St. Radegund, Austria

I have been collecting postcards since 1988, mostly from my home town St. Radegund in Austria and embossed german Christmas Cards and still hope to find more!


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Paperweight??? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Eiger and Mönch ( Switzerland, both over 13000 ft.) 
Photo Album 1920's ? - Photographsin Photographs
Embossed Jugendstil Postcard Album, containing embossed Christmas Cards - Postcardsin Postcards
My oldest english and oldest german book. - Booksin Books
Postcards from the my Hometown - Postcardsin Postcards
 First Jugendstil Postcard Album - Postcardsin Postcards
My favorit and only fan! - Accessoriesin Accessories
Glass Bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Inlaid, from Sorrento 


  1. Beautiful !!! :)
  2. Love that blue!!!
  3. Sehr schön, Museum's Besteck!!!!
  4. Beautiful!!!
  5. Thank you ThegateKeeper!!!
  6. I love pictures when you see, then and now!!
  7. Sorry I can not help you there, Google Katharina Schratt you'll surely get some info there!!
  8. Thank you Nordicman32 Roycroftbooksfromme 1 Manikin antiquerose mikelv85 tom61375 vetraio50!!!
  9. Thank you Manikin Nordicman32!!!
  10. Lovely !!!
  11. Her name is Katharina Schratt!
  12. Beautiful!!! In Wikipedia there's an Andre E Bucher I think he's the Artist of your painting!
  13. Thank you Nordicman32 Trey !!!
  14. Thank you Nordicman32 artislove Trey !!!
  15. Beautiful!!!
  16. Murano sommerso faceted it is,racer4four thank you!!!
  17. Thank you racer4four for the love and info,I'll look the Murano way!! Much appreciated !! :)
  18. Thank you Ginseng108 mikelv85 southcop antiquerose charmsomeone austrohungaro for the love!!!!
  19. hermann.bauer1@drei.at
  20. Thanks for the love and comment Phil!!! :)
  21. Thanks Phil for the love and comment!!!
  22. Beautiful , and a nice Story to go with it!!!
  23. I thank you SEAN!!!
  24. Thank you SEAN for the love and nice comment!!! Wish I could take Pictures,half as nice as yours and Phil's!!
  25. Thank you vetraio50!!!
  26. Thank you vetraio50!!!
  27. Thank you Peasejean55!!!
  28. Thank you aghcollect!!!
  29. Thank you mikelv85!!!
  30. Thank you SEAN for the love and comment!!!
  31. Thank you Peasejean55!!!
  32. Thank you racer4four!!!
  33. Your welcome SEAN!!!
  34. Awesome!!! I had to Google SAINT LOUIS, an awesome variety :)!!!
  35. Thank you, Jewels petey cogito for the love!!!!
  36. Beautiful !!! It's always a pleasure to see your new treasures :)!!!
  37. I tried googling a few letters and came up with Wolfstein (Germany)!! There is a coat of arms in Wikipedia as same as on the Römer, see for yourself !!
  38. Very nice, one of a kind !!
  39. Very nice!!
  40. Lovely!!
  41. Thank you pops52 for the love !!
  42. Beautiful form and colors :)!!
  43. Thankyou Trey!!
  44. Thank you tom61375 for the love !!
  45. Thank you Jewels for the love !!
  46. Thank you scott !! It was just a guess older Albums I know look different.
  47. Thanks for the history behind all of the postcads you have posted!!!
  48. Thank you vetraio50 for the love !!
  49. Thank you nutsabotas6 for the love!!
  50. Thank you Phil for the love and nice comment !!
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