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Kralik Webbed vase Art Deco Lamp - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pair of WELZ Translucent Lines & Spots cookie jar FWK Label - Art Glassin Art Glass
WELZ Lines and Spots vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz satin Iridescent/pearlized Stripes and Spots vase with aventurine - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz  Iridescent  Stripes and Spots lidded candy dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Translucent Lines & Spots candy/powder dish/jar - Art Glassin Art Glass
Welz Translucent Lines & Spots powder dish - Art Glassin Art Glass
WELZ???? Stripes and Spots with a spiral purple glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
WELZ????  Stripes and Spots with a spiral purple glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
WELZ Stripes and Spots egg shaped candy/powder dish - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Welcome to the wild side of Czech Glass... :)
  2. Great group of welz...i like the little green one
  3. A real beauty...i also agree with czechman that it's kralik...and is rare...the décor not so much...but the size and shape..yes. I like it a lot!
  4. Nice piece...I like the satin finish
  5. Thanks racer4four...its a nice lamp. Craig helped me pick out/locate the shade for it...I think he made a great choice.
  6. Thanks Jericho
  7. no problem
  8. Thanks inky
  9. Thanks VioletOrange
  10. Thanks vetraio50
  11. WOW...nice!
  12. Nice...and tall!
  13. Nice pair
  14. See this link... I had a nice write up on this vase when I owned it, but cant find the info. http://www.helenahistory.org/eaton_turner.htm
  15. Thanks Scott!
  16. Hi idcloisonne, I would date these to about the late twenties to thirties and produced by Franz Welz Klostergrab. Franz Welz, located in Klostergrab was founded as Antonienhütte in 1864 by Alois W...
  17. Thanks shareurpassion
  18. Thanks GlueChip... There's more coming :)
  19. shareurpassion...good observation. I think this was a popular décor for Welz
  20. love the other one too.
  21. Thanks nutsabotas6
  22. Thanks Zowie
  23. Thanks antiquerose... yep, Craig's site is awesome, I think it is important to share the pictures to educate, promote and advance the hobby. Thanks for sharing your too.
  24. Yes...thanks for the link. I love them with the original labels!
  25. Czechman...I am a big fan of the Millefiori pieces...and this one is a cool shape. If I am not mistaken, don't you have a few pieces with the Iris label? Love the color on that last piece.
  26. I have seen this particular shape with frogs too...but not sure if they were made that way or a replacement for the lid
  27. I believe it is bakelite
  28. lol...Anne, I can always add more :) There are so many different decors, just with Welz alone. The vase shape above...I think I have seen it in atleast 10 different decors. Jericho....how many do y...
  29. Cool pieces
  30. Like the basket!
  31. You can never say for sure...but based on what I see and Jericho's points...I am calling it Welz.
  32. I am trying...I have a green décor coming...but am looking for other decors
  33. Jericho...yes, I would say its a very close match. http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/118040-purple-welz-stripes-and-spots-lidded-tr
  34. My other posting: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/119166-welz-lines-and-spots-vase Link to Craig's website: http://www.kralik-glass.com/frametemplate.html
  35. Thanks Michelleb007
  36. Thanks AnneLanders
  37. LOL... GlueChip...I would not have a clue how to make this amazing glass. Thanks
  38. Thanks antiquerose
  39. A real beauty
  40. LOL Anne.... no, not at all...ok, maybe a little. :) I just enjoy sharing and learning...and cataloging my collection.
  41. Here is Jericho's posting: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/119065-welz-6--satin-flashed-confetti-with-p?in=user
  42. Very good points Jericho....I was leaning...now I'm falling....
  43. Michelleboo7...I like this one two...but I think my favorite is the purple sreipes and spots: http://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/118040-purple-welz-stripes-and-spots-lidded-tr
  44. Thanks Michelleb007
  45. Thanks Michelleb007
  46. Thanks Michelleboo7. I have to agree with you on "the thrill of the hunt" its quite addicting .. :)
  47. I could not agree more Michelleboo7
  48. very interesting piece...how tall?
  49. Very cool looking vase
  50. I like this shape
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