St. Radegund, Austria

I have been collecting postcards since 1988, mostly from my home town St. Radegund in Austria and embossed german Christmas Cards and still hope to find more!


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Embossed Jugendstil Postcard Album, containing embossed Christmas Cards - Postcardsin Postcards
My oldest english and oldest german book. - Booksin Books
Postcards from the my Hometown - Postcardsin Postcards
 First Jugendstil Postcard Album - Postcardsin Postcards
My favorit and only fan! - Accessoriesin Accessories
Glass Bowl  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Inlaid, from Sorrento 
Brass Bed Warmer 
1900 Postcard Album - Postcardsin Postcards
Hotel Wimberger Vienna, Austria - Postcardsin Postcards


  1. Thank you elainekay42, shareurpassion for the love and comment!!!
  2. Beautiful, ready to dive!!!
  3. Those 2 words are german and mean " years with" if I read it correctly!!
  4. Beautiful!! It amazes me, not only what you find, often at a stunning price!!
  5. I am so sorry vertraio50!! I missed your comment and love , thank you :) !!
  6. So Beautiful!!
  7. Thank you SEAN68 for the love and comment!! I needed that reminder of yours !!
  8. Thank you Ted Straub for the love!!
  9. Thanks for the love racer4four!!
  10. Thank you kerry10456 for the love!!
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  12. Thank you aghcollect for the love!!
  13. Thank you Phil for love and comment!! I know the postcards shouldnt be kept in old Albums but I cant resist doing it.
  14. Thank you vertraio50 for the love and comment!
  15. SEAN68 inspired me to this post!!!
  16. It's as if she going to move any second!! Beautiful!!
  17. Beautiful, and such bright colors!!!
  18. Beautiful!!
  19. Thank you for the Love and comment Sean!!!
  20. So Beautiful!!!
  21. Beautiful !!! Sadly I only saw one fo his films " The phantom of the Opera" years ago.
  22. Roycroftbooksfromme1, What an amazing Group of Craftsman the Roycrofters were!!
  23. Graziös!!!
  24. Beautiful!!!
  25. Beautiful!!
  26. A great pair! Great Price! Wow!
  27. Love the mix of colours!!!
  28. Great!! Loved to watch them !!
  29. Thank you Phil !!!, I doubt bookbinders nowadays can make bindings as they did in the good old days!?
  30. What a sign!!!!
  31. Beautiful!!!
  32. Very nice!!!
  33. Your welcome alexandriasign!!!!
  34. Not allowed means, not in Restaurants, inns and so on.
  35. That's a Bierwärmer (beerwarmer) when someone ordered a glass of beer and it was to cold a Bierwärmer was needed, and hanged in the beer till warm enough to drink. Not allowed anymore here in Austria ...
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  39. Thanks for the Love Nordicman32!!!
  40. Thank you for the Love ho2cultcha!!!
  41. Thanks for the Love ho2cultcha!!!
  42. Thank you for the Love and nice words Vintagefran!!!
  43. Thank you for the Love Nordicman32!!!
  44. Blue i my favorite color, so you can imagine how much I love to see your posted glass beauties!!!
  45. Thanks for the Love Ted Straub!!
  46. Thank you for the Love kerry10456!!
  47. Thank you for the Love pw-collector!!
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