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CW's Favourite Person - Photographsin Photographs
Art Deco Coffee Table, Mid Century, Thick Glass 60 Inches Long, Canadian? - Art Decoin Art Deco
J.B. Hirsch Bookends, Contemplar By Henri Fugere - Art Decoin Art Deco
Danseuse Des Indies by Ignacio Gallo, originally circa 1925 with Millefiori Shade, NOT a Gerdago Girl - Art Decoin Art Deco
Hotel Saskatchewan Tiffany Lamps circa 1925 to 1926, Art Deco Bronze - Lampsin Lamps
Diver, Bronze circa 1925 - Art Decoin Art Deco
Clytie, Also Called Clytemnestra, Marble bust, 1870, Skinner Auctions, Boston  - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Andy Gibb, Photographed for Polydor Records, b&w, Hand Coloured Photo - Photographsin Photographs
Beswick Palm Tree Vase #1071, Rare,  - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Rather looks mid 1970's when so much of it was coming out of europe and when many lamps produced in america and europe were sold through a large import/export market. May businesses were set up to sup...
  2. I believe it is a much copied oil that was made into a lot of prints, but cannot verify what you have. I have the print on a cedar box which my parents had since before they married in the earlier 50...
  3. Thanks Manikin, you are the Gem indeed !
  4. The style is traditional with no style attributes to make it Eastlake at all. Eastlake has always particular carvings which this chair does not, I looks in the range of the carving to be around the ea...
  5. So the picture is upside down and that is the base. I am pretty much sure of what the lamp is, it appears to be the electric variety and not the oil kind. There may be a trilight effect with a lamp in...
  6. Is the base hollow or is it pretty much solid ??
  7. It appears to be very late depression up to early 1950's. Sometimes the best place to look are old vintage catalogs. Very nice piece.
  8. Would have to see the bottom, is it hollow under the marble, or filled in ??
  9. Its more like petit point material than carpet. Nice covering.
  10. The stars are copied from the French Empire period, but pretty sure this is American. Prob made in 90's to early 2000's !
  11. These are nice, they make a lot of fine reproductions now and this set may be from the mid 90's to early 2000's !
  12. It is a relatively newer lamp, most likely from the late 90's when they were doing a lot of these at that time with the same materials used Most of these were also made of a poured resin material f...
  13. Thanks Mani, I sent you the scans by email also.
  14. Maybe someone owed him money and he had this to hold. Great ring, wish I had one like it with my initials.
  15. If it is storks it reminds me of a victorian maternity chair.
  16. Like a captain's chair design with a beautiful back to the chair.
  17. Hint : A veterinary technician would know what this is !
  18. Remember the small pot in our kitchen when I was on the farm.
  19. I think the price had an extra 0 added back then. Fantastic vase, beautiful.
  20. Appears to be German, the inlaid wood is a fantastic design ! The chair back is reminiscent of the Balloon Back Chair.
  21. Your new pic looks great - took out some additional wires, Victoria Day here in Canada, nice to have a holiday !
  22. These carved and turned bowls are called treen. They are usually found more at craft and artesan shows. Very beautiful.
  23. It may be something colled greenware or whitware where the item is not finished but left for a class member to decorate. They usually put initials on them just before firing the colours or painting. I...
  24. Sometimes they also call it spatterware. I am not sure if that helps, or just confuses.
  25. Hope you get it working, otherwise I could post if you really want it up, such a fantastic desk - so happy you got it in your home, I can't imagine the rrouble to fit it in, but it must be fantastic t...
  26. i prefer the kind of collectibles they show on the roadshow, they really interest me !
  27. WOW !! Impeccable !
  28. Blunderbuss2, advice noted !~
  29. It looks 1930's a beautiful piece with some nice detail ! We are not to discuss value here but maybe look on a site like ebay which may have some similar.
  30. Very beautiful, never seen one before !
  31. I don't think I've heard of the greeen man, but it looks a lot like the north wind. Have seen a lot of objects like chairs with the north wind carved on them and this is what your emblem reminds me of...
  32. Meant to say Mithras not Mithrose.
  33. Great pics, especially the 2nd one for me. Nice to see Canadian !~
  34. Mithras was a Roman God. Hard to find anything much on their watches. You need a real watch expert here. Otherwise there are Mithrose watches on ebay so maybe start there.
  35. Gillian's link provides some great pics with more detail especially with the close up feature for the veneers also done on the front and sides. Too gorgeous a piece to resell, that was a good decision...
  36. Can't imagine what your collection consists of, but I know it must be a treaure trove !~
  37. Really love the spotted ones !~
  38. If you ever lose an eye... and you're in a pickle !~
  39. Thank you philmac51 !
  40. Thanks Caperkid for the comment !~
  41. Thank you Mrstyndall for the comment !~
  42. No, not sherman. Sherman always put claws on their stones which were never just glued down.
  43. Thank you bijoucaillouvintage, appreciate your stopping by and comment !~
  44. Thanks Inky for the comment !
  45. Did the friend say where it might have come from? or it's size? Is it mainly plaster or a composite material?
  46. Never heard of a billiard spectator chair, whoever called it that is off his rocker. Normally it is called a tub chair, due to shape. The legs are longer than usual ? and I wonder how long they are fr...
  47. Its a beauty, and also love the wood you used !~
  48. Love the leopard, the hat not so much. Love your memories !~
  49. Yes alabaster is translucent. They used to make very nice statuary pedestals with it also. I had one that was all beautifully lit up with bulbs inside. They did not do that too often as the regular bu...
  50. Thanks brunswick, appreciate you !~
  51. See more