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  1. Thanks Sean - you are too kind ;)
  2. You rock the photography!
  3. You will find yourself tinkering with the display every time you add a new piece to the collection so try not to think of your display as static instead think "this is how it looks for the time being"...
  4. Love your photography. Nice glass too :)
  5. I just checked through my notes on the piece in pic four and Rindskopf was suggested as a possibility by some folks here - whatever it is I like it.
  6. Thanks for looking in at my post. Yes, the shape is quite nice, it really is an elegant piece to look at.
  7. Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks all. Yes, all pieces are mine. From left to right: possibly Kralik, Kralik, Imperial, Kralik.
  9. Very nice indeed- one more to add to to list.
  10. Nice Gary. Question about this decor - are the tops always cut?
  11. ...who cares about the form on this decor - its a beauty no matter what. Good on you for acquiring one. My turn :)
  12. Al, I have the same shape - same decor. I envy Dave's.
  13. Thanks for checking in Sean - VB did some great pottery.
  14. Oh Canada!
  15. J - thanks for this. Even without a firm ID, this is helpful.
  16. Tony that is helpful - at least I have a firm "unknown maker". Thanks for looking.
  17. Thanks Sean for you efforts. Zsolnay was me grasping at straws :) What about Heliosine?
  18. I have one of those...the unknown pile :)
  19. I can't really help but I can suggest and I say this with respect: provide more details, provide photos with the correct aspect, a pic of bottom and less cluttered pics. I hope you find this helpful.
  20. Thank you.
  21. hahahaha :)
  22. Thanks for checking in. Thanks S to G for the conversation the other night.
  23. Nice....
  24. Sorry Arkansa -I don't mean to hijack your thread but perhaps we can all learn something... Gary, the quality on my piece is good, worthy 0f Loetz and Kralik too. They are applied tadpoles with red...
  25. Well now after reading Gary's post - I am not so sure. Gary - what do you think mine is?
  26. I really like this piece. Kralik for sure. They did variations of this. Here is mine:
  27. ...again with the great pics!
  28. I have got to get me one of these - really nice grouping. Ditch the stands, they make me nervous.
  29. This really is a stunner!
  30. Thanks Sean. Thanks for looking.
  31. Listen to the man :)
  32. Love your style of photography!
  33. Great looking metal collar on this piece Ian. First time seeing that style. I had one made for a piece a while back by a student studying jewelry designed. I think it turned out well. http://artglassc...
  34. Thanks for checking it out. Thank you Ian.
  35. I have seen this style of prunt and claws applied to Mother of pearl pieces produced by Kralik. Here is mine I don't know if it fair to say yours if Kralik but t...
  36. I have seen similar pieces like this over the last few years. I suspect these have been produced for the giftware market. Every time I seen one I am always drawn to the colour combination.
  37. Quite the collection! Happy hunting.
  38. The more I see Heckert pieces the more I like.
  39. Nice one Michelle.
  40. Wow - that is a beautifully executed piece of work. Lucky you!!
  41. Great colour combo...
  42. Thanks all for checking in. Michelle - it was the shape that hooked me in...and the price :) I was thrown at first at how less dense the colours were but it grew on me quickly. austrohungaro - ...
  43. Michelle you are on a roll. Another nice find!
  44. I vote PK . Very nice.
  45. Nice Michelle. How many pieces of Rindskopf do you have now?
  46. Nice one Michelle - good catch!
  47. Thanks, Michelle that is very sweet of you. I did go to Art College a million years ago but never pursued fine arts as a career.
  48. That is my take on the decor also and quite appropriate for the time.
  49. Thanks for looking.
  50. I am sure you have seen these links but here they are anyway:
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Kralik Posy Vase