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I love old books, glass, earth & space rocks, knives and anything quirky. I'm a collector not a hoarder and enjoy swap meets and auctions, I am always willing to deaI love old books, glass, earth & space rocks, knives and anything quirky. I'm a collector not a hoarder and enjoy swap meets and auctions, I am always willing to deal :) 1% (Read more)


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Glass Paperweight controlled bubbles blue base and gold flecks - Art Glassin Art Glass
Glass Paperweight - Art Glassin Art Glass
Indigenous Art by Ratoos Haoapa Gary Papua New Guinea (PNG) - Posters and Printsin Posters and Prints
LOONEY TUNES Style and Design Guide 1988 Warner Bros - Booksin Books
Wooden Peg Dolls  - Dollsin Dolls
Wooden Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Family of 3 HP dolls - Dollsin Dolls
Wooden Peg Doll - Dollsin Dolls
Indian Painted Wooden Egg Godhead and Blue Monkey Diety - Asianin Asian
Maroi Doll with Tribal Facial Tattoo  - Dollsin Dolls


  1. love old records and the covers good find :)
  2. its lovely the pictures of the Pirates with tattoos is wonderful :)
  3. just lovely beautiful design and shape :)
  4. thx DrFluffy for looking :)
  5. thx for luv charcoal :)
  6. Thx Mankin they are lovely sorry for late reply not been online for few weeks :)
  7. Hi Ivellios & Looney TunerIan I have registered and am willing to share some design model sheets. I have emailed you directly from 'Looney Tunes Style Guides Digitization Project' and look forward to...
  8. Thanks stefdesign they are cheeky little words :)
  9. you are a wonder thank you Manikin, I am new to sharing my treasures and the names I call them leaves a lot to the imagination (usualy made up) I much prefer "clothes pin dolls" description :)
  10. Thanks Inky the age was a mystery I have a few dolls (felt & peg) and they are hard to date :)
  11. Thanks ozmarty they are so cute and unusual the other Maori Doll has face tattoos so cool :)
  12. itsnt it beautiful how its can see the geology at work...its looks like the magnetic fields have pushed and pulled the molten rock so grand :)
  13. Thank you PhilDavidAlexanderMorris you have a very good eye and your feed back is encouraging :)
  14. Thanks Petey glad to share :)
  15. suffering succotash thanks Sean68 the designs are great they include all the favourites :)
  16. Thanks Sean68 for having a look :)
  17. she is in wonderful condition it shows a barbie well loved :)
  18. its so sweet :)
  19. Great story and great find :)
  20. she is beautiful I love her costume :)
  21. I love Opals and your's have a lovely red flash we have a few here in Australia too maybe honeymoon here hehehe ;)
  22. Thanks vetraio50 they are so earthy I love the Spirit one its so powerful
  23. Thank you Attwood PNG design is familiar to the Australian Aboriginal but uses different motifs and structure. I see you are from NSW I am in Victoria this is a great site and unites us all the way d...
  24. Thx Mankin they all wave Hi. Got them out storage for u I few more little smiles coming :)
  25. Your collection is great :)
  26. Love the filigree and a hint of a face under the hat :)
  27. Beautiful flowing movement :)
  28. Beautiful, natures time capsule...there does look to be wings trapped in the sap and something else organic...just great :)
  29. that's a rockn ring :)
  30. Thanks AmberRose its a beautiful piece lots of detail :)
  31. Thanks BHock45 its very interesting do you have any idea of the age or if it would have been an offering or kept around the house? and why the egg its all a myster to me and India is sooooo OLD love t...
  32. Thanks mustangtony for having a look and loving this cute family :)
  33. Thanks Moonstonelover21 this vintage family gives you a funny handed wave (why do they have a finger sticking up very provocative) :)
  34. Thanks mustangtony you know what they say "when a lady shows her petticoats it means she is available" has this little wooden lady no shame :)
  35. Thanks Sean68 you are fun :)
  36. Thanks mustangtony you are every encouraging viewer :)
  37. Thank you Moonstonelover21 I love your collections too
  38. Thanks Sean The Lady passes on her gratitude and so do I :)
  39. Thanks Sean they are so cute glad you like them
  40. its wonderful when you get the history of a piece and the camera is a good find well done
  41. how ingenious great mix of old and new they are very interesting
  42. Hi Vetraio50 the links were very helpful it looks like offer to the Barongs were dangerous to humans so gifts were offered thank you for your help :) ** Within Balinese Hinduism, all Barongs (includi...
  43. I already LOVE it
  44. what a treasure to have handed down...very special
  45. wonderful talent they are beautiful
  46. I thought it is paper but now that you say it could be stiff filled cloth...well done :)
  47. she is very sweet :)
  48. Thanks for the interest I really like her country farm feel. Yes her hair is synthetic and face painted paper face and cloth body hands and feet. She has stiff gauze petticoat and hessian pantaloons...
  49. They are so fragile I don't want them to deteriate further thank you for the advise on airing and dusting them or I would have attempted a blot. I appreciate your help :)
  50. Hi Stefdesign thx its a great book stay tuned I have taken a few things out of storage that I think you will like although my photographic skill is left wanting.
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Glass Paperweight A Great Railroad Clock Nice oval Agate brooch


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