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Hotel Saskatchewan Tiffany Lamps circa 1925 to 1926, Art Deco Bronze - Lampsin Lamps
Diver, Bronze circa 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Clytie, Also Called Clytemnestra, Marble bust, 1870, Skinner Auctions, Boston  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Andy Gibb, Photographed for Polydor Records, b&w, Hand Coloured Photo - Photographsin Photographs
Beswick Palm Tree Vase #1071, Rare,  - Potteryin Pottery
Beswick Largest Vase, Shape 1064, Over 11 1/2 Inch Jug, Cobalt Blue, Painted & Gilt. High Gloss - Potteryin Pottery
Beswick Largest Jug, Over 11 1/2 Inch Jug, Cobalt Blue, Painted & Gilt. High Gloss - Potteryin Pottery
Cindy B., Enigma From My Negatives - Photographsin Photographs
Pair of Candelabra, Vestal Virgins, Empire Period 1810 - Visual Artin Visual Art


  1. This tiny bulb also came in Red colour and was used by most photographers for black and white darkroom work.
  2. There is a small 7 watt very small bulb that you can buy which would fit, this fits in spaces where a regular base light bulb would not normally work. As you can see from the link I provided - the bul...
  3. I once used one for a prop. These are too big for a tourist grab from Egypt. They are made for mass production likely of a composite or resin material, so they get fairly good detail. I have seen them...
  4. These are black and white prints of her calendar pose, both probably used for playboy and also calendars. They were taken in colour originally.
  5. This lamp is from about 1973-1975. There were a lot made during those years and part of a large export trade. I have seen these before. Some had tri-light switches on them and a light in the base with...
  6. At least you did not have to carve horn for replacements !
  7. Love the sheen, they may be like some of the fights here on CW, but they are beautifully kyratized !
  8. Its american empire, carving is nicely done and design is very nice also. Around 1900 I would think. Good luck on your restoration.
  9. They have these case pedal tractors on ebay and some on now but not sure if any match yours.
  10. I would call that a lucky find !
  11. I think its a tv lamp. I had bought one in about 1980 with large shell all sorts of real flamingo feathers, some large, and a standing flamingo ornament.
  12. Yes our set had the table also, splayed chrome legs.
  13. Yes I used to find those.
  14. I have one that matched our yellow set of table and six chairs. We got it about 1953-4. Back in the day these were called high chairs.
  15. It looks made sometime in the early 40's possibly. Some very nice carvings. Possibly Italian.
  16. Seen some for auction just a couple days ago, your pics are however much better and not sure, but yours look much more fabulous !
  17. 1970's to 1980. Did you mean end table ?
  18. That bit of carving is quite beautiful underneath the top, very rarely seen carving. The base looks renaissance revival.
  19. Cobalt poison bottles are the hottest bottle collected probably.
  20. The eagle pin is a beaute, high nazi art deco !
  21. Bulldogs were very popular in the early 20th century, possibly made in Austria, nice find !
  22. I actually know nothing of these though I should have them in some of my books, but did not look. Its not really something or the type of mascot I collect. However I did contact my friend who has writ...
  23. Great score for a beautiful Rose !
  24. Wonderful, never seen this before.
  25. I would think you got your dates about right, nicer than a lot of similar ones, more spindles more class !
  26. We had a lot of these in our Government office back in the later 70's, a good machine.
  27. You have the neatest bronze animals, very envious as usual !
  28. Yes the shades were perfect when I bought them.
  29. You Rock with these mannequins, Mani, what a fantastic collection, I revel in your work with these specimens !!~
  30. Gorgeous !!
  31. I treasured the glass plates I once found from about 1912. I restored the pictures that I got from them, which is what I do. This is a super find, congratulations.
  32. The top has been added later, not meant for the vase.
  33. Called a head vase.
  34. I would think 1930's as this was not the decoration from the 20's and old sears and eaton's catalogs show that also. Beautiful work !
  35. Such beautiful work, just amazing to see such talent !
  36. Love the eagle face on the plane and fish pontoons, great imagination, like a totem carving, beautiful.
  37. Since furniture prices fell on an antique like this it is o.k. to have it refinished. The base almost looks like a davenport with the drawers on the sides. The etched decoration on the secretary app...
  38. Yes that is chippendale, there was another chippendale dresser on this site a few days ago.
  39. Why ruin the chair by painting it.
  40. Thanks Kyratango, yes those are the decorations, I have a pail of them !
  41. Thanks nustab for the comment !
  42. Beautiful Kyra !!~
  43. Very beautiful !!~
  44. Oscar F. Friedman Furniture Co., Inc. was started on Jul 11, 1939 dissolved in 1994. The dresser appears to be Serpentine shaped Chippendale style but cannot see the feet.
  45. I doubt if they would break up a set of 12 and have seen a lot of these chairs, most different but never in pairs or in sets. Yours is a beaute !~
  46. You're Welcome, Radegunder, just love the closeup of the musical muse, beautiful detail !~
  47. Beautiful art !
  48. Very beautiful indeed !
  49. Thank you nutsab for the nice comment !
  50. Thank you Rick55 for the nice comment !
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