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Antique Marble Statue by Joe Cormier (Joe Descomps) of Cupid With a Garland of Flowers, 32 Inches High. - Fine Artin Fine Art
An Antique French Empire Mahogany Vitrine, With Fine Egyptian Gilt Bronze Mounts - Furniturein Furniture
Magnificent Art Deco Italian Carved Wood & Marble Table, circa 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Predicta Televisions  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Marguerite, By Adrien - Etienne Gaudez, 1845-1902, Founder F. Barbidienne 85 cm. - Fine Artin Fine Art
L'Aurore Statue By Mathurin Moreau, Bronze Signed in Mould, Math Moreau - Art Decoin Art Deco
Irish 19th Century Armorial Heraldic Fire Screen From Ireland - Furniturein Furniture
A Miniature Bride, and CW's Manikin - Photographsin Photographs
Art Deco Coffee Table, Mid Century, Thick Glass 60 Inches Long, Canadian? - Art Decoin Art Deco
J.B. Hirsch Bookends, Contemplar By Henri Fugere - Art Decoin Art Deco


  1. The first statue is a recent reproduction from the 1990's and they were made of solid resin, sometimes with metal parts when made into lamps. I have a book with an example of the original statue.
  2. Late 30's to early 50's from examples I have seen in catalogues. This one someone has refinished.
  3. just found again. This piece is more recent, somewhere in the 1990's and made of resin mainly with lamp parts in metal. They made a lot of these different statues from that period and I have one in my...
  4. After the war in around 46-7 they produced a lot in Canada also, I know the ones in Canada well from the research I did for years. I did not do research on the U.S. ones as I seen less of them in Cana...
  5. The wiring and switch as you can probably tell show that it was made in the 1980's, which is further proof of the age. I was rewiring a lot of old airplane ashtrays so I bought a lot of those identica...
  6. Hirsch never dug up the molds until after the second world war and started to produce these. This one never made it into the book so it was produced after 1980 when Hirsch finally produced all the re...
  7. Thank you kyratango, send much love out to you !
  8. This is about the best shape that I have seen these come in, congrats !~
  9. May be a reproduction also, but it is a nice design. It reminds me of the shades that Rick de Rico was making in the 90's for some of his set design lamps. Similar but he made rounder ones also.
  10. Second half of 20th century. Rather poor decoration especially the base.
  11. I bought my shades at Sears and I bought a bunch since it was a sale. But that was in the mid 90's when I got mine. Got all for 15.00 each or less, so they were prob selling out at that time, they wer...
  12. Looks like an art deco lamp, which is like one I seen more recently up for auction. I think the most pleasing shade would be one that is like this one which is small. They made beautiful ones that wer...
  13. Not a fake but holds little relevance now. The Sevres mark has nothing to do with the more valuable Sevres porcelain factory. The flower may be wisteria but the gilding brings it down, as it is so poo...
  14. Like the mouse trap but the artist is simply a too much weed artist of crap. Would have been better to leave stuff alone. The artwork would have been too much torture for even a mouse !
  15. The frieze on the front is beautiful. My mothers was almost as nice but a singer. I sold that for around 40 dollars as they are rather simple antiques.
  16. Precious piece with a high value of interest !
  17. As I mentioned before. Not spanish. It is well made however.
  18. I see some on ebay and some of the other auction sites. I would think up to the 60's to 80's they were making this chair. Have seen some also on the more trusted auction sites which give better real p...
  19. Nice simple drum table in the Chippendale style, may date from the 1940's to 1950's. Its value may be on ebay but worth quite little in the scheme of things now. You could check on ebay but the larger...
  20. I think the description you got is bogus but the buffet or Renaissance Revival Sideboard is quite beautiful. I think it may be late 30's to 1940's, an exceptional piece.
  21. Must be in the priceless category !
  22. Thank you KarenLR71 for the 2 very nice comments !
  23. I hope you get the piece, it is gorgeous !
  24. I would call it traditional style, very nice. I know they were making this style up to the 60's but possibly from the early part of the 1900's when these were more popular. My friend Leanna would love...
  25. The stone looks phenomenal too and probably why you bought this piece or a major reason !
  26. Why would you say Leviton lamp ?? That is a lamp electrical light fitting part that is on most lamps. Try Capodimonte Lamps. They were made in Italy.
  27. Looks like bb2 could use it for pounding his meat, and bb2 made me say it !!!!
  28. What a wonderful score !!
  29. I agree, very gorgeous, refined taste has its benefits !!
  30. I just saw again "Night At The Museum" and this face is a dead ringer for the Easter Island head they had that came alive at night always wanting gum gum, so cute !
  31. I love the detail and that is what is best about collecting good jewellery. Cat pins are a bit more rare and there is always that collector of cat stuff that cannot get enought of it !~
  32. Pretty pics, girl !! Gorgeous !
  33. The framework on the glass is poor and not to 1920's Quality ! Definitely looks around 1940 or so. I used to live in a high rise in Toronto where the basement storage room was filled with rather poorl...
  34. The detail looks quite poorly finished and corroded, so it appears it is no prize.
  35. Kitsch award for sure today !!
  36. The eyes are painted beautifully, ghostly image.
  37. You have misspelled the hotel name if you look again. You have mispelled it both different from the hotel sign on garage AND on the car. I am taking it that the sign on the windshield is more correct...
  38. The building in front help to frame the pictures, and create interest, all so much better !~
  39. Wonderful Scottie dog, love them so much, all love recepticles and great story !~
  40. I always love to see what kind of carved bases they made for these jadite carvings, beautiful !
  41. Thank you freiheit, much love sent your way !
  42. Thank you jscotto363, appreciate !
  43. Thanks racer4four, sending love to you !
  44. Thanks kindly vintagelamp and vetraio50, much appreciate
  45. Nice Filigree work on the ring and love the colour !
  46. Very nice !
  47. She was a favourite, CL. Luckily she was beautifulm and I just love seeing her publicity and glamour pictures. Would love to see more also, as many as I can.
  48. Glad you had it figured out !
  49. Seen the mark very recently, but never thought I would have to know the mark so I cannot remember where ?
  50. Wow, beautiful !
  51. See more