
My crush on Delia made me buy a Windsor 65B Signal Generator - Electronicsin Electronics
Victor Animatograph Projector Speaker - My new project! - Electronicsin Electronics
Desk calendar...antique? - Officein Office
Angry Birds - Art Potteryin Art Pottery


  1. I bet these could be found in the bags of pre-historic women.
  2. She's a beauty. How difficult is to find pieces like this Manikin?
  3. A beautiful piece. The casting seems to be very delicate, you can see the separate fingers in the little hands. Great find as usual.
  4. A beautiful piece vetraio. Congrats.
  5. An absolute gem. I'm glad it was found by someone who really appreciates its beauty and craftmanship.
  6. Manikin, in Brazil we have a large German community in the Southern states and lots of polka and even an Oktoberfest! You would have your 75F and lots of dance there. Besides the polka, the Southern s...
  7. Have a totally awesome 2015 BB!
  8. See? If you keep searching you'll probably remember how to play that squeezebox LOL.
  9. This is the instrument where Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was originally composed.
  10. Really nice toy. I love the vintage water slide decals and the painted black keys in an odd pattern. A work of love for sure.
  11. Oh I wish I could send you HALF of the heat we have here today...95 F now...jesus... Can't wait to see your debut LOL. Here's something to inspire you:
  12. LOL...I'm sure he is! These diatonic accordions work like mouth harmonicas. They are tuned in specific tones or notes, like C-G, C-F, etc. Yours is probably tuned in C-F, the most common German tuning...
  13. No answer. He went packing.
  14. Great! Come to Brazil you both and bring the accordion. You two can stay all day on the beach while I work on this baby.
  15. Sounds perfect. And the glass' black frame looks great to hide the led strips too.
  16. LOL...that's why I keep my 1960's figure. You never know when you'll find a bargain.
  17. Oh wow...this makes me want to walk the red carpet wearing a stunning dress.
  18. It is a beauty Phil. It doesn't look new and curved glass is hard to find these days. Will you work on the shelves (cover them with velvet or something)?
  19. Phil! Ready for 2015? I'm sorry to know about your father's accordion :( The bright side: now you can buy yourself a nice art deco squeezebox like this:
  20. Thanks Manikin! This is my first video playing the button accordion, as I am having classes for almost one year now. This project took a lot of work and I am proud of the results. The purple bellows' ...
  21. Manikin, yours was also made by the Koch factory, in Trossingen, right after it was incorporated by Hohner, in 1929. It is a more sophisticated model, with 12 bass keys. I would love to restore it!
  22. Nice find! I couldn't find the brand, but this guy had one restored and says it is from the 50's. Check it here:
  23. Hello guys, hope you all have a great 2015! The old Koch accordion went back from tuning and I posted a video for you to check out how it sounds. Hope you like it :)
  24. Thank you Jewels! I am extremely happy to see this 90 year-old instrument singing again.
  25. Hello Manikin, thank you for the love!
  26. Thanks Jewels for the love!
  27. Thanks for the love trunkman!
  28. Hello guys, hope you all have a great 2015! The old Koch accordion went back from tuning and I posted a video for you to check out how it sounds. Hope you like it :)
  29. Que bom saber sobre seu bisavô...ele viveu no Rio de Janeiro em uma época linda! Espero que um dia tu venhas a conhecer o Brasil. Eu fiz a viagem contrária e me apaixonei por repente tud...
  30. Olá PatSea...sim sou brasileiro...deve ser por isso que a música lhe soa que és de Lisboa, cidade que amo muito! Obrigado por seu comentário e pelo love&like!
  31. Hello guys, hope you all have a great 2015! The old Koch accordion went back from tuning and I posted a video for you to check out how it sounds. Hope you like it :)
  32. Hello Phil, have a great 2015 yourself!
  33. You surely deserve it.
  34. Why women can't see beauty on stuff like this? It's a mistery.
  35. Based on glass bottles from the same era, one could never imagine there were companies able to produce such beautiful pieces.
  36. Agustin, I am glad I could help. But we still can't tell who made your bicycle. We know for sure that it was not Simplex. The marks shown on the rear fork relate to the fact that Simplex supplied the ...
  37. If they have most of the electronics still in place and if you bought them REALLY cheap, I think you could clean them and sell them as restoration projects for something around 70 (the philco) to 100 ...
  38. This is beautiful Sean.
  39. And for the news: apparently Simplex supplied also the fork ends...reading Sheldon Brown's article you can find a clue:
  40. hmm...this is unusual. Simplex made derailleurs for most of the french (and other countries') bicycle makers but I never heard of a Simplex bike. This lever-shift front derailleur can be found in Peug...
  41. Phil, I am travelling to the South of Brazil on Thursday and will take the Koch's reedblocks with me. I will take them to an accordion repair expert to have them tuned, the valves replaced and rewaxed...
  42. oh wow...pufferfish fetish for the win!
  43. Oh dang...the video is gone...
  44. Yes Phil, it pops open like in the real Rolleiflexes, the viewfinder hood flaps have springs on them and are exact copies of the mechanism found in the actual camera. And inside the viewfinder there's...
  45. Very nice piece. I found another one here: In the second and third pictures it is possible to s...
  46. What an incredible find. Congrats.
  47. LOL Phil, thanks mate. I only use Pinterest as a repository for pics I need to share in other websites. Like, making the system work for you LOL. That is a psychotic website for sure, altough I never ...
  48. So cool...the kitsch at its finest: a knight that tells you the news and sings Lady Gaga.
  49. I could make a great party flyer from it
  50. So the great looks is a family thing.
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