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Sao Paulo, Brazil

Amateur photographer, stuff collector...too much interests in life to choose one.


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Comfortair Heater Fan ca. 1950 - Officein Office
Albin Sprenger "Astron 2000" Heater Fan ca. 1960 - Officein Office
MAICO 1940s Type EO40 Table Fan - Officein Office
"Por Siempre Ambar"  ANJOU perfume botttle - Bottlesin Bottles
Child mannequin torso - Advertisingin Advertising
Chalkware store display 1930s - Advertisingin Advertising
A rare Guinness item? - Brewerianain Breweriana
Mid-Century Terracotta Female Head - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
1930's Franke & Heidecke Rolleiflex Award Bronze Medal - Camerasin Cameras
Circa 1920's/1930's French Mayonnaise Mixer - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. So...we can conclude that the Pakistanis have strong fingers.
  2. What a great post!
  3. LOL...BB the pic was taken very early in the morning, so I guess she had a busy night, poor thing.
  4. This must be one of the best mysteries in CW til now.
  5. On the species page, at the middle of the page you'll find a subspecies list...there are 41 subspecies, most of them living in the'll have to cope with the little buggers, I guess LOL
  6. BB, here you have the species page At the bottom of this page you'll find the pictures taken by Wikiaves members My picture of the cambacica is here http://en.wi...
  7. "Sugar birds" is fine 'cause they compete with humming birds for food. Here's a ink to my bird photography page on Wiki Aves (Wikibirds):
  8. My lofty apartment looks ghetto style now LOL. Beautiful Phil...very beautiful.
  9. Nicefice, did you buy it or it was in the family?
  10. Oh I read the post after commenting...yes, the rat rod is yours! WOWWWW!!!
  11. YES! Mine was exactly this color Nicefice...I see mine is missing the chromed trim around it and now I know how the original power cord looked like...and the last pic!!! LOL!!! Is it yours (the hot ro...
  12. Nicefice, I would love to see yours my friend. Hope you rat-mod yours too! I am thinking about adding some rust to it to make it perfect LOL Thank you for the double-love :)
  13. She's gorgeous.
  14. Breathtaking. And knowing how rare it is makes it even more special. Congrats Phil, I can only imagine how happy you are for having the opportunity to own these stunning collection pieces.
  15. The piranha is a must have LOL
  16. Sharpening a pencil properly builds character.
  17. This is so nice.
  18. Simply beautiful. Maybe the material is German silver (alpacca)?
  19. A true gem. The first picture is fabulous.
  20. Searching about "what can be drunk in nine minutes" I found an interesting Jewish fasting rule for the ill and pregnant during the Yom Kippur: a person in these conditions must drink only 40 to 45 gra...
  21. No luck appears to read Salaamah (or ending with "l" or "s") or Salaanah (or Salaanal or Salaanas) but any of these returned any pertinent results on Google. Will keep trying.
  22. I will try again vetraio. Thanks!
  23. Maybe it was shot on a Saturday afternoon, right after payment day, at the most renowned brothel in the region.
  24. Rob, thank you for your help. Calling the German collector is difficult, mostly because he doesn't speak or read English very well (actually he doesn't understand almost any English). Anyway, I though...
  25. Thanks fortapache for the love on the "heat rod".
  26. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Its almost impossible to believe there was a time when these beauties could actually be seen in the streets. Good job Phil & Manikin!
  27. rniederman, would you check this post of mine and give your opinion on the approach I should follow to restore it?
  28. Thanks BB and Sean!
  29. I am also not sure it refers to minim is a volume too small to be compared to the cup's measure marks.
  30. LOUMANAL is absolutely right. It is a St. Christopher's medal. Here's one with the saint depicted in the same position of yours:
  31. Very difficult to read, maybe a picture taken right from the front of the signature. I tried to invert the colors to make it more readable but I guess this angle makes the pic to miss some details.
  32. And there's more...
  33. treasures are there to be found by those with the eyes and the knowledge...what a great piece!
  34. Thanks Phil...I miss your original comments that were gone when you left CW for a while. Don't dare to do that again! :P
  35. Absolutely beautiful! I can't avoid loving all the details and great design of these objects and how sturdy they were. Can't think of any piece of equipment you buy nowadays thinking it will last for ...
  36. Thank you vetraio50!
  37. Hello guys, there's new material on Delia Derbyshire and the Radiophonic Workshop:
  38. Thanks Caperkid and aura!
  39. Thank you so much Celiene, I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
  40. Thank you for the love racer4four, nutsabotas6, iggy and Nicefice!
  41. Hey Phil, thanks! Winter is coming and I live in Sao Paulo, which is a very cold city in July and August so I ran to make this baby work again :)
  42. Thank you Efesgirl! I love the 30s and early 40s, but can't resist a cute thingy like this fan!
  43. Thank you Potterymad!
  44. I love these vintage kitchen scales.
  45. We have these birds (Coereba flaveola) here in Brazil too and they are called "cambacica" here.
  46. You guys are a great team! Good job and what a spectacular find.
  47. Thanks Phil, your collections inspire me to keep my eyes open for good stuff, my friend.
  48. Thank you vetraio50
  49. Thank you Manikin, Caperkid and brunswick!
  50. Phil, what a find! I bet you didn't believe your eyes when you saw it for sale. And I wonder all the interesting items it has in its pages. Is it a thick catalog? You did an archeological job on the c...
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Airflow Collectibles Sky King Tricycle Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorial Coca-Coca Display Racks Explosion Proof Enamel w/ Custom Gooseneck Mount!


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