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Predicta Televisions  - Art Decoin Art Deco
Marguerite, By Adrien - Etienne Gaudez, 1845-1902, Founder F. Barbidienne 85 cm. - Visual Artin Visual Art
L'Aurore Statue By Mathurin Moreau, Bronze Signed in Mould, Math Moreau - Art Decoin Art Deco
Irish 19th Century Armorial Heraldic Fire Screen From Ireland - Furniturein Furniture
CW's Favourite Person - Photographsin Photographs
Art Deco Coffee Table, Mid Century, Thick Glass 60 Inches Long, Canadian? - Art Decoin Art Deco
J.B. Hirsch Bookends, Contemplar By Henri Fugere - Art Decoin Art Deco
Danseuse Des Indies by Ignacio Gallo, originally circa 1925 with Millefiori Shade, NOT a Gerdago Girl - Art Decoin Art Deco
Hotel Saskatchewan Tiffany Lamps circa 1925 to 1926, Art Deco Bronze - Lampsin Lamps


  1. Never seen one of these before, wonderful !
  2. Superb set - wow !
  3. Even the amber is wonderful !~
  4. Simply gorgeous !
  5. Iconic !!
  6. Gorgeous colours and pics, magnifique !
  7. Thank you blunderbus2, you are a superstar !
  8. I just seen a match to this in the sense that I believe same style. I almost bought one with wrought iron with it. These pieces usually come with wrought iron, or the ones that I have seen. The one s...
  9. Thanks mikelv85 and spirit bear for the comments. They did have a lot of variants of their t.v.'s !
  10. Later 19th century, 1870 and possibly up to 1910 but not later than that. The style is called American Empire, heavier shape and a more simple shape than French Empire.
  11. Usually they held plaster statues, often they used a speckled white marble but at some other times they used a fine black marble and even veneered wood for the top of these. I had a nice base with a f...
  12. Under the "Add to collection" logo on the upper left.
  13. Unfortunately most of these type of lamps exported rarely if ever had a maker's mark. There was a similar floor model I added to the collection shown here under the loves today.
  14. They were turning these out from the mid 60's to early 70's also which this looks to be part of. There was a big import /export market from italy to the states and recently commented on one. Have seen...
  15. Maybe if you listed the numbers someone could look them up for you !! I have seen this clock at some regular auctions over the years.
  16. What a great piece and only bad thing is I cannot tell how big the urn is ?? But would love a piece like this. I found just using veg oil or some oil on mold can even use car body filler to make a ni...
  17. Took a real artist to create this, its quite stunning. What fantastic art !
  18. Love the shade, I think the shade is about 1966 or so, cool !!
  19. Would be beautiful at night with a small light base underneath.
  20. The wire rods are part of the sputnik look so disguising them with paint would not sit too well. Wonderful find !
  21. It's a beaute, Fran !
  22. I very much trust your fixes from what I have seen, nice to see you have this.
  23. A hanging lamp prob or could be from a set of 2 and a lot of the hanging lamps did have a table lamp which sometimes and rarely marked. Ususally in sets you might find the table lamp marked but not th...
  24. I would say early 70's from what I see. I have a set my father had with orange prisms this is similar to. His has the date of 1973 or 73 on it. There was a large import export business that was going ...
  25. It reminds me of items once seen on auction, maybe not this exact chair, but if I had it I would contact Lyon and Turnbull auctions in england. I would think they could help you.
  26. I wish the middle pic was a bit more sharp, I would love to colour at least you in it.
  27. When you wound it up supposed to be ticking for 8 days.
  28. I have seen newer pieces like this, the last one held ashes of my stepmother for all her grandchildren.
  29. Love the promo pics Mike, would be wonderful to go back to the late 70's early 80's leaving to enjoy the days in your favourite home. Beautiful memory !!~
  30. Puts on a beautiful light show, love the star crossed patterns !
  31. Thank you Mrstyndall, you say the nicest things !
  32. Looks like a big old vinegar jug, just a guess, maybe a bad guess.
  33. Deco design, looks familiar, but can't put my finger on it !
  34. Very patriotic graphics, beautiful sign !
  35. Gorgeous Art Deco !~
  36. Beautiful !~
  37. Thank you Mrstyndall for the nice compliment !~
  38. Looks around 1946 era, they made a lot of these after WW2. The lighter appears to be upside down in the pics, usually they were wired and when turned they lit up.
  39. With the crown and stance it is a heraldic lion.
  40. Its kind of like the ones that are used for collars, such as a collar pin. They usually take the shape of 3 sides.
  41. Very beautiful architectural piece !
  42. Thanks Kyratango, I am lucky to have you in my collection also !
  43. Gotheous piece, beautiful fesign !!~
  44. Probably around 1925, beautiful Art Deco design.
  45. What height is it ?
  46. Gorgeous colour palette, magnificent !
  47. Reminds me of my summertime pheasant which crowed every morning in our garden, magnifico !
  48. I like your attention to detail. We had a cukoo clock in our living room when I was young along with a 60's horse and racer electric clock. I see kerry had a red one also. I love that yours has a date...
  49. Something I wish I had as a kid, I remember using some loud ticking alarm clock when I was young, but would have loved this instead. The repainting job looks well done, and I think you scored again wi...
  50. My uncle died early from his export. Too much smoking.
  51. See more