I started collecting art glass and art pottery in my early twenties - a long time ago. Never could stay focused on anything in particular. Currently my collections iI started collecting art glass and art pottery in my early twenties - a long time ago. Never could stay focused on anything in particular. Currently my collections include some Loetz and other Bohemian glass, Imperial Art Glass from 1923-26, French ceramics from the late 19th Century through 1930 or so, German "Fat Lava", German post WWII studio ceramics, some mid-2oth Century American pots (Scheier, Beatrice Wood, Wildenhain/s, etc), Taxile Doat, George Ohr, Patrick Nordstrom, Libbey Glass, Ohio Potteries, Fulper, etc, etc. I believe I have a "good eye" but I am not an expert in most of what I collect. My thinking is to share pictures from my collection and relate whatever I do know about the objects - with the hope that, from time to time, other more knowledgeable collectors can add to the "conversation". (Read more)


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My Imperial Art Glass Website - Art Glassin Art Glass
Hadeland Glassworks - Norwegian Art Glass - Torvald K. Moseid - Art Glassin Art Glass
Tango Glass - Kralik, Loetz, Welz - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bruce Eppelsheimer (1915-1989) - American Studio Potter - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Libbey-Nash Tumbler by Libbey Glass Co. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Objects with a Far Eastern Flair - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Studio Stoneware Vase - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
More Bohemian Trophy / Posy Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Some Bohemian Trophy / Posy Vases - Art Glassin Art Glass
Group of Four Art Nouveau Victorian Vases - All Harrach I Believe - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Phil, nothing new made in the 1980's, all production stopped in 1984. Owned by Lenox from 1977-1981, then a guy named Archur Lorch bought it in 1981 (later repossessed). Some tableware and animal ...
  2. Thanks Vetraio50, I admire his work also.
  3. Thanks SEAN68 - Merry Xmas to you too.
  4. Thanks for your kind words, Karen. Makes it worthwhile. Ernie
  5. Frank, Thanks for your many contributions - wouldn't be what it is without you. Ernie
  6. and a Merry Christmas and great 2015 to you Penny
  7. Thank you surfdub66 and paris1925
  8. artdecoworld, I appreciate all your comments -this is one of my favorites
  9. Thank you so much artdecogirl
  10. Frank, you must be on a first name basis with Santa - VERY nice
  11. Thank you shareurpassion
  12. Thanks Lee
  13. Ted, Examples such as this started with a blue decoration (leaf & vine in this instance) on a white ground - then they were sprayed with "orange iridescence" - with the amount of orange applied det...
  14. Frank is correct - this is Imperial Free Hand. See: and here:
  15. Very fine vase.
  16. Thanks Lee, the Lead Lustre candlestick is not often found - I have only seen a handful. My website shows three different decors in this shape; your example is the fourth. I think (but am not positive...
  17. A photo angled like the first pic above would be best, i.e. you can see in top interior as well as the exterior.
  18. Lee, I'd like to add a picture of the orange candlestick to my website. If you can provide a better quality photo of just the candlestick, it would be appreciated. You could se...
  19. Beautiful Marty
  20. Thanks very much Michelle
  21. Lee, The orange piece is actually a candlestick., shape #319, color #20. The blue vase is shape #619, color #30. The website is my creation. Ernie
  22. Thanks so much Phil. I appreciate both the art you collect and the art you make. Ernie
  23. You raised a great son - a high aware indeed.
  24. Beautiful form & decor
  25. WOW Frank!!
  26. BRAVO !!
  27. VERY nice
  28. Really interesting & informative
  29. Really nice - reminds me of some "fat lava" pieces
  30. Thank you yesterdayglass - This is the only tri color piece I have.
  31. Really special
  32. Thanks Cpomedx
  33. Hi Charlie, my best to you & Leah. It could be a match. Mine appears to have three layers: inner is brick red, next there is white mixed with clear I think and then an outer clear casing
  34. Really special
  36. Thanks for the info on the basket Alfredo
  37. Thanks Alfredo
  38. Thank you "Triple A"
  39. Beautiful
  40. Congratuations on this significant milestone - not just quantity but 500 quality posts.
  41. Thanks so much, Phil
  42. Thanks ho2cultcha
  43. Thanks very much Leah, hope everything is going well.
  44. I have a 150 piece "fat lava" collection. These would fit in well, imho
  45. thank you yesterdayglass
  46. Just very special
  47. Thanks again Penny, I appreciate your comments very much
  48. Thanks Penny - I'm now using this photo as my computer background
  49. Thanks Phil, I love the design too
  50. Probably not common but I don't know about rare. It is a numbered design (586) so some were made, not unique - not sure how many. I also don't know if these were made for export or if this one someho...
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