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Happy New Year - Art Glassin Art Glass
Merry Christmas - Art Glassin Art Glass
Kralik Peach Oil Spot with Silver Overlay - Art Glassin Art Glass
Harrach Formosa - Art Glassin Art Glass
Roseville Early Velmoss - Art Potteryin Art Pottery
Pallme-König  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Legras x 2 - Art Glassin Art Glass
Pictures of Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass
Carder Steuben  - Art Glassin Art Glass
Beyermann Glass - Art Glassin Art Glass


  1. My 2 cents - great picture taking. Love the lighting.
  2. Hi Billy - you can rule out Loetz and Tiffany. As for who -not sure. Interesting piece, I can understand why you picked it up.
  3. Although there is cross over here in terms of pottery and glass collectors - you might want to try the pottery folk on the first one. The other bit I would offer is, if you bought them locally, I wou...
  4. Thanks. Yes that is mine - I searched long and hard for that one and found it locally. I can understand why you have acquired so many. I have one other that would be classified as overshot.
  5. Ian the link is my blog. Your piece is a match to my piece. At the time when I bought mine it was agreed that Kralik was the producer.
  6. Love this one Rick - I think I may have been the under bidder on this one. Glad you got it. If you ever decide to....You know who to consider.
  7. Merry Christmas Marty!
  8. All the best to you Michelle. Happy collecting in 2016.
  9. Alan I am from Ontario as well.
  10. Alan I saw this piece just before it came to market - it is a great piece. Enjoy.
  11. Had my eye on a Lotton vase recently but I passed it up for something Bohemian but I have to say you are the influence for me to be looking outside my normal search options. Love this one. I just migh...
  12. Lady you have great taste.
  13. You're on a roll! Nice two, too :)
  14. Nice Michelle. Well done on finding this one.
  15. Michelle - thanks for the info on the silver overlay. I appreciate it. Rick and Sean that for looking in - I always appreciate the encouragement. And of course thanks to everyone for looking in as w...
  16. I really like this decor. Michelle, is your major focus Rindskopf? Would love to see how you have them grouped.
  17. Thanks for looking in. It is pretty neat Michelle and I have to say a little over the top from what I normally collect but I knew it was unique and I probably shouldn't pass it up.
  18. A local collector I know had a similar piece with nibbles - he had a silver collar applied to the ground top. Not sure of the costs.
  19. This shape and decor is usually associated with Kralik.
  20. Love the colour!
  21. Great looking piece.
  22. You would have seen it on Live Auctioneers. I forgot it was being broadcasted. I left an absentee bid despite the fact the auction house is in my neighborhood. The wing is damaged but an easy repair.
  23. Can you take some detailed shots. A base shot, a close up of the pattern etc.
  24. Nice details, eh?
  25. Like everyone else - love the colour and shape. Great taste lady!
  26. Hi Alan, this was in auction but not on eBay. Can you find it in completed auctions for me on eBay? I just looked and couldn't find it. I would love to see a second one,
  27. Thanks again for checking in. And thanks Craig for the clarification.
  28. There was a Lotton at a local auction this week but I had to pass. This is a nice one!
  29. Thanks for looking in. Hey Rick - its pretty wild eh? The glass gods smiled this week :)
  30. Indeed, eh?
  31. Thanks Sean and Michelle. I was looking at the Rubis series when I was researching and your right it is the closest I could find by way of decor. Spent about an hour this evening looking at images ...
  32. Thanks Michelle :)
  33. Beautiful piece of art glass.
  34. Hey Michelle you are becoming the resident Rindskopf collector/expert - another nice find for your collection. Well done!
  35. Nice one!
  36. Thanks for looking in.
  37. Thanks for looking in.
  38. I gotta get me one of his pieces - the more I see of his work the more I like.
  39. I would think Rindskopf.
  40. Nice one.
  41. Rick - I wonder if we need to create a new category of glass; instead of calling it in the "style of Loetz"we need to call it in the "style of Muller". Surely he cannot not be the only person respons...
  42. I thought Igor Muller when I first saw it - his pieces seem to be flooding the market right now.
  43. Rick to you belong to any of the Facebook glass groups? I follow the Loetz, Art Glass Collectors, Jugendstil, Antique Art Glass, Bohemian and Welz groups under Mac James. I say this as a potential wa...
  44. This is the third one of these I have seen this summer; great shape. I have no definitive idea as to who produced this piece but my guess would be Poschinger.
  45. Who knows, perhaps we can make a trade one day? Something for us to think about.
  46. Regardless of the who, what, when or where - it is just too cool!
  47. One of my favorite decors.
  48. Although dangerous, I think it is great that you are expanding your focus. There is a lot of beautiful glass to be discovered...:)
  49. Rick, I think that was my initial attraction too.
  50. Thank you for checking in.
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Kralik Posy Vase