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J.B. Hirsch Bookends, Contemplar By Henri Fugere - Art Decoin Art Deco
Danseuse Des Indies by Ignacio Gallo, originally circa 1925 with Millefiori Shade, NOT a Gerdago Girl - Art Decoin Art Deco
Hotel Saskatchewan Tiffany Lamps circa 1925 to 1926, Art Deco Bronze - Lampsin Lamps
Diver, Bronze circa 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Clytie, Also Called Clytemnestra, Marble bust, 1870, Skinner Auctions, Boston  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Andy Gibb, Photographed for Polydor Records, b&w, Hand Coloured Photo - Photographsin Photographs
Beswick Palm Tree Vase #1071, Rare,  - Potteryin Pottery
Beswick Largest Vase, Shape 1064, Over 11 1/2 Inch Jug, Cobalt Blue, Painted & Gilt. High Gloss - Potteryin Pottery
Beswick Largest Jug, Over 11 1/2 Inch Jug, Cobalt Blue, Painted & Gilt. High Gloss - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks Roddy, I appreciate your comment. The bookends are quite heavy and I have never considered them delicate, although you could say that about the lines. I think the pics somehow add to the delica...
  2. I wonder how long your mom had to look for the dress she is wearing, so classy too. Great pic of your grad supporting party ! I remember the styles now with the pic.
  3. Mani is the very best doll expert here on CW. She is a gem !~
  4. Thanks brunswick, much appreciated your stop by ! :~)
  5. Very nice !
  6. This is a super cool piece, I love it, particularly the photographer !
  7. Macy's in this town, never heard of it !
  8. Karenoke thanks for the comment. I may have given Gillian the boot but that is no matter, but there are evil people on this site at times and I prefer they not be on my page. To show an item you just ...
  9. They look like they took the huge lamp shades some of these lamps had. I always loved the lamps but never the shades.
  10. The Bartley Collection, Ltd. (now Bartley Classic Reproductions) was founded in the 70s in Chicago and later moved to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They are considered the Rolls Royce of kit furnitu...
  11. Looks like someone has added an untarnished handle and column to the piece which looks right for a Metalcraft ashtray. Sometimes I find some of the pieces have been added such as the base, I would say...
  12. Love the shapes in this vase !
  13. Some great info. I know Woodrow Wilson used a lot of tactics to raise money, not being involved often meant treason.
  14. The value might have been high at one time, but prices fell to the basement several years ago and have not recovered.
  15. Glad to hear you are keeping these, they are wonderful !
  16. Good things happen to good people, really love these Penny, very special !~
  17. Possibly, mine is still in box I believe, was trying to sell it but buyer did not come through on the funds so was a big waste of my time trying to sell it. :)
  18. It is pretty much new now, more a novelty than a collector chair to get info about.
  19. Maybe just a cheap ring, but would hardly go as far as junk !
  20. Have seen these before either on ebay or etsy. Have not really studied them before.
  21. I have some of the cards or most all of them as I have the albums. On these I think they are Brooke Bond from the 50's or 60's and may be famous persons and inventors albums and also royalty, unfortun...
  22. See them occasionaly but not seen much unless for sale, otherwise collectors don't usually put them on the internet. They were produced in huge numbers. Yours looks to be in excellent condition.
  24. These were produced in the 1970's and have seen some examples as late as 1984 marked. Very few had the company and or dates, though some had initials and the date. These were part of a large inport/ex...
  25. No good picture of the feet but from what I see the paws are very enpire. I have always collected empire...
  26. Too many people Gillian, even on this site, reading and copying my material and taking credit have left me leary of posting anything on here without putting my watermarks on it. As soon as you post so...
  27. Thanks Caperkid, most appreciated.
  28. I remember these being popular around the time its dated 2000. My father was travelling the globe since the early 80's at that time and brought back such mementos !
  29. This is wonderful Rose, when they first came on tv they became major stars. Who never heard "I Think I love You" on tv and I loved it too. I never really ever joined a fan club but getting something l...
  30. I used to have one. Yours has an image of The North Wind on its back which I like.
  31. The chair is basically a savonarola chair, see images in google.
  32. It looks american empire period.
  33. Basically called a hall chair.
  34. Later half of twentieth century.
  35. They probably could do a better job of the transfers from when yours was done than the washington era. The real ones actually did layers of gold to give the gilding depth. racer you just posted a bit ...
  36. Probably made to look like the older george and martha washington lamps which were quite popular in the 1940's to 50's. Yours has lost a lot of its gold applications which comes off with washing. Have...
  37. I love working on my families old photos also, scan them well and colour the old black and whites.
  38. Thanks Roddy, the shades are always well bid on whenever they come up for sale.
  39. Yes. It is made in Italy, sometimes the marble is marked made in Italy. Very, very rarely is a maker of any sort identified. This one is made in the early 1970's, and was part of a very large import, ...
  40. He died from problems he had with drugs which caused his body medical problems.
  41. Beautiful pin !~
  42. I thought ashtray at first but too short for a standing ashtray, must be a lamp base of some sort. I would search ebay from time to time to see if you can find a like base in lamp parts.
  43. I have seen some of these marked as late as 1984. Unknown maker.
  44. It definitely looks like resin the 1990's vintage, at that recent age, it is more a reproduction style knickknack.
  45. How wide is the bottom, how tall is it ???
  46. Renaissance revival cabinet. Have always loved these, lucky you !
  47. I can see why you like these, I would collect them too !
  48. Like a cannon on its stand, cannon shaped !
  49. Its a mixture of generic styles, the only one being of any interest are the regency arms, otherwise no other period details.
  50. Superb !
  51. See more