St. Radegund, Austria

I have been collecting postcards since 1988, mostly from my home town St. Radegund in Austria and embossed german Christmas Cards and still hope to find more!


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Eiger and Mönch ( Switzerland, both over 13000 ft.) 
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  1. Thank you CindB for the love and comment!!!
  2. Cool bottle, must have been a bestseller!!!!
  3. Great find!!!
  4. In Ridgewood, Queens where I also grew up they were called monkey bars?
  5. That's a beauty!!
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New to you and your Family vetrai50!!
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  12. Nice fluid form!!
  13. What an awesome find, and the story makes it much, much, more interesting !!! :)
  14. Beautiful!!!
  15. Thank you for that nice comment Phil :)) !!! And now I know the muse's right name , herzlichen dank for letting me know and I wont forget her name Phil:)) !!!
  16. Beautiful!!!!
  17. The artists name is Albert Anker (swiss) and the name of the Picture is "Kartoffel schälendes Mädchen"( Potatoe peeling Girl)!
  18. Thank you Phil for the love and that nice commment!!
  19. Beautiful!!! It's much more interesting when there is a story behind a posted object, and you are an expert at it Phil :)!!
  20. Thank you kivatinitz for love and comment!!! I didn't know what Capolavoro meant, had to look it up!!!
  21. Love those bright colors!!!
  22. Beautiful!!!
  23. Awesome form!!!
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