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I am a specialist dealer in art nouveau and art deco glass anda collector too. My favourite glass makers include, Rene Lalique, Emile Galle, Daum, Tiffany, D'ArgeI am a specialist dealer in art nouveau and art deco glass anda collector too. My favourite glass makers include, Rene Lalique, Emile Galle, Daum, Tiffany, D'Argental, Loetz, Kralik, Riedel, Legras etc (Read more)


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So what was new in 1862? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz: Zephir chine shell, mit creta und rot -perfect - Art Glassin Art Glass
A little past its prime, but still pretty fine –Harrach Japanois - Art Glassin Art Glass
 Loetz miniatures: for Liberties, Boldoot, and probably others? - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach – Moravia  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Karl Thomas? Intaglio cutting Student - Art Glassin Art Glass
Galle Exposition 1889 original - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unsung Heroes of Glass # 6 Etienne Franckhauser –the ultimate glass sculptor - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unsung Heroes of Glass # 5 Otto Thamm – The man who was nearly never known. - Art Glassin Art Glass
Unsung Heroes of Glass # 4 Pierre D’Avesn –the man who worked for almost everyone - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Well done!
  2. So wrong, in so many ways, if it had been right you have been paying around $3,500-£4,500 for birds on a 3 colour Galle.
  3. a real stunner and 100% right - usually termed an Aquatic
  4. Deep envy!
  5. Karlsbad -not Carlsbad very nice!
  6. Pohl c1900 see truitt
  7. congratulations - a fine piece of sherlocking!
  8. ha I wonder if that was once mine!
  9. love these - but I'm almost more interested in the construction -any chance of pictures of the ties at the back holding on the metalwork? -there appear to be distinct types of fastenings - suggesting...
  10. oh wow -deep envy!
  11. Great load
  12. Yes I've seen the design only twice - at Passau -identical to yours- and I bought one with single circle at top and two lines going down -in a Budapest Auction (sounds impressive but I was on a specia...
  13. -technically this is Vienna Secessionist style rather than Art Nouveau (I know - sorry for being pedantic) One of my favourite Riedel designs.
  14. deep envy -well done
  15. Please do a posting on it - it sounds very interesting
  16. No Glass
  17. wow - great find -did the previous owner have any idea what it was? According to the Moser book these were part of a series -of Greek imagery! I'd love to see other examples
  18. sadly the base makes it a no for D'Argental the colorway is also not quite right for D'Argental.
  19. Pretty sure this one is Moser, at least Moser cutting, supposedly they made these roughly 1900-1910 and only stared signing c1905
  20. There's a 'pair' of beauties - but there are very small pictures of them in the Harrach book -when I get to photograph the others I'll send you a copy of the Harrach one and the one Harrach seems to c...
  21. Oh well done! Ozmarty! I'd missed that
  22. Hi - you are more than welcome For most of the Lalique range there are two main signatures between 1945 and 1976/7 (before the added r in a circle) - both are script. Both usually say Lalique France...
  23. Hi The dating is based solely on the signature - earlier and the signature would be thicker -softer -later it would include a 'r' in a circle meaning registered trade mark. -it all in the books ...
  24. If anyone's interested the signature dates it roughly to 1960-1976 -so although not classic period (ie pre 1945) still a nice bit of age!
  25. yours is nice too
  26. Yep all possible - there is a link some where I'm sure -but maybe Thomas copied a existing Harrach design -all we have is- this vase - a quite similar one from a top glass school, on what looks to be ...
  27. Why is it when you look through books and photos you always find what you were looking for the LAST time!? I was re-going through my endless Harrach pictures and low and behold in the Harrach factory ...
  28. Just checked - If you are reading the same article as I am on Frank's wonderful website -it says they were influenced by the Ecole de Nancy style -but worked around Marseilles and Paris
  29. ok Odd last time I asked, Frank said they never got to Nancy
  30. By the way - I don't think the Ysarts ever got to Nancy -they definitely worked with Schneiders in Paris c1913 -but I can't find any record of them getting to Lorraine.
  31. year quite a bit, I stay away from the more special finish bits as they are very in and out of fashion, when I can get them I buy the big and impressive, but simple-finish for the decorative market an...
  32. Well I did say it was past its prime!
  33. Strange coincidence, I bought a pair of these too only yesterday. Same colour different shape with acorns - I think the thinner silver was partly deliberate as it allowed the light through.
  34. Al you have one with a screw top on your page on miniatures, I assumed you had it! Also yes the pinkish candia -I thought it was just a photo colour aberration when someone sent me the photo, but n...
  35. hi yes seen plenty before -often with 6 matching glasses and occasionaly a tray
  36. These are usually attributed to St Louis France
  37. Well spotted vetraio -as I said that gilding pattern seems to be a good marker for spotting possible Hararch
  38. Yep I think hot applied means the band must have been applied when making hence at Harrach. - I guess the only possibility is that better students were allowed to go on site to do such work -it was ne...
  39. Al. that would be wonderful -I had a go at something similar but it ended up a mess!
  40. Love it -but pretty sure its not Rindskopf as the pulling and feathering does not have enough colours for Rindskopf. This is part of a definite family of opal and green-opal vases with just reds and w...
  41. love this pattern -but do you really think as late as 1920 -I thought Rindskopf was all pressed glass by then?
  42. Whoops sorry folk! I had got my list of makers the wrong way round -hopefully now corrected.
  43. Al I thought the series would be fun -you see the same old makers talked about again and again -why not the little guys. Love to do a book, but publishers are thin on the ground for this kind of stuf...
  44. Hi yes its definitely fire polished, but that doesn't really help a lot with the date - they did fire polishing over a long period. Very early fire polish are ususlly signed on the bottom with very c...
  45. Actaully a mould line on Galle cameo is not a big issue they are quite common on such pieces -admittedly pancakes syrup is less common. However I don't think this is early enough to have a EG signatur...
  46. Hi yes he signed e g ok - no doubt -but I've never seen it on this kind of cameo -usually e g appears only on earlier pieces. 'In cameo' signature almost always say just Galle
  47. I've never seen an Emile Galle cameo signed EG like that -could there be more to the signature obscured by the metal work?
  48. Quite a few books confirm its of African origin!
  49. The quality, close up, is way, way better than Legras.
  50. Yep that's Vineta glass -can't decide if its realy rare or too like other things
  51. See more


Mystery Swan vase. Deckelhumpen (Tankard with Lid), ca. 1855-1860


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