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sklo42… Same shape (almost) different ground colour - Art Glassin Art Glass
The more I handle Loetz the more I get it! - Art Glassin Art Glass
Rindskopf Pulled Feather Decor - Art Glassin Art Glass
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  1. Al I just posted a detail of the "wing".
  2. Al, they are more like crimped wings, if that helps.
  3. This one makes me envious.
  4. Love your photographs.
  5. Nice one Rick.
  6. Thanks Craig. Thanks Rick.
  7. Great pics!!
  8. I gotta git me one of these :) Beautiful glass. Beautifully photographed.
  9. The more I see his work the more I want one or two my collection. I saw a piece last month and now regret not picking it up.
  10. Thanks for checking in.
  11. Thanks for checking in and for the comments.
  12. Now that is a nice piece of glass!
  13. Great looking glass captured beautifully. Well done!
  14. Thank you kind sir :)
  15. LoetzDance - :) I will be on the look out Tony :) Thanks Rick and everyone for checking in.
  16. Here is one actually sold by Joanie recently - not really identified but you get the idea of what someone might pay.
  17. Alan, I am in Toronto - Barrie is just north of the city. Joanie, the seller in Barrie, has great glass and pottery from time to time. Do you buy to resell? Perhaps we should talk privately about tra...
  18. There is a seller in Barrie ON who had similar pieces for sale recently and they sold for considerable more that thrift store prices. Luck and timing when it come to the glass hunt!
  19. Thanks for checking in.
  20. I'd go with Rindskopf on this one.
  21. Alan you have posted some great pieces here - did you seriously get all of these in a thrift shop?
  22. Alan I see that you are a Canadian from la belle province. I am in Ontario.
  23. Alan this a great piece of glass - not Loetz but what Lee said.
  24. My money is on Kralik.
  25. Yes Alan that is what he is saying. Your piece was made by Kralik.
  26. This is a nice example of this decor.
  27. Thanks for looking in.
  28. Thank you. Rick55 post your Astglas - we would love to see it.
  29. Great looking piece of Beyermann.
  30. Thanks for checking in.
  31. Thanks for checking in. I am looking for more....
  32. Nice one inky.
  33. I agree Craig - and we are lucky to have people like you who are so passionate about research. I can certainly relate to that passion - I love photographing glass. Thanks for checking in folks!
  34. Thanks Craig...I sometimes (most times) get so caught up in getting an ID that I forget just to appreciate the glass.
  35. Love this collection Al!!
  36. Love this one Craig.
  37. Pictures!!! - nice.
  38. Thanks for your work in glass research Craig and I have to say these are mighty nice pics too.
  39. Really great looking piece!
  40. There is a shorter version of this - Moonstone posted one like a while back. Al ID'd it as Rindskopf.
  41. Mine stands at 6.5"
  42. I have that same shape done in a Pepita on a clear ground and I assume mine is Rindskopf. The snapped pontil makes on yours makes me think Rindskopf. I wonder what is what??
  43. Nice addition to the collection Michelle.
  44. Great addition Michelle. I thought this was referred to as Twisted Rib? Kralik did one as well as Rindskopf.
  45. Now this is a nice piece of glass!
  46. Thanks for checking in.
  47. Thanks for checking in.
  48. Great colour.
  49. Thank you kind sir!
  50. Very nice Michelle - your love affair with Rindskopf continues I see :)
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Kralik Posy Vase