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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one.


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1930's Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex Award Bronze Medal - Camerasin Cameras
Circa 1920's/1930's French Mayonnaise Mixer - Kitchenin Kitchen
1930's Football (Soccer) Trophy - Footballin Football
1920's Koch button accordion - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Hering Diatonic Accordion - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
My crush on Delia made me buy a Windsor 65B Signal Generator - Electronicsin Electronics
Victor Animatograph Projector Speaker - My new project! - Electronicsin Electronics
Desk calendar...antique? - Officein Office
Angry Birds - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
My contribution to Industrial Style Decor - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Also, search using the German keywords "drei grazien porzellan" and check if one of them looks like your piece. It's a nice piece, by the way.
  2. And here you have the reproduction marks
  3. Here you have a list of original Dresden porcelain factory marks
  4. I am impressed by this sculpture since I was a kid.
  5. You nailed it walksoftly. Good job!
  6. Got an answer from the seller...nothing...he says he bought it 15 years ago at an antiques' fair.
  7. Phil, you're right. Our local "eBay" does have hidden treasures waiting for those who know what to look for. This is my second F&H/Rollei find in two years. I sent a message to the seller as you sugge...
  8. BB, it sounds much better now!
  9. Done & the text was corrected...thank you so much Jacky and BB!
  10. And here:,229017406,var,LAMETTA-DA-BARBA-HOBBY-GOLD-Lamette-Hojas-hoja-Afeitar-Razor-Blades-blade-Rasierklingen-Lames-lame-Rasoir,language,E.html
  11. These are razor blades curiosidad. Check here:
  12. Don't let the 259 bucks escape.
  13. Art Deco fine jewelry? Maybe mid-century art deco style...Guy Laroche was born in 1921. Does it have any markings?
  14. LOL...funny post.
  15. Sweet Lorelei...a trip to Copenhagen is one of my dreams...
  16. What a ride.
  17. And it was called "Timesaver"...and this was template #720...true heroes.
  18. If working with CAD today is complicated, I can only imagine how many time and sweat a huge task like this would require.
  19. Trey, catteann, fifties50s, thank you for the love!
  20. Nice piece of design...look how it shines!
  21. Thank you so much kerry10456!
  22. The second picture is like Maurie is dreaming LOL.
  23. One word: CUTE! OK...two: CUTE & ELEGANT! Great find vetraio.
  24. What a great post vetraio...I am passionate about the stories behind each object and my greatest fun is to discover them. Thank you for sharing!
  25. "Dancing With The Stars" was a hit then? :)
  26. This link show them better. Click on the first picture to see a large version. It is like grandma's kitchen!
  27. Virginia, there's a coffeshop just down the block where I live that use cookie tins similar to yours as decoration pieces. They have these shelves at the entrance and put them on the top shelf. Check ...
  28. Virginia, this clock is so cool! I think it is worth being repaired. Check this link:
  29.'re from Uruguay! How nice! I'd rather have Suarez biting the other players and actually playing football than Fred, The Zombie crawling across the field...a true shame. But in four year...
  30. Hi tom61375, thank you for your kind comment. I was in love, you know... :)
  31. Thank you Virginia.vintage. I love this trophy but Brazil's team was a complete disaster... :(
  32. This magic post is working I guess.
  33. Thanks Phil. Apparently we chose industrial mayo 'cause we needed time to deal with e-mails, smartphones and social networks like this one LOL. Carmen, The Baratte misses us all. And I'll give homemad...
  34. Lemmon juice for sure! Eating mayo in 1930 did not make you feel guilty 'cause you got rid of the extra calories while making it. :)
  35. Trey, I once saw one of these for sale here in Brazil at our local eBay while searching for milk bottle carriers...I didn't hit the "buy it now" immediately. I spent about 15 minutes thinking...and it...
  36. Yep...the video is proof...two minutes. Carmen, The Baratte was unquestionably defeated.
  37. TallCakes, what can I say? You beat the old "baratte à mayonnaise" by two whole minutes. That was awesome, thank you!
  38. Thank you for sharing the link icollectglass...what an impressive, beautiful collection. But unfortunately no mayo!
  39. Hey TallCakes, please share your infallible recipe!
  40. Keeping fit was easy on those days.
  41. No one would notice the cake. Beautiful!
  42. Hey BB, thank you for the love. This is one of the metal objects where I used carnauba wax to prevent rust.
  43. This was a great find, for sure.
  44. Thanks artdecogirl and is never enough!
  45. I'm sorry to know it Phil. This situation is nerve wrecking to all involved. Stay strong.
  46. Phil, I love your description: Carmen Miranda of steam-punk...just PERFECT! These were made in different sizes, to mix different quantities of mayo like 1 litre, 2, 3, I've seen even 4 litre versions ...
  47. I replaced the pictures with much better ones, taken at daylight.
  48. Thank you mikelv85, artdecogirl, officialfuel, walksoftly, aghcollect, Manikin and Phil for the love!
  49. I would like to add another comment to this mystical post: the Carpenters song you used to hypnotize us was originally written by a CANADIAN band called... Klaatu (!)...Phil, did you know that or this...
  50. A vintage one, with lights and a motor!
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1962-morris minor 1000 traveller Airflow Collectibles Sky King Tricycle Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorial american drive-in marquee letters Coca-Coca Display Racks Explosion Proof Enamel w/ Custom Gooseneck Mount!


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