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Loetz Titania Genre 4212 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Happy Holidays - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pallme-König - Art Glassin Art Glass
Photographing Art Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Orient and Flume Glass Help - Art Glassin Art Glass
The Old and the New - Art Glassin Art Glass
Textured Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Loetz Rusticana  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Bicolour Décor Kralik - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Pink and Green Glatt bi-colour vase - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. Great looking piece Rick, I have been looking closely at French glass lately. This one I definitely get why you have got it. Beautiful!!
  2. Great looking piece. I would be very careful exposing this piece to extreme temps re outside shots in the snow. It could have a very ad ending.
  3. Great pics too!
  4. Thanks Malkey and Michelle. Happy New year everyone.
  5. Great colour!
  6. Happy New Year - here's to a peaceful and happy 2017...and perhaps sonme great finds too!
  7. Thank you everyone. Thanks Alan - I hope 2017 turns out to be a great glass year for you!
  8. I believe these pieces are of German origin - I just recently saw another post with this style of glass and I cannot find it. I will keep trying.
  9. Alan I agree with Michelle - this is a Kralik piece - here is mine in Blue Swirl:
  10. Great looking piece of Loetz silver overlay colbalt papillon. Good on you for adding it to your collection.
  11. Rick, I am happy to have that piece in my collection. Like you, I really like PK. In my opinion. PK knew how to push creative boundaries. At the risk of overstating my point, the beauty of PK glass s...
  12. I appreciate your efforts kind sir. Be in care.
  13. That is a beauty!
  14. Just so that you know, I said some pretty colourful language when I saw these pictures but being the gentleman that I am, I will restrain myself and not repeat it here. Nice one Rick!
  15. Thanks Michelle.
  16. These shapes are great pieces - quite dramatic because of their height. It is nice to find a piece you have wanted isn't?
  17. Great pics - loving the quality of your pictures and the glass, I the candy like quality. Well done.
  18. I wish I knew more about Tango style glass to make a comment one way or the other. However - great picture!
  19. Thank for looking in everyone. Thanks Malkey for complementing my attempts at photography.
  20. Alan - given the shape, colour and lid, I am wondering if your find is a tobacco jar or cigar humidor. Perhaps part of a smoking set? To me it has an English feel to it.
  21. I love these pieces!!
  22. I like the way you shot this one in particular. Well done you.
  23. I want one of these!
  24. Loetz decors like this never fail to surprise me - really quite beautiful. Nice addition.
  25. Thank you Rick. By the by, I have emailed O&F. Their retail rep did not know and I sent an email to their general inquires and have had no response. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, eat well and be in care.
  26. Thanks Rick - do you recognize the signature?
  27. Send it to me Dave and I will take some pics of it...:)
  28. Love this shape. Great decor too.
  29. Thank you kind sir.
  30. Thanks again everyone. Rick - the second one is a favorite too.
  31. Thanks everyone for checking in.
  32. Kralik indeed.
  33. Nice find. Very nice.
  34. Damn Canadians - they are just too nice!
  35. If I recall correctly, did these not come form Canada? Well, as a representative of the Canadian government, I regret to inform you that you must return them immediately to Canada in my care unti...
  36. Can I say wow...WOW!
  37. Thanks you yesterdaysglass - thank you. Thanks Michelle.
  38. Kinda has that Rindskopf look...very nice what ever it is.
  39. Wow and wow - you r da man!
  40. Thanks again everyone for checking this piece out.
  41. Thanks for checking in everyone. Michelle I am having a bit of a memory "thing right now" - the colour is either Markart or Metallrot. I should have written down when the we had the discussion. I ini...
  42. Great piece and great decor - I think one of my favs as well. I found mine when I was first collecting an didn't know what it was except that it was going home with me.
  43. Dramatic setting!
  44. Great piece - not considered a miniature in the technical sense. They come in at 2.5" Nice find.
  45. This a great decor. Nice catch.
  46. Thanks for looking - pretty happy with this one. Craig let me know if you need pics.
  47. I couldn't resist it Rick - I knew the import charges would be a killer but I had to get it. Love this decor.
  48. A day for pink - I just posted a piece in pink too. Love this one Rick.
  49. When you get the time, take a clear picture of the bottom. It can offer some clues in identification regardless if it marked or not.
  50. Now that is a beauty - nice catch you!
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Kralik Posy Vase