St. Radegund, Austria

I have been collecting postcards since 1988, mostly from my home town St. Radegund in Austria and embossed german Christmas Cards and still hope to find more!


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Chinese prints? - Asianin Asian
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  1. Glad I could help a little!
  2. I also think that your trinket box is french. Why not fill up the loose space between Champagner crates with some trinket boxes or whatever! :)
  3. J. Weidman k.u.k. ( kaiserlich und königlich ) Hoffabrikant ( Manufacturer for the austrian court) Wien (Vienna) J. Wiedman was the general importer for Moet& Chandon Baron Otard and many others...
  4. Ein wunderschönes Stück!!!
  5. Its always amazes when someone finds paper ephemera such as yours, and is in excellent condition. You would think it was looked at and shown to others often over the years, and not be in in that c...
  6. Beautiful!!! They would look great on our dining room table!
  7. Good looking and colourful!!!
  8. Thank you bladerunner for the love and nice comment!!!
  9. Thank you, Roycroftbooksfromme1 AmphoraPottery for the love!!!
  10. Thank you brassnut, yes there is something attached to the frame of the bike and it could be as you said a pump!!!
  11. Thank you bladerunner22 for the love and comment and for the observation!!!
  12. Beautiful!!!
  13. Nice find and taping the money to the order form, those were the good old days!
  14. If not rare, it's beautiful in any case!!!
  15. Very nice !!!
  16. Awesome !!!
  17. I'm attracted to the colours to!!!
  18. Thank you, Roycroftbooksfromme1 clockerman Jewels Nordicman32 vintagelamp for the love!!!
  19. I loved looking at the sporting goods ( many times) in catalogs, when I was a kid.!!!
  20. The word on left is Buchenwald if I am right, it's written in Kurrent a German Handwriting, google Kurrent and you won't have any trouble deciphering that word?
  21. Beautiful, great find!!!
  22. I am disappointed of the museum, I hope someone else can help!!!
  23. Thank you MeliG for the love and comment!!
  24. Congratulations Sean!!!! It seems to me that you posted your 600th treasure only yesterday!!!
  25. Love mixture of colors!!!
  26. Great, I bet this is one of a kind!!
  27. Very nice!
  28. Unique!!!!
  29. Love all those stories you have to tell, you get to appreciate the collectibles much more!!!
  30. Thank you Roycroftbooksfromme1 for the the love and comment!!!
  31. Happy Birthday Sean!!!
  32. Maybe they can help museum@schell-collection.com , they have the largest key collection in the world!
  33. Love the white in the inside!!!
  34. Wonderful form and beautiful colors!!!
  35. Beautiful!!!
  36. Beautiful !!!
  37. Thank you Sergey for the love and nice comment!!!
  38. Thank you mikelv85 Sergey CindB Rustfarm EZa for the love!!!
  39. Thank you surfdub66 for the love and nice comment!!! Those notches made me wonder to, but we will know will we?
  40. Thank you Sean for the love and nice comment!!!
  41. Thank you Sean my friend for the love and nice comment !!! :)
  42. Thank you mikelv85 lor the love and your knowledge, much appreciated !!! :)
  43. Thank you aghcollect surfdub66 vetrai050 Sergey Trey for the love!!!
  44. Thank you aghcollect mikelv85 surfdub66 vetraio50 Sergey Trey for the love!!!
  45. Very nice of you to say that Sean :)!!!
  46. Beautiful, they don't baskets like these anymore!!!
  47. Thank you kivatinitz Ivonne for the love!!
  48. Thank you Sergey for the love!!!
  49. Thank you kivatinitz for the and nice comment!!!
  50. Beautiful form and color!!!
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