I started collecting art glass and art pottery in my early twenties - a long time ago. Never could stay focused on anything in particular. Currently my collections iI started collecting art glass and art pottery in my early twenties - a long time ago. Never could stay focused on anything in particular. Currently my collections include some Loetz and other Bohemian glass, Imperial Art Glass from 1923-26, French ceramics from the late 19th Century through 1930 or so, German "Fat Lava", German post WWII studio ceramics, some mid-2oth Century American pots (Scheier, Beatrice Wood, Wildenhain/s, etc), Taxile Doat, George Ohr, Patrick Nordstrom, Libbey Glass, Ohio Potteries, Fulper, etc, etc. I believe I have a "good eye" but I am not an expert in most of what I collect. My thinking is to share pictures from my collection and relate whatever I do know about the objects - with the hope that, from time to time, other more knowledgeable collectors can add to the "conversation". (Read more)


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Owen China Company "Swastika Keramos" Line - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Buttressed French Vase Signed Georges Bourgeot  - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
GDV: Bruere, France - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Pierrefonds Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Henri de Vallombreuse, Ecole de Carriès , Carved Vase - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Abbé Pierre Pacton & André  Minil , Ecole de Carriès , Grotesque Pitcher/Mask - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Ivy Espalier by Georges Hoentschel - Art Nouveauin Art Nouveau
Séraphin Nikolaevich Soudbinine "Tree of Life" Stoneware Covered Jar with Dragon Lid - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Four Imperial Lead Lustre Close-Ups - Art Glassin Art Glass
O - H - I - O and DAD - Footballin Football


  1. Love the perfume bottle & the photos too
  2. Thanks, Penny & sklo42
  3. VERY nice, Frank!
  4. I looked at the photo and immediately wrote the comment - sorry I should have read first, asked second.
  5. Very nice, is this two colors of paint with one blotted on over the base coat - or is it more complicated than that?
  6. racer4four, There is not a lot of information available on this company. It did win the gold medal for the best semi-porcelain dinnerware at the international Louisiana Purchase Exposition, informa...
  7. fledermaus, thanks for identifying the glazes. I very much appreciate it.
  8. Thanks Phil
  9. vetraio50, I think the book might be available as an e-book for free - but I'm not sure.
  10. Thanks Sean
  11. Frank, I like this real color more too
  12. Thank you antiquerose
  13. SEAN68, Thank you so much
  14. SEAN68, I have 7 or 8 of these lard tins:
  15. Thank you so much, nutsabotas6
  16. Thank you one & all. austrohungaro, I am retired now and living in a small (5,000 population) town in Ohio near where I grew up. Most of the French examples I have I purchased 20+ years ago in New...
  17. Thanks Alan, I never thought of fish fossils but I believe that could be exactly right!
  18. Thanks guys
  19. Thank you everyone. I just joined a group on Facebook whose interest is Art Nouveau Ceramics. I learned some additional information there regarding this example: Likely designed by Julien Dupagny...
  20. Thank you austrohungaro
  21. Loved that song "then" - love it "today" THANK YOU
  22. Thanks Penny & fledermaus
  23. Thank you jensen, fledermaus, SEAN68 and melaniej
  24. cogito, Great Facebook group. I will watch regularly and would be happy to post.
  25. cogito, Jason Jacques does command the highest prices. It is a little strange though that he can't seem to afford ANY clothes. Have you seen his advertisements where he is "wearing" nothing but str...
  26. You are never boring Penny. Thank you.
  27. Thanks Alan & Penny
  28. cogito, You didn't miss it - unless you have a time machine. Got it 20 years ago in NYC. Enjoyed your earlier Delaherche post. Ernie
  29. cogito, Thanks. I have had it for over 20 years, bought it in NYC at the Showplace Antique Center on 26th Street - a very nice man, Earl Johnson of "Ensemble" sold it to me.
  30. Thank you antiquerose, racer4four and austrohungaro
  31. Phil, From my Alma Mater: And when our work is done, Our course on earth is run, May it be said, “Well done. Be thou at peace.” You are an example of your father's life being "well done". ...
  32. maryh1956, Yes, here:
  33. blunderbuss2, must have been some Saturday night!!
  34. REALLY a wonderful find
  35. Thank you SEAN68
  36. Thanks very much, Phil
  37. Thank you Vetraio50, SEAN68 and fledermaus (a wonderful and very special Massier indeed that you have)
  39. Thank you everyone
  40. Thank you surfdub66
  41. Thanks Phil - a sad end indeed, if correct - but the art lives on.
  42. Phil, I'm a West Point graduate. When a classmate is in need of a prayer or just good thoughts or we loose a classmate - the notification always ends with "grip hands", to say we are bound together. ...
  43. Thanks everyone
  44. Thank you Lee
  45. Thanks very much, Phil
  46. Thank you Inky
  47. Same link as above:
  48. VERY nice
  49. Exquisite !
  50. I love everything about it - particularly how the nose creates such a dignified and powerful image/profile. Ernie
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